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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 1, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good monday morning to you. hope you had a terrific weekend. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. >> thanks for starting your week with us. we begin with donald trump firing back at a growing chorus of critics upset with how he responded with harsh criticism of the parents of a fallen soldier. >> spoken ob of half of hillary clinton at the dnc when they suggested trump didn't understand the constitution. trump firing back. >> many of the gop establishment are coming up out of the cracks and taking the side of the clinton campaign. >> donald trump facing a bipartisan backlash everyone from political leaders to capitol hill are speaking out and they are saying trump was wrong about what he did what he
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said to kahn and his wife. >> paul ryan condemned him for saying why kahn's wife did not speak instead she stood silently on stage something the kahn family says because of her grief. >> jeb bush is piling on. he said on twitter, this is so incredibly disrespectful of the family that endured the ultimate sacrifice of our country. so is hillary clinton who was asked about it repeatedly on the campaign trail yesterday. listen. >> to launch an attack as he did on cap dawn's mother, a gold star mother who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their son. i don't know where the bottom is. >> trump is continue to go
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defend his remark. he said this on twitter. captain kahn killed 12 years ago was a hero but this is about radical islamic terror and the weakness of oh you are leaders to eradicate it. >> he is not backing down despite the widespread bipartisan backlash. >> trump fighting two battles the other against a commission that was this year's presidential debate. they accused hillary clinton of rigging the debates. the debate commission is speaking out denying trump's accusations and claims the debate schedule was set more than a year ago. many republicans aren't buying it. >> they aren't going to be having to base on saturday and sunday nights. they discovered with the hack of the dnc. mrs. clinton likes low audiences watching her debates. that's what she conspired for.
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mr. trump said i want a debate but i want it to be a maximum audience. >> it will be held on monday september 26th. in the moan time hillary clinton will head to nebraska this morning after a disastrous day in ohio. it forced thousands of diehard reporters to wait in the scorching heat. naerl 50 people had to be treated for heat related illnesses. >> she vigorously defended her record. it is the first time on the program in nearly five years. the democratic nominee came out swinging when she was grilled by host chris wallace about claims she originally blamed the internet video about the benghazi attack that killed four americans as opposed to
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terrorism. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video we had nothing to do with. >> well, that's not fair. if you go back and read everything that i said that day, i quoted people who talked about it being terrorism. i already said it was terrorism. there was no doubt it was terrorism. int there were riots and protests. >> not at benghazi. that's not what it was about. >> we were looking at the whole world. the whole world waudz aflame. >> clinton making the original comments when the american's bodies were flown to andrew he is air force base back home. >> julian assange is not done with the dnc drama just yet promising to hold democrats accountable for a smear campaign to keep bernie sanders off the
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ticket. they try to take attention away from a serious allegation about election and try to bring in foreign policy. >> as sang stopping short of saying who hacked the dnc e-mails but says there are more to come. they point to russia as a cull rit. private investigators making the discovery while making the dnc hack. >> the deadliest hot air balloon accident in history killing all 16 on board. they are looking into witnessed reports the balloon was packed with too many people before it hit a power line and plunged into the ground. that company's web site said it can hold up to 24 people per balloon. this we are learning the better business bureau warned people about the pilot skip nick col the six times. reports also show he was on
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probation for alcohol and drug related offenses. >> now to extreme weather. raging flood waters destroying a city. now looking like a war zone. two people are dead more than 100 as they rush out of el can city in cleveland. a woman was actual slaveed by a human chain. watch this. >> you have to. >> that is unbelievable video. the woman is okay this morning thanks to those good samaritans. the man closest to the scene is using one hand to shoot the nail biting moment. he talked about the heroic rescue. >> maria molina is here to show us right now. >> we have rain and what are we expecting now? >> we are looking at a busy day of rain in the northeast.
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we have a number of watches already issued in anticipation of that. i want to bring you the incredible video out of maryland. out there over the weekend we saw heavy rainfall. what happened there on your screen actually happened in a span of about 2 hours. 6.5 inches of rain came down very quickly. that's why you see the images there on the screen. this happened very rapidly and there is a threat for that yet again today. keep an eye out over places like new jersey over eastern pennsylvania and parts of new york state. here's what happened over the past 24-hours. we had rain across portions of the north east. some of the storms happened quickly producing heavy rooifrn similar areas over a couple of hours. that's what pro dowsed flooding over there. you can see areas picking up more than 6 inches of rere over as well into maryland. as we head into the next couple of days more rain will continue
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to fire up over many areas. heavy rain by wednesday night. we will be keeping a close watch on the area as well. over portions of his his you could be looking at heavy rainfall. across the eastern u.s. not too bad. because we had so much cloud cover and potential for heavy rain. temperatures on the cooler side. take a look at portions of southern plains. triple dig get heat for you. heat index values are going to be higher than that. let's head over to you heather and abby. >> can't get over that video. so many great people over there. >> a family vacation taking a tragic turn a 5-year-old boy is dead after getting struck by lightning. a father and a boy were hit.
