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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> very few. >> all right. remember, if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to the panel and to you for watching. hope to see you next week. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> hello again. top of the news this hour. hillary clinton pushing back against criticism about her likeability and responding to donald trump's calls for russia to release any of the e-mails. the democratic nominee speaking out in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. >> could more leaks become what.
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>> what is going on with the economy. consumer spending is up. unemployment at a healthy low rate. why are some claiming the economy is not doing as well as it could be? we'll get answers straight ahead. we begin in the battleground state of ohio. hillary clinton, kim jong-un there, fresh off mrs. clinton's exclusive interview since sunday, first since becoming the nominee. new threats from wikileaks looming over the clinton campaign. the founder claiming he has access to a new batch of e-mails. live fox team coverage. molly henneburg is in washington with the latest on the political end of the bombshell information from wikileaks. first, we go to jennifer griffin
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live in columbus, ohio, cheering for griffin now or is that for hillary perhaps and tim kaine. >> reporter: i assume it is for hillary clinton and tim kaine. they're just arriving at the site in columbus, ohio. she just responded to reporters traveling with her who asked her about donald trump's recent attacks on khan, his son was a muslim was killed in iraq. >> they're a gold star family and i respect and honor the service of captain kahn and extraordinary dignity and bravery of his parents. >> the governor of ohio made it plain that this comment is unacceptable. if you can't show empathy for a
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gold star mom and dad, there's something fundamentally missing in your personality. >> reporter: tim kaine's son just deployed to europe. hillary clinton attended church in cleveland, ohio, third day on the road through the rust belt. in her exclusive interview with fox news' chris wallace, she laid out why she believes russia is behind the hack of dnc e-mails. it is notable she gave her first interview since accepting the nomination to fox news whose republican and independent audience the campaign believes is up for grabs in this election. >> the second amendment includes an individual right to bear arms. >> yes. but that rate other than any other right, every right that we have is open to and subject to reasonable regulations. >> reporter: she responded to questions from chris wallace about her e-mail server and
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other constitutional issues. that interview will replay in full in two hours on fox news at about 6:00 p.m. eastern time. back to you. >> all right, jennifer griffin. thank you. eric. that interview coming up in a segment in a few minutes. more democratic national committe e-mails may be on the way. julian assange, founder of wikileaks threatening to release more damaging e-mails from the clinton presidential campaign. he has been quoted as calling the alleged new batch great because he opposes her bid for the whois. this as the fbi continues to look into the recent data breach and other cyber attacks on other democratic groups. molly henneberg has new details. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, eric. hillary clinton says the dnc e-mail dump raises serious issues about another country trying to interfere in u.s. elections. >> we know russian intelligence services which are part of the
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russian government which is under the firm control of vladimir putin hacked into the dnc and we know that they arranged for a lot of those e-mails to be released. >> reporter: but julian assange says clinton is trying to draw attention away from the content of the e-mails which suggests that democratic party leaders favored clinton in the primary race and tried to undermine bernie sanders. as for the source of the e-mails, assange says he won't tell. >> i think it is an interesting question, of course, who our sources are, as a source protection organization, there are many sources across the world of many types relied on to protect their right to communicate the truth to the public. that's what we are talking about here. >> reporter: assange said he has more documents on the clinton campaign but didn't give a time frame for releasing them. clinton's campaign manager said today quote, there's absolutely
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no evidence that the campaign has been breached. the 20,000 from the democratic national committee released led to ouster of chair debbie wasserman schultz. eric? >> all right, molly, thanks so much. meanwhile, a prediction that should make hillary clinton feel better. senator bernie sanders saying today that most of his supporters he says will support mrs. clinton in november. 13 million people cast ballots for senator sanders in the democratic primaries. trying to win over votes saying mrs. clinton represents a rigged system that kept sanders supporters winning the democratic nomination and sharing the same issues like criticizing trade deals. on the republican side, donald trump facing more back lash over his criticism of the father of a muslim american soldier killed in iraq.
