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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 4, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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good night from washington, d.c. tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. eastern, right here. welcome to "red eye." a i'm tom shillue. let's czech in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the show, sources say top republicans may be planning an intervention for donald trump. i assume this is for his addiction to winning. plus, did the obama administration pay a $400 million ransom to get iran to free four american prisoners or was it money for nothing and your nukes for free. and the olympics are around the corner so like most of you we will try to find a way to look like we care. >> i care. >> no you don't. >> let's welcome our guests of the she closed more bars than the city health inspector,
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joanne nosuchunsky. his new book is called gorilla mind-set and sadly it is not a biography of magilla. michael cernovich. he is a peach and that explains the weird fuzz on his face. dave smith. and if you plan on visiting his pig farm, it will be the last thing you do. sitting next to me, former covert officer and president of diligence llc, mike baker. >> and owner of pig farm. a real pig farm. >> let's start the show. >> fox news has connish ifed donald trump's -- confirmed donald trump's allies are planning an intervention. trump is addicted to controversy. and caring for beagles. he loves beagles. preibus and rudy guiliani are hoping to chat with the new york billionaire after a not so great few days.
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trump's campaign manager said the intervention is happening. >> the only need we have for intervention is with media types who keep saying things that are not true. a candidate is in control of his campaign. >> i was wrong there. apparently no need for an intervention. it was gonna happen, and maybe it is not. they want to do something. what do you think? >> i think it is crazy you went with a beard joke about me even though you are growing out your own peach fuzz. >> isn't that weird? >> i thought it was a ridiculous idea until his campaign manager reaccount as exactly how you react when there is a problem. no, we can stop anytime. the one thing hillary clinton said in the last 20 years that wasn't a lie as when she said in her speech, donald trump is donald trump. there is no other trump that is coming. everyone should get over the idea that he is going to be convinced to become a politician. it is not gonna happen. >> there you go. it is not gonna happen, and i don't think it should happen. michael, welcome to the show.
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>> thank you. >> how are you doing down there? >> that was another media conspiracy theory to make trump look bad. a made up story like all of them. they were saying it from the beginning. manifort was fighting with them in the campaign. anything to make them look bad. they are losing. the only way to beat trump, and they won't beat them, is to lie. >> michael, can you be back here tomorrow night? i love this guy. >> he clearly has the gist of the show. >> i like it. i think this was -- this two weeks, of course he had a rough two weeks because the media won't stop uhing taking him. stop attacking you. >> exacty loo. all three of you have beards. >> you have a little something there. >> i do, but it is in the past hour. the idea -- i agree with you that this is the personality that we've got. he is not going to change. the idea of doing an
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intervention -- usually an intervention, and it is my understanding that if -- is that you don't advise the person going through the intervention. it is a surprise. >> there was a reality show on this. >> you surprise them. he is not going to change. i think in part you can argue that a lot of his supporters like him for his very reason that he is not scripted and he will go according to crept. the problem wea are facing is we are looking at an election, both candidates, that are defying the norms from the previous election. and we are trying to apply the old rules to this and trying to process what is happening with clinton and with trump. using the old rules of politics. and they seem to have broken down for this campaign season at least. >> i was reading an article and it said democrats are worried. they act confident on the outside and they are worried because they know trump can turn it upside down and it can be a year like no other. >> everyone is worried. there are no rules.
