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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  August 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> arriving in style, sailing in on a tour boat. fans around the world watching it live on the perfect i scope app. it makes a final stop at opening ceremony friday. >> stay with us, we are more fun. america's election headquarters starts now. we begin with a fox news alert. tim kaine having a rally now in north carolina. running mate hillary clinton focuses on colorado. hello, shannon bream inside election headquarters. this is a look at the transit authority that comes as both nominees campaign in stops. hillary clinton is having a rally in commerce city, colorado. mike, what should we expect to
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hear from hillary clinton? trying to grow the stalling economy? >> reporter: we expect to hear hillary clinton say her $10 billion proposal called make it in america is far superior than donald trump's ideas. we heard clinton selling her economic vision, including with the help of business man warren buffett in omaha monday. buffett attacked trump on business failures, challenged trump to release tax returns. clinton earned endorsement of republican tech executive meg whitman. she says she will vote for clinton, intends to raise money for her campaign. clinton was challenged by her colleague chris wallace for her economic ideas being a continuation of president obama's policies. >> let's unpack that. what i am offering is the biggest job creation program since world war ii. >> it is infrastructure. that's what obama did. >> he didn't get to do enough and he didn't get enough support
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from congress. it took years under president obama to do something. >> so the back and forth there was the clinton's idea being a tweak of what president obama has done. hillary clinton clearly disagrees. we expect her to talk more about her ideas later this afternoon. shannon? >> what do we know about her visit to denver area, mike? >> clinton will do a rally at the denver area high school, and also will visit a local business that's known for making ties and job opportunities for resettling refuges, putting in the spotlight of her presidential campaign on that company, to contrast her vision of donald trump who has taken a tough stance on illegal immigration and expressed concern about proper vetting of refugees. in a purple state that could go democrat or republican, hillary clinton is hoping this pitch in the denver area will swing this critical battleground state in the west her direction.
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shannon? >> thank you, mike. meantime, two democratic senators call on ted cruz to investigate whether donald trump violated u.s. law. the senate judiciary members sent a letter to cruz who serves as chairman of the subcommittee, requesting a hearing to determine whether trump's remarks about russia finding hillary's deleted echls mails broke the law. they suggest it may have violated logan and espionage act. it is unclear if cruz will respond. the presidential campaign getting down and dirty in claims the trump campaign is spinning out of control. his campaign manager insisting he is in full command with focus and moving forward. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in jacksonville, florida with more. hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon. donald trump with two rallies in the sunshine state, with the latest polls showing him with a
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razor thin lead over hillary clinton. he is in daytona beach this afternoon, he will be in jacksonville tonight. what's overshadowing what he hopes are big, positive rallies is the news that a lot of senior republicans and members of his campaign urgently want to sit down with donald trump and talk to him about strategy to get him not to take tangential leaps into controversy but stay focused on what's important in this election. and that is his prosecution of the hillary clinton and obama administration record. they're worried him going off on the kahn family, even though a lot of people don't agree with what khan said, they're a gold star family and he has to be careful with that. what he said about paul ryan, the fact that he asked for a baby to be removed from the event yesterday in sterling, virginia, one ardent trump supporter to me said that he thought was real trouble for donald trump, suffering from foot in mouth disease.
