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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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humans on mars but america officially entered the space race 58 yours ago today. i'm john scot. "your world" is next. stuart varney in for neil cavuto. >> donald trump, about to speak at a rally at the university of colorado. it is his first campaign event of the general election, 114 of the university's professors signing a letter protesting his visit but trump is speaking anyway, and we'll take you there live. first, this. the general election, officially on as we wait for donald trump in colorado, hillary clinton is in pennsylvania this hour for the start of a three-day bus tour. just as we're getting word the u.s. economy grew by only 1.2% in the second quarter. that is much weaker than expected. so who has the best plan to jump start this economy? welcome everyone, i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto. this is "your world."
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with us now, steve moore, senior economic adviser to the trump campaign, and deathan mcdowell, and phillip levine, democrat and mayor of miami beach. steve, you helped write this plan. it's based on tax cuts. will the plan get to us 4% growth? >> anything is better than 1% which is what we have had over the last six months and can you think of a worst possible possible time for hillary clinton to give a morning in america speech when we have this incredibly lousy economic report which shows the economic is barely growing. we are teetering on the edge of a recession and the boston community is in recession so it's not morning in america. there's huge, deep problem width the economy and we can solve them -- a lot of policies but two or three we can ones. radical overhaul of the tax system that reduces business taxes in america that will bring a lot of those jobs that have left for mexico and canada back into the united states. so the most sweeping reform
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since reagan. number two we're going to do a made in america -- approve american oil, gas and coal, and what a one-liner by hillary. i care about people in coal communities, as obama clinton policies have put tens of thousands of coal miners out of jobs, and third we're going to repeal obamacare. it's a job killer. >> does that get us 4% growth? >> yes, you get 1% more growth in fixing the tax system and by producing more energy you get another percentage point -- >> i have to bring in phillip levine. hillary clinton's plan goes the other way. hillary clinton's plan is spend a lot more government money. on infrastructure, for example. does that get us to 4% growth? >> well, stuart, first of ail, it's the funniest thing in the world being the economic adviser to donald trump. that's lining letting the arsonist run the fire department. can we talk about this man's
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business? >> answer my question. can you get to 4% growth -- >> there's no question -- >> get to the question. >> what's going to happen is this. we'll invest in truck, bridges, thank you. s, transportation systems robbed then done trip, great jobs. remember something, tunnels and bridges and transportation, not republican and it's not democrat. it just creates jobs and is investing in america. >> listen to me. can you great 4% growth by massive investments or spending of government money? are you telling me we can get 4% growth. >> the could i toes make sure we tax the one percent a little bit more to pay for this, relieve the burden of the middle class, increase the amount of job wes have in our country and let's think about it. do. >> >> do be get to 4% growth? >> over 10 thursday. pouf it's under a 5% -- >> you can't answer the question. >> can ang is. >> which plan gets to 4% growth. >> massive spending and a doubling of the national debt under protect -- under president
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barack obama. hillary clinton is going to do the same thing but a different result. so we have double the debt and we have growth that is 2.1%. the weakest growth sinced a least 1949. so i do know that when you do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results, that's the definition of insanity. >> speaking of past history, let's go back to 1992, listen to bill clinton, i believe he said the era of big government is over. roll tape. >> we know big government goes not have all the answers. we know there's not a program for every problem. the era of big government is over. >> steve, that was 1996. do we get 4% growth with big government. >> we tried that it. the problem for hillary clinton is everything you just talked about. the infrastructure spending, it
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seems just like yesterday we had all those shovel are ready projects and spent hundred billion on this kind of stuff and didn't get any kindrecovery. the other two things that she talked about at length was raising the minimum wage, we have done that three times in the last eight years. and the other thing is, taxing the rich. we have down that. why tax the rich? when you talk about the people in the top one percent, over half of them, nearly 2/3 of them, are small business owners and investors, and operators. how are you going to get more businesses and how are you going to get more jobs, mr. mayor, itch you tax the very best -- >> -i got a way de. why warren buffet, the greatest investor in our country has endorsed secretary clinton? why is michael bloomberg, 25 over billionaire from new york, endorsing human being can human being? real investors -- >> not donald trump. not donald trump. >> let me -- deathan. >> have endorsed hillary clinton but the small businesses -- you
