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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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okay. incompetent. we've been humiliated by president obama and his policies. we've been humiliated by the iran deal to start off with where they get back $150 billion. we've been humiliated as a country when they took our sailors, they forced them to their knees and the only reason we got them back is because we hadn't paid the money yet. and that's the only reason we got them back. otherwise they would have had to wait until i became president. believe me, they would have come back fast. they would have come back very fast. you look at our numbers, just take a look at the numbers. home ownership the lowest number, the worst number that it's been in 50 years.
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home ownership. you look at everything that's going on we've doubled our debt during the last eight years of the obama administration. our taxes are through the roof. and by the way, hillary clinton wants to make your taxes much higher. i'm cutting taxes big league, big league. very big. very, very big. look, america's been, again, it's been humiliated in so many different ways. but just take a look. in libya. look at that mess. that was clinton telling obama what to do. i guarantee if he had his choice again for secretary of state, he'd love to have a do-over. that i can tell you. so you got libya. you have cuba. look at china. building massive fortresses in the south china sea. and just taking your jobs.
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taking your jobs in daytona. taking your jobs. look what's happening. look what's happening in mexico. i'll give you an example. a friend of mine builds massive plants. that's what he does. he builds plants. that's all he wants to do. he builds plants. and i see him recently. and he said we are building the biggest plants, the most impressive plants you've ever seen. i said, oh, that's good news. he said, no, no, they're being built in mexico. i said what about in this country? what about in daytona? forget it. no. you have to get me elected. we'll be building in daytona. we'll be bringing jobs back. we'll be bringing jobs back again. we'll be bringing jobs back. by the way look at your space program. look at what's going on there. somebody just asked me backstage, mr. trump, will you get involved in the space program. look what's happened with your
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employment. look what's happened with our whole history of space and ip. look what's going on, folks. we're like a third world nation then you get back to crime. you see what's happening with police. take a look at orlando, san bernardino, take a look at the world trade center. take a look at what's going on. and then worldwide. and we let isis take this position. it was hillary clinton that she should get an award as the founder of them. that's what it was. that's what it was. her weakness. her weak policies.
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then on television this weekend hillary clinton in asking -- she's asked a pretty simple question. anybody could have answered it. and she lied. she lied. she lied so much and to such an extent that it's become a big scandal. it's become the big story. and it's actually taken a little while to see because the press is totally dishonest. and they don't -- well, they don't want to talk. they don't want to talk about what's really happening. believe me, they -- and we all know it, they want a certain narrative. and that's not the narrative they want. but what she did is lied so badly -- >> >welcome everyone. this is "your world." trump blasting the obama administration over the iran deal as "the wall street
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journal" reports the administration secretly shipped $400 million in euros and swiss francs to iran. just as four american hostages were released. we are going to talk to ambassador john bolten as well as former gop presidential candidate pat buchanan about all of this in just a moment. but first, as we continue monitoring donald trump's speech there in daytona beach, florida, i want to go to chief washington correspondent jeff rosen with the very latest on this bomb shell report. james. >> reporter: trish, good afternoon. this bombshell report came from "the wall street journal" this morning. senior u.s. officials say they were aware of the bad optics that looked so badly here when our secret payment of $400 million in hard currency to the iranian regime took place on or about the very day that that regime was setting free four american hostages. they say it was all purely coincidental. the obama administration said the u.s. was likely to lose a court case in an international tribunal over iran's claim to
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some 400 million in assets that the u.s. froze after the first hostage seizure in iran in the late 1970s. officials said the settlement of that claim the tune of $1.7 billion overall came just as washington was finalizing a separate prisoner swap for the four americans who were set free. >> there was a conscious strategic decision that was made on the part of the obama administration as we were implementing the deal to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon to resolve other longstanding concerns we had with iran. >> now, the state department acknowledges this was not the typical way we do business sending $400 million in hard currency, foreign currency aboard an unmarked cargo plane to be delivered more or less in the dead of night to tehran. they said they were forced to get creative because the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with iran. critics are saying this amounts to ransom and it has emboldened the iranian regime to take more
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americans hostage later this year, trish. >> thank you so much. good to see you, james. state department spokesperson kirby putting it this way during an interview earlier today. watch. >> look, you can believe us who've talked about this on camera and on the record since january, or you can believe an unnamed anonymous defense official from iran. you choose who you're going to believe to be more credible. >> let's get reaction right now from former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolten. ambassador, welcome. how would you characterize this? do you see it as ransom? >> of course it was. this deal together with the nuclear deal was all part of the same package. and the white house spokesman all but admitted it in the passage you just broadcast saying they made a strategic decision to try and wrap everything up together. and they did. >> they did it all together. i look at it and say how does $400 million go missing effectively? because, you know, i know it was in swiss francs, in euro, but
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they had to somehow purchase those so $400 million suddenly disappears, if you were a business and suddenly $400 million went missing, there would be a whole lot of questions get asked. i don't know how something like this gets done, ambassador, in secret. >> well, very easily if you're determined to keep it secret. what they were doing was providing the down payment that was the trigger to get the hostages released. and the chronology is very clear here. and it's tied directly to the nuclear deal. january 16th of this year was implementation day for the nuclear deal. on january 16th tehran announces the hostages are going to be freed. interestingly they don't depart tehran until sunday the 17th, purely coincidentally after the plane with the $400 million lands. this is not hard to figure out. admiral kirby really should be hanging his head in shame to make the claim that he did.
