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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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issued its latest dietary guidelines this year, the flossing recommendations have been removed without notice. can't just sneak that up on us. apparently you did. we'll see you tomorrow. now, we take you to harris who is in today. the back and forth. president obama going off on donald trump at a bilateral news conference as the prime minister of singapore sat and watched. a short time ago, a statement released, donald trump's candid answer back to the president. a new poll shows hillary clinton is making big gains after her convention. how long will it last? i'll talk with a republican campaign strategist about two signs he says indicate clinton's surge is only temporary. also, a former top intelligence official's explosive claims. he says russia was actually not behind the hacking of the democratic party's computers. he says the hackers work for our own government and his claim,
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they're targeting hillary clinton for revenge. really? it's all ahead in this hour. first up on the fox news deck, president obama says donald trump is unfit to be president and that he, quote, keeps proving it. the president today also went after republican leaders for continuing to support trump. watch. >> there have been republican presidents with whom i disagreed with, but i didn't have a doubt that they could function as president. i think i was right and mitt romney and john mccain were wrong on certain policy issues, but i never thought that they couldn't do the job. >> it didn't take long for donald trump to respond. he chided the president for supporting hillary clinton and said she's the only one who is actually unfit to be president. trump called clinton a thief and
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a crook and said she lies more than any human being he's ever seen. >> she's got no gravitas, and by the way, she's got a bad temperame temperament. she's got a temperament of a loser. i mean, i'm going to get the barack obama clips when he beat her eight years ago. barack obama said things about her that were so bad and today i just said, do me a favor, look them up because i remember how bad. now all of a sudden, he's supporting her. >> trump yesterday called clinton the devil and said bernie sanders made a deal with the devil by endorsing her. trump also said he's worried general election is going to be rigged. and then there's this. a series of new polls showing hillary clinton got a big bump from the democratic convention. flipping the lead and widening it over trump. in a poll from cnn/orc, the democratic nominee now leads the republican nominee 52%-43%, a 9-point gap and it is the gap which has pollsters saying she had the biggest bounce. immediately after the rnc
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convention remember, the same poll had trump beating clinton 48%-45%. other polls show clinton pulling away from the gop nominee. according to one survey from gallup, the rnc may actually have hurt donald trump. it shows 52% of americans claimed they were less likely to vote for him after the party's nomination convention. gallup reports it's also been asking this question about democratic and republican c conventions since 1984 and the first time a greater percentage of americans have said they're less likely to vote for a candidate. john roberts is live outside trump tower here in new york. john? >> reporter: good afternoon to you, harris. just as donald truruonald trump to put behind him the controversy surrounding the feud with the gold-star family that erupted after their apeernls pe at the democratic national convention, a close friend and adviser is stirring the pot. a short time ago, governor chris christie in a press conference called donald trump's comments, quote, inappropriate, saying the
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khans have earned the right to say whatever they want, whether it be right or whether it be wrong. chris christie also said he didn't particularly agree with the khans on that point. donald trump still, though, on the campaign trail today showing he has a large measure of support from military families. when prior to the event a veteran came up to him and presented donald trump with a copy of his purple heart medal. listen to how trump responded. >> something very nice just happened to me. a man came up to me an he handed me his purple heart. he said, that's my real purple heart. i have such confidence in you. and i said, man, that's, like -- that's, like, big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: tomorrow, donald trump will be in a heavily military area. he has what promises to be a very large rally in the city of jacksonville, florida, where polls show he has a razor-slim
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lead over hillary clinton. harris? >> yeah, so earlier today on "outnumbered" we covered live the president's bilateral news conference with singapore's prime minister and it was an unenviable place to be for the prime minister as he stood there and watched our president go off on the republican nominee. he really went after trump. >> reporter: yeah, was basically just standing there as the president took the press conference in a political direction, lashing out at donald trump saying he's unfit to be president, going so far as to urge republican leaders to throw him overboard. listen to part of what the president said. >> the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia, means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job.
