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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 2, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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after a weekend on the defensive on a number of fronts, donald trump tries to reset, preaching economic opportunity in blue collar battleground of the rust belt. this is "special report." washington. i'm bret baier. with the fallout from a sunday show interview still reverberating on casual news, donald trump tried to get back to what his team considers the winning issues. promising to supply jobs to blue collar regions in the country that are demanding big changes and insisting hillary clinton is more of the same.
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but his comments over the weekend have continued to dog him all day. john roberts has more. good evening, john. >> reporter: bret, good evening to you. donald trump in pennsylvania, he's been here a number of times. but it's a state that hasn't voted for a republican since 1988, but it remains a big battleground state donald trump needs to put in his win column if he hopes to become president. donald trump followed his rival into ohio and pennsylvania today, hoping to flip the outcome of the 2012 race. >> it's very sad. you know, shouldn't be so much about politics, folks. we're going to do a town hall, so we'll be talking about questions. >> reporter: clinton now leads in both states, though two polls in ohio had the race there even up. trump is banking his political hopes on a message of economic opportunity, contrasting his plans for job creation, lower taxes, and better trade deals
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with those than his opponent. >> ohio has lost 1 in 3 manufacturing jobs since bill clinton signed nafta. bill clinton signs it and hillary clinton wants it. >> reporter: trump also doubled down his determination to battle islamic terrorism. the trump campaign saying it's not him against the kahns, the world against isis. but it hasn't silenced criticism of trump. in atlanta today, president obama took a veiled swipe at the republican nominee. >> as commander in chief, i'm tired of some folks trash walking america's military and troops. >> reporter: senator john mccain also took a shot at trump writing i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with his statement. i hope americans understand his remarks do not represent the
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views of the republican party. and the vfw said, election year or not, the vfw will not tolerate anyone berating a gold star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. trump took on critics of comments he made about russia when he said russia would not go into ukraine. >> just so you understand, he's not going to go into ukraine. mark it down. >> he's already there isn't he? >> in a certain way, but i'm not there yet. >> reporter: one adviser suggested trump was thinking about something else. another said trump was merely reflecting the new reality that crimea is in russian hands and will likely stay that way. a position trump articulated today. >> so when i said, believe me, russia's not going into ukraine, all right, they're not going into ukraine. the person said, but they're already in ukraine. i said yeah, but that was two years ago, that's -- i mean, you want to go back?
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do you want to have world war iii to get it back? >> reporter: trump is also pushing back today against reports he lags behind hillary clinton's fund-raising, but refeeling in the past month, he's raised $35.8 million in small donations. bret? >> john roberts in pennsylvania, thank you. two speeches, both by grieving parents, one given at the rnc whose mother died at the benghazi attack. the other at the dnc whose son tied in iraq. one went largely ignored, the other made headlines. howard kurtz takes a look. >> reporter: two parents, both touched by tragedy, gave impassioned speeches on big stages. kitzer kahn, a muslim father whose son was killed in iraq
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denounced donald trump at the democratic national convention. >> have you even read the united states constitution? >> reporter: patricia smith, whose son was killed in benghazi, denounced hillary clinton at the republican convention. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> reporter: but only one of them drew enormous media attention. kahn's speech made the front page of "the new york times" and invited on cnn's "state of the union." >> that's again, the height of ignorance on the part of a candidate for the highest office of this nation. the way he showed disrespect towards the gold star mother of this country, that says it all. >> your wife? >> my wife. >> reporter: he was referring to trump's appearance on abc's "this week." >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: "the washington post" said she was too emotional to speak.
