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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  July 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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our conversation with our guests and panel. and, that's it for today. have a great week. an we'll see you next "fox news sunday." we are now less than 100 y days away from election day 2016 and as one presidential nominee wraps up a trip across two key battleground states, the other will hit the campaign trail in the same states tomorrow. i'm patti ann browne and this is "the fox report." hillary clinton and vp pick tim kaine spent the days after the democratic national campaign in pennsylvania and ohio that voted republican in 2012. tomorrow donald trump arrives in those same states and running mate mike pence visits nevada, another swing state as the trump campaign says it plans to meet
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with the nonpartisan commission on presidential debates amid concerns from trump that the debates will happen at the same time as multiple nfl games. also today, we heard from hillary clinton in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. her first since officially becoming the democratic nominee. she raised questions about trump's tax returns. >> i'm proud of our philanthropic work, the work of the clinton foundation. i'd like to see donald trump's tax returns to find out how much he's ever done. >> i get audited every year. i'm under a routine audit. i watched mmp. he waited until september just before the election. they made him look so bad it was so unfair. i actually think he didn't lose because of the 47%. i think he lost because of a couple of really minor items in a tax return and did nothing wrong. >> we have team fox coverage. jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign in ohio but let's begin with brian yenis
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covering the trump campaign in new york right now. hi, brian. >> reporter: good evening, patti ann. friday trump tweeted he believes the first two of three presidential debates are rigged by the democrats scheduled up against two prime time nfl games on september 26th and october 9th. in an interview with abc news this week yesterday trump really doubled down on this claim saying he believes the schedule benefit it is clinton campaign who wants to ensure that there are smaller tv audiences that could be swayed by trump's message. >> i'll tell you what i like. it's against two nfl games. i got a letter the nfl saying this is ridiculous. why are are the debates -- the nfl doesn't want to be against the debates. hillary clinton wants to be against the nfl like bernie sanders where they were on saturday nights when nobody's home. >> reporter: nfl spokesman denies they wrote a letter to trump tweeting, quote, while we
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obviously wish the debate commission finds another night, we did not send a letter to mr. trump. a nonpartisan commission on presidential debates has been setting up debates since 1988 and they say they have not been talking to political campaigns innocent a statement to fox news they're holding their ground stating the debates were set up 18 months ago. quote, it is impossible to avoid all sporting events, and there have been nights on which debates and games occurrd in most election cycles. a debate has never been rescheduled as a result. meantime, trump defending hi comments regarding the muslim american gold star parents that spoke at the democratic national convention about their son that died while serving in iraq. khazir khan attacked trump accusing him of never reading the constitution and sacrificing no one and trump said he created thousands of jobs and suggested khan's wife was not allowed the
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speak on stage because of her faith. trump released a statement, quote, the captain was a hero to our country and we should honor all who made the ultimate sacrifice. the real problem are radical islamic terrorists that killed him. he has no right to stand in on the of millions of people and claim i have never read the constitution which is false. and say many other inaccurate things. khan, the wife of khazir khan, said the reason she did not speak was because she was overcome with grief at the loss of her son. patti ann? >> brian, live at trump tower, thank you. well, hillary clinton and senator tim kaine wrapping up a three-day bus tour that began in pennsylvania after the dnc and carried themselves door to ohio and another election battleground. today in the buckeye state, clinton took shots at donald trump and fielded questions of
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reporters. jennifer griffin has more now from columbus, ohio. hi, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, patti ann. at each campaign stop today hillary clinton was asked by reporters about donald trump's attacks on khan, his wife, this gold star family whose army captain son who happened to be muslim was killed in iraq. >> to launch an attack as he did on captain khan's mother, a gold star mother, who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their son, i don't know where the bottoms are. i don't know where the bottom is. >> reporter: hillary and bill clinton attended church in cleveland, ohio, earlier today at the temple. in her exclusive interview with chris wallace she laid out why she believes russia is behind