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he died at the hospital. 21 people died from lightenlini strikes this year alone. pope frances taking on radical islam. it would be unfair and untrue when talking about terror or other violence. they have some type of fundamentalist group. if you speak out about fundamental violence you could do the same about other religion including catholics. >> the company throws in the towel on the china operation. cheryl casone not cheap at all. >> uber will be cebrating this morning. oot least the employees are. uber china which has been struggling is now going to churg with a company called diddy. that would mean the company would team together to offer uber and china. there have been a lot of regular story problems and other issues there. diddy is going to put a billion dollars back into uber global.
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so not only is uber skirting around a problem in china they are going to get an extra billion dollars from the global company. they are doing okay in the field this morning. >> tell us about this. american airlines pushing up the pilots to speed up the flights. talk about that. >> that's according to the union president the pilot's association in america. he came out with the statement he heard complaints from pilots of america he's being pushed to speed up flights that are under their hours. according to the aun oon president they are concerned about not having to cancel flights or delay flights because of pilots going past their scheduled hour. the pilot can't leave if he is over his limit. that's what the union president says the company pushing back just a little bit. frankly to me it looks like they need to hire more pilots.
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>> a lot of rain means a lot of people went to the theaters. >> jason bourne who doesn't love a little matt damon. the audience is quickly came into the theater. looks like this. $60 million for jason bourne. this is the fourth movie starring jason bourne. 55 percent of the audience was male. second best after bourne ultimatum. also "star trek beyond." then bad moms." >> bad moms were bad and they were so bad. >> they brought in 23.4 million. 80 percent of the audience was female. >> you have to love this one. >> those poor guys may be
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dragged to bad moms. >> i asked my husband to go, he wouldn't go. >> cell phone companies may be raising their rates. the party is over. >> can they go up any more? cheryl casone. >> the time now 12 minutes after the hour. hero cops wrestle away a felon in florida. >> wait until you see what happens after this. do you remember hillary clinton's face during the dnc speech? he has an explanation for it and he says it has nothing to do with hillary. >> hillary's running mate tim kaine spoke at the convention. the student hadz become the
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master. as joe biden put it. ♪
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. >> you are p watching a video of a mpolice trying to arrest a convicted felon. >> kelly wright is following the story. he is live for us with more on the narrow escape. so what happened? >> orlando police say it all started when two cops on bike patrol smell marijuana in the air from to men sitting in the trunk of a car.
2:17 am
it led to a struggle that became dangerous for police and part of it was caught on video. watch this. >> 2:45 in the morning these two officers are struggle to go arrest 27-year-old antoine james jordan. as you can see he is not giving up without a fight. the officers even flip hoifrm to subdue him but he squirms free gets into the car starts the engine and pulls away actually dragging the officers. >> quite a disturbing thing you see there. the two cops falling. he hit a stop sign. that's when he stopped. the man who took the video said the cops are lucky.
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>> i seriously thought he was going to get pepper sprayed or tased and i saw him jump in the car. the two cops thought they had him. one of the cops if he had been stuck between the door and tree he would have been dead. >> police caught jordan and said they found nine grams of cocaine in the car a scale and a lot of money. they are facing circumstance drug charges and saab. he had two warrants for his arrest. he's being held in jail without bond. the two officers suffered bumps and broods but they are okay and back on the job. >> that is horrible. horrible, horrible. kelly wright for us live. come to your screen right now and watch this. you are looking at a car flipping over flying in the air several times. a man is alive thanks to good samaritans who helped safe his
2:19 am
life. >> they catptured the dramatic moment. they run over putting their own lives in danger flipping that car over and pulling the driver out. that driver is expected to be okay. our second good samaritan story so far this morning. >> we have good people out there. >> not so crowning moment for miss teen usa. the twitter posts sparking outrage online. >> more trouble for debbie wasserman schultz. more heads are about to role after that e-mail hack. relook.