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this was an embarrassment for the united states. it was an act of appeasement. it's just really it leaves me speechless. >> so, john, what the administration is saying, look, this is $1.7 billion that the iranians were owed. >> that is nonsense. >> they've been very secretive, i should say, about the actual timetable for how they would get paid back this money, but going back to last january they're saying $1.7 billion is what they're owed. here is josh earnest trying to explain some of this away here today. i'd like to get your reaction on the other side. watch. >> it was hard for the united states to make an argument in this case that we could just keep the money. so what the united states did was resolve a longstanding claim at the hague that saved the american people potentially billions of dollars. >> okay. ambassador, so he's saying, look, we have owed this money
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since 1979. we needed to pay it at some point. the hague would have decided that we would have paid a whole lot more, so we actually saved y'all money. do you buy that? >> he's a fool. look, this claim has existed as he admits for 35 years. there was no rush to resolve it. it was a dispute that arose when the shah of iran was overrun about funds they committed to us to purchase weapons we were not about to deliver. even jimmy carter wasn't about to deliver to the ayatollahs. and the claim had been in dispute ever since then, 36 years. so the notion that somehow within the recent few months we were going to lose tens of billions more dollars, or hundreds of millions of dollars, is just absolutely false. this was part of the endless list of concessions that obama and kerry were prepared to make to the ayatollahs to get that
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wretched nuclear deal. now the facts come out, see the pattern, they're embarrassed by it. they should be embarrassed by it. >> the danger this puts americans in jeopardy going forward because a government like iran knows we're willing to pay up to the tune of $400 million then it's putting everyone at risk. thank you so much, ambassador. good to see you. the white house facing some pretty tough questions right now over this controversial $400 million cash payment it made to iran just as the president is calling donald trump unfit. former republican presidential candidate pat buchanan is here with what he makes of that. good to see you, pat. >> good to talk to you, trish. >> just yesterday the president out there in the joint press conference with the prime minister of singapore supposedly there to talk about the transpacific partnership trade deal no one seems to like right now instead becomes a political event with him calling trump unfit. given what we now know 24 hours later that maybe the administration struck a secret
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deal with the iranians, how bad would you say the optics are now here? >> first, the president demeaned himself and diminished the office by standing there in the east room with a foreign leader and engaging in crass petty politics attacking an adversary of his party and using that forum to do so. i don't know any president i served who would do that, trish. but let me talk to you briefly about this iran deal. look, if these hostages would not have come out then without the $400 million in swiss francs and euros, this is straight out ransom. i was in ronald reagan's white house when the iran contra happened. we sent tow missiles to iran secretly and got some of our guys and people out of lebanon who were hostages, some of them being tortured. ronald reagan was almost impeached for that act. and he was attacked mercilessly for the duration of his
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presidency. people were investigated. vice president bush who became president was tormented on the issue for years after that. and that was a few dollars compared to these $400 million in ransom that went there. i mean, this really deserves a massive investigation. >> you know, we have rules about these things. you know, one of the reasons as i was just saying with ambassador bolton, we don't allow for ransom to be negotiated because it puts all americans at risk. given this precedent now, given what we potentially have just seen, what does that mean for the future of people working abroad and trying to be in a place like iran? >> it means that not only iran but other countries and terrorist groups and organizations and is that look if you take some americans you can get paid for it. they will pay for them. you can get hard cash for that. the americans gave $400 million. and after that i understand several more americans have been picked up and held.
