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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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birthday to shirley rosenthal. she's an avid dancer. she says just keep moving if you want to live long. if you're wondering why i'm wearing this, this is a little inspiration. "come on, get happy ♪ ♪ come on get happy . here's "hannity". welcome to "hannity." so in just 96 days, you, the voters, are going to head to the polls and you will decide who will be the next president of the united states. now, in a few minutes, former know, mayor rudy giuliani will join us, first, tonight i have a little advice for the trump campaign, if they are interested, in the hopes they can defeat hillary clinton, who we all know is not honest, she's not trustworthy in november. now for starters, there could be no more unforced errors. hillary clinton is going to try and convince voters, the american people, that donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be president and he's too impulsive, so why is this going to be her strategy?
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it's all she has. she can't run on her record, can't win on substantiative issues and certainly can't win on issues based on honesty, integrity, and troousfulness. the trump campaign needs to get very focused in these 96 days. there needs to be extreme message discipline. my friend rudy giuliani said earlier this week donald trump should focus on the democratic nominee. that means no more talking about paul ryan, lindsey graham, ted cruz, or even john mccain. the only people donald trump should ever talk about, two people, hillary clinton, barack obama, because their records are a disaster. i think people want trump to talk about how he's going to create jobs, revitalize his broken economy, and first and foremost, protect the homeland. i think trump should line up speeches all around the country on specific topics so that people could hear exactly what he stands for and the solutions he's offering. and if i was in charge of trump's campaign, well, i'd have him travel all over the country, roll up his sleeves, and show
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you, the american people, how he will deal with, for example, the immigration crisis, the refugee crisis, and much more. i'd have him put together a team of rivals and i'd also put together trump's promises to america to make america great again. in other words, ten details, promises, that he will fulfill if you elect him president. for example, the promise to appoint originalist to the supreme court that also respect the constitution, separation of powers, coequal branches of government; how he will protect the homeland, how he will acknowledge radical islam is a real clear and present danger to the country, how we need to secure the borders. open borders makes us less secure, also 95 million americans out of the labor force. people come in here illegally, they are fighting for the jobs right now americans need. that drives down wages. also the refugee program, how it has to be safe, how we can't gamble with you, the lives of you, the american people. how he's going to fix america's
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broken economy and get people back to work, and certainly add some type of discipline, fiscal discipline, in washington. the need for energy independence, he can compare and contrast his plan on energy, which is to expand coal mining, expand nuclear technology, drilling and fracking, versus hillary. she wants to put coal miners out of work, coal mining businesses out of business. that also brings us to the issue of education, first and foremost, we pay more per student per capita than any other country, yet we have the worst results. send education back to small towns and cities, and let the people decide how to best educate their own kids. also donald trump should explain what it means to have a better trade deal, and donald trump should explain that we have a promise made to america's vets, and he's going to fix our broken va system. in other words, he's going to put america first in all decisions, and that's not all. when it comes to these presidential debates, these could be the most consequential in america history and hillary clinton probably has an army, i'm guessing, of advisers
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helping her to prep probably right now. trump needs to do the same. 96 days is going to fly by. the clinton campaign, they'll pounce on every distraction, and, of course, they have the mainstream media in their back pocket. so my advice, trump and his campaign need to be more than prepared. this election is way too important. we cannot afford a third term of barack obama and his failed policies. here with reaction, former new york city mayor, friend i just quoted, rudy giuliani. i'm reading all these headlines today, an intervention is happening, oh, my gosh, they are thinking of replacing -- none of that is true. >> at all. >> never mentioned he wants to use nuclear weapons. that was another false story. i talked to three people in the room during that meeting. >> of course not. all of this is created by the media that is out to get him. each year it gets worst. went after romney, this is the worst i've ever seen. >> i agree. >> they are going after him, they are taking things, you