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brian? >> reporter: muslim american and gold star father attacked donald trump at the democratic national convention over his proposal to ban muslims from entering the country. he said trump never read the constitution, sacrificed nothing and no one. yesterday in an abc news this week interview trump said kahn is a nice guy but that he had made sacrifices and employed thousands of americans and also said, accusing hillary clinton campaign of writing kahn's speech for him. the interview sparking back lash from many, including anti-trump republican governor john kasich, that tweeted gold star parents should always be treated with respect and dignity. trump doubled down in a statement saying he was a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. the real problem here are radical islamic terrorists that
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killed him. while i feel deeply for the loss of his son, mr. kahn who has never met me and claim i have never read the constitution which is false. he questioned why his trump stood beside him and said nothing, suggesting she didn't say anything because of her muslim faith. in an op-ed, he said walking onto the convention stage with a huge picture of my son behind me, i could hardly control myself. what mother could? donald trump has children whom he loves. does he really need to wonder why i did not speak. trump tweeted he believes the presidential debates are rigged for hillary clinton and by the democratic party because the first two debates are scheduled against prime time nfl games. >> i tell you what i don't like, it is against two nfl games. got a letter from the nfl saying
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this is ridiculous, the nfl doesn't want to go against the debates. hillary clinton wants to be against the nfl, like she did with bernie sanders where they were on saturday night when nobody is home. >> reporter: an envelonfl spoke said they never sent a letter but would prefer they're not on debate nights. the debates were set 18 months ago, it is impossible to avoid sporting events, noting they never moved a debate because of one. >> thank you, brian. now to the tragedy in texas. authorities confirming that 16 people were killed in yesterday's fiery crash of that hot air balloon in the central part of the state. investigators are working to figure out what caused that crash in what is believed to be the worst hot air balloon air disaster in our history. cell phone video could be helpful to find out what went
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wrong. >> reporter: we are not just talking about cell phone video from eyewitnesses on the ground, a lot of evidence has to be collected and the ntsb has said that includes the victims' cell phones, scattered in the wreckage. any of those passengers that took video or pictures moments before the crash could help paint a better picture of what possibly went wrong here because these hot air balloons don't have black boxes or anything on board to rely on for clues leading to final moments. it looks like it drifts into power lines and caught fire, although investigators have not released that official cause. friend have also identified the pilot, skip nichols, with heart of texas hot air balloon rides. his girlfriend said he loved soaring through the skies, was
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an all around good guy. >> free spirit, loved people, loved earth, rescued dogs. we lost a really sweet individual. a lot of people will be effected. he was very well known. he was known because he helped people as well. if you ever needed anything, he would give it to you. >> surprisingly there's very little regulation when it comes to hot air balloon operations. in fact, in 2014 the ntsb asked the faa to implement tougher safety policies and greater oversite of the commercial hot air balloon operators. at that time two years ago the faa rejected the regulations saying they were unnecessary because the risks were low. it is not clear if the faa will re-examine that decision in the wake of the accident that killed
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16 people. eric? >> all right, thanks so much. the military playing the role in both parties' conventions, now there's debate whether it should be. this comes after chairman of the joint chiefs, martin dempsey, criticized retired generals michael flynn and john allen for inserting themselves into the presidential campaigns for both parties. kristin fisher joins us now with details. kristin? >> reporter: the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, says it was a mistake for the two retired generals to speak at the conventions. he believes there's no place for military leaders at any political convention and made his case today in a letter to "the washington post." it reads in part, quote, the military is not a political prize. politicians should take the advice of senior military leaders but keep them off the stage. the american public should not wonder where their military leaders draw the line between military advice and political
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preference. now, military leaders he is referring to are retired general john allen that endorsed clinton and retired general mike flynn that supports trump. here's a taste of the comments that made general dempsey so uncomfortable. >> crooked hillary clinton, leave this race now. >> with her as our commander in chief, our international relations will not be reduced to a business transaction. >> reporter: general allen was asked about his letter on abc's "this week." called him a dear friend, one of the greatest soldiers he's known. he agonized whether to speak at the dnc, but ultimately decided it was something he had to do. >> it was not an easy decision for me to come off the bench to make these comments and i don't intend to remain active in this effort. i wanted to be sure it was clear i supported this particular candidate. >> general dempsey argues by making their support known in such a public way, both those retired generals made the jobs
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of their successors much more difficult. >> okay. thanks so much, kristin. we will have a closer look at the military's role in politics coming up a little later in the news cast. pope frances addressed millions of young people and warns them about something that the parents tell them all the time, if you have teens at home, something you may be doing now. we will tell you what the pontiff said. and another warning, this one from doctors on the growing number of e. coli cases associated with one of the most basic ingredients in your kitchen. and hillary clinton, while she addresses the trustworthy issue. we will show you chris wallace's interview and analyzes if mrs. clinton has made her case. ...clear for take off.