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see if they can get donald trump to stop doing this and to focus on what the plan should be. we understand trying to put together a meeting for this weekend, some trump children may be there, senior campaign officials, newt gingrich, rudy giuliani, reince priebus all may attend, if trump agrees to sit down and talk with them. earlier this morning paul manafort, campaign chairman, said he doesn't know what any of this is about. listen to what manafort said. >> this is the first i'm hearing of that. the campaign is focused and the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. the only thing we have for intervention is media types saying things that aren't true. >> reporter: again, we are told by senior republican leadership they think donald trump could be on the verge of throwing it all away. they want to sit down and talk strategy. don't forget, donald trump said yesterday, shannon, he is not yet ready to endorse paul ryan. a few minutes ago, running mate
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mike pence said i am endorsing paul ryan. there's another report floating that republican leaders, folks at the rnc are reviewing the rules in case donald trump were to drop out. i am told on good authority they're not actively reviewing rules, but there are constitutional provisions to replace the president if something should happen and there's a vacancy in the presidency, the rnc has rules in place, though they're not actively thinking of the idea that trump could drop out. shannon? >> can't imagine a more interesting campaign. i know you covered them as well. >> i can think of words other than interesting to describe all of this, shannon. >> i bet you're not alone. thanks, doug. some prominent republicans are now turning their backs on the party, actively campaigning for hillary clinton instead of donald trump. new york congressman richard hannah saying it is not enough to denounce trump's comments, he is unfit to serve our party, cannot lead this country. clinton stands and has stood for causes bigger than herself for a
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lifetime. that matters. calling him a dangerous dep a gog, saying i don't agree with clinton on many issues, she would be a better president than donald trump. let's talk about it. great to see you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> start with you. a republican congressman, what do we know about him, how much weight do you give his comments? >> not a great deal. he has been there for a very long time, already announced his retirement, he is leaving after this term. from heritage action foundation he gets a 26% rating as a conservative member of congress. he is what people might call a rino. most hadn't heard his name before he announced he would
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oppose donald trump. now i'm going to bet he gets several invitations to be on sunday talk shows on networks for the first time in his long, illustrious career. >> maybe he does all of the shows. we will see. meantime, meg whitman, not only has run for governor herself as a gop candidate, she's a big fund-raiser and donor herself. that could be a big issue if people like that start to jump the fence. >> it is, absolutely. we need to also think about the fact donald trump had over $100 million in negative ads and hasn't hurt him as you would expect it to. he is a bit teflon that way. i think yesterday we heard from one of chris christie's top aides, jeb bush advisers saying they would do the same. i think it is an important turn. i would add people on the trump side saying these are not people voting donald trump in the first place that fueled his revolution
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per se, those aren't those folks. so people on the ground, we need to see what happens when his core base of support. the average trump supporter starts speaking out against this seems to turn, that said polls this week showing a bigger bounce for hillary clinton than donald trump got from his convention. i think the most important thing to look at is independence. she was down 18 and now neck and neck. >> there has to be a point in which you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. even if he purports to be a member of my party. >> we had them look back to see if it was unprecedented.
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found one unfavorable, harry truman going after dwight eisenhower when he was the nominee. even then his remarks were he is not the guy i thought he was. >> donald trump is special. >> let me ask you, to have a sitting president go actively after the opposing party's nominee, looks by our research to be unusual. >> well, if you can't depend on president obama to engage in petty partisan politics, what do you expect him to do. he will make sure hillary clinton is elected because the legacy is contingent on her being elected. donald trump is not his kind of guy, not meg whitman's kind of guy, another billionaire for hillary, by the way, but i'm not surprised by president obama. i think he is going to continue to do this going forward. i think the long knives are up for donald trump and the president sees himself and he is i think a valuable tool in cutting up donald trump and
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trying to make sure he is not elected president. i think we will see more of it. >> super quickly, again, what's working for trump is he is resonating with people that are tired of people they feel are establishment, one reason he survives with people. and polling, if hillary supporters are to be believed should be broader and wider, but he has appeal. >> he has appeal. that's a testament to how polarized politics are now. i would add to push back on what chris said, he is one of the leaders of the birther movement. cory lewandowski yesterday revive that, ridiculous. you wonder why president obama is getting in the weeds, look at the personal attacks thrown his way from a candidate. i don't think we have seen that, attack his record, but to go after him on that level is really low level politics. >> the politics of personality.
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>> leave it there. fully on display in the race. great to see you both. breaking news this hour. a law enforcement officer is in court at this moment accused of trying to support isis. first officer to face terrorism charges. what one legal expert says is a major wakeup call. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad
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payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! scotland yard using hundreds of officers to protect streets of london from threats. 600 officers deployed at landmarks to reassure the public and ward off attacks. another 900 across england and wales. first wave began patrols today.
