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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  July 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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our conversation with our guest and panel. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next week. yes, the world is watching what we do. yes, america's destiny is ours to choose. so let's be stronger together my family americans. work to the journal editorial report. that was hillary clinton at the democratic national convention in philadelphia where she was hailed as a change maker by bill
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clinton and experienced man by the man she hopes to succeed. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody, more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. >> joining the panel james freeman, mary kissel and yjame james toronto. they needed to whiunite the par and reduce donald trump's favorables. how did they do getting the sanders people on board? >> i think they did well on two points. they rallied the hall. not so sure for folks back home. they also had another important
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constituency, the gushing over clinton. >> are the sanders voters on board? >> we don't know. there was a lot of protest outside. i think a lot of them will vote for hillary. >>. >> he really delivered for clinton. >> right. there wasn't a ted cruz moment like in the republican convention. i think i'm not so sure we can believe bill when he gets up and tells the wrenching personal stories given his personal history. clinton adores here mother but isn't that great of a political communicator. i think it was a tough task. >> somebody being in public life fairly fixed view of her in the american public.
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they devoted all of bill clinton's speech to that task. usually bill clinton is the contrast man. it is here is what we favor and then what they favor. he is very good at that. >> yes. he is. the underlying problem is people don't like her. they don't trust her. in a sense i think the convention kind of underlined that problem because it was sending out all kinds of different messages where one moment they were honoring black lives matter and the next they were honors police officers. >> that's the tension with any political coalition isn't it? you give them their moment. you give sanders, warren. you do it on monday, by the way, so you can get them out of way. >> yeah. >> so thursday you can appeal to the middle. >> i think what lacked is what her speech lacked, focus. trump has been criticized but he
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sticks to what americans are telling what they care about right now. number one terrorism and number two the economy. >> i think there was a ted cruz moment. i was in the hall. i heard him get booed. he endorsed the nominee. he got booed when he endorsed the nominee. hillary's speech was ber vuinted at least a dozen times. it didn't come through at home but it was chants of hillary to shut down hecklers. >> especially when he was -- >> and that goes to the stuff about the military and the cops. you can't fool all of the people all of the time. they put police officers up there. they put the military up there. this is equivalent to the clintons before supporting traditional marriage. it's a wink at the
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conventionment convention. i we know they don't believe it. they went with the hillary they have got. she a policy wonk. there is a poll showing trump slightly ahead of her. he has 58% unfavorable. that is improvement for tfor ths day and age. >> one thing that came clear even with morgan freeman's beautiful narration is there are no tangible achievements. the signature achievement they were telling us about this week is the deal that hatch and ted kennedy caught over when her husband was president. i think that's a problem. >> a very fascinating moment which was the democrats didn't try to make it an ideal logical
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battle. they said trump is uniquely unfit for president and a threat even to our democracy. that's very rare for what the democrats did. they didn't do it in 2012. they haven't run that kind in a long time. strategy? >> they want people to be afraid of the trump presidency, so afraid that they turn out to vote. >> there is a risk as well. i notice james sanders's wife is quoted as we have to unite against trump. he is a different kind of republican. the republican party is not all that great. >> maybe it plays better with some of the democrats. >> they are trying to get republicans. >> sure. >> but the republicans aren't happy with the people who have been running the republican
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party. this idea that he is outside the establishment, it cuts in his favor. >> there are a lot of college educated republicans. they don't like his foreign policy. >> i think that's true. >> and you see the democrats reacting, for the first time in 30 years or longer the democratic presidential nominee will face a republican who is relentle relentlessly on offense. >> we'll talk more about this later. when we come back donald trump enjoyed a post convention bounce. how big was it and should clinton expect the same in the days to come? clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end.
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the presidential candidates are once again neck and neck at the poll average. with democrats wrapping up their convention in philly should clinton see her own bump in the coming days? we are live from washington. great to come in. >> great to have you. >> where do you think it stands? >> i think the bounce from the republican convention was some what overstated. hillary had been running four or five points ahead but after the fbi state she was only about a point and a half going into the republican convention. the thing i look at is -- and you have her already gaining back with only one of the polls in the average being kind of post democratic convention, if
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you will, but the thing is bottom line both of these can day dats h -- candidates had 55% unfavorable rating. i don't think we'll see big jumps in the data. i think we'll see inches as opposed to yards and the movement maybe with the deposition of the first debate. >> and doug wrote for the wall street journal today that -- this weekend that hillary clinton is now the underdog because of trump's bounce in the polls and the desire for change. >> you know -- >> we have to make it interesting. the bottom line the it's all new territory with having two nominees that have an overwhelming majority being negative towards both of them.
