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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  August 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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flossing is essential for oral health. now there's a wrinkle. after the associated press asked the feds for scientific research to back up the advice, the government said it isn't any. the american dental association still recommends flossing to prevent dental disease. >> word for the wise. goodbye, everybody. we begin with a fox news alert. the head of the nation's largest police force is stepping down. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. new york police commissioner bill bratton is resigning. there have been protests against the city's broken windows policy. black lives matter protested in front of city hall yesterday demanding bratton be fired. the mayor made the announcement a short time ago. >> i'm happy for the future and happy for your future.
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but i want you to know this extraordinary friendship, i'll miss seeing you every single day but this friendship and this deep, deep connection will continue. i want to thank you for all you've done for the people of new york city. >> rick leventhal is live in new york city with the breaking news. >> reporter: hi, shannon. bratton says he had an offer from the private sector that he said he couldn't refuse. he's the most widely recognized face in american policing according to "the new york times." he was expected to retire in 2017 but at high noon, mayor de blasio announced the change in command. >> bill bratton, known for law enforcement not only here and across the nation, in september commissioner bratton will retire from the nypd.
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>> reporter: bratton replaced ray kelly in january 2014, his second stint as commissioner of the nation's largest department. he also ran transit police in bean town and the green apple. he served in vietnam before joining the boston pd in 1970 and brought an aggressive style of crime fighting to the nypd, going after small time crooks and using computer programs to add patrols to the city's most dangerous neighborhoods. bratton said there's never a good time to retire but a right time, and he's confident the city is in good hands. >> as we go forward in facing creasi crises, crime in america, there is no police department in america that will be better prepared to face all that we are going to have to face in the future. >> reporter: the current chief of department james o'neill will take the reins as commissioner. he was sworn in as patrolman 33
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years ago. he says it's not a dream come true since he never imagined he would one day wind up in charge. >> a big changing of the guard. rick, thank you. >> sure. the clinton campaign following the road to the white house through central florida. vice presidential nominee tim kaine stopping in daytona beach, focusing on jobs and the economy, while hillary clinton sets her sights on another battleground state, colorado. meanwhile the aftershocks from leaked e-mails are still shaking up the party. what is the latest fallout from the democratic national committee? >> reporter: there are reports from the associated press and others that more heads are rolling at the democratic national committee. it sounds like personnel moves are likely. this comes following the controversy last week at the democratic national convention involving former chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz, leading to her resignation. the hack of the dnc revealed
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favoritism of the clinton campaign over the sanders campaign. that made sanders and his supporters furious, and debbie wasserman schultz was on her way out heading into last week's convention. it sounds like more personnel moves are likely as the dnc tries to turn the page. >> what are you hearing about getting the republican candidate back on the campaign trail? and what's on the agenda for hillary clinton in colorado? >> reporter: hillary clinton will be doing more fund raising in colorado after her campaign announced it brought in $90 million in july, its big u.s. fundraising total so far. she's looking to build on that edge. there are also calls for her former rival bernie sanders to get back out on the campaign trail to help candidates with similar views to his progressive views. aids close to sanders say he's itching to get back out there helping those who share his
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values for senate raises bces bo those in local races. he's hoping to campaign for about 100 candidates this fall. last we saw of hillary clinton, it was in nebraska and she was sounding very confident. >> here's what we'll do. i will, shortly after i become president, as soon as i can arrange it, come back here and warren and i will dance in the streets of omaha together. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: clinton doing some fundraising here in battleground colorado. she'll do an event here tomorrow, investing a lot of time and energy. this is one of those purple states out west up for grabs. we expect her to spend a decent amount of time here from now until election day. >> and not a bad place to spend some time. good to see you, mike. >> reporter: it's beautiful. thank you. the pittsburgh police chief is asking the city to review the speech he made to the democratic national convention last week. he says he asked for the investigation because the police union accuses him of violating
