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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! . hello everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages, but did the obama administration do that to secure the freedom of four american prisoners in iran in january? a lot of questions today after a wall street report had the timing in january. it coincided with the arrival of a plane loaded with cash of $400 million. the white house is pushing back. >> let me be clear the united states does not pay ransoms.
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the only people that are making that suggestions are right wing ers in iran and those in america. we said that there would be a lot of in do in do and then those that engage with iran. i recommend that the details that you illicit is a colorful news story, but they don't change the fact. >> since then two more have been arrested in iran and it will put additional administrations at risk. >> to put a price tag on the head of every american traveling abroad. >> they have made every american who knows that they can get a pay off. >> the desalniables are laughab
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>> james, i thought that the push back was forceful and possibly affective. are we just to believe that this was all a coincidence and there was no ransom paid? >> well, great to be with you guys. first of all as to how affective, will remain to be seen and all of this is exploding in a highly charge election season, and you do have donald trump out there teasing on this. so it remains to be seen how affective. i would say that here at the state department they told us that we knew that the optics were bad, and we went forward with it. we have to get creative in how to deliver this to iran and we don't have diplomatic relations with iran. one final point is that the $400 million that was delivered to iran was actually as the administration explain it was irans money. back in 1970s, they concluded an armed purchase deal and sent $400 million here and then fell.
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they took 52 americans hostage and we froze the assets. we have been working out with iran and they have been suing the court ever sense. they said that they feared a international ruling, so they concluded for 1.7 balance and the 400 million was the first installment and it arrived on the day that the hostages were set free and they say that was a coincidence. >> i'm going call bs on that. i can't believe that they're trying to convince the american public that it was a convention. they said that it was put away in 1979 and the very same day and hours of it being transferred via airplane stacked cash. if you don't want to transfer money, i mean we're in the electronic age, go ahead and send them euros. this is a we will get the money to you real fast and get the guys back and call it a day.
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it's a kin to have a gun fight with somebody. however, most important thing in this whole thing happened today and in that press conference said that we know iran and we know that iran supports terror and that some of the money maybe used to support them. can you imagine that the administration admits that some of the money that they just transferred to a state maybe used for terror activities against the united states and they say don't worry everything is okay here. >> well the administration is also pointing to remarks by the cia director last week in which he state that had the sanctions released money that the united states is allowing to get back into iran with the nuclear deal and in theory any way, and that they have been able to trace how that's being spent and it's being spent on infrastructure and debt servicing and where
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they were hurting as a result of the sanctions. we raise an obvious and point here that is when you're dealing in the cash and in foreign currency, it's going to be harder to trace where that goes. they do remain in the building and on the state department the list of state sponsor tefr terrorism. >> yjames, given what john the krirks a director has said, do we know or have any concrete evidence that would contradict what josh said? in specific the press release that came out that said that we're giving the money to the iranians? >> as always once has to step back and then darryl rising to the defense here. i would say that when you're dealing with the sponsoring of the international terrorism, and the bankrolling of terrorists
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activities, it's going necessari necessarily. >> okay. i was entertained as seemingly as eric was and on the cargo plane. >> that's because it's going right. >> let james answer. anyone can worry. >> what is the banking system excus excuses. is that bogus? >> well, it would be there and in the ugs dollars and then again one of the things that's captured in washington that since we have concluded the deal, we have started to see european banks as cut outs so
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that the iranian businesses and governments can have access and we said at the time they were not going to have. yes, iran is in theory cut off from the banking system, and so that's why they were handled this way. >> use the same banking system and send it to them. >> no, he is saying that's what they do now. at the time, he could not do it. >> okay. james, i have a question. do you think that the administration is concerned about this playing into the election at all and helping donald trump with the relations? i get the sense that they're not worried at all with the deliberation. >> well, they're concerned about the optics and anything frankly that would go to the disadvantage of clinton that's going to be much more of a
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carrier for the legacy of obama in the white house. we're hearing from a variety of officials and agencies and institutions starting early in the morning today and getting people like john kirby out on fox and friends this morning when he did not do the briefing this afternoon. that reflects the concern. the one point that i wanted to make earlier when i was cut off is that i pushed for an answer. can you assure us that the american hostages were in the process of being released before this playing with the palates of cash touched down. they agreed to take the question by question or e-mail and then later i received an e-mail that should be familiar to viewers of the network and that they were not and that it was not
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delivering it. >> you have to brush off james. brush off very hard. >> we have jessie waters here. >> as much as it pains me to say this, you do a great job and you get lied to all of the times. you're like a poker player. when he says let me be clear, that's follied by a lie. you have seen him spin and lie, what does the gut instinct tell you of the $400 million. your gut? >> my gut tells me that it was a complex of business. there was not just a deal. there was a prisoner swap and then the u.s. sailors that were
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captured offshore and released around this time. as some have said to me and in government to government negotiations, you can say that we're not engaging in anything and it's clear that my gut and the administration was pursuing a grand bargaining what is clear as well is that while and then there's some disagreements about that. it's not resulted in the regime and the behavior and as we noted and two more american citizen have been detained and then iran supports for the terror continues. >> why don't we take their word for it? what did they say in the transfer of money? >> well, there are elements claiming that yes, this is ransom. of course if it had not been ransom, it would be the interest to portray it and diminish the standing abroad and encourage
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other opponents and enemies to take hostage. >> perry mason, rest my case. >> james, because you have had particular episodes when it comes to iran and the secret si that they have tried to spin the deal and how good the deal is, if you look back across the story and peace it together with the other ones, why are they being so secretive? is that because the american people would never expect what they're going to offer? >> well, if we were to take the former state department and now the white house communications director at her word and the exchange in between her and me that wound up being edited and still being investigated by the office of the general, there are time that is it benefits from privacy. if we take from the charity destruction that we're seeing on the part of the administration and dealings of iran, they are
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said to be firm believers in the value of privacy. >> thank you james itself. we have more to come on a questionable timing of the cash payment to iran. and then later trump news and highly supporters want to plan an is intervention with the gop nominee to put it back on track. we will have the details ahead. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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okay. back now to the bomb shell story and the administration secretly delivered $400 million payment just as four american hostages were released in january. the white house and the state department deny the ransom money of any kind. >> there's no secrete about it and the president spoke about it in january and the secretary spoke about it, and i spoke about it. everybody has been up front and honest here. we don't pay ransom. we just don't pay ransom. this was not ransom. anything that suggests that it had to do with it is false. >> so jed, let me do the math now. 79 is when they put the math away and then seven years and it
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happened to coincide with the americans. >> coincidence eric that the cash arrived the exact same day that the americans -- it's in sane to me what they get away with. i am curious and i disagree that i'm not sure that it's going to hurt them and hillary. i'm not sure that the administration is worried about it. we have a hard time getting clinton's policy record and this is stretching it. i am curious to ask juran and when you hear jane saying that they're concerned, do you think that they're worried about this right now? >> yeah, it's on the front news of the paper. >> you think that -- >> well, trump made the connection that you just made. hillary clinton was secretary of the state and as you know one of the great attacks and actually at the table yesterday we made the point. i did not, but my colleague itself here did that donald
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trump went to the policy argument and policy arguments on what they have done and foreign policy argument and they would have more success. >> my point is that they have done that with libya and then that's been a disaster and then the deal. you bring it up and then it's like people desided whether it's competent or not. i am not sure that it changes the perception. maybe there are votes out there swayed, and i'm not sure that it's going to be together. >> i'm not sure that it's big stuff, but the big thing in washington is the cover up. now, if they're found to be lying -- >> yeah, with the e-mail scandal. >> or if what happens that marie finds out that there was some timing, then all of a sudden people are like there's more to this than we thought. >> there's no chance that it's a
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coinciden coincidence. you have better chance of getting struck by lightening 14 times in a row. loading the money on the pallets. we have banking agreements with companies that do business with iran. it's an easy wire transfer. >> yeah, the details on that is easy to learn. you were saying the connections to state as a state sponsor of terror and then who iran is funding has america becoming in abler with this money to help them carry out terrorists attacks around the world by funding terrorists. that i think is a policy point that the conservatives can make against the dem krats whether it's obama or clinton. she has an interesting dance to deal with. if her book she pushed back on the foreign policy issues and had lost. syria being one of them.
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iran not so much. so she is going to own this one more than ever. more than the others. the other issue that i'm concerned about is that i don't think that this deal is so easy to undue. all of the candidates said on the first day i will undue that deal. i don't see how that's possible. we have american companies and then it's a gold rush & i don't think that's an idea. >> we have only given a certain amount and then i would argue jess circumstances if you're doing drug deals, they can con if i kate the money and the cars. i would equate it with drug dealing in theist. >> yeah, it's like when you pay someone to take a hit out on the
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wife and then she dies the same day and you're like it's a o coincidence. it had nothing do with paying the hit man. if you look at the two biggest achievements you have the obama care and nuke deal. obama care, corn hus er kick back and louisiana purchase. they paid off the insurance companies and obama said if you like the health care, keep it. now with the iran deal, they're laundering money and handing out grants to push propaganda while they were selling this thing. this guy is all carrot and no stick. >> that's great. >> he throws money at problems and then sits back and says that it's the republican project. >> we have to tell mrs. waters to call 911 now. >> i was waiting for that. >> i think that this guy is setting something up here.
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...meta appetite control. you and temptation with... clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. it's been a very tough week fwr the trump campaign, but they gave a rosier afternoon. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. we started on june 16th, and i would say that it's the best in terms of being united than it began. >> well, fox sources say that party leader and supporters are pushing for a meeting with trump this weekend to help to pull him back. it's something that the campaign chair was not aware off on fox news this morning.
2:27 pm
>> the candidate is in control of his campaign. that's number one. i am in control of doing the things that he wants me to do in the campaign. this is another clinton knarr that you put out there and that the media is picking up on. we are organized and moving forward. the clinton machine may not like it, but we're prepared for the fight. >> bill o' reilly he needs to stay in the message. if he fights everyone that comes after him, he will lose. >> one person to beat is hillary clinton. you beat hillary clinton, you're president. focus on main fight. >> jessie, the big news this morning is that donald trump had decided not to endorse john mccain or paul ryan and seemed
2:28 pm
that if the divide within the party was larger than ever. what do you make of that? >> well, it's not time for republicans to panic. they have to circle the wagons. he is ahead in florida, ohio, north carolina, he is within striking distance in pennsylvania and within i dependence. he struck down a little bit with the muslim guy. we're not talking about the story anymore. no, i don't think that people are talking about it. people are talking about the iranian nuke deal. >> i said just don't talk about that. >> you know the media does? he has to fight the media along with hillary. they will go to every single elected republican and say what do you thoof that? is the media going around and saying what do you think about the iran thing and bribe. no, they get a free pass and
2:29 pm
then the republican party has to defend everything that donald trump does. it's a tough environment. >> here is charles crowd hammer offering a different idea. >> i am not sure that you can call these mistakes. i think they're a reflection of who he is. everybody expected him to bring the party together and it never comes. people say mistake after mistake. at some point people have to say is he capable of conducting himself in my other way. >> so dan, do you think that jessie is right or is it that we have not seen the pivot and he is going to make the statements? >> jessie is always right. i am afried that he may put a hit man on me if i don't say that. >> you should call 911. >> it's a blessing and a curse when you're the media's favorite. it works really well when you're
2:30 pm
on the up and not well when you're on the down. it's easier and more interesting and people will click on it and process it and it's a process story. they want to have an intervention and that becomes the story of the day. donald trump tries to get back on track today with the comments. i'm not going to offer him any advice. every time that you try to basically on the ranch when you try to break a horse right so that they can give you ridden, every once in a while there's a horse that's going to get broken. at some point you say to let them out of the corral. they're going do what they're going to do.
2:31 pm
>> what do you think of trying to intervene and break it down? >> well, i don't think that the people are not going to vote for trump any way. they're just an establishment to sit it out and maybe you're going to have the republicans voting for hillary. who knows. he needs to stay on the states and then the battleground states and then win it that way. i think that i figured out the strategy. i honestly -- i am thinking about this today and our attention span is like five minutes. the viewers, americans and us and you don't remember what the controversies are that they keep on bringing up and having with john mccain, paul ryan, reporter of the new york times. you just remember that you saw them on tv a lot. you continue to see them and when it comes to voting.
2:32 pm
and all that we would be seeing is clinton on tv a lot. i think that it might be a great strategy. >> all press is good press. >> i have advice for him. stop saying dumb stuff. he does whether it's nuke, khans, banning muslims. they're just dumb things. there's an area that does not like him because he is a new guy on the block, but there's not segment that does not like that he says dumb stuff. when he talks about policy, i am sitting and waiting for specifics and he talks about russia and ukraine and i think that people feel in my cases he is the every man and represents me. there's a segment that way and he is going to have to somehow convince the people that he is confident and that there's a component of him that's presidential. when he is dealing with world
2:33 pm
leader, we don't have to worry what he is going to say and tweet. when you becomement, you're not a reality tv star, but you're president of the united states and have consequences. >> well, there are republicans that would like to vote for a republicans. >> you would. i think there are republicans on this network that will not vote for the republicans. >> you know what, you're getting bitter. next stunning news out of the nations capital. a dc police officer is charged with attempting to assist isis. the first ever charges against the law enforcement offer in america. amazing details when "the five" returns.
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provide material support to isis. 36-year-old nicholas young of far fax, virginia. he is the first officer to be charged with a terror related crime. according to an affidavit he bought $250 worth of gift cards to use for mobile apps. documents show that he travelled to libya twice in 2011. this is the first time that an officer has been charged with on isis related crime. when you hear this, does this scare you? >> yeah, they have access to information that they can share and in this case the metro and that's a subway station in dc. that's a target in every society and we know what's happened in the system, so the idea and by the way for people that live in dc and maryland and one of the
2:39 pm
police officers and someone in uniform and out of counterfeit uniform and one in safety is working with the most evil outfit in the world. >> eric, when you think about this in terms of monitoring people, it occurred to me wouldn't it be easier to monitor. they go through extensive checks to get the job and then you have an excuse to heavily monitor them. is it odd to you that was not caught immediately? >> no, because maybe he was clean at first when he is hire and then got radicalized in the way. some of the most disturbing details is that he did dry runs and e-mails isis or someone saying that he had access to courtroom that is he could be heavenly armed in the court room. they tried to wire some funds to
2:40 pm
$245 he is trying to send. >> just put it in the bag and in the laboratory. >> yeah, that's just a heat map and shows that 18 countries are now -- where isis is fully operational and then you have the obama administration and then how they defeated terror and then come a long way and when you see this and then you see this new category of the branches and six countries and taking egypt and molly and the list goes on and on, is this a problem as the news breaks? >> well, i think so and it could be a strength depending on she is in the general election. she was not in the primary and by all accounts by the book and from people that have worked there before and gates, they say that she was very strong against
2:41 pm
terror. i can't tell because the map is too small, but there's the countries and then there's france where there have been two incidences that have killed 450 people total, and that was carried out under the guys of isis. yes, it's extremely troubling. the other thing with the officer in washington d drrks is that he dressed up for halloween and just by reading the article, that maybe one of the things that tipped them off that there maybe something wrong with him. >> so you see the news breaks and the map coming out that's released. you're adviser to donald trump and what does he say to make people better and how he can protect to this balloon further and others that are radicalists? >> well, they keep on saying that we're winning and isis is spreading and it's their own map
2:42 pm
that's spreading. it's a lot of workplace violence going on in this countries. we have to emphasize with the people and like hillary clinton said. we have to give them jobs and that was the strategy for a time. >> turn the air conditioning down. >> yeah, send james taylor into the countries. when the president says something and i have a new way to deal with it. the opposite of what the president says is true. if he say that is we're winning, we're losing. if it's secure, it's not. if it's ransom, it's not ransom. >> yeah, the jv team -- >> yeah, exactly. >> yeah, he brings up a good point juan and she is too hawkish for me and it bothers me. if she is hawkish, doesn't she gain points and she can detach here's and be in charge and that's the obama administration and she was not president and she had the take the policy and been more proactive and does
2:43 pm
that work for her and that she was tie today the administration when that happened. >> yeah, remember that one of the criticisms that come from the bernie sanders camp is that she is hiding the instincts in order to play the base of the party. that work then in the primaries and bernie did win that. bernie voted that she voted for the iraq war and supported them and in her own words and in her book, so the question going forward is how does this play to a general election audience. now, i think that the question was well, there are a lot of republicans or people who are there and would say yes, clinton ask really with us, but i wonder if this may hurt her then with some of the bernie sanders base. >> and the general election audience that's not hawkish. >> yeah. was it news unfit to print by the new york times. they did report on fox news
2:44 pm
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this sunday on fox news we missed hillary clinton tell a tail. >> and true. >> and that's the director but comey but my answers were truthful and they're consistent. >> it's four from the washington post and no mention at all from the new york times. even it's own public editor can't believe it. in a column liz spade writes clinton's contention were misleading and borderline false. forgetting all of the political news, this maybe the first time that you're hearing this. nothing that appeared online or print, was clearly news. she went on to say that it's essential and the voters gave the information that they need. they did not just bury the story but ghosted it. >> ignored it all together. >> before we were going do the
2:49 pm
segment and thinking about this, i was imagining how chris wallace that did the interview on fox news how annoyed to follow the news that's broken on fox news. fox news has done it over and over gain and we do not get the chances to interview clinton, and when we do, there's news to be made. there was a lot of coverage on this and that's why the editor said if the washington post goes and does the fact check, it only take a few hours to say that she earned only four pa on this. it was we broke the story and we have not been easy on hillary clinton and in this case they were called out. >> maybe because she lies so much. >> yeah, we reported that yesterday and the day before. >> yeah, i think that the most relevant point to be made is
2:50 pm
that if it were trump saying and making a big old lie like that and i'm guessing that the new york time s would highlight it and maybe the other papers would too. chris wallace was good and went after her and followed up. he followed up with the video tape. that was a nice job of this, you had chanting during the law enforcement moment of silence at the dnc by black lives matter people. i don't think "the new york times" ever touched on that. you have hillary campaigning with three billionaires last week, and hillary is not mentioned in that in "the new york times." why are they ignoring all these stories. she's supposed to be like a woman of the people and now she's out there with a bunch of billionaires. >> they were undercutting the idea that trump was a real businessman. >> that's how "the times" -- >> that's how i read it. the real interesting point is that the political editor of
2:51 pm
"the new york times" said not only have they covered this, she said they broke the e-mail story, and they have contrasted clinton's statements with jim comey, the fbi director's statements, previously. so she thought it wasn't necessary. i thought that was interesting. if i had been the political editor, i would have said we made a mistake. i think this was deserving of additional coverage. so i was kind of struck by it, and i don't understand -- i mean, i understand they feel attacked by the clinton camp, because they are pretty aggressive. not only on the e-mail, but on the foundation. they've been going after her. >> maybe the clinton campaign beat them to death. just besides the politics, this is the first nominee from either party, the first interview she's given since the nominee. >> they should have covered it. i don't think it matters because most people know she's a liar.
2:52 pm
the question is, do you care? is the assumption made all politicians are liars, so who cares? so like i said, people i think have formed their opinion of hillary clinton already, and they're either incapable of voting for her because she's a liar or they don't mind that she's a liar and l vote for her as president. >> "one more thing" is up next.
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it's time now for "one more thing." i have an olympic related thing. friday night kicks it off, and there's an american named raven saunders, there she is. she went to ole miss. she earned a ticket to rio. she's going to be on the u.s. olympic team, but her family wasn't able to afford it. so her mom works for krispy kreme. so they decided to do a fund-raiser, donated $1 for every dozen donuts, and the great news is, her family is going to get to go to rio to see raven do the shot putt. >> we're here today trying to raise money to help us go to rio to represent our daughter.
2:57 pm
>> it's just incredible. we couldn't have done this without the local support of our friends and family. >> i love the sports but i love these great family stories. so good luck, raven. >> donald trump said he's the law and order candidate. well, keep that in mind when we hear the news today. president obama commuted 214 sentences. that brings his grand total up to 564 commuted sentences. 200 of those over his term, 200 have been life sentences, and just as a point of reference, that 564 number is more than bush, clinton, reagan, carter, ford, johnson, kennedy combined. so there's that. >> juan, you're next. >> so you might have missed the reds playing the cardinals last night at the great american ballpark. but watch this. >> votto over by the wall is there. and he can't hang on to it. the fan -- look at votto say
2:58 pm
dude, you're a reds' fan. >> it looked like joey votto had a moment with a fan, but later, guess what? in the dugout, he signed the ball and said thanks for being so understanding when i acted out of character and admitted that he was bullying the fan at that moment. way to go, joey. >> jedediah. >> this is a bittersweet moment for me. today is my last day at fox news. i have accepted a position over at abc. "the view" is returning for a 20th season starting tuesday, september 26th. i will be a co-host. tune in, there will be amazing political debates happening. i will be towing that libertarian line. i just want to thank fox news. you have given me an amazing opportunity here. i love all of you. i want to thank sean hannity, who put me on tv before i ever had a name or platform. and mostly i want to thank the fox news fans. i would not have a job without
2:59 pm
you. i love you. i adore you. you support me through everything. i couldn't do this without you and i hope you come with me, because i adore you too much to lose you. thank you. and i love all these people, too. >> you will be missed. we're very proud of you. jesse, you're next. >> so donald trump continues to deal with a lot of disruptions at his rallies. here's the latest. >> don't worry about that baby, i love babies. i love babies. i hear that baby crying, i like it. i like it. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. [ laughter ] i think she believed me that i loved having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> and "the new york times" said that was an anchor baby deported. >> we want to wish a special happy birthday to the grandmother of our director, scott rosen shal nthalrosenthal. she turned 100 today. her motto for a long life, just
3:00 pm
keep moving. happy birthday, shirley. that's it for us. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. hillary clinton has opened up double digit lead on donald trump in brand new fox polls being released at this hour. clinton has a 49-39 advantage. that's up from a six-point edge in june. trump held a three-point lead in may. their numbers in the honest and trustworthy category are virtually the same, just 36% of those surveyed feel clinton or trump has those qualities. we'll have complete election coverage shortly. but first, connection or coincidence? the obama administration is denying that a $400 million cash pa


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