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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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weekend and please enjoy "special report" because it's up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington, d.c. at this hour, the fbi has just confirmed to fox news that it is now investigating the hacking of a computer network used by hillary clinton's campaign. this attack was part of a broader assault, according to officials, on democratic political organizations, including the dccc. and as we've already reported, the dnc, the democratic national convention. fox news correspondent jennifer gray is with the breaking news. >> good evening, bret. well-placed sources confirm to fox news that the fbi is, in
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fact, investigating a potential cyberbreach of not only the network used by hillary clinton and her campaign but also of the democratic congressional committee, the committee that is raising money for house democrats, as well as the cyberbreach we already knew of the dnc. all of this raising new concerns tonight that a state actor may be trying to influence the u.s. elections. hillary clinton and tim kaine have already begun campaigning, holding a rally in downtown philadelphia, and then leaving for a three-day bus ride across the battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio, fertile ground for disaffected republicans. >> when i did wake up this morning and bill and i started drinking our coffee, we suddenly looked at each other and we realized, as of tomorrow, we have 100 days to make our case to america. >> reporter: earlier, a disconnect between her and her running mate, as kaine once
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again expressed support for the hyde amendment, a provision that bans federal funding of abortions. in a tweet, campaign spokesman, brian fallon, moved quickly to minimize the story, "quote but he has also promised to carry out hillary clinton's agenda regardless of his personal opinion on hyde." a hug from a daughter for her mother before she made history in the city where the founding fathers signed the declaration of independence. >> and so, my friends, it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> reporter: clinton tried to reintroduce herself to a country that has known her for more than a quarter century, emphasizing the danger, she says, her opponent poses to national security. >> donald trump says, and this is a quote, i know more about isis than the generals do.
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no, donald, you don't. >> reporter: the former top commander in afghanistan, marine general john allen, endorsed her, while telling donald trump that u.s. troops would not be used for torture. and the emotional father of an army captain who was muslim and killed in iraq asked donald trump -- >> have you even read the united states constitution? >> reporter: there was flag waving and an attempt to reach out to republicans who aren't comfortable with their candidate. >> he's taken the republican party a long way. from morning in america to midnight in america. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has not put out a statement based on this report of a cyberbreach to their campaign e-mails. however, the fbi has put out a statement in the last few minutes, bret, in which they do not mention the clinton campaign or the democratic congressional committee by name, but they say they are looking at the nature
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and scope of a potential cyberbreach. bret, back to you. >> jennifer, thank you. we should point out that reuters broke this story and they said at the time, access to the full dccc network would give the hackers access to everything from e-mails, strategy memos, opposition research prepared to support democratic candidates, as well as possibly donor information. donald trump hosting two events in colorado today, while his running mate concentrating on rallies in the heartland. trump taking swings at his opponent on the other side of the aisle today. chief political correspondent, carl cameron, is with the trump team tonight in denver. >> in colorado, donald trump laced into hillary clinton. >> after watching that performance last night, i'm taking the gloves off, right? trump is going to be no more mr. nice guy. >> reporter: trump was defensive this morning, after clinton's acceptance speech last night, tweeting, "crooked hillary clinton mentioned me 22 times in her very long and very boring speech. many of her statements were lies and fabrications."
