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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  August 1, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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our conversation with our guest and panel. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next points ahead and maybe a little bit more then we move forward. >> thanks so much to our panel. i'll see you next week. we are just back from philadelphia where they expected a harmonious hillary carnation but instead had dysfunction and disarr disarray. >> the last thing the clinton wanted to be in the headlines was an e-mail controversy. >>. >> you poem don't walk aboeople
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it. >> all of those booing bernie backers. >> the donald is not really a plans guy. >> he is not a facts guy either. >> he did a great job marking him as this schoolyards bully. >> i thought actually the most effective part of the speech was dealing with donald trump. i thought it was powerful. >> trump got a bump from the four days in cleveland. are the media playing the same standards to the trump and clinton conventions? >> this convention is a mess. it is a total mess now. >> and yes, where love trumps hate that, that's the country
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we're fighting for. >> an impressive speech tonight. she closed what democrats is a highly convention. >> it was the democratic party that just ripped the mantle of reagan's optimism and spread it all over prime time. >> this is media buzz. we came on the air last sunday from philadelphia the debb debb debbie schulz was getting booed. >> we have got to defeat donald
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trump. and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> it's a stunning thing to see people take both thumbs throughout tpoint them down and cup their hands throughout the night. >> it is chaos of republicans. >> things reached the point where an ad libbed like from sarah silverman became big news. >> to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> trump contracted that with the democratic nominee. >> so it's been 235 days since crooked hillary clinton has had a press conference and you as reporters who give her all of these glowing reports should ask
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yourselves why. >> the media focused on the big speeches and the first woman to win a major party's presidential nomination. >> what a moment it was at the beginning where we saw a woman, a mother, grandmother, take to the stage and hug her daughter and accept the presidential nomination of her party. >> well done. she managed to do a very difficult thing being soft yet strong at the same time. >> and she didn't give a great speech tonight. she did not give a great speech tonight but she hit some ground that is very valuable to her. >> joining us to analyze the campaign coverage, susan, chief congressional correspondencorre. kelly, the press consensus was she was not a great orrater.
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did they grade her on a curve? >> i think so. the media jumped the shark this week in terms of how enthusiastic they were in contrast of how they junior colleged t-- judged the republican convention. let's take the reagan angle. hillary took the mantle and was to optimistic. in 1980 reagan ran a very dark campaign. his convention speech was gloom my. he talked about grave threats to the nation. we are on unprecedented calamity if we elected democrats. they just leave that out and that's dishonest. >> so they seemed to like
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mockery of trump better than the highlights for herself. >> it was for clinton and others who came forward like barack obama who were able to attack trump. >> if bill clinton did a good job of attacking then do you disagree it was some how the press jumping the shark? >> i think they are right about that but what the press did not focus on is the fact that it really wasn't a great speech. she can attack her opponent. what about her vision? bill clinton was falling asleep while he was talking. >> i don't know if he was snoring. hillary cl hi hillary clinton was on. take a look at that. >> you don't think there is any legitimate reason you have doubts to use the phrase in the polls, honesty and trust
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worthiness. >> i think it's fair. i think you should ask donald trump why he is so untrusted. >> so the media liked the theme, unity, stronger together. this is what hillary clinton was saying versus i, alone can fix it. is it because it matches the media distaste for donald trump. >> think think what happened here is the democratic convention did a better job dealing with the negatives and the republicans did not . you take all of the pain, ug ugliness and booing. you jam it into the first night. >> talk about making lemonade out of lemons, your indicateding wit was some kind of a plan.