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the hack of the dnc e-mails. >> i think laying out the facts raises serious issues about russian interference in our elections, in our democracy. we would not tolerate that from any other country, particularly one with whom we have adversarial positions. >> reporter: clinton and tim kaine ended their three-day swing state bus tour today in ohio where polls show her neck and neck with donald trump. she's continuing efforts that began in philadelphia to reach out to rnd independents who aren't comfortable with donald trump. just moments ago, "the washington post" gave her four pinnochios for what she told chris wallace about whether she sent classified information on her private e-mail server. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify
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retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> reporter: in fact, comey told trey gowdy at a hearing that, in fact, quote, there was classified material e-mailed. back to you. >> jennifer griffin live now from columbus, thank you. well, the founder of wi wikileaks said he has more information from the clinton campaign and confirmed the original leak was meant to coincide with the start of the convention and will not say who provided the group with those e-mails. molly heneberg is in washington with more on this for us. >> reporter: julian assange said they reveal resources. e-mails that indicated that the dnc which is expected to be impartial in the party's primary race favored hillary clinton and
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possibly undermined bernie sanders. those nearly 20,000 e-mails led to the ouster of the dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz. u.s. officials say the russians were behind the breach and here's what clinton said about it today on "fox news sunday." >> we know that russian intelligence services which are part of the russian government which is under the firm control of vladimir putin hacked into the dnc and we know that they arranged for a lot of those e-mails to be released. and we know that donald trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up putin, to support putin. >> reporter: donald trump said he was being, quote, sarcastic saying earlier this week or last week, actually, that perhaps the russians could find the missing e-mails from clinton's private e-mail server. from when she was secretary of state. assange responded to clinton's
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statements and said by focusing on who may or may not be the source of the hacked e-mails clinton is shifting focus from the content of the e-mails. >> hillary clinton on fox is trying to undermine our publication, trying to draw attention away from the fact that she conspired with the -- debbie wasserman schultz, former campaign manager, head of the democratic party, to subvert an election in the united states. >> reporter: assange said wikileaks has more material on clinton's campaign and didn't say when those documents will be released. >> we'll be watching for them. thanks. we'll have much more politics coming up with the insiders. we'll talk about the democratic convention, will mrs. clinton see a post-convention bounce? we'll discuss the debate drama, at the bottom of the hour. right now, extreme heat out
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west fueling a massive wild fire forced hundreds of people to evacuate and the raging flames show no sign of slowing down. deadly flooding in the east coast. meteorologist janice dean is standing by with what to expect next. started coming through pretty heavy. the water up to where we were standing here and would have been about waist high on me right here. >> i'm happy i'm alive. clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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severe weather slamming both the west and east coasts. in maryland, heavy rains and flash flooding blamed for east one death prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. california not getting enough rain. hot temperatures fuelling a out of control wildfire that destroyed nearly 60 homes and threatens up to 2,000 more and next door in arizona this
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weekend widespread monsoon thunderstorms knocked out power to thousands of people and kicked up dust storms and severe weather is still on move. we have live fox team coverage. senior meteorologist janice dean is at the extreme weather center but first let's go to will carr in los angeles with a look at the latest damage. hi, will. >> disasters on both sides of the country this weekend. you mentioned the fire in california burning near big sur. as you mentioned, 60 homes destroyed. 2,000 more being threatened. there's really a massive effort to try to get control of this fire this weekend. more than 5,000 firefighters are on the ground trying to battle this blaze that's burned nearly 40,000 acres and has killed one man, a bulldozer operator working on the front lines. as of tonight, it is 15% contained and crews tell us they won't be able to get the fire out until at least the end of next month. in arizona, monsoonal
4:15 pm
thunderstorms triggered storms. in maryland, floodwaters flipped vehicles like they were toy cars leading to gas leaks and two deaths. one county leader said it was the worst disaster in the town's history and take a listen to a resident who says she feels lucky to be alive tonight. >> it was a flash flood and literally came here and thought we would have dinner within five minutes and my friend was pulling someone out of there. i have never seen anything like it. >> her friend helped someone there. at least 120 water rescues in the course of the weekend and calling many of the residents helped out heroes saying without their help the death toll would have been much higher. >> will carr, live in l.a. thank you. and now for a look at the forecast, we go to senior meteorologist janice dean in the extreme fox weather center. hi, janice. >> hi. we are looking at the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the southwest and the northeast.