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could take up to two years to recruit and train all of those new ones. announcing the first terrorism charges against a law enforcement officer. the suspect nicholas young appearing in court right now. police say young was a 12 year veteran of washington, d.c. transit police force. he allegedly traveled to libya and traveled overseas to help isis operatives find ways to operate in secret. authorities say he posed no threat to the d.c. metro system. let's bring in trial attorney and former prosecutor and defense attorney. good to see you both. no threats to the d.c. metro system as someone who rides all the time, not especially reassuring. looks like he was under surveillance or interested at least six years that we know of. >> that's why this is scary. it involves a defendant who is somebody that's supposed to protect and serve us, and instead he may be protecting and
11:17 am
serving isis, with access to the metro system. look, anybody can go into any metro system, we have the lone wolf attacks can happen any time, but he's the guy supposed to make sure they don't happen. >> trained police officer. what do you make of it? >> you have to look at it, there's a positive to the story. it is unfortunate to say there's a positive, but the fbi has been following this man for six years. they didn't just quickly arrest him and stop him. they wanted to see where this went. it is unfortunate that it is a police officer, the first police officer involved, but we have the fbi being involved and actively pursuing leads. >> john, we have this issue of civil liberties and balancing that. taking six years to track him. they interviewed him, knew about his movements. whether whether he understood he was under surveillance, but there's that balance.
11:18 am
find the ones that actually act or do something. >> the statute itself, supporting terrorism in this case, there's no minimum amount. this guy was picked up because he had a gift card for 250 bucks. where will the net end? this guy's grandmother sends a birthday card with $50, could she come, are we arresting those people, too? maybe we have to and then ferret out because we can't have police officers not doing their job and instead causing harm. i think the wider net, the better. >> there are all kinds of things he could face, and innocent until proven guilty. we will watch it play out. but how much do you think the good law enforcement, the ones prosecuting will want to make an example and send a message to others that may be at other agencies, contemplating and
11:19 am
doing the same. >> i think they use it as a good example of what has to be done. they're going to make an example of this young man and it is important. they are watching him six years, whether it is a $250 card, that one $250 card may have been the link in that iphone or in that phone that connected this group to a terrorist act in the subway system. i think they did a good job and they're going to enforce this. >> this guy an officer for 12 or 13 years. you have to wonder at what point he went to the dark side. maybe we will find out in the course of the trial. great to see you both. >> thank you. an elderly driver in a bad spot comes dangerously close to a deadly situation. how strangers, complete strangers jumped in to save his life. and a bus veers off a busy highway slicing in half. what the driver was doing moments before may explain how this happened. she spent summer binge-watching.
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former joint chiefs chairman calling on retired officers to stay out of the 2016 race. martin dempsey says delving into politics undermines trust and americans shouldn't have to wonder if military leaders draw the line between military advice and political preference. that comes after two retired military officials spoke at the conventions last month. one for donald trump, the other for hillary clinton. developments now in the investigation into the deadly crash in california where the bus was sliced nearly in half after it suddenly veered off the highway and smashed into a pole. trace gallagher has more details. >> hi, the california highway
11:24 am
patrol that has seen it all calls it a once in a lifetime occurrence. that's pretty much how horrific and unusual it was. the charter bus was based in los angeles. the trip was from mexico to washington state. at 3:30 monday morning south of san francisco bay area, a passenger tells police the bus was trying to pass a car, but the car wouldn't let it, forcing the bus off the road, into an exit sign. you can see the pole from the sign split the bus from the front to the back axle. of 30 on board, four were killed. several more seriously injured. many trapped on the bus for hours. first responders saying injuries so severe, ambulances ran out of tourniquets and a deputy who is a former marine says the bus looked like it had been bombed in combat. chp says the investigation will be long and intricate. >> very extensive. it was a tragic situation that
11:25 am
occurred and we're doing our due diligence to ensure that the investigation is thorough and safe. >> according to the federal motor carrier administration, the bus had been cited for at least seven violations in the past two years, including defective brake warning device, prohibited aisle seats. and equipment that didn't work. the company has been cited for dozens of violations in recent years, but it is unclear any of those played a role in the crash. haven't heard from the bus company or driver who was also badly injured in the crash. >> thank you very much for that update. dramatic video of an elderly man saved just in the nick of time after his car ended up in a michigan lake. two strangers already working to free the driver when police arrived on the scene. officers then jumped into the water, knocked out the car windows. after they cut off his seat belt and got him free, that car went
11:26 am
under. police believe the driver suffered some medical emergency that led to the incident. no word on his current condition. massive cash payout to a country holding american citizens. >> the point is right now that we do know how iran has spent a lot of that money. >> obama critics saying u.s. paid ransom for four imprisoned americans. the administration says the cash had nothing to do with their release. what exactly do they say it was for? plus donald trump's in damage control after controversial comments from the candidate. >> first of all, the candidate is control of this campaign, that's number one. i'm in control of doing things he wants me to do in the campaign. the kturmoil is another clinton narrative and the media is picking up on. i'm terrible at golf.