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that's the lesson that goes out to the world that you can intimidate, grab them and you can get cash. so they haven't solved any problem by doing this. they've created future problems. >> the other issue of course is where is that $400 million going? you know, iran is not exactly considered the best of actors. there are a lot of fears it's going to syria. pat, and that it's going to hezbollah. >> i can tell you where -- sure it did. look, iran is in syria now supporting the government there. it's got hezbollah. they're doing a lot of fighting, a lot of dying in there and they're not getting paid and the only way they're going to get paid is by iran. iran is the cash cow of the shia in the middle east. so you can bet that those dollars barack obama sent there on those palettes or rather those swiss francs and those euros wound up in the pockets of folks in hezbollah who are fighting in syria. >> you know, pat, we were just watching donald trump speak there in daytona beach, florida,
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and he mentioned of course the $400 million. he also mentioned a lot of the economic arguments that have resonated so much around this country. all things which i would imagine folks like yourself are encouraging him to do right now and to stay away from some of the other fodder which is landed him in some trouble. there is talk that there is going to be a so-called intervention, if you would with him over the weekend with some folks saying, hey, listen, this is serious now. you got 100 days left. is that what needs to happen? >> well, you know, anybody went out and -- look, he's got a lot of friends and admirers, donald trump does. he's got advisors and they advise him confidentially. i think the idea of bringing him in and sitting him down in these very brilliant people are going to tell him what he ought to do would be a terrible mistake. but i do agree with this. it's one thing if donald trump if i were advising him i would tell him just what you mentioned. look, you've got the american people 75% think we're on the wrong course. you've got manufacturing has
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been destroyed by these lousy trade deals, guys out of work, wages aren't going up. what do we got the biggest best growth since -- or the worst growth since 1949? >> not good. >> hammer these issues. the country's with you on them. >> so stay away from some of the other things that are going to land you in -- in other words there should be one common theme in that he goes after his opponent as opposed to anyone else. >> i think donald trump a little bit may say like a heavyweight champion headed into the ring and some guy in the stands dumps a coke on his head, just a minute goes up in the stands and wails on him. no, get in the center ring with hillary and do battle on the issues that brought him where he is now. i think he can still win. he's down seven. that's not too great a margin in modern times. >> but focus on the issues. pat buchanan, good to see you, sir. thank you so much. >> thank you. a d.c. transit officer, metro transit officer, has been arrested. he was charged with trying to
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help isis. he just appeared in federal court for the arraignment. fox's doug mcilway is at the courthouse for us. >> reporter: this criminal complaint against 36-year-old metro transit police officer nicholas young appears to be a very disturbed man, a convert to islam who confided to undercover agents he tortured animals as a small child, that he had a nazi eagle tattoo on his neck, that he hated jews, was prone to domestic violence and also owned many, many assault weapons. justice department source told us he was deeply impressionable to isis social media. josh earnest, the white house press secretary spoke of his arrest at the briefing today. >> we're mindful of the risk that is posed by home-grown extremists. and we know that part of the strategy that is used by extremist groups around the world including isil is to use social media to try to recruit
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followers in countries around the world. >> reporter: young was under fbi surveillance for a long time. they'd been tipped off by his employers six years ago. they also found he had cultivated a relationship with zachary chesser arrested in 2010 after threatening producers of the "south park" tv show for their unflattering portrait of the prophet mohamed. he also met frequently with amin arrested near the capital in 2012 dawning what he thought was a suicide vest that had been provided to him by undercover fbi agents. in the aftermath of the arrest of those two would-be terrorists, young became very, very paranoid saying he would, quote, frequently take the battery out of his cell phone whenever he had conversations of terrorist. trish, back to you. >> thanks so much, doug. so this suspect in d.c. is the first u.s. law enforcement officer arrested for an isis-related crime. and think about this, he worked for a major subway system with
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hundreds of thousands of riders every single day. i want to go right now to peter brooks with the heritage foundation for his perspective on all this. peter, kind of a scary development here in our fight against terrorism. what does it tell you about isis' reach? >> it's expansivexpansive. i mean, it's huge. trish, in the last since january of 2015 we've had 25 terrorist plots or attacks in the united states. we've had five terror attacks in the united states in one year since last summer. this is very serious. now, in this case this person wasn't actually involved in a plot yet. he had some associations in the past with some bad actors. we don't know what he was going to do in the future. and the fbi saw him violate the law by giving material support. but we are not out of the woods in terms of this terrorist threat. >> one of the things josh earnest brought up there was that social media has a big impact on these people. this guy who clearly was
