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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. hope you are off to a great day already. you are watching fox & friends first on this wednesday morning. >> i am abby huntsman. thank you for starting your day with us. pay to play. a bombshell they were secretly air lifted nearly half a billion dollars in cash to iran the same day four american prisoners were freed. >> the white house insisting that money had nothing to do with returning our american sailor's home. was it just a coincidence? >> the timing of the top secret deal raising some red flags this morning. many questioning whether the u.s. funneled $400 million directly to a terrorist regime in the middle east even though they claim they don't pay ransom. iran released four americans in exchange for 7 prisoners held in
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the u.s. the white house denying any connection between the january exchange and the midnight cash transfer with regards to the negotiations. the state department saying they were conducted by different teams on each side. the funds transferred to iran were released solely to the settlement of a long standing claim at the u.s. iran tribunal. that doesn't show why the money was hidden. >> why send an unmarked plane with swiss frank and currency in the dead of night by the way by co indense on the day the hostages are released. why keep it secret from congress and the people. they were funding terrorism and support the assad regime in syria and advance their nuclear programs, i think americans would be pretty upset. >> all of this coming a year after the controversial nuclear deal. chairman saying quote hundreds of millions in the pockets of a
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terrorist regime means a more dangerous region, period. paying ransom puts more american lives in jeopardy. we know the iran nuclear deal was a mistake what else are they hiding. in another shocking turn the obama administration handed over the cash after iran captured sliers and forced them to apologize on their knees. >> i have a feeling this is just the beginning. thanks, lia. an all out war of words between donald trump and president obama. the president calling trump unfit for the job. but trump is firing back labelling him the worst president in history. rich edson is life in washington with more on this fiery feud. rich, it is ugly. >> it is. and it is going to seemingly get worse. president obama's criticism of donald trump is moving further beyond differences of policy. press conference of the white house with the prime minister of
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singapore. donald trump is woefully unprepared to be president of the united states. >> the question they have to ask themselves is if you are repeatedly having to say, in very strong terms, that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? what does it say about your party this is your standard? >> trump quickly responded to obama tweeting quote president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. continued that line through out the day. >> i think he is the worst president maybe in the hits of our country. he has been a disaster. he has been weak, he has been ineffective. you look at this so-called recovery at setting record lows. >> trump is lsz at odds with senior members of the republican party. he told the "washington post" he
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refuse the to back paul ryan in his primary next week in wisconsin or senator john mccain the 2008 presidential nominee in his a few weeks later. ryan and mccain criticized trump for policies he has promoted like muslim immigration -- banning muslim immigration into the united states. >> the former speaker of the house newt gingrich slamming president obama saying his comment undermines america. >> what obama said today in the white house standing next to a foreign leader i thought was pretty despicable for the president of the united states to be that harsh about his potential successor. talk about undermining the united states of america. barack obama potentially did that today. you have an enormous news media bias. think of it as a head wind against a shaling ship. they are going to do everything they can to stop trump and
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exaggerate every mistake he makes and interpret everything in the way he likes. they are going to try to slow down trump. this guy can really win and if he wins he really will change their world. 2,000 news agencies banned from trump's campaign for what he calls media bias. the con frikt between trump and >> communications director lewis miranda and marshall all are out. e-mail showing them favoring clinton in the primaries using bernie sanders religion to undermine their support. all of this coming as former nsa
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off if i we official claims it is a spy agency and they can get them at any time. he joins us live at the 8:00 hour of "fox and friends." >> the man who shot two san diego police officers at point blank range killing one of them could get the death penalty. jessie gomez pleading not guilty at his hospital areinment on murder charges. gomez shot officer wade erwin in the throat when officers asked if he lived nearby. he then fired into a patrol carity hitting officer jonathan deguzman in the tore so killing him. >> a catastrophic crash in california. five people are dead more than a dozen or more hurt when a highway road has a license through a school bus. it drove off the road and into a poll in central california. the driver may have been trying to pass someone. so many people were trapped inside that rescuers ran out of
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supplies. the driver was hurt and has not been questioned yet. >> to say we don't have enough turn cuts. torn cuts. >> have you ever seen one of these storms causing flash flooding and also requiring water rescues. you can see the enormous gray wall of rain. >> the flooding so severe several major roads had to be closed with cars left totally stranded. some schools forced to be evacuated. >> tropical storm earl is headed west. it killed 6 people in the dominican republic. hurricane warnings are in effect for parts of mexico. >> maria has been following the storm for us. >> we are tracking a storm system, it is that time of year where we are seeing it come into the atlantic.
