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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  August 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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protecting america's maritime interests. the force is nearly 42,000 strong. also happy birthday to our very own bret baier as well. >> and the president. >> and i might add. >> happy birthday, mr. scott! >> thanks for joining us. "america's election headquarters" starts right now. the presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail today with donald trump working to get back on message and hillary clinton riding new momentum after results from some brand-new fox polls. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream inside america's election headquarters. first up, mrs. clinton visiting a tech company later this hour in the key battleground state of nevada, while trump makes his third visit to maine today, looking to turn the tables in deep blue territory. we have fox team coverage on all of this with senior national correspondent john roberts following the trump campaign live in portland, maine.
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but we begin with jennifer griffin live at the clinton event. jennifer, what do these polls show us today? >> reporter: shannon, the latest fox news poll shows clinton leading trump by about 10%, that's out of the margin of error, because, and a bigger jump after the democratic consequenti convention than trump received after the republican convention. she's in a double digit lead over trump in two out of three battleground states. she's winning among women by 23 points, blacks by 83 points, hispanics by 48 pnts, and voters under 30 by 18%. she's in las vegas campaigning today. this is a state that has the second highest unemployment rate in the country after alaska. real household income has fallen 19% since before the recession
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in 2008. it also has a large latino population among the hotel industry and she's polling about 50 points ahead of trump there. there are about 328,000 eligible voters who are latino in nevada. they represent 17.2% of all eligible voters here. hillary clinton will speak shortly behind me here at the international brotherhood of electrical workers. they endorsed her not long ago, shannon. >> what about these allegations, the trump allegations that she knew about the $400 million payment to iran, the timing of course raising a lot of questions, arriving on the same day that american hostages were released. any comment there? >> reporter: the clinton campaign is pushing very, very hard on those agencies because of course secretary clinton was not secretary of state at the time of this deal. in fact she started the nuclear negotiations but they really took off under secretary kerry.
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so they are pushing back very hard. the facts seem to support what they're saying. she left the post, again, in february of 2013. the iran deal was finalized more than two years later. clinton herself was asked in colorado about the money shipment. she said it's old news, reflecting what the white house has been saying, and has nothing to do with the hostage swap. secretary kerry and his team negotiated the feel. her spokesman tweeted, quote, this payment to iran is eight months old and clinton had nothing to do with it. it's a trump smokescreen to take the heat off his connections to russia. "the washington post" fact checker gave trump four pinocchios about this allegation against clinton. >> there are a lot of pinocchios going around these days on the campaign trail. jennifer, thank you for checking in, good to see you. over to the republican campaign. donald trump setting up alarms in the gop whenever he goes off-message, frustrating efforts
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to unite the party. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in portland, maine. what version of donald trump do we expect to see today? >> reporter: i think you're likely to see, shannon, a version of donald trump who is far more on message than he was on previous days last week and over the weekend. he wants maine to be in play. it hasn't voted for a republican since bush 41 in 1988. latest polls show hillary clinton with a seven-point lead, but june 21st was the last day that poll was conducted. if you take a look at this poll in neighboring new hampshire has clinton ahead, 47-32. if there are like minded folks between maine and new hampshire, and there do tend to be, trump has a lot of work to do. he was far more on message yell yesterday in jacksonville, focusing on hillary clinton more than anything else.