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know, the whole khan incident. well, hillary clinton lied to gold star mothers. she lied about circumstances under which their children died. >> 60 times as much coverage -- >> that's not a bigger deal? >> i think it is. >> at least as big a deal? >> trump is not fighting hillary, he's fighting hillary and a very biased media. >> on the front page of today's "new york times" should have been the picture of john kerry bowing to the iranian -- >> i love it. let me hold it up while you're talking about it. he's actually bowing. again, i want to get to the ransom issue. >> he's bowing. the man he's bowing to is a murderer. he's a murderer, he's a terrorist. he has american blood on his hands, killed americans. there are a lot of gold star mothers in the united states who were killed by iranians under his leadership. and he's bowing to them. bowing to them. >> that's what obama's done the
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whole time. >> to me this is the logo of the obama administration, bowing to dictators and bowing to terrorists. >> and this is what i was saying about hillary, she can't talk about libya, she can't talk about iraq, she can't talk about syria. >> she's going to talk about the $400 million that was laundered. i can't tell you how many statutes it violates. we did this a long time ago, the emergency economic powers act. >> wait, so the cargo plane that picked up money from the netherlands and switzerland and put in francs and euros, what would happen if i did something like that? you'd be arrested immediately. first of all, you can't take $10,000 out of the bank without filing a form. >> never take out $9,000 or they think you're a drug dealer. >> there's no question it's a prohibited money laundering
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transaction. not only that, forget that, they hid it from the american people. not just lying, they are also sneaky, the most transparent administration is the least transparent administration in history. this was a very important deal to the world, and they lied about it. and we got kerry bowing down to iran. >> you were the first to say, and when you said it, it clicked. you can't talk about paul ryan anymore. paul ryan is annoying as hell, as is lindsey graham and john mccain. i can say it, you can say it. it's very frustrating. he's got to focus on two people, hillary and obama. >> and then he should let his surrogates, all those like me who support him -- >> people like me. >> christie, newt gingrich, mike huckabee, they do a real good job defending him. and we can defend him against people coming against him on
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this side and that side. he should focus on exactly the things you're talking about, why this country can't take four years of hillary clinton. now, if cruz is thinking about being president in 2020, he would become president after hillary clinton put two or three justices on the supreme court that would make his presidency useless. they would find everything he did unconstitutional. >> you know, to me there's so many people -- look at the home ownership rate, lowest in 51 years. look at the labor participation rate, worst since the '70s. millions more on poverty, food stamps, and out of the labor force. there's a case to be made here. we can change this and fix this. >> this is an overpowering case. the election is in donald trump's hands, and if he can make the case that you've laid out, something like that, he's going to get elected, because the american people want change. the most powerful slogan in any campaign, because it's time for a change. this time it's really true. it's time for a change.
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we've got to fix it. every one of your principles you announced fits under it's time for a change. >> don't you like the idea of sort of like a contract, trump's promises to america to make america great? >> i like it because it gives focus to the campaign. it gives focus to it and it is all part of the same theme. time for a change. the outsider, like he said during his speech, the voice of the outsider, the champion of the outsider, donald trump, against a corrupt insider, hillary clinton. >> i like that. here's one other thing. you've got people like yourself that i think if he asked you to be secretary of state, you'd be a great one, or if he asked chris christie to be chairman of homeland security or ben carson to be health and human services to get rid of obamacare and in health savings accounts, general flynn for chairman of the joint chiefs or secretary of defense, all these people, great people, would it be smart to announce some before? >> no, because they'd go kick off each one of them one we one.
