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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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stadium. the olympics are on. we have had a good time with you visit only america's election headquarters. now time to turn it over to gregg jarrett in for shepard myth. enjoy. >> fox urgent. hillary clinton and donald trump both kicking off campaign events this hour. trump at a town hall in portland, maine. hillary clinton at a rally in las vegas. this as new fox news polls show the democratic nominee expanding her lead against the billionaire. hello, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for shepp. the poll shows that clinton is beating trump by double digits, 49 to 39%. clinton rose five points from our previous poll during at the democratic contention, and donald trump climbed just a single point. a folks news poll showing that clinton and trump are both lacking on the issue of trust. a mere 36% of voters claim the candidates are honest and thank you trustworthy.
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they're tied in that category. slightly more voters say trump is not hospital and trustworthy. but that is within the margin of error, and the fox news poll is the latest survey showing that clinton is on the rise, but trump's team are sort of brushing it off. here's what his campaign told cbs news today. >> the poll numbers were expected. >> this big of a drop was expected. >> the drop -- this big a drop, depends on which poll you look at. we feel like in another week or so the polls will even out. we always thought that. we had a bounce, we knew the democrats would have a bounce, and now what you see, what looks like an uneven field, but in two weeks the thinks that will even out. >> some top republicans say donald trump has not been on message lately and that may be an understatement. fox news confirm that party leads have been planning to confront him about his campaign
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strategy but at least one republican says trump is not the problem. we mentioned the nominee is campaigning in maine and the state's for said this week, he's got a message for trump, quote, ignore the media. that includes john roberts, i'm sure it doesn't. he joins us live in portland, maine. hi, john. >> reporter: gregg, good afternoon to you. you mentioned that the national poll was down ten points. a national poll doesn't mean that much when it comes to general election, it's snapshot of the moment in time but looking at battleground polls shows trump got some bad news in new hampshire, which he won in a blowout, hillary clinton leads him 47 to 32, pennsylvania, where trump won every county during the primary-clinton leads there, 49-38 in michigan she leads 41-32. and a new suffolk university poll in north dakota, clinton
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with the lead. so many republicans are saying donald trump is run us out of frame to change the message, that is more on folk cushion talk about hillary clinton and the obama administration and stop getting mired in controversies of his own making. the trump campaign insists we have plenty of time to turn things around. it's the dog days of summer but in the days of the convention it's an important time because people start to firm up their opinions. hi campaign chairman insisted everything is going to be fine, that this is just a time, august, where campaigns traditionally test their messages. here's manna for -- manafort. >> the support for for trump is there, the are settled. >> will re follow them? >> he is trying messages out on the campaign trail. he has been very successful in the primaries. he draws his strength and his
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messages from the interaction he has with the public and he'sing doing that right now. >> reporter: in some presidential cycles, yes, campaigns have tested messages in august but that's prior to the conventions. the conventions are gone. it's full bore here until november. so testing out your message in august may not give you the same latitude it has in years past. >> one wonders whether his running mate, for mike pence, is feeling a little tension or maybe conflicted as other republican leaders are. what is the latest from pence? >> well, there's something really interesting going on with the pence-trump relationship. typically the candidate is the statesman or stateswoman with the message and the running mate is the attack dog. this year it's flipped. trump is the attacking to and peps is the statesman. that wag demonstrated a short time ago at a town hall meeting pence was holding in raleigh, north carolina, where he asked
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about that thing by an 1-year-old boy. >> i've been watching the news and i've been noticing that he has been kind of softening up on mr. trump's policy and words. is this your role in the administration? >> sometimes things don't always come out like you mean, right? i would tell you, differences in style should never be confused with differences in conviction. >> reporter: very eye constitute young 11-year-old boy. everybody that i've talked to in this room, really wants to see donald trump become president. but every one of them has told me he needs to get on message and he needs to stop with the controversial things he does marx people said i wish he would throw away his phone and never go on twitter. they want to see him on message. >> john roberts live at the campaign event weapon may come back to you shortly. even as donald trump sinks
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in head-to-head polls, fox news poll found one bright spot nor republican nominee. trump leads on who voters trust the most to handle the u.s. economy. 50% to hillary clinton's 45. but look at the change when it comes to who voters trust or terrorism and national security. clinton and trump are tied at 47%. a five-point drop for donald trump since may, and a seven-point bump for clinton, who when it comes to making decisions about using nuclear weapons clinton trounces trump with 56%, and donald trump, 34%. a lot to talk about now with julie pace. the white house correspondent for the "associated press." what is flaring -- glaring about the poll on terrorism, donald trump has lost 12-points in just the last couple of months. i wonder why? >> well, you have to remember this is coming during a stretch where he has really made --
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tried to make law and order, national security, the core message of his campaign. so at the same time that he is talking about these issues and that you have had incidents happening around the world, he is losing ground in the eyes of voters, and what hillary clinton's came pain has been trying to -- campaign has been trying to reinforce, imagine donald trump being the person making these decisions. take him out of this campaign context, look beyond the rhetoric and imagine him actually making these decisions. and we will see as we get deeper into the fall whether what we're seeing in polls right now stick, but it seems like that message from the clinton campaign is having an impact. >> and what is also glaring is the gender difference. let's put up another set of fox news polls. trump leafeds among men by five points but clinton has lengthened her lead among women to 23 points. and as you know, women are the largest voting bloc, so how much
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of an numbers give clinton? >> it's a huge advantage. particularly if you're talking about women who are in places like the suburbs of philadelphia, or the suburbs of denver, colorado. these are the voters that can really swing this election, and trump not only has to pick up the voters who backed mitt romney in 2012 or mccain in 2008 put needs to add to those totals. women are a voting group that has gone towards democrats and he would need to start picking off more women voters instead of losing more women. so if you're the trump campaign, seeing clinton's gap with women really increases has to be troubling. >> we noted at the top of the hour historic number of voters think both candidates are dishonest and untrustworthy, but take a look at these numbers. when it comes to who is qualified to be president, hillary clinton leads by 22-points. and the next poll shows substantially more people think
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she is knowledgeable. 32-point lead over donald trump. julie, when most voters are looking for change, though, and dramatic change issue wonder if things like knowledge even matter. >> well, this is really the question of this campaign. are voters looking for someone who can go to washington, shake things up, who isn't from the political establishment. if that's what they want, trump is definitely has the advantage. if voter decide that while they may be angry or anxious about economic conditions or security but they want to go with someone who has a more traditional resume, and they -- who they look at as being knowledgeable.major issues, clinton obviously has the advantage. i think that's why republicans are so troubled with what trump has been doing. he has been focusing on issues that have nothing to do with his change message, nothing to do
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with the idea that hillary clinton comes from the political