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during his speech in daytona beach, he did take a tangent to talk again about the whole megyn kelly controversy earlier this year. donald trump hedging his bets whether or not he will support house speaker paul ryan in his upcoming primary in wisconsin this week. listen to how trump's campaign chairman, paul manafort, explained it. >> of course he's going to try to work with paul ryan. ryan is also running against somebody who is not going to win but nonetheless is a strong supporter of mr. trump's. >> reporter: what manafort also said there was that there is a conflict within the campaign that they don't want to come out and support somebody during the primaries. but that answer doesn't tell the full story, shannon, because last night in jacksonville trump all but endorsed marco rubio, saying he supported him. in june he also supported north carolina's renee ellmers in her reelection bid, so he has supported people in the primary. pence, his running mate, came out strongly in favor of ryan
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yesterday. >> on that point, are we seeing different messaging from the two people on the very same ticket? >> reporter: yeah, it almost seems like it could be two separate campaigns. the fact that pence came out for ryan, what he said about that gold star family, he was actually asked about that by an 11-year-old boy at a town hall in raleigh, north carolina, a short time ago. the young boy asking if he was kind of the yang to trump's yin. listen to this. >> i've been watching the news. i've noticed you've been kind of softening up mr. trump's policies. is this going to be your role in the administration? >> sometimes things don't always come out like you mean, right? but i would tell you differences in style, matthew, should never be confused with differences in conviction. >> reporter: children say the darnedest things, don't they? one fellow i talked to here, staunch republican, said donald
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trump is the republican party's best chance to hillary clinton but he says he needs to see trump be a lot more presidential in what he says. shannon? >> we'll debate that with our panel in the next half hour, thanks, john. trump's campaign is collecting small donations from a whole lot of people, a whole lot like bernie sanders did. trump's total haul for july, $80 million including $60 million in donations and $16 million raised at big ticket events with the rnc. hillary for america raised $90 million. trump is wondering why he's not leading in the polls by a lot. >> i don't know. i hear we're leading florida by a little bit. i don't know why we're not winning by a lot. i don't know. and maybe crowds don't make the difference. maybe they don't make the difference. >> boris epstein is a trump surrogate and strategist, he was
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an aide mccain campaign. i want to start with that sound bite. mr. frump trump is a smart man stands in front of that crowd and says he doesn't understand why he's not leading. >> we have 97 days, it's a long haul. the trump campaign actually outraised the hillary campaign 64 million to 63 million, not counting the combined events of trump with the rnc and hillary with the dnc. donald trump has only been raising money for three months. hillary clinton who has been the presumptive nominee for over two years. >> the dnc e-mails that were leaked which appeared to show a clear bias against bernie sanders, why didn't the trump campaign talk more about that, isn't that a winner for him? >> absolutely. and he talked about why the
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bernie sanders voters were disenfranchised. and a lot of those bernie sanders voters are coming aboard, and you're seeing some of those dollars that went to bernie sanders now coming over to donald trump. there will be more of that. >> anecdotally, at the dnc i talked to people, bernie sanders supporters who were so upset at clinton and the dnc who told me they were going to vote for trump, those are stories i heard anecdotally. but why not stick to that instead of going back to old controversies that blew up, maybe have settled down, why not stay more on message, make it about mrs. clinton? >> you have an authentic candidate. you have somebody who is very true to himself. he's only been a politician for a year. that's a huge reason why he did so well in the primaries, 14 million voters, more than ever in the history of the republican party. now the key is to concentrate on winning on november 8th. the $400 million payment to iran
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is a huge deal. that $1.7 billion either has gone to or is already ending up with hezbollah or other sponsors of terrorism. the hillary clinton answer is complete baloney. here is why. she's running on her record as secretary of state. she's used the iran deal as something of an achievement. now she's saying that was done after. >> right. she was gone. >> but she used the iran deal as an achievement, a first. the iran deal was signed two years after she was gone. so now when it's blowing up in her face she's saying, i was already gone by then. you can't do both. you can't say this is my achievement then say i can't be held responsible for the fact that america -- pretty much barack obama broke the laws of america. if that money was in dollars, it would be illegal here. he side-steps american laws by giving the money to iran. >> we're going to break that down and look at the law and what it says in just a little bit, because they say of course it was a separate track with something different.
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quickly, tv ad buys will be important in the coming months. groups aligned with clinton have $90 million reserved for tv buys, less than $1 million for donald trump. >> plenty of time left. we're talking about how great july was in terms of fundraising. august will be even better. hillary clinton has had two years because she was the rigged presumptive nominee for the dnc, she had two years to buy all that tv time. donald trump has only been the nominee for 2 1/2, three months. i'm very confident we will win in florida, ohio, and michigan, and donald trump will be president in 2017. >> only time will tell. boris, good to see you today, thanks for coming in. the head of the marine corps issuing a stand down order for all its nondeployed aircraft. what led to the decision and when they think they'll be heading back into the skies.