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>> reporter: as you can imagine, donald trump wasn't about to let that egg just lie there. in a lengthy statement going off an president obama and hillary clinton on a number of different issues, including the economy saying, "they have produced the worst recovery since the great depression. they have shipped millions of our best jobs overseas to appease their global special interests. they have betrayed our security and our workers and hillary clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office." i think harris, one thing you can safely say about campaign 2016, we seem to say this every four years, every presidential cycle, this is definitely the nastiest one on both sides, i think, that we have seen, maybe since 1964. >> you have our next guest actually chuckling at what you said. john roberts, thank you very much. tony joins me now, a republican campaign strategist and a fox news contributor. it's nasty and it's on like donkey kong as you would say back in the '80s and '90s.
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two things we theneed two watch for, first, the polling. what are a couple things that jump out? >> it's essentially a sugar rush, what host-convention bounces tend to be. they're short lived, not really predictive of the outcome. look, she got an undeniable bump superseding what donald trump got out of cleveland. there's two numbers, data points, that jump out at me. despite this very healthy bounce, hear the campaign talking about it, she's still over 50% negative. so she really hasn't totally addressed that issue and people still, only 34% still call her honest and trustworthy. these two real fundamental flaws of her candidacy, her favorability and her honesty, have not gone away even while some of those numbers have gone up. also, historically, harris, democrats tend to get bigger bounces out of conventions than republicans. michael dukakis who went down to ignominious defeat was beating
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george h.w. bush by -- >> you took some glee by saying that. >> i did. after his convention. we feneed to be careful of the sustainability of these kinds of numbers. >> hearing you say how unreliable they are in terms of how the outcome happens in november tells us everything we need to know. real quickly, before we move on to the next point, why do we watch the polling coming out of the convention? >> it is exciting and tells us the story. >> that moment. the snapshot. >> it's important to give hillary clinton some credit, has over 50% in one of these polls, i believe the cnn poll, that's a high water mark for her. again, how much longer is that number going to be sustained and what are the state-by-state numbers? remember, this is a national poll. >> in some places, he's leading her. >> correct. some states, by the way, that traditionally have going demo ohio, the numbers are still within the statistical margin of error. >> that's interesting because she talked all about her dad, growing up in scranton, pennsylvania, we saw obviously the convention, the dnc
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convention was in philadelphia. but she and tim kaine stuck around and they did many events. you think there's no happenstance with that? >> well, look, clearly pennsylvania has become a very critical swing state, in fact, i think it almost may have flipped with virginia which traditionally the big swing states have been florida, virginia, ohio. i think it's now ohio, florida, pennsylvania. i think hillary clinton probably has a stronger edge in virginia than she would have otherwise four years ago. >> okay. let's cook along. i don't want to be rude, but i got to cover two more points. >> let's do it. >> let's talk money in the spring states. she many the last cycle, hillary clinton campaign raised north of $90 million. we'll talk more about it this hour. donald trump is not doing that. at least not demonstrably, not publicly. saw the koch brothers come out over the weekend and say why he's not putting money into the trump campaign. does it matter? >> it matters to a degree. donald trump at some point has to begin running the the trappings and elements of a traditional campaign. that being said, hillary clinton has done something that should
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scare every media advertising buyer in america. >> what is that? >> spent half a million dollars a day and basically barely moved the needle in a lot of these swing states. it brings to the question law of dimension returns and, again, because both of them are such well-known commodities, is their paid advertising really going to move things all that much? i would argue that it does to some degree. again, an essential element, but it does have a limitation to its effect. >> i had not heard anybody say, at least to me, a half billion dollars per day, and then now she has this next -- that's a lot of money to stay where you are. >> she started early, by the way, this is the obama model -- >> running in place and someone throwing dollars at you while you're running and you still don't go any faster. >> correct. that goes back to my point about the post-convention bounce polls. it doesn't solve her longer-term problem. in politics, 90 days is long term. sure, has she had a good week and donald trump a bad week? yes. you're going to see that reflected in the polling in the future. that's probably going to flip as