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welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. starting tomorrow, texas will allow people with concealed hand gain permits to carry their guns into public university buildings, classrooms and dorms. it will make texas one of a handful of states that guarantees the right to carry
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concealed weapons on campus. a flour recall, the growing number of e. coli cases sparking doctors to warn people about eating raw dough. the contaminated flour sickened 26 people. pope frances issuing a warning to young people. don't be a couch potato and escape into the world of video games. the pontiff telling this to more than a million people in poland at a world youth day festival, the kill minimum agency of a five day visit to the country. >> true. >> got to get moving. well, hillary clinton makes her case to fox news anchor chris wallace. it was a big interview for the
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democratic nominee and asking us to believe in her ability to get the job done. >> i have work to do to make sure people know what i have done and what i will do. that's part of what this convention was about. i feel very comfortable that the more people learn about what i have actually done, not the caricature but the real deal as my husband said in his remarks, they would understand why i was elected twice to the united states senate, the second time with a 67% vote, why my former opponent, president elect obama trusted me to be secretary of state. >> jamie weinstein joins us. always great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> do you think she can turn the doubters around? one of the recent apologies, 69% of respondents are concerned she's a reputation as being
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untrustworthy. 69%. >> that reputation exists because in many cases she is untrustworthy. she was asked this morning about the e-mail scandal where she repeatedly lied to the american public, when asked about it she lied again, said that james comey, the fbi director exonerated her from the lies to the public saying she was being honest. then chris wallace played trey gowdy asking james comey whether claims hillary clinton made to the public were true, time and time again he said no, they were not. she doubled down on the lies today. maybe she can help her reputation by glossing over it and repeating lies, hoping people take them as truth. the public sees her her as dishonest for the good reason that she's often dishonest. >> in her defense she would say she's not lying. she says the e-mails were not marked classified when they were sent despite that. there's one point you raised has to do with the benghazi situation, she claims some of
1:22 pm
the families misunderstood her when she claimed when the bodies returned to the united states that she blamed it on a video. that's going to get a lot of attention i think this week. >> reporter: it will. we weren't in the private conversations, but i would think those mothers and those people that she was speaking to have a pretty good recollection of what hillary clinton said, but back to your point about the lying, in fact james comey said at least several of e-mails were classified at the time sent, and she said in the beginning none of them were classified at any time. there's a clear record on the e-mail scandal of her saying were complete mistruths and james comey is the person that indicated she was saying false statements. >> we have live pictures of her now you can see in columbus, ohio. let me play a sound by the when she talks about the trustworthy issue with chris wallace. >> you don't think there's any
1:23 pm
legitimate reason people would have doubts about you are, to use the phrase in the poll, honest tee and trustworthiness. >> it is fair for americans to have questions. i hope you ask donald trump why he is so untresed by the american people. >> i have. >> i have a long record of public service i can point to that's actually produced results for people. >> she points out donald trump, what do you do with donald trump. >> that's her one saving grace, she happens to be running perhaps against the only person in american public life and american politics that may be more dishonest than her. donald trump tells lies big and small with great regularity in the same way you and i drink water, he tells mistruths. sometimes doesn't understand why he is saying something is false, serves him no purpose. maybe that's her one saving grace, she's running against someone equally as dishonest as her. you can make the case that is even more dishonest. >> supporters wouldn't think they're dishonest, i leave that
1:24 pm
to your judgment as you pass judgment on both of these candidates and the voters who will determine this in november. jamie weinstein, always good to see you. thank you for your analysis. >> thank you, good to see you. heavy rain pommels the east coast. one major city where it is happening and what's the state governor doing to help those effected by the floods. said earlier that military leaders played big roles at the convention this year, remember this scene with general allen and other members of the military standing behind him. some critics are saying it is a mistake for these military leaders to take stands in the presidential election. what do you think? (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones)
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governor larry hogan in maryland declaring a state of emergency for one county in the state, after one person did die from flood waters near baltimore. california dealing with the opposite problem this weekend, hot and dry conditions there, that's making it hard to fight the spreading wildfires. janice dean is live in the extreme weather center. that's a correct label this weekend. it is extreme. >> absolutely. one area we don't have enough rain, in the other we have too much of it. let's look at the west, first of all. we have some scattered showers moving to the four corners area. this is the monsoon season for them, so they get the potential for wet weather. however a lot of this could just evaporate before it hits the ground, then you have dry lightning and spreading of wildfires because we're in a drought situation. there's the last 24 hours. you can see the rainfall across the four corners, not getting to regions we need it, still have high fire danger several states