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and more details as the payment made to iran just as tehran released four americans. why the state department, it appears, ultimately had the final say. >> i'm still frankly not prepared to talk about the mechanics of how that was made. >> reporte >> if a private company had done this, it's called money laundering. the ceo would be in jail right now.
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the u.s. marine corps grounding all its nondeployed aircraft for one day after two f-18 hornets from the same squadron in california crashed in the past week. one incident claimed the life of marine major richard norton, a graduate of the navy's top gun
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school. our jennifer griffin first reported on the dire state of marine corps aviation in april, discovering nearly 70% of the corps's f-18s and a similar number of helicopters were not flight certified. new word that top officials in the department of justice raised red flags over a reported $400 million cash payment to iran. according to "the wall street journal," they worried about the timing of the money transfer coinciding with the release of four americans detained in iran. but their objections were overruled by the state department. fox news contributor charles krauthammer says there was a reason the deal looked bad. >> of course the justice department obtained. it is illegal. it isn't only the optics. it isn't only that they are looking ridiculous in denying that it was a liququid pro quo.
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they had to print the money here, ship it over to switzerland, turn it into swiss francs and euros and ship it to iran. >> joining me now is the chief counsel for the american council for law and justice. he was instrumental in getting the four americans freed. great to see you, jay. >> thanks for having me. >> i know all along you had a specific position about this. you had been pushing for years ahead of this deal to get pastor abedini and others released. then it seems like the nuclear deal became the way to make it happen. >> we said from the outset the precondition was if you were going to sit down with iran, that the four americans would be released, because that's normally how these things works. we were concerned, and youplaye
11:18 am
in getting that advocacy out there, because we now know the administration was going to cut this deal with iran whether the hostages get released or not. they should have been released up front. it never should have been a quid pro quo for money. this directive specifically states that when dealing with this situation, u.s. citizens, nationals as they call them, taken hostages, the u.s. will not give a ransom. and that problem, of course, the administration is trying to spin around it, but that's sure what it looks like, it looks like $400 million, as charles krauthammer said, almost as if they were engaged in money laundering. they changed the money, fly it out on a private airplane, it happens to be at the time the hostages were released. i'm grateful that the hostages
11:19 am
were released but this was a violation of existing policy going back to the '70s. >> going back to what the family went through, you don't ever want to see this happen to another family, which is the whole reason ransoms are not played out. the administration says it's not random. secretary john kerry says these were separate tracks, this was iran's money that we owed back to them. here is what he said. >> the u.s. and iran are now settling a longstanding iranian government claim against the united states government. and iran will be returned its own funds, including appropriate interest, but much less than the amount that iran sought. >> so he was quoting back to the president what he said about the deal when it got done. he was referring to the '79 overthrow there. he said this money was owed to iran, we simply paid it back, it wasn't a ransom. >> yeah, of course, here's the problem with that. this whole two-track theory, and
11:20 am
that's what the department of state said from the outset, we're doing this on two separate tracks, is obviously nonsense, because what happened? there was no actual deal signed but when the arrangements were met with iran and we cut this deal, the hostages were released. now we know, and nobody knew this before, the money was actually flown in on a private airplane at the exact tame time. the first thing abedini told me, he was grateful to you and everybody at fox news for advocating for his release, but he said, what a horrible deal, we stayed in that prison while this was going on, and this was the administration's problem from the outset. sure, the fbi or the department of justice here raised serious concerns because of a presidential policy directive number 30, signed by president obama, been on the books since really the 1970s. whether they did this as a quid pro quo here, the largest state sponsor of terrorism are calling it a ransom.