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it is literally like your favorite reality show minus "the bachelor" and they say there's no rules. the bachelor and the bachelorette can do whatever they want. within the producer's own rules. i think trump would totally agree to an intervention if you approached him with it in the right way. it will air and get huge ratings. he said yes i will do this intervention. but i do think his campaign staff and him, they need to get on the sage page. they put out pretty good statements when things happen. and then trump doesn't really say what was in the statement, or he says something that contridicts the great statement that was put out. and he is just kind of digging himself into his own hole. i think they just need to have a big pow-wow and maybe go camping. >> the best example is what happened today. trump comes out and makes an off the wall statement about i
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am not ready to support paul ryan yet. and then mike pence his running mate said i am supporting paul ryan. th appears to be no coordination. >> baker, you gef me an idea -- you give mooy an idea for a story. meanwhile trump refuses to endorse paul ryan in a campaign. >> you're welcome. >> in an interview trump said i like paul, but these are horrible times for our country and we need strong leadership and i am not quite there yet. i am not quite there yet. some people say his remarks are strikingly similar to something ryan once said about endorsing trump. >> to be perfectly can at this -- candid, i am not ready to do it at this point. >> do you see the dissimilarity? that's plagiarism i can get behind. michael, you wanted to jump in when we were showing the video. jump in. >> we don't like paul ryan lifting up trump of. he rubber stamped everything
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obama wanted to do. he wants open borders. we want paul ryan out and we are glad trump is not endorsing him. we are behind trump's decision not to endorse him. he should endorse paul nielan. i want him to say not only do i not endorse him, but i am backing him. >> what are his chances? they say ryan is in trouble. >> 30 to 40%. >> who is we that you talk about? are you part of a coalition i am not aware of? >> right now i am. i love the hell out of the guy and we are going out after the show to have drinks. >> be careful. >> you always want to say we to build a rapport. i am not a talking head. >> we are drinking copious amounts of booze. >> we like trump. we support trump. >> isn't the difference between -- trump said basically the same thing paul ryan said about him. the difference is that donald trump has a movement behind him. donald trump has got more votes than any republican
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candidate of all time. paul ryan is a guy they chose to be the failed vp for mitt romney and lost a debate to joe biden. go away. nobody cares what you think. he is not even the rightful speaker. he skipped a few people. >> i mean he is the speaker jievment he was not even next in line. >> he is a shadow. >> i think you stole andy levey's talking point. i don't know if you noy andy, but are you simpatico. >> nobody loves trump more than i love trump. >> you and andy will get along like a house on fire. i can't wait for half time. that's what i'm thinking. >> all of this paul ryan stuff, i think it is trump signaling -- again it is the people who like trump i think it will adhere to them more. >> is that enough to actually get him across the finish line in first place? i don't think so. i think it is a narrow -- in a
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sense. i know what you are saying. he is fighting the statistic con constantly. i think what we are going to find is that trump -- there is not a lot of thought process behind him coming out saying he is not ready to endorse paul ryan. he is not like a candidate who sat there and thought about this meaningfully. there is nothing there. i talked about it earlier today. he reminds me of my middle boy sluggo, 7 years old. i am starting to do this and i am equating trump's actions to my boy sluggo. whatever comes out in front of him he reacts to. sometimes he is aggressive. then something else pops up and he reacts to it. that's the worry i've got with trump. if the guy had a great team around him and there was focus and a prioritizing and
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discipline, great. i am not seeing any of that. >> this could be more calculated than we think. i do think trump thinks about this. he is thinking is paul ryan giving me everything i want. is he completely backing me? i think he did tell pence, go ahead and back him. that's fine. there is a part of us that is with him. i can't myself say i fully back this man who hasn't always had my back. >> i think ryan likes this base in ryan's state, trump didn't do that well. that was a big who is that guy that ran against him? ted cruz. ted cruz was big there. it is helping ryan as well. he came out and said we didn't ask for his endorsement. everybody is happy. >> that's what happens in trump land. you know what my take away from your little speech is? >> i do love donald like a son. >> just because trump speaks
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simply it is not that it is simple. palm are saying if you use big words you must be smarter than everyone else, but mark twain wrote they seventh grade level and trump speaks clearly and thoughtfully. what trump is doing is laying down a negotiation strategy. he said if you want to play hard with me, great. i'll play hard with you. we are not used to that direct confrontational tone of voice and that's what we need in the next president of the united states. >> we better get used to it. moving on, trump is not the only candidate whose allies are concerned. aides to hillary clinton are concerned about her stubbornness. there are a number of supporters who want her to give a different answer so that even if it doesn't put it to bed it sound more sincere. answers like this report cutting it. answers like this aren't cutting it. >> my answers are truthful and what i have said is consistent with what i have told the
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american people. there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the e-mails. >> he said the exact opposite. >> hillary is the one in trouble here, isn't she? >> you just have to appreciate the nerve the clintons have. it reminds me when bill came out and gave that speech last week. it is all about what a great relationship him and hillary have had. the most famous adulterer in american history will give you the details of what a rosy picture they had. she said did you see the fbi director? it is 180 degrees opposite. he testified before congress that she lied. i understand why her supporters are angry. but this is the clintons. they don't need to lie. it doesn't matter. she will always try to spin things. >> the irony here is everybody
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says trump doesn't listen to an advisor and trump this and trump that. hillary's advisors are saying you need to do something about the e-mail thing. what the media says about trump they are lying, but hillary is the one with the problem and the poor judgment. >> will that mean anything? if the media trumpets for hillary then who will call her on this stuff? >> people need to keep asking these questions, but she keeps giving the same answer. that's why her staff is nervous. we are not satisfied with the answers you are giving which is why people bring up your past as they should. it is hillary's world and we are all living in it and we have known that now for quite a few years. some people are happy living there, but i am not. >> isn't that where politics is? she is disciplined and repeats the same nonsense over and over and it seems to work for her. and then her aide said i wish
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she would say something more sincere. if trump is sincere he is attacked for it. >> your point is well made. what we just saw there, her comments about what director comey just said, that's what we are used to. we have come to expect it from all of the politicians. everything is spun on its head when you get donald trump coming out and get the opposite. we don't know how to process it. a lot of the media is in the tank for hillary. a lot of of people will disagree with me on that. there should be no surprise that they are not pushing harder on this. case in point, if i may. they were talking about trump's connections to russia and his alliance to russia. the media has completely ignored one of the most fascinating ties in this campaign season.