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some analysts said trump escalated the controversy. >> this wouldn't be a big story if trump hadn't stepped in it and gone after the family. >> reporter: but what about patricia smith? true, she castigated clinton before, but her speech was widely ignored and in some cases, attacked. >> a writer tweeted, i would like to beat her to death. later had to apologize for it. and msnbc said she ruins the night and it's a gross accusation to bring up benghazi. >> clinton took a softer approach. >> chris, my heart goes out to both of them. i don't hold any ill feeling for someone who, in that moment, may not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said. >> reporter: and today, kahn was back on the tv circuit. he's ripping trump for pushing a temporary ban on muslim immigrants, which is unpopular with the media. smith is blaming clinton on
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benghazi, which the media says is unfair, and that seems to show in the coverage. hillary clinton is enjoying a bounce from last week's democratic national convention and hoping to win over people in the heartland during a visit to nebraska. but she's also trying to spin some comments made right here on fox news yesterday. that opened her up -- opened up rather one of her biggest vulnerabilities once again. mike emanuel is traveling with the clinton team in omaha tonight. good evening, mike. >> reporter: bret, good evening. it is rare for a democratic nominee for president to visit nebraska, but hillary clinton is getting some help from a well-known business tycoon. after a battleground bus tour of pennsylvania and ohio, hillary clinton will campaign in red nebraska with warren buffett. he's the latest business leader to endorse clinton after she campaigned with mark cuban in pittsburgh and michael bloomberg's speech at the dnc. while clinton is not likely to
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win the cornhusker state, it is possible to pick up an electoral vote if she's victorious in the congressional district that leans democrat. >> i feel comfortable when people learn more about what i've done -- >> reporter: clinton is also dealing with fallout from her interview, blaming her critics for making a caricature of her and placed blame for the hack of the democratic national convention. >> we know that russian intelligence services, under the firm control of vladamir putin, hacked into the dnc. >> reporter: an assertion that the director of national intelligence wasn't willing to make last week. >> i don't think we're quite ready yet to make a call on attribution. i mean, we all know there are a few usual suspects out there. >> reporter: clinton scapegoated others for her e-mail mess during her time as secretary of state. >> i relied on and had every
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reason to rely on the judgments of the professionals with whom i worked. and so in retrospect, maybe some people are saying, well, those -- among those 300 people, they made the wrong call. >> reporter: yet when challenged by wallace that fbi director james comey said she was not truthful with the american people, she disagreed. >> he said my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retro actively certain of the e-mails. >> reporter: that assertion earned her four pinocchios which conclude that -- >> reporter: that likely damages her poll numbers on being honest and trustworthy. a new poll suggests clinton
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earned a four-bump last week from last week's convention. a survey has her leading trump 46%-39%. nebraska republicans say clinton is wasting her time and money campaigning here, but it will likely energize the state's limited number of democrats and omaha media also serve parts of western iowa, a battleground state. >> mike, thanks. what do you think of hillary clinton's comments on fox news sunday? let me know on twitter and use the #specialreport or go to facebook/bretbare. the kremlin says all five crew and officers aboard a russian transport helicopter, shot down over rebel territory in northern syria, are dead. there's been no claim of responsibilities so far. sit the deadliest single incident for the russian military since its entrance into syria's civil war.
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the u.s. mission in libya is changing. warplanes are now targeting isis in what some are calling mission creep. >> reporter: the u.s. is launching another phase in its war on isis, now in libya. u.s. planes hitting isis strong holds, with claimed success. >> translator: the first such strikes have begun today are specific sites in the city of cert, causing heavy losses. >> reporter: with the u.s. led military pressure growing in iraq and syria, isis established a new dangerous beachhead in libya last year. while the u.s. has targeted isis figures in libya twice since last fall, following terror attacks in paris and tunisia, today's strikes are the first time the u.s. has acted in coordination with combat troops on the ground.