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if the guy asking for school two days, they'd make a big deal about it. i think it is a good idea to sort of suggest and name some people. these are the kinds of people i would look at. i'm not going to make a choice until after i'm elected, but these are the kinds of people. >> it's going to be obvious. you're going to be on the campaign trail, chris is going to be, newt is going to be, general flynn is going to be, mike huckabee is going to be. >> these are the kinds of people i'm going to surround myself with. these are the people that are going to advise me. his selection of pence is a great indication. >> didn't lay a glove on him. >> great selection. he picked a guy, great governor, great congressman, actually successful businessman, got everything. >> even a radio talk show host. what that says about my future. one last thought for you. what do you think about these republicans that are undermining? i'm beginning to get pretty pissed off. >> i said this to one of them, i won't tell you who, we've got to
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put america first. this election is more important than donald trump. >> what did that person say? >> they sort of hemmed and hawed. i said, look, four years from now, if we have hillary clinton presidency, she's going to go immediately to the left when she gets elected, because she's going to start worrying immediately about a challenge from the left, by elizabeth warren. we're going to go further left than under obama. health care will be ruined. we're going to ruin health care. we're going to be -- we're going to be a european socialist country, and most importantly, we're going to have supreme court justices who undermined our constitutional form of government, and the next president would be able to accomplish -- >> all those republicans that are all nervous today, like i said on my radio show, they calmed down. we have a long way to go. >> calm down, you got a man you can talk to, a man that's ra rational, a man basically on
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your wavelength. maybe not 100%. look, you and i disagree on one or two things. >> yelled at me once when we were debating abortion, nearly ripped my head off. >> he's basically on our wavelength. you can talk to him about lowering the size of government, reducing taxes, getting a lot stronger with regard to islamic terrorism. >> it's against his nature to not fight back. in that sense we're saying, look, only so many people in my life i can fight at one time. sometimes i got to say i'll put that off for another day. >> all this stuff about putin and russia. you know donald, i know donald. you think he's going to let putin push him around? any more than he lets anybody push him around? >> putin will push hillary around. i believe putin has the e-mails, that's what i think. >> i think so. >> if they don't, they are not as good as everybody thinks they are. all right, mr. mayor, thank you. up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> we have a president who,
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frankly, is incompetent, okay? incompetent. >> donald trump back pounding the campaign trail. the original and surging candidate himself patrick j. buchanan is here with reaction. and also tonight -- >> it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. that's what it was. that's what it was. her weakness. her weak policies. >> trump's huge crowd slamming hillary clinton during a rally in the key swing state of florida. kellyanne conway, lisa boothe, doug schoen, they are here to way in. plus, shocking report from "the wall street journal," the administration sent iran, the number one state sponsor of terror, $400 million in cash. i think we call that ransom. we'll discuss that and more straight ahead. put some distance between you and temptation with...
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an attack left an elderly woman dead am five others injured in london. a 19-year-old man was taken into custody after being tasered by police. authorities sayme mental issues may have played a role in the attack. senior officials with the justice department objected to sending $400 million to tehran, but they were overruled by the state department. the justice department insists it supported the administration's dealings with iran. the january payment coincided with the release of four american prisoners in iran. the white house denies it was
10:17 pm
ransom but repayment nor an arms deal that fell through in 1979. now back to "hannity." i got up this morning and i pick up the papers and then i turn on the news and i see $400 million being shipped in cash, being shipped overnight to iran. $400 million. you know, we have a president who, frankly, is incompetent. >> that was gop presidential candidate donald trump at a rally earlier today talking about the hundreds of millions of dollars in cash that the administration sent to the number one state sponsor of terror, iran, earlier this year. here with reaction, author of "the greatest comeback," patrick j. buchanan. $400 million cash, cargo plane, no markings, let's see, francs
10:18 pm
and euros and dollars, what do you call that, pat? >> i would say, sean, that might be ransom. four americans held in criminal captivity by a regime we believe is a state sponsor of terror and in proximity to the release of these four, $400 million, $100 million per person goes in, basically, in foreign currencies into iran. look, sean, i worked in the white house under ronald reagan and they tried to impeach him for sending some missiles to iran when it was in a war with iraq and we were facing help on both sides, they tried to impeach him, very nearly broke down at administration of his successor, george h.w. bush. look, these were regarded far less than what's been done here as nearly impeachable acts. >> and this goes to the campaign, too. i'm getting a little sick and tired of the lindsey grahams, the mccains, the paul ryans,