11:21 am
>> they are. they win on that at least. jay sekulow, great to see you, thank you, jay. our best to the families of the hostages, for them to be reunited, regardless of how this came out. the president talks to his national security council days after we started launching air strikes in libya. plus why police in arizona thinks this latest murder is the work of a serial killer. >> it doesn't matter where you go. anything could happen to you. me, i carry a stun gun. terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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a wildfire near california's big sur growing overnight.
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flames threatening homes. more than 5,000 personnel are working the fire along steep forested ridges. a bulldozer operator was killed on the fire lines during a rollover accident. fire investigators determined an unattended campfire set off the flames nearly two weeks ago. police in phoenix are looking for what they're calling a serial street shooter. here is a sketch of the suspect. they've tied him to shootings across the city that have killed seven people and injured two. william le jeunesse is live in l.a. what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now this guy say ghost. motive remains a mystery. people around the city are afraid of who is next and where he may strike next. the first was in july involving a younger father and his
11:26 am
4-year-old son sitting in their car. fortunately the bullets missed, neither was hurt. today, seven dade, two injured. the shootings began in march and spanned 55 square miles. most were in northwest phoenix but several happened in the central part of the city, leaving police to play catch up. >> at this point we believe there is one person responsible for these shootings. but again, we're going to keep an open mind. >> reporter: so in six of the nine incidents, the victims were standing or walking outside their home. as a result, many people are simply not going outside. shannon? >> in the meantime, what are police saying about the suspect and the victim? >> reporter: the victims appear entirely random. black, white, hispanic, old, young, female, large streets and small, and no prior contact. they did release this sketch of the suspect, a lanky, light-skinned hispanic or white male just under 6 feet tall in
11:27 am
his 20s. witnesses say he's driving a white caddie or lincoln and a black 5 series bmw. the fbi just added 20 grand to the reward, increasing it to 50,000, hopefully someone will connect the dots and cops can get a name. back to you. >> i know you'll keep an eye on it, william, thank you. an american killed and five others injured after a man starts stabbing people in london. >> the police have been working their socks off since the first call was made to the police up until now. london is no less safe today than we have been in the recent past. the threat level is still one of severity. >> was it terror or mental illness or both? plus just minutes from now, president obama meeting with his national security team at the pentagon. that comes as a would-be isis recruit is talking about the group's changing strategy. what he said, coming up. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...!
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11:32 am
five injured in the attack. we don't have an identity yet for the woman killed. a few hours ago the police say they ruled out terror as the reason behind this attack. it still was very terrible. a 19-year-old norwegian somali man who lives here in the uk went on basically a mad, random rampage in the heart of london at 10:30 local last night. he stabbed an american woman in the back. people tried to help her. rescue teams came very quickly but she was declared dead at the scene. police got to him quickly too and shot him with a taser gun, brought him down, arrested him, but not after he had stabbed and injured five others. the american, two australians. we now now an israeli teenage girl, they have all been released from the hospital. but a british man is still in critical condition in the hospital. they say now this man had mental health issues, that's probably
11:33 am
the cause of it. but for many hours they were not ruling out terrorism. that is because london, like the rest of europe, is very nervous this sumner the wamer in the wa terrorist attacks. the mayor unveiled a squad of combat-ready police who will supplement the classic bobby-on-the-beat. the majority of london police are still not armed. as we all know, the rules are changing. a few blocks away from where the stabbing occurred in london, that was the scene back in 2005 of the terror attacks against the transit system here which left 52 dead. since then there have been isolated attacks, a lot of plots broken up. our deepest wishes to the family of the american woman who was killed brutally last night. back to you. >> gregg, thank you very much for the update.
