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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  July 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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seals how to jump from the planes. but, of course, with parachutes. >> very impressive. >> not try that at home. >> "media buzz" is next. >> we are just back from philadelphia where the media expected a harmonyious hillary coronation but chase add competing story line, dysfunction and disarray. >> thank you all so much. boo. boo. all the last thing the clinton wanted was an e-mail controversy. >> debbie wasserman-schultz ousted, stunning news, day one disaster for the democrats, in doubt. >> hundred agreeds walked out of the democrat convention last night. nobody showed it. i did not see it on television. you people don't talk about it. >> did the big make speakers stealing the headline from the
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ouster of debbie wasserman-schultz and the booing bernie backers. >> "the donald" is not really a facts guy. >> great job of mocking trump as the school yard bully we all knew in high school and grade school. >> the most effective part was dailying with donald trump, a combination of straight outcriticism and ridicule, it was powerful. >> donald trump got a bump from the four days, the one that was widely panned by the press, are the media apply the same standards to the donald trump and hillary clinton conventions. our this is a disgrace. a mess. it is a total mess now. >> yes, where love trumps hate. that's a country we are fighting
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for. >> impressive speech. she made a close. >> a complete re reversal of parties, the democratic party that just ripped the mantle of reagan's optimism and video it all over prime time. >> i tell you of my moment at the philadelphia convention that went viral. i am howard kurtz and this is "media buzz" tonight. we came on the air last sunday from philadelphia, the wikileaks e-mail dutch was erupting and schultz shut was pushed out of her job and bernie sanders was getting booed for back, hillary, not the story line the media expected. >> immediately right new, we have got to defeat donald trump and we have to elect hillary
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clinton and tim kaine. >> it is a stun thing to be at a convention and see people stand up on their feet, take both thumbs through the night, point them down, cut cup their hands and yell "boo." it does not happen. >> they wanted to show contrast to the kay as of the republicans >> there was a line from sarah silverman that was big news. >> to the before any or bust people, you are being ridiculous >> donald trump hijacks the headlines with a mayor then press conference compared to the democratic nominee. >> it has been 235 days since crooked hillary has had a press conference. and you as reporters who give her the glowing reports should ask yourselves, why? >> the media foe can youd on the big speeches and thers woman to
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win a major party's presidential nomination. >> what moment it was at the beginning where we saw a woman, mother, a grandmother, taking the stage and hug her daughter and accept the presidential nomination of her party. well done. she managed to do a very difficult thing, being soft, yet strong at the same time. >> she did not give a great speech tonight. she did not give a great speech tonight. she hit some ground that is very , very valuable. >> here in washington, dc to analyze the campaign coverage is kelly riddell deputy opinion editor at washington times and susan ferrechio with the washington examiner and joe trippi, democratic strategy. the consensus is that hillary clinton not a great speaker but o mystic. did the media grade her on a
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curve. >> definitely. the media jumped the shark this week in terms of how enthusiastic they were about the democratic national convention in contrast to how they judged the republican convention. >> could that be because the democratic national conventions better run and better produced? >> take the reagan angle. after donald trump's speaking everyone said he abandoned reagan and hillary clinton took up that mantle and optimistic. they neglect to say in 1988 ronald reagan ran a very dark campaign, the convention speech was gloomy and he talks about grave throats to the nation and we are unpress continued clam difficult if we elect democrats only in 1948 there was sunshine in america. they just leave that out and that is dishonest. >> the press licked the mockery of hillary clinton of trump better than her case? >> that was the highlight for
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democrats not just hillary clinton but others like rebound who were able to attack donald trump. they all actually did a really good job of attacking him. >> in bill clinton did a good job of attacking and rebound did a if job and hillary clinton did a good job of attacking do you disagree this is the press jumping the shark? >> they were right but the press did not focus what was said, it wasn't a great speech. she can attack her opponents, what about her agenda and vision? that was lackluster. bill clinton was falling asleep i'll she was talking. >> why me if he was snoring...joe trippi, hillary clinton was on fox on sunday, her first interview on the program in five years. take a look. >> you don't think this is a reason people have doubts about your "polls," honesty and trustworthy. >> it is fair americans have
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questions and ask donald trump why he is so untrusted. >> i have. >> the media liked the team unities stronger together, what hillary clinton said compared to i alone can fix it. is that because it matches the media distaste for donald trump? >> i don't know about the distaste for donald trump. what happened here is the democratic party in its convention did a better job of dealing with the negatives. the republicans did not. it is about the coverage. the way you do that is take all of the pain, all the ugliness, all the boos and try to jam it into the first night that is why debbie wasserman-schultz, and all this happened. >> talk about making lemonade out of lemon... >> it implode because of the hacked e-mail e-mails and you indicate it was a plan. >> no, you move -- no, no, no, bernie sanders whether he will