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it is moving west ward. it has been gradually intensifying. it is a little bit disorganized. we will keep a close watch on it. maximum sustained winds at 60 miles an hour. it is a relatively quick mover at 14 miles per hour. that's something else we will keep a close watch on. it might not have enough time to intensify before making land fall as we head into late tonight and also into tomorrow morning. you can see by the time it makes land fall come thursday around 1:00 a.m. it could be a category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 80 miles per hour. it could be significant and be an overnight land fall in the country of belize and areas along the yucatan peninsula feeling the impact of that system. i want to take you to the northern plains. we have a storm system in the northern rockies bringing in potential of thunderstorms also from the dakota coat taws into minnesota you have damaging winds, large hail and even
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torontos. by tomorrow the storm system continues on the move bringing in yet more risk for some severe weather across portions of the great lakes. out west a big tostory has been the elevated fire danger. we have red flag warnings across portions of montana and into wyoming because it is so dry and windy and temperatures across portions of the plains. it is going to be another scorcher today in dallas. 102 for your high. 93 in kansas city and in fem miss memphis it will be 97 degrees. the zika virus is spreading in miami and there is no clear way to stop it. there's what florida health officials say. a 15th person has contracted the disease in the united states. the city of miami is starting ariel spraying in addition to ground spraying to kill the effected moscows. this particular type may not be affected by the chemicals. the cdc is now warning that
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pregnant woman or women who intend to get pregnant stay away from downtown miami. >> that's alarming. starbucks is recalling stainless steel straws after several cut that you aeir mouth. they can swap out the steel ones for plastic ones. >> horrifying hail of bullets caught on camera. terrifying moment a gunman storms a convenience store. guns blazing sending everyone running for their lives. >> the obama administration accused of secret li giving iran 400 million to free american prisoners after sailors were captured and humiliated. there's no doubt about it this was lan some money. >> they have a new addition, they will serve up traffic tickets and ice cream? what is this all about?
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community policing or what?
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>> quarter past the hour. >> former policy advisor and fellow rebecca heinrich. thank you for waking up to us. this is quite the story. the timing is so conspicuous. the administration would have us believe it is a coincidence the administration would secretly behind the back of congress
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deliver $400 million cash ready currency for the iranians to spend however they wish. they are supporting the assad regime, funding hezbollah. this is what the american dollars are going towards. what we got out of it was four freed americans and we exchanged 7 iranians as well. this is ransom by any other name. >> iran has been responsible for killing many u.s. troops in iraq. i want to ask you about this. the state department has come out with a strong statement. i don't know kirby said this has nothing to do with returning the four americans. they made clear negotiations against a settlement of the hague tribunal were separate from the discussions about our american homes. they were conducted by different teams on each side. what do you think of that
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explanation. >> remember ben rhodes a senior white house aid revealed the administration is trying to per swadz and spin the iran deal to the american people and other negotiations to iranians. the american people every time they find out what they are in the more they like it. they have to go behind the back of congress. it is the biggest lobbyist and advocate when it comes to the iranian regime and it does so at the expense of american security. >> does iran have legitimate claims to this money? >> i would say no is my initial reaction. but regardless about whether or not it does or does not at this .30 years later, you know, the timing is just so unbelievable that the administration -- it is a hard pill to follow.
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>> it comes in the middle of a presidential race where security is a top priority. where do you see it going from here? >> mr. trump continues to say this administration continues to perform weekly it continues on a situation of weakness. remember what the prisoner swap does. this ransom is what i am calling it, it puts a county on tbounty heads of americans if they want money or leverage another weak president all it has to do is capture another american. it will play right in the hands of donald trump and hillary clinton is going to be put into a position to say no the administration was wrong here. so far she has been defensive of the administration's policy. >> this is quite something. they can use that money for just about anything. n they are now saying this is what they get for dealing with us.
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they are not getting what they want. >> it might be the beginning of this one. >> rebecca hine rich, thank you. on the defensive van kau trump slamming president obama for calling her father unfit to be president. >> i clearly disagree. i think he would be an excellent president. >> why she says her father is more than qualified. >> you notice anything off of this multi million dollar skyscraper? it appears to have its own leaning tower. >> donald trump tweeted a picture of himself on a plane last night eating kentucky fried chicken while reading the wall street journal, you know, like normal people do. the only person i can image eating kfc and eating the wall street journal is the ceo of kfc. you can tell he has never eaten a bite of kfc in his life,
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2:23 am
critics call it a back door. finally tps normally gives status to a small group after a perspective vent like a earthquake or hurricane. they are granting rolling amnesty for any immigrants who arrive after 2012 and 8,000 will not be required to appear for a background check. critics say we have no way to approve their intent or identity. >> we lost our documentation but we are from syria. the europeans can't prove it one way or another and we won't be able to either. >> the administration says it is about compassion. they are leaving illegally by droves. hillary clinton wants to bring 65,000 annually.