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trump cast clinton and the democrats' optimism as dishonest and out of touch with reality. a campaign statement declared, "hillary clinton's speech was an insulting collection of cliches and recycled rhetoric. she spent the evening talking down to the american people she's looked down on her whole life." trump running mate indiana governor mike pence today took part in a motorcycle rally in his home state and appeared on hugh hewitt's radio show. a former broadcaster, pence says he'll tried to get media banned from trump's political events reinstated and expressed displeasure at the insult battle. trump on a wisconsin radio show said he would eliminate president obama's executive order, prohibiting law enforcement from purchasing surplus military equipment in a heartbeat, so police can better protect themselves. clinton last night blasted trump's temperament and suitability for office. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust
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with nuclear weapons. enough with the bigotry and the bombast. >> i think i have the best temperament, or certainly one of the best temperaments of anybody that's ever run for the office of president. >> reporter: in iowa, trump last night predicted clinton would get a bounce from her convention, and acknowledged his weakness in the polls with women, but argued he's the only choice to prevent clinton from packing the courts with liberals. >> if you really like donald trump, that's great. but if you don't, you have to vote for me anyway. you know why? supreme court judges. supreme court judges. have no choice. sorry. >> reporter: this is likely to be one of the nastiest general election races in decades. and it will be the longest. the last time both parties finished their conventions in july, john f. kennedy was running against richard nixon in 1960. bret? >> this is a unique race. carl, thank you. a federal appeals court has blocked a north carolina law
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requiring photo identification to cast in-person ballots. judges ruled that it was enacted with discriminatory intent. opponents of the law say the ruling should increase participation by minority voters on election day in the presidential battleground state, that also has closely contested races for u.s. senate and governor. however, the state may appeal today's ruling, which would keep that law in place for now. this is another fox news alert tonight. there are alarming new concerns that the zika virus is now being transmitted by mosquitos here inside the u.s. four people in the miami area are believed to have caught the virus locally, not through foreign travel or sex. correspondent phil keating reports from miami. it is a dangerous, but not unexpected, escalation in the zika saga, one that has also political implications. >> zika is not a partisan issue, it is not a political issue. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio is sounding the
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alarm. >> zika doesn't just bite republicans or democrats or independents, it bites everyone. this is not a partisan issue. these mosquitos, it's only going to get worse. >> reporter: local government and health officials declaring we now have the worst-case scenario disease experts have been warning about. locally transmitted zika here in the u.s. >> and how many people live in your home? >> reporter: mosquito control officers and health workers are now going door to door, collecting blood and urine samples from residents, as well as trapping and testing mosquitos. >> we expected that we were likely to be one of the first states, if not the first. >> reporter: florida's four active zika cases where the patients did not travel to the caribbean or latin america, almost certainly spread from a florida mosquito. two of these cases are in miami-dade and the other two in broward county. >> now that florida has become the first state to have a local transmission, likely through mosquito, we will continue to put every resource available to fighting the spread of zika in our state. >> reporter: south florida's
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largest blood bank, oneblood, is now implementing the fda's new anti-zika directive, and screening for the virus in every single pint of donated blood in florida as well as in georgia, alabama, and south carolina. and some good news so far, none of the mosquitos trapped have shown the zika virus. one square mile in miami just north of downtown is now the focus of the state's investigation. the risk of getting virus is still said to be low, and the cdc says it has no plans to limit travel to south florida. with more than 5,000 cases, puerto rico is in the midst of a zika epidemic. this is most serious for pregnant women. scientists say zika can lead to microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with deformed, smaller brains. >> florida's governor and congressional delegation continue to demand that congress act on president obama's $1.8 billion emergency funding zika request, but so far, congress has not because democrats and republicans cannot come to
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agreement on the final price tag. so the best ways to avoid getting and contracting zika is dump all standing water around your house, always wear long sleeves, pants, and socks, and perhaps most importantly, always spray yourself with mosquito repellant that contains the chemical deet before leaving your house. bret? >> serious stuff. phil keating down in miami. phil, thank you. the united nations is urging russia to leave the creation of humanitarian corridors around the syrian city of aleppo to the u.n. and its partners. many suspect russia's offer is actually a ploy to help the government gain control over the city. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house tonight. >> we're deeply concerned about the definition, and i have talked to moscow twice in the last 24 hours. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is talking about an agreement between moscow and damascus to conduct a, quote, large-scale humanitarian operation in syria, one that could displace hundreds of thousands of civilians, already
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caught in the cross fire in the fight against isis. >> it has the risk, if it is a ruse, of completely breaking apart the operation. >> translator: aleppo and the suburbs have ended up in a difficult situation and are nearly in a critical humanitarian situation. >> reporter: the united nations has expressed concern that the russians and assad regime using the operations to clear out the city for military purposes, a forced displacement, if you will, which some suggested would be a war crime. the white house is wary. >> we're taking a look at russia's announcement of the humanitarian corridors, but given their record on this, we're skeptical, to say the least. >> reporter: experts say when it comes to syria and the fight against isis, moscow and washington aren't in the same book, let alone on the same page. >> we've got about as much common interest in syria as a bank robber and a customer have in a bank. i think what we're doing there, but all this talk with the russians is useless and nutty.