4:16 pm
let's talk about severe weather first. we have the potential for strong thunderstorms, severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for parts of the northern plains until 10 p.m. local time. warnings. could see large hail, damaging winds, and a slow moving storm in the northeast. potential for heavy rain as well as some scattered storms. the radar estimated precipitation several inches of rain this past week. more on the way. not only tonight but tomorrow. and then starting to see things clear out and before that, flash flooding is going to be a concern all along the east coast as we have an area of low pressure and a frontal system, as well. forecast precipitation. you see the oranges and yellows here on the screen. that's where we could see additional 2 to 4 or 6 inches of rain and next storm system moving in across the central u.s. past 24 hours, you show that showers and thunderstorms across the northeast. showers and thunderstorms also for parts of the southwest where we're concerned about that
4:17 pm
monsoonal moisture and potential for flash flooding. forecast rainfall looks like several inches in arizona and not california and where we have wildfires. forecast highs for monday, very warm across the central and southern u.s. cold front moves into the northwest. cooler temperatures across the great lakes. but again, wednesday, thursday still very warm across the central u.s. as well as parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast still feeling like summertime. the good news is kicking the showers and thunderstorms out of the northeast at a better week ahead as we -- if people are heading on vacation to the beach. back to you. >> all right. thanks. well, fiery new reaction to a former high-profile general's endorsement of hillary clinton at the dnc coming from another former general. the message to military leaders and politicians as the 2016 race for the white house enters a new
4:18 pm
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new details on the investigation into the deadliest hot balloon crash in u.s. history. officials confirm 16 people were killed yesterday in texas when the balloon caught fire and crashed in a pasture about 30 miles south of austin. witnesses reported hearing popping sounds before the balloon exploded into a fire ball. investigators are now hoping cell phone video may help explain what went wrong on that sunny saturday morning. casey steigel has more from
4:22 pm
texas. >> reporter: the ntsb said they recovered 14 electronic devices from the crash site behind me. ten cell phones, an ipad and three cameras. officials say they're badly damaged, they all belonged to the passengers. however, they're on their way, those devices being sent to the ntsb lab in washington, d.c. where officials hope to recover any videos or pictures that were taken which could help paint a picture of what happened on board in those final moments. the feds also tell us there is, in fact, physical evidence that shows the balloon made contact with the power lines. however, the timeline of this is all still unclear, whether hitting the lines caused the balloon to burst into flames or if there were problems before and that is what caused it to collide with the lines. local weather reports are being examined showing patchy fog in the area.
4:23 pm
meteorologists now working this side of things and also learning more about the man behind the balloon controls. ntsb says he had a commercial pilots license with a balloon rating. friends say 49-year-old skip nichols loved flying and had a great deal of experience and worked for heart of texas hot air balloon rides. those who knew him still in disbelief that he is gone, gone doing what he loved. >> free spirit. loved people. loved earth. loved flying. loved his dogs. he rescued dogs. we have lost a really sweet individual. a lot of people will be affected. he was very well-known. he was known because he helped people, as well. if you ever needed anything, he would give it to you. >> reporter: authorities also say they are digging into the pilot's background which is standard in an investigation like this. they're also pouring over the maintenance records of that particular hot air balloon and
4:24 pm
the company's safety policies. all of that, of course, relevant information to this investigation. patti ann? >> all right. thank you. well, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is now weighing in on the presidential race but he's not voicing his opinion about either of the candidates. instead, retired general martin dempsey is condemning two military leaders, retired army general mike flynn and retired marine general allen were speaking at the conventions respectively. general dempsey says they should have stayed off the stage. kristen fischer reports from washington. >> reporter: the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs said it was a mistake for at th. he believes there's no place for military leaders at any political convention. and he made the case today in a letter to "the washington post." it reads in part, quote, the military is not a political prize. politicians should take the advice of senior military
4:25 pm
leaders but keep them off the stage. the american public should not wonder where their military leaders draw the line between military advice and political preference. now, the military leaders he is referring to are john allen who endorsed clinton and mike flynn who supports trump. h here's a taste of the comments that made dempsey unfrtible. >> crooked hillary clinton leave the race now. >> with her as our commander in chief, our international relations will not be reduced to a business transaction. >> this morping, general allen asked about the letter on abc's "this week" calling him a dear friend and a greatest soldier and agonized over whether or not to speak at the dnc but ultimately decided that it was he something he had to do. >> it was not an easy decision for me to come off the bench to make these comments and i don't intend to remain active in this effort. i wanted to make sure it was very clear i supported this
4:26 pm
particular candidate. >> but general dempsey says making the support known in a public way both of the retired generals made the jobs of successors much more difficult. >> kristen, thank you. both conventions are now over so what did the insiders take away from philadelphia? and will hillary clinton get a post-convention bounce in the polls? also, we'll look at where the campaign gos from here less than 100 days until election day. don't forget, you can weigh in on twitter.