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across the west, where we have over 30 large wildfires burning. drought monitor, this has been the scenario in the last several months, for the last few years, especially in california. extreme to exceptional drought continues and no relief at least for the next several weeks for california. we are going to get moisture into the four corners. want to make mention of arizona, we could see potential for flash flooding, some of the thunderstorms. on the east coast, we have seen so much rain in the last week, some cases several inches. this last week, parts of the ohio valley and the mid-atlantic and northeast, more rain in the forecast. we have a slow moving area of low pressure. a lot of gulf moisture working its way up here and moisture from the atlantic. potential for rainfall throughout the day today, tomorrow, and we start to clear out tuesday. more rain in the forecast here. then the next system to the west we're going to watch as well. eric, back to you. >> all right.
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only push that rain there, get it over there where they need it. >> she's magical, she can do anything. >> i wish. it would be sunshine and holly pops. >> like jeannie. >> wiggle my nose. hillary clinton as our commander in chief, the united states will continue to be that indispensable, transformational power in the world. >> words of support coming from retired general john allen at the democratic national convention a few days ago. his endorsement drawing sharp criticism from those who think military leaders should stay out of political campaigns. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, releasing an open letter writing retired marine general john allen and retired arm lieutenant general mike flynn weren't introduced at the democratic and republican
1:32 pm
conventions respectively as john and mike, they were introduced as generals. as generals, they have an obligation to uphoped our apolitical traditions. it was a mistake for them to participate as they did. it was a mistake for our presidential candidate to ask them to do so. joining me, brad blingman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush and tamera holder, attorney and fox news contributor. good to see you both. tamera, you're first. how do you see it? >> i see it as definitely something that frowns upon our political system, this type of behavior, if you will. i understand retired generals and people in the military formerly, they can speak and they have opinions, they're members of america if you will. but i think this looks bad for members of the military, and i don't think it is just generals. if you saw sheriff clark from wisconsin, he went to the rnc
1:33 pm
with his outfit on, if you will, with all of his medals, speaking against black lives matter. you don't have to agree with black lives matter, but these military and law enforcement officials should not be entering into the political arena. i think it feels bad in america. >> general dempsey was wrong. these folks when they serve in the military currently, they surrender free speech to talk politics. they understand that in the military. once they leave, they're a citizen like you or i. look at president eisenhower. after he left the military, he became our president. there are plenty of people currently involved in politics, both as advisers and politicians, who are formerly military people. they have every right. i would say it is absolutely important to hear their voices. the american people are a jury. they'll believe people for what they say, regardless who they
1:34 pm
are. but i do agree with general dempsey, if they're going to be involved, they should be introduced as retired or former military and not as a general because that could confuse the public. but there's absolutely a right, i would say a duty, for those people that served in the military to speak up and speak out when they feel it is appropriate as retired military. >> generals allen and flynn are not the first military leaders to involve themselves in presidential politics. we looked back the past few decades. some of what they found, commander kelly endorsed george h.w. bush in the primaries. 1992, admiral crowe endorsed clinton. in 1996, colin powell endorsed bob dole, a republican, then in 2008 and 2012 general powell now also george w. bush's former secretary of state at the time
1:35 pm
endorsed democratic presidential candidate barack obama, an incumbent at one point. 2004, keeping on with this, former chairman of the joint chiefs addressed the dnc with support to kerry. and 2004, general franks endorsed bush. at the 2012 convention, retired admiral nat man endorsed obama, flanged by 30 other veterans and retired officers. i go back to you. does this taint the argument? >> i did some research of my own. going back to 1952, general macarthur spoke at the rnc, that created huge uproar back then. this has been going on a long time. it is one thing to support a candidate, but it is another thing to say things that the
1:36 pm
other candidate should go to jail or is a liar because remember we have active military members all over the country, all over the world, and if hillary clinton becomes president, you're serving her. do you really want people to think, our military to think our commander in chief should go to jail because a retired general said so on stage at the rnc? i think it is inappropriate speech, there needs to be some kind of, i don't know, protection of candidates as well as not just speaking your mind. >> brad, give you the last 20 seconds. to put a chill over former military is not only a disservice to their experience but quite frankly unconstitutional. you've shown a good example, as many republicans benefitted from former military coming out as democrats, therefore there's nothing wrong with it. the american people are smart enough to believe what they want to believe based on character and fitness of people speaking. >> we leave it there.
