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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 3, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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her motto for a long life, just keep moving. happy birthday, shirley. that's it for us. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. hillary clinton has opened up double digit lead on donald trump in brand new fox polls being released at this hour. clinton has a 49-39 advantage. that's up from a six-point edge in june. trump held a three-point lead in may. their numbers in the honest and trustworthy category are virtually the same, just 36% of those surveyed feel clinton or trump has those qualities. we'll have complete election coverage shortly. but first, connection or coincidence? the obama administration is denying that a $400 million cash payment to iran as four detained
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americans were being freed was in fact ransom. that is exactly what republicans and other administration critics allege after an unusual delivery of a cargo plane full of euros and swiss francs to tehran. here is james rosen, live at the state department. >> reporter: senior officials here at the state department said today they were aware back in january of how bad the optics looked in this case, but they went ahead any way, because they needed, as they put it, to get creative about how to deal with a hostile foreign government like the islamic regime. >> we feel very comfortable that the united states of america held on to its principles, got its people home, kept faith with them, and i do not believe we have invited further situations. >> reporter: what secretary of state john kerry did not mention last january when he welcomed iran's release of five american hostages the day before as part of a prisoner swap was that the
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united states, as first reported today by "the wall street journal," had also arranged for an unmarked cargo plane to deliver to iran $400 million in hard currency on or about the same day the americans were released. >> any suggestion this was a ransom is false. yes, they were done simultaneously, so i understand the coincidental nature of the timing. >> reporter: the $400 million u.s. officials said was the amount the shah of iran paid in the '70s just prior to the iranian revolution. iran's claim to the $400 million had been spending in an international tribunal at the hague and the u.s. fearing an adverse ruling said it negotiated a settlement worth $1.7 billion. >> iran released five americans unjustly retained and we resolved a 35-year-old financial claim in a way that saved
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americans billions. >> secretary kerry spoke to the settlement at the time and tried to say look, guys, i know what it looks like but there's no there there. >> reporter: the swap occurred just as the nuclear deal with iran was being formally implemented and just after the regime release 8d ten u.s. navy sailors captured offshore. critics said it all mounted to a ransom payment that's only emboldened the state sponsor of terrorism. >> we don't give them access to hard currency, because if they get their hands on cash, that give that to hezbollah and to hamas. >> reporter: aides to secretary of state kerry may feel there's nothing left to be said about all this. but the republican chairman of the house oversight committee disagrees. he wrote to kerry today, demanding all the documents relating to this transaction and also the secretary of state kerry himself appear before the committee to answer more questions about it. bret? >> james rosen at the state department. thank you. let's go deeper into this
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iran situation with kansas republican congressman mike pompeo. congressman, good to see you. your reaction to this story first of all? >> the story doesn't surprise me sadly. we've been tracking what happened for months. we've asked lots of questions and now we have definitive reporting that bundles of cash were transferred to a terrorist regime that continues to take american hostages. this is a typical foreign policy thing that we don't trade money for hostages. in this case, we traded $400 million, maybe as much as $1.7 billion. >> congressman, not surprising, you hear the white house say thing is not ransom money, this is what josh earnest said from the podium today about this. >> this $400 million is actually money that the iranians had paid
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into a u.s. account in 1979 as part of a transaction to procure military equipment. so what the united states did was resolve a long-standing claim at the hague that saved the american people potentially billions of dollars. >> they say they know the optics look bad but this is old news. >> the fact that money was on an airplane, an unmarked cargo airplane that they've deceived the american people and congress about, they never told us. within hours the hostages were released. just strange to think this is a coincidence is something i don't think he says with a straight face. this was a really bad foreign policy with an intentional deceit of congress. we still have lots of unanswered questions about how this could come to be. >> go into specifics about what you tried to do, what you tried to get from the administration on details of this transfer of money. >> yes, sir.