10:19 pm
i'll even take it a step further, i really believe they have been sabotaging in many ways trump's campaign. not saying donald trump doesn't make mistakes, nobody's perfect, but with that said, they are more critical of trump than they've ever been against the obama agenda or hillary clinton, you know, devoting a full night to black lives matter at the convention, the most radical democratic party platform in history. and i'm getting a little frustrated, are you? >> i understand that and i think donald trump is getting frustrated. i'll tell you what's going on with them, they want to keep their base with their friends in the media and their friends in the republican establishment at the same time to remain acceptable to this brand new force, populous, conservative, economically nationalist party that is rising up. so they are playing both sides, but i agree that, you know, i heard some advice given to donald trump, i think it was rudy the other night, sean, do
10:20 pm
not let yourself be distracted by these peripheral problems and attacks and focus. martin luther king said it, keep your eye on the prize, march on. the goal is the presidency, to get that is to defeat hillary rodham clinton and carry you to the election. >> i totally agree and that was part of my opening comment tonight. he should never mention any of these people, but we can mention them, and i find what they are doing is disruptive, not helpful, and, frankly, it's hurting at some point. at some point don't they have to be held accountable for what they do and what they say and how, you know, i wish they showed this type of courage when it came to obama. >> i think the important thing is to keep the campaign and the candidates focused on the issues that can win this election. >> jobs, the economy, protecting the homeland, immigration, refugees, all of this. >> and he's the one guy
10:21 pm
that's -- people, if you want manufacturing brought back, everybody now says they have people who can do that. everybody would say trump and everybody would like to see manufacturing brought back. >> yeah, agree. all right, so going forward, i agree he can do that. what do you think about what do you do when something like this mr. khan comes up. pat smith spoke at the republican convention, she got little coverage. hillary basically called her a liar. i think they've exposed the media, they've chosen sides in this whole thing and clearly are an extension of the clinton press office in every respect, so what do you do to handle that? >> you got to deal, and that is the national media by and large are in the tank for hillary. they are frightened to death of donald trump, the establishment here, fighting with donald trump, not going to make the patricia smith case at all, and they will make the case for dr. khan. now the point about dr. khan is,
10:22 pm
i think donald trump should have listened to him and said, look, son is a patriot, died for his country, i regret the views they have, let's move on. rather than engage, in my judgment, but others can engage him and do the investigation. again, we got the prize fighter. you don't use him to fight bar fights. he's in the main fight, sean. >> yeah, i think that's really good advice, he does have surrogates, there's a lot of controversial findings i've dug up about mr. khan and others. the media is going to ignore that and try and -- >> i think dr. khan, mr. khan is passing on for this reason, you see him keep at it and you've got this new issue and the media eventually if donald trump doesn't respond, eventually's got to move on to where the people are looking. and the people right now are looking at $400 million in foreign currencies to buy back four hostages from a state sponsor of terror. >> do you think looking today,
10:23 pm
who wins this election today? >> if it were held today, i think hillary would win the election, but it's not over. look, i've seen a lot of campaigns, goldwater was down 59 points at one measure, nixon was down, others have been down. >> reagan, too. >> reagan was way down with carter until, you know, anderson broke. i looked at the polls today, that's when reagan came up. a lot of things can happen between now and the election. this thing could happen just this morning, sean, this down a changer in the polls of seven points. >> pat buchanan, always good to see you, thank you. coming up next on this busy news night, tonight right here on "hannity." >> it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. it's what it was. that's what it was. her weakness. her weak policies. >> donald trump back on the offensive against hillary clinton, so what does he need to
10:24 pm
do to defeat his democratic rival in november? kellyanne conway, lisa boothe, doug schoen will have reaction. and also tonight -- >> two separate processes run by two separate teams. yes, they were done simultaneously, so i understand the coincidental nature of the timing. >> the obama administration is spinning the report, yeah, the white house did, in fact, send $400 million in cash to tehran to release these american hostages. we'll have reaction tonight right here on "hannity". for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one
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then on television this weekend, hillary clinton in asking -- she's asked a pretty simple question, anybody could have answered it, and she lied. she lied. she lied so much and to such an
10:27 pm