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she reminds voters possibly why they don't like her in the first place. >> clinton foundation under intense scrutiny this week. there are a lot of things going on with her campaign. we're expecting another e-mail dump from the hackers that hit the dnc and dccc. the rigged election comment from donald trump, how it might be rigged against hillary clinton was fascinating because i would imagine some testimony could be had from bernie sanders. >> absolutely. look, this has become a very important euphemism for the trump campaign because it really goes to connect to a lot of americans who feel the system, period, is rigged against them. so when donald trump says he's going to be the victim of a rigged political system, as was bernie sanders, he's putting himself on par -- >> he connects with the voter. >> with the voter who feels washington is rigged decidedly against them and in favor of powerful special interests. >> you and i were at both conventions. we already saw this happen for bernie sanders. we saw the tear-filled cheek on all the bernie supporters. who said some of them may support clinton, some may stay home. some may look at third-party candidates like jill stein. yeah, so it's interesting, he
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hits -- where does she connect? i meanin, is there a point wher republicans say, let's watch out for hillary before she connects? >> her biggest virtue is competency and the fact she's gong to say i'm far -- you heard the president today in a press conference say qualified to be president of the united states over donald trump. she has done a better job than trump. i do think he has to consider this going forward. she has totally defined him. they're not mincing words or playing with nuances, harris. they're saying as you heard from the president that donald trump is wholly unqualified. >> he hasn't defined her? >> not effectively enough. every time he does, he creates a self-inflicted distraction that doesn't allow the media cycle and attention to remain focused. this has to become as fast as possible for donald trump a classic referendum against hillary clinton, barack obama and the status quo. if he does that, he can win and probably will win because all the macrodynamics in this race are on his side. people don't like the direction of the country, 70%. they want an outsider. that's him. there's economic insecurity.
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there's fears of terrorism every day. those are strong issues for him. he can win if he doesn't get in his own way. >> you talked about those in his rnc speech. his acceptance speech. it's interesting. great to see you, always. >> thank you, my friend. >> see you later in the season i'm sure. from a campaign bump to a bumpy time ahead potentially for hillary clinton, remember, i just mentioned, what is exactly act to come out of those e-mails hackers scooped up from democrats? we're watching the story. stay close. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself.
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so here is what we know about the recent clinton campaign cash haul. they took in $90 million last month, that would be the most lucrative haul so far this election season. tony and i were just talking about that. officials say a surge of online donations came in the night clinton accepted the nomination. raking in nearly $9 million in 24 hours and she's headed now to a key battleground state of colorado this week. it's also where we find our own mike emanuel in morrison, colorado, gorgeous there, south and west of denver. and so, mike, this is interesting timing. they want to concentrate on this but then there's the latest fallout from the dnc e-mail controversy. so the money versus that. >> reporter: that's right, harris. we have breaking developments this afternoon. three more officials at the democratic national committee are out. ceo amy dacy, cfo brad marshall and communications director
12:17 pm
louis miranda, recent hacking of dnc internal e-mails that led to an embarrassing situation heading into the democratic convention. debbie wasserman-schultz resignresign ed after getting a rough reception. she resigned and three others are out of e-mails revealed favoritism of the clinton campaign over the sanders campaign and also suggestion of dirty tricks by the dnc against bernie sanders. that angered sanders and his diehard supporters and now appears interim ceo of the dnc, donna brazile, is cleaning house. harris? >> what's the latest out on the trail with hillary clinton? i know she's coming to colorado. >> reporter: that's right. she's looking to build on her fund-raising edge. she'll be doing more fund-raising in colorado later. she does an event tomorrow as well. but obviously the big headline that $90 million figure, money raised during the month of july. $63 million going to her presidential effort.