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it is hard to tell what direction it is going to take. the polling numbers, there are too many polls out there using different sampling. the fox news poll is very good. cnn poll tends to be very good. in the average of polls out there, the l.a. times, it's going back to the same people and asking. >> one of the fascinating things i have been looking at is the degree to which 20% seems to be undecided. it sounded to me like a lot at this stage in the race. are they really undecided? maybe they are saying because they don't like each one and they will come around in the end. does it tell you anything interesting? >> it does. the closing that we saw,
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whatever closing we saw during the republican convention was trump catching up with republicans to where hillary. i have about 7 to 8%. i think the big question is can independant voters. are they going to end up being nonvoters? >>. what he and his campaign saying th saying the economic pain these last year eight years. is that a plausible path to victory for donald trump? >> ohio and iowa are always in the mix.
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it is always plus or minus a couple of points as you go through. the real states are michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. >> is that plausible? yes, it was added by clear politics. you have arizona, missouri. you have georgia. so the map is kind of expanding on both ends. he is not doing as well. he is doing better in some of the blue states. it will be anything that happened in this election. there is nothing to say either hillary will win or trump will win or neither -- or both of them will not lose. so right now it really is a toss up. >> you really think it's a toss up? >> i do think it's a 50/50 toss up. having done this for 40 years i
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believe real campaigns matter. i do get concerns some types what i hear for the trump campaign. they won't put much in. >> trump people are saying we don't think advertise tong air waves matters as much. we get all of this free publicity and we have getter use of social media. if you're outspent and you can't respond to those attack ads, they really hurt. >> they can. he may be right on not spending as much money on tv because it may not move things like you're not seeing it move much with the conventions. at the end of the day we are still going to end up with about
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70% of registered voters voting. which ever side does a better jobover getti of getting their wins at if ebd of the campaign. >> thank you. still ahead, wl polls closed the battleground states will decide the november election. we have a look at how we are shaping up. back in a moment.
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wasting no time. hillary clinton and tim kaine are hitting the campaign trail in pennsylvania and ohio and donald trump is expected to hold a town hall in kol bum lcolumbu. we are back with bill, james freeman and mary and james. james, what do you think is trump's best fopath to victory? >> i think he needs to focus even more on the economy. >> i think if he is talking about tax, that's how it went. >> i hear him talking about two thing, immigration, number one. you could shrink the labor
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supply. second, shrink the supply of goods. those are the two main economic themes to far. how does it help the economy and how is it -- >> you were asking me -- i have just given him the key to victory -- >> do you agree he is not focusing like he should? they issued one statement. did you hear trump come out and say i'm the one that can restore the economy. >> there was a tweet saying hillary is going to wreck the economy. >> oh, a tweet. >> that's how he communicates. they say he should start talk about 1.2% hillary representing the anemic growth rate. >> and you're arguing about the
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politics and you're arguing about the policy. i think trump we benefits. that is countered. there's in question, that's a fair point. >> clinton has said we'll make the huge investment. they are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars. if trump doesn't have a comparable, here is how i can fix it message, then hillary's target might clear the day. she is trying to appeal to the trump base, to the economically depressed workers.
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they are stronger together. >> and a laundry list of ideas which is a pretty liberal agenda. the sanders voters aren't going to dislike what they heard when they talked about expanding social security and a lot of mandates on business. >> yeah, that's where she went off track. it is kind of a progressive win list, institutional racism. so i don't think she has a focus on the economy. it was touted as good news for her. >> up five. >> but look a little deeper. nearly 70% says we are on the wrong track and nearly 80% of independents are saying that. >> i think the economic argument will be highly negative. i also think we ought to really take the polls with a grain of
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salt. all of the polls are the same in how they crunched their numbers. they started with an educated guess about who will turn out. >> right. >> so the person that has the right make up is going to be right about this. with 20% undecided no one really knows. i find it humorous they say within a margin offerer -- margin of er rror. >> jessie use to say never won a poll, never lost an election. >> i want to talk about the democratic strategy. it looks like they will go after trump by mocking him and taunting him and trying to get under his skin. he talks about i'm the guy to deliver for you. but he has thin skin.
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i think they are taunting him to try to blee him up. >> i think that's right. they are doing that and trying to disqualify him. it was a failure. if the message they got was a lyndon john on message my opponent is an unstable lunatic that will start a nuclear war then they would have done well. >> you think that could do well? >> i think it is the more effective message for the democrats. >> okay. >> very dark. much more to come on the journal editorial report. still ahead, new evidence that the clinton campaign was a target. so is russia trying to weigh in on the u.s. presidential race? to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> welcome back to this special edition of the editorial report. i'm paul and that was donald trump when he encouraged rush to find hillary clinton's


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