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tony and john formed a group at the end of the 90s. is it -- it was basically a lobbying firm. an important fundraiser. they are the official lobbyist for the bank. >> it is huge. >> and it has extensive ties to saw lad you tau -- to vladimir putin. that uh -- that uh paryntly is of no interest. >> they did some consulting for the russians and that's all we heard about when he came on. and how was this? when this first came out, when hillary's -- when they released these e-mails recently, mike, they tried to pin it on trump because he said i hope the russians release more. they tried to make it a scandal about trump. this is what they will always do. >> how many million dollars did hillary clinton get to give uranium to russia?
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100 million, 40 manage? all of that money went to her, but somehow wikileaks which the liberal media loved when they were going after the bush administration, suddenly the wikileaks have russian hackers in putin's basement. >> very interesting how quickly they turn. here is a story we are not doing. we are talking about the iran ransom instead. ♪ everything is awesome
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♪ everything is cool when you're watching a screen ♪ ♪ everything is awesome, ♪ when you're sharing a meme ♪ ♪ a voice remote, "show me angry kings" ♪ ♪ you know what's awesome? everything! ♪ ♪ apps that please, more selfies, ♪ ♪ endless hours of the best tvs ♪ ♪ brand new apps, shows to go, ♪ ♪ awesome internet that's super whoa... ♪ ♪ everything is awesome xfinity. the future of awesome. this is a fox nice alert. i'm patricia stark in new york. london's mayor is urging people there to remain calm and vigilant following a deadly knife attack. it happened last night in russell square near the british museum. the attack left an elderly
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woman dead and five other people injured. the suspect, a 19-year-old man, was tasered by police and taken into custody. authorities say mental issues appear to have played a role in the attack, but they are also looking into the possibility it was terrorist related. the "wall street journal" reports that senior officials rejected to sending $400 million to tehran, but overruled by the state department. the justice department admits they supported dealings with iran. the payment coincided with the release of four american prisoners in iran. the white house denies it was ransom, but repayment for an arms deal that fell through in 1979. the white house is warning congress that money to fight the zika virus is running out, but lawmakers are on summer recess and won't be back on the hill until next month. there may be growing need for emergency funding especially in florida where 15 cases of the virus have turned up in the miami area. the mosquito-borne illness has
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been linked to severe birth defects and florida's governor ordered free testing for pregnant women there. and scary moments for 300 air travelers caught on video. this happened at the busiest airport in the middle east. the emirates airline was flying to india when there was a problem with the landing gear. one passenger said people were screaming and crying. the plane landed and everyone got out safely. six passengers were from the u.s. sadly a firefighter on the scene was killed. i'm patricia stark, and now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox was it a ransom or just a sum of money paid for the release of prisoners? according to a bombshell report the u.s. shipped $400 million to iran this past january right as american
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prisoners were being released by that country. the 400 million was the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement the obama administration negotiated for a failed arms deal in 1979. those were the days, right? the state department says the timing of the exchange was coincidental. noting that separate s separate teams conducted the negotiations. but officials say iran wanted cash so it could say it got something in return for the prisoners and iranian officials have referred to it as a ransom payment. iran state police revealed this video receiving the 400 million. that was an artist rendering. we better go to the experts. what is your take? >> i love money. i would love that sum of money. i know i didn't deserve it so i wouldn't take it.