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back in january, i sent a letter to the state department asking a number of questions. why was the money transferred, for what purpose, how was it transferred? why was congress not notified immediately of the method. all of the things surrounding this transition between these american hostages coming home and nmoney leaving heading to te iranian terrorist organizations. we've received no written responses. >> and you aren't alone. there are other lawmakers that wrote letters and tried to get information, as well. >> a number of letters, senator cornyn from texas introduced legislation demanding they provide us reports. but there are dozens of lawmakers asking hard questions, lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle, who understand treating the iranians as a partner in peace is unsafe for america. >> they say president obama made it clear in january when he said
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this -- >> the united states and iran are now settling a long-standing iranian government claim against the united states government. iran will be returned its own funds, including appropriate interest. but much less than iran sought. for the united states, this settlement could save us billions that could have been pursued by iran. >> they're saying it's not the type of transfer of money, but the president was signaling that's what was happening. >> even after this deal, bret, it still remains the case that the iranians are not permitted to participate in the world financial markets. so the only way to get this money to the terrorists was to provide it in bundles and crates and packages of currency. this was something that had been cooked up as pard of the deal. alongside of the major deal that the president views as his signature foreign policy legacy of his second term. and all the time that congress was not told about it, while we were being asked to vote whether
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or not we approved that deal. they owe the american people and congress answers. they did not provide them. >> you said money to terrorists. you mean money to iran. are you convinced they're giving money to terrorists? >> bret, there's no doubt about that. even the administration acknowledges some of the money that's been returned to the ayatollah is ending up in the hands of terrorists or fomenting terrorism around the world. they've allowed al qaeda to run free inside the islamic republic of iran. there's no doubt that the money the iranians have their hands on is going to hezbollah and hamas and places all around the world where the iranians are committing acts of terror. >> two quick questions about the election. one is hillary clinton. you had an effort under way to prevent her from getting intelligence briefings based on the e-mail scandal. are you still trying to do that? >> we are. but it's not going to be
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successful. she's demonstrated she's not capable of securing important american secrets, that we shouldn't provide her anymore until we are convinced she could. our soldiers and airmen deserve that, bret. >> there are many democrats now saying, and some republicans saying that they think the donald trump campaign is coming unhinged and there's disarray inside. are you concerned about it? >> i'll let the trump campaign speak to that. having spent a lot of time with secretary clinton, she's unfit to be the president of the united states. >> congressman pompeo, thanks for the time tonight. >> thank you, bret. a counterterrorism sting has a 13-year veteran of the washington, d.c. transit police making history tonight. and not the good kind. he's facing terrorism charges for allegedly trying to help isis terrorists. busted by federal authorities, the suspect was in federal court this afternoon. doug mckelway is in alexandria, virginia tonight. >> reporter: it is the first
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time a u.s. police officer has been arrested for providing material support to isis. 36-year-old metro transit officer nicholas young of fairfax, virginia, was arrested this morning. at his home, police officers swarmed amidst curious neighbors. >> he was a little weird and closed off. >> reporter: he asked for a court appointed attorney. the criminal complaint describes a convert to islam who confided to undercover agents that he tortured animals as a child, had a nazi eagle tattoo on his neck, was prone to domestic violence and owned many assault weapons. he was described as thirsty for violence. >> part of the strategy used by extremist groups is to use social media to recruit followers. >> reporter: young was under fbi surveillance. the bureau tipped off six years ago by metro police. agents found that he had
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cultivated a relationship with zachy chesser, who was arrested in 2010 after threatening the producers of "south park." he also met with amin el kalif., their arrests made young nervous. he told an undercover agent that he frequently took the battery out of his cell phone, and if betrayed, that person's head would be tied to a cinder block at the bottom of lake braddock. ultimately, he did get in a courthouse, not with guns, but in shackles. bret? >> doug, thank you. up next, does donald trump need an intervention? he's getting one. we'll explain. first, here's a look at what some of our fox affiliates are
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covering. wichita, three-term kansas congressman tim huelscap is upset at the republican primary. he was defeated by obstetrician roger marshal. in austin, officials say texas medicaid will cover the cost of mosquito repellant for pregnant women over the concerns for the zika virus. the first transmitted cases in the u.s. have been discovered in florida. texas officials say they've confirmed 90 cases of travel related zika in that state. this is a live look at sacramento from fox 40. one of big stories there tonight, firefighters still battling a 4,000 acre vegetation fire that prompted an evacuation order for one neighborhood. 35 homes are threatened at this time. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway. from "special report," we'll be