12:18 pm
$26 million going to the dnc and state partners. last night we saw clinton out on the campaign trail in conservative nebraska with billionaire businessman warren buffett and buffett took aim at rival, donald trump. >> i've really never known another businessman that brags about his bankruptcy. why not? i mean, it's his claim to stardom. i don't know anybody else w's had six bankruptcies. >> reporter: buffett clearly trying to get under trump's skin by talking about his business record, also calling on him, challenging him to release his tax returns. buffett following in the lead of michael bloomberg and mark cuban as other billionaires who favored clindfavor ed clinton over donald trump. harris? >> mike emanuel, thank you very much. news coming in new york city's top cop has quit way ahead of schedule. why? stay with us. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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in the race for the white house, white male voters traditionally those in rural areas, the base of the democratic party, are in play. hillary clinton has not yet been able to get them, but is that changing? according to the latest cnn/orc international poll, 50% of men that say they would vote for donald trump if the election were today, 44% say they would support hillary clinton. and by that, you can see that clinton has actually cut her deficit in that area in half in just a week. so the convention, perhaps, playing a role in that. the surveys show clinton also made up some ground in white voters following the democratic convention. trump still leads by 14 points. glen hall is sheer, the u.s. news editor for the "wall street journal." first of all, i want to talk about donald trump's strengths in those areas and why he resonates better than she does at this point. >> yeah, from the beginning, that has been donald trump's base. the white working class male in
12:23 pm
america. and he he's saying things that they perceive to be speaking the truth. speaking their language. understanding their pain right now. so when he talks tough, that resonates. when he talks about the economy and the challenges that need to be addressed, that resonates. so you see his high favorability in managing the economy, and as well as addressing threats like isis have been propelling a lot of that male vote. >> you know, not to put too fine a point on the "apprentice" and tv show, let's move that aside. some of what political observers have told me, glenn, they trust donald trump understands what it means to sit across the table from somebody who is about to gain or lose a job. and it is that point of empathy, they say, that works for him whereas they don't imagine hillary clinton in that role. >> yeah, there's a sense, right, that donald trump has been in business, he understands how to build a business and he's also had to deal with those tough situations that you face every day when you're in the workforce. and so some have seen that as a negative.
12:24 pm
"you're fired." the democrats have tried to use that, right. oa others have seen that as something people can relate to, he's actually from the business world rather than a political elite. >> to give voters some credit, "apprentice," most of them are celebrities on show. everybody knows they're going to be employed when the show ends. that's one basis for why they don't really feel that sympathetic toward those being fired i would imagine. let's talk about her strengths and her weaknesses. she seems to be gaining a little bit since the convention. she didn't do most of the talking during the convention, though. she only gave one speech. unlike donald trump, she didn't come each night and appear on stage. others would have had to put something on the minds of voters about hillary clinton. she didn't do it herself. what was it? >> that's right. hilla hillary's message has been appeal to the women, play the women's car she's talked about so effectively. on the other side, surrogates, bill clinton chief among them. >> i feel your pain. >> right. the president, himself, has been out there. we saw him out there today. you got joe biden also a big
12:25 pm
appeal to the working class white male. she's got all of those. in the convention, we also saw that large number of admirals and generals that came out on the stage as well. another appeal to a large part of the middle male class. there's been a number of things done during the convention that were having surrogates reach out to the white male population and say we've got your back. >> so in your team's reporting, i'm wondering if you're seeing this. this is the question that i've had all along and has to do with the women's card, if you go online, it looks a lot like the new york subway metro card, i'm just saying. this idea of appealing to women based on i'll do more for you because i'm a woman is how i understand it. that would turn off male voters in general, wouldn't it? i don't know. i'm just asking. you seen that in your reporting? >> what we've seen is the kinds of things that you do to appeal to the woman voter are not the same kinds of things you need to say and do to appeal to the male voter. there's slightly different interests out there. it's not that they're mutually exclusive but there's a lot of people who are not relating to that message as strongly as they
12:26 pm
would red to a stronger message on security. >> which is -- >> economy. >> more general. you got security moms, got security dads. i would think why would you need to play identity politics? she is a woman. she doesn't need a card. >> that should have been a natural for her that it was maybe even a given she was going to appeal. it has not been so clear in all the polling that she's got a lock on the female vote. one of the things she really needs to be doing in this election is pulling away republican women to vote on her side because if it's going to be as close an election as they think -- >> that's interesting. >> she's got to have a broader appeal. >> what does she say to them? >> i think she's trying to speak to the mother, the sister, da daughter, in terms of women's rites, equal pay, taking care of the things everybody has in common in you're a woman in america. >> yeah, interesting. well, the numbers are still there. we can't say they don't lie because we're too far away from the convention. >> that's right. >> everybody in your shoes keeps tell me that they can flip. so, thank you, i appreciate you being here.