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be good or bad you put him on monday. you do not do what they did with ted cruz and put him later. you take all of the things that could go wrong and you try to get them over on day one and that is what happened here. the reason the republicans got worse coverage because they spaced it out. >> i i would say the bernie sanders supporters did not go away after monday, they were there but the coverage ended by the media after monday. i was a headline on monday and on tuesday, wednesday and thursday it was as in the protesters had gone away and were not burn flags. you looked at conservative sites to get the coverage. >> we got lucky. there were rainstorms. >> even when hillary clinton was speaking you could hear boos but not on tv. was the press right to turn the page to the big speeches, president, and vice president, first lady, and of course
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hillary clinton herself. >> you look at how they covered the republican national convention and talked some of the headlines, convention fury and a divided party, this is the rnc, i was at rnc and spent a last time on the convention floor, at both conventions, each night, and i will tell you, the divide and the tension was far, far worse for the democrats. it is not being reported that way. it is because when you watch it on television or if you watch it from the press stands where a lot of the reporters stayed you get a different picture of what is going on. if you respond time with the delegates, sitting with them, talking with them, falling them around to get at heart of the matter the divide and tension and the anger and the idea they could abandon their own party, it was very significant with the democrats and it seemed a lot more superficial with the republicans. that is my viewpoint from the convention floor. >> tim kaine, just like mike pence, got overhad --
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overshadowed but they were pretty good speech, rebound and bill clinton and michelle obama but was the press too wrap up in the candidate's spouse as if they can carry the nominee? >> we put too much emphasis on the conventions and what happens to them in the first place. >> do you senate. >> mike dukakis came out with a 16-point lead and i don't remember president dukakis. every speech and everything bad that happens, melania plagiarism, all the stuff that just drives through the cycle, the news cycle after news cycle and it does not have a lot to do with anything, it sets a foundation where the candidate has a better chance of: reintroducing themselves in a way and i don't think either speech, donald trump or hillary clinton will solve any of their problems in one speech or one convention.
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>> i disagree. hillary clinton has been in the public area for a quarter century and everyone knows her and half of the public doesn't like her. her vision is pretty much cemented with the american public but i don't believe trump is. >> turn that to coverage? >> she cannot reintroduce herself. the way the press feeds into that, here is a new hillary clinton. >> it was a great admission, and i hope it would be followed by something personal. >> i turn you to what was a big surprise story coming out of the convention and that was the father of muslim soldier who was shot, and donald trump have you red the institution and now he is a media hero and our hards go do him and his wife, page one of
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the "new york times" and on "meet the press today," and today the headlines, responding to donald trump firing back at the khan family, trump belittles family, and "trump stirs outrage," after lushing out at parents of dead muslim soldier. >> let's see how he did respond. >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was stand there and had nothing to soy probably she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> the way he has shown disrespect toward the gold story mother of this country, that says it all. >> director wife? >> my wife. >> does he have so much attention, it was a moving moment at the convention, but because a lot of journalists believe that trump is
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anti-muslim? >> it is a style vs. substance much the substance of the argument of trump is not he does not like the family or appreciate the fact that their sundayed fighting for america. it is that the substance of trump's argument is we need to vet people coming into the country who could be dangerous and it has towned intoty muslim thing because of the way trump presented it overgeneralizing to all muslims starting the at he is anti-muslim so here we are with the whole situation with the geld star family and holding up the constitution. it is not at heart of the issue of what the two candidates disagree about. the media covers the superficial. >> didn't trump make it a bigger story by being aggress sniff. >> exactly. it would not be big if he did not step in it again and gone after the k-h-a-n family and now he creates another cycle where he talks about how he sacrificed even more. >> i agree with gentleman on --
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joe on it, but patricia smith the other of the benghazi victim, she was received by the press after speaking at the republican republic, they say "i would like to beat her to death," and had to apologize. >> and msnbc said she ruined the night and gross mistake to bring up benghazi. these are grieving parents that should be treated the same in the light of the media. >> hut us know what you think. when we come back, donald trump hijacks some of hillary clinton's coverage and the press rips him for the commends on the russian hackers. media