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got to keep taxes low so the small businesses can compete with the -- >> those men have made their fortunes' in at least -- and at least -- >> they to the he is a fro jew. >> at least wound of them has a bone to pick of donald trump because he is jealous he is run and the former mayoring not -- >> we know he is a fraud, his business practices -- he needs an economic adviser for his own companies. >> this comes down -- you listened to that speech. comes down to who makes better decisions with your money and who makes better decisions bottoms your life, and does the government -- >> ain't donald trump. >> is it bureaucrats? >> we wants the government to get out of the way. hillary clinton things she knows better than everybody else -- >> time is up. steve, degan, all of you, thank you very much for joining, much appreciated. now to wall street. no big moves for the dow today but a different story for the month. the dow climbing 3%. the tech-heavy nasdaq soaring 7%
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and the s&p 500 up about 3.5%. among the pick tech winners this month, this is for the month, alphabet, parent of google, 13% almost for the month. microsoft, big gain, facebook, up about 9%. back to politics. if you think it's pure chance that hillary clinton picked pennsylvania and donald trump chose colorado to campaign in, and the first day of the general election, think again. the weekly standard, john mccormick, says they're exactly in places they need to be. john, for hillary clinton, why in pennsylvania? the first stop on the campaign tour. >> well, back in 2012, pennsylvania was the state that put barack obama over 270 electoral votes. over a majority. she says she can stop trump's momentum. his whole theory of his campaign is he can go well in places like ohio, pennsylvania, kind of scramble the math and get to a majority. so that's why hillary there is, trying to stop him where he is hoping to flip the state he
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needs to flip most. >> first stop for donald trump is colorado. why there? >> colorado is another battleground state. right now if is down eight opinions but we haven't gotten a lot of polling out there. since the convention. so i think people are waiting to see over the next couple of weeks, when the dust settles, whether or not there's any movement in these state polls. but colorado is a very important state. people can get the tougher state for trump than states like pennsylvania or ohio, given the fact there's a high number of latino voters can lower number of voters who are white voters without college educations. to the people tend to vote trump. so he has a tougher time there but going to play in every battleground state. these are two of the most important ones. >> florida and ohio, they're both be spending a lot of time in both states surely. >> florida is still critical. if donald trump can really unup the score everywhere us but loses florida he doesn't win the election, florida is a must-win
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for either candidate and last time around it was very narrow election, we know going back to 2000 when it came down to a few hundred votes and it's going to be that case again. nationally right now, we're tied at 44.3%, do 44.3%, real clear politics average of polling, haven't gotten any polls after the conventions so trying to wait to see as the dust settled. >> tell me about new york state? could trump win? >> i think it's impossible. he is a new yorker but if you look at the demographics, look at the polling there, just seems completely impossible. but there are lot of ways to win -- that's like expecting hillary clinton to win alabama. she doesn't need to win alabama. donald trump doesn't need to win new york to win the general election. >> any doubt that california will vote for hillary clinton? >> i think about zero. an election area with so many surprises that's something you can take to bank. californiaes definitely going to vote for hillary clinton. >> in your lifetime do you expect california to vote for a republican for the presidency?
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>> i think what that's last year has shown us we shouldn't make redisks about the fewer based on the present. so things can change. parties change. demographics change, issues change. so i would never say never to anything. >> okay, john mccormick, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. looking live at colorado springs where donald trump is holing his first rally after the dnc, he has been hammering hillary clinton for avoiding the term "radical islam" during her speech last night. this coming as wear learning gruesome details about the wannabe isis terrorists behind the church attack in france, and nominee hillary clinton taking on wall street. now new numbers are showing how much she is taking from wall street for her campaign.