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gentlemen, the floor is open. >> our nation is on the verge of collapse. >> we must select a president of this convention. >> there is but one choice. >> a brand new episode of "legends & lies" is straight ahead right after "the fox report." it exposes the truth about heroes and patriots that shaped our nation. this week, it's president george washington. host bill o'reilly joins us now on the phone to talk about it. hi, bill. >> hey, patti ann. >> the show talks about the rebelli rebellion. what was that and why was washington's response so dramatic? >> you have to understand the chaos that was taking place.
4:31 pm
george washington was basically a general, a fighter. okay? he wasn't a politician at all. but after the revolutionary war, the founding fathers understood they had to have washington as the leader. he became president and he was in philadelphia. but there was just mass chaos all over the 13 states, the new states, and the federal government because the federal government was very weak and they needed money and they needed money to pay militias, state troops and keep a very small army to protect washington and do the things that were necessary to at least have a nation function. so they looking around. remember, there's no income tax. no money coming in to the federal government. the first federal government. they're broke. and they had obligations. they usually paid off their debts in land. gave land of the revolutionary war fighters but they had to raise the money and what better way then to tax booze? just like the british taxed the tea.
4:32 pm
a lot of the new americans this notion of a country was foreign to them. what they believed in was their neighborhoods and maybe their states but not a big federal government. they didn't want to pay the whiskey tax and so they started to, you know, assault federal officers and tax collectors in washington being the guy he was no nonsense guy said, we're not going to have this and won't have a country if this goes on and chaos and anarchy and sent federal troops up to squash the reboll i don't know and that's what you will see tonight. >> a major turning point for our young nation. bill, what can politicians today learn from this story and our nation's first president? >> well, i think the key to the trump/hillary clinton election is in our history. and i think people, they're emotional. you're either like one or the other. but if you look at this country and you look at some of the
4:33 pm
things that have happened, how difficult things were, because we live in a very difficult, trying time now. the country is divided. and if you look at what washington had to face, ten times more difficult than what trump or hillary face if they're elected. this is entertaining. fun. the guy that plays george washington is lights out. he's been with every episode this season. so i think people have to understand that we have been through troubled times before. we have pulled it out of them and that's what will happen this time no matter who wins the election. >> great perspective. bill o'reilly, thank you as always. >> okay. thank you for having me. >> it's right here on fox news channel right after "the fox report." so, with both conventions now in the rear-view mirror, the general election is fully under way. patriotism and optimism big themes last week in philadelphia. themes some view as staples of the republican party.
4:34 pm
are democrats trying to lure republicans who may be unsure about donald trump? let's bring in our political insiders, pat caddell, john labutlia and doug shown. thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> so the polls show that trump got a boost from his convention which is expected. clinton is presumably getting a boost right now and the polls show a close race and this is what mrs. clinton said about that on fox. >> too many americans feel, chris, like they have been left out and left behind by our economy, by our government. i understand that frustration and, frankly, even that fear that some people feel that, you know, it is not working them and they're looking for answers but what i'm counting own and what i believe he has offered nothing to help people. i believe we have put together an agenda to increase jobs,
4:35 pm
increase incomes, make our economy grow and be more fair. which is going to appeal to a majority of americans. >> all right. doug, do you agree? >> well, it certainly is a smart political statement whether she's correct remains to be seen. she is the ultimate insider. she is secretary of state, a senator, first lady. for her to say that she's going to be as she put it the change maker is a bit of a stretch. what she is basically trying to say is she is an agenda trump doesn't. the country as we have argued here, all of us, is very angry at washington and the state of affairs. she's trying to take basically the republican argument. it's a tough row to hoe. race we'll see now relatively close. an effective convention i thought. whether it changes the race fundamentally, big question. >> pat, the convention took up a
4:36 pm
mantle of optimism and some sketices aren't buying it. there was a chant of usa, usa and someone yelled, no, that's trump. even some democrats believe that patriots is not a democratic value. are voters going to accept this patriotic democratic party? >> this is the same thing the democrats tried in 2004 with the admirals and generals and john kerry reporting for duty. and it all backfired. because it wasn't credible. particularly because they never mentioned isis, they never mentioned foreign policy, was not a big deal for them in terms of a threat around the world or when's been happening or hillary clinton's record on it. but more importantly as doug said, you know, let me just say the nation is not just 70% of the people who think america's on the wrong track.