11:27 am
he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf
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time for a quick check of the headlines. the pentagon says 33 service members contracted zika virus active duty overseas with six dependents. no word of the severity of symptoms. investigators say a deadly wildfire is continuing to spread near big sur, was started by an illegal campfire. now they're trying to determine who started that. mean tiechl, more than 5400 firefighters are battle that blaze. and michael phelps selected
11:31 am
to carry the u.s. flag during opening ceremonies for the olympic games. he has won 18 gold medals. new questions after a report claimed the u.s. secretly paid $400 million to iran at the same time they released four americans. "the wall street journal" says a cargo plane delivered cash to tehran in january. some critics call it a ransom payment but the state department says it was part of a separate settlement and had nothing to do with their release. live at the state department, what say you, james? >> reporter: i say good afternoon, shannon. at issue here is the complicated set of circumstances surrounding the release of four american hostages by iran back on january 17th of this year. the four included "the washington post" reporter and bureau chief inter and jason resolution i don't know, received medical treatment in
11:32 am
germany. a former marine, amir tech mattie, and they say this story tracks back to days preceding the seize of u.s. hostages in iran in the late 1970s when the u.s. froze iranian assets, including 400 million sent to the pentagon for an arms deal with the shah of iran. iran's claim to the money snaked its way through courts. u.s. officials said that the $400 million cash payment arranged in january on or about the day our four whose ajs were freed marked the first installment in a compromise settlement, totalling 17 billion. it made it impossible for obama administration to resolve multiple outstanding issues with the regime at once. >> that included securing release of five american citizens unjustly detained in
11:33 am
iran. and closing out a long-standing financial dispute in a way that saved the american people potential billions of dollars. so this all came to a head at the same time. >> cash payment and release of hostages almost at the same time, they released seven iranians convicted of violating sanctions here. critics of the deal and the obama administration policies say all of the issues were hardly unrelated. >> it was a payment in exchange for hostages. may have been a separate agreement, may have been negotiated in technical details bicep rat people. it was part of one big deal. >> since january, iranian authorities detained at least two more iranian american citizens. >> james rosen live at the state
11:34 am
department. thank you. and online opinion editor, senator rubio communications director and political consultant for fire house strategies. thank you for coming in. i want both of your reactions. admiral kirby speaking today said we don't pay ransom, this was not ransom. >> that's a stated policy, it is a good policy. you don't want a price on the head of every american overseas. you read reports that 400 million is transmitted to a government releasing hostages at the same time is deeply troubling. never mind the fact that iranian is one of the world's largest state sponsors of terrorism around the world. this is now used to fuel american death in syria and other places. it is troubling on many levels. >> is it that clear cut, why would we do this, if we have a
11:35 am
policy against it, families in the past involved have talked about how they were pressured by different administrations not to move forward with anything that looked like ransom. >> that's exactly right. the u.s. standing policy, the reason that alex pointed out, don't want bounty on the head of every american. the only thing i can think is that it is part of the bigger iranian deal. and since that was verified and accepted by all sides, you've had the two americans taken, and for secretary of state john kerry and others in the administration to say don't worry, this $400 million, no way it will be back in terrorism is absurd on its face. this is the greatest state sponsor of terror on the face of the earth. this will go to support hezbollah, hamas, other groups that iran supports. remember, iran is responsible
11:36 am