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>> even with the spread of isis and the threat to combat its rises, from mass attacks to france, germany, and belgium by isis terrorists. and dozens of civilians have been killed in air strikes, believed to have been conducted by the u.s.-led coalition throughout syria. centcom is investigating. this as the u.s. continues to go over a vast trove of new intelligence about isis fighters. and that cash, bret, was retrieved by u.s.-backed kurdish forces in syria. we're talking about a massive amount of information. more than 10,000 documents and over 4.5 terabytes of data. the u.s. thinks it will help them not only understand about militants on the battlefield, but also those who hope to export their terror to the west. >> kevin corke on the north lawn, thank you. the end of the political conventions means the beginning of national security briefings for both nominees. but this year, according to the polls, both presidential picks
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have significant trust issues. and they are lobbying attacks at each other about the intel breathings that are expected to start in just days. correspondent rich eggson tells us how that will affect their access to sensitive intelligence, if it will if good evening, rich. >> good evening, bret. for the sake of national security, officials cannot trust this nominee with intelligence briefings. that's what democrats say about donald trump and republicans claim about hillary clinton. >> how does hillary clinton get a national security briefing when she's been probably hacked. >> give him fake briefings, don't tell him anything you don't want to get out. >> reid added he finds donald trump a loose cannon. and after the fbi director said hillary clinton was extremely careless with classified information on her private e-mail server, house speaker paul ryan requested the administration withhold security briefings from her. the director of national intelligence denied that
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request. now that both major parties have nominated their candidatepresid administration says it will brief clinton, trump, and their running mates on national security matters. officials say they will begin scheduling meetings with the nominees at secure locations to provide them the same intelligence information. an administration official tells us these briefings are more a function of tradition than legal obligation. for decades, outgoing administrations have offered intelligence to the major party candidates, and the director of national intelligence says because of that, it is up to the voters, not the white house, to determine who receives this information. >> in essence, part of what of the process that's going on here is that the american electorate is in the process of deciding the suitability of these two candidates to serve as commander in chief. >> clapper says the intelligence community will likely share fairly general information with clinton and trump, including information on isis, syria, or the day's most pressing security issues. bret?
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>> rich, thank you. one of the talking points for republicans this campaign season will be that hillary clinton has tacked too far to the left in order to gain bernie sanders supporters. senior political correspondent mike emanuel looks at that part of the story tonight from philadelphia. >> we're going to break through the gridlock in washington and make the biggest investment in new good-paying jobs since world war ii. >> reporter: at her campaign rally today at temple university, hillary clinton spoke of government spending, leading to quality jobs. former president bill clinton may still be on stage in a supporting role, but he signed the north american free trade agreement, and democrats now are lining up to defeat trade deals like tpp. the anti-tpp signs were everywhere at this week's convention, even though president obama supports it. last night, clinton thanked democrat socialist bernie sanders for his contributions to this 2016 campaign.
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>> you put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong. >> reporter: and clinton signaled that she is picking up the mantle for him. >> and to all of your supporters, here and around the country, i want you to know, i've heard you, your cause is our cause. >> reporter: and even with her tributes, clinton was heckled by some of sanders' supporters, who are not satisfied. this week, sanders celebrated pushing the party to the left. >> the sanders camp and the clinton camp worked together on creating the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. >> reporter: there was also heckling this week of president obama's former secretary of defense and cia director, leon panetta. and now it is more liberal ideas that draw the applause.