12:27 pm
the founder of wikileaks is e-mails linked to the hillary clinton campaign. and he claims it could get her indicted. how is that going to work? we'll talk about it. and a man who worked for the fbi for years now admitting he spilled secrets to china. details on that and the punishment he could face. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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at least five others went to the hospital some with severed limbs. workers had to climb through the windows to pull out the trapped passengers. only from my home state could this happen. a man in jersey filed a federal lawsuit after pokemon began appearing in his backyard, claims the makers of the game should ask for his permission before putting them there. he says players keep knocking on his door. no word from the creators. pokemon. poor guy. more after this. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town.
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new york city's top cop is stepping down from his job as head of the largest police force in the region. bill de blasio announced bratton's resignation earlier today who had been serving as the police commissioner since 23014. yesterday hundreds of people gathered outside city hall demanding he be fired. the black lives matter demonstrators were protesting against police violence. mayor de blasio said today's announcement had 110% nothing to
12:33 pm
do with recent tensions. rick, the whole nation knows this name. it is the biggest police force in the country. >> it is, indeed. bill bratton didn't say why he was leaving. he said he got an offer he couldn't refuse. he wasn't ready to reveal what it was just yet. we confirmed bill bratton will be at a global consulting firm with ties to hillary clinton. at the city hall news conference, braden said there's never a good time but there's a right time and this is it ending a career in law enforcement that began 45 years ago when he put on a police uniform for the city of boston. later serving as top cop there. also in los angeles and twice here in new york city where his broken windows crime-fighting policy was credited with lowering the crime rate but also gained some critics. >> the old adage if you can make it in new york, you can make it anywhere. the '90s in new york city the time where nobody thought anything could be done about crime, we made it and have been making it for 25 years. i believe this department, this
12:34 pm
mayor will lead america forward to deal with the crises that are ahead. >> bratton was supposed to stay on until the end of next year, harris. >> and what do we know about his replacement at this point? >> chief of department, james jimmy o'neal, the city's top uniformed officer and now has this job which he says is a dream of a lifetime, a fate he never imagined when sworn in as a patrolman 33 years ago. o'neal was credited as the architect of the neighborhood policing program designed to strengthen the relationship between cops and the communities they serve. during his tenure, he helped achieve the largest crime reduction in city history. today he was grateful and humble. >> next police commissioner will be the culmination career of an old transit cop like me, sometimes i do feel old. but i can tell you that i see this as an invitation to continue the unique chance for us to advance and see through to fruition all of the great work we put in motion over the past 31 months. >> o'neal takes the reins in september and says he's going to
12:35 pm
need some new suits, harris. >> rick, always good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. wikileaks founder julian assange says he has had enough dirt on hillary clinton to get her indicted. he's threatening to release e-mails related to the clinton campaign before the election in november. wikileak was behind the release of tens of thousands of e-mails from the democratic national committee and came out on the eve of last week's democratic convention and caused an uproar, as you remember. they showed top democratic officials favored clinton over rival bernie sanders. and as fox news has been reporting, intelligence sources say the evidence points to russia being behind the hacking of the dnc servers. the fbi is still investigating. today a brand new claim about who was behind the attack and if it's true, it would be a bombshell. a former top intel official claims u.s. intelligence agents hacked the e-mails and handed them over to wikileaks. allegedly all because they wanted to hurt hillary clinton. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano joins me now.
