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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  August 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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out my ties in the morning. this would make things so much easier. >> i just don't know how you do it. >> tough being a guy, it really is. >> good to be back with you, jon. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> "the real story" starts now. president obama right now shining a spotlight on our military veterans. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. the president speaking to disabled american veterans at their national convention in atlanta, calling the delivery of health care and benefits they've earned a promise that cannot be broken. ben collins is a decorated u.s. army veteran. great to have you here today. let me play to you something the president said couple of years back when all this was breaking. here is what he pledged in 2014. >> there is a need for a change
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in culture within the vha and perhaps the vha as a whole or the va as a whole, to make sure that bad news gets surfaced quickly so that things can be fixed. >> so here we are a couple of years later. people are asking a lot of questions about why more people haven't been fired. they've passed something on the hill that would make it easier to let go of some of these top administrative officials but we're not seeing it happen. are you convinced we're making progress, at least? >> honestly, no, because to me the bad news that travels very fast is that, yes, the number just posted the other day, it's not 22 veterans that are committing suicide a day, it's 20 veterans that are committing suicide a day. the fact of the matter is this is a cultural problem within the veterans administration. when you have the ability to justify somehow to spend $20 million on artwork at the va facility in palo alto or $400,000 on a decorative rock and $800,000 because we need to ensure that decorative rock is
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placed in an appropriate manner, that's a cultural matter. which you're president, you're the commander-in-chief and the buck stops here. >> everybody who has seen that rock and heard about it is immediately outraged, whether you're a military supporter or not, to think about people are waiting and dying while we're paying half a million dollars for a rock. in the midst of this scandal, how does that happen? >> like you said, it's a cultural problem. the problem is the bureaucracy has gotten so large. have they passed some things to make it easier? the justice department said the woman who was essentially making up the numbers so they could get their bonuses, perhaps she is allowed allowed to come back and keep her job. there are so many people that work within the va system, so many of those organizations have their own barriers and barricades so they've made it impossible. if they've hired 40,000 people,
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only one in ten or one in 11 have been medical officers. it's all individuals within the administrative side. >> you and i talked about the fact that my stepfather, thank god, was able to access va care and is doing great now. the doctors and nurses were wonderful. it's getting through those barriers. we know there is still a backlog of 450,000 appeals of people wanting to get an answer from the va about some health care treatment. they're waiting an average of three years. >> correct. and look, this isn't -- it's not rocket science. let's allow the vets to go out to have access to private care. get private care. let's not have these clinics so far away from hubs of veterans that they're having to drive hours and hours, and that's if they get on the list. and you're right, the doctors and the nurses, once they get there, the care is phenomenal, of course they care. but getting through that
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bureaucratic miasma, look, this is a guy who likes executive orders, let's try an executive order here and cut through this. aside from taking care of veterans who we made a promise to, what does this do for the next generation? this is a national security issue if you think about recruitment. how do i look at my son and say, look, you can look at the military and it's a good option because we take care of our soldiers, sailors, and marines, and airmen, right? this is a big problem for us in the future, right now. and what we've seen in the last 14 years. >> as you mentioned, there is a debate over whether it's 20 veterans a day, 22 veterans. some thing the number is much higher, taking their own lives, many caught in a situation where they're desperate for help. this has got to change no matter who is the next president. >> right. >> thanks, good to see you. hillary clinton getting the bounce she hoped for out of the
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convention. but the controversy over her e-mail scandals continues to dog her as she returns to the campaign trail. we have team fox coverage. peter doocy following the clinton campaign. mike, what should we expect from mrs. clinton in nebraska? >> reporter: hi, shannon. hillary clinton will try to make the case that she is the candidate better suited to lead our economy. she'll be introduced here in ho omaha by billionaire businessman warren buffett. another billionaire, mike bloomberg, spoke on her behalf at her convention. her e-mail controversy is back in the news. chris wallace pressed her. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i've said is consistent with what i've told the american
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people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> reporter: it is worth noting that "the washington post" fact checker gave her four pinocchios for that response to chris wallace, shannon. >> not exactly in the bag for the right wing. what kind of a bump does it appear that mrs. clinton is getting out of the nomination? we always expect these after conventions. >> reporter: that's right, it's early, but it looks like she got a bump of a few points. the latest survey out of cbs news suggests she got a 4% bump. as for her running mate tim kaine, he was back home in richmond trying to fire up volunteers. >> this is really, really important. everybody in the united states is counting on you. just about everybody in the world is counting on you.