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visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. disturbing new details on the isis terrorists who murdered a priest in normandy, france. one of them was bragging about his attack plans over an increment end communications app. also learning the second terrorist had been working as a baggage handler in france. to kristin fisher on the latest. >> reporter: turns another that one of the terrorists responsible for murdering this priest has been using an encrepted app to inform his follower what he would do and then to encourage them to share the proof on their social media acan'ts. these are aidow files obtained good-a week before the attack he
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described his plan to 200 followers and said you take a knife go into a church, cause carnage, bam, cut off 0 two or three heads and it's good, done. then the day before he walked into the church and slit an 85-year-old priest's throat, he said, big things are about to happen, and that, quote, i'll warn you in advance, three or four minutes before, and then the morning of the attack, he told his followers, share what will follow. that was the final message. now, he and his alleged accomplice, were both killed by police as day tried to escape by attempting to use nuns as human shields. both recorded videos pledging allegiance to isis and both on terror watch lests, yesterday according to the evening standard, british newspaper. pettyjohn was works at an airport as a baggage handle are three months ago and reportedly easily passed a police investigation to get the job. so, today, three days after the
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attack there are significant questions as to how someone on a terror watch list was cleared to work as a baggage handler and how to stop encrypted apps from continuing to be used as tools for terrorists. >> thank you very much indeed. now, we have hillary clinton, she was talking tough. what you're looking at now is colorado springs, in colorado, of course. donald trump is about to hold a rally there. this is his first opening rally after the beginning of what is now the general election. well, hillary clinton was talking tough on the terrorism last night, but she did not use the words "radical islam." we waited to see if donald trump talks about it at his rally in colorado. we'll take you there when he begins to speak. the tweet that donald trump -- donald trump did tweet this in response to what hillary clinton said last night. hillary's refusal to mention radical islam as he pushes a 550% increase in refugees, is more proof that she is unfit to
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lead the country. to former army helicopter pilot amber smith, and national security analyst, alabesh. amber, should we eave an increase of refugees coming here from north africa? >> absolute absolutely not. the most important thing to remember is that donald trump stands on the war against terror and terrorism as it exists today is in reality. he calls our enemies radical islamic terrorism. he understands the enemy that faces us today has to be destroyed as -- in its current form, which that be isis or al qaeda or tomorrow's whatever terrorism organization that it morphs into. so he is dealing with this in the terms of reality. but we from the clinton camp where i like to pretend we are we're in a dream world where terrorists north trying to kill american citizens and that is the reality we live? >> arash can you tell me what
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hillary clinton would do that we have not done already? how would she beat back the terror plague? >> donald trump experience in cower terrorism bills down to his activities on twitter and releasing a lot of hot air. but hillary clinton has been there, has made high level decisions to go after bin laden to go after high-level key organizers and decisionmakers in the hag began any network, isis, al qaeda, and in -- issuing what would she too now. >> that's a big difference. >> what do. >> she will -- i'm about to answer. she will continue the course the president has put together in the past six months, about 30,000 force mostly of kurdish fighters, person marge goos' some arabs in syria that have put a lot of pressure on isis and the raqqa province. with american air support. she will continue to do that. and guess what? while president obama-especially
1:19 pm
the a past couple off year and the past six months has managed to put together this successful coalition that is putting so much pressure on isis, hillary clinton will be even more aggressive. she'll provide more support, more funds and more training to guys on the ground. >> i want to get back you amber. >> and think the -- >> [overlapping speakers] >> excuse me, excuse me. i've heard it. okay. amber, please come back into this. what is trump's plan? as i understand it, it is more surveillance domestically, and use a force more over there and selected immigration control. that's trump's plan, right? >> well, look, yeah. when you fight an enemy overseas in their safe haven, just leak in syria and iraq, it keeps the fight over there. donald trump wants to keep americans safe here at home. so guess whattor, how the lone-wolf style attacks and the
1:20 pm
sympathizers. that's something that the intelligence community in conjunction with technology, silicon valley have to work on. but win we're talking about the organization as a whole, when you're fighting them on the ground, that keeps the fight away from hour citizens, and that is what we have to remember, that as long as the caliphate exists in iraq and syria, as long as they have safe haven to push their propaganda and their ideology and to recruit, they are going to continue to see -- to continue to have these attacks as we have seen over the past few months. >> arash i have one quick question. answer it fast. 6,700 north african migrants have cop to america so far this year. only 24 or 25 of them are christians. why is that? >> because we don't have a religious test. take a look at the u.s. constitution. >> the question is -- >> they're not north africa an -- >> thins which have hand be percent indicated. why are there not more of them
1:21 pm
coming here. >> they have to go through an fbi interview, department of state interview, department of defers interview and the department of homeland security interview. it's not-a-they just get on a plane and get off in long beach over two weeks. it takes a year to 18 months. so let's get the facts right and let's not -- >> yes, the facts are that very few christians. thank you for joining, amber, we appreciate it, both of you. we're waiting on donald trump's first campaign rally after the dnc. we'll take you there when it happens. hillary clinton take only wall street but is that fair when she is taking millions in campaign cash from wall street? then we like to have the first cases of mosquito born zika in the u.s. how worrisome is that? we're on it. with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy.