11:34 am
amid new reports about the growing spread of isis worldwide, president obama and vice president biden are at the pentagon right now, meeting with members of the national security council for an update on the overall battle against isis as the u.s. ramps up involvement in libya. kevin cork is live at the white house. >> reporter: hey there, shannon. i can tell you one thing for certain. they've got an enormous amount of ground to cover, especially when you talk about the expanding terror threat, not just in the middle east but all over the globe, unfortunately. the president will be meeting with his national security council. they'll talk about a number of specific issues, most notably the president will want an update on the counter-isil campaign in syria where there continues to be a massive humanitarian crisis. that will be a major story line, of course, and the dollars around the time of that hostage swap with iran, i suspect that will be at the top of the list of the conversation. >> do you think we'll hear comments from the president
11:35 am
about that payment? a lot of people, you know, are calling it a ransom for those four u.s. hostages. >> reporter: i've heard that. i think there are a number of people who expect the president to sort of drill down on how this happened and in particular the timing. but let me just share for the folks at home three specific ways i think the administration will try to argue their point on this. and you should listen very carefully today when the president begins to talk about it. first of all he will say, listen, this is something that was not on the same track. you heard it earlier in one of your segments, this was a dual track negotiation, and so the hostages, as you see there on the aircraft, were not a part of this money. number two, the president will say, listen, we're talking about dollars that date back to 1979. we're giving them back their money plus interest. the third thing he'll likely say is this is old news, we told you all this back in january. and i think the reason question, however, shannon, remains, it's the timing. doesn't it look somewhat suspicious, wouldn't you argue that the money was given to the iranians around the time of that
11:36 am
hostage swap? the president will say absolutely not, we heard john kerry say it earlier. we'll see how he frames his answer, shannon. >> we will, kevin, thank you very much. more now on the battle against isis. cia director john brennan admitting just weeks ago the administration's strategy is not working. watch. >> unfortunately, despite all our progress against isil on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group's terrorism capability and global reach. >> glenn morrow is a security analyst for the clarion project. so many things to talk to you about. let's start with this incident in london. we keep hearing reports of mental illness. we hear that a lot in many of these cases. but that doesn't mean that it's exclusively that and that maybe there wasn't some other involvement in other things. how do these things possible work together? >> i don't know why we treat these things as if they're mutually exclusive, as if you can't be mentally ill and also a jihadist.
11:37 am
maybe you're mentally ill and that leads you to become susceptible to islamist ideology or maybe the islamist ideology makes you mentally ill. the majority of those who are mentally ill don't go attacking foreigners and trying to stab them. >> we're waiting to learn more about this young individual and find out exactly what may have been motivating him. meanwhile we've got this issue that we've started air strikes in libya. the administration has said they'll be there for a long period of time. the president is meeting at the pentagon right now to talk about it. >> i'm glad we're finally doing this. i did just talk to a political activist friend of mine from libya. he says that the libyans are very happy that we're getting involved, and they're actually optimistic. but still, what took so long? it was just a couple of months ago that the commander of u.s. forces in africa was saying we didn't have a grand strategy for dealing with isis in libya. for a very long time ago the libyan government, forces on the ground in libya, and even the
11:38 am
egyptian government was saying, america, where are you in this? >> what do you make of where we're getting involved now and how we're doing this? all along with the air strikes, when we have this one guy who wanted to join isis, saying listen, what you're doing isn't working, it's not actually helping, because they're just going to morph in different ways. we know they're saying we don't need more people on the battlefield, we want you to go into western countries and attacks there, they're essentially deputizing people, whether they're mentally ill or not, to go do this. >> that's right. the network in europe is getting more and more sophisticated. we're not just at war with a typical organization like al qaeda that we're used to. we're at war with a government and an intelligence agency. a lot of these guys who may operate covertly used to be saddam's trained killers and spies. overseas one of the problems is that we have taken back a lot of
11:39 am