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government militias have had success. militant totals are down to 1,000. >> we've seen isil's numbers reduced in libya, and we think this precision air strike capability, this unique capability that we can provide to their on going efforts can make a difference. >> reporter: according to some, isis is making plans to flee the city and set up cells elsewhere. libya itself remains fractured, militia fighting militia. the u.n. backed government fragile. critics say this is the result of an ill-planned western military toppling a former libyan leader, moammar gadhafi. chaos that also resulted at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. for continued fallout from the fall of the gadhafi regime and the rising unrest across the region. >> reporter: the pentagon says a new wave of air strikes against
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isis in libya will be limited. past history says otherwise. bret? >> greg palcot in london, thanks. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the bombing of a guest house in kabul, afghanistan. this follows a massive bombing last month that killed dozens. connor powell has more on what appears to be an escalation of taliban terror. >> reporter: gunfire filled the morning air in kabul, as the taliban launched an attack on the north gate hotel. a large international compound near kabul's airport. a massive truck bomb ripped through the security wall, killing one police officer. the blast was so powerful, this man says, it threw me about a meter from my bed. taliban fighters then tried to storm the hotel after four
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hours, afghan police repelled the attack. none of the hotel's customers were injured. security across the country remains fragile, as the taliban continue to make gains. while today's attack comes a week after isis claimed credit for an explosion that killed 80 people, from afghanistan's shiite minority group. with the security situation deteriorating, president obama recently abandoned his plan to reduce the size of the american military force in afghanistan. deciding instead to keep 8400 u.s. troops there until the end of his term. he said he hoped to reduce the number to 5500 by 2017. >> if these terrorists succeed in gaining areas and camps where they can train and plot, they will attempt more attacks against us. we cannot allow that to happen. >> reporter: in addition to the
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larger u.s. military force, the pentagon has stepped up its air campaign against insurgents this summer. so far, though, the taliban are proving they're able to strike whenever and wherever they want. bret? >> connor, thank you. pope francis says he will not label islam as terrorists. the pope talked to reporters following a huge youth oriented mass in poland. he says it's not right to identify islam with violence, saying every religion what he calls a little fundamentalist group. up next, president obama insists he's made things better for veterans. do you agree? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 2 in detroit, with more problems for flint. trash collection has been sus sended. flint has been dealing with a water crisis. fox 13 in seattle, where the state attorney general is going after comcascomcast, accusing t
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company of deceiving customers for paying millions in worthless fees. and this is live in austin. the big story there, the investigation into saturday's deadly hot air balloon crash. all 16 people on board died. authorities believe the balloon hit high tension power lines. an ex-girlfriend of the power says he was a former alcoholic with a history of driving while intoxicated but adds he never flew while drunk. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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a former fbi electronics technician has pleaded guilty to acting as an agent of the chinese government. prosecutors say he provided sensitive information in exchange for money. he's facing a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. president obama is touting progress in taking care of veterans by his administration, but even as the commander in chief talks about upgrading services, there are new questions tonight about where some of the money is really going. kevin corke reports tonight from
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the white house. >> we've got a lot more work to do. >> reporter: president obama today at the disabled veteran convention in atlanta, highlighting improvements in veterans care. >> we can't let up. >> reporter: the president thanked veterans for their service and tried to move beyond the scandals over lengthy wait times for veterans seeking medical time. >> during my presidency, we will have increased funding for veterans by more thanle 85%. >> reporter: but the administration was also spending more on tax dollars for art on veterans facilities, like the $6 million spent on art at a facility in california, including more than $1 million doled out for a decorative rock. in all, nearly $20 million spent between 2004 and 2014. the spending, laid out in a
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report by the watch dog group "open the books," alleged the v.a. spent $18 million of the $20 million during the obama administration alone. >> no blind veteran can see a fancy sculpture and every veteran deserves to be able to see a doctor. >> reporter: critics said it's about priorities. >> the v.a. is violating the social bond to care for the warrior who fought so hard for us. >> reporter: on capitol hill, despitecembein a statement kirk said --
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>> reporter: one more expenditure, this is a real head scratcher. $21,500 for an artificial christmas tree delivered to a facility in ohio. it's difficult to explain that when you consider the long wait times when that was tied to not having the money for proper staffing. >> kevining thank you. we'll follow that story. >> one of the architects of obamacare said he was wrong about an important part of the program. dr. bob kosher writes in "the wall street journal" that it was a mistake to consolidate doctors who larger physician groups. he says having every provider owned by a single organization does more harm than good. on twitter, he says he still agrees with 99% of obamacare. a mixed day on wall street today. the dow dropped 28, the nasdaq
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up 22. a devastating flash flood, frightening images. two people lose their lives this weekend. we'll go live to the maryland town where tragedy struck and struck very quickly.