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it is crazy to me how this administration, the optics have always been awful. this idea of, yes, we're being transparent. no. this makes absolutely that sense. it is just the idea of the ransom -- let me say i am very happy that our four americans are back with us. it sets a dangerous precedent. what is going to keep them from taking more americans hostage so that we pay to get them released. just call it what it is. >> yes, we did the ransom and sometimes i have to make tough decisions. have you been in contact with suitcases of money before? i think you have. >> there were instances where suitcases of money are involved. we have a security services group in diligence for all of your information and security needs. part of that is kidnapping,
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ransom and extortion concerns and that sort of thing. first of all to your point they have picked up more unfortunate souls and probably detained them. we had an old saying in the agency. if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck, it's probably hostage money for a terrorist nation. >> wild bill donovan said that during world war ii. today's press conference was probably my favorite and i am not a press conference wonka -- i have never seen anybody look more uncomfortable. he was trying to explain this and he dug himself a hole of 10 feet and then just shoveled a pile of [bleep] in there. we are never going to -- he will never get it off his shoes. the idea that somehow they want us to believe that these
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were happening in tandem, the hostage negotiation and then the talk about the money as if they were happening in bubble wrap and nobody was conferring. it was a load of crap. the idea we know where the money went. we gave them the 400 million. it is being fill on -- being spent on infrastructure. that's a load of crap. we don't know. that's like say thing we vetting properly every receive -- refugee out of syria. there are a lot of holes in this story. i understand why they have to maintain the optic and spin this the way they do. there smoosh -- should be no misunderstanding here. the important point is not whether we call it a ransom, but it is what the other side says. whether you are dealing with the cartel in mexico and exchanging money and whether they are talking about the iranians, but they view it as a ransom payment and they
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structure the deal demanding the money prior to the agreement to release the hostages. there is no doubt that's how they view it. they gave the perception to their own people. it doesn't matter what we call it. the iranian regime understands it to be a ransom payment. >> they know what it is. >> everybody in isis land where there is an interest in taking hostages, they understand it as well. >> it is saying we don't pay for hostages. 1k3 then when we pay -- i think it is better to say we pay for hostages sometimes. >> i think mike is right when we say we don't know where the money is going. these are lies. when you say every administration spins, another way to say that is every administration lies about what the foreign policy is about. i don't like any of this. it kind of bothers me when i see people on fox news who are outraged by the $400 million going to iran because they support terrorism and then say nothing about our relationship with saudi arabia who is the number one exporter in the
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region. if you look at obama and look at the american military over the last 20 years, i would rather see him get more heat for what is happening in libya right now. that's a much bigger story than making a deal with iran. i would rather not start dictatorships. >> well made and well point. >> cernovich, have you 10 seconds to attack obama. >> obama is weak. he proved it. the end. >> this guy is fantastic. k078 coming up, half time with your hero and mine. and the "red eye" pod cast 1 back in a big way. subscribe on fox news fox news radio.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. andy? >> tom. how are you? >> good. >> joanne, i have a question. when baker was talking about having a real pig farm, did you ask if he had turkey bacon? >> i did not. it was not on camera. i did not ask that. >> although i love turkey bacon. it is quite tasty. >> i don't know how you got the pigs to eat the turkey. >> the one thing hillary told the truth about is donald trump is donald trump. i don't get it. he is the nominee because of who he is. it is to the despite who he is. republican party needs to deal with that. they are like if we can just handle him in this way or that
12:32 am
way. the reason people are attracted to trump is because he is nothandled. that's what all politicians are. >> he has not faults. >> i won't hear a word. >> you said the only way to beat donald trump is to lie. the latest fox news poll that came out shows a 10-point lead. it sounds like he mate be beating -- he might be beating himself and in not the way i just realized -- >> he is a candidate, but he is still human. >> we heard about the trump ceiling, the ceiling he has. right now trump is resting and he will come back on the
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attack. he drives more attention. conflict is attention. hillary has a little bit of a bump from the convention and that's typical. he will come back and start to hit it hard. there is a little bit of fatigue. it is good to lay low. lay low and then start hitting it hard again. we have another hundred days or so and then she is gone. >> trump is snot ready to endorse -- is not ready to endorse paul ryan. the problem is trump is not ready to endorse and mike pence saying he endorses paul ryan. oddly i think joanne was getting at this too. i found it endearing when he said i like paul ryan and he encouraged me to endorse him. it is like he said i don't like the guy, but it is fine if you like him. >> by the way, i am over here.
12:34 am
>> it looks so weird. your question was about pence and ryan and the whole political season and -- honest to god i don't have an opinion about this. >> honest to god i don't remember what i said. >> you said you are glad trump is not endorsing ryan. will you be okay? >> i can only control my own life. the idea that i will tie my emotional state is the way to lose at life. >> no one cares about paul ryan. i don't disagree as far as the story goes. the vast majority are like who the hell is paul ryan?