1:37 pm
for the record, it was not this way any side to see any way, just presenting information, just to be clear. good to see you both. the spotlight is on brazil for the upcoming olympics. and days before start of the summer games protesters have been taking to the streets over claims of problems and corruption. hillary clinton speaking out about the cyber attack on her campaign computers. who she's blaming for the hack and how it could effect the race for the white house. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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protesters filling the streets of rio de janeiro days before opening ceremony of the olympics. hundreds of demonstrators calling for impeachment of the president, accused of violating fiscal laws.
1:42 pm
the games begin august 5th. meanwhile, health officialers trying to reassure that zika won't be a problem. they say casers rare, chances are low for it to spread. water pollution problems they had in some places in arenas where athletes compete, they say conditions are within limits set by world health organization. from the pictures, doesn't seem like that. hillary clinton talking about the recently disclosed cyber attacks on her campaign's computers and placing the blame on russia. mrs. clinton today linking moscow to the online intrusion which comes on the heels of breaches at two other democratic party organizations. mrs. clinton blasting donald trump for suggesting russian intelligence services find deleted e maims from her tenure as secretary of state. fox news contributeder, rick,
1:43 pm
good to see you. how do you see it, what's going on here? >> look, you know, i think the way i see it, i take donald trump at his word he was joking about comments on russia. i think the evidence shows that hillary clinton has been very disingenuous about these charges. first of all, i didn't hear hillary clinton crying foul whether president obama sent money over to try to influence the israeli elections. i didn't hear her speak up when president obama went to london and spoke out againto brexit. russia tries to influence elections, they were doing it many years during obama administration, they tried to hack. that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
1:44 pm
and i find it disingenuous that hillary clinton was so sure that russia did not hack into her private server, but is also now so positive that russia has hacked into the dnc server. look, the whole thing here is to divert attention away from the fact that there are still more than 30,000 missing e-mails from hillary clinton's server which she tells us they were about yoga and chelsea's wedding. if we are to believe her, there shouldn't be anything wrong with finding the 30,000 e-mails which wikileaks prol has, somebody else has, i am sure china has, there's a bunch of countries that hack. shouldn't be a surprise to hillary clinton. >> couple things, ric. federal intel agencies told the white house that they have, quote, high confidence that the russian government was responsible for the hacks. does that factor into your analysis at all? >> it does in this instance that if that is true, if the intelligence shows it was russia
1:45 pm
that hacked into this, then the white house should immediately from the podium call out russia and begin to share some of the facts, not the sources and methods but to prove it. i find it odd the white house has not done that. this is all still in the political realm. if this is a national security issue, if russia hacked, which by the way they always try to do and there's a lot of evidence that they've done so in the past. >> do you think russia is trying to, sorry, jumping in to interject, do you think russia is trying to manipulate the presidential race, ric? >> i think they always try to. no one should be surprised. they try to every presidential race. they preferred obama over romney. when romney said russia is on the rise, we have to watch russia, president obama and hillary clinton at the time mocked him and they literally said the 1980s wants their foreign policy back, and what
1:46 pm
that means is that they felt like in the 1980s russia was the threat, but that's gone. president obama in reality was saying the threat from russia was gone. we know it was not. i do think we're dealing with president obama, hillary clinton and many who underestimated the russians. that's why she put the reset button with russia, said let's have a new relationship because we trust you. we're going to unleash you, allow you to do more. she's the one that designed that button, stood there, and strategically called for a new relationship. that was a huge mistake. they underestimated russia all along. >> i have 30 seconds left. you say russia always hacks. does that make it any less serious or dangerous? what is the american public to make of this? >> it is very serious, i think donald trump admitted he was
1:47 pm