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because america needs to lead. and we can only lead if we have the right leader, hillary clinton. >> reporter: back here in nebraska, typically democratic nominees ignore red nebraska during the general election cycle. but there is a scenario where if clinton could win a congressional district, she could pick up an electoral vote. so she's going to be out here trying to make her case, shannon. >> we know you'll be there with her, mike emanuel, thank you. our fox team coverage continues with the republican ticket. donald trump and mike pence splitting up in several swing states, hoping to divide and conquer. peter doocy is live with more. do we know what mr. trump plans to focus on today? >> reporter: we have an idea of it. he spent a lot of this week focusing on economic problems in the rust belt on bill clinton, the person that hillary clinton says would be in charge of
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revitalizing the economy if she is the 45th president. so we do expect to hear a lot about the economy, specifically what has been a centerpiece of trump's campaign, renegotiating what he thinks are bad trade deals after a stop here in ohio this afternoon and then at a stop in pennsylvania later this evening. tomorrow donald trump will head for senator tim kaine's neck of the woods, virginia. that's going to make three swing states in the first two days of the week. that's going to put a lot of pressure on the clinton/kaine ticket as they try to get the same kind of bump out of their convention as trump got and trump tries to stop him. >> what is trump saying to clarify his position on putin today, the back and forth on raus russia, are they friendly, are they not. >> reporter: he's going to great lengths after this exchange
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raidsed questions. >> he's not going to go into ukraine, you can mark it down. >> he's already there, isn't he? >> he's there in a certain way, but i'm not there. >> reporter: so trump now tweeted a clarification. it goes like this. quote, when i said in an interview that putin is not going into rukraine, i am sayin if i am president. already in crimea. it's a smaller event, even though we're in a big convention center, people are seated and we are told that people will have a chance possibly to ask questions of the republican nominee. normally when that happens, news is made. so we'll be here keeping an eye on it for you, shannon. >> we'll check back with you, pet peter, thank you. whoever becomes our 45th president, one of their duties will be filling the vacant seat left on the supreme court by the death of justice scalia, or they
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may have to appoint more than one new justice. plus donald trump calling interference over the general election debate schedule because some of those dates overlap with big nfl games. what the league is saying about what he claims, in response. ♪
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less than a hundred days now until the presidential election. and the candidates are starting to sound off about how they would like to shape the supreme court if elected. two of the justice are 80 or older and likely to age out after the next election. the candidates offered differing ideas how they'll fill those seats, as well as that of
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deceased justice scalia. >> the replacement of our beloved justice scalia will be a person of similar views, principles, and judicial philosophies. very important. >> we need to support supreme court justices who will get money out of politics and expand voting rights, not restrict them. >> matt bennett is former deputy assistant of intergovernment affairs for president bill clinton. mercedes schlapp has worked for president george w. bush. trump says people like the people on this list are the people i would pick. there's speculation about mrs. clinton and her names in the mix as well. matt, there are some court watchers who say both sides look pretty extreme. how much does this count for the fall vote? >> first of all, i'm not among them. i don't think both sides look extreme.