4:37 pm
you have two thirds of the american people who believe the country is an absolute decline. so if barack obama and hillary clinton want to have a referendum election over that issue, donald trump would slaughter them. if that's the only factor. also you have people who believe their children lives will not be better. this is a historic low and we also have over 80% of the people who believe the system is rigged against ordinary people and that's stretches from left to right. i will tell you the alienation in disgust at the political class which is driving this election, both for donald trump's domination and bernie sanders, are powerful weapons for donald trump if he would stick to them and not keep stepping all over himself. >> that's what i wanted to say. everything pat and doug said i echo it. i agree with it. a mantra on our show here but i think that donald trump gets in
4:38 pm
the way of this powerful wave that's driving this election. he has ridden the wave to the nomination. but his personality gets in the way. if he would -- >> also what he says. >> well, that's what i mean. for instance this week, two things y. do we need to confront captain khan's parents and pick on mrs. khan and all that? >> yes. >> what he ought to do is announce i'm giving -- creating a million-dollar endowed seat in captain khan's name at my alma mater to honor these people. >> trump, are you listening? >> if he would do that, play to the strength, a rich guy, give some money to something like that, and defang this issue instead of confronting the parents of an american hero. that's one thing. the other one is this desire to get in bed politically with putin all week and have that be talked about. what does that have to do with beating hillary clinton? it is a diversion.
4:39 pm
he can't help himself. >> all right. we have the move on to the next topic. the current head to head matchup shows a very close race between trump and clinton. the two virtually tied in this real clear politics average of a bunch of polls. the numbers contain trump's convention bounce and just one poll from after the democratic national convention. pat, you object to the methodology of the poll of reuters after did dnc. explain that. >> well, the reason the polling real clear average was dead even, 43.7 apiece, until reuters went back and re-allocated their numbers. i have never seen anything like this. i read carefully the statement and essentially what they decided was people who said neither, in an election where attitudes are volatile, they just simply decided, too many clinton people who were really going to be for clinton and they basically it appears to me just
4:40 pm
allocated them to her and what it produced is a result that's -- that is, frankly, it was not tweaking as they said it was cooking the poll. and i'm a little tired of what's happening in the media, including using every instrument they can to try to put their thumb on the election. and i call on the american association of public opinion which is supposed to monitor our industry and ask them to intervene in this. this was outrageous. >> got your point. >> doug's seen some of the same thing. >> speaking of this perceived media bias donald trump had this to say wednesday of the e-mails uncovered in the dnc e-mail hack. >> the e-mail situation, i call it the double e-mail situation, both very serious. what was said in the last ones to the dnc was horrible. absolutely horrible.
4:41 pm
if i would have used language like they used, about religion, about race, about everything else that they discuss in those e-mails, i would have had a run and hide and probably drop out of the race. with her, everything's just fine. >> all right. doug, is he right? >> look. what the dnc did was abhorrent. apparently, though, the hacking has extended to the clinton campaign and the democratic congressional campaign committee. and the best evidence we have from intelligence sources is that the russians were behind it. >> changing the subject away from what was in the e-mails. >> i am doing that deliberately. let me tell you why. because if the russians are influencing our election, that is far more important, patti ann, than some impertinent or rude or inappropriate statements by some democratic national
4:42 pm
committee chairman figures. it is the fundamental essence of our republic. particularly states that have online voting. so, this is a big issue. >> it is. huge. john, does one scandal cancel out the other? can't we be concerned about both? >> this is the heart of something. mr. trump came out wednesday and had a press conference and sarcastic or not, he asked putin and the russians if you have the -- hacked hillary e-mails, separate from these, please release them. that's caused the media to examine trump's relationship with putin over the years and paul manafort and chairman's relationship with the russians. one thing republicans do not want to be accused of is being in any way close to vladimir putin. all right? we don't want to be having anything to do with that guy.