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>> the sun not quite up yet over new york city. hillary clinton pulling ahead getting a slight bump following the dnc. a new poll showing clinton firming up the democratic base and tightening up the race. the president shat nol knee is bringing up at 43 percent. heather? >> more that is expected to role at the dnc now that the convention is over. some plies we are hearing are going to lose jobs today after the e-mail hack showing committee members conspireing against big sugar. debbie wasserman schultz already
2:24 am
stepping down as the chairwoman of the city. they are calling for more people to be held accountable. we will bring you the latest as we get it. >> big sugar support for hillary clinton not exactly written all over his face at the dnc. remember that? >> we certainly do. he looks a little red faced as well. showing almost no emotion as clinton accepted the party's nomination on thursday. he says it has nothing to do with her. >> i always have that look on my face. nothing new. that is -- i am not always a smiley kind of guy. i thought secretary clinton's speech made some very, very important points. but the most important point to me, don, is that i happen to agree with hillary clinton that donald trump is not just a typical campaign but the campaign is not on issues as much as as it is on bigotry.
2:25 am
>> you heard it there. sanders vowing to campaign vigorously for hillary clinton to try to stop donald trump from winning the what house. she is defending her record and deflecting blame. >> i took classification seriously and relied on and had every reason to rely on the judgment with the of the professionals with whom i worked. the fact checkers ripped their argument to spreads, heather. in 1998 what do you think happened this day? >> christopher columbus landed in south america. >> and in 1914 world war i began. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief.
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>> good morning. it is august the 1st. we start out with a daring rescue and a fox news alert. good samaritans form a human chain to say a woman who is trapped by raging flood waters. the dramatic video coming into the newsroom. >> hillary clinton gets grilled about her e-mail scandal. >> fbi director james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. you also said in that hearing that you were extremely careless and neglect. >> wait until you hear how she responds in it is something else. a consumer alert to bring you. why your bill could be on its way up i want to say once again. "fox and first continues right now.
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>> a little gloomy in new york. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather nauert. it is half past the hour. let's skip right to some politics now. donald trump firing back at a growing chorus of critics upset with how he responded with harsh criticism from the parents of a fallen american soldier. >> those parents who are muslim were speaking on behalf of hillary clinton at the dnc when trump did not understand the constitution. trump fired back: they are
2:31 am
coming out and taking the side of the clinton campaign. >> kristin fisher is live with the latest on this controversy. >> good morning. >> good morning, ladies. everyone from hillary clinton to republican leaders on capitol hill are speaking out and saiding trump was wrong for saying what he did about kahn his wife and his son who was killed iraq. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and paul ryan condemned trump for questioning where the wife did not speak instead she stood sigh excellently something the kahn family attributes to her overwhelming grief not nher religious belief. jeb bush is piling on. he says on twitter this is so incredibly disrespectful of the family who endured the ultimate sacrifice for our country. he was asked about that repeatedly on the campaign trail.
2:32 am
listen to this. >> to launch an attack as he did on capital kahn's mother, a gold star mother who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their son. i don't know where the bottom is. >> trump is continue to go defend his remarks. he said on twitter, i was viciously attacked by mr. kahn at the democratic convention? am i not allowed to respond? hillary voted for the iraq war, not me. >> trump is showing no signs of backing down despite the mounting and widespread bipartisan backlash. >> kristin fisher, thank you so much. that is not the only battle trump is fighting today. he's also fighting against the commission that scheduled this year's presidential debates. trump accusing hillary clinton of rigging the up coming schedule.