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the cdc is warning pregnant women not to travel to an area in miami where there are 14 infections of the zika virus, likely transmitted by mosquitos. ten new cases were announced tooth. they are all clustered in a square mile neighborhood. the cdc says pregnant women who live there should take steps to prevent mosquito bites and sexual spread of the virus. >> what we've seen is continued mosquito activities, more adult mosquitos and larveal mosquitos and cases that the florida health department found. so we advise pregnant women not to travel to this one-mile area
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north of downtown miami. firefighters are battling a massive blaze in california. the 10-day-old fire has destroyed 57 homes and threatens 2,000 additional structures. it covers an area of more than 62 square miles so far and less than 20% contained according to authorities. firefighters hope to get a break this week with cooler temperatures and increased humidity. from fire out west to flooding in the east, two people are dead and a maryland town is devastated following a storm saturday night. >> reporter: six inches of rain in two hours turned ellicott city into a wasteland this weekend, the same rivers that made this a perfect mill town two centuries ago deluged downtown with a month's rainfall
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in minutes. it rained up streets and flooded out or carried more than 100 cars downstream. >> it was a flash flood and i thought we were going to have winner and within five minutes it was panic. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: two people lost their lives. this motorist might have lost hers too, if not for the brave men who coaxed her out into their human chain of safety. gretchen says her store was among the businesses wiped out by the surge of water. >> i think it was about 8:00 when my staff member called me and said that the building was shaking, she thought it was upstairs. >> reporter: this morning she was awaiting a police escort to tour the downtown, fearful that 14 years of hard work and thousands in investments may be lost. >> i was told the counters were floating, so i have a lot of fear about all my equipment
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being gone, you know, all the freezers and refrigerators and everything. it's a lot. >> reporter: state leaders are beginning the process of applying for federal disaster assistance. >> we've been through blizzards, hurricanes, we've lived through terrible train accidents. i have never seen the devastation like this. >> reporter: officials are promising to rebuild ellicott city, despite its history of repeated flooding. it's expected to take months and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. >> doug, thank you. the chief spokesman for the rio olympics says he can guaranty athletes can compete in safety that's in response to a study finding viral contamination in all outdoor aquatic venues for the summer games. the a.p. found waterways to be
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contaminated with raw human sewage. it also warns that beaches are dangerously polluted, as well. hillary clinton gets a bump and gets knocked over claims of truthfulness. we'll talk about it all with the panel when we come back.
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director comey said that my answers were truthful and what i've said is consistent with what i have told the american people. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails sent or received. was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on three of the documents. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified information on my e-mail. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws the handling of
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classified information, there is information that they were extremely ca ly kaly careless i handling of classified information. >> basically this brings up questions of trustworthiness and the problems that hillary clinton has in that category. in fact, "the washington post" gave her answer on the e-mail situation four pinocchios, it's highest rating for non-truth. saying -- >> this comes as new polls just surfaced. we have cnn in a post democratic national convention with a big bump, about seven points for hillary clinton. and then you have cbs with a new poll out, also seeing a hillary clinton bump. but here on this question, you don't see much movement. this is the honest and
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trustworthy question, the cnn poll, up four points. is she honest and trustworthy? but that's where she was before the gop convention. and trump is roughly the same number. there you see post gop convention and post democratic convention. honest and trustworthy a big factor in this election. steve hayes, laura ingram, and vick miller. okay, your thoughts on the fallout from this interview? >> certainly this is a clear indication that hillary clinton is still trying to have it both ways regarding her e-mails, refusing to admit a mistake. that's been her problem the entire time. had she come out and said i shouldn't have done this, and there may be classified information on there that may be marked classified after the fact, she wouldn't be in this situation right now. the problem is, she's been trying to have it on every side of this issue, all the way through the last 18 months.