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demented. you saw some of the things, torturing small animals, et cetera that he engaged in in the past, he converted to islam and effectively found a home in islam and the teachings of isis they're putting out there online. does there need to be some accountability from these social media companies that are effectively allowing these people to communicate and brainwash and influence some people who are clearly on the edge anyway? >> well, i'm going to leave that up to lawyers. it sounds more legal than i probably have the expertise to talk about. but you're right to be concerned about the possibility of radicalization and recruitment over the internet. of those 25 cases i mentioned since january 2015, 21 of those related to isis and every one of those 25 were home-grown. they didn't go to syria or iraq and come back. so we have a real problem. and a lot of these people were influenced by the ideology where they were inspired by the ideology and a lot of that came over the internet. now, the pentagon has started going after isis on its cyber
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capabilities, but at one point, trish, they were putting out 200,000 pieces of social media a day. >> it's terrifying and it's incredible. >> yes. >> and you think about, you know, 30 years ago something like this could not have happened, could not have existed because the communication simply wasn't there. now it is today. so pretty scarystuff. thank you so much, peter brookes. >> thank you for having me. so how is this iran cash controversy tletdening to shake up the 2016 race? you heard donald trump talking about it just moments ago. we're going to cover the political aspect of it all. meanwhile, will there be hearings? this congressman says hi wants to know what else the administration might be hiding. he's with us next.
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moments ago hillary clinton in colorado hitting donald trump for making products overseas. but it's that plane full of cash, $400 million that the obama administration sent overseas to iran that's really commanding the headlines today. mike emanuel is in commerce city, colorado, on how the clinton campaign is responding. mike, what are they saying? >> well, trish, the clinton campaign just responded essentially saying that the payment of $400 million to the iranian regime happened after her tenure as secretary of state. and the campaign is essentially echoing points made by the white house that this is settling an old financial dispute between the u.s. and tehran. as for hillary clinton, she's trying to stay on message talking about jobs and the economy. she visited a local business in
1:26 pm
denver to praise them for making their line of neckties here in the u.s. she also took the opportunity to swipe at donald trump for producing his line of ties in china. as for the $400 million payment to the iranian regime, clinton's former colleagues at the state department are essentially saying that's old news. >> there's very little news to this. we have been out from the day or the time that the implementation -- or the jcpoa was signed and implementation day and talked about all of these, all the elements, freeing of the detainees, obviously the agreement signing of the reaching implementation day but as well as, you know, resolving this claim. >> clinton is due to have a rally here at a denver area high school. we'll see if she decides to comment on this iran story. it would seem likely she's happy to defer to her colleagues at the white house and also at the state department, trish. >> thanks so much, mike. is this report a damaging blow
1:27 pm
to the clinton campaign? denine says, yes, why is it so troubling for her right now? >> president obama and hillary clinton are joined at the hip when it comes to their failed foreign policy under their so-called leadership isis is running wild worldwide and in our country and it's absolutely crazy to be providing them with this money because clearly they're going to use this to fight americans, to fight against us. they've already done that. there's proof of that. so this is what we're witnessing now. >> not to mention, you know, all the concerns about ransom and what that means going forward to deal with any of these countries or to be in any of these coun y countries as an american because it suggests americans will pay up for their own. >> first of all we're not giving money to isis. let's take that off the bat. >> iran, which by the way -- but by the way, let me jump in regardless of giving it to isis, she's correct, on the state
1:28 pm
department's website it is still listed as a state sponsor of terror. >> i understand that. but let me be clear about that we're not giving money to isis. number two, there is an iran deal on the table and the white house has said this is part of the deal and they've said it's a longstanding debt the country's owed. >> since 1979. >> and we have a stated policy of not providing ransom. >> so the optics of this one kind of bad? timing kind of bad all of a sudden on the same day $400 million in cash is secretly brought over to iran, that the hostages go free. >> you can speculate and theorize all day. >> she needs to distance herself. she brings up an important point which it's very challenging for her to run on obama's record because i don't care any way you look at it isis was created under his regime and the economy has been in a very anemic stage for the last eight years. so does she if you were advising her, going to have you put on your democratic hat for a
1:29 pm