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city code which prevents police from making political statements. he's defended the speech, saying he only talked about the need for police to improve community relationships and didn't endorse any candidate. donald trump holding a rally today in virginia, the backyard of hillary clinton's vp pick, senator tim kaine. the rally marked mr. trump's third swing state visit since yesterday. he pounded hillary clinton on everything from terrorism to her campaign donations. senior national correspondent john roberts is live at trump tower in new york. john, what happened at the rally today? >> reporter: shannon, good afternoon to you. back in new york city where donald trump will stay until tomorrow. it was a big rally in sterling, virginia today. he mused about the idea that maybe he needs to start doing arenas as opposed to high
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schools. he's trying to make some in-roads in virginia where donald trump currently has a five-point deficit in polls. he was trying to get past the controversy that happened over the weekend where he had that feud with the khans, that gold star family that spoke at the democratic national convention. a veteran in the audience, who prior to the rally came up to donald trump and gave him a copy of his purple heart, listen to what trump said. >> something very nice just happened to me. a man came up to me and he handed me his purple heart. he said, that's my real purple heart, i have such confidence in you. and i said, man, that's like big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: donald trump saying it was the real purple heart but
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in interviews later the man said no, it was a copy of it. donald trump trying to create the narrative, shannon, that the families of the victims at benghazi are not getting the same amount of attention as has been paid to this controversy over the last few days. he's lining up a few of those benghazi family members to come out in support of him. charles woods was out talking earlier, we'll probably see more of them throughout the rest of this week as they try to suggest that hillary clinton lied to them and did not pay as much attention as was necessary to what was going on in benghazi. >> it sounds like the president is weighing in on this race for the white house again. >> reporter: oh, yeah, big time. he had a press conference with the prime minister of singapore a short time ago where he took a very hard swing at donald trump, saying he is unfit to the president, and reaching out, sending a message to republican leaders to say you ought to just throw this guy overboard. listen to what the president said. >> the question i think that
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they have to ask themselves is, if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? what does it say about your party that this is your standard bearer? >> reporter: as you can imagine, donald trump did not take that lightly, releasing a statement a short time ago saying, quote, obama/clinton have single handedly destabilized the middle east, handed iraq, libya, and syria to isis, and allowed our personnel to be slaughtered. hillary clinton put the whole country at risk with her e-mail server and lied repeatedly about her conduct with endangered us all. now, trump's rapid response organization really has kicked into high gear in the last couple of weeks, shannon.
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we'll see a lot more of this. he's headed to florida, daytona beach, and jacksonville, for what promise to be very large rallies. >> where there is a razor-thin margin between the two. thank you, john roberts, so much. thousands of refugees on u.s. soil, many got here illegally. now they're being granted temporary amnesty. what does that mean for you and our homeland security? it might look like a scene from a movie, a car flipping over and over on a busy street. that got a little too real for the driver. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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the military now prepping for its next stage. the u.s. air force today says an
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initial squadron of lockheed martin s-35s is ready for combat. the u.s. marine corps declaring a first squadron of f-35s ready for battle in july of last year. growing controversy over the obama administration's decision to grant temporary amnesty to some 8,000 syrian refugees in the u.s. even if they got here illegally, which means refugees who never underwent any kind of background checks. william le jeunesse joins us live from los angeles. >> reporter: granting refugees protected status makes those here illegally here legal. they can get a driver's license, work permit, and access to welfare. secondly, the administration already brought in several thousand refugees. tps is over and above that because it falls outside congressional limits on
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immigration, what critics call a backdoor. tps is status normally given to small group because of a hurricane or earthquake. but secretary jeh johnson is granting rolling amnesty to any syrians who arrived after 2012, an approximate 8,000 who will not are required to appear for a ground check. critics say they have no way to prove intent or identity. >> they come from afghanistan, some are from kosovo inside europe, some are from north africa. they say, look, we lost our documentation when we had to flee, but they are from syria. the europeans can't prove it one way or the other and we won't be able to either. >> reporter: the administration says this is about compassion. syrians are leaving the region in droves, legally and not. congress pushed back when the president wanted additional refugees and candidate hillary clinton wants to bring in 65,000 syrians annually.