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ase told you at the top of the program, hillary clinton now leads donald trump by ten points in the brand new fox poll. donald trump is dealing with what most campaign watchers call a horrible 72 hours of
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self-inflicted wounds and negative press coverage. in the primary, the pundits and the watchers were wrong almost every single time about the impact on trump and his campaign. but tonight, there's increasing talk of strife inside that campaign from sources inside that campaign. there are also key aides speaking out about trump's family and friends stepping in to try to stop the bleeding and reset this race. senior national correspondent john roberts is in jacksonville as donald trump prepares for a rally tonight in the state of florida. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. you can get the baby out of here. >> reporter: after a disastrous 72 hours where donald trump continually ran of his message, fox news learned that campaign officials and republican leaders want what amount stos a
3:18 pm
strategic recalibration. fox news is told that trump will hear from a number of advisers, including newt gingrich and rudy giuliani, about the need to focus solely on hillary clinton. the obama administration record, and what he'll do for the record if elected. >> he has not made the transition to being the potential president of the united states, which is a much tougher league. people are going to watch you every single day and take everything they can out of context. and he's not yet performing at the level that you need to. >> reporter: at a rally in daytona beach, florida, trump appeared to get the message, teeing off on the $400 million the administration sent to iran just as the american hostages were being released. >> i turn on the news and i see $400 million being shipped in cash -- [ crowd booing ] and they didn't want dollars. it's being shipped in different
3:19 pm
currencies and being shipped overnight to iran. >> reporter: our new fox poll suggests trump has some work to do when it comes to the issues. on who voters trust to deal with terrorism, trump has lost a substantial lead from back in may. he also lost ground on who would be better to restore trust in government. though he still leads on the economy and who best to destroy isis. >> it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> reporter: as she did during the primary campaign, trump is warning the deck will be stacked against him in the november election, claiming the system is rigged. trump insisted today his campaign is unified, despite staying yesterday he's "just not there yet, ready to endorse paul ryan," show he did give his blessing to mike pence to issue a full throated endorsement. >> i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan and he encouraged me to endorse paul ryan next tuesday. i'm pleased to do it.
3:20 pm
>> reporter: both the trump campaign and the republican national committee today pushed back hard against reports that the rnc is reviewing its rules in the event that donald trump exits the race. rnc officials said they don't have any expectation he would do that. the trump campaign says any talk about such an idea is absolute fiction. bret? >> john roberts in jacksonville. john, thank you. hillary clinton is just finishing up a rally right now in commerce city, colorado. earlier, clinton visited a denver company that makes neckties and scarves and launched new attacks on donald trump about outsourcing. brian fallon joins us tonight from clinton campaign headquarters in new york. brian, thanks for being here. i want to start with that subject of outsourcing. hillary clinton spending a lot of time about that in colorado, that donald trump makes his -- some of his items overseas in china and elsewhere. here is trump's super pac ad
3:21 pm
that is airing tonight. i would like to get you to respond. >> i don't think you can effectively restrict outsourcing. there's no way to legislate against reality. so i think that the outsourcing will continue. but i don't think there's any way to legislate against outsourcing. i think that's just a dead end. >> that's in india. the person goes on to say thank you for saying that, makes a lot of us feel happy. is it disingenuous for secretary clinton to make this outsourcing pitch? >> not at all. what secretary clinton was saying is while it may be impossible to ban private enterprises in the united states from outsourcing jobs and the manufacturing of goods to foreign countries, she strongly believes that we as a government should not be insentivizing it and encouraging businesses to do that. so she's proposed stripping
3:22 pm
companies of tax benefit it is they engage in outsourcing. for donald trump trying to portray himself as a champion of the working class when he's relied on outsourcing of the products that carry the trump name makes him a hypocrite. so yes, today she was visiting this necktie manufacturer in colorado, because donald trump previously had said the reason he needs to outsource his clothing lines is because they can't make those products here in america. that's an outright falsehood in america baa visit thing plant that is manufacturing neckties here in america. donald trump would rather employ workers abroad. >> shortly after making that speech in india, and talking about outsourcing, something that india obviously is very happy about, india made a donation to the clinton foundation, a big donation. do you know if the clinton foundation is under investigation? >> no. and bret, there's no basis to believe that. i have no knowledge of that, and
3:23 pm
there's no evidence to that effect. that has been a baseless report that's been circulating out there. the clinton foundation does extremely valuable work across the globe when it comes to things like providing drinking water in countries in africa, preventing juvenile diabetes and encouraging healthy habits here in the united states for school children. so the foundation continues to be unfairly the subject of many partisan attacks. but president clinton and secretary clinton are extremely proud of the work. >> the fbi director wouldn't answer the question, peter swizer said it is being investigated. you're saying you know of no investigation? >> peter swizer has been discredited, the claims he made about the clinton foundation a year ago were debunked and he had to admit he had no evidence of the allegations he was making. secondly, you can't read