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>> hillary clinton and democrats of holding their convention donald trump grabbed a share of the spotlight holding a 75 minute press conference on subjects from hillary's e-mail to the delayed roll out of mike pence and a federal congressman, anthony buy neither. >> russia if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded by our press. >> you don't ask the russians to commit espionage and reveal the contents of the former secretary of state or boehner, or whatever. >> is it possible that donald trump was being sarcastic? >> why thing it is a joke. trump know was he is doing. >> kelly riddell you listened to donald trump, and russia, are you listening, and sounded
2:19 pm
saturday classic but in the coverage of "new york times" and "washington post" and cnn they took it deadly serious and barely the possibility that he was engaging in sarcasm. >> it is unbelievable. donald trump is in a hostile resolution environment where each day they look to gather ammunition and he shouldn't be giving them ammunition. >> he did give them ammunition but this is a narrative they wanted to prove because on the sunday shows when hillary clinton's campaign manager went out there and associated the conditions hack with the russians and implied that hung could be behind it, that was just all rumors and circumstance and on tuesday when donald trump came out this is the evidence we have. >> but when trump does that who makes sure a one-day story is a three or four day story. >> in "politico" donald trump's call on russia to hack the e-mails of hillary clinton has shocked and appalled lawmakers
2:20 pm
and national security experts across the political spectrum with one saying it was tantamount to treason. >> that is part of the reality. the difference between donald trump the candidate, with 17 people, and trump the nominee, is you to be more careful about what you say not because you are trying to mislead the american people but because other countries and people out there, president vladimir putin and other people, could take what you are saying seriously. >> youing to have experts come back and he actually benefits from this because the more experts call him out, the more his parters say, screw the experts. >> i don't know in it benefits hip, the story of what was leaked from the dnc and that was daxing to the dnc and bring the election to hillary clinton. >> i on say it benefits trump because for three or four days while we were on philadelphia
2:21 pm
the focus was on hillary clinton's e-mails but did he go too far? the focus was on the hillary clinton e-mails to think he was serious you would have to think he was insane to call on russia to hack his opponents' e-mail? >> i felt it was an echo chamber in washington, dc, always make trump more than any candidate i have seen covering politics in two decades never seen anyone made out to be the individual an the way the media does. there can be no sarcasm they will internet it in the worst possible way. voters do get the sarcasm, and, so, here we are in the beltway or the conventions accusing him of treason, the voters not doing that they think he is talking about the maims and being sarcastic that the 30,000 missing e-mails and, gee, maybe the russians can come up with it. all the pup difficulties hear one thing and the we public
2:22 pm
hears another. >> trump talked about a last things including attacking him him by attacking her long tame advisor, abu, and her husband as a pervert and video ball, anthony weiner, so there were 50 ,000 journalists and we are covering donald trump in philadelphia. >> and he does news conference, 239 days since a hillary clinton news coverage and lets the press ask whatever we with want. he is open and transparence. >> he takes -- the problem is, from a campaign, you are trying to crest a message and there is no way to craft donald trump getting a message, consistent in the press conferences. >> he violated the rule where the opposite candidate goes dark, he dove right in and stole the show. thank you rule is out the when. he certainly violated it and he got what he wanted, which was coverage. >> thank you all for joining us,
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kelly riddell and susan ferrechio and joe trippi. next, pundit said that donald trump should face a tv boycott. n
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its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. >> some believe that donald trump is such a net to western civilization rules of journalist do not apply and our job is to stop them. this stark message "boycott trump," and another said television networks should stop interviewing him until he releases tax return. journalism is a joke if we let donald trump slide. >> i like and request this writer but it is a bad idea. it turns media people into partisans and means we would pick this one issue, donald trump said he is holding them back because he is audited and use it for a declaration of war
2:27 pm
and blocking our ability to do our job by aggressively questioning the republican nominee. who elected us to use the air as a political weapon? there is something about donald trump that makes some journalists abandon a predense of objectivity. dick gregory, saturday was sick inviting the russians to release hillary clinton's 30,000 deleted e-mails. >> i have run out of wores to express my shock and how completely beyond the pale donald trump is as potential commander in chief. >> completely beyond the pali and said "a tv embargo would starve the ego, feed the insecurity and problem him of the biggest crutch, free media." >> ron, it is not free he gets the coverage because he take the media question. in i believed the media boycott, which i do not, it would be, why
2:28 pm
is hillary clinton getting free air time and she has not held a news conference all year in 240 day? does a presidential candidate have the responsibility to talk to voters and facing the press? by all means, take on trump, hammer hillary clinton over the e-mails and pound away all day and all night but do not threaten to withhold television time because that is nothing short of political retaliation and erodes our damned credibility. >> did the media help get the democratic convention back on track by hailing the speech as a bill clinton and obama and saying the democrats are the party of optimism? speeches of you're here to buy a car.