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we're weight on donald trump
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in colorado springs. it will be his first presentation as the general election officially kicks off. 114 professors at the university of colorado, where the speech will take place, mosted his appearance. nonetheless donald trump will appear. we'll take you there when it happens. first this. >> wall street, corporations, and the super rich, are going to start paying their fair share. of taxes. wall street can never, ever be allowed to wreck main street again. >> there you have it. hillary clinton bashing wall street, saying pay up. the same hillary clinton accepting big bucks from wall street. the "wall street journal" reports clinton had accepted $48.5 million from hedge funds compared with $19,000 for donald trump. to ben stein, author of "how to really ruin your life." love that title.
1:26 pm
tell me this. what does hillary clinton -- i'm sorry -- what does wall street get for the $48 million it's contributed to hillary clinton? >> a kick in the teeth and the ability to say they're part of the cool people and part of the beautiful people. hillary and i were in law school together weapon had the same teacher for corporation. she doesn't know what wall street is. wall streit is not alien force from outer space. wall street is the mechanism by which people save for the children's college education. a corporation is an aggregation of men and women who work together to produce some good or service and the proceeds go to fund people's retirement or college education or home down payments. the idea she thinks a corporation is some kind of vial viper from outer space instead of a group of americans working together on a project, it shows stunning ignorance and especially shows amazing
1:27 pm
hypocrisy considering how money she gets from them. >> but nor last seven years, wall street has gone straight up. the dow industrials have tricheleed since march of 2009. maybe wall street wants to encourage more of the same policies and that's what hillary clinton represents. a third obama term. >> well, that's interesting. that may well be true. although the financials have not been anywhere near as well as the industrials and the service sectors and the tech sectors. so wall street that not done that incredibly well since the crash, but the point is, what would they not do -- what would the clintons not do -- what would they die differently than obama? tax rich people nor? obama said he was going to tax rich people and at any time do it. they never do it. so, even if they did tax rich people more it wouldn't cover the free public education, wouldn't cover the new entitlements. mrs. clinton has learn from elizabeth warren that -- from bernie sanders, that a
1:28 pm
corporation is a dirty word. we're going to sock it to the corporations. people don't understand they're two damn dumb in today's world to understand that they are the corporations. the american people are the owners of the corporations. the corporations are not owned by fugitive nazi war criminals in pittsburgh paraguay. >> donald trump only got $19,000 compared to 48 million for hillary clinton. it could be he gets so little because he has publicly said he will tax heavily hedge fund managers? >> could be because he is bragged so much how much money he has and doesn't need anymore more. this brags-going to be cleat me fallacious. i think he'll regreat having bragged so much about it. but a good question. if donald trump is a favorite of the a lotters and the vampires, why isn't the looters and the vampires giving him money?
1:29 pm
she said last night, follow the money. all right. the wall street money. hedge fund money is going to her. so, if that's bad money, then why is she taking it? if it's so i would, tainted money, why is she taking it? >> 30 seconds ex-ben. who has the best plan for getting to us 4% growth for the economy? >> nobody can possibly get us to 4% growth. it wouldn't matter who it was. if ronald reagan were brought back from the dead he couldn't do it. nobody can do it. can't be done. we just have a totally different world and totally different labor force, can't be done. >> all right, ben stein, we hear crew loud and clear. >> i within it could be. >> the author of the book how to really ruin your financial lifeful" thank you for joining. >> thank you, sir, thank you. >> the war on police just turning uglier. another officer is shot dead. and then, during a moment of silence for fallen officers during the dnc, you heard this. >> black lives matter. >> black lives matter.
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what will he say now in donald trump is about to take the podium in colorado springs. about to make his first presentation as the general election officially kicks off. what will he say? back in 60 seconds.
1:33 pm
to san diego, a second suspect reportedly just arrested in the shooting of two police officers last night after an hour's long standoff. one of those officers was
1:34 pm
killed. january 000 hunt has the latest. >> reporter: stewart, we're pointing out at the top here that 33 police officers have now been shot dead in the first seven months of this year. that's compared to 39 for the whole of 2015. now, this latest incident began with a routine stop that suddenly turned deadly two officers from san diego's gang unit, calling for emergency backup. their colleagues arriving within minutes and finding both officers shot. jonathan degusman, 16 year veteran of the force, husband and father two toe two young children, was fatally wounded. >> we all took an ocean to protect and serve all of our community, and to have this happen to our police officers, we have seen this happen way too many times. just in the least few weeks across our great country. it is tragic for everyone.
