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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 31, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> welcome back to this special edition of the editorial report. i'm paul and that was donald trump when he encouraged rush to find hillary clinton's missing
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e-mails. trump later said he was being sa sarcastic. the democratic congress gnat campaign committee and now we are back with mary and james. you wrote this week you thought the fear over trump's e-mails comments were overdone, how so? >> he said he was being sarcastic. that's the way it came across the me. >> if you think about what he said he said i open russia finds the 30,000 e-mails.
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he is asking them to return them to the united states. >> did you give them a pass? >> no. i have to take a different view. i think trump thought he was being clever to bring it back to the e-mail scandal. i think it made him look incredibly irresponsibility. it allowed democrats to look like defense hawks and also allowed them to change the story from hillary clinton not keeping her e-mail secure to while donald trump once again cozying up. i don't see how it plays well to the campaign. >> to the bromance it's not a good look. >> i guess more towards toronto. if we are looking more. i think it was encouraging espionage.
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>> in terms of changing the subject i don't agree. what the media is eager to do is bury stories like the democratic e-mail scandal. it is with hillary clinton. i think what he did again is what he has been able to do since day one of the campaign which is absolutely dominate the media discussion. a lot of it, some of it i don't necessarily agree with but he makes other people talk about what he is talking about. >> it isn't creating an opening for democrats to pose as hawks if they can say, see, he is so tight with putin. it allows them to change the subject from the e-mails. >> i'm not so sure that their successful in portraying themselves as hawks. in 2012 the republican nominee was mocked. >> mocked by barack obama. >> and the -- >> and now the democrats have
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discovered it's like a lot of things, he missed an opportunity to take on the democrats greatest weakness and the foreign policy. i'm not sure they really by this hawkish democratic party. let's add one more thing. if it compromised the party i thought they were about yoga and weddings. it highlights another one here. >> it allows them to underscore a real concern which is what does he think? what kind of relationship does he want to have? in the last days he said he might consider recognizing the domain and consider lifting sanctions on russia. he said he thinks putin is a strong man. he likes what he is doing
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fighting terror in syria. >> and george b. bush said early in his tenure he looked into putin's eyes and saw his soul. >> but it's not -- >> trump may be repeating the mistakes. >> precisely. we have had those experiences with bush and with obama. one would assume you would learn something. >> yeah. we are talking certainly in terms of policy we would like trump to focus a little more on strengthening nato. if we are arguing the politics i don't think they want to go into war right now. >> that's not the issue. no body said yes, go to war. are you going to recognize the illegal takeover of it. >> why did pence come out and
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disassociate from what trump said? >> trump is a naive view of putin. i think he is boxed in by it. under whose administration, what's been going on? who has been soft? who lead him into the middle east and all this. >> and i think talking about the trump and putin bromance we'll learn more. still ahead, europe's summer of terror, the murder of a cath reich priest is the latest of isis inspire ad attacks. are they serious about stopping them? eryone.
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claiming credit in france that left an 86-year-old catholic priest dead as he sell brayed ma -- celebrated mass. rob is an editorial page writer. he joins me now from london. welcome. good to see you. hi, paul. >> so these attacks have been increasing in frequency and just they get worse. does anybody there think they will subside or they are expecting more as the days and weeks go on? >> as far as average people go everyone feels it in their bones. you sense the insecurity or if you're out and about in paris or any other major city.
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what's worrying is a lot of political leadership is they talk about islamist terror as though they are talking about smoking related cancer. it's such a terrible problem. we'll be resilient. it's not in a sense that conveys this is a war we have and a low-grade insurgency. there seems to be an attack every day. we'll defeat it by doing x, y and z. we are launching from attack to attack. a certain set of social media means come about. >> so when do they seem to be the main targets in recent weeks? >> well, for slightly different reasons. i think germany has been where most of the refugees went.
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more than a million from syria and afghanistan and elsewhere. the two attacks that happened, the ax attack on a train and then the suicide bombing at a concert both were by -- were perpetrated by refugees or asylum seekers. fra france is one of the least integrated and therefore most prone to radicalization. >> so rob, he says france is at war with islamic terror. what does it mean in practical terms? are they stepping up the campaign or what are they doing that really suggests they are serious about this? >> paul, not much yet. i mean what they have done after every attack, as i said, they
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lurch. for example, nice happens or the massacre in paris and they will increase the number targeting islamic state positions. niece happens and they will increase shipments of artillery and assistance to the kurds. it doesn't take into account the idealolo idealology. it says we have to own syria and iraq. it is in europe's neighborhood. as long as these places fester and they become jihadists we won't be safe in our western and european homelands. that's what's missing from the reaction. >> they are stepping up intelligenceme intelligence.