2:33 am
it would air opposite the envelope football games. this morning the debate commission now speaking out to nine of trump's accusationaccus. it claims it was set more than a year ago. a lot of republicans out there are not baying it. >> we are not going to be having debates on saturday and sunday nights. >> we discovered in the hack of the dnc hillary clinton likes audiences watching in her debates. that's what she conspired for. mr. trump said i want a debate. i will do debates but i want it to be the maximum audience. >> the first debate assuming it isn't rescheduled will be held on monday september the 26th. >> i cannot wait for that. >> meanwhile hillary clinton will head to omaha, february february after a december as trous day in ohio. more than 90 minutes late to her outdoor rally forcing thousands of diehard supporters to wait in
2:34 am
the scorching heat around 90 degrees. 6 oh people had to be treated for heat related illnesses. >> e-mails, what e-mails? hillary clinton's campaign manager robby mook telling the press to forget about the 30,000 e-mails and simply move on. >> this matter has been concluded many have taken a look at this and we are moving forward. >> the own excuses have been de bunked by the of course bi. >> fbi director james comey said none of the things that you told the american public were true. he also said you were extremely careless and neglect. >> well, chris, i looked at the whole transcript of everything that was said, what i believe is number one, i made a mistake not
2:35 am
usi using two different e-mail addresses. i take classification seriously, i relied on and have every reason to rely on the judgment of the professionals with whom i worked. so in prretrospect among those 0 people, they made the wrong call. at the time there was no reason in my view to doubt the professionalism and the determination by the people who work every single day on behalf of our country. >> put it on someone else there. minutes ago the results of the fact check came in. reporters at the "washington post" analyzing that interview with chris wallace and they are not buying their defense giving it four out of four pinocchios. clinton is cherry picking statements by james comey to
2:36 am
preserve her narrative about the unusual set up of a private e-mail server. notice she only talked about e-mail never mentioned the server by the way. this the post continues allows her to skate past or more disturbing media. >> listen to the heartbreaking story. brand new video showing the deadliest hot air beau loon moments before it burst into flames. now looking into witness reports. the company's web site said it could hold up to 24. this as we are learning the better business bureau warned against the pilot. skip nichols about the drug alcohol related offenses. >> raging flood waters with a
2:37 am
historic city. making it a real mess. two people are dead. more than 100 are rescued as rain washed out that part of maryland. >> this woman being saved a human chain. >> incredible video. that woman is okay this morning thanks to the work of the good samaritans. he is using one hand to shoot the video, the other hand is a part of the chain. he will join us later on "fox & friends" to share his experience about that heroic rescue. >> unbelievable. good people out there. >> maria molina is out there reporting the latest about the flooding. good morning. >> good morning. i want to share more of the incredible images that came out of the cops in maryland. this is west of the city of baltimore. it was very significant what happened over the weekend. this could really happen
2:38 am
anywhe anywhere. what happened was we had a frontal boundary stalled out over the region. thunderstorms fired up produced heavy rain in a short amount of time. it happened in a span of 1-2 hours. we have the potential to proceed more flash flooding. we continue to see storms taping into a lot of moisture out there. many picking up 4-6 inches of rain out there. showing more storms possible across parts of the northeast and parts of the ohio river valley as well. a threat across portions of the northern plains. temperatures were a big story over the next couple of weeks ee special loifr the eastern northwest. much quieter out there now. the high expected to reach 77 degrees in new york. meanwhile across portions of the
2:39 am
plains temperatures expected to reach the triple digits in dallas and dell rio. heat index values are going to be hotter than that. >> almost the entire country is red there, heather. this is amazing how hot it is in other parts of the country. >> the time is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. if things go south for hillary clinton maybe it is vp joe biden to the rescue? what he vealed about his future political plans. >> mes teen usa forced to say she was sorry hours before she received the crown the troubles for the texas beauty. we will tell you about that. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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>> shot there in times square in new york city. this is a not so crowning moments from miss teen usa sparking some online outrage for ratist tweets she posted a few years back several posts containing the "n" word were found on her twitter account. she was not proud of it. i am proud to say i am a prouder person today she gets to keep her title and her crown. >> the forecast looking cripple for one weatherman. bob goosmann a meteorologist for a dallas radio station resigning after sparked backlash on facebook saying the dnc is parading the mother he is of slain thugs around the stage and
2:44 am
that has me furious. adding fuel to the fire people online started tagging the radio station krldam the radio station announced his resignation for that comment. you have to be careful on social media today. >> the dayings of discounts could soon be over.e cell phone spark another one. >> cheryl casone is here with what you need to know. >> all good things must come to an end. that may be the case for your cell phone plan. after years of price slashing, promotions, cheap or free devices and other dimmicks that get you to sign on the dotted line wireless companies are making money which means they want to make more money. that's how business works. sprint signalled it may be raising prices and eliminating many of the deals. verizon already raised prices on its plan. that will continue. t mobile which is really the
2:45 am
company that started all of the price wars may follow as well. the only company that hasn't signalled a price hike right now is at&t. companies quit subsidizing device costs instead making customers responsible for the price of thatter phone. it was a good thing for the companies. one of the reasons for the price hikes most americans have a cell phone companies need to spend money to upgrade networks to make data available so you can watch movies and videos and fox news on your phone. the price will probably go up 5-10 bucks for everybody. >> go to >> the picture is going viral this morning. take a look at this tree and does this tree -- perhaps our folks making up this morning haven't yet. that tree has been called the tree trump. kind of like tree trunk. a lot of people say it has a striking resemblance to donald
2:46 am
trump. >> a photographer spotted the field and even has the donald's hair. perhaps it is a warning about who could become president come november. that's pretty uncanning. >> when i saw that, i thought it was abraham lincoln, not donald trump. >> especially with the chin. >> the hair, though. >> fire enough. >> speaking of hair. looks just like thomas jefferson it must be brian kilmeade. >> a little like lincoln and trump. >> lunc we will call it. >> thanks for having me back. i know it was ultimately your decision. >> let me tell you. coming up on the show building on a lot of the themes which you have been doing we are going to talk about the battle donald trump has had with the dad and the father and what's going on with the democrats and why hillary clinton comes to the past when it comes to benghazi
2:47 am
parents who had nothing to do with kahn and what's happening at the dnc. there's who battles going on general flynn general allen. one for trump one for hillary clinton. general heamartin dempsey weigh in on this. >> crooked k hillary clinton leave this race now. >> as commander-in-chief our international relations will not be reduced to a business. >> what he had to say, very interesting. and general jack keen will be here to talk about it. when it comes to the military and candidates taya kio will be here to talk about her husband and his role in the next
2:48 am
president. joel is here. look at that. we didn't know if he was coming back from cleveland. he is here. >> we will be watching, brian. sthooivengs. >> they are both cute in their own way. >> they are both cute. >> we will be right back. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you built a sandcastle?id? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more?