12:36 pm
he knows the former official who is making that claim. what's he talking about, judge? >> he's talking about a general antipathy that the intelligence community has toward mrs. clinton and it has two sources. the e-mail scandal resulted in the exposure of the names of u.s. undercover agents, operating in the middle east. in the case of all of them, their cover was blown. in the case of a few of them, their lives were lost. and the intelligence community is furious at mrs. clinton for that. they're also furious at her for her secret war against moammar gadhafi in libya during the course of which she caused arms to be delivered to terrorists groups. they warned her that these groups were terrorist groups who would use the arms back at american intel operatives on the ground, and it is believed that some of these groups used one of the weapons to kill u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. now, that does not justify the behavior. if the nsa did this, as the
12:37 pm
former high-ranking official says they did, they committed a federal crime, and they -- in order to inject themselves into politics, there's no justification for that if they did it. there's one interesting little footnote here which supports the theory that the nsa did it. >> okay. >> when the chinese government was identified as having hacked into personnel records of u.s. government officials, the obama administration complained loud and long to anybody that would hear to beijing. not a peep of complaint to the kremlin. >> we did see the president in recent days and weeks and, again, more recently say that his greatest regret, foreign policy wise, or one of them, was libya which is interesting because i wrote down what you said. the secret war against gadhafi in libya. >> donald trump, you know, frequently raises this. mrs. clinton thought this would be the crown jewels of her
12:38 pm
achievement as secretary of state. get rid of gadhafi without using the american military, replace it with a democracy. well, instead of using -- >> something that you can wear, but it's not a crown. i would say it's an albatross. go ahead. >> more a crown of thorns for her because gadhafi was killed, slaughtered. he was not replaced with a democracy. he was replaced with chaos and with isis. >> all right. so have you ever seen anyone in recent history have this much trouble over the technology now that's 25-plus-years-old called e-mail? >> no, and it just keeps coming. and in light of mr. trump's recent events, the khan family and how that's turned on him, the e-mail, her inability to use e-mail, the dangers she caused we mail. >> i know where you're going with this. >> might be one of his strongest arguments against her. >> he's not making it right now. >> no, he's not. listen, i'm not here to give him political advice, but the e-mail story is a stwroronger one for
12:39 pm
than what he's spending his time on. >> every now and then, full disclosure, i will come down unannounced and uninvited to the judge's office. >> that's impossible because you're always invited. >> to educate me -- you're so sweet. so my big question for you is with the clinton foundation, is there more to come? because those e-mails had so much. you saw recently donald trump say about, hey, anybody out there including russia, which a lot of people said oh, that's espionage, what is that? if those e-mails exist -- >> well, one of the things that this former high-ranking nsa official said was the nsa has all of mrs. clinton's e-mails and the fbi knows it but the fbi did not come calling. now, director comey complained in his testimony to the house judiciary -- >> i remember. >> -- only two weeks after he said we're not going to seek her indictment, that she successfully destroyed some of the e-mails. so the nsa is coming -- saying, why don't you ask us for them? >> why don't they ask them?
12:40 pm
>> i don't know the answer to that. i will guess that -- >> who has to ask? can you and i ask? >> no. the fbi could ask. a statute that permits them to ask. >> did comey not ask? >> he did not. there's a statute that permits the nsa to give them. if the nsa gives them, then the nsa will be admitting that they do have everybody's e-mails, something they've never admitted to. edward snowden says they do. this former high-ranking official -- >> why would we doubt -- >> -- who created that software says they do. >> i remember back in the day when eric holder said, you knows, he's gone back and forth about edwards snowden, but this person was a problem. so why would we doubt that he would be right or wrong about this? >> i don't carry water for eric holder, but under him, edward snowden was indicted for espionage and as soon as he left the justice department, he became a defender of edward snowden. >> comey, did he do his job by not asking them? >> there's two ways to look at this. he knows a lot more about the case than we could know.