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>> is there anybody at temple that like the idea of debt-free college? >> the concern for democrats heading into the general election is if the clinton campaign went too far left during the primaries. the truth is they had to with energy and huge crowds turning out for bernie sanders and his ideas, but that will likely make it more challenging to win those moderates in the middle. bret? >> mike, thank you. up next, another police officer killed in the line of duty. we'll tell you where and how. first, here's some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 61 in hartford, connecticut, with the public's first look at the school built to replace sandy hook elementary, where 20 first graders and six educators were killed in 2012. the new $50 million, 86,000 square foot facility is set to open next month. the old school was torn down. fox 2 in detroit, as the michigan attorney general charges four current and two former state employees with
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crimes, related to lead contaminated water crisis in flint. all six are charged with misconduct in office, willful neglect of duty, and various conspiracy counts. charges previously were brought against two state regulators and a flint city employee. and this is a live look at san diego, from our affiliate fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight, the crash of a marine corps f/a-18 sea war plane into the california desert. the pilot was killed in that crash. the service says the plane went down last night during a training mission. no cause has been announced. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway, from special report. back in d.c. tonight. we'll be right back.
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some more disappointing news on the u.s. economy tonight. the gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of just 1.2% in the spring. that was far below the 2.6% projection. stocks were mixed today on that news. the dow lost 24. the s&p 500 was up 4. the nasdaq gained 7. for the week, the dow lost 3/4 of a percentage point, the nasdaq was up about 1 1/5.
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let's get more on this from deidra bolden in new york. how are you? >> hi, bret, how are you? you mentioned this very disappointing figure. i mean, there's no other way to say it. if you look at gdp the first half of any year, this is the worst one that we've seen since 2011. so that certainly stands out. and the biggest weak spot, if you like, bret, is that u.s. businesses are not investing in themselves right now. so machinery, factory equipment, anything that goes into that, by one measure, is actually at a seven-year low. so that's really the headline. that's what's dragging down this figure of all u.s. goods and services. there is one bright spot i do want to point out, though, and that is that consumers are still spending. this is really the big heavyweight in this gdp calculation. it's two-thirds of our economic activity. if you look at a company like, reporting earnings, more prime spenders are spending more, up to $1,500, they think. so there are some bright spots. businesses need confidence and
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probably want the presidential election to be behind them to make decisions. bret? >> deidra, thank you. this will definitely come up in that presidential election. thanks. one san diego police officer is dead and another faces a long recovery tonight after a traffic stop that turned into a gun battle. chief correspondent jonathan hunt has details. >> reporter: it began with a routine stop by two officers with san diego's gang unit. within seconds, it turned deadly. >> we have two officers down. >> yeah, roll medics. >> reporter: officer jonathan deguzman, a husband and father of two was killed. >> he came to work every single day, just wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of our community. and last night, he lost his life, trying to make a positive difference and protect our community. >> reporter: another officer was seriously injured, but is expected to survive. one suspect was taken into custody at the scene with a
1:25 am
gunshot wound. the death of officer deguzman brings to 33 the number of police officers shot to death this year, compared to 39 for the whole of 2015. republican presidential nominee donald trump was quick to weigh in, writing on twitter, two policemen just shot in san diego, one dead. it is only getting worse. people want law and order. his opponent, hillary clinton, did not mention the incident while campaigning today, but did allude to the spate of shootings of police officers in her speech at the democratic convention last night. >> let's put ourselves in the shoes of police officers kissing their kids and spouses good-bye every day, heading off to do a dangerous and necessary job. >> late this afternoon, police ended an hour's long standoff at a house in san diego, as they searched for a man they called a
1:26 am
potential second suspect. they have not, at this point, confirmed any further arrests related to this attack. bret? >> jonathan, thank you. did hillary clinton make her case for becoming the first woman president? we'll look at the speech, get reaction, plus the breaking news about a hacking into hillary clinton's computer system. the campaign's computer system, in addition to the dnc. all that when we come back.
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not quite ready yet to make a call on attribution. i mean, we all know there are just a few usual suspects out there. frankly, taken back a bit by somewhat hyperventilation over this. you know, i'm shocked somebody did some hacking.