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what i think is most important is this. trump has put out a list, without doing any of the kind of research that a president and his or her team would normally do to pick a supreme court justice. >> we don't know that. we don't know what kind of research went into the list. i don't. >> it generally takes months to narrow down a list to pick a supreme court justice. >> matt. >> it's true. >> matt. you know that there are generally ideas of those who would fit your view or philosophy of how you would like your supreme court justices to be. trump makes it clear he wants a strict constitutionalist, he doesn't want somebody legislating from the bench. >> i would think something both of you agree on is that the next picker has the capacity to switch the court and its rulings in a way that will impact this country for potentially decades. >> i would agree for sure. here's the thing. because it's so consequential,
11:16 am
particularly this pick, you don't want to do the kind of donald trump ready, fire, aim that we're seeing. he's put people on the list that are patently unqualified, like roy moore, the supreme court judge in alabama who has done all kinds of arise things in defiance of the supreme court. this list is absurd, putting out a list at all at this stage is absurd. anything you've heard from hillary clinton other than her stated approval of merrick garland is speculation. >> we have donald trump bashing the general election debate schedule, since some of them are set for the same date and time as the nfl games. >> i got a letter from the nfl saying this is ridiculous, because the nfl doesn't want to go against the debates, because the debates will be massive, from what i understand. i don't think we should be against the nfl. i don't know how the dates were picked.
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>> okay. an nfl spokesman responding back on twitter saying, while we obviously wish the debate commission could find another night, we did not send a letter to mr. trump. mercedes? >> trump's campaign clarified and said a source close to the nfl is the one that sent the letter to the trump campaign, basically pointing out the obvious, that they're basically scheduling these debates during two nfl prime time games. and so i guess my question, shannon, i'm wondering if this commission, they might not be big sports fans, but we don't want to see what happened with the democratic primary which was that when you saw clinton and bernie, when they were having their debates, it was literally at the oddest hours, at the oddest days, no one never watched them. >> oh, come on. >> matt, having covered most of them, they were like saturday nights, holiday weekend. matt, don't you want the biggest audience possible? i have to tell you, i'm going to popping some popcorn, i think these could be really great debates. >> for sure.
11:18 am
and, you know, look, there's a lot of sports coming up in the fall. i don't know how the commission came up with these debates. what i'm concerned with is whether this is laying the groundwork for trump trying to squirm out of debating at all. he didn't get any letter, that's just made up, like so much we hear from him. why is he doing this now? there's no explanation other than maybe not wanting to debate hillary clinton. >> mercedes, do you think there's any validity to that? >> i think trump has learned his lesson, skipping that fox debate this past year, which i think hurt him in the primaries. it definitely was not favorable. i think, look, it's going to be one of the highest rated debates when it comes to hillary clinton and donald trump. no one is going to mis the biggest show on earth. that's going to be those debates coming up in october. >> we'll see if they rate even higher than tonight's
11:19 am
"bachelorette" finale, which i'm sure you'll both be watching. >> absolutely. >> thanks to you both. a video appears to show a burning russian helicopter in syria. a russian defense minister says the chopper was returning from delivering humanitarian goods to the city of aleppo. they say all five have been killed. the helicopter appears to have broken up as it crashed. in another video, its tail can be seeing lying separately from the aircraft's body, also in flames. a health scare just days before the rio olympics. why rio de janeiro's waterways could be putting olympic athletes and tourists at serious risk. the new warning now being issued. plus new clues in the search for answers after 16 people were killed in a hot air balloon crash, the very latest on the investigation. >> it sounded like a gun going off. i looked over there and the next thing, i saw a big fireball go up. and it was just -- i was just
11:20 am
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this is humira at work. o'reilly here. americans
