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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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target in his mouth when he was hit with a flaming arrow on live tv. he appears there to be in a lot of pain but apparently the arrow only hit his shirt. the show told the audience mr. stock will be okay. >> in today for the shepard smith. >> donald trump is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting in a matter of moments. we'll take it live. he says there's great unity inside his campaign but what about his party? trump refusing to endorse two prompt lawmakers. the trump train is steaming ahead. new numbers show just how many milligrams of dollars he's raking in even a secret plan to potentially replace him in the race and paying iran with a cargo plane full of cash.
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teheran sent a load of millions of dollars. the white house calls it a coincidence. a jet has crash landed with hundreds of people aboard. >> and dozens of our military diagnosed with the zika virus. keep watching. first and you are jenurgent. in florida donald trump set to hold that town hall event any moment now. we will bring you his comments live. i'm harris faulkner in for shepa shepard smith. fox news has confirmed some of the biggest names inside the gop are hoping to meet with trump
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and convince him and his campaign that it's in crisis. among those behind the push the head of the national republican committee reince priebus, giuliani, and newt gingrich. it comes during a tough time. polls show him trailing hillary clinton. and yesterday refusing to endorse house speaker paul ryan and john mccain. he says he's not quite there now. now publicly switching sides. the republican congressman richard hanna of trump's home state announced he would vote for hillary clinton calling him unfit. a former supporter of chris christie said she too will be voting for hillary clinton.
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and a leader for jeb bush said she would be leaving the leaders. >> he has not made the transition to being the potential of the united states which is a much tougher league. people are going to watch you every single day and take everything they can out of context and he's not yet performing at the level that you need to. >> and there's separate reports from nbc news and abc news indicating republicans are working on a backup plan in case they have to replace him as their nominee. senior party officials say trump would have to voluntarily leave the race. they cannot. they cannot force him out, but the concern that he might drop out is so great that they are reviewing the rules for choosing a new nominee. a trump advisor is responding to
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nbc news saying "i would push back on any formal report that the candidate would leave the race." paul manafort says it is just not true. >> first of all the candidate is in control of his campaign and i'm in control of doing the things that he wants me to do. this is another clinton narrative that the campaign is putting out there. >> those plans for a candidate intervention -- we'll see if donald trump responds to the reports when he take it is stage in florida just moments ago. that's daytona beach the scene that you will see when he steps up there. let's go do john roberts where trump has a rally planned tonight. two events. you heard about this intervention what is it? >> reporter: first of all let me address this about the idea that the rnc is reviewing the
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contingencies that donald trump is dropping out of the race, the rules are there. they don't expect him to drop out of the race but like there are constitutional provisions to replace the president, there are some in the republican national convention to replace the candidate, nobody thinks that's going to happen any time soon, but they think there's a real problem across the leadership and think he's gotten himself so far off message that all they're getting is bad headlines rather than what they should be seeing in what he believes is the target. you've listed off some of them what he said about the khan family and about paul ryan the other way, saying that he always wanted to have a purple heart and having a crying baby removed yesterday in virginia. i'm told people very close to
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him even some of his children believe there is an urgent need to pull him back on track. paul manafort earlier today pulled down any idea of this so-called intervention. >> this is the first i've heard of that. the campaign is focused an moving forward in a positive way. the only intervention we need is with some media types that are saying things that aren't true. >> reporter: so some new information for you, harris, it may not be an actual meeting where a bunch of people come together and donald trump walks in the room and goes oh, i guess i'm in trouble or need talking to. it may be a series of phone calls, newt gingrich, rudy giuliani, reince priebus, other members of his campaign, not an official "come to jesus"
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meeting. >> i love your acting, john you know that. i want to ask you nbc news, abc news you're putting that in check with what your sources are telling you they're not actually in a review situation. >> reporter: right. >> and they're saying no, no, no, it's happening and it would be procedural for them to check into it i suppose from what you're saying, but the indication that he would leave the race is not there? >> reporter: no, it doesn't seem to be that at this point. a candidate can leave for any number of reasons, illness, accident or death, so if you're the party in charge of putting forth the candidate you always want to make sure that you have a process in place to replace that person but again, nobody thinks that donald trump is going to go anywhere any time