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welcome back. it's about nine minutes before the top of the hour. when vice president joe biden passes the torch onto the next administration, it will be the first time in 46 years that he hasn't served in a public office. >> but the long-time politician is not closing the door completely.
2:52 am
listen. >> i don't plan on saying good-bye. this is what i've done my whole life. there are many opportunities. >> while he claimed he doesn't plan on running for any office, he also said he learned a long time ago, heather, you don't say anything for certain. >> that's true about politics. >> what has donald trump sacrificed? it is the question taking over the twitterverse. >> we talk with carly shimkus. she's here with the story everyone is talking about. >> that's right, lady. donald trump getting grilled on social media with charges that he's never sacrificed anything for the united states. >> i've got a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created tens of thousands of jobs. i've raised millions of dollars with the vets. helping the vets a lot. i think my popularity with the vets is through the roof.
2:53 am
>> folks across social media questioning that response. twitter lighting up with trump sacrifices. political commentator, once survived an entire weekend with one can of hairspray. i once played 18 holes without a caddy, #trumpsacrifices. >> too easy. >> the simpsons is back. >> america's favorite cartoon now commenting on the elections. the simpsons mocking donald trump in a new campaign ad. >> it's 3:00 a.m. and the phone's ringing in the white house. who do you want to answer that call? hillary clinton or donald trump? >> the add also shows donald trump ignoring that 3:00 a.m. call because he's too busy tweeting in bed.
2:54 am
it closes with homer deciding to be a democrat. >> you have to laugh at that. >> carly, john cena, the wrestler, he does quite the impression of hillary clinton. >> teen choice awards dove into the presidential award last night. the show's host impersonating the presidential election. >> nice pantsuit. it's huge. huge. >> nice head badger. >> you have to pick one of these two major candidates. there's no write ins. i don't want to see any of your beavers, your swifs, your pokemons. >> that was wwe's john cena as hillary clinton. the show wanted the kids to voice their political opinions. >> pink pantsuit. he's huge. >> huge. >> how about it? >> all right, carly. >> thank you so much. you can hear carly shimkus on
2:55 am
sirius xm 115. >> it's the face of fear that so many families can relate to. >> what had this dad stopped in his tracks? first, a live look at rio de janeiro and that's where the olympic games will start later this week. that's coming up. ♪ he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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two minutes before the top of the hour. the good,ed bat, the ugly. you might be seeing fewer people playing pokemon go in the street. the battery saver and the pokemon tracking system. fans are not happy about it. maybe they'll put down their phones soon and we can all move on from the saga. the bad, former texas ranger michael young's fear of clowns. he sees andres in a mask. he gets his fists ready but luckily he does not follow through. finally, the ugly, a new dad caught looking absolutely terrified as his partner gives birth. the new grandmother told him to look because the baby's head was showing. the couple ended up having a healthy baby girl. his face is probably like so
3:00 am
many other dads out there showing what they really think when they first see the baby coming out. thanks for watching "fox & friends first." have a great monday, august 1st. "fox & friends" starts right now. you good morning, everybody. it is monday, august 1st. i'm sandra smith. this is a fox news alert. it's happened again. another cop shot this time after a police chase in illinois. the officer is in serious condition we're told and the manhunt is still underway for the suspects. we will have the very latest on this for you. then, maryland in a state of emergency after being hit with historic flooding. good samaritans form a human chain to save a woman as the waters rise trying to get her out of her car. >> ready? >> all right. >> oh, man. what happened next. and i


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