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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 31, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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happen. we're using greta's studio while our home is being renovated. we will be back there next sunday. see you then with the latest buzz. we begin with a fox news alert for you. hillary clinton speaks out on fox news about a host of issues including donald trump, the controversy over her e-mails and suspected conflicts of interest. she sits down with chris wallace. her first one-on-one since she became the democratic nominee. hello, and welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm arrest searrestville neville. >> it's fair for americans to have questions.
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i hope you'll ask donald trump why he is so untrusted. >> i have. >> i have a long record of public service that has produce results. i'm proud of my record of public service and the results that i've gotten to help people have better lives. >> jennifer griffin is live in columbus, ohio where hillary clinton and her running mate senator tim kaine will be holding an event later today. hi, jennifer. >> hi, arthel. we are on day through of that bus tour. the biggest headlines came out of chris wallace's exclusive interview with hillary clinton. we sat in on that interview for the first time hillary clinton blamed the hack of the dnc on the russians. >> here's what i think we know. we know that russian intelligence services which are part of the russian government which is under the firm control of vladimir putin hacked into the dnc and we know that they arranged for a lot of those
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e-mails to be released. and we know that donald trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up putin, to support putin. >> chris wallace also asked her about the right to bear arms. >> second amendment includes an independe individual right to bear arms. >> but that right like every other of our right, our first amendment right, every right it that we have is open to and even subject to recivil regulation. >> hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine are in the crew shall swing staucial s pennsylvania and ohio because they are so important to the election. polls in ohio show her in a virtual dead heat with donald trump, a key strategy now to
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soften her image and reach out to republicans. during her interview, she spoke of her mother. >> she wouldn't like what she saw at the republican convention where, you know, just the outrageous things that were said and the kind of normalization of really offensive rhetoric in our politics. she wouldn't have liked any of that. she was a big fox viewer, i will tell you. >> really? >> yes, she was. >> so hillary clinton revealing that her mom liked to watch fox. she said mostly because she wanted to see what the opposition were saying about her daughter and often upset her. but remember, her family were mostly mid western republicans. back to you. >> thank you, jennifer. eric. jennifer just reported mrs. clinton also addressed the hacking of her campaign computers and the very real possibility that russia was behind it. so far the obama admin sthags has not publicly and directly blamed moscow despite several experts who say russia certainly
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is responsible. but if its proven that cyber attacks are the work of vladimir putin or the russian intelligence services as you just heard mrs. clinton assert, what will that mean for the campaign and u.s./russian relations so relations joining us now, ambassador john bolton. ambassad ambassador, do you think russia did it? >> well, i don't think we know enough at this point. let me be clear, i have no doubt whatever that russia is ready, willing and able to engaging in this kind of cyber espionage. and i have no doubt that they have and probably have in the past tried to influence american politics. but let's be clear, those generalizations don't necessarily tell you a lot about this particular event. it is stunning to me for live to hillary clinton talk about the damage 2
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that can be done by a foreign intelligence service. what was she thinking for the four years that she was secretary of state? and that's why the real contrast comes here. when fbi director comey gave his recent conference about hillary's e-mail problem, he said we had no direct evidence that her server was hacked by foreign operatives. and he said this, given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. so if the russians hacked in as former director gates and others said, they didn't leave cyber fingerprints. but now we're told that the other russian intelligence services or groups associated with them did leave cyber fingerprints and the dnc computers, i just ask this request. why did the russians run the smart intelligence against
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hillary's but the dumb against the dnc. >> do you think it's a possibility that they did hack up up into her private server? >> absolutely. as i say, gates said the russians and chinese have likely hacked into it. former acting cia director morell i think said the same thing. and so did a lot of others. >> so do you think that there could be an october surprise, that some of those e-mails could be leaked to wikileaks and then as julian assange has said that they have great e-mails that they are holding back that that could be sprung on the american people if october? >> certainly that is possible. and if i were hillary clinton, i'd be worried about it. but let's be clear. just to come to the dnc hack and there may be others here, as well, were the rnc computers hacked, were they hacked by the smart intelligence services who don't leave the fingerprint rather than the dumb ones? this is not a matter of computer forensics. i think it's a matter of
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counterintelligence. this sometimes is called a false flag operation where somebody goes in, covers up evidence that would point in their direction but deliberately leaves evidence out for someone to find in the direction of someone else. i'd like to know the answer why they were smart enough to cover their tracks if they went after hillary's computer, but not the case of the dnc. there are a lot of questions at the public level that are title will unanswered. >> but a lot of analysis and commentary about donald trump's alleged affinity for vladimir putin. let me read you from the "los angeles times" about the potential russian tilt. it says the russians have ever reason to sabotage the democratic company poe nept. donald trump is more proceed russia than any previous presidential candidate. given the pro putin or yep tags