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tps is the backdoor. we have about 300,000 immigrants here from 12 countries living under tps, including salvadorans granted access after an earthquake in 2001 and hondurans after hurricane mitch in 1998. they are still here and there's no reason to believe, shannon, that the syrians will ever be required to go home either. back to you. >> all right, william le jeunesse reporting from l.a., thank you. police in central florida are investigating a horrific-looking crash where a car flipped several times and the driver survived. the car first hit a mailbox, careened into atvs parked outside a store, and continued to roll, eventually landing upside down. witnesses ran over to help when smoke began pouring from the car. they were able to flip it back over and pull the driver out through the sunroof. police tell us the 43-year-old driver is in good condition and is expected to be okay.
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no one else was hurt. big changes coming to mickey d's, revamping its food to keep up with the clean label movement. but is anyone going to mcdonald's for health food? we'll talking about that. and who is suing the nation's biggest cable company comcast. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
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mcdonald's is changing up et cetera its menu again, trying to turn its sales around. some of the changes include cage-free chicken, using butter instead of margarine, and hormone-free dairy products.
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but will consumers ever see the fast food chain as a healthy option? recently they did these all daybreak fast things. it sounded like it was successful. and now they're going in a more health conscious direction. do you think it will work? >> i really think so. after decades of hearing how bad we eat, how poorly we eat, rather, it really is starting to resonate. people are saying, hey, you know what, i don't want high -- >> the fructose. >> the fructose, syrup. i don't know about you, when i grew up, butter was evil. now they're saying, bring back the sugar and butter, that's healthy. it's weird in an odd way. i do think it's going to help. the company has had amazing success. they listened to their consumers, and i think it will work. you know, you look at chipotle, which was spun off of mcdonald's, it has this amazing
11:22 am
run for a long time now. there is a cautionary tale there. you don't want to get too organic. >> right, you have to be careful. >> but people do believe in health consciousness. it's a good move. >> they've got 14,000 restaurants and locations, 50% of their menu will be affected by these changes. i have to confess, i love mcdonald's and french fries and deliciousness but i don't ever think about, i'm going there for a healthy meal. i think of it as something fun, i'm going to enjoy it. when i was a kid, if i got a good report card, i went to mcdonald's and had filet of fish, do they still have that? >> they do. millennials think differently. my son is 19 years old. he's got a very sophisticated pall pallette. we are living longer as a society. there's sense, if we're living
11:23 am
longer, let's make it as healthy as possible. i'm even buying into this. i think it does resonate. i think it's working. cigarette consumption is down, our consumption of things like ketchup is down because we understand the contents of it and we don't want that in our body as much as we were before. >> i want the french fries and ketchup. >> you can afford it, i can't. comcast has been hit by a $100 million lawsuit by the state of washington, who says they used a pattern of deceptive practices, including improperly charging customers for service calls and engaging in improper credit screen services. comcast denies the claim, saying in a statement, given that we were continue to working collaborative with the attorney general's office, we're surprised and disappointed that they have instead chosen litigation. i told you that i tweeted out about these stories and my twitter is filled with a lot of comcast hate.
11:24 am
people are happy about this, consumers. >> across the country you have a chorus of the world's smallest violins saying, oh, poor comcast. how many people watching this show spent the whole day waiting for the cable guy to come, because they weren't specific on what day. >> or a.m. and p.m. >> tell me about it. it wasn't just jim carrey in the movie. people do feel universal animosity toward them because we've all had these frustrating experiences for them. i'm not one of these guys for government intervention or government suing private companies. but if they charged you for things that are their fault, that's just an awful way to treat your customers. >> so we'll see if it plays out in the market. that's part of capitalism and people making choices. >> if you say you're coming at 11, come at 11. >> people say in a lot of markets they don't have choices. but we know the way people consume television, there may be
11:25 am
other options out there. we'll watch this. >> absolutely. next time you get some fries, save me one. >> i'll eat one and give you the rest. that's our deal. a foreign spy accused of giving intel to the chinese. he was an fbi employee with top secret clearance. how much information did he steal? plus donald trump getting the first ever negative post-convention drop. i didn't know there was such a thing. hillary clinton has outpaced his fundraising at a rate of three to one. how does he stop the slide? for the life of me, i don't know why someone runs to be president of the united states who thinks and says we never win anymore, our country is full of losers. >> she doesn't give a talk like this with no telepromptelepromp. she reads something and leaves. she goes back home and goes to sleep.