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>> no. no. what i'm saying is bernie sanders, whether he will be good or bad you put him on monday. you take all of the things you think could go wrong and you try to get them over on day one. the reason the republicans got worse coverage is because for some reason they spaced it out. >> i would say that the bernie sanders supporters did not go away after monday night. they were there but their coverage ended after monday. it was ahe headline and then it was as if they had gone away and they weren't burning flags. the mainstream wanted to -- >> there were rainstorms and things. >> and you could still hearing boos in the background but not
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on tv. the question is should the president, vice president, first lady and hillary clinton herself and her husband. >> if you look at the way they covered the convention, we have convention fury and a divided party. i spent a lot of time on the convention floor every night. i will tell you, the divide and the tension was far worse for the democrats. it's not being reported that way though. >> no. >> i think if you watch it from the press stands where a lot of reporters stayed you really get a different picture of what's going on. if you spent time sitting with them, talking with them, trying to get at the heart of the matter, the divide and the idea they might abandon their own party was very significant. it seems a lot more super official. >> what struck me, joe, is that
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jim kaine who both got over shadowed, but these were pretty good speeches, president obama, bill clinton. do they get too wrapped up in what the outgoing president says as if they can carry the nominee to the finish line? >> i think we put too much emphasis on it. >> mike came out with a six-point lead. everything bad that happens, melania plagiarism, all of this stuff that drives through the news cycle and it ends up not having a lot to do with anything. it does set a foundation where the candidate has a better chance of reintroducing themselves in a way. i don't think either speech,
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trump or hillary, will solve any of their problems. >> i slightly disagree with you. clinton has been in the public eye. half of the public doesn't like her according to the polls. i don't believe trump's is. >> turning it to the coverage. >> she can't reintroduce herself. >> i know and the way the press feeds into that. here is a new hillary clinton. >> that was a great mission for her -- >> it was. i was hoping -- >> or a fairy tale. a big surprise, kaiser kahnt last-minute addition to the programmi programming. this got so much attention when he said donald trump, have you
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read the united states constitution. he has become a media hero. page one of the new york times. he was on meet the press today and cnn state of the union. today's headlines responding to trump firing back at the kahn family. washington post, trump stirs outrage after lashing out at muslim soldier's family. let's take a look at how trump did respond and mr. kahn appearing on meet the press. >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> the way he showed disrespect towards the mother of this country, that says it all. >> your wife? >> my wife. >> there was a moving moment because a lot of journalists
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agree with his assessment that trump is sort of antimuslim? >> the substance of trump's argument is not that he doesn't like the family or appreciate the fact that their son died fighting for america. the sum is that we need to vet people come sboog this country and it turns into this whole anti-muslim thing. it started the whole thing. here we are with the gold star family and holing up the instituti constitution. >> and this wouldn't be a big story today if trump hadn't stepped in it and gone after the family and now he is -- now he creates another cycle where he talks about how he sacrificed
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even more. >> i agree that trump stepped in it today. p patricia smith was discussed at the rnc convention. you know how she was, a writer writes i would like to beat her to death. msnbc said it is a gross akization to bring up benghazi. >> let us get a break. let us know what you think. media
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donald trump holding a 75 minute ranging from hillary's e-mails to his roll out of mike pence. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> don't ask the russians to commit espionage and commit the on the dnc or whatever. i think it is potentially damaging. >> is it possible that trump was just joking? >> i don't think it was a joke
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at all. >> you listen to donald trump, russia, are you listening? in the coverage in the washington times they took it as deadly serious and barely allowing the possibility that he was engaging in sarcasm. >> yes. every day they are looking to gather ammunition against him. you know, he shouldn't be giving them ammunition. this is a knanarrative they wan today prove. when clinton's campaign manager and he implied trump could be behind it, it was rumors and circumstance. they said this is the ammunition. this is the evidence we have to proof th prove this claim. >> and this is very typical.
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donald trump's call to hack e-mails has shocked, flabbergasted and appalled with one saying it was treason. >> that is part of the reality with this. you have to be more careful about what you say not because you're trying to mislead the american people but because other countries and people out there, presidents, putin and other people might take what you're saying seriously. we actually benefit frs ths fro. the more his supporters say screw the experts. >> the story was really about what was leaked to the dnc and it was more towards bringing the election towards hillary
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clintoclinto clinton. >> i would say the focus was on hillary's e-mails. to think that he was deadly serious, i think you would have to think trump was clinically insane. >> i didn't think he was serious. i feel like it was an echo chamber. trump more than any candidate i have seen, i have never made anyone out to be the villain. >> there can be no sarcasm from trump. i think voters do get the sarcasm. it is here we are in the beltway all accusing him of treason. they say he is being sarcastic about the fact that there are 30,000 missing e-mails. >> you're absolutely correct.