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of trump, there is no surprise that his campaign quietly rolled back a call on the gop flat morm for form for arming uhe contain. and says trump's campaign's slogan might be might as well make rush sha great again. what is your view of that assessment and the chattering class saying that trump presidency could bolster and help putin? >> who knows who would actually happen in a trump presidency with regard to russia. let's look at the real record which is hillary clinton's record with shush sha starting with the fay fuss reset button which turned in to a series of american defeats. for god sakes people have got to stop focusing on rhetorical comments and look at what happens in reality. under obama and clinton, we gave up national missile capabilities in poland and czech republic,
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negotiated strategic arms treaty with russia that was entirely within their advantage, watch them prop up assad regime, allowed russia to enable iran to sign the vienna nuclear keep that perpetuates their miss sale programs. the failures of the last 7 1/2 years, 4 of which mrs. clinton was secretary the state,sale programs. the failures of the last 7 1/2 years, 4 of which mrs. clinton was secretary the state, far overwhelm a couple of restohetol remarks. >> ambassador bomlton, always good to see you. we look forward to more discussions throughout the campaign. and you can watch the entire interview with hillary clinton when it is on "fox news sunday" on your local fox station and himself right here in just a few hours. it's at 2:00, 6:00 and 9:00. so you can watch it three times
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if you want. donald trump pushing back over his criticism of the father of a. >> mike: him american soldier who was killed in iraq. trump tweeting i was seiche issuesly attacked by mr. kman. am i not allowed to respond? hillary voted for the iraq war. not me. bryan llenas has more. >> reporter: arthel, he's a gold star fatheas you said, losing his son in a suicide bomb attack in iraq in 2004. on thursday night, khan attacked donald trump over his call to ban muslims. he said he had sacrificed nothing and no one. so yesterday donald trump on abc's "this week" said that he has sacrificed and created
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thousands of jobs for americans. he said that khan's speech was probably written by the hillary clinton campaign and questioned why khan's wife was standing sigh lecht by by his side throughout the duration of the speech suggesting it was because she was a muslim. well, last night in a statement donald trump doubling down on his comments saying, quote, captain khan was a hero to our country and we should honest are or all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. the real problem here are the radical islamic terrorists who killed him. while i feel deeply for the loss of his son, mr. khan who has never met me has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim i have never read the constitution, which is false, and say many other inaccurate things. yesterday trump during that interview and on twitter said that he believed the three upcoming presidential debates were rigged by hillary clinton and the democratic party saying it's because, well, he pointed to the fact that twoft three debates were scheduled during
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prime time nfl games. >> i'll tell you what i don't like, either eat against two nfl games. got a letter from the nfl saying this is ridiculous, because the nfl doesn't want to go against the debates. hillary clinton wants to go against the nfl like she did with bernie sanders where they were on saturday nights when nobody is home. >> reporter: trump campaign say she welcome debates and they want large audiences. the nfl says they never sent a letter, but obviously they would not like to have the debates coincide with their nfl prime time games. we'll see. arthel. >> bryan llenas, thank you very much. investigators have delving into the exact cause of the tragic hot air balloon crash in central texas yesterday. at least 16 were killed that were in that basket. apparently it was the worst hot air balloon disaster in our history. that balloon erupting in flames before it slammed into that
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field near lockhart, texas about 30 miles from austin. casey stegall has the very latest. >> reporter: a lot of evidenced has to be collected and that is what is going on in that remote field back there. the ntsb says that that includes the victims' cellphones because if any of them were rolling video a video at any point or had taken pictures, that is something that could be crucial to help paint a picture of the final moments of this hot air balloon. he's balloons do not have black boxes or anything like that on board to rely on for clues leading up to an accident. right now eyewitnesses say that it looks as if the balloon drifted into power lines and then caught fire. although investigators have not released an official cause because it's way too early. friends have also identified the
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boy pilot as skip nichols, with heart of texas the hot hair about air balloon rides. miss former girl friend says he loving soaring through the skies. >> free spirit. loved fly, loved his dogs. would he lost a really sweet individual. a lot of people will be affected. he was very well-known. he was thoep becauknown because people. if you ever needed anything, he would give it to you. >> reporter: surprisingly there is very little regulation when it comes to these hot air balloon operations. in fact in 2014, the ntsb asked the faa to implement tougher safety policies. and greater oversight of these commercial operators. but at the time, the faa rejected the regulations saying
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that they were unnecessary because the risks were low. so it is not clear now about if the faa will reexamine those recommendations in the wake of this deadly accident. >> all right, casey, just so tragic. thank you. and also in texas, police are looking for a suspect about who killed one person and injured four others in a shooting in downtown austin.abo who killed one person and injured four others in a shooting in downtown austin. fir officials received a report of shots being fired in the area of 6th street early this morning. one woman pronounced dead at the scene. three of the injured are now hospitalized and police say the suspect started firing into the crowd after some kind of initial disturbance. and we're also learning new details about the shooting at a house party in washington state that has left three people dead and one wounded. it happened yesterday morning about 25 miles north of seattle. witnesses say at that party a
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gunman who was 19 years old opened fire, he had recently they say broken up with one of the victims. police are saying that alan ivanoff is being held. he has not yet been charged, but expected to hear before a judge tomorrow. well, hg hillary clinton lays out her economiced a jen came da in a includes a national infrastructure bank and also backed by private investors. how will it work? and we will show you the moment that skydiver, look at that jumping out of a plane with no parachute. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices.