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we know one of the killers of the priest was on the list and they weren't able to stop it. is french intelligence not as good as they say it is or how did they drop the ball here? >> you think the problem is capability versus need. there are too many jihadist cases. they came to power. they had a handful or less than 100, let's say, of these types of cases. you're thinking about monitoring thousands. for each one it takes this many intelligence officers and security forces and there's not enough. that's one failure. in germany i should mention germany is about edward snowden. they deliberately defanged their own security intelligence apparatus. >> if they are not willing to play often in the middle east maybe they willened up havi-- w
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end up having to close the border. you see parties already asking for that in europe. is that going to continue? >> absolutely. the german chancellor after the series of attacks said i am sticking by my open borders policy, as many as want to come. within her own party there is rebellion. a nationalist, isolationist party is gaining at the polls. she is number one for the presidential race. so because the mainstream responsible par responsible parties are failing the irresponsible parties are making gains and rightfully so. >> thanks so much for coming in. still ahead, gop leaders setting their sights on congress, where the control of the house and senate is heating up. can republicans hold onto both? a look at the races to watch
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with the conventions behind them the congressional leaders are looking ahead to november and the battle for control of the house and senate. with republicans in control of both chambers now democrats need to pick up 30 seats to win back the house and 4 to take back the senate and five seats if donald trump wins. we are back with donald, mary and james. so you heard nancy pelosi say we can do it. they broadened their target list
12:50 pm
from 38 seats from 16. is she right? z >> much to the horror of many conservatives i fear it is not outside the realm of possibility for them to take back both houses. if you have historic latino turnout, if you have decent african american turnout at a polls. >> it is possible they could take over. >> they lost 21 seats in the house. mitt romney lost by a little more than four and they lost
12:51 pm
eight seats so it's possible. >> yeah, i don't see that happening. >> i mean the question is where are all of the new votes going to come from? >> our viewer is running as the incoup inc -- he said she will carry on the work. given that, normally when they are way below 50% at this point in the race you say they are in big trouble. i think that applies to her. >> okay. all right. fair enough. that's true. if that's true they probably don't take it. what about the senate? >> well, i think it's worth noting the republicans did very well in the senate in 2010 which
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means they have a lot of seats coming up. >> six very tough states for them to hold. >> right. they were likely to make gains. >> ohio, pennsylvania and new hampshire are all the swing states. >> yeah. and a couple of others were considered toss ups by others like north carolina and missouri and indiana where the former senate is running. >> how well are republicans holding up so far? >> so far they seem to be holding up pretty well. in all of the others they seem to be competitive. ind i indiana is hard to pull because of telecommunications last laws.
12:53 pm
>> rob portman is viewed as a bridge builder and a uniter. he has a gay son so he reached out to communities. >> i think he johnson. he has been a good senator and has been tking about the veteran's affairs scandal. talking about what he's been trying to do in and around milwaukee to create jobs. >> compare to kelly ayotte, every weekend doing a town hall on saturday.
12:54 pm
>> portman, nice way to put it, he knows when to move left on certain issues to get elected, ron johnson doesn't. he believes in small government. >> i wouldn't say he understands, he understands the game, he is not willing to go there. he thinks government ought to be smaller, americans should be free. but i think in his corner, increasingly a race about terrorism, that's a strong suit for him, a weakness for his opponent, russ fine gold. >> do you think they're going to lose the senate? >> i think it is definitely a possibility. if it breaks one way, it breaks for all. they need four seats, six in states obama carried, margins are all within four points. >> we have to take one more break. hits and misses of the week.
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william, start us off. >> double miss, two thieves, wikileaks, ed snowed en. he tweeted his pleasure, said he didn't like how wikileaks had gone about it. they weren't responsible. wikileaks responded accusing snowden of trying to curry favor with mrs. clinton in hopes for a pardon. each side calling the other side obnoxious. >> top that. >> hearing liberal media folks talk wikileaks isn't what it used to be. hit to amazon, america's online shopping mall. talked about how the economy is terrible, earnings are terrible, businesses don't want to invest. they set another profit record and they're investing, investing in tv, movies.
12:59 pm
hope we see more companies. >> go amazon. >> mary. >> big miss to fourth circuit court of appeals striking down north carolina voter id laws. they consistently found them to be constitutional. paul, what you have is a panel of judges that has now put this state, an important state in november for the election, put this issue in focus and it is going to motivate minorities to come out and vote in that state. not good for trump. >> james. >> hit to law enforcement in cleveland and philadelphia. lot of people have worried we would see repeat of chicago, 1968 when political anger boiled into violence. the police kept peace and order in both cities and hats off to them. >> you saw that. you followed the demonstrators, where were they worse? philadelphia? >> there were more of them in philadelphia. in cleveland, police presence was amazing. i went to public square, five acre park, maybe 400 cops there.
1:00 pm
>> no incidents in both places. >> very few. >> all right. remember, if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to the panel and to you for watching. hope to see you next week. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> hello again. top of the news this hour. hillary clinton pushing back against criticism about her likeability and responding to donald trump's calls for russia to release any of the e-mails. the democratic nominee speaking out in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. >> could more leaks become what