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it is just alarming at how vast that divide is. >> he attacked hillary clinton but attacking her long-time adviser so the interesting thing we are certainly all covering donald trump. >> and he does give news conferences. now it's been 239 days and he also lets the press ask him whatever questions he wants to. he is very open and trance parent in that regard. >> and the problem with that is from a campaign that you're trying to craft a message and there's no way to craft donald trump and getting a message out in those press conference. >> you violated it. he stole the show. >> that rule is out the window. he certainly violated and got
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what he wanted. thanks very much for joining us after our road trip to philadelphia. coming up next, a p
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. this come -- they say the television network should stop interviewing trump until she releases his tax return. journalism is a joke if we let it slide. this is a spectacularly bad idea. it turns media people into
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partisans. trump says he is holding back his returns because he is being audited. we would be blocking our own ability. who elected us to use the air waves as a political weapon? there is something ability trump abandon any presence of productivity. here is former moderator of meet the press after trump made the comments, clearly sarcastic inviting russia to release the 30,000 e-mails. >> i run out of words to express my shock and completely beyond that donald trump is. >> completely beyond the peal. >> they say a tv embargo would tav trump's' go and feed his vast insecurities. >> it's not free. he gets a lot of coverage
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because he takes media questions. the question would be why is hill i ha hillary clinton get free air time? doesn't she have a responsibility by facing the press in more than occasional tv appearances. take on trump over his taxes, don't threaten to with hold tv time because it is nothing short of political retaliation on a road with already damaged credibility. did the media get it back on track by hailing the speeches of
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is there a gap between how the pun dadits scored the
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convention? hillary clinton talking about the independants you surveyed. they gave it a c minus. are your folks grading the speech or what they think of hillary clinton? >> i think it was grading the speech but it's impossible to think of the whole thing. i think what i see is there is baggage. people bring all that they feel about hillary clinton when they listen to her. it is almost impossible to listen to that. they wanted to feel a little more every think. they wanted to feel a little more heard and they didn't want to feel as judged as they did. there were a lot of great points but that looks sort of the pain they were feeling. >> and donald trump is widely panned by the press. your independents gave him a b. why the gap there? >> i think they felt it was a difference speech than they expected. he was more presidential. he laid out a very optimistic
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message because he really had every think. he made people feel they were heard and understood. 72% of americans feel like we are going to wrong way. he said he would be their voice and there were things that really did make people feel heard. >> so even conservatives said bill clinton and president obama gave good speeches. in both cases they said c. they were not as impressed at the pundits. >> right. and they said bill clinton gave a good speech. barack obama between the great or and the professor. they felt he was defending his legacy and talking about how great things were when people aren't feeling things are necessarily great. >> and melania trump got an a
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before the plagiarism and michelle obama got a c plus. what counts nafor that? >> melania went in with low expect taations but that a quic became an f. i think a lot of people said when they go low she goes high. people feel the obama's really do judge the middle class and people who aren't int lek cheliy eli elite. they feelt some of the things weren't realist k realistic. >> and here is a broader
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question. do journalists watch and rate these in different ways than members of public? >> i think they are very in tune every movement, everything that's happening. they are much more informed about everything that's happening. the average american might be doing many things, trying to help their kids get dinner and multi-task. they are getting sound bites, smaller information. the way they react is very emotional. not everything is rational. i think a lot of us that are in the media looking at these things try to look at things intellectually. that's not the way people react at home. >> and with donald trump's speech being seen that's a huge audience baa l
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audien audience. thanks very much for joining us from new york. >> any time. good to see you. up next, hillary clinton sits down
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hillary clinton appeared on fox news sunday, first such appearance in five years. chris wallace asked her about becoming the first woman to win the major party presidential nomination. >> how emotional was thursday night for you? >> it was way over the top emotional. my biggest concern going out there to make that speech thursday night was whether or not i could control my emotions. >> you say whether you could control your emotions. what was your concern? >> that i would start crying. >> joining us now from new york