2:24 am
300,000 immigrants are already in the u.s. living under tk ps including salvadorans after hurricane in 2001 and hondurans after 1998. >> it is a tool president obama has to get around public concerns about how many syrian refugees are coming here. >> tps is rae newed basically every 18 months and critics say there's no reason to believe the syrians will be any different and will never be required to go home. >> the atf accused of illegally stockpiling gun owner's information. they are calling out the bureau for violating official protocol. it is supposed to be deleted after two years if it is not tied to any criminal activity. >> if you want free college tuition not so fast. college presidents slamming hillary clinton's plan saying it could rob families of choice and
2:25 am
put schools out of business. this all unfolded at the dnc. there are 1600 private colleges currently in the united states. >> this luxury building is one of the best but apparently it is sinking. it has sunk 16 inches since being built and is also tilted to the side. the owners blame the shift on ground movement from construction next door. the condos there range from 1.6 million to $10 million. this is one sweet way. to bring the community together boston police just adding an 89,000 dollar ice cream truck to its fleet. it is part of an initiative to try to reach out to kids and build better trucks with the community. so far they have handed out more
2:26 am
than 120,000 free cups of ice cream since 2010. what do you think about that? i wonder. i would be curious. >> a close call the daredevil stunt that almost turned deadly on live television. what happens when a flaming arrow misses its mark. >> this is what we need to make america great. >> he is an american veteran. he was brutally attacked in the middle of a grocery store. how it lands behind bars. we will tell you about that story. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults.
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2:30 am
claims they secretly sent $400 million in cash to iran on the same day our american prisoners were freed. did president obama pay a ransom? >> an all out war of words between donald trump and president obama. i think he is the worst president in the history of our country. he has been weak, ineffective. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit. >> donald trump not backing down. they pull their support from the gop nominee. >> we will show you what happens when an epic brawl happens on the golf course. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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♪ >> it is the sound of sunshine. you are watching "fox and friend first. i am abby hunts man. >> i am heather nauert. that womb shell report now revealed that the u.s. secretly air lifted nearly half a billion dollars of cash to iran. it happens the same day four american priz engineers we -- prisoners were freed. the white house insisting the money had nothing to do with returning our americans home. was it really just a coincidence. >> let's check in with lia gabriel with the details. >> it's the timing of the top
2:32 am
secr deal raising flags. many questioning whether the u.s. funneled $400 million directly to a terrorist regime even though they claim they don't pay ransom. you remember a former marine in exchange for 7 prisoners in the u.s. the white house denying any connection between the exchange and the midnight cash transfer. they were conducted by different teams on each side. the administration claims the money was a first part of a $1.7 billion settlement for a decade's old unfinished military equipment sale. that doesn't explain why it was transferred in secret. >> why send an unmarked plane with wooden pallets filled with swiss frank and other nonu.s. currency in the dead of night to eye rive in tehran on the very day the hostages are released.
2:33 am
why keep it secret from congress and the american people. they were giving them hard currency they can use to fund terrorism, to support the assad regime in syria and advance the nuclear program. i think americans would be pretty upset. >> all of this coming a year after the controversial nuclear deal. ed royce saying hundreds of millions in the pockets of the dangerous region, period. it mutts american lives in jeopardy. we know it was a historic mistake. what else is the obama administration hiding. in another shocking turn the obama administration handed over the cash after they fored them to apologize on their knees for saling in thought water. >> a war of words between donald trump and president obama. the president says trump is
2:34 am
worst president in history. >> president obama said his objection to donald trump goes well beyond public policy. obama questioned the republican nominee's temper amount and ability to replace him as president. calling him woefully unprepared. >> there has to be a point at which you say somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, the temperame temperament, the understanding to occupy the highest position in the world. >> obama went on to question why republicans continue to criticize trump's statements and policies and still support their nominee. trump responded president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. trump's running mate indiana
2:35 am
governor mike pence joined in blaming obama for much of the military presence in the middle east before the rise of isis. >> it was barack obama and hillary who after hard fought gains in operation iraqi freedom found iraq stable in 2008 squandered that, pulled the troops out and created a vacuum in which isis was able to conjure itself up out of the sands of iraq and over run those american gains. >> they are knocking the white house for weak economic growth. >> rich he hadson live for us. thanks, rich. president obama changing the tone of things in office. she sees this as an insult to republicans say the democrats have changed the narrative of the race. listen. >> president obama gave a moral speech basically saying,
2:36 am
dictating how republicans should think or act. it is an insult to republicans. they don't want to hear it for president obama. president obama has decided he is going to try this knockout punch on donald trump, but with that being said, trump obviously needs to figure out a way to somehow bring this party together which is something he said he is going to do. he hasn't been able to do. obama what he has been able to do is say let's focus on donald trump and not on my regullegacy the fact that we see a weakened economy where we see failed foreign policy and the mere fact that the democrats have successfully changed the narrative so now it is all about donald trump and whether he is unfit to be president and not focusing on the fact that you have a record behind president obama i think it is a big problem. >> paul ryan and john mccain are facing tough primary challenges this month. donald trump is refusing to endorse ooiter of them.