joking there. i don't think he'll do it again, i wouldn't advise him to do it again. i think you should not joke about hacking. yet i take him at his word that he had nothing to do with this. he said he has never met putin. the evidence shows that russia always hacks. it is a little odd that hillary clinton is surprised by that. >> ric, have to leave it there. out of time. good to see you. thank you. >> you too. and the latest gdp report delivered not so great news about the economy. the numbers showing our growth is struggling. this comes as the labor marker remains healthy. what's going on? what does it mean for our wallets. we will break it down next. ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine)
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>> there has been disappointing news for the economy with well below growth projected by the economists, rate of 1.2%. but they say consumer spending is up and employment numbers are steady. what does it noon to us and the job market and the economy? a c.p.a. with the "washington post" explains this so well what does it mean at 1.2% rate of growth in the second quarter,
1:52 pm
the worse since after world war ii? >> yes, yes, very slope the best example, i do write for the "washington post" but my day job is running a small business. i have ten employees in my company and we do schedule services and financial services. i am a typical small business owner. i have not added a full time employee in seven years. my revenues have been flat. we have been profitable but this is true among many my clients. we are operating at such a slow growth economy we do not want to make investments in new technology and are scared to put money out to bring in more employees than when we have to because we are in such a slow growth economy. what is putting the pressure on, we talk how it hits people in the pocketbook, average wages are up 2-2.5% but for most
1:53 pm
business owners the costs are riser faster than growth. we have a lot of taxes and overhead up the last if you years. people working out there, the average person with a job, your employer is less willing to give you bonus money. less willing to make investments in you or in technology or your company in general. they are faced with such a slow growing economy, they are more risk at verse. >> and what needs to be change? in people could say it is obamacare, the extra taxes, but, how can washington change this? in there is a new administration >> this is an opportunity for change here. it has to be, speaking for myself as a small business owner, we are talking about reducing our costs. you hear about business owners saying there are too many regulations, and costs are too
1:54 pm
high and taxes are up. the rules are changing in december and that adds an extra level of cost to employer and paid time off, with treasure increasing that, too, and what i think a lot of the clients are looking for and what i am looking for is a washington that steps back and gives us the ability to earn more profits even in a slow-growing economy let us take the profits and investment back in the business. right now it is very tight with the margins in a slow growth economy. >> what does it mean for the stock market at an all-time high. what do you see for the rest the year? >> with interest rates so low, where else would you put your money? you think of investing in places, if you are risk averse, you do look for stock market, in mutual funds, because there is no other place to put your money
1:55 pm
where you feel somewhat safe. i am not saying the stock market is safe but for the average investor like ourselves, there are very few other places. i see the stock market holding steady and going up because there are few alternatives for the average investor. >> that is true or go on a nice vacation. >> we only home. that is good, the stock market goes up it will benefit us all. we need growth. >> thank you. >> you have 56 on your mind. so, did you see this? a sky diver jumped out of an airplane without a parachute. and into the record picks. stop. stop. stop. hold. cut the tape. for lower back pain sufferers,
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that's why a cutting edgeworld. university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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>> an american skydiver defying death and the laws of gravity. 42-year-old luke aikens was the first to jump 25,000 feet from an airplane without a parachute. >> he landed if a huge net built 20 stories high in simi valley,
2:00 pm
california and teaches navy seals how to jump from the planes. but, of course, with parachutes. >> very impressive. >> not try that at home. >> "media buzz" is next. >> we are just back from philadelphia where the media expected a harmonyious hillary coronation but chase add competing story line, dysfunction and disarray. >> thank you all so much. boo. boo. all the last thing the clinton wanted was an e-mail controversy. >> debbie wasserman-schultz ousted, stunning news, day one disaster for the democrats, in doubt. >> hundred agreeds walked out of the democrat convention last night. nobody showed it. i did not see it on television. you people don't talk about it. >> did the big make speakers stealing the


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