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investigators are saying a hot air balloon hit power lines before crashing in austin, killing all 16 people on board. the ntsb is talking to witnesses who may have seen the balloon go down saturday morning. federal officials are looking into reports of foggy weather that day. casey segal has the latest. casey, investigators have already located key evidence, we understand. >> reporter: yes, shannon, they have. as you know, they've been working very hard back in this remote field behind me. that's what they've been doing, is collecting evidence and taking pictures. so the ntsb says that it has
11:24 am
recovered 14 electronic devices in the wreckage. we're talking about ten cellphones, an ipad and three cameras, all belonging to the passengers. officials say they are badly damaged. they're being sent to the ntsb lab in washington, d.c. for analysis. the hope is that techs there can extract videos or pictures from those devices to get a sense of what happened on board in those final moments, because balloons don't have black boxes. although it has not been ruled the official cause, investigators say there is physical evidence that the balloon hit power lines before it went down. now, whether there was a critical problem beforehand causing it to hit the lines, that is the big unanswered question at the moment. >> the first power line trip was reported by the utility company at 7:42. and the first call to 911 came
11:25 am
in approximately one minute later. the accident site is about eight miles from where it took off. >> reporter: local officials say they will have to use dental records to make positive i.d.s on all of the victims, shannon. >> do we know anything more about the person piloting the balloon? >> reporter: yes, the ntsb says he did have a commercial pilot's license but it had a balloon rating, meaning he could not fly airplanes or helicopters, only balloons. he's identified as skip nichols, with heart of texas hot air balloon rides. police say he was arrested in 2000 for driving while intoxicated in missouri and pled guilty two years later. those who remember him today describe nichols as an all-around good guy who
11:26 am
absolutely loved to fly and absolutely loved sharing that experience with others, which is why he operated this hot air balloon excursion company. >> just heartbreaking. casey segal, live on the scene, thank you. new troubles before the start of the olympic games. the waterways of rio de janeiro are found to be as filthy as ever, contaminated with withdraw sewage and dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria. some 1400 olympic athletes are being warned to not put their heads underwater because of the serious health risks along rio's beaches. there is also the zika virus, and now it's here in the u.s. the cdc warning some people to avoid travel to a major american city. that state's governor joins us live. plus what states does donald trump have to win? and how is he getting them locked in? we'll discuss that as well, next. perhaps it is time we acquire a larger dwelling.
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. this fox news alert, the cdc issuing a warning for pregnant women, saying they should avoid traveling to miami due to confirmed cases of the zika virus in that state. florida getting hit the hardest. the state is asking for federal funds to fight the disease but didn't get the amount asked for. the white house says that is congress's fault. >> the cdc has given out $2 million to florida in zika-specific response.
11:31 am
the cdc has also given out $27 million in emergency preparedness. we believe that's not sufficient, that congress has been sitting on a $1.9 billion proposal that would fund, more fully fund federal response to this public health emergency. unfortunately, they left town for seven weeks without doing anything on this. >> florida governor rick scott joins us now live with more. governor, great to see you, i wish it was under different circumstances. your state has a real battle on its hands now. are you getting what you need? what do you need to fight zika? >> thank you, shannon. the federal government has not been a good partner. they have -- as you know, you've heard the amount they've given us. i called a state of emergency back in february. we've allocated $26.2 million for state resources. we'll do everything we can to make sure we combat this. we're very good at this.
11:32 am
we've done a very good job with mosquito-borne diseases. we have 14 cases that we believe were locally transmitted. and we think the only issue we have is a one square mile radius north of downtown miami. we have 20.3 million people who live in our state, we'll have 110 million tourists this year. we'll keep everybody informed and safe in our state. but the federal government should be our partner. this is a national issue, not a state issue. >> so who do you blame? there was a lot of nuance to what happened with the zika funding, a lot of back and forth partisan bickering. why do you think the blame lies and are you hoping there can be some kind of compromise? >> the blame is in the federal government. the white house and congress have to come and work together, no different than i have to work with my legislator to g legislature to get things done. this is a national issue, they should provide funding and make