1:35 pm
>> reporter: the other officer, wade irwin, also a husband and father, was seriously injured. he was rushed to a nearby hospital. he is expected to survive. one suspect was taken into custody at the scene, having suffered a gunshot wound and is only being described by police as a male hispanic adult. now, earlier today, s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a house in san diego where they said a suspect potential suspect might be holed up. that stand up ended in the last few minutes and our fox station in san diego reporting another arrest has been made. the san diego police chief says both officers were wearing body cam and theres is video evidence but it is too early to tell whether this was an ambush style attack on those officers or something that happened more organically, although no less tragically, as a result of that initial stop. >> jonathan, thank you. after a rash of shootings,
1:36 pm
targeting police this month the dnc held a moment of silence last night for fallen officers but is was interrupted by protesters shouting "black lives matter." >> please help in the in honor of all american fallen officers with a moment of silence. >> black lives matter. >> black lives matter. >> to former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler itch want your personal response to this. you saw it. what did you feel when you saw it happen? >> i watched this entire dnc this week, and i tell you, it was so disappointing to me the way people carried on there, terms of being so antipolice. these are the same individuals -- this is so important -- these individuals hollering out at that organized event last night, "black lives matter," these are the same people that we in law enforcement have to deal with on a day-to-day basis on the
1:37 pm
street. so if they're going to act that way and carry on in a very rambunctious, insulting way at an organized event, a controlled event, imagine how the same people would be at 12 midnight out here on the streets. that's what we are up against as law enforcement officers. and one more thing quickly, just this afternoon i received a telephone call from a police officer in phoenix, arizona, and you know what he said? he said, rod, i'm dahling you because my family, wife and three children, are telling me, begging me, please, daddy, don't go to work today. we want to be home with you. that's the world we're living in >> will police officers on normal patrol or normal traffic stop, start to behave differently will they go out in pairs or approach a stopped car in a different way? will police behavior change because of what appear to be targeted shootings? >> it's already changed. we're operating now most police
1:38 pm
departments -- there's two men deep -- man or woman officer deep and may have three officers in a car deep. we're responding now with more officers to some of the more basic calls. just yesterday, someone was trying to call the police in minnesota. they at any time even want to identify who they were. >> the patcher refused to send the police because you now why? we see that as a tactic to ambush police. you get the police in a certain area and then start shooting at them. so we're seeing a lot of this. so we changed our tactics and it's dangerous time for law enforcement. >> a couple of days ago we saw people leaving a trump rally, deliberately lining up to shake haps of police officers and then last night we saw the disrespect for fallen police officers at the democratic convention. hate to say it but it appears that it's being politicized. democrats, antipolice, republicans pro police, a very crude way of doing it but there's a politicization process going on. >> in all fairness, there's a
1:39 pm
number of people on the democratic side, i'm sure that, really respect police have the highest level of respect for police. but when you look at these individuals, what group are they associated with? what group their black panthers associate with, "black lives matter" associated with? it's not the republicans. it's the democrats. not to say that all democrats are bad. so don't send e-mails. i'm saying we have to look at where is the source of these individuals. where are they coming from and who do they seem to support? >> rod wheeler, thank you for join, sir. >> thank you, stuart. >> e-mail controversy. what e-mail controversy? somehow democrats are rallying around former dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz, despite the controversial e-mails. donald trump says if this were a republican, they'd be thrown out of town. is he right? is he wrong? he might talk about it at this rally the colorado. he's about to take the podium we believe. we'll take you there. moments away. digestive system?
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. .
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debbie is down but not out. key democratted are recallingy end debbie wasserman schultz as the e-mail hacking controversy. donald trump says if she was a republican she would be run out of town but she is still running for her house seat and is now getting democrats' backing. the democratic strategist jessica, and the extra skagit kathy. jessica? she secured the primaries. she skewed them. deliberately. the e-mails are a bombshell and yet last night she was there at the convention sitting in prime seats. she is back. >> she is not fully back. she lost her job. the way the whole done. >> she isn't run out of up to in disgrace. >> no, and she has a primary battle to fight there and we don't know what's going to happen in the end. i think it was a big mistake for the clinton campaign to give her cover there. i think it makes everything look a lot grayer than it should.