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>> laura? >> she has an astonishing ability to look into chris wallace's eyes, and say oh, no, she clarified things. md then added the little cute thing about her mother loved fox news. that's all nice and well and good. but this is about her tenure as secretary of state. we just heard from barack obama last week that she's the next qualified person in recent memory to run for president. she's sophisticated, experienced, look at her resume. if she didn't know that you couldn't do this, you couldn't put a government server in your bathroom, what does hillary clinton know about basic issues of foreign policy? that was a stunning back and forth around apparently she can lie with impunity to most people in the press. >> her campaign was on msnbc this morning and talked about
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this exchange and tried to explain it further. >> what director comey said was that he believes there was no basis for her to believe that the e-mails in question that you're referring to, that she had any reason to believe that they were classified -- >> i believe he said -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> certainly she should have known not to send classified information. that's the definition of negligent. i think she was extremely careless. that i can establish. what we can't establish is she acted with criminal intent. >> it's pretty stark. it's like they think we don't have videotape. >> it's like a direct, indisputable false claim, and hillary clinton's claim was even worse. we have seen this -- to me, the most astonishing thing, i think it is remarkable she's able to look into the camera and say, these things we know to be
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untrue. but it's not just that lie. it's not just like that's the one lie that director comey said what she said was consistent with what i've told the american people. everything she said about the e-mails has turned out to be a lie. you look at that original press conference she had at the united nations. you can go through and mark off her statements one after another after another of things that have turned out to not be true. many of those things she had to know weren't true when she said them. others she may not have known weren't true but ended up not being true. her entire defense of the e-mails is built on a mountain of lies. >> so paint this race now. she seems to be focusing more on trump, making it a referendum on trump. she's in nebraska talking about trump more than the jobs or economy or anything else. >> what's notable about her convention speech, that was the
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one opportunity to explain who she is and turn that number around. instead, most of that speech was devoted to attacking donald trump. you know, the fact that her trustworthy numbers didn't improve after that convention, only one person is responsible for that, that's hillary clinton. >> four points. she goes back to where she was pre-gop convention after a week of saying how great hillary clinton is. >> that gdp number that came out on friday, 1.2% economic growth, we had to go back and look at the economic forecast. they were all downgraded, because everybody is wrong. they thought the economy was going to grow. the economy is growing at a snail's pace. we have no movement in economic growth. that should be donald trump's focus. his focus has to be on the failed clinton/obama economy and
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foreign policy. the country says 70%, we're going in the wrong direction. that's on obama and clinton's watch. donald trump needs to stay on that. she has no defense to that, none. that's why she's making it about trump. >> we're going to talk about donald trump and statements next panel. but for hillary clinton, is this going to work? making trump less appealing, making this a trump referendum? >> we don't know, but the reason they're doing what zeke pointed out is they don't think she's going to turn around her untrustworthy statements, because it's not about one statement or one speech. it's about a career. hillary clinton has made a career out of being untrustworthy. it's what she's done. you can go back and donald trump will surely do this. talk about the '90s where she wasn't honest or last week where
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she wasn't honest. this is who she is. the campaign has probably take an cold, hard look at this and said yeah, she may be a liar but she's crazy than to try to up end the public perception that she's not a liar. >> it has to be a referendum on the status quo. if you think things are hunky doery, vote for clinton. but if you think we need change, trump is banking they'll go for him. >> quickly, zeke. the change maker argument, is it a little tough for her? >> absolutely. she's moved away from making that so much. as much as she can make this a referendum on donald trump is the only way she'll win this thing. it's making the chaos argument against donald trump and they tried to do that last week.
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if they were to make this about change or anything like that, we would have seen that on stage. next up, donald trump talks jobs and immigration in the rust belt, trying to turn the conversation from an interview that is still getting attention.
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have you even read the united states constitution? i will -- i will copy. you have sacrificed nothing. and no one -- >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say, you tell me. >> how would you answer that father, what sacrifice have you made for your country? >> i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work very hard. i've created tens of thousands of jobs. built great structures. i've done -- i've had tremendous success. >> the fallout from that interview and that exchange with the gold star family who remember talked tat democratic
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national convention continued, mr. trump on twitter saying mr. kahn who does not know me, attacked me from the stage on the dnc is now all over the tv doing the same. nice. this comes after the trump campaign put out a couple of statements this up governor trup and i believed that captain khan is an american family like all gold star families should be cherished. he gave his life to the global war on terror. this is a growing list of republicans who have come out and denounced this saying first, if anything, on the push back should have been a praising for their service and sacrifice. >> yeah. i mean, this is classic trap set by the clinton campaign. probably some vetting bet going on behind the scenes he won't take the bait. and he did. counter puncher. they set this up where he attacked the people you