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is media reporter for the hill. chris wallace also asked about benghazi and taxes and the second amendment. how did he do? >> a-plus. textbook interview. the first three questions were about the dnc hack, he then pivoted over to the acceptance speech and got into something we rarely see these days with trump or clinton, a deep dive into policy positions and to get specific on certain things. this has all been about personality to this point and to finally talk about issues and for wallace to try to have her clarify i thought was textbook. >> i liked the deep dive and there were also lighter moments. why does hillary clinton suddenly give the first exclusive post convention interview to chris wallace and fox? >> she has to reach a diverse
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audio. a study on the topic of ideological composition offed aience s, 55% of fox's audience is either mixed, consistently liberal or mostly liberal. that may surprise some folks. but if hillary clinton wants to win this race and right now it's a dead heat, she has to reach the kinds of on audiences that fox would allow her to. >> and you're right, fox's network is a little are more diverse than the stereotype would have you believe. let me flip to 60 minutes oig. last week when i was in philadelphia, the hacking of e-mails had erupted. and there were among the e-mails a top dnc official who said let's good get somebody to ask
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bernie about religious, he's jewish but i heard he may be atheist. spelly oig asked this question. >> did you know anything about it is this. >> no, i didn't know anything about it and i haven't read any of those, but i ammed a today mabtly opposed to anyone bringing religion into our political process. >> now, that and the rest of pelley's exchange about the hacked e-mails didn't air on "60 minutes." it was on a web, on the radio, but not on the nation's top news magazine. what did you make of that decision? >> i think the worst bias is the bias of omission. and the fact that it did not make the broadcast element which reached 7me.the 9 million peopl instead buried on line, it's not on the home page, instead it's
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one about hillary 2k3we9ing pge apologies. so then you say maybe it was compression. but the one was why tim kaine, the first to kaine, what did you tell her you were good at and the next one, won't your hopes and dreams be dead upon arrival because of a republican congress. so those higher than the one that led to the resignation of the dnc chair woman? this is an embarrassment for "60 minutes." >> i should make clear that you can't get everything in, but will was even at a time that it was right before debbie wasserman schultz resigned and it was the top story, everybody in the media was talking about it. they had the only comments from hillary clinton and chose to put it on these other platforms. joe concha, great to see you from new york. >> thank you. still to come, back from my two week road trip, cleveland and philadelphia, final thoughts on the conventions in just a moment.
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merehere's what happens at conventions. choreography collides with realty. sure there were moments of disarray, but donald trump got a boost when his kids and wife spoke and while the pundits riding his speech as a gark exercise in fear mongering, much of the public had a more positive view. the press showed up in philadelphia expecting a hillary clinton coronation and suddenly we're dealing with the ousting of wasserman issues and booing by sanders backers. the story of party unity took a definite hit. it's times like these that journalists have to throw out our preconceived notions and precooked narratives. and if we don't, the public sees us as pushing an agenda.
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and it was scorching hot the in philly. like a sauna under the tv lights. i know this sounds like media whining, but it was all everyone was talking about. so i made a facebook live video about our 99 degree existence. and one part of that became a gift that has gone viral. it was hot. when it comes to leveling with you about journalism, no sweat. that is it for this edition of "#mediabuzz." i'm howard kurtz back in washington. we hope you will give our facebook page a look and alike. we post a lot of original kept there. you could be part of your buzz, just write us media stick to the media. join the conversation on twitter @howardkurtz and i will try to respond. the two week road trip took a lot out of us, but the people at fox were terrific in making it
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happen. we're using greta's studio while our home is being renovated. we will be back there next sunday. see you then with the latest buzz. we are now less than 100 y days away from election day 2016 and as one presidential nominee wraps up a trip across two key battleground states, the other will hit the campaign trail in the same states tomorrow. i'm patti ann browne and this is "the fox report." hillary clinton and vp pick tim kaine spent the days after the democratic national campaign in pennsylvania and ohio that voted republican in 2012. tomorrow donald trump arrives in those same states and running mate mike pence visits nevada, another swing state as the trump campaignay


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