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soon. over the past 48 hours, trump supporter es can be forgiven about running two separate campaigns. mike pence's response was much more gentle than donald trump and donald trump saying he's not quite there in supporting paul ryan and offered his full support. >> i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan a long time friendship. he strongly encouraged me to endorse him in next tuesday's primary and i'm pleased to do it. >> reporter: so already the message is being passed that donald trump needs to stay off of this impulsive controversy producing stuff that he gets into when he takes on somebody other than hillary clinton or the obama administration. we will find out very soon, harris, if he is going to adhere
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to that in daytona. i think we can expect him to go really hard on this $4 million payment to iran that just seemed to coincide with the release of the hostages. >> you got it. with the sound bite that you just played showed us it wasn't that he endorsed paul ryan but that donald trump encouraged him strongly to do so, to do whatever he need today do. thank you. we'll check back with you. let's bring in sheer ra center. good to see you. you heard john talking about the $400 million that to some look like ransom payment from an american government which we know does not pay ransom to foreign terrorists. donald trump tweeted out "our incomp tentd secretary of state started the talks to give
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$400 million in cash to iran. scandal." what do you make of it? >> i think right now anything donald trump can do to stop talking about the khan family, paul ryan or john mccain or endorsements for the primaries i think that's a good thing to get his campaign back on track if he's talking about any of those other things he's talking at losing, not winning, which is what he needs against hillary clinton. >> now we'll move on to what looks like chaos inside the republican participate. to some it may look like they just don't agree on everything and that's the way it works. donald trump says he's not quite there to endorse paul ryan or senator john mccain. your thoughts? >> i think this kind of statement will not affect his
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level of support within the republican party among the die hard supporters who have been with him since the early parts of the primary. there is a contingent donald trump supporters that view john mccain and paul ryan as the embodiment of those things. you cannot just win it with that support of the die hard supporters. a larger all encompassing medicati message, not picking fights with gold star family that is do not make him a strong candidate yet. >> i'm reading about what people see in the lower right hand corner. the tampa bay times is reporting that hundreds of people at the ocean center arena showed up and
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they echoed, which is what you just exactly said that his core supporters are not bothered at all with moving forward with controversial statements. it's kind of baked in. it's the candidate they have loved since last june and put him ahead against the other runners. >> they love that he speaks his mind. they say sometimes he speaks before he thinks and for example, his spat with the khan family that's what they would say he was doing, just thinking before he was speaking. now a lot of people disagree with that because given what kind of sacrifice the khan family has made but if you talk to some of his supporters, that's the most common answer you get is that he speaks before he thinks. this again might give some concerns to a general election audience is whether that kind of quality would make a good president of the united states.
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i know a lot of people have their doubts about that. >> the people within the party want to win and he's done that time and time again. what will the conversations look like. thank you. >> more politics ahead. both political campaigns in colorado. mike pence is there speaking right now. hillary clinton and mike pence try to sway voters in a critical swing state. stay with us. c then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections... ...including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,... including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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hillary clinton is campaigning in key battleground state of colorado where she is talking about boosting the economy and create jobs. there are nine lelectoral votes up for grabs. mike emmanuel is live in commerce city, colorado. clinton picked up some more endorsements from the business world today? >> reporter: that's right a republican woman known for success in silicon valley so in recent days you have had michael bloomberg, michael -- warren buffet, with whitman calling on all republicans to reject donald trump in this election. the clinton campaign is going
12:17 pm
after donald trump in an add for going outside the u.s. where are the ties made. they are beautiful ties. >> they are beautiful ties. >> the ties are made where? >> in china. the ties are made in china. >> you have hillary clinton touring a business in denver known for making products locally trying to contrast her vision of that of donald trump. >> so there are some swing states being added to the list, right now pennsylvania in play and you have heard hillary clinton talk about her family, her parents grew up in skracras. what is -- why is this to important? >> reporter: in 2004 the state
12:18 pm
went for george w. bush. pence is doing a town hall nearby in denver next hour so you have hillary clinton spending parts of two days here in this state, this week, after being here about a months ago. that tells you all you need to know about how much value they are putting into colorado. >> u.s. officials secretly arranged to send hundreds of millions of dollars to iran just as iran was releasing some american prisoners and also making that deal that they made. more on the bombshell report and the response from u.s. officials now. coming up. stay close. woontrol. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c.