1:31 am
that's never happened before. >> that's the director of national intelligence, clapper, talking about hacking, asked about it earlier this week, and sarcastically saying people are overplaying this. however, there's breaking news tonight of another hack that we're confirming. the fbi's investigating a hack into hillary clinton campaign computers. here's the statement from the fbi. the fbi is aware of media reporting on cyberintrusions, involving multiple political enti entities, and is working to determine the accuracy, nature, and cope of these matters. the cyberthreat matter continues to evolve, as cyberactors will continue to hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace. now, intelligence officials we've talked to say this now includes the campaign, the dccc, the democratic campaign, congressional campaign committee, and we've already reported, the democratic
1:32 am
national committee. let's bring in our panel from new york, phillip bump of "the washington post" and monica crowley, editor and columnist for thing with times. and here in washington, cha krauthammer. all right, phillip, getting these breaking details at the beginning of this show, your thoughts? >> i think there are two main questions in a situation like this are who and why. who is trying to break into the network? did they get into the network? and why are they doing it? we saw over the past few weeks that there were these hacks of the dnc e-mails and voice mails, that they then ended up being attributed to russia and ended up being released, apparently, to the democratic convention. we don't know if this is that same sort of thing. we don't have answers as far as i know to the who and the why. obviously, it seems as though this is going to be something that affects politics, but, again, to clapper's point, people are being hacked all the time for lots of reasons so there are still lots of unknowns.
1:33 am
>> we should point out, intelligence officials say there are indications that there's some kind of russian tie, but we don't know that, as you heard, director clapper just in the past few seconds, we got a statement from the hillary clinton campaign, saying this. an analytics data program maintained by the dnc and used by our campaign and a number of other entities was accessed as part of the dnc hack. our campaign computer system has been under review by outside cybersecurity experts. to date, they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised. that's from nick meryl. i tell you what, charles. they can't say, definitively, or at least the fbi couldn't, when asked, if hillary clinton's home server had been hacked in this investigation. they're saying that there's no indication that their campaign computers that are not tied to the dnc have been hacked. but isn't the reality that we don't know until we see something produced the from them?
1:34 am
>> exactly, we don't know. and we'll presumably find out later, if these things are released, they are publicized, and we'll see why. look, this is either some random hacker, you know, a kid in a basement, playing around. it could be a rival campaign. we've had that in the past, in the pre-cyberarea, stealing material to break in and watergate, et cetera. we have a long history of that, however, there's no evidence whatsoever, in this case. the third theoretical possibility is a foreign entity, a hostile entity, and phillip asked the why, if it is a hostile entity, the answer is simple. blackmail. >> monica? >> mm-hmm. yeah, bret, i think it's really important to put this in perspective. so mrs. clinton put our most sensitive national security secrets at risk for four years while secretary of state, by using a private, unsecured, non-government server. the fbi investigated this, the
1:35 am
fbi director, a couple of weeks ago, said it's unlikely that they could find evidence of any kind of foreign hack, but he did say, quote, that it is possible that hostile agents gained access to her server. now, how likely it is that perhaps foreign governments, the russians, the chinese, the iranians, the north koreans were watching her in realtime as secretary of state is an open question, but that's something to keep in mind as we talk about this. the other thing is, two years ago, the office of personnel management experienced a hack that we suspect was done, carried out by agents of a foreign government. we suspect china, but there's no real proof of that yet. but 18 million americans, federal workers, were exposed with their most sensitive background information, social security numbers and so on, that were floating out there, that could be used for influence purposes or blackmail purposes. so in this context, of this new environment, i think all parties need to be really aware that
1:36 am
cyberwarfare is a brand-new threat. and whether it's going to be used for blackmail, political reasons, or something else, everybody has to be hyper aware. >> panel, stand by. intel officials i've talked to, a lot of them here, say that's what keeps them up at night. the thought of cyberattack and all the different ways it can happen. next up, the tale of the tape between hillary clinton and donald trump. guess what? the general election has started.
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we are going to get on a bus, as soon as we leave here, and we're going to drive through pennsylvania and into ohio. it's kind of nostalgic for me. my dad was born in scranton. i spent every summer of my life up in northeast pennsylvania. >> i watched last night. i watched hillary clinton.