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>> it is unusual for a former president to speak but for bill clinton to make the pitch it was a taylor made narrative for the press. >> in the spring of 1971 i met a
2:32 pm
girl. meanwhile, i was still trying to get her to marry me. >> remarkable speech, something that you realize first of all, he still has it. he still is one of the great speech girlfriends of to time. >> i thought it was effective, the old boy still can deliver and he did. >> at going of the speech, it was controversial way to start, honestly, talking "the," girl "a" girl i found shocking. >> joining to us analyze is guy benson, and fox news contributor. also, crystal battle with the new leaders council. the media consensus is he gave a great speech but for racial. your thoughts? >> that was interesting, you
2:33 pm
played, on cnn, flowing, fox, flowing review, and i agreed with the flow review society was surprising to hear rachel and she started out by saying that portion of the speech made her uncomfortable but the first pundit they turned to was a republican strategist who they gave a lost air time to air similar concerns. it struck me, it was surprising to me they would turn first to a republican street deficit to comment on bill clinton's speech and i cannot imagine fox turning to a democratic strategist initially to comment on, say, people plane's speech or donald trump's speech. to start off with? >> was it shocking and rude because he said i met a girl and it is not politically correct? i was shocked. >> i was shocked that they were shocked. for most americans, they are fascinated by this marriage. the other concern is how did it land in the living rooms across america, something else. of course, we are riveted by the
2:34 pm
details and it brings us back, and i am not a huge clinton family, and i backed bernie sanders in the primary and called on hillary clinton not to run and i have come around and i will support her in the presidential election but it made me feel more warmly to them in a very long time. effective. all the media loved him, particularly as the world statesman but left a few things out of the timeline, including monica, paula, impeachment and the press did not care. >> it is a convention so skit a imaginent putting your best foot forward and you not mention the time you had an affair in the oval office and was impeached for lying. that is when you write a speech maybe i will leave that part out. i thought it would be useful to have a nod and an acknowledgment of it. >> of the pain he put her through. this is not about him and his failings but her. >> but he did not do it and she did. one line early in the speech that add least gave a nod to it.
2:35 pm
i thought a last baseball analogies have been employed tag about the speeches, and i not bill clinton gave a grand slam speech and i had a sinking feeling in 2012 it was a solid extra base hit. i would say just about the clintons generally, and that comment from rachel which i found bizarre, he was giving a speech as a spouse, a personal speech about his wife, in a woman, in a potential first lady had said, i met a by, and blah, blah, blah, we would say it was normal. >> for bill clinton to give a speech about someone else... >> president obama got rave reviews and then the we big hug from hillary clinton after he praised her to the skies, and i wonder in the rave reviews and everyone knows he knows how to give a speech does the media believe that he is more optimistic and hillary clinton tried to project optimism?