moment, if you were advising her just as a political consultant, would you say, hey, hillary, you might want to distance yourself from this man? >> listen, but she wouldn't do it anyway because she needs obama, she needs his supporters. >> so that would be political suicide for her to do that. >> correct. and the other thing is, listen, the administration did an end-run around our own laws and apparently they didn't consult congress with this either. so this is bad on many, many levels. >> to answer your question she's distanced herself from president on tpp. we know that. but i don't think that going forward, you know, it's going to hurt her campaign. >> even mike emanuel just reports the campaign saying, well, this happened after she was secretary of state. >> it's more factual, but -- >> but they're trying to say this wasn't her. >> also says in the report
1:30 pm
statement mirrors what the white house has said which is that this is part of the iran deal. >> go ahead. >> isis has been running wild under obama, under hillary clinton -- i'm sorry. >> but they've lost ground. >> they lost ground? >> yeah, geographically they've lost ground. >> do you have any idea what's going on internationally? >> i understand that part. >> how is it they lost ground? >> what i'm saying is they have actually lost ground. they geographically -- they have become emboldened. i didn't say -- >> let me jump in. so you can say that, you know, maybe geographically they are controlling less territory, but i think deneen's point is they are killing more people, when you look at people getting mowed down in streets and churches, you can't say that they are not effective at what they are doing. >> i never said that at all. what i said -- what i'm responding to is what your point about the president or implying that the president and secretary clinton in not taking this seriously.
1:31 pm
when you have donald trump in a rally saying that she should get an award for essentially co-founding isis, i mean, that's just irresponsible. >> from day one they did not take seriously. >> no, we have to be -- >> that's poor leadership. >> we have to be honest in saying -- >> our world is in a much more dangerous place now. >> -- secretary clinton have addressed this. >> so final question to you. if she's serious about it, why won't she call it what it is? >> she has said that. what has she not said? >> when? >> what has she not said? are you talking about whether or not she calls this -- >> radical islam. >> and she has said that a few times. what she also says is that what difference does it make if we still have the same fight -- >> what difference does it make sounds familiar on many levels. >> anyway, always good to see you both, thank you so much. coming up, everyone, is
1:32 pm
congress going to call for a hearing over this payment to iran? one lawmaker wants to know what else the administration may be hiding. he joins us next. plus, dramatic video of a plane bursting into flames after crash-landing at the dubai airport. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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coming up, what does one of the americans freed by iran make of this $400 million controversy? he will join us soon. and lawmakers demanding answers. one of them is here next. ke to r home in good hands?
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the obama administration on defense today over the iran cash controversy. it denies reports that iran was given a ransom payment in exchange for four american hostages. nonetheless the administration did send a plane load of cash to iran. and as "the wall street journal" claims that was all done in secret. california congressman and chairman of the foreign affairs committee ed royce joins me right now and wants to know what else the administration might be hiding. chairman, good to have you here. are you going to call for a hearing? >> trish, yes. i have legislation we just moved recently into the senate in order to prevent the administration from giving iran access to the u.s. dollar and access to our banking system. it's very important because they are the number one state sponsor of terrorism. and this money, this $400
1:37 pm
million they wanted in unmarked bills, they wanted that in cash for a reason. >> because they can't work with the rest of the banking system and certainly the u.s. banking system. so we know according to "the wall street journal" reporting this was done in secret. what is your concern here? are there other things that potentially may have been done in secret as well? >> absolutely. i mean, what we know about this case is it's in unmarked bills, in swiss francs, in a plane that is unmarked, landing in the dead of night without the american public or without congress being told about this. now, remember originally this negotiation was supposed to be between the transfer of four americans held by iran and seven iranians held by the united states. somehow in their pressure on the regime, and we now know from some recordings done in iran by
1:38 pm
the head of their besiege unit, their revolutionary guard general, he took credit for the regime pushing for this cash payment. now we've got three more americans that have been arrested and are being held. now we have two europeans and one canadian also being arrested and held. >> so in other words your fear being that iran may say -- and other countries as well may say, okay, well, the americans will pay up so why not go after them. it certainly sets a precedent that we don't want to see. you back in february, as i understand it, chairman royce, you sent a letter to secretary kerry. you wanted to know effectively where all this $1.7 billion when it was initially reported where it was going out, we knew about the $1.7 billion. what we didn't know about and still don't know about, chairman, is the payment schedule for all of this.