11:33 am
sure we have all the money we need for mosquito control, testing, all these issues. we'll do what we need to in our state. i'll allocate more resources if i need to. we're a safe state. we've had 14 cases. we've had only one square mile radius we're worried about right now. we'll stay active. we're testing people, we're testing mosquitoes. we've found no mosquitoes with zika croacross our entire state. we'll stay active with this and keep our people safe. >> there's no travel ban, there's sort of a warning for pregnant women for a specific area. i'm proud of my home state, it's a great place to travel and travel is an important part of the industry. how worried are you? >> everybody realizes we're a safe state, we're at a 45-year low in our crime rate. we've been taking our time, working on this since february. we declared a state of emergency then. we provide local funding for mosquito control, local funding for county health departments to
11:34 am
make sure we are ready to deal with this. and look, we've controlled dengue fever. we'll work hard to control this. the federal government should understand, this is a national and international issue and they should be our partner. >> governor, on to the campaign. you are a donald trump supporter. he is of course counting on wins in big swing states, he's going to have to to put together that electoral college in order for him to have a chance to beat hillary clinton in november. right now the real clear politics polling shows them in a dead heat in the sunshine state, trump up by the slightest of margins, .3 percentage points. what do you think he needs to do to win over florida voters? does hillary clinton have any kind of edge when it comes to the issues that matter most to your folks? >> shannon, i'm the chair of the p.a.c. that will get donald trump elected. we have two ads up. one of them hillary clinton is trying to get taken down because
11:35 am
she said outsourcing with going to continue and she's not going to do anything to fight it. the issue is going to be no different than 2010 when i ran. it's about job creation. donald trump knows how to create jobs. hillary clinton is a career politici politician, has never built jobs in her life, she has not supported our military, has not destroyed isis. she had her chance and failed. >> you saw yesterday on the sunday shows that she with our own chris wallace on sunday talked about the fact that the fbi essentially cleared her, she's got a bump off the convention like you would expect to see and like mr. trump got as well. how does he close the deal and make some inroads with florida voters who could be critical to this whole thing? >> the most important thing he can do is talk about how he's going to create jobs. and we know hillary clinton can't, hasn't, has never focused on -- even though we've added 1,127,000 jobs since i got elected, it's still the number
11:36 am
one issue in our state. it's a much bigger issue outside our state. if he talks about job creation, talks about supporting our military and law enforcement and destroying isis, he will have a significant win in our state and i predict nationwide. >> governor rick scott out of florida, i hope to be home for a visit soon. >> come back, shannon. >> i will. two other key battleground states, donald trump and hillary clinton fighting for working class white voters in ohio and pennsylvania, key states. blake berman has more from washington. these two states a big priority for for anybody who wants to win the white house, blake. >> reporter: ohio and pennsylvania top of mind for donald trump and hillary clinton. trump is set to make a stop in each state, columbus, ohio in a half hour, then he heads over to harrisburg, pennsylvania. clinton spent the first three days after her convention trekking across both states on a bus tour with tim kaine, running mate, alongside.
11:37 am
clinton tried to portray trump as a businessman who has already pulled money off the table for that region. >> we're dealing with somebody who has a history of stiffing people, making things somewhere else besides america, and whenever possible, hiring foreign workers. >> reporter: during clinton's stop, trump tweeted out the following, quote, the rust belt was created by politicians like the clintons who allowed our jobs to be stolen from us by other countries like mexico. end! shannon, this is an issue that resonates for trump in that part of the country. >> how close are the raises ces these states? >> reporter: razor tight, in ohio a point there, clinton barely a top. in pennsylvania, clinton is up about four points in that state. however the polls post-convention still haven't come in so we'll have to see how that all shakes out.