4:43 pm
single most dangerous leader in the world. pat, i'm sorry. we'll go to you after the next break. >> thank you. donald trump saying the democrats rigged the debates. the nonpartisan commission weighs in next. life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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nonpartisan commission on presidential debates now responding to donald trump's suggestion that democrats rigged the debate dates so they would happen in nfl games. political insiders are back. pat caddell, doug schoen. there are more games than give everybody lots of notice to adapt. pat, what do you sty this? >> well, first of all, i have to
4:47 pm
say that that is -- i hope i can come back again to the point on this thing of khan and so forth but i want to tell you something. i wroete a piece a few months ago. this is the most fraudulent operation in american politics, rigging the system, democratic insiders and republican insiders of the political class in this debate commission who get together and set the rules to make sure that independents are not going to be in it, who set the dates. they have no legal standing to do this. and essentially, republicans got clobbered in 2012 because the democrats on the commission, the staff, is run by liberal democrats is all bipartisan efforts should be. democrats always do that. but the fact is that you have a rigged group of people and the trump campaign has every right to raise its objections. i don't care that they said a year ago.
4:48 pm
they're not a legal operating body. they're a body used to suppress democracy in the name of the political class. >> john? >> okay. everything pat said is correct but they'll still end up, trump and hillary's campaigns will run these debates. they'll decide all the rules and the schedule and they will not be in conflict with the nfl games. there are no games on tuesdays and wednesday nights. they'll do it and work it out. not a big issue. >> doug, is this -- >> participation. >> is it blown out of -- here's the issue. pat raised the larger theme here to focus on. the elites in washington, the congress, the bureaucracy, work for their own interests, not the interests of the men people. it is the theme pat right ri spoke of that trump should talk about it. what hillary's trying to talk about, the point i was going to make earlier is given the tensions in the electorate, i think we end up with an electorate about 50-50.
4:49 pm
momentum recently has been in donald trump's direction. whether that can continue will depend on whether he can deliver his message, get his view of the world out in the face of clinton's overwhelming resource and organizational advantage. >> pat, i was going to say, the participation of third parties, whether they get in the debates is -- >> huge issue. >> huge issue. >> huge issue. >> changes the whole campaign. >> we have more coming up. can hillary clinton overcome the criticism that winning in november which is an extension of president obama's policies? hearing more from the insiders on that. first, donald trump. >> when they talk about change, i noticed they have change, she's been there for 20 weirs. 30 years. there's no change. it's going to be the same. it's an extension of obama and in my opinion worse. ? cialis for daily ? use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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cane are courting trump during the bus tour across pennsylvania and ohio. they're focussing on areas that mitt romney won back in 2012. what is clinton's game plan and can she separate here's from the status owe in washington? she also gave her first post nomination interview to fox news on sunday and it was the first appearance in nearly five years and considered as part of the effort to appeal to the cross over voters. on fox news sunday he asked if she could fight against trump outsiders with being in washington so long. >> well, i think that what i am offering are proven results. i think that we can build on where we are. we dug ourself out. we're standing but not running.
4:54 pm
i'm not happy with the status quo. i said that repeatedly. >> she has been in washington more than 30 years. >> yeah, that's what you have to be saying. if she gets off she can make the pay. i have to say about her to go where she has gone and going to the weakest area politically. she is going on fox, the weakest audience and talking to people that probably won't vote for her, but she may pick some off. that's a good campaign. she is a terrible candidate with a very good campaign behind her. trump is a unique candidate with no campaign. >> doug, fox does get a few democratic viewers. >> of course. >> do you think that she is going get the cross over? >> well, it's truth thing to do. there are three states that will determine the election, ohio, pennsylvania and florida. if she picks off enough of those
4:55 pm
working class voters, she will be able to win the election and going on fox is absolutely the right thing for her. >> well, thank you for letting me in here. let's say this first of all she may use what nobody has picked up on. she said that her testimony and what she has been lying to the public about was truthful and if don had said that it's the biggest issue of the year. chris and compared to what the press sets donald trump and let's understand something. they're pronoting and there was a poll over that and that was corruption and that was never mentioned ever, and yet that's going to be the achieve lt. it's an unbelievable way that the main stream media has joined
4:56 pm
in to support the candidacy and if trump is the example of one and patricia smith whose son was killed and got up and very emotional and you did not see her and you did not see her on the network net tv or on the front page of the new york times or anywhere else. the bias here is great and trump needs to understand that he needs less to be set up when he was with george steph nop lis. >> okay. we will be back with final thoughts. stay with us. (lionel) ♪it's peyton...
4:57 pm
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& lies" starts right now. news is the first draft of history. it's immediate and takes place in real time. legends take longer to develop and are sometimes based on myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend. >> it's an independent nation and not for us. >> our next objective is north carolina they must be close. >> they may have the numbers, but we have something to fight


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