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new security concerns had he highest reaches of law enforcement after a long time fbi employee admits to being an agent of china. dug mckelway is live in washington. doug, what else do we know about this supposed spy? >> reporter: shannon, he was widely known as joey chun. he was born in china and worked for the fbi since 1997.
11:30 am
yesterday he pleaded guilty in manhattan federal court to acting as an agent for china. he said, between 2011 and 2016, on various occasions i acted in the u.s. at the direction of a chinese official. the department alleges he photographed documents in a restricted area of the fbi's field office, documents that included details about surveillance technologies used by the fbi. he sent those photographs to his personal cellphone and then later sent them to, quote, chinese official number one in china. shannon? >> doug, so there have been accusations from chinese-american groups that the fbi has been profiling chinese-american citizens. what's that all about? >> reporter: that's one of the reasons that over the last two years, the fbi has dropped three high profile spying investigations against chinese-americans suspected of leaking secrets. in chun's case, the fbi secretly recorded conversations between chun and an undercover agent.
11:31 am
in one of those conversations chun said he, quoted, expected a cut of any payment that the agent received for providing information to the chinese government. he said, quote, i could get you connected, and then i'm going to stay off, you know, you do your thing, you make your money, i don't really care, but if you make any money, just give me a little bit. chun's associates did that and more, helping him to pay for trips overseas and for prostitutes. he also admitted he knew he was supposed to have disclosed in numerous fbi disclosure forms all of his contacts with foreign nations. he failed to do so. chun is scheduled to be sentenced in december. he faces between two and ten years in federal prison. >> doug mckelway in washington, thanks, doug. donald trump suffering a slide in the polls following the two national conventions. the new gallup poll finding half of the country is less likely to vote for trump as a result of the republican convention. only 36% of americans are more likely to vote for trump. meanwhile, clinton is hauling in
11:32 am
more cash than trump, raising $90 million in july. trump is collecting just $35 million. now he's claiming the system is rigged against him. >> poor bernie. he looks so upset. you know what? he made a mistake. he shouldn't have made a deal. sometimes -- he lost. he lost. first of all, it was rigged. and i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, honest, because i think my side was rigged. >> larry o'connor hosts "mornings on the mall" and is editor at large for great to see you both, gentlemen. >> great to see you. >> simon, we'll start with you. why is this so close? if trump is such a flawed, terrible, unfit candidate, why is hillary clinton having such a hard time with him like she did with bernie sanders? >> if you look at the poll averages today, hillary is up
11:33 am
about five points now, it was two points a few days ago, it's now been about five points. we'll take that. i mean, in a presidential election, that's almost the equivalent of a landslide victory based on the way the electoral college goes. we always knew this was going to be a tough race. democrats have organized well, we've raised a lot of money, we'll have a good team on the field. let's come back next week and see where we are. we'll take where things are today. we're also getting more confident that we know how to run against trump now and will do well in the fall. >> larry, so many twists and turns, it's literally like whiplash, a new drama every day on both sides of this ticket. let's talk about mr. trump. it seems there are a number of unforced errors that continue to happen. here is what president obama said today about him as a potential commander-in-chief. >> there has to be a point at which you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states.