3:24 pm
anything at all into director comey's inadubility to make tha question. >> so -- >> the fact that he declined to answer that tells you nothing. so it's not at all known that the irs is investigating the clinton foundation. the republican members of congress called for a baseless investigation into the foundation. they received a form letter back from the irs. they leaked that letter and tried to pretend it was announcing an investigation. >> why do you think former president clinton's speaking fees jumped dramatically after mrs. clinton was appointed secretary of state? >> bret, the president has given speeches to all kinds of entities, both within the united states and abroad. all of them went through a rigorous vetting process that was conducted at the state department during the years that hillary clinton was the secretary of state. if he gave the speech, it was because the people that inspected it and reviewed it
3:25 pm
deemed there was no conflict. and all allegations suggesting there was a conflict are coming from people like peter swizer who have been discredited. >> when foreign entities pay secretary clinton or the former president to speak or they make large contributions to the clinton foundation after they speak, do you think that they expect something in return? >> well, if they do, they're completely foolish for thinking so. there's never been a shred of evidence to suggest any actions were taken by the state department because of any speech given by president clinton. >> so the clinton foundation signs this memorandum of understanding with valerie jarrett in 2008 pledging to disclose all contributions. secretary clinton said as much to the senate foreign relations committee during her confirmation hearings. why did the clinton foundation
3:26 pm
fail to live up to that obligationsome >> i'm not sure how you can say that. they filed the same forms on an annual basis and disclose their donors. they go beyond the legal requirements in disclosing who gives money to the foundation. again, all those donations go to performing life-saving work across the globe. the foundation, prior to this campaign, was widely praised by republicans left and right. you had many republican officials, jeb bush, who is a candidate for president during the primaries, carly fiorina, many other top republicans appearing at the clinton foundation events and praising the work of the clinton foundation. it's only now that hillary clinton is running for president that the clinton foundation has come under fire. >> okay. we've been over the e-mail back and forth and i heard robby mook talk about it. but i want to ask you about the breaking news on this $400 million cash payout to tehran.
3:27 pm
the administration is talking about it one way. secretary clinton obviously supports the iran deal. do you see any change in iran, how it's acting result of this iran deal? >> well, first of all, bret, the day began with a complete falsehood being tweeted out by the trump campaign. donald trump tried to suggest that hillary clinton was involved in this $400 million payment to iran. of course, independent fact checkers verified that happened -- that transaction took place a year after she departed. >> so she doesn't support that? >> i'm not saying that. >> why would you say she wasn't part of it? >> during the course of -- >> she supported the iran deal. >> she absolutely did. >> so the administration is saying that's part of this. >> actually, i think this was negotiated separately from the iran nuclear agreement that's
3:28 pm
what the white house explained today. this payment was the settlement that dates back to 1979 -- >> so she supports it in other words? >> i think that she -- that the white house has fully explained this was a matter of settling an outstanding claim. in fact, the $400 million represents -- >> i know what the white house said. eye asking what the secretary thinks about this delivery of cash. >> sure. again, she was out of office by the time this hand, but we have no basis to question the administration's account. i think they answered every question that's been asked not just today but in january. >> my original question is, do you see any change in iran, ballistic missile tests, stopping american hostages, after the iran deal and after get thing payment of cash? >> look, secretary absolutely supported the deal. she thinks it's in the best interest in the united states to
3:29 pm
help prevent iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. but she said at the time that she and the president will take a distrust and verify approach. in other words, support for the deal does not mean that we are suddenly forming an alliance with iran or trusting their motives. i agree with your last guest who pointed out that absolutely it is the case that iran still maintains ties with hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. that's why we have to take what hillary clinton has called a distrust and verify approach. so iran will continue to do everything it can to support unrest and turmoil in that region. she'll take a very skeptical approach for iran. >> brian, we appreciate you coming on. could russia or a group of hackers undermine the coming presidential election? a report from the white house when we come back. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. it scared me and caused a lot of disappointment and how i feel about myself.
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north korea has kuked one of the longest flights yet of a medium ballistic missile. south korean officials say one missile flew 620 miles into the sea of japan. north korea claimed a series of technical breakthroughs in its goal of developing a long-range nuclear missile capable of reaching the u.s. there are new concerns about the integrity of america's elections. the issue, ever more sophisticated attacks by cyber criminals and foreign state actors. it has some in government considering a worst case scenario. >> we should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process, is critical infrastructure. like the financial sector.