territory from isis. we don't do a good enough job of bragging about that. the reason that hasn't resulted in a reduction of capabilities is the areas are ideologically significant to them still have not been taken. that's the capital of raqqah, this area called dabiq and mosul in iraq. >> let's talk about dabiq. a lot of people may not understand the significance of that particular city. and as i understand it, forces are now moving around that city, they're closing in there. why is that so important to them and what they hope to accomplish? >> this might be the most important battle in the war against isis. dabiq is this area that they believe according to these end times prophecies that they believe in, this final end time battle is going to happen. it doesn't happen that the enemy is more powerful than them, because that is the moment a messianic figure is going to come and give them victory. holding that area enables them to say we're fulfilling those
11:40 am
prophecies. them losing that would take away that legitimacy. unfortunately one of the groups that might take dabiq from them is al qaeda. >> yikes. sometimes you're left with no good options. that end times belief they have in bringing about things, very essential to understanding who these people are and what they hope to accomplish. thanks, ryan, for coming in. a man helps a veteran and loses his job. 19-year-old alex mesta works at a jack in the box in bakersfield and would give a veteran free coff coffee. he said he was fired when he gave away two leftover taco. >> i don't think i should have charged him just for a coffee, that's not even a dollar for a coffee. i've been there two years. it was my first job. i know what i did wasn't right to them, but to me it was right. >> jack in the box issued a statement saying its actions were not based solely on this
11:41 am
one incident and it is grateful to the men and women serving in our armed forces. the bodies of two teens found behind a georgia grocery store. police making an arrest. what they think may have been the suspect's motivation. a rough a couple days for donald trump. why his trouble could translate to senators up for reelection themselves. >> at home it gets even worse. hillary clinton essentially offers a third obama term. my feelings exactly. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. craso come dive into disheser like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon.
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11:45 am
the white house may still be in reach for donald trump, but in the latest polls his support is crumbling in key states across the north and east. clinton moving further ahead in michigan where she's now leading 41-32. the chief political correspondent for "conservative review" and a trump supporter, the political editor for, anti-trump. both are fox news contributors, great to see you both. >> hey, shannon. >> we have polling in a couple of key states, michigan, new hampshire, and pennsylvania, all of them giving mrs. clinton a significant lead. we need coming out of her convention that would make sense, that she would get a bump. but this is a pretty substantial number. what's your best advice to mr. trump for turning this around and do you think he would listen to your advice? >> sure. if i were advising donald trump, the first thing i would say is to no longer have that aggressive tone and stance when it comes to hitting back. i think what he really needs to do is stay on point, stay on
11:46 am
message, talk about jobs, talk about the economy, talk about national security. those are the issues that americans are very concerned about. it's the same message that would resonate with independents, because right now he's about 8 points ahead of hillary clinton when it comes to independents. he talks about those issues, i think that would be something that would help sway them. >> do you think he can stick on message? when he gets sidetracked into the personality politics issues, it doesn't go well for him. >> going by the poll numbers, i think it's harming him. i think it would be in his best interests to do. >> clearly he's tuned into the show and watching. there are these other people who are on the ballot. a number of senators, gop senators who run for reelection who are very concerned about some of these states and how it may impact them. >> yeah, and they should be. donald trump is running behind a number of these incumbent senators. that's some source of comfort to republicans in the senate. but if he falls behind by a
11:47 am
significant margin, the bar that they have to clear with ticket splitters becomes more and more difficult. what we saw in those three state polls that you referenced, i think pennsylvania is the one that if i were on the trump campaign i would be most concerned about, and here is why. if he's able to pull out victories in ohio and florida, where he's at least looking competitive at the moment, he saw he would have to make up those electoral votes something else. a lot of white work class voters, pennsylvania may be the cypher for him to make up those votes. if he's down 11 points or even 8 points, which is the average of the last three polls, that is a very concerning statistic for his campaign. >> of course the conventions are a huge event, obviously, but then we have the debates to look forward to. this year they'll be unlike any
11:48 am