1:44 pm
>> are you one of those democrats who are welcoming her back into the fold? >> welcome back into the fold? it was is not capital murder she committed. don't think it's good. i think dong na brazile has a challenge to restore the faith of the dnc and i awade the rnc e-mails when they're looked. >> you've agree with trump, some she have been run out of town, kathy? i can make a comment. if she had been a republican she would be out of up out town reel fast. whole divisions would haven axed. >> you're right. she represents everything that is wrong with politics and thatmer is so dissatisfied. 81% of america. and let look at the messaging. this comes out of the dnc over the last week. even before. republicans are elitist a look at the dnc e-mails about using religion against bernie sanders. >> let me quote it. >> listen to this is the is from
1:45 pm
a dnc official, another official. quote: he has skated on saying he has a jewish heritage. i think i read he is an athiest, this could make several points difference with my peeps. my southern baptist beeps would draw a big difference between a jew and an athiest. and she is still in the party? >> she didn't write that e-mail. >> you think she would still be on the front row of the convention. >> holding leaders conditionable. >> we can hold a lot of leaders conditionable. no like the gone g.o.p. -- >> donald trump had the antisemitic tweet with the sheriff's story. >> wait a minute. you saw it. that was shameful. >> that was totally shameful. >> a jew, an eightist, and i just like to add in the pro jew category as i'm projew and jewish, bill clinton two nights ago wore a hilary pen in hebrew. >> what's that got to do with
1:46 pm
it? it's a double standard here. >> it is, and look at the messaging around the republican convention being contentious, where is the cabinet during the cabinet where whereas assistant reno and robert reich and henry cisneros. want to pate a portrait -- >> are you kidding me? did you see the rnc? did crowd see who the speakers were? you're saying the dnc was underattended by officials? >> show me the cost springs podium because donald trump is going to appear there momentarily. we'll go there when he starts to speak. that colorado springs is the first presentation of donald trump as the general election gets going, heaven forebuild he says anything about debbie wasserman schultz. >> i am not defending it. she deserves to lose the position and i have argue before i don't think that position should be held by one who is in office you.
1:47 pm
have one job to do when you're elected into public office and that's to serve your constituents and should not be fundraising at the same time. >> we agree on that. >> almost at the end of the interview. some going of agreement. >> a big problem with the messages around women. a line here and there but nothing substantial about what they're going to for women -- >> are you kidding me. >> look at the women that they put up over the court of the week. elizabeth warren who does not practice what she preaches in her fancy suits and car services and fancy lunches. >> madeline albright, we're eiteled to this. there's a lot of double standards there. debbie wassermann -- >> have to bring this to the attention of our audience, just getting an alert from reuters. the justice department is investigating the hack of the clinton campaign operations, which is what we're essentially talking about here. the justice department is investigating. now you tell me what that means.
1:48 pm
>> means they may have been hacked. >> that's bad news for democrats, isn't it? >> the clinton campaign and the dnc are separate. there's a lot of crossovers and we have seen lives to the white house but i'm going to put it out there because i'm so honest. maybe hey got hacked, too. we westbound the justice department looking into this. >> if the clinton campaign, the lack thereof is beg investigated wonder what they'll turn up? >> i can only imagine. >> we have one thing and that's five digit inside the number of e-mails. >> going to godot it was fun. >> good news. i have something to say about this lady card thing. >> thank you very much indeed. we may now have our first cases of zika in the u.s. by mosquito. how to protect yourself in that's next.
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donald trump's first speech since hillary's speech last night. let's listen in. >> they will let some of the people i was just informed they will let some meander in. but i watched her last night beginning a speech that was so average. and i watched last night as the network said it was all right, they were fine. and then i watched this morning. and it was unbelievable, it was so wonderful. it wasn't wonderful, folks. and then i read a report that just came out, i can't believe it, in politico, i can't believe that, and they wrote something all cliché, just written up by a script writer.