12:35 am
>> should point out in his state he has a higher favor blilt rating than trump does. i'm sure he has some popularity, but it is -- i am just saying when he comes out and he is like i am not ready to endorse trump. it is like when mitt romney said we need a new nominee. nobody cares. it is not one percentage difference in the polling numbers. the whole campaign has beenrepu- reputiation of the establishment. >> it is possible to think trump is awful and the gop is getting what they deserve. >> i couldn't agree more. >> allies are worried about the stubbornness in the e-mail scandal. i am assuming stubbornness is in the meaning of lying. >> that's up for grabs. >> she is getting caught
12:36 am
lying. >> it is rigged and bias. they gave her liar, liar, pants on fire. are we not allowed to say that? >> you can't say that. >> they actually called her out. that is the first time they said hillary lied. when they are calling you a liar, maybe it is time to realize you went too far. >> to be fair the "washington post" gave her four paw -- pinocchios. >> you called bill clinton the most famous adulterer in american history. it might be thomas jefferson. >> it may be tiger woods. what thomas jefferson did may be slightly worse than adultery. it was enslaving of other human beings. i am going good old-fashioned adulterer. >> there were a lot more people in the country when
12:37 am
clinton wasn't and so i will stand by it. >> if the media will trump it for hillary who will call her on this stuff? first of all, i am. >> i may be the only one, but i'll do it. it is not a good sign when the "new york times" editor has to write a piece saying this is the first time you will read about hillary's fox news comment. >> that's amazing. >> the iran ransom payment. those were the days. the days of the iranian hostage crisis. was that a good time? >> people were staying alive and other things. >> you said you never seen anyone look more uncomfortable and. shortly before we started taping they reported that, quote, the senior justice apartment officialses objected to sending a plane full of cash at the same time iran
12:38 am
released four americans, but the objection was overruled by the state department. that could be why ernest looked so uncomfortable. the optics with -- the optics are bad. they should have come out and said what it is. they are trying to convince everyone that the payment was going to happen. why the secrecy and the unmarked plane. they didn't see it through. >> is there a chance we gave them a phony $400 bill? >> we gave them a fake cash raw stash. >> here is one. >> how much does a million dollars and hundred dollar bills weigh. >> like 72 pounds. >> i have no idea. >> wow. >> i have to go. >> thank you, andy. >> it is time to take a break. when we come back, this host as your tickets to the gun show. lock and load. here is what is coming up on the next "kennedy." >> hello, "red eye" fans. on the neck "kennedy" penn
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gillette joins me to talk about 2016 and to make matt welch and jillian turner disappear.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. a mass knife attack leaves a woman in her 60s dead and five others injured. the attack happened late last night in london's russell square in the heart of the
12:43 am
city. a 19-year-old man was arrested minutes after the stabbings. mental health may be a significant factor, but they are not taking terrorism off the table. officials objected to a $400 million cash payment to iran. the money was flown to tehran in january. at the same time four americans were freed from the country. the paper suggests the doj feared the timing would make it look like a ransom payment. but the agency has since come out and said it supported the administration's decision. the white house is also pushing back. >> let me be clear that the united states does not pay ransom. the only people that are making the suggestion are right wingers in iran who don't like the deal and republicans in the united states that don't like the deal. we acknowledged on january 17th there is all kinds of innuendo hurled by people who oppose engagement with iran.
12:44 am
the money was a settlement with a failed arms deal made. and a new poll shows hillary clinton with a double-digit lead over trump. she got a post convention bounce and now has a 10-point advantage. both clinton and trump take a five-point dip to 44 and 45% respectively. 64% of respondents say clinton is qualified to serve as commander in chief and trump say the temperament to serve. now back to the show with the best testimony dash darr temperament, "red eye." this week eric gritons won the mop -- nomination for missouri. he is not one for words.
12:45 am
check out the new campaign ad. p join our mission and let's take back missouri. >> we may have edited out some. >> that is a great ad. griton's ads are not all about shooting things up. >> i am a navy seal and i will take the aim at politics as usual. >> i love these ads. >> we are on a new era wherein assisted of buying advertisements you are going to social media and you are creating vital content. the politicians have shown do you want the earned media?