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quick reminder, as soon as the donald trump town hall begins in daytona beach, florida we will take you there straight live. meanwhile, this news continues to make headlines the obama administration is being accused of secretly flying and that part is true $400 million in currency to iran around the same time they released four prisoners. that's according to the wall street journal newspaper. now some pay it amounts to ransom but officials are calling it a coincidence. many of them. back in january as part of a prisoner swap. you may recall it coincide i had with the nuclear deal with iran. the u.s. sent wooden pal lets stacked with euros and swiss
12:23 pm
francs and other currencies, into iran in an unmarked cargo plane. of course, the u.s. has a long standing policy of not paying ransom particularly dealing cash with terrorists, u.s. officials say it was not ransom but inside a $1.7 million agreement over a weapons agreement. president obama announced the settlement in january while announcing the prisoner swap here is what he said. the united states and iran are settling a long standing claim against the united states government. iran will be returned its own funds including the appropriate interest but much less the iran sum. >> the timing, the deal with the ran over nukes all a coincide e
12:24 pm
coincidence. my guest who you will meet is momentarily laughing, james, these are a lot of coincidences. >> yes, if only we had a artful look at this plane touching down in iran surrounding iran's release of four american hostages on january 17th. one receiving medical germany, the pastor, former u.s. marine and a man, but the u.s. government says this actually traces back to the late 1970s in response to that hostage deal iran's claim to that money has
12:25 pm
been snaking its way through u.s. international courts. and the payment arranged in january on or about the very day our hostages were freed mark the first installment including interest of $1.7 billion. the white house claims they took place on separate tracks and was not used for other "nefarious activities". >> we knew they used revenue to start investing in infrastructure, and they had debts to pay and frankly their collectors were eager to collect. >> it occurred exactly as the nuclear deal was being implemented at the same time. iran released those ten u.s.
12:26 pm
navy sailors captured offshore. republican senator mark kirk of illinois said "the white house's policy of apiecement has led iran to seize more american hostages and sighted a father and son -- -- cited a father and son. it added a few color details about the prisoner swap and iran's legal claim to all that money. >> there's some colorful details. let's bring john buss. from the wall street journal. there are mixed emotions over this this because after meeting jason ri zizionrizion. that's not the issue, but how that deal came about and the
12:27 pm
secret cargo plane full of cash, does this make the pal let wider and bigger for oh, we can go to the u.s. for more cash now. >> yes, it's in the wall street journal and all of the details are there. if you are viewing this negatively, there is no such thing as coincidence, the down payment on the $1.7 billion settlement happens on the same day that the prisoners are released that almost amounts to ransom you're going to run into countries taking our people to get money. that's the negative side. what the administration is saying is that no, there were a number of different channels, lots of things happening, the iran nuke deal, over this frozen money from decades ago was reaching a head was going to go against the americans, the
12:28 pm
settlement looked better, they felt, we exchanged prisoners with them, they released seven. it all came to a head because there was momentum -- >> i hear a but coming here? >> no, it was coincidental that the payment was made on the same day that the hostages were released. you can say yes, there was momentum because dealing with the iranians is so difficult but there was finally resolution the problem is that $400 million of cash arrived on a tarmac at an airport in teheran the day the american prisoners were released. >> 1979, that money sat there and there have been decades of litigation over that cash. the coincidence in quotes that
12:29 pm
it would happen right around the at the same time, that's a problem. the other problem is that iran is saying this is definitely ransom they have got it all over their state -- are we to believe the iranian government because their story makes more sense than our own government? >> well, to some people. i'm not sure who would say the iranian story makes more sense. believe the iranians, if you want to. i wouldn't go over the bank. this was a case not settled out of the either, but the international tribunal and the americans thought it was going to go worse against them and this was a beneficial settlement. again, the problem is the optics of cash arriving on the same day that the prisoners were released. >> i get it.
12:30 pm
my final question for you is on the side deals. we don't know what was in the side deals with iran for the agreement. maybe this was one of those things that we'll never go about. >> or maybe a sense of momen m mum -- momentum gathering. since then there have been two more americans arrested by the iranian government. >> reportedly three now. >> it's not that they have been notably improved. >> no, we're not buddies with them but they have got a whole a lot of cash in a plane. i'll move on. thank you. >> as u.s. fighter jets bomb the islamic states in libya, we are learning about a recruiting machine inside the terror organization. coming up a look at the islamic state's so-called secret service plotting attacks around the
12:31 pm
globe. president obama speaking in washington d.c. as part of a summ summit for young african-american people. we will keep track of his remarks. value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that.