1:51 am
can't attack. there is no way for him and it's hard to come up with words to subscribe these are folks who lost their son serving in the u.s. army. and here donald trump is attacking them in sort of very political terms and personal terms. and it seemed like -- it's a politically a no-win position for donald trump to be in. and it's a huge unforced error for him in this race. >> anthony mccarthy wrote a interesting piece in the national review today look, on the immigration question with the muslim ban, there is no constitutional prohibition on that. that was meant to only prohibit there would be a religious test for public service to work as a public official. but i think you are right, zeke, whether his attacks are accurate or not it's just not worth donald trump's time to be lodging these protests against whether it's mr. khan or frankly any critic. what he should do, and i said this before on this show, focus on american renewal. that rust belt that he is at today, they need to hear a
1:52 am
positive message of economic renewal. that means redoing trade deals to be more beneficial to the country. that means making sure that americans get these jobs first and foremost. and paring counsel this regulatory nightmare that is hurting small business in this country. if he focuses on that and focuses on the corruption in this city that is rampant among, i would say, people in politics, lobbying, law firms, media, all of it, if he focuses on that, can he win it. if he gets stuck in side show and allows it to spin out for four days it's not going to work for him. >> trump supporters say they looked at pat smith and how she was handled when she spoke about her son being killed in benghazi and they see a correlation and contrast. others say cindy shaheen from the code pink activist lost her son, how george w. bush handled that would have been a better example. >> look, i don't think there is any question that there is a double standard in the
1:53 am
way that media has treated pat smith on one hand and the khans on the other hand. donald trump does this routinely jumps to conclusions aren't warranted by the facts in evidence. he alleges that khan was silent because she is muslim. she wasn't silent because she was muslim. she is silent because she was devastated over losing her son. good muslims to speak out. why don't they say more? these are by all accounts good muslims. they sent their sons to die in iraq. he has spoken out, the father has spoken out against islamic radicalism. i could understand why he would be rankled by the speech. to engage in a fight against them is not only tactical stupid it's wrong. >> that interview did get a lot of news elements. another was his relationship with vladimir putin, george stephanopoulos asking about
1:54 am
that. >> what exactly is your relationship with vladimir putin? >> i have no relationship with putin. >> i just want to clear this up because you did say on three different occasions had you a relationship with him and now you say there is none. >> i don't know what it means by having a relationship. i mean, he was saying good things about me. i don't have a relationship with him. i didn't meet him. i haven't spent time with him. i didn't have dinner with him. i didn't go hiking with him. i wouldn't know him from adam except i see his picture and i wouldn't know what he looks like. >> again, everyone has pointed back to previous interviews. a quick look at a couple of them. >> i do have a relationship. and i can tell you he is very interested in what we are doing today. i was in moscow recently i spoke indirectly and directly with president putin who could not have been nicer. >> i got to know him very well because we were both on "60 minutes," we were stable
1:55 am
mates. >> laura, it is an issue. >> this is what i would say about this, the left, which, of course, is going to exploit this and trump has to be more careful with his language no doubt about it. they have zero credibility on russia. i know a little bit about russia. they have absolutely no credibility on beating back russian aggression or vladimir putin. removing a missile field. advancement of crimea. >> simple question about the relationship? >> i don't know what the relationship is. all i do know we know what the relationship between united states and russia is terrible. on friday we learned that russia and china as you reported on friday is doing joint naval exercises in the south china seas. what does hillary clinton have to say about that? >> what he said there is untrue. he wasn't stable mates with on 60 minutes. we will be back. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a boy's final
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wish g ...
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8-year-old son of the marine named hahn area marine camp pendleton saturday. dream came true he had been battling rare genetic disease. the marine corps saying i feel wyatt has faced more hardship any marine has gone through and for that he should be given the title. wyatt lost his battle sunday i do did iing at the hands of that disease. did he so as an honorary marine. semper fi. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> good morning. it is tuesday, august 2nd. donald unleashed. >> doubling down on his attack
1:59 am
against hillary clinton. the controversy of the week. >> radical jihadists unleashing tear. >> they get rid of the pencil em mow ji with a squirt gun. they will replace it on every iphone in america. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> the sun not quite up here in new york city. it could be a nice day today. happy tuesday morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". >> i am abby hunts man in for
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heather childers today. donald trump ramping up his rhetoric against his rival hillary clinton, this happening overnight. donald doubling down on his democratic challenger by calling her the devil. >> kristin fisher is live for us in washington, d.c. following the latest development from the campaign trail. crystal, good morning. >> donald trump is really doing his best to try to move the conversation away from this controversy. his son was killed in iraq. he's doing it by trying to shift the subject to radical islamic terrorism and using some of the harshest rhetoric. that is really saying something to describe hillary clinton. trump used no words he called his democratic rival the devil. he says big sugar would ernie s going up with


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