1:39 pm
>> right. all of this is opaque. and the reason we want to know is the same reason that the international community keeps tabs on iran. and that is we don't give them access to hard currency for the reason that if they get their hands on cash, they give that to hezbollah and to hamas and use it as they recently did to overthrow a friendly government to the united states in yemen. they use it for terrorist purposes. that's why we don't give them access to cash. and what's new here is the discovery of $400 million paid as we get four americans back. >> you know, one thing that's just amazing to me in all of this of course is the state department still has iran listed on its website as a state sponsor of terror. as you pointed out, hezbollah, hamas, organizations that -- hezbollah certainly that they have given money to. we know they have supported bashar al assad in syria.
1:40 pm
so where this money winds up is obviously as well, chairman, a very big concern. >> that's the amazing aspect of this. at a time when iran is on the march, also trying to find dollars to use for their icbm program, their intercontinental ballistic missile program, they've just tested more ballistic missiles. the ayatollah recently said, again, death to america. death to israel. and so for our allies in the region and for our own public security, why would we want to transfer cash that could be used in their ballistic missile system or to support their terrorist operations that hezbollah undertake and the money that they also give away to hamas, this is -- >> it's a worthwhile question why, i mean, unless you're the president and really want to get this deal through with iran and really want to get the hostages
1:41 pm
back, maybe you're willing to do things perhaps you shouldn't. let me ask you about donald trump who's effectively connecting hillary clinton to all of this pointing out that she was secretary of state back when these negotiations with iran initially developed. the clinton campaign, today chairman, trying to distance himself from these accusations and it all happened under secretary kerry, clinton was gone at that point. is she going to be tarnished in your view by this as well? >> well, i think the question here for this administration goes back to the whole issue of how they handled russia, how they handled iran, how they handled foreign adversaries. and instead of doing it through strength and resolve, all we've seen is capitulation. so early on, for example, you saw the capitulation as our anti-ballistic missile defense system intended to protect europe and the united states from any launch that could ever be done from iran was pulled out
1:42 pm
of poland and the czech republic. that intercepter system was pulled out in order to have the russian restart. at that point other countries started to take our measure. at that point we begin to have difficulty with the russians pushing into ukraine. we begin to have difficulties with iran doubling down on demands. think about this agreement, originally it was supposed to be the transfer of americans for iranians, now they have learned that there was a pattern here under this administration in which all they had to do -- >> do you hold clinton responsible as well? >> well, i think if we go back to the russian restart, that was a disaster. and that was under secretary of state clinton. >> okay. >> and that's where this pattern of actually instead of showing backbone, we need more backbone, not more backing down. >> okay. >> and that's what we've seen over and over again. >> thank you so much, chairman royce, good to have you here.
1:43 pm
>> thank you. an emirates plane making a fiery crash landing in dubai today. officials are confirming that everyone onboard that flight was safely evacuated. but one firefighter was actually killed while responding to the scene. fox's john huddy has the very latest for us. john. >> reporter: yeah, well, trish, when you look at the charred remains of that boeing 777 that crash-landed basically the whole top section of the fuselage blown off, it's really hard to imagine that all the passengers, everybody onboard, survived. but they did, sadly of course as you mentioned the firefighter was killed battling the fire. but again, emirates fight ek-521 crash-landed at dubai international airport right around 1:00 p.m. local time before erupting into flames and then exploding. it had arrived from southern india. but even more dramatic than the video that we've been watching is that all 300 people onboard survived. only 13 people had minor
1:44 pm
injuries. but again, as mentioned, that one firefighter did die trying to fight the blaze. and as officials said fighting to save other people's lives, which he certainly did. while the cause of the crash is under investigation, all signs at this point seem to be pointing towards a faulty landing gear. witnesses say it was not deployed and the plane that seems to jive with what happened. the plane basically belly flopped on to the tarmac and then skidded to a halt before erupting into flames and then as we see in that video exploding. airline officials, however, says that the plane was up to date on all its recent safety inspections. dubai airport operations were shut down for about six hours after the crash. flights have since resumed. but obviously it had an impact worldwide on travel. that said though most importantly though all 300 people survived. >> all right. thank you so much, john.