12:41 pm
he must have had a reason for not asking. could he have asked? yes. if he had asked, would he have had more information in front of him? absolutely. >> wow. if it is, in fact, u.s. intelligence officials who have hacked into the dnc and i would suppose along the lines dccc. if it was, in fact, our own government, what is the -- what's the punishment for that. >> they committed a crime. it is not a crime for wikileaks to release but it is a crime for them to hack and hand it over to wikileaks. that's the law. and they know the law. these guys -- >> clearly they do. >> on what's lawful and what's not. >> wow. okay. judge, that's a lot of information. >> story with legs as we say. >> okay. thank you. >> you're welcome. the u.s. mission against the islamic state savages is expanding to yet another country. so how long is this mission going to last? and will it have any effect or is it just the latest example of mission creep in the middle east? we'll talk about that. stay with us. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels,
12:42 pm
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. .
12:45 pm
an fbi employee has pleaded guilty to giving sense tiff information to chinese officials according to prosecutors in new york. they say the man shared official photographs of documents from a restricted area of t office in new york. they also say he handed over an fbi organizational chart and revealed the identity and travel plans of an agent. based on the plea deal, employee could spend more than two years in prison. his attorney says he just made some, quote, mistakes in judgment. live for us in washington, so exactly what was this man's job with the fbi? >> he was an electronics technician and had been since 1997 and held top security clearances. as part of the top security clearance, chun had to fill out numerous disclosure forms about contacts or relationships with foreign nationals but lied on those disclosure forms. during his plea yesterday in manhattan federal court, chun expressed apparent remorse
12:46 pm
saying, quote, between 2011 and 2016 on various occasions, i acted in the u.s. at the direction of a chinese official. at the time, i knew that was wrong and i'm sorry for my actions." among the documents he photographed in that secret part of the fbi new york field office were details of various surveillance technologies that the fbi uses. in return, he was supplied by his chinese government connections with money for foreign trips and money to hire prostitutes. he was not sophisticated enough about fbi surveillance techniques to notice he, himself, was recorded in meetings with an undercover fbi agent. in one of those recordings he said he, quote, expected a cut of any payment that the agent received for providing information to the chinese government." "i could get you connected." then "i'm going to stay off, you know, you do your thing, you make your money, i don't really care but if you do make any money, just give me a little bit." harris? >> how did they catch him?
12:47 pm
>> well, an agent posed as a contractor for the department of defense last year. chun promised to put him in contact with his chinese handlers. he apparently knew of the risks that he was taking. he told the undercover agent, quoting again, "i'm already in deep blank, you know, because of people that i met, you know, over there in china. i never disclosed that. never. that's a blanking violation." chun will be sentenced in december. he'll spend a minimum of two years in prison. >> that's a lot of salty language, too. an intense new phase on the war of the islamic state savages. we'll tell you more about it. stay with us. relook.