3:35 pm
like the power grid. >> reporter: in the wake of cyber hacks that infiltrated democratic computers, jeh johnson announced the obama administration was conducting discussions about cyber security, to guard against cyber intrusions and to secure the voting process. while president obama didn't come right out and blame the russians for hacking the dnc or attempting to influence the u.s. election -- >> if in fact russia engaged in this activity, it's just one on a long list of issues mr. and mr. putin talk about, that i've got a real problem with. >> reporter: he did make it clear that washington is suspicious of moscow, and for good reason. >> there's certain things that states should not be doing to each other when it comes to cyber attacks. >> reporter: still, white house officials down played the danger. >> there are risks out there,
3:36 pm
but i think the american people can have confidence in our ability to mitigate those risks and to confront that threat. >> reporter: some suggest the alleged hack is the latest example of an expanding cold war reducti reducti redux, including the engagements of u.s. military vessels of aircraft. >> a major world power trying to interfere with and have a disinformation campaign, is that what we're talking about? that's a serious thing. >> reporter: the obama administration has infrastructure in place to levy heavy fines on individuals and country it is they were found to be hacking u.s. systems. but experts continue to warn that levies and sanctions alone won't be enough. >> kevin corke, thank you. president obama's critics say he's cemented his legacy as
3:37 pm
the commuter in chief. today, he cut short the sentences of 214 federal inmates, the largest batch of commutations on a single day. among those being freed, 67 serving life sentences, almost all involved were serving time for non-violent drug crimes. the president has commuted 562 sentences during his seven years in office. more than the past nine presidents combined. taking a look at the markets today. the dow broke its seven-day losing streak, gaining 41. the s&p 500 was up seven. the nasdaq finished ahead 22. did president obama pay a ransom to iran or is it a coincidence? how might it play out in the 2016 race? we'll talk about that with the panel when we come back. a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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big story out of the white
3:42 pm
house today, this payment to tehran. $400 million in cash, euros and swiss francs, on an unmarked cargo plane arriving just hours really before the release of four american hostages. "the wall street journal" broke this story and they have new information tonight. in addition to this, a story popping on "the wall street journal," "senior justice department officials objected to sending a plane loaded with crash to tehran. at the same time that iran released four americans. but their objections were overruled by the state department," according to people familiar with the discussions. let's bring in our panel. okay, charles? >> of course the justice department objected. it was illegal. it isn't only the optics or that they are just looking ridiculous in denying that it was a quid
3:43 pm
pro quo. obviously, it wasn't a coincidence. the reason that it was objected to by justice, there is a statute that prohibits us from engaging in iran dealing with dollars. so they had to -- they had to print the money here, ship it over to switzerland, turn it into swiss francs and euros and ship it over to iran. if a private company had done this, this is called money laundering. the ceo would be in jail right now. >> nina, big deal or not? >> yeah, it's big deal. but to put it in context, this is part of a $1.7 billion settlement that was already announced by the administration back when the hostages were released. so this wasn't out of the blue. that said, the timing of it is truly suspicious, because it obviously landed right when the hostages were being released. to the extent that the military commander in iran told the state media that this is the money that we got in return from releasing those iran spies.
3:44 pm
so if we're worried about isis or iran kidnapping further americans, are they going to listen to the hair splitting going on by the white house or to the iranian state media? i think it's probably the latter. >> i was trying to get brian fallon to say what secretary clinton thought about it. they started by saying she wasn't secretary of state at the time. >> which sounding like she didn't support it. but i'm sure when forced to take a position, she's probably going to try to split it the way he did. because obviously this looks bad. 30 years ago, this would have launched congressional hearings, we would have had indictments, but i think today the massive distrust in the federal government and in government institutions and the people at the top of the government is so high today that it's sort of like, people shrug their shoulders and this will probably go away in a week. >> since that time, since that
3:45 pm
plane load of cash, iran has captured two more americans, holding them hostage. they have fired four ballistic missiles in violation of the u.n. treaty, tied to the iran deal. and to hear the administration talk about this today, it was no big deal. >> well, there's a couple things. nina's right, if you tell -- the iranians are telling their state press that it's ransom money. of course it's going to raise the prospect of more hostage taking and kidnappings. this -- the fact that the justice department objected to this saying look at the optics here, this package of engagement where you're dealing with the iran deal and you're going to pay back this old arms deal money and you're getting the hostages back. obviously they would have gone out of their way if it wasn't part of a deal to pay at another time. but the problem is, this is totally drowned knockout a
3:46 pm
presidential debate where donald trump is talking about ridiculous things and having interventions. hillary clinton can probably get away with this story not blowing up, because the focus has not been on national security policy whatsoever. >> although donald trump raised it tonight. >> it suggests that this administration's view of this iranian regime, there's a window open on that and there's conceivably a problem with hardliners at the end, when they are coming to the end of this hostage negotiation and the end of the iranian nuclear deal, you've got to get a payment or you're not going to get the hardliners to go along with it. >> there's a common misperception that on implementation deal a suit case full of cash shows up in tehran and auld o a sudden they have all this money. john kirby remarked that nobody
3:47 pm
is having iran a windfall of cash. n on a conference call, january 17th, also skirted the issue of cash delivery. >> the reason it was concealed is because it was illegal. congress wasn't notified, because it's scandalous for this administration to defy a law that says you can't do this. the second thing is, it not only encourages terrorism in the future, the money is in cash. why in cash? because then you can't trace it. it's going to go straight to hezbollah, straight to hamas, straight to terrorists in iraq. it will kill arabs, muslims, jews in israel, americans, and foreigners. that's why it's in cash. this is a totally scandalous piece of bribery and ransom. there's no way to get around it. next up, donald trump insists his campaign is firing on all linders. republicans are saying they're worried. what's the truth?