1:45 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton raising lots of money after conventions last month. who's got the advantage? we'll be right back with that. test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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go long. the trump campaign announcing today that they raised over $80 million in the month of july. while hillary clinton's july totalled nearly $90 million. this as both nominees are crisscrossing pennsylvania this week. does the keystone state hold the key to the win in the white house? let's go right now to former presidential candidate rick santorum. good to see you. >> thank you. >> let me ask you, the discrepancy there in fund raising, does she just have a better more well-oiled machine at this point? >> i'm impressed he's even that competitive. that's very impressive for a campaign that's not really done a good job of raising money and really never focused on raising money. the exciting thing about that $80 million figure, trish, is $64 million came from small dollar donors.
1:49 pm
those are the donors that come back over and over again. you know, they'll give once and twice, $20, $10, it's the -- when you have all maxed out donors, this is mitt romney's problem four years ago, you can't get any more from them. small dollars and big volume, that speaks volumes not just his ability to raise additional money but very importantly who he's touching base with, who he's connecting with and it's working men and women across this country who are tired of the establishment and the status quo and that's what hillary clinton represents. >> speaking of establishment and status quo, you saw of course meg whitman who's been a long-time fundraiser in the republican party, very active for mitt romney. she has come out and said she is going to fund raise for and campaign for hillary clinton because she does not like donald trump. and sees him as a demagogue, et cetera, et cetera. >> yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. >> but is this kind of a wash because she is part of the establishment elite? are we actually witnessing -- >> it is. >> -- a realignment if you would
1:50 pm
of the parties as we know it? >> exactly. trish, you're hitting the nail on the head here. the republican party is changing before your eyes. it has been changing for a while. but finally we have a candidate in donald trump who's been able to tap into that and really blow this thing open. bottom line is into that and really blow this open. the bottom line is that a lot of country club republicans very ceo are banning and have been for a time. the folks and the reason is because the democratic party is aligned with them. they're aligned with corporate america and wall street. look how that section of the economy has done. >> yeah it's going to be challenging to bring in the middle class americas and blue collar would have voted for her given the stance on things like trade, but money matters, right?
1:51 pm
ground gain matters. people worry about donald trump and people say listen you have to keep it under control because you have a hyundais left. can he do it and win? >> it's a balance. i don't want him to zip it up. he has to be who he is. it's an edge politician. at the same time you have to not shoot yourself in the foot. there's a balance there. cannot turn donald trump into mitt romney or paul ryan. >> so good to see you. thank you so much. we will be back with more after that. ey'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical americans are buying more and more of everything online.
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all right. donald trump just wrapping up a rally in daytona beach, florida where he addressed the 440 paid to iran. i want to go to john roberts in jacksonville, florida. john, in some ways some could argue that donald trump has been handed a bit of a gift here. it seems to be a bit of a mess in that $400 million was secretly moved to iran, but he spoke some about it, but he did not drive it home. is he missing an opportunity? >> well, he obviously has a lot of things to talk to and the daytona florida audience about. don't forget this state and he wanted to get off i think at a very strong foot. and point that out on what the oba obama administration did. it's an indication too that this
1:56 pm
idea that we have been talking about all day on fox news channel that trump needs a more message and stop going off on the rants like the kahn family. talking about speaker ryan and seeing on message and the idea that everyday that he is not prosecuted in the case against clinton and the obama administration, is a day that he has a different head line and the day that he is losing the election. >> is he starting to understand that, john? >> well, you know what this is probably the fifth time he has been lead down the path for it. one adviser to the republican party today told me that it's like telling babe ruth to change the baseball form. trump thinks that it's working fine, but others suggest not.
1:57 pm
>> not too much left. john robert, thanks for watching. i will see you back on fox business at 2:00, and i will see you back here at 4:00 and here with neil. the five is next. ♪
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what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! . hello everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages, but did the obama administration do that to secure the freedom of four american prisoners in iran in january? a lot of questions today after a wall street report had the timing in january. it coincided with the arrival of a plane loaded with cash of $400 million. the white house is pushing back. >> let me


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