for deaths of 1,000 u.s. serviceman in iraq. and by the way, isis is now al qaeda, and the regime has been friendly of al qaeda. >> plenty of skepticism on the deal. back here domestically, donald trump reports of internal discord, tweeting there's great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever before. mike pence says everyone is united and the campaign is coming together. >> he's a fighter, he's a winner, and up until recently, seems like he has been doing it all on his own. now we are united. we are come together. >> republicans that are keeping distance are making a mistake because of popularity with the republican base. if he loses the election, he will start super pacs. this is a guy that could be de facto head of the republican
11:37 am
party. >> what is he doing? the opponents are not john kasich and ted cruz, the opponent is hillary clinton and the democrats. he needs to wake up in the morning, thinking how to beat hillary clinton, not how am i getting revenge on people like ted cruz and john kasich. the fact he hasn't endorsed paul ryan, even mike pence is endorsing him. he should have embraced bill clinton's message, it is the economy, stupid. gdp is weaker than it should be. that's what he needs to talk about. forget about talk with republicans and primaries, look forward, try to win in november. >> somebody that covers the judiciary, i love seeing the headline, it is all about scotus, stupid. that's something that donald trump has gone back to. even if you hate me, don't like me, if you claim you're conservative, can't get on board with me, think about the court. >> that's exactly the argument
11:38 am
to make to people skeptical about donald trump. are turned off by clinton. you don't have to love him, don't have to like him. the supreme court will lock in leftwing policies a generation or more. at that point you may reach a tipping point where the country might be lost. that's a powerful argument. in connection with the one alex laid out, extreme economic weakness and uncertainty felt by pretty much every american, he needs two things. he needs to make this scotus argument. the economics, and strong national security platform. those three things will win the race for him. sometimes he goes down these rabbit holes with fellow republicans which isn't the most productive use of time. >> not talking about any of those things, focusing on paul ryan's primary. >> can he get a -- >> this is a man that's never done this. it is astonishing he has the republican nomination, but
11:39 am
working with skeletal campaign and without money. he needs structural support of rnc. he doesn't have to like or love them, but needs to embrace them enough so they give him an lit i can support, get out the vote operation he needs to win in november. >> we shall see. tomorrow will be a different headline. another day, another headline. thanks. much of the nation dealing with effects of the housing collapse. now a groundbreaking claim. more ahead. >> reporter: zombie homes are the living dead of properties, boarded up for decades, abandoned by owners. frequently trashed by transients and squatters. they're basically unsellable on the open market. thanks to clever financing, dozens of these homes in richmond are getting a new lease
11:40 am
on life. >> we find meth lab contamination, people used them as restrooms. these properties sit for a long time and become unsafe for the community. >> reporter: they're also a drain on taxpayers. richmond spends thousands boarding up broken windows, evicting squatters. thanks to a $3 million social impact bond, city agencies have partnered with banks, judges, nonprofits and local contractors to acquire the homes, fix them up and sell them. >> turn key on this project is going to be -- >> the idea is stabilize neighborhoods, create jobs, give buyers the opportunity of a lifetime. >> in our model, providing first time home buyers that can't buy in the bay area market a chance to own a home in the city they live in. >> feels like a dream. >> have you ever owned a home? >> no. >> this will be your first home.
11:41 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> this renovated home is $205,000, far below bay area average. but investment in a blue collar town recovering from housing crisis. with rebates built in to replenish the bond and fix more homes. >> and no cost to taxpayers, that bond was bought by a local bank to turn over about 80 zombie homes, sell them in the next five years. if it all goes according to plan, social impact bonds could become a model for other cities struggling with zombie homes. shannon? >> just a name guess you interested in the process and how it works. thank you so much. the military action in libya will only last a few weeks. how is the mission shaping up and what success, what will it look like? the latest in a series of provocative actions. but who can stop them and how?
11:42 am
and commercial plane as it comes in for a hard landing. what the pilot did which prably saved hundreds of lives.