2:37 am
it is a part of what ryan said about endorsing trump. >> as for mccain i have never been there with john mccain i thought he should have done a much better job for the vets. >> counter-terrorism agent arrested in a mess what they say is a massive weapons arsenal. saab bassian greedierson sympathized with isis. he was arrested after trying to buy grenades from an under cover agent. >> listen to this. the red line does not exist for syrian president bashiral assad. he was accused of dropping nuclear weapons on his own people.
2:38 am
pouring gas on residential towns killing 30 women and children. it was why a russian military helicopter was shot down hours before that. tropical storm earl is intensifying. >> the storm system intensifying maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per hour. it is moving west at 14 miles per hour. yucatan peninsula folks getting pattered by strong winds. by the time it becomes rainfall with maximum sustained winds. we will continue to keep a close watch on the storm system. flash flooding will be a big threat across the region. in the northern plains we have a storm system tapping into eheat and humidity. we anticipate severe weather out
2:39 am
there. damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes. there is an enhanced risk that is issued by the storm prediction center out there. by tomorrow the storm continues on the move and bring a risk for storms. high fire danger across montana and in wyoming. you have low humidity and gusty winds that's why the fire danger is high and temperatures we mentioned the heat across the northern plains take a look at the forecast high temperatures it could be in the 90's in minneapolis and rapid city in denver. in texas and oklahoma triple dig get heat. >> they will kickoff hollywood's annual award system by hosting the golden globes. >> hillary clinton said she is going to be at all of the presidential debates despite trump protesting the schedule.
2:40 am
even if trump doesn't show she is changed positions enough she can just debate herself. o owe>> he is so funny. you can expect more of the humor when fallon takes over for last year's host ricky injury vase. >> that's a good choice. >> country singer coal swindell also stepping into the award show spotlight. he has been tapped to judge miss america. >> this is video from when he joined us on fox & friends. he is excited to join the panel to help crown the beauty queen. the miss america pageant will be held on may 16th. >> it is a tribute to his father that died and the many 9-11
2:41 am
family victims. >> the time is 40 minutes after the hour. a pokeymon no go. the legal trouble now brewing. the makers of that popular noble game is going crazy. >> do presidential bids run in the trump family? oo nothing outside folks down here in a million years would you ever want to run to run for office now that you know what it is like? >> oh, gosh. >> will i have van k ivanka eve throw her hat in the ring? the answer coming up. >> a catching tribute for a fallen soldier. >> listen to that. how beautiful. >> stick around for the best story you will ever see and hear. >> gives me chills.
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>> welcome back. a masked gunman stormed with bullets. you can see one gunman sending it running for kor in houston. the mendes prattly trying to get in banging on the door riddling the place with bullets. they eventually take off without any money. don't try this at home. an america's got talent contestant gets shot with a flame ing arrow. look. >> oh my gosh. the canadian stunt man was ready to wow audiences as he waits for his fiancee to aim a flaming arrow. the live show continued on and the man luckily was not seriously hurt. it looked like it hurt, though. i am surprised a lawyer would let them do that.