12:46 am
he looks cool and he is good looking and ultimately that's what people care about in elections anyway. he has millions of dollars now. that some people like and some people make fun of. >> if he was pro gun control he would be like, no, i just want to -- >> these things are scary. >> and i love a gun pun. you can do almost anything. a lot of people love guns. >> in america? i don't believe you. >> everyone is doing things with guns. it is memorable. a lot of times when you go to the polls you don't know anyone's name. you are like i don't know who to vote for. like me. i don't know who to vote for.
12:47 am
>> he is fantastic. do you like the ad? it is an ad. i haven't seen the unedited version. >> you were in a tv commercial. you were in a powerful nra spot. >> i have seen up close what so many people don't want to imagine. a frightening reality of radical islamic terror. here is the truth no one wants to admit. we will never see a day where that threat doesn't hover above our heads. our freedom will keep us safe. >> that was awesome. >> i was 100% sure you were setting up a bit. >> i didn't want to mess with it. how did it come?
12:48 am
how did the nra approach you? >> i know some of their folks and. you know. it was very organic. i know their folks and they know me. >> they caught you in a can at this time -- they caught you in a candid moment? >> it is a very powerful ad campaign that they are doing. there is great people. henry martin, one of the writers for this series knocked out some brilliant things. and so it was a no brainer. it was putting out some very important messages and some of these ads, you wouldn't even really necessarily know it is an nra ad because they are talking about a variety of rights and issues and concerns. >> isn't it amazing how
12:49 am
villified the nra is and they say we defend one of your constitutional rights. all we do is -- we really care about this one amendment. >> and they are 100% -- i mean they will defend the second amendment across the board. but the line is that they are extremists somehow. what is extreme? of course they are extremely -- >> the palm who want to arm every radical group in the middle east and want to arm the police and the military those are the reasonable people? everything is flipped upside down. >> mike, another 10 seconds, close it up. >> you are a very good looking man. >> and you are a key judge of good looking men. i don't know. >> coming up, an olympic report.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye tierney, liz mcdonald and gavin mckin miss. >> the zika virus is not just in florida. it is also in brazil, i'm told. olympic athletes are taking extra precautions with the
12:54 am
games set to start on friday. here is a member of the chinese gymnastics team protecting herself from disease carrying mosquitoes by covering her bed in what appears to be a laundry hamper. meanwhile, the swedish olympic team took prevention one giant step further. >> was that you who wanted to use that? >> i didn't know we were using that video. >> any chance we can show the doomsday videos. >> team usa's olympic uniform is being mocked on the internet. i believe that's a first. ralph lauren revealed the outfits and they noticed the striking resemblance between the red, white and blue shirts and the red, white and blue russian flag. on the bright side no one will confuse the american athletes with team russia.
12:55 am
most of tomb russia is banned from competition. they are at home roiding out on the couch. >> i didn't have an issue with usa's costumes? uniforms. uniforms. it was the way they are standing that makes them look foolish. they look so uncomfortable. they are not models. they are athletes. we need action shots and then it will look more cool. >> there are action shots sort of. >> they dress them up a little too preppy, but that's the ralph lauren way. >> i don't know how difficult it is to come up with a continue controversy-free costumes for our olympic athletes. you wouldn't think it would be that tough. it is a little unusual given the resemblance to the russian flag. >> i hope everybody stays safe and there are no issues down there. frankly they should be dressed in hazmat suits, but that's just me. >> i didn't notice -- i saw
12:56 am
the red, white and blue and i think usa. >> i roll my eyes of it is a paranoia that we have. who cares about russia? i was a child of cold war and we are watching "red dawn." are we at war with russia? people are going to notice russia everywhere. people need to get over that. >> what do you think? >> i think the communists took our government over a longtime ago. >> that's it. >> and if you want to ignore it, fine of the. >> if it was red with the yellow, then i would think soviet union, but red, white and blue, you would think america. >> that's right. the only flag i think of is the hammer and sickle. >> it is a little silly. we are creating -- who knows. i think it is for the political season that we are creating the bogey men. that's what happens in the political season.
12:57 am
god bless our athletes and i hope they do great. >> god bless them all. very special thanks to my entire panel, joanne know -- nosuchunsky and michael cernovich. that's it for me. see you next time.
12:58 am
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this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. hillary clinton has opened up double digit lead on donald trump in brand new fox polls being released at this hour. clinton has a 49-39 advantage. that's up from a six-point edge in june. trump held a three-point lead in may. their numbers in the honest and trustworthy category are virtually the same, just 36% of those surveyed feel clinton or trump has those qualities. we'll have complete election coverage shortly. but first, connection or coincidence? the obama administration is denying that a $400 million cash payment to iran a


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