we've ever seen before. how do you think mr. trump will play those debates? do you think that he will be able to make up some ground in those debates? >> i think he could do so, could make up ground. he needs to focus on hillary clinton. he needs to talk about what her plans are for the country, what he would do for the supreme court. if she's in charge, our supreme court is gone for years and years. also talk about his energy policy, talk about the importance of job creation. hillary just this week said she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. that wasn't a gaffe or freudian slip. i'm sure she intends to do so. she also talked about the job losses with the coal industry, the coal business. that's harmful for hard working americans when you interrupt an industry like that. these are things he can hammer her away with, to make gains in the debates. >> both of these individuals are very intelligent people, very experienced in a number of different fields. do you think the two of them will be disciplined or do you think one or both of them goes
11:49 am
off the rails in the debates? >> i'm looking forward to the debates. here's the thing. this goes to one of the most important takeaways from our new fox news poll that came out yesterday. when it comes to candidate characteristics, they're roughly tied on dishonestdishonesty, wh quite something. qualifications on knowledge, on temperament, she is blowing him out of the water. last thursday she said in her acceptance speech that there is no other donald trump, this is it. he has to disprove that. his best chance to do so is in the debates. >> you have millions of eyeballs all at once so you can make your case. both sides will get that opportunity. great to see you both. >> thank you. ahead of the olympic games in rio recorded u.s. men's basketball team will not be staying at athletes village. you may be surprised wh rooming. plus new details in a shocking case, the bodies of two young teens found behind a grocery store. the latest from police. ♪
11:50 am
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here's what america is clicking on today. the u.s. men's and win's basketball teams staying onboard a luxury cruise ship. instead of the dorm, style apartments provided by organizers. >> a beer hitches a ride on a garbage truck. a suspect is now under arrest after two teens were found shot to death behind a grocery store in georgia. trace gallagher is live with this disturbing story. >> reporter: the killing happened monday by police. yesterday police were saying the investigation was going fairly well. well, now they've arrivedded
11:54 am
21-year-old jeffrey hayslewood and charge lived women murder. itself was a combination of sufferance video, cell phone records, social media posts and evidence at the scene. drugs were not involved, and a few days ago investigators were reportedly leaning towards some type of, quote, relationship-based situation, but police have not released any kind of connection between the victims and the suspect, and it's very unclear if the murder weapon has been located. here's the police chief. watch. >> i can't talk about the motive. i can't talk about any statement he has given. i can tell you he is currently at the detention center and he will late be charged with murder. >> reporter: natalie henderson and 17-year-old carter davis were killed monday morning in back of a public flex u. market, each shot one time in the head. a delivery driver found their bodies lying near two vehicles.
11:55 am
investigators say the victims apparently arrived at the publix between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. they're parents thought they were still home in bed. both natalie henderson and carter davis were honor students. he played lacrosse, she was in the color band. and neither had any history at all of trouble. natalie henderson's funeral is tomorrow morning. >> heartbreaking. thank you. a criminally incriminating and comical video we showed you yesterday. a state lawmaker nabs his opponents campaign signs in broad daylight.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
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11:59 am
trade center after five dallas officers were shot and killed. they also sent a plaque and certificate to go with the flag and letter of condolences to their fellow men and women in blue. >> a rare supply of political unity. an update on a tennessee state lawmaker arrested on a theft charge after this video, which place say caught representative curry todd stealing his opponent's campaign sign. now his opponent, telling reporter he posted $100 bond for his rival as a good deed. meantime, todd says he took the signs after getting permission from the property own torii move them and put up his signs. nothing to see here. the soccer match in rewrote a little laid back -- rio a little laid back. somebody lost the keys so fans waiting to see the preliminary match lined up for a couple of hours before going into another entrance. eventually one brought out the bolt cutters. they lost the keys to the
12:00 pm
stadium. the olympics are on. we have had a good time with you visit only america's election headquarters. now time to turn it over to gregg jarrett in for shepard myth. enjoy. >> fox urgent. hillary clinton and donald trump both kicking off campaign events this hour. trump at a town hall in portland, maine. hillary clinton at a rally in las vegas. this as new fox news polls show the democratic nominee expanding her lead against the billionaire. hello, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for shepp. the poll shows that clinton is beating trump by double digits, 49 to 39%. clinton rose five points from our previous poll during at the democratic contention, and donald trump climbed just a single point. a folks news poll showing that clinton and trump are both lacking on the issue of trust. a mere 36% of voters claim the candidates are honest and thank you


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