2:46 am
>> you know the pokeymon game that is so popular right now it is a no go in one place potentially. the creators of the smart phone game now placing a lawsuit over players. they filed a federal lawsuit against the makers for placing the virtual creatures on his own property without his permission. he says strangers have been knocking on his door asking if they could get in the backyard trying to catch the pokeymon characters. he is the only person named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. more people may be signing up. samsung gallery note 7 comes with an infra-red iris scanner that takes seconds to set up. it unlocks the phone by matching patterns in either eye. the new feature offers an alternative to the finger print
2:47 am
id which doesn't work well when the fingers are wet. it will be starting august the 19th. >> kind of a neat idea. >> very cool. i love that. >> let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox fox & friends. you have an interesting guest on. a former nsa employee who is going to talk about maybe being linked to the dnc? >> yeah, william benning. we were talking about this yesterday heather and abby. i gave you the transcript of the three-hour show so i am sure you reviewed it overnight. he will be talking about the nas being able to get the 33,000 e-mails that hillary clinton has. they are talking about yoga and wedding plans. we were talking about what the president said out of nowhere going after trump yesterday. trump firing back saying he's the worst president ever. isn't it odd who the sitting president less than a year left
2:48 am
is going after a candidate for president even harder than hillary clinton. there is some unrest in the trump campaign. we will have a two-point feature with bill knight founder the nike. how he got where he is today and why his bio is still a best seller nationwide and beth stern will be here because howard allows it. she is across the street. finally we are looking at the kitten olympics. we have no idea how it is going to go. (meowing) >> that's a tease. we just need kittens. >> look forward to it. thanks, brian. hey there, starting your search for the right used car?
2:49 am
i don't want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at
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welcome back. it's now nine minutes before the top of the hour. e ivanka trump hitting back at president obama. she went on record to greta van susteren as to why he would make a great president. >> my father's built an enormous business. that's what this country needs is jobs. he understands that. he understands how to create them because he has created them. he understands how to maintain them because he has maintained them. he understands how to put this country to work, so i think that makes him very qualified. >> ivanka said after watching this election cycle she has no plans ever to run for president herself. >> in a million years would you ever want to run for president now that you see what it's like? >> oh, gosh, i don't think so. it's tough. >> no politics for you? >> no. but -- but running for office is not something i want to be
2:53 am
doing, no. no. my father always taught me to never say never, but the last time i said no but never say never the headline was ivanka wants to run for office. i'm just going to give you a no. >> ivanka said running for office is harder on the candidate's children than the actual candidate. abby, you would agree with that? >> i would agree with that. >> your dad ran. >> an army veteran attacked inside a store just for wearing this make america great hat. look. >> i turned my back to him and i hear, boom, my hat went on the ground. my glasses sideways. and then i looked out, i saw him standing there, looked at me like, see, what you want? >> that is ricardo garcia. he said he will continue wearing donald trump logos and blastering trump bumper stickers.
2:54 am
and a touching tribute. a world war ii soldier is brought home in an incredible honor. >> yeah. this is amazing. all thanks to some talented teenage musicians. listen. ♪ glory, glory hallelujah ♪ glory, glory hallelujah >> wow. >> simply beautiful. >> members of the iowa ambassadors of music singing a beautiful rendition of the battle hymn after they learned they were escorting a world war ii veteran home from germany. can you imagine being on the plane? that brought everyone to tears. >> that is incredible. they'll join us live at the 6:00 hour on fox and friends. it is 6 minutes before the hour. defeating the odds that this child right here is never going
2:55 am
to forget. we'll tell you why. that's coming up next. so much for golf being a gentleman's game. what happens when an epic brawl breaks out on a golf course? the throwdown you do not want to miss. ♪ ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at here is what is happening today. a bombshell report says the u.s. gave a half a million to iran.
2:59 am
the white house says the money had nothing to do with bringing the americans home. what do you think? is this just a coincidence or did the president pay off iran? we want to hear from you. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail. trump is in florida while clinton is in colorado. tropical storm earl is going to make landfall in belise. the good, the bad, the ugly. it is a game he will never forget. 9-year-old dionne bailey threw out the ball. he got a double hand transplant. next to that, a massive brawl breaking out in denver. the men coming to blows after one group teed off, as my husband tells me, that is a big golf no-no. finally, the ugly. even fans are not immune from the umpire's wrath.
3:00 am
look. >> eeroh, no, he's in the stand. he is actually going to eject a fan. >> a fan booed him from the giants/phillies game. that does it for us. have a great wednesday. "fox & friends" starts right now. hi, friends. good morning. it is wednesday, the 3rd of august, 2016. i'm anna kooiman in for ainsley earhardt and this is a fox news alert. a bombshell report about a ransom deal with iran possibly. first they embarrassed our sailors, then on the same day our hostages were released, the u.s. sent an unmarked plane with cash with unmarked palates to iran. the details ahead. president obama tears into donald trump like we've never seen a president do before and donald digs right back. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. >> i think he's


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