11:43 am
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11:45 am
i am harris faulkner on the fox news desk. we can now confirm some of donald trump's top supporters are planning an intervention for their candidate. an attempt to get the campaign on track after a string of recent controversies. coming up, i talk be a political editor about what he is told he needs to do and soon. filling in for shepherd smith reporting. one firefighter dead after an airplane made a crash landing
11:46 am
in dubai, after the pilot of this flight announced he needed to make an emergency landing. video shows smoke and flames billowing from the plane on the runway. officials say all 300 passengers were safely evacuated. the airline ceo says one firefighter was killed responding to the scene. united nations set to hold an emergency meeting after north korea again flexed missile muscle by firing off a medium range ballistic weapon. near japan territorial waters. america and europe ratchet up sanctions. the latest missile test is one in a long line of provocative launches. three weeks ago did three that went up to 600 miles and another went into the sea of japan. earlier this year, the north launched long range rocket, believed to be part of a
11:47 am
ballistic missile test. joining me, casey mcfarland, national security analyst and assistant secretary in the reagan administration. good to see you. >> pleasure sfwl what do you make of this. north korea does it every so often. they ratchet up. it is like a boy calling wolf, we almost start to disregard that. is that smart? >> it is not smart. north korea needs three things to have a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the united states. it needs to build a nuclear weapon. second they need a missile to carry it. that's what they're testing. as you pointed out, they are testing testing. they'll eventually get that. third thing they need to do, make the nuclear weapon small enough, minimum tarrize it so it fits on top of a missile. they have a to do list and going down the list. they're going to eventually have a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the united states. so far we have been unable to
11:48 am
stop them. >> what do we do here. this has been going on decades. this is a place nearly impen trabl to get factual information on what they're doing. our intelligence agencies work around the clock probing there. how tough is it? >> almost impossible. we don't have any idea what's going on in north korea. but i think we have three things we could do that we're not doing now. number one, we don't have a lot of direct leverage on north korea. china does. we have leverage on china. use leverage we have on china to convince the chinese to use leverage on north korea. for example, we could encourage allies in the region they need to weaponize their own forces. china doesn't want that to happen, doesn't want military
11:49 am
powerful japan. we have sanctions we slap on north korea every now and then. do it differently. do it in a deriftive way. go to a bank, you want to do business in the united states? don't do business in north korea. if we catch you doing business in north korea, you're out of the american markets. shannon, third thing we have to do, understand the inevitable. they're getting nuclear weapons which will eventually be able to reach the united states. why are we gutting our missile defense program? we should be accelerating it. put it on steroids, missile defense. >> i want to talk about another issue while we have you. we have the air campaign for libya. u.s. military brass saying the operation would last weeks, not months. what do you make of that. do you think that's effective enough for the strikes when isis is all over syria and iraq and other places. >> we have been at this 15 years, trying to go after radical islam, yet to figure out
11:50 am
how to do it and succeed. it is in more places in greater strength than ever before, whether you call it al qaeda, variety extremist.hatever your the idea you drop a bomb here and there and it will stop it, that's not what the president is trying to do. he is kicking the can down the road and leave it to the next president cht no matter what we are doing in the middle east, have a comprehensive plan to defeat isis and then a serious comprehensive plan of what comes next. even if we were able to defeat isis maybe by putting boots on the ground, i don't think it is possible, let's say we did, what would happen after that. that's the mistake we made in afghanistan and libya and made in iraq. we don't plan for the day after and the success might not be a success for long. >> that's critical. thank you so much. check it out. grab and go on camera put a
11:51 am
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a stuntman lucky to be alive after a mishap on the show "america's got talent." first we're going do a high-tech shark alert to know that the great whites are out there before they head out into the water. hello, molly. >> reporter: hello, shannon. this is among the world's hot spots for sharks. now beachgoers can get in on the
11:55 am
action. there's an app for that. >> it is kind of scary. i heard the sharks are where the seals are. and there are a lot of seals and so it's a little to worry about. >> it will give acoustic tags so when we see sharks this app will also give the public the ability to put in their own citings definitely on the east coast for something like this. >> reporter: it is a collaboration between citizens and scientists, the shark-tivity map and app is designed to help keep swimmers safe. >> we would definitely use that, yes, sounds like a cool thing to have while you're watching the kids. >> reporter: and there is proof that it may give vacationers the
11:56 am
warning they need. take a look at this from the sky, a white shark cruises by just moments after there family got an alert on their cell phone. there are dozens spotted since the beginning of the season. for more information check out atlant atlanticwhitesha >> thank you. a stunt with a flaming arrow on tv. what could possibly go wrong? we'll tell you next. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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you might say he was trying to steal the election. a tennessee state rep is arrested for stealing signs. he is accused of stealing his opponents' signs. he says there's nothing wrong with what he did. >> ryan stock was holding a
12:00 pm
target in his mouth when he was hit with a flaming arrow on live tv. he appears there to be in a lot of pain but apparently the arrow only hit his shirt. the show told the audience mr. stock will be okay. >> in today for the shepard smith. >> donald trump is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting in a matter of moments. we'll take it live. he says there's great unity inside his campaign but what about his party? trump refusing to endorse two prompt lawmakers. the trump train is steaming ahead. new numbers show just how many milligrams of dollars he's raking in even a secret plan to potentially replace him in the race and paying iran with a cargo plane full of


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