extent that it's become a big scandal. it's become the big story. >> donald trump earlier today at a rally in daytona beach, florida, taking a swipe at his democratic opponent, but with just over three months until the general election, what's he need to do to win? joining us now, doug schoen, trump campaign adviser and pollster kellyanne conway, and "washington examiner" contributor lisa boothe. you're in the campaign. to me it's simple. only so many enemies i can fight at once. sometimes somebody will point out look at what so and so said. take a shot, i like the fight. i can't, i got too many other wars going on. you can only fight so many people at once. >> donald trump has some really clear boogeymen to fight here, barack obama, hillary clinton. let's start with them. he wants to throw in the dnc once in a while or the mainstream media, terrific. >> not the father of mr. khan, not paul ryan, as much as i'm kind of disappointed and mad at paul ryan and cruz
10:28 pm
kasich and graham. i don't like people that don't keep their word. >> keep your eye on the ball. the excerpt you showed of trump today at his rally is the trump we want to see, he's mentioning hillary, basically putted her on the hook. look at the masses of the world, that plays into the 81% of americans who say they are less safe than they were four years ago. >> can we say or sum this up that trump should talk about, and i got into more specifics, but it should be jobs, the economy, protecting the homeland? >> absolutely. that's why he says he's a law enforcement candidate, but the problem is he's not hearing that enough for him. kellyanne is right, donald trump, to win this election, which he absolutely can, it's still so competitive, especially in battleground states, which are the states he needs to win to win the election, he absolutely has to make this a referendum on hillary clinton and president obama. he cannot allow this race to be about him, and that's exactly what hillary clinton is trying to do. >> general rule should be no
10:29 pm
more talking about anybody but hillary and obama. >> hillary and obama, i would agree. and policies. >> solutions you're going to provide the country. >> hillary clinton, there's been planning to cover the iran ransom deal, the dnc hedge rules, not summer interns. >> i think she needs a break. last week was too traumatic for her. >> she's getting off completely, sean, because as i said on a different network today -- >> there is a different network? >> incomplete coverage. >> they put me to the paces, there's incomplete coverage. breaking news, there are two major candidates running this time and to the extent they keep hillary shrouded because they know she doesn't do empathy well, compassion well, she starts scowling in about four and a half minutes, but the great news for donald trump is hillary clinton has not sealed the deal with most americans either. they don't trust her, they don't like her. she has not benefited tremendously from some of the problems --
10:30 pm
>> every poll indicates, problems with both candidates for different reasons. >> doug, you actually have been very blunt and honest and suggested that hillary can't, as i said earlier, talk about substance, can't run on her record. the only card she's got is to smear trump and with the help of the media, that's where the better part of this week has gone. you've got to be happy. >> i think the reason you haven't seen much of hillary clinton is when the other campaign is in the process of self destruction, sean, you stay out of the way and let them do it. with donald trump doing what he's doing, and i can't disagree with either kellyanne or lisa, with what he's been doing, it is inconceivable to me that he would let the moment pass after the convention and not do exactly, sean, what you say, talk about jobs and the economy and terror and talk about what he plans to do rather than just attack, attack, attack. >> the interesting thing is, i do think, kellyanne, i'll throw
10:31 pm
this to you, he's only been in this business a little over a year. this is not his profession. he's not enriched himself like doug's friends the clintons. i think his learning curve, the trajectory has been amazing, but he's got to keep it up. he's got to now understand this is different than the primary. you've got one opponent, one record, hillary, obama, focus on that and solutions. >> that's right. there are all types of political land mines you don't see coming when you're new to the process, but i think it's still on balance a charming attribute of donald trump to move to the voters out there, he can legitimately say i'm the insurgent, not the insider. i don't benefit from the corrupt system that's earned 11% approval rating in congress, where incumbents are losing their primaries now in congress. but you're right, that's why you go about a campaign staff, and i have to tell you, i'm in trump tower every day on the job, it is filled with talented, hard working professionals who want to deny hillary clinton the oval, and who see a clear path,
10:32 pm
whether it's through the electoral college or through him making the binary choice and true change election. >> all he has to do is run the ball. you look at the metrics across the board, we have terrible economic -- president obama is going to go down as one of the worst presidents in terms of economic growth. what happened just today with the iran -- giving iran another $400 million on top of $100 billion, the largest state sponsor of terrorism since 1984. >> maybe use of -- >> secretary kerry said it, to all of these metrics, fail, fail, fail. all he has to do is run the ball, point out those failures, and make this a referendum on the policy americans have already objected by historical margins both with the house, the senate, state legislatures, governor races across the country. >> doug? >> i'll put it very simply, donald trump has to stop loring with fellow republicans, the primaries are over. the enemy is not john mccain, not paul ryan.