2:36 pm
whether that contrasts with what they see as donald trump's divisive rhetoric? >> there was definitely a very different energy message coming out of the twoings requests and it was covered that way. i am not sure that the media did enough at the democratic national convention now having been away for a whole two days enough to put the sunshiney optimism in the context of the very real pain feel are feeling. now we have hillary clinton and tim kaine traveling through ohio and pennsylvania, states hard hit, and i would like to see how this very sunny america's already great, landed with voters. >> are saying, krystal, the media bought the words but did not do enough to report that this is a reason that donald trump won the republican nomination which is a lofts anger and frustration among millions of americans who are hurting. >> there is still space to make the case they covered the words
2:37 pm
that were said and they were optimistic but i would like to see it put in. >> what about those who said hillary clinton needed to have it herself from president obama and now the press said he is running for his third term? >> part of that pus we have seen his ratings improve. part of that, a huge element of his improved rate evening is that he now is more out of spot line and you have hillary clinton and donald trump running and they are deeply unpopular people, so in contrast, this compare son, obama does not look so bad. i thought obama's speech was very good. as for optimism, there was a weird disconnect where it did seem that the optimism was, maybe, too over the to which the democratic national convention given the fears that people have about national security issues and, also, the g.d.p. numbers we just saw. >> right, hillary clinton cragging the glass ceiling by winning the nomination. is the media making too much or too little of the fact that was
2:38 pm
a historic night although we all expected it? >> there was definitely a nod to how historic the night was but i did not see pieces exploring what this meant for women particularly women of hillary's generation or what it meant for the little girls that watch it on tv or the ones that were in the room. i did not see historian talking how we got to this point. there was nervousness to go too over-the-top for fear of looking bias. >> do you agree? >> for the most part it is historic, good for her, it did not have the same feeling that obama had in 2008 as far as history making gravity. >> and baked into the cake because it has been obvious for so long. >> thanks for stopping by. we look ahead at how the public rated some of the candidate speeches and howist is very gift from what the pundits had to say.
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2:43 pm
hillary clinton? >> it was a grading but, it is impossible to separate what they think of hillary clinton from the hole thing. what i see is that there is baggage with the conversations, and people of bringing all they feel about hillary clinton when they listen. it is impossible to do that. what the independences were saying they wanted to feel more empathy and more heard and not so judged. there were a lost great points but what, the lack is the pain. >> so, trump, his speech was widely panned by the press in question. your independents gave him a "b", why the gap? >> people were surprised when they heard donald trump's speech, they felt it was different speech than they expected. he was more presidential. he laid out an optimistic message although everyone said it was negative because he had empathy, he made people feel they were heard and understood
2:44 pm
and 72% of americans feel like we are going the wrong way he represented that, and he said he would be their voice and there much things that made people feel heard. >> now, conservatives said that bill clinton and president obama gave very good speeches but in both cases your independents respond antis said "c" and were not so impressed as the pundits. >> they said that bill clinton give a good speech but not one of his peach h bench and president obama vacillate between the great orator and professor they wanted to hear the great orator and more on hillary clinton and why, less they felt he was defending his legacy and talking how great things were and people do not feel things are great. >> we hook at two of the women, melania got an "a" west the plagiarism and then michelle obama who got good reviews across the spectrum in the media
2:45 pm
got a "c" police, what accounts for that? >> it is all about expectation. melania went in with low something stations but it became an fox business network quickly, and michelle obama, there was an could extra diction between how she behaved there and elsewhere. when she goes, they go low, she goes high, and people feel that the obamas do judge the middle class and the people who are not intellectally old least and they wanted to hear more of the inclusiveness that would she that maybe they are more embracing of the average viewer. people do like michelle obama and they watched to hear, they felt some of the things she said were not realistic. >> another grab, but, ted cruz who got booed in cleveland got a "d" and bernie sanders would embraced hillary clinton got a "b" plus, but the broader question, do journalists watch and rate the equips in a different way than members of
2:46 pm
the public who are at home in the living room and maybe not watching every minute. >> journalists are in tune to every movement, everything that is happening. they much more educated and inform about everything that happens and the average american is at home they could be doing many things, trying to help their kids get dinner and be trying to do, you know, multitaking and they are just getting general sound bates, just getting small are information and the way they react is very, very emotional. not everything is rational and many of us in the media try to look at things intellectually and try toed in and listen to every word and that is not how people react at home. >> of course with thumb's speech seen by 30 million and hillary clinton by 28 million it is a huge audience but others only hear the soundbites and media coverage after. thank you, lee carter for joining us from new york.