11:34 am
even if he purports to be an of me my party. >> we assume there he's talking about mr. trump and not mrs. clinton. >> although it's interesting, he could very well with been. this was supposed to be a press conference about the tpp which his candidate, mrs. clinton, has decided she's against. the entire convention last week was pretty much an anti-tpp convention, so no wonder he pivoted this press conference to talk about donald trump instead. it really is a despicable move. does anybody believe that george w. bush thought that barack obama, a two-year senator and state senator from illinois, that he was qualified to be commander-in-chief? he never said it and he certainly never said it overseas. this is a dangerous thing he does. i wish barack obama, when asked a question, would think for a minute and say, you know what, i'm going to stay out of this conversation for a minute and let the american people to
11:35 am
decide. i want both trump and obama to do that. i think trump and obama are similar personality types, they can't help themselves. >> simon, i bet you like that part of the president's personality. >> donald trump has attacked the european union, attacked nato, attacked our own military. >> he has not attacked our military. >> he has, he said it's disgraceful, despicable, incapable, repeatedly, larry. >> hold on just a minute, larry, i'll give you a chance to respond. >> when i listen to donald trump, he sounds less like a patriot and more like vladimir putin in his analysis of the state of the united states. i think this is part of what pushed the president to speak today, which is that we are growing concerned with where donald trump's loyalties lie and how committed he is. >> wow. >> how committed he is a patriot. that's why we're having this
11:36 am
discussion today. >> yet larry, the people who love him feel like he does love america in a way that they love america in a way that they don't feel their current leaders love marr america. >> it's amazing to me that simon has said that the republican nominee is unpatriotic and doesn't love this country and possibly is aligned with vladimir putin. forgive me, but i believe it's your candidate who actually as secretary of state allowed our uranium reserves to be sold to russia. she's the one who allowed russia to grow in such a way that they invaded ukraine. she allowed millions of dollars to go to her foundation and her husband's and that included her decisions, and that allowed national security secrets to be accessed on her servers. if you're questioning somebody's loyalty, you better look inward instead of outward. >> gentlemen, we have to leave, always a treat to see you, and i know you always love seeing each
11:37 am
other too. see you soon. severe thunderstorms and heavy rain causing serious flooding in south carolina. parts of the capital city, columbia, were left underwater. at the height of the storm, thousands were left without power. today parts of the southwest were expecting more flooding. we saw heartbreaking pictures of flooding over the weekend, this continues in different areas now. >> absolutely. it's the same system that we are dealing with today that we saw the flooding over the weekend. it's a slow moving low pressure along with a cold front that is just lumbering along. and with that, a lot of deep trip to moisture connection here. we saw several inches of rainfall across central south carolina in just a matter of hours. that's why we're seeing those pictures of the flash flooding. this is the time of year that we typically see these big thunderstorms dropping the potential for several inches of rainfall because we've got the tropical connection, the atlantic here. there is the last 24 hours.
11:38 am
you can see the showers and thunderstorms associated with this front across the southeast. that's going to be really ongoing for the next 12 to 24 hours. forecast precipitation not out of the woods for south carolina. you can see several inches of rainfall through friday. so this is a situation we're going to be monitoring. and then it's monsoon season across the southwest. we've seen a lot of flooding pictures out of arizona and new mexico. the potential for more flooding. and the monsoon season typically starts in july and august, so we've got a few more weeks of this. the forecast prescription through friday, again, several inches of heavy rain, and this is the desert, so any rainfall accumulation of such is going to cause the potential for flooding and we have flash flood advisories in effect for the areas that you see shaded in green. and earl, we just got a new advisory on earl, tropical storm earl. 50 mile per hour sustained
11:39 am
winds, making a beeline towards the yucatan peninsula. we could see devastating flooding from this storm system as it continues to move west and perhaps into the gulf of mexico. we think it will then move into mexico. we'll have to see. again, the potential for heavy rainfall as well as tropical storm-force winds for this very vulnerable area. we actually could see this become a hurricane. so we'll be watching this area the next couple of weeks. shannon, we're getting into the tropical season, we'll have to watch it carefully. we have some waves off the coast of africa that we're monitoring. >> we're so grateful and fortunate to have you on watch always. >> absolutely, nice to see you. >> thanks, janice, you too. a north carolina father of three lucky to have alive after his suv plunged into a sinkhole in durham. police say the victim was driving home from walmart when the car fell into the 15 to 20-foot-deep sinkhole caused by
11:40 am
flash floods. the driver was seriously injured but we're told he's going to recover. with congress on vacation, the pentagon is announcing air strikes in libya at the request of that government. is the u.s. committing to another military conflict? we'll take a look at the strategy that's going on there. plus it's something we do every day, but a new study says you may have been wasting your time all these years. what's in your medicine cabinet that you may want to think twice about, coming up. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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test. ♪
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gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. i'm harris faulkner on the fox news desk. ahead, how big of a bounce hillary clinton really got from the democratic convention. a republican campaign strategist is calling post-convention polling a political sugar rush. i'll ask him why with a healthy bounce for hillary clinton there are still questions whether she can sustain it. see you on the deck when i fill in for "shepard smith reporting."