10:33 pm
>> it's you, doug. it's you. >> maybe me, but can i tell you, she gets into fights where newt calls them unacceptable, he's got real problems. you've got to acknowledge that. >> newt is saying, hey, he wants to get his attention. that was not done out of anger. that was done out of love. that was like, come on. >> maybe done o of love, but we democrats like love like that. rest assured. >> love tap. right? >> hillary clinton, you look at the polling, hillary clinton's floor and ceiling are dangerously close together for her. she hasn't seen 45%, let alone 50 in some of the swing states in quite a while. trump actually i'd rather be him than her at this juncture because he's actually the person to go out and press the case and look authentic and when he did the dallas police officers were shot, sean, the very next morning the statement came out love and compassion and listening. he actually can pull things like that off better than hillary clinton. it's more authentic, more
10:34 pm
legitimate. he's not a politician. >> this is what's so funny, too, you look at the statement, phenomenal statement, washington post and daily beast criticized the entire statement because of one word. you look at what donald trump is up against with the mainstream media and the bias. >> let's be clear, very bad three or four days for donald trump, he's got to change his campaign, otherwise he will keep sinking in the polls. those are just the facts. >> check in a week on that. >> when we come back, a lot more tonight on "hannity". >> two separate processes run by two separate teams. yes, they were down simultaneously, so i understand the coincidental timing. >> actually it's called ransom, damage control after a report revealing, yeah, the white house gave iran, the number one state sponsor of terror, $400 million. by the way, in euros, in francs, in dollars, and it was in a
10:35 pm
cargo plane without any labeling. we'll check in. and later, washington, d.c., transit cop charged with aiding isis. when is obama and hillary going to get serious about the threat that poses to america, as we continue. ♪ i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache.
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♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. welcome back to "hannity." so according to an absolutely stunning report out of "the wall street journal," the obama administration, as we told you earlier, secretly gave iran, the number one state sponsor of terror, the equivalent of $400 million in cold hard cash during the same time that american hostages were being freed by tehran. now republican lawmakers are saying it amounts to ransom, will now put more americans at risk, but, of course, both the state department and the propaganda office at the white house, they are claiming the timing of the money and the transfer and the prisoner release is all just a coincidence. >> we don't pay ransom, we just
10:41 pm
don't pay ransom. it is our policy. this was not ransom. any suggestion that it had anything to do with ransom is absolutely and utterly false. these were two separate processes run by two separate teams. yes, they were done simultaneously, so i understand the coincidental nature here of the timing, but absolutely nothing to do with ransom. >> this $400 million is actually money that the iranians had paid into a u.s. account in 1979 as part of a transaction to procure military equipment. this all came to a head at the same time, because we were addressing and resolving longstanding concerns with iranian behavior. and the benefits are almost too long to mention. >> here with reaction, author of "defeating jihad," the distinguished chair of military theory, sebastian gorka, fox
10:42 pm
news strategic analyst, rob peters. dr. gorka, i'll start with you. it's interesting the iranians weighed in and said it's ransom, paid ransom, reaction. >> so, today the fbi charged a police officer in washington with wiring money to what he thought was isis. in the criminal code that is called material support to terrorism. the obama administration did is $400 million worth of material support to terrorism. the president himself in an interview in march of 2015, that iran is still a state sponsor of terrorism. why are we giving them any money? we know that they will use part of that money for terrorist
10:43 pm
operation, and we know in the last 15 years that they sponsored and gave weapons to the militias in iraq that killed u.s. service men and women. how is that not materiel support? >> josh earnest today, john kerry, susan rice, have all admitted that the money given to iran, and i'll use john kerry's words, yes, could be used to fund terrorism. how stupid are we that we acknowledge, yeah, they might use it to fund terrorism, but we're going to give it to them anyway? >> well, we're really stupid, and the iranians are brilliant negotiators, and we are pathetically inept. basic rule of negotiation is don't let the other side know that you desperately want something. and obama and kerry from the start allowed the iranians to
10:44 pm