2:47 pm
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>> hillary clinton was on fox news sunday today, and the first such appearance in five years, and chris wallace asked her about being the first to win a major party nomination. >> so emotional was thursday night for you. >> it was way over-the-top emotional. what was your concern on your emotions? >> i would start crying. >> joining us now from new york
2:51 pm
is joe concha for the hill and chris wallace asked about benghazi and taxes and the second amendment, and how did he do? >> (a) plus, textbook interview. the first three questions, we will talk about it in a second were about dnc hack a relevant story and he pivoted over to trump and the acceptance speech and got into something we rarely see, a deep dive into policy positions and to get specific on certain things all about personality to this point, and to finally talk about issues, and for wallace to have her clarify x, y, z z was textbook. >> i liked the deep dive and there were lighter moments. >> why has hillary clinton who stayed away from fox given the first exclusive post convention interview to chris wallace and fox? >> because she has to reach a more diverse audience. this is a shocking study i read from pew research the last one
2:52 pm
on the topic of ideological composition of audience. 55% of fox audience is either mixed ideologically, consistently liberal or mostly liberal more than the majority of the audience that could vice folks. but in hillary clinton wants to win and it is a dead heat she has to repeat kind of audience that fox allows her to and i imagine you will see her more as we go through the next 100 days until election day. >> look forward to seeing her. fox network is more diverse than some would have you believe. >> last weekend, when i was in philadelphia, it wasn't 15,000 of my closest friends in the media the dnc hacked e-mails just erupted and the first interview was lined up on saturday afternoon after she pinned tim kaine with hillary clinton and inmy e-mails there was a last anti-bernie sanders statements and someone said, i
2:53 pm
could bernie sanders could be activity, and the reporter asked this, did you know anything about any of that? >> in, i did not know about it and i have not read those but i am adamantly opposed to anyone bringing religion into our political process. now, that and the rest of the exchange with hillary clinton abouthe hacked e-mail, did not air on 60 minutes. it wasn't on the nation's top news magazine. what did you make of that decision? >> the worst bias is the bias of omission a it did not make the broadcast element of the interview which reached 7.9 million people but, instead, buried on-line, and in go to that portion of interview is not on whom page, instead about her saying she is get apologies from republican leaders when donald trump attacks her and they are bearing
2:54 pm
it on the website so you say, well, maybe it is a matter of compression and this was not enough time to have the questions but the first couple of questions, to hillary clinton was, why, to tick and first to tick what did you tell her you were good and next to hick will your hopes and dreams be dead on arrival because of republican congress. that was deem more important than the hack that led to the resignation of schultz? it is an impairment. >> all pre-taped interviews after at a different time but it was before debbie wasserman-schultz resigned and when the decision was made to leave it on the floor it was the issue, the stop story everyone was tag about and they had the only comments and put it on the other platforms. joe, from to see you this morning from new york. >> thing you. >> still to come, pack from my two week road trip, final thoughts in a mention.
2:55 pm
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priority: you >> at conventions, core agree coincides with reality, the press showed up expecting a divided republican convention and, sure, there were mosts of disarray as when ted cruz was booed but donald trump got a basketball when the kids and buy spoke and pundits called it a dark exercise in fearmongerring the public had a more positive view. the press showed up in philadelphia expecting a hillary clinton coronation and 13 we have hacked e-mails and the outing of debbie wasserman-schultz and bing by bernie sanders backers and the speeches by bill clinton and obama helped but the story of party unity took a hit. it is times leak these that journalists have to throw out our preconceived notions and if we don't the public sees us as pushing an agenda. you probably have heard it was scorching hot in philadelphia,
2:59 pm
it was headache a sauna, especially under the tv lights in the semi air conditioning tents and i know it sounds like elite whining we are lucky to cover this but it is all anyone talked about, wearing everyone down and make the coverage cranky so i made a video of our 99-degree existence and part of that became a gift that has gone viral. >> it was hot. as far as leveling, no sweat. >> that is it for this "media buzz" and we hop you give our facebook page a look and a likely post of a lot of original content, you can be part of it by write us. i will always try to respond. the two week road trip took a lot out of us but the people at f were terrific helping it
3:00 pm
happen and our home down the hall is being renovated but we will be back there next sunday. see you with the latest buzz. >> i am chris wallace. hillary clinton's first interview as the democrat nominee, only on fox news sunday. >> america is once again at a moment of reckoning. >> she hits the road on a bus tour of battleground states and then sits down with us for the first time in this can pain. >> you say you are the real change agent. you are offering tweaks, not a dramatic shift. >> clinton on voters not knowing what to make. >> american know what you thing, two-thirds do not trust you. >> and, the e-mails. >> yes. >> hillary clinton, one-on-one, it is a fox news sunday exclusive. you. and the e-mails. >> yes.


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