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hillary clinton now in general election mode following the democratic national con veps venks touting her plans for job growth, acknowledging there is more work to do. on fox news sunday, chris wallace asked mrs. clinton about her plans and how they would differ from president obama's. >> what i'm offering is the biggest job creation program since world war ii. >> but a lot of this is
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government. that's my point. >> but it will be public/private sector. i'm looking for ways to start a national infrastructure bank seeded with federal dollar, but bring in private investors who want to make those commitments. >> joining me nowed ed a fellow the manhattan research and fox news contributor. judy, good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> so we heard secretary clinton say that i have a plan for job creation to give the country a robust infrastructure and it will combine not just government, but private sector, as well. so clearly secretary clinton has a detailed plan which in a race against jeb bush would probably be effective, he detailed plan we're talking about, but how likely is it that clinton can capture the undecided voters and not come across too much of a politician when she's running
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against a candidate who speaks mostly off the cuff? >> right. and what hillary clinton was trying to do today in that interesting interview with chris wallace was to both humanize herself and show that she's ms. competent by presenting the kind of plan for a public/private bank that you just discussed. hillary clinton's problem is not that she doesn't have specific ideas. it's not that she doesn't have policy prescriptions. her problem as her former polster pointed out in the "wall street journal" is that 70% of americans don't trust her, todot think that she's honest. she is right now the under dog and evenconvention, they are running neck and neck. so she has to find a way to
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emphasize his negatives, to make the public distrust and dislike him even more they dislike and distrust her. that's a tall order, but she started today with the chris wallace interview. >> the presidency and the race is about leadership, policy and protection of the american people. so should a disciplined candidate like hillary clinton even concern herself with her more measured presentation versus trump's free flowing approach? >> look, i think she did both today and i find this interview with chris wallace fascinating. one, the idea that she decided do it because 55% of fox viewers turn out to be liberal and independents. and i know that will surprise a lot of -- >> repeat that. >> 55% of fox viewers turn out to be self described independents and liberals. and most people don't know that about fox. she's reaching out to that audience.
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and she did two things. she presented specific policy prescriptions, but more than that, she talked about herself as a person, she talked about her mother, she talked about the fact that she was so nervous before getting on that stage at the democratic national convention because she was afraid she was going to cry, because she was overwhelmed by the moment. >> i kind of almost wanted wihe to cry. i know she's a strong woman, but we're both strong and we cry sometimes. >> and people need to know that she can cry. and the other thing that she did was to attack donald trump by picking up the theme about the russian hack and saying thatted the russians hacked in to her computer and the dnc computers to help donald trump. so she's both defending herself and attacking him. >> and i got your point these sunday morning interviews are so
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authorit short, but we did have ambassador bolton discussing that very topic. so how do you and your colleagues assess the allegations that russia is behind will th will th the dnc trump is trying to manipulate russia? >> the intelligence points to the fact that it seems to be a russian hack or a hack of russian government origin. but beyond that, there is all too little evidence to show whowho ordered it, why they did it. all of thisspeculation. and even though it makes sense that vladimir putin would try and help someone whom he clearly thinks has to be enter for russia than hillary clinton would be, there is no evidence on support that yet. so i want to stand back and move away from the conspiracy theories and say what do we think we know about this hack
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and what are we speculating about. the fact that it's russian origin is probably true. high confidence is the intelligence community says. but anything beyond that is shear speculation and quite frankly, on the part of some of the media just conspiracy theories. >> well, we don't want to promote conspiracy theories here on fox news. somiller, we'll leave it there. thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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i'm arthel neville. time for sunday house call. >> and i'm eric shawn. joining us is tr mais dwr


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