11:44 am
thailand has a national election coming up and the country decided to show off to the people just how secure their ballot boxes are. take a look at how it went. [ laughter ] >> the shatter-proof box, you can see there, it shattered. i hope it goes better for the actual election this weekend. u.s. military expanding the battle front on the fight to destroy isis, launching air strikes against islamic state targets inside libya. the pentagon saying today it won't be a long operation, and it only came after a direct request for help from the u.n.-backed libyan governmental. >> we would be prepared to carefully consider any request
11:45 am
for military assistance. we have now responded to that request and will continue to work closely with the gna to help the government restore stability and security in libya. as you have heard the secretary say many times, combating isil's spread along with defeating it in iraq and syria and defending the homeland against the external isil attacks are the three primary goals of our military campaign. >> isis remains a dominant force inside syria, controlling vast swaths of the country despite an extended air campaign from u.s. air carrier groups. as many as 5,000 u.s. soldiers are on the ground in iraq. rick grennell, a fox news contributor, good to see you today. >> good to see you, shannon. >> were you surprised when you got word of the air strikes? what do you make of this operation in libya? >> look, i think that the libyans have been asking for a while, certainly the french have been asking for a while to help
11:46 am
in northern africa. and the obama administration, remember, is stuck in the political argument that president obama made a long time ago, which is no more boots on the ground, he doesn't want to start any new wars. so no matter what intelligence comes forward, he is reading that with a little lens to say i don't want to do anything about putting boots on the ground. and so what's happening in syria is we have air strikes, and 63 countries doing air strikes, and five years later we still haven't been able to find the demand and control center for isis. so isis now growis into libya. we know libya has been an unfolding disaster ever since hillary clinton made her judgment that we should remove the leader and yet not have a plan after that. so now we're finding ourselves being forced into doing air strikes in libya. you know, you've got to think of islamic radicalism like a
11:47 am
balloon. you can squeeze it here but it's going to come out on the end. you have to figure out how to crush it completely. that means finding the command and control center. the only way to do that is to have boots on the ground which will give us accurate, timely intelligence. >> and to the point about any boots on the ground, there was a little bit more discussion about that in the pentagon briefing today. we want to play a bit of that. >> are you making it clear there are no u.s. teams of any kind on the ground? or are you just specifically saying there are no u.s. on the ground related to this particular operation? >> i'm -- this is specific to this operation. i'm not going to get into what we've talked about previously, the small number of u.s. forces that have been on the ground in libya. they've been in and out. i'm not going to get into that any further. >> rick, in talking about this operation today, they said it would be very limited, very specific. we've seen that with a number of things we've tried with regard to isis. are these focused, pinprick operations, whether it's air strikes, small teams on the
11:48 am
ground, is it ultimately going to work? >> no, it's not going to work. you just have to look no further than syria to see that 63 countries, for five years, have been doing the exact same thing. i feel for the pentagon spokesman because i've been a spokesman behind the podium where you're instructed by the white house where you can't go, what you can't say. this is an administration that has total political arguments on everything. so the pentagon spokesman is literally being told by the white house, do not say that we have boots on the ground because president obama has committed to not put boots on the ground. so he's doing this dance knowing full well you've got to have somebody on the ground. but you can't commit to a real force on the ground. it's politics over a military operation. >> the next person to become commander-in-chief will have a very full foreign policy plate. rick grennell, thanks for lending us your expertise today. a pilot leaves a cockpit to take control of a dangerous situation on board the plane. this amazing video as he helps
11:49 am
tackle a very badly behaving passenger. you don't want to miss it. >> sit down, enough! you don't put your hands on my flight attendant! enough!