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the campaign is doing really well. it's t its never been so well united. we started on june 16th. i would say right now it's the
3:52 pm
best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. we're doing incredibly well. we're leading in the state of florida. you saw the poll. we're leading in ohio. we're about tied in pennsylvania, but i think we'll be leading the next time. so i think we've never been this united. well, that is donald trump tonight in florida. it was a packed house in florida. new foxle polls out so he hillary clinton with a ten point lead as you see the difference between the last poll we took. you add johnson, the libertarian in there, roughly the same nine points, gary johnson at 12%. by the way it takes 15% to get into the general election debate. we're back with the panel. charlie, you talk about people talking out about internal strife. today and yesterday, those are the days. >> yeah.
3:53 pm
i've never heard the pitch about as intense as it is now. who use have thought that running as an outsider crashing through the walls of the establishment castle, there would be turbulence there. he's had turmoil from the beginning. it's how he operates. he's mixed up in some battles. but the fox news poll shows him double digits behind hillary clinton will, but he's still ahead of her on the economy which is the most important thing. troubling that he's given up ground in the area of terrorism. but there are other things that are -- he still attracts huge rallies. people are still very enthusiastic about him. the people who really don't like him are people in washington and the media. and so obviously hillary has all of her baggage. >> i put the lead-into the piece
3:54 pm
that we, all of this at this passenger, we're dead wrong in the primaries. to the piece that we, all of this at this passenger, we're dead wrong in the primaries. flat wrong. can the casino? no way. but does this feel different in a jgeneral election? >> there are interesting thumbs if you drill down. what you see is trump's big problem. his big problem is with his own party. he only has 78% of republicans. mitt romney had 93%. that is a 15 point difference. hillary clinton has about an 87% of democrats, that is about three off from obama. and he goes out this week and he's attacking john mccain and paul ryan. he has problems, it's not just the establishment. he has problems in his party. >> the fact that this is still close in these swing states, what does that say about hillary clinton? >> well, hillary clinton is as loathed as donald trump by most americans.
3:55 pm
her negatives are as terrible as his. they have matching honest and trustworthy numbers in this poll which are both in the dtoilet. she master perment on him, she has knowledge handling of nukes, but he beats her on the economy and terrorism and beating isis. and she was politically indicted by the fbi director a few week before the convention. she took a dip in the polls about. she went on chris wallace sunday morning and lied again. i mean she has a real problem as a candidate. the only reason she's buoyed is by donald trump's immole lags. >> so we have and online show tonight so we will continue the conversation, but to hear what charlie krauthammer thinks, you have to stay around until after the break. for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive."
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finally tonight, we tried to pack a lot in, but i want to get to charles. status of donald trump's campaign and where this election is. >> if you look at the poll, ten point lead, which is huge. however, when was the poll taken? it was taken from the weekend until yesterday. that is a time when you have the bump that the democratic convention bump, and the other element you have to see is that it includes the response to the gold star families in the poll, it was 70-20 that it was out of bounds. and that will wear off. so we have to have a poll in two
4:00 pm
weeks and that will he will it us the true state of the report. >> special report online coming up. thanks for inviting us into your home. fair, balanced and unafraid, greta goes on the record right now. big night right here on the record. a lawyer for one officer in the freddie gray case is here. his gag order has just been lifted. what does he think, really position, about prosecutor marilyn mosbymosby? find out. and hillary clinton spent her entire speech attacking donald trump. what happened to jobs? did donald trump get under her skin? and business woman omarosa is here. and get ready for the part of the interview with eivanka that you did not see. first, was it ransom?


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