1:41 am
what a sad -- what a sad situation. she said something about the campaign. donald trump doesn't know how to campaign. something like that. i just beat 16 people and i'm beating her. >> well, the general election has officially begun. as both parties name their nominees, after the conventions, as you take a look at the map, that essentially lays out where the polling is now of the states across america. these are electrical votes, if the election were held today, you see clinton with 236. trump with 191. toss- toss-up, 111, and you can see how these different state place out. we're going to be looking into this more and more starting now and going all the way to november. let's bring back our panel. monica, as this starts to shape up, your thoughts after we've finished these two conventions? >> well, over the last two weeks, bret, we have two very different views of where the country is. mrs. clinton came out and basically said, yeah, the nation has some issues, but it's not so
1:42 am
bad. so we're well on our way to this progressive utopia. we just have to continue the course and continue president obama's policies. donald trump is saying, no, no, no, not to fast. this is a nation in decline crippled by economic weakness and uncertainty, escalating national security threats, and the dangers are quite real. he's also saying that the dr decline is not irreversible, but time is short, and we need new leadership in order to turn it around. the polling backs up donald trump's view. because over 70% of the american people believe that the country is on the wrong track. and donald trump in this race is the change agent. >> phillip? >> yeah, i mean, i think one of the most interesting parts of the convention is that the democrats took a lot of time and spent a lot of effort on making republicans who were concerned about donald trump feel as though they had another choice. now, it wasn't necessarily that they thought that republicans were suddenly going to go out and vote for hillary clinton. i think that hillary clinton's vast unpopularity suggests that that's not going to happen. but it does do something smart, which is, gives them pause about
1:43 am
having to pick donald trump, if they feel comfortable enough with hillary clinton, they may just stay home. i think that that was a very central theme to what the democrats were trying to do. we'll see if it was successful once the polls come in. >> charles, we look at that map, and one of the places hillary clinton is going to campaign is nebraska. and people say, why would she go to nebraska? well, it is a place that splits its electoral votes and they are microtargeting so much that they're going after every last electoral vote, believing that they can kind of shed some away, disaffected republicans and moderates, from donald trump. >> they're following the old adage that no matter how much you think you have the advantage, you've got to run scared. and i think that's right. it could be a very close election. it could hinge on one or two electoral votes. we know what happened in 2000. but i thought hillary was kind of caught in this terrible dilemma, and you saw it on night three with the big endorsements, obama and her husband. she was embraced by obama, which makes her the status quo
1:44 am
candidate. there's no way around that. but her husband, who is one of the great campaigners and strategists in america, of politics, understands that every time one party's held the white house for two terms, with the one exception of 1988, in the last 60 years, they've been tossed out. so what was the theme of his speech? she's a change agent. the biggest change maker he's ever seen in his life. i don't know how credible it is, but you cannot run as the heir to obama and at the same time as a change agent. that's a dilemma she can't solve. and she didn't in her speech, which is why it was a relatively unsuccessful one. >> okay. when we come back, winners and losers. political conventions edition. with the panel.
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okay. we have just wrapped up, i guess, 2 1/2 weeks on the road. the two conventions, cleveland, then philadelphia, back here now in washington, with the panel to pick one winner and one loser over the two conventions. okay, monica first. winner then loser.