12:48 pm
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president obama has approved a 30-day air campaign against
12:51 pm
the islamic state savages in libya. that's what a defense official is telling fox news. the president said the united nations backed government there has already made significant progress against the terror army. >> it is in america's national security interest, in our fight against isil, to make sure that they're able to finish the job. so we're working in partnership with them, to assure that ice il does not get a strong hold in libya. >> today, fighter jets carried out strikes on isis' positions on libya's northern coast. combat planes are taking off from a navy assault ship. so the question -- where what are the goals here exactly? and can we really finish what we started in 30 days? ambassador john bolton is a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox noose contributor. sir, always good to see you. you know, i've heard you talk about the mistakes that we made in libya, and this president now
12:52 pm
is saying they are among his regrets as president. is this a makeup? >> well, they should be among his regrets as president. if this is a makeup, he's off to a bad start. when we talk about attacks on the isis positions in and around the city, we're not talking about waves of bombers like world war ii. we're talking about a limited number of strikes from harrier jump jets on that carrier. you know, it's convenient the pentagon has announced this will last for 30 days, just in case isis was wondering. and it's a reflection that the president really does not have a comprehensive strategy against isis. we're going to help the libyans make sure that isis doesn't gain a stronghold there. they already have a stronghold there, that the president is pursuing president bill
12:53 pm
clinton's strategy with dealing with al qaeda. i remember it being called the whack-a-mole strategy. a guarantied formula for isis spreading and continuing to multiply. >> yeah, we continue to learn more information about the young girls, children who were taken by boko haram. it's been more than a year now that many of them have gone missing. i remember the first lady holding up a hash tag sign, bring back our girls. boko haram has pledged allegiance to isis. this is a beast to fight. 30 days, ambassador? >> the fact is, isis is a very complex phenomena. it has a base in what used to be syria and iraq. it has a base in libya. it has a base in yemen. it has a lot of different bases
12:54 pm
it can escape to. it's released thousands, maybe tens of thousands of terrorists into europe and the united states. and the idea that you can defeat it piecemeal is just badly wrong. it allows isis a continued existence. it doesn't put them under adequate pressure. frankly, it's a demonstration that obama has never been serious about a war on terrorism. he doesn't believe it's a war. he believes it's a law enforcement matter. these fundamental mistakes, i'm afraid, will condemn innocent civilians in the united states and your and elsewhere to death by terrorist attack. >> you know, you're describing something that i would ask in this way -- they want a caliphate. do they have a caliphate light right now? are they getting closer? >> you know, all you need to do is put a rag on a pole and hold it up and say you've got a caliphate and the people who want to believe it will believe it. but there is an important element here to deny isis save
12:55 pm
haven anywhere they are. because if they don't have a place from which they have some stability to recruit adherence over the internet, to train them, to motivate others, then their terrorist threat is reduced, as well. so a comprehensive strategy looks at defeating them, and the territory they hold over the internet and where they're hiding in europe and the united states. >> i want to get clear on it. i know militarily what mission creep is. that's when you go in with something you didn't have as clear strategy, now it's starting to move. what would that look like here and how dangerous is that for what we're trying to do? >> honestly, i don't think the problem with respect to isis in the obama administration is mission creep. it's lack of mission, period. and this kind of piecemeal approach, the government forces such as they are in libya, have had some success against isis. now they're stalled, so we'll come in and help them out, as if the isis fighters are so stupid
12:56 pm
that they're going to sit there and get bombed into the dust for 30 days. you know, when you do this kind of approach, a little bit here, a little bit there, you're almost guaranteeing that whack-a-mole strategy will fail. isis will move somebody else, reestablish and the president will have to get revved up about doing something somewhere else. >> ambassador bolton, thank you for joining us. we'll be right back. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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federal health officials say it will not be easy to get rid of the mosquitos in miami carrying the zika virus. 14 people have contracted the zika virus virus, and the insects there may be resistant to insecticide. the feds say it's the first domestic travel warning ever
1:00 pm
from the cdc. that's going to do it for us here on the deck, filling in today for shepard smith. it's been my pleasure to be here with you. next "your world" with trish regan. i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. >> the president calling donald trump unfit for the office, and calling on republicans to revoke their endorsements of him. at the same time, trump was saying this about hillary clinton. watch. >> did you see over the weekend fox, chris wallace, where she lied. where she said the fbi said like everything was just perfect. it wasn't exactly -- i mean, she lied. she pure and simple -- she only knows to lie. >> so who's got it right? welcome, evyb


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