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
here's what america's clicking on today. a daycare center in new hampshire opting out of pokemon go after observing a number of strangers hanging around the property. nintendo agreed to their request. an 8-year-old in california is raking in the dough after starting his own bakery business. good for him. mom says he's been getting a lot of requests for his goodies and attended a local business mixer. and a car you always wanted. a replica of the 1966 bat mobile. for sale in philly. the asking price, though, half a million bucks.
11:53 am
an unruly passenger kicking a flight attendant then pushing another to the ground. that is when the pilot stepped in. trace gallagher with more on that. this is the kind of pilot we all want, trace. >> reporter: right? you want this guy. it happened on americanairlines flight from lexington, kentucky, to charlotte, north carolina. it's a one-hour flight with fellow passengers say 25-year-old michael kerr had, you know, roughly three jack daniels. during the trip he was apparently fine but when the plane landed and was taxiing to the gate the police report says he got out of his seat before it was safe to do so and refused to s sit down. when a flight attendant intervened he threatened to break her jaw, stormed to the front of the plane kicking a flight attendant and pushing a third, and that's when the captain got fed up. watch. >> no, i don't. >> sir. sit down. sit down.
11:54 am
enough. you don't put your hands on my flight attendant. >> whatever you do, it's going on facebook and you're a -- yeah. >> we kind of bleeped out the cussing there. the pilot and co-pilot helded unruu the unruly passenger on the floor until police arrived using a seat belt to restrain his legs. kept threatening to put the whole thing on facebook. he told the pilot to get off of him while he still has a chance to save face. michael kerr ended up spending a night in jail and never did post his complaint on facebook but did announce on social media he's getting married and better hope it's a local wedding because the judge now banned him from flying until after his trial. by the way, the flight happened about a week and a half ago, but shannon, we just got the video and you had to see the video to believe it, right? >> you can't misbehave now. everyone's got a camera. by the way, speaking of social media, during your story cindy tweeted to us, "i want that
11:55 am
pilot in my plane. is he single?" we'll research, cindy, and find out for you. >> i'll let you know. >> thank you, trace. all right. remarkable love story dating back all the way to world war ii. they were once told not to get married. it's a great thing they didn't listen. ♪ i'll be coming home ♪ wait for me ♪ your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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we eloped because they didn't want us to get married yet. they said we were too young. >> says, i'll tell you what, if you last a year, i'll give you 100 bucks. >> i heard it $1,000. >> huh? >> i heard it was $1,000.
11:59 am
>> well, maybe it was. >> oh, my gosh. dad said it would never last. a couple renewing their vows to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. such a sucker for those stories. back in the day the lucky fellow's father had bet the marriage would not last a year. everybody thought they were too young. well, the groom collected on the bet and obviously the husband and wife have been winners in love ever since. what we need to know is their advice. 75 years. congrats. is it actually worth it? a bombshell new "ap" report finds despite the government's own decades-long recommendation to floss, there is never any scientific proof that flossing works and doesn't even prevent gum disease or cavities? flossing supporters point to a study that found flossing does fight plaque and gingivitis, very important, too. the federal government recommended flossing since 1979. i think i had all my baby teeth gone by then. when the federal government
12:00 pm
issued its latest dietary guidelines this year, the flossing recommendations have been removed without notice. can't just sneak that up on us. apparently you did. we'll see you tomorrow. now, we take you to harris who is in today. the back and forth. president obama going off on donald trump at a bilateral news conference as the prime minister of singapore sat and watched. a short time ago, a statement released, donald trump's candid answer back to the president. a new poll shows hillary clinton is making big gains after her convention. how long will it last? i'll talk with a republican campaign strategist about two signs he says indicate clinton's surge is only temporary. also, a former top intelligence official's explosive claims. he says russia was actually not behind the hacking of the democratic party's computers. he says the hackers work for our own government and his


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