1:49 am
>> my winner, bret, is donald trump, who has pulled off the most astonishing political achievement in modern american history, and who, despite having never done this before, having a skeletal campaign, and relatively little money, may very well pull the whole thing off. my loser is bernie sanders and his supporters, who he threw overboard in order to endorse her and for some semblance of pho phony party unity. >> okay, phillip, winner and loser. >> so my winner is khizr khan, the gentleman who spoke last night at the democratic convention, talking about his son who was killed in iraq and really going after donald trump on the issue of muslim immigration. my loser -- >> hold on, let me just point out, that picture, he's holding up a constitution. >> yeah, he called on trump to read, yeah. yes, very powerful moment. my loser has to be new york city mayor bill de blasio who used to work for hillary clinton, yet he got a really bad speaking spot. not only that, but his arch
1:50 am
nemesis, andrew cuomo got a really good speaking spot. it was not a good look for him. >> charles, winner and then loser? >> my winner in terms of speeches was barack obama. for a man who has not had a very successful presidency, i'm not sure history will smile upon it, he gave one of the great speeches of his career, nearly matching what he did exploded on the national scene with his unrica speech. he had the cadence. he had the rhythm. and he managed to make a case for himself unlike anybody has made given the material he had to work with. his own accomplishments, that was quite an accomplishment in and of itself. my loser also in terms of speeches was chris christie who has had a fairly rocky time since he dropped out of the race himself. in conducting the prosecution in his speech of hillary. he ended into a response
1:51 am
indicting her and asking the audience to respond guilty or not. thumbs up, thumbs down. it reminds you why in this country we adjudicate justice in a courtroom and not in a coliseum. >> i want to ask about one more thing while most people look at the rolling out of tim kaine as very successful and his speech, especially for democrats was well received. there was a bit of a hiccup on the abortion and hyde amendment and whether federal tax dollars can pay for abortion. he has now said he still doesn't believe that even though the platform and the candidate, he is now on the ticket with does. monica, what about this and does it effect anything in this race? >> i'm not so sushi, first of all, is he number two not number one on the ticket. secondly, there are discrepancies in terms of past positions, current positions not just with tim kaine but also mike pence in
1:52 am
terms of agreement with the man at the want to ticket. so, i think essentially that issue will be neutralized. i think that the republican ticket will certainly make that an issue. they certainly should make that an issue. but there are issues on all sides, i think, that can be exploited. >> philip, thoughts on that and whether this democratic party is further left even though the pitch was to moderates and republicans. the platform itself is actually pretty far left. >> it is. that was intentional to try and appease sanders. but, you know, i think on the issue of abortion. if this were a candidate who is struggling with women, i think it would be an issue. obviously that is very much not the case with hillary clinton. i find it very hard to believe there are a lot of folks willing to judge her negatively because of tim kaine's position on fairly minute aspect of this issue. >> panel, thank you. my winner for the week the fox news crew and staff did a fantastic job over two weeks' time really hustled.
1:53 am
my loser sleep. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a look at our new set a sneak peek it unveils monday. plus a programming note here. don't forget to watch fox news sunday this weekend. chris wallace has an exclusive interview with hillary clinton, the democratic nominee. he actually gets to show the set first this weekend on "fox news sunday." it's a must watch. we'll be right back.
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finally, as you may have noticed tonight, the study yesterday situation is a little different that is because while the show has been on the road for the conventions, the main studio, studio one here in washington has been undergoing a face lift, a pretty major face lift. so, come monday, "special report" will have a new look to it, but it will be the same breaking news as always. fair and balanced and as we did, at the end of the republican national convention, we lee you tonight with the sights and sounds of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> a democrat party striving to project unity starts day one much differently. welcome to the wells fargo center in philadelphia. site of this week's democratic national convention. [chanting] >> to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous.
1:58 am
>> so i can see there is a little bit of interest in my -- in my being here. >> the game would be rigged. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> you are making a huge mistake in nominating this woman. because of hillary clinton, my daughter and august our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> she is the best darn change maker i have ever met in my entire life. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> how can there be pleasure in saying you're fired? that's a bunch of malarky. they have just broken through the barriers. >> if any of you are looking for that party of link --
1:59 am
lincoln, we have got a home right here in the democratic party. >> you have got to get in the arena with her because the democracy isn't a spectator sport ♪ [cheers and applause] >> donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. have you even read the united states constitution? [cheers and applause] i will gladly lend you my copy. ♪ hear me roar. >> it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination. for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] rnc should
2:00 am
had john rich play onstage. thank you for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to the "hannity" program. tonight with the political conventions over finally after two weeks, the race for the white house officially begins today. i'm tucker carlson in for sean tonight. the democrats are trying to take a victory lap after hillary's nomination last night, donald trump is campaigning hard in the key battleground states. earlier today he reacted to hillary's dnc speech. here's part of what he said. >> i watched last night. i watched hillary clinton. [ crowd booing ] what a sad -- what a sad situation. and i watched last night as the


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