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with the fox report more with today's headlines. moon soon storms slamming the phoenix area leaving cars stranded in the floods. fire crews report rescuing multiple drivers stuck. nearly 2 inches of rain fell in about an hour in some parts of the city yesterday. hackers have stolen worth $72 million. a bitcoin exchange collapsed in tokyo after its customers lost nearly $500 million.
12:34 pm
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this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. officials in italy say they are open to giving the u.s. mail t -- military to make strikes against isis. so far no word if u.s. officials have made any such requests, and we reported that the u.s. is targeting libyas isis locations the combat planes have been taking off from a navy ship.
12:37 pm
savages have released a new magazine attacking christians and jews, it even has an editorial section called "why we hate you." you can't even make it up, greg. evil. >> yes, it is anti-christian, anti-west. this is a slick digital piece coming from isis, it is the 15th edition. this edition breaking the cross claiming thjesus was a slave to their god. what is amazing is how topical this all is. they call the two militants last week you recall killed that priest in france, the soldiers the call fat. they praised the orlando
12:38 pm
nightclub shootings for this. >> what are they trying to accomplish by floating out magazines and literature? >> what the analysts are now saying is that as it looses places like syria and iraq, it is stepping up its message including the united states to strike out there. they see this as one of the most slick recruiting tools that any terror group including al qaeda has ever used. one example you were referring to it six reasons why isis hates just about everybody and commits its acts of violence first and foremost because we are all disbelievers. the jeannie is out of the bottle harris, back to you. >> thank you very much. now there's word isis savages
12:39 pm
have their own secret unit planning attacks around the globe according to new york times newspaper the times is reporting the documents show the isis branch in charge of recruiting fighters before deploying them in other countries. trainees of the so-called secret service in playing a role in the attacks in brussels and pairs. the senior policy advisor for the kocounter extremist attacks. thank you. they're already very good at recruiting online. we've seen and even in minnesota they have broken up certain mosques and imams, what will that do to change the fight? >> reporter: it is chilling based on interviews of
12:40 pm
individuals who left -- been part of isis, the interview was somebody in a german prison and a lot of documents have been recovered from syria. it was very disturbing because it shows that is secret service not only managing things in syria itself but also involved in external operations getting individuals with somewhat clean records in countries like france and germany to be part of these operations with little or no ties to isis, like sleeper cells, the broureaucracy behind this. we have known about its global reach and we are concerned about it here in the united states and certainly over in europe. >> why are the words so opposite of what we are seeing? we're hearing from the obama administration that they're acting out in certain ways that
12:41 pm
they communicate that they're desperate and hit and now you look at the map and they're in 18 plus countries. they don't act like they're desperate. how do you count for the disconnect? >> reporter: when you look at the territories, safe havens, we have recaptured places in syria and iran, so there has been an effective policy in regaining that, having said that, the group is very effective in online recruitment and getting people to their cause. we really need more in terms of what can be done pressure on the technology companies. we have new technology that can help get down some of this extremist content and the private sector, nonprofit community and government need to do. this is a global fight.
12:42 pm
it's not a traditional military fight. it's going to have to be fought on both fronts. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your time. we're going to go to a fox news urgent. again, note the timing. donald trump is about to step up to the podium in daytona. and hillary clinton is about to step up in colorado. we will try to toggle the events as we can. >> all right. as sometimes happens with live television you will go to an event as it is wrapping up. she still had a necktie in her hands. we can encapsulize much of what was said. now at daytona beach, florida, as we go to a commercial break. we're going to watch this carefully and come back to it
12:43 pm
live. stay with us.