know full well that they desperately wanted a comprehensive new deal, obama and kerry's legacy, so the iranians beat us up at every turn and it is indisputable that this $400 million was a sweetener for the iranians, in addition to giving the iranians criminals and terrorists and spies back, gave them the $400 million, established a price, by the way, of an american hostage now, $100 million, plus an assorted criminal or thug thrown into the mix. but the bottom line is, obama and kerry wanted it bad and by god they got it, and it's all merely a coincidence that it went down the same day. >> i have some swampland, colonel, in florida i'd like to sell you as a bridge that's pretty big. >> briefly, look, if it was all above board, why an unmarked cargo plane in the dead of night and why circumvent u.s. law by dealing with swiss francs and
10:45 pm
euros stinks to high heaven. >> did they break the law, dr. gorka? >> support to terrorism. if a cop in washington can get arrested, absolutely. think about one thing, the 9/11 commission report did the financial forensics on that attack. 9/11 did $1 trillion worth of damage to the u.s. economy in just the first 12 months after the attack. do you know how much bin laden paid for that operation? less than $500,000, the whole operation. we just gave iran the equivalent of eight 9/11s. >> wow, that's really chilling. all right, we got more to get to. we'll come back, we'll continue with dr. gorka, lieutenant ralph peters on a washington, d.c., transit cop arrested, get this, with ties to isis. how did we not catch that? [ tires screech ] ♪ flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo!
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. welcome back to "hannity". so a metro transit police officer in washington, d.c. has been arrested and charged with providing material support to isis. according to authorities, 36-year-old nicholas young attempted to send the terrorist group communication information and support while serving in our
10:51 pm
nation's capital. young is the first police officer to be charged under federal terrorism laws so just how extensive is this isis threat here in america? here with analysis we continue with dr. sebastian gorka and colonel peters. we have our national director of intelligence, fbi director, aassistant fbi director, homeland security committee chairman and former special envoy to defeat isis says isis will be infiltrated by the syrian refugees and still, obama and hillary want to bring more people in. and they want to bring more people in. >> this guy was not a refugee. >> they're bringing more sympathizers. we can't even get a guy that is here. >> i'm all for bringing christian refugees from the
10:52 pm
middle east. that is a separate issue. we have disturbed young men, lone wolves that isis is brilliant at identifying and attracting and the real problem we have had since the beginning to the dawn of al qaeda, is that we always underestimate our enemies. and you don't do that. isis has been brilliant. they turn our laws against us, and our technologies against us. they're ingenious. and we, you know we know president obama wrote them offs a jv team. for wealth and money and power we've been the jv team. >> so we're missing over and over again, people that are already here z then, we're going to compound the problem, ignore our intelligence officers and take in syrian refugees. we can see all of the evidence of these cases be san bernardino or orlando, we're not catching
10:53 pm
them, now, we're going to bring in officials and refugees that we can't vet that we're told will be infiltrated by terrorists like they did in europe. >> sean, your viewers need to understand the significance of this recent arrest. i know "new york times" and huffington post are going to spin up stories about how this is a string operation, the guy's daddy didn't love him at school. whatever it was. the narrative of the administration is that terrorists are unemployed. this man was a police officer. who decided to help isis. this arrest blows the obama administration's narrative of where terrorists come from and why they do what they do, out of the water. we have to use this to explain
10:54 pm
to the american people. we don't understand it because the administration refuses to aallow us to talk about it for what it is. >> let's give another $400 million. it's a bizarre time. it defies every bit of common sense human beings were born with. thank you. appreciate it. >> when ke come back, we need your help with a very important question of the day. straight ahead. (climbing sounds)
10:55 pm
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that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. unafraid, greta goes on the record right now. big night right here on the record. a lawyer for one officer in the freddie gray case is here. his gag order has just been lifted. what does he think, really position, about prosecutor marilyn mosbymosby? find out. and hillary clinton spent her entire speech attacking donald trump. what happened to jobs? did donald trump get under her skin? and business woman omarosa is here. and get ready for the part of the interview with eivanka that you did not see. first, was it ransom


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