1:53 pm
and it was all clichés. they used the little tweet on me and she said something about the campaign. donald trump doesn't know how to campaign, something like that. i just beat 16 people and i'm beating her. i'm watching it, i'm watching it, oh, and by the way, this is very important, so the nielsen ratings just came out. these aren't polls. these are for television much more important than polls. in television, they don't care about polls. they only care about ratings. and the nielsen ratings just came out. so it's trump against clinton, right? and you know you heard about how wonderful -- because i'll tell you what, i liked the republican convention better. i did. i liked it better. i thought we had a far more
1:54 pm
beautiful set like not even a contest. how about the first night? at the had no american flags up on the stage. second night, no american flags. and then i started saying there are no american flags up there, and then they run up with a flag, right? and then last night they put about so many flag. s. items ca it's called overkill. so many flags up there, you didn't know what to. but thursday to thursday. that's the big one, right? we beat her by millions on television. millions. we beat her by a lot. and they both did good. really we beat her by a lot. but honestly, the numbers were incredible.
1:55 pm
which tells you -- which tells you isn't it good to have trump running for the presidency? now, let me ask you. so we beat her. we beat her. and i think you tuned in out of curiosity with her. i was curious to see whether she would do a class act and not mention my name or mention it with respect. like say i'd like to congratulation my republican opponent for having done something that nobody has ever done in the history of politics in this nation. and i would like to congratulate my opponent for having gotten more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party
1:56 pm
in the primary. see, i thought she might to stuff like that. i thought she'd give me a big fat beautiful congratulations. you know, if she did that, would that have been cool? would that have been great? i thought her daughter did very well by the way. chelsea. my daughter likes chelsea and chelsea likes my daughter. what are you going do? that's okay. my daughter likes chelsea. ivanka did it great, right? ivanka. but i asked ivanka, you like chelsea? i do, dad. really? no, i really do. i wish you didn't, it would be a lot easier, right? but she likes her and chelsea likes ivanka. and that's the way life is and that's the way life should be. right? don't we agree?
1:57 pm
okay. it's okay. but we had -- i had an amazing time. and i watched last night as different people spoke. much of it was scripted. much of it was scripted. i see some people -- i see some people, you know it was funny, i said yesterday one of the rallies, we had these massive rallies, honestly much bigger than this, but not much bigger if you let all the other thousands in. but much bigger. this is like an intimate gathering. true. it's true. but i said to some of the people look at that. and then yesterday at the rally, i said, boy, because i had some people up there that i knew, and i actually saw their napes and i said why would they put them up? they will speak so positively about me. i was wrong. oh, i'm going to hit them, i'm going to get them, i'm going to
1:58 pm
start talking about them like you never believed. obviously i'm talking about with my verbal. i'm going to get them, let them have it. maybe a tweet or maybe this or that. but i'm going to hit them hard. so on cnn this morning, i see you know on the bottom, trump says he's going to hit speakers. i mean, they are so dishonest. i'm going to hit speakers. that's why we have to win, right? that's why we have to win. i'll tell you, cnn is really -- you know they call it the clinton news network. it's really a dishonest group of people. they are terrible. their camera just went off. i see the red lights. i know all the cameramen by now, right? hi fellows. but i see the red lights.
1:59 pm
that red light just went off so fast. it was funny. and we were having fun yesterday. they said really bad things, i'm going to hit them, i'm going to hit them hard, we're going to get them. in fact i even called up a friend of mine, a governor, he actually called me, he said you're doing great, fantastic. and i talked about the thing. he said don't do anything. don't do anything. don't say anything bad about anybody. don't talk -- i told him the story yesterday. and then they put trump to hit because somebody said i'm going to hit them, i'm going to hit them hard. i mean verbally, right? does everybody -- headline! trump threatens. i don't know if they said that. but it is really -- i'll tell you, cnn is so dishonest. it's actually disgusting if you want to the truth. so i love -- isn't it better when we don't have these teleprompters? >> there you have it, that is vintage donald trump.
2:00 pm
no teleprompter. i didn't see any notes. maybe a couple of sheets of paper there, but nothing much. that is miss first speech as the general election campaign officially kicks off. thanks for joining us. "the five" is next. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly giuilfoyle. you've been listening it to donald trump at a rally on the day after his opponent send her nomination. last night hillary set the stage for what will surely be a fierce fight against trump. duringler will wig moment at the convention last night, clinton cast herself as a steady leader and pushed for national unity. >> none of us can raise a family, build a business, heal a community or lift a country totally


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