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12:46 pm
we take you now to the ocean center arena in daytona beach florida. we have watched several speakers step up at a town hall event. we expect donald trump to treat it like a town hall but also somewhat of a rally. people have been gathering hours ahead of this events to be there, participate, see the questions that are asked and the answers that come from donald trump. we have been reporting that some inside the gop want to stage what they're calling an intervention of some sort with newt gingrich and what exactly they're trying to do with the candidate. wonder if he will speak on that. he has said he's not quite ready to endorse members of the establishment such as john mccain running for re-election
12:47 pm
in arizona as well as paul ryan who is in the middle of his primary speaker of the house, so it's been interesting to see that come together as well his vice presidential pick mike pence said he was urged by donald trump to endorse them. we will take you there live as soon as we expect mr. turump to walk up. let's see they're chanting. let's give it a moment to see what happens here. they didn't officially announce the next speaker which sometimes can mean a whole host of things but also mean that the candidate is ready to step up and take part in this town hall, so we'll stick with this for just a second. i can also tell you about this event. it is the first of two he will have today. we took you where john roberts is in jacksonville, florida
12:48 pm
tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern they will hold a more traditional rally, so you will have this town hall and then the town hall tonight. mean. meanwhile a plane made a crash landing in dubai. among the passengers six people from the united states. officials say that everybody on that plane that crash landed survived but the ceo says a firefighter who responded to the scene did lose his life. smoke was billowing at the runway on the tarmac at dubai and people were screaming. it was a boeing 777 when passengers say the pilot announced a problem with the
12:49 pm
landsing gi landing gear. down hudy is live with us now. john, what do we know? a miracle they all made it off? >> reporter: absolutely incredible when you look at the charred remains the whole top half of the fuselage is gone. as far as the latest we know the investigation as to what caused it is in full effect but all signs seem to be pointing toward a faulty landing gear, it malfunctioned and did not deploy and that would jive with what witnesses saw on the ground saying that the plane literally belly flopped and came to a halt and erupted into flames and then as we saw in the video exploding. but even more dramatically, all
12:50 pm
300 people on board escaped. 282 passengers, 18 crew members. some had minor injuries and released. sadly though one firefighter was killed fighting the fire to save other people's lives and along with the crew that were the last to get off quickly evacuating that plane the flight's -- the pilots are also credited with saving the lives on board and so a great outcome to an absolutely dramatic plane landsing. >> as this takes shape we'll take you back today t daytona.
12:51 pm
>> forecasters are telling us a tropical storm is expected to turn to a hurricane. an update from the fox weather center up next. relook.
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weather alert now. tropical storm on the move. watch it before it becomes a hurricane, rick. >> yeah, likely will become a hurricane maybe at the next advisory which will be 5:00. it's down here in the western caribbean, kind of gotten pretty big and that makes it hard to strengthen. we're running out of time probably making landfall some time overnight tonight around belize. we have not had a lot of activity, in fact nothing in july at all tropical wise. and we're headed toward the peak of the season. this is certainly reminder for everybody up across the u.s. of storms because we're more likely to see quite a few more. here's the storm, here's the strak. moves over very mountainous terrain and into belize and guatemala and mexico. going to cause a lot of
12:55 pm
flooding. we have hurricane warnings in effect all the coastal areas of belize and then islands down in towards honduras as well. this is making landfall overnight tonight in the dark right around belize city it certainly looks like. and maybe at around the midnight, 1:00 timeframe or so you see the center of this storm moving onshore here. we'll see a lot of rain up across parts of mexico. but i think the bulk of this is going to be belize into guatemala and then interior sections of mexico over the next couple of days. a dangerous one certainly there. >> and this is tough too because a lot of people are on family vacation in that part of the world. so we'll be watching it and hoping for the best. thank you very much. you know, we were just monitoring general michael flynn who is speaking at that donald trump town hall that's expected to start at any moment, and wanted to share something with you. i'm seeing a lot of you on social media not liking this word that's coming reportedly from the gop and intervention. while general flynn just flipped the switch. he said the media today are talking about an intervention, it's this country that needs an
12:56 pm
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and a fox news urgent. donald trump has just stepped up to the lectern. he's doing his hellos for the crowd there in daytona beach. the importance of this speech today follows on the heels of reports that some in his party feels he needs, and i will use this word because this is the word being reported, an intervention. the man who introduced him, general michael flynn, said, no, it's the country that needs an intervention, donald trump will do it. donald trump now addressing a packed house at ocean center in daytona beach, florida, the first of two large events. this is a town hall. this has been shepherd -- shepard smith reporting. let's listen in. >> you know, we have a president who frankly is incompetent,
1:00 pm
okay. incompetent. we've been humiliated by president obama and his policies. we've been humiliated by the iran deal to start off with where they get back $150 billion. we've been humiliated as a country when they took our sailors, they forced them to their knees and the only reason we got them back is because we hadn't paid the money yet. and that's the only reason we got them back. otherwise they would have had to wait until i became president. believe me, they would have come back fast. they would have come back very fast. you look at our numbers, just take a look at the numbers. home ownership the lowest number, the worst number that it's been in 50


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