11:38 am
keep in mind, president obama won both of those states in both 2012 and 2008. these two states, shannon, combine for 38 electoral college votes. you can most certainly expect to see clinton and trump to be in and out of ohio and pennsylvania. >> big prizes there. mike, thank you. a weather alert now. at least two people dead, hundreds ended up being rescued in maryland. the severe flooding there just west of baltimore, the pictures are unbelievable. maryland's governor has declared a state of emergency. check this out, heart stopping video of the rescue of a woman trapped by the rushing waters. watch this. that restores my faith in humanity. check out these good samaritans forming a human chain to save a
11:39 am
woman who essentially was trapped in her car. the water is about to sweep them away. a man carrying her in his arms to safety. incredible. with more on the severe weather and what areas could be hit next, meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center. that weather no joke, janice. >> no joke, and flooding is one of the biggest killers of americans. unfortunately as meteorologists we can tell you the general area where we think flooding is going to happen. to pinpoint the exact location is still extremely difficult. that's what happened over the weekend with the maryland flooding. in some cases, two to four inches, and in isolated areas they received over six inches in just a couple of hours. that's why we saw incredible damage in the area south and west of baltimore. you can see that flooding, which really happened between 6 and 8:30 p.m. on the weekend, around the baltimore region. the pictures are just incredible. and i mean, my heart is just out
11:40 am
of my chest looking at that video. people need to be so careful. that's why we say turn around, don't drown when you see flooding. you can see the radar across the ohio valley, mid-atlantic and northeast. we have a slow moving system. if people are taking their vacation along the east coast, today not so great. tomorrow, improved. we'll see a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the area thursday. thursday, friday, the weekend looks a little bit better. through the next couple of days, watching the mid-atlantic and the northeast. our next system pushes across the midwest and ohio river valley. we have severe weather that could strike the plains today with damaging winds and isolated tornadoes as well as flooding. >> thank you, janice, for the update. >> of course. a murder mystery is even more mysterious in a case that rocked the nation 15 years ago. the man convicted of killing
11:41 am
former congressional intern chandra levy is now free. and the congressman who was having an extramarital affair with her is told he is not a suspect. when does this case go now? plus north carolina's bathroom law facing a key test as a lengthy legal battle gets under way. ♪
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. i'm jon scott on the fox news desk. donald trump set to speak at the top of the hour. we'll bring that to you live. plus word of a criminal out for revenge and making haunting threats against an nypd captain on a radiofrequency that only police are supposed to be using. we'll have that and much more when i fill in on "shepard smith reporting." a murder case that captivated the nation's capital some 15 years ago is back in the spotlight. chandra levy was a washington intern who was having an affair
11:45 am
with a married congressman before she disappeared and was later found dead. in may 2001 chandra levy's disappearance was reported. later, her body was discovered. ingmar guandique was convicted of her killing. a judge granted him a new trial and now all charges have been dropped with no known suspects. the u.s. attorney in deke says the reason is because, quote, based on recent unforeseen developments that were investigated over the past week, those charges are going away. joining me now, rod wheeler, former washington homicide detective. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> rod, we've been picking apart this case for more than ten years. where do you think we go from here? the one guy who was jailed was essentially, technically cleared. are there any other suspects?
11:46 am
>> i said back then that guandique was not the murderer. i actually walked rock creek park, the area where her remains were found. guandique was historically a career criminal, but a sex offender, not necessarily a murderer. the case is reopened. there's going to be a new set of homicide detectives to give fresh eyes and a fresh look to what they have now and see if they can come up with notary suspects. >> i want to read a quote from gary condit's attorney, he was the congressman apparently having an affair with her at the time she disappeared. quote, the failure of authorities to bring formal closure to this tragedy is disappointing but in no way alters the fact that mr. condit was long ago completely exonerated by authorities in ms. levy's death. there are some who say there will always be some sort of cloud over him if there is not a resolution to this case. one of the problems was with
11:47 am
somebody who was working with prosecutors and may not have told the truth and in the end wasn't believable enough to sustain the case against guandique. >> sure. well, the government relied on a jailhouse enforcement. as a government prosecutor i know when you put all your eggs in one basket, you better have corroborating evidence to support. and the government didn't have any of it. they solely relied on this individual that said i was in jail with the defendant and he confessed. well, it turns out that since then, he's been running his mouth on recorded statements saying i lied, i did it to get protective custody and a better living situation. so now the government is faced with this case, they have to either retry or dismiss. and in light of the impeachment evidence, the incredible evidence, they have elected to dismiss. >> for impeachment, to break it down for people, it basically undermines the credibility of the individual's statements that they've made to this point. rod, you talked about a whole
11:48 am
new set of homicide detectives and tackling this. what happens to the evidence after all of this time? i assume it's been preserved. >> right. >> i assume it's in good custody in the meantime. >> right. but there wasn't a whole lot of evidence, shannon. that was the other issue with the chandra levy case. there wasn't a ton of evidence. the only thing we had was the remains, that was the bones. here is something you have not heard anywhere else. if this were my case, a homicide i was reopening, you know who i would be taking a look at? i would take a close look at jesse matthews. viewers may be saying, who is jesse matthews? he's the guy that was recently convicted of killing morgan harrington in charlottesville, virginia. the kicker is in 2000, jesse matthews was accused of rape of two females that looked almost identical when you look at race and age as chandra levy. so jesse matthews was not far
11:49 am
from this area in 2001. that's an area or an aim that i would definitely be looking at right now. >> david, very interesting point there, potentially. >> sure. while there is interest to continue to investigate this case, there's always going to be that cloud over a future prosecution. an individual has been prosecuted and convicted. there's third party guilt potentially out there. if there is another suspect developed or another charge of homicide lodged, it's going to be tough to prove. >> david, rod, great to see you both, thanks for shedding light on this case. after zipping around a cul-de-sac and plowing through a lawn, police got their woman. oh, boy. you've got to hear the details. plus freedom for a young grizzly bear released into the wild but now facing a very uncertain future.
11:50 am
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here's what america is clicking on, officials in mt. releasing a young grizzly bear. this is part of an effort to boost the numbers of bear in the area and track their movements with radio callers. people chugging beers while running a race in london. they have to drink four brews during the course of the one-mile run. >> banning soldiers from paying pokémon go. the military says it could leak sensitive information. shocking moments during a high-speed police chase that lasted nearly two hours in southern california. trace gallagher is live with details on this wild ride.
11:54 am
>> reporter: we get a lot of car chases in southern kaz but not a lot of women involved, but today a female driver took state troopers on a doozie. it began at 4:00 in the morning when an off-duty highway patrolman spotted what he thought was a drunk driver. he went ton the freeway, then then the 405, before pulling off in long beach, speeding through intersections, narrowly missing other drivers. c.h.p. cheesers tried to pin her in but failed. the woman stopped four or five times as if to give up and then would speed off. after an hour and a half of cat and mouse in residential areas the driver got back on the 405. went into orange county, transitioning on to interstate 5 and into san diego county, when she got past oceanside she drove
11:55 am
east on highway 76, making her way interest a neighborhood in north san diego county, a place called fallbook then three hours, four c.h.p. pit maneuvers and a bumper richard off, she made one last ditch effort to escape by crossing someone's lawn but they pinned her in. even after she was cuffeds' into a police cruiser she tried again to run. now she is in jail facing numerous charges and it's still unclear if she was actually under the influence of alcohol. >> that's to be determined. wouldn't be surprising. i would say, she seems pretty talented. after she has paid her debt to society, if convicted, maybe she could work as a stunt driver. she got away from four pit maneuvers? i don't know. maybe she is already a stunt driver but she was pretty successful there for a while.
11:56 am
>> reporter: it's going to be a while before she gets her license back so might have to put the stunt driver gig on hold. she might have been driving a few years. >> thank you very much. a walmart worker going beyond the call of duty, way beyond. we'll tell you about the amazing way he helped a homelessman get back on his feet, literally. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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and this saving applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. a walmart employee in georgia is getting a lot of attention for a generous donation. a customer said she just finished shopping when she saw him take off his converse shoes and give them to map sitting outside. powell explained he has been homeless before and knew how the man was feeling. the customer shared the photo on facebook. the story has gone viral. we figured you needed to
12:00 pm
goodness on a day like today. we love that story and maybe it will retire you to reach out to others round you as well. now we'll continue on with the news. jon scott is in today for shepard smith. >> moments a. from donald trump speaking at a town hall event in ohio. what could be the biggest swing state in this election. we'll see what trump has to say. probably heard hillary clinton got a bump in the polls after her convention. where do things stand with independents? the voters who could decide the race. an intense new phase in the war on isis. american bombs falling over libya. plus, a chilling mystery threatening the nypd, an unidentified voice stalking the police radio and promising deadly revenge on the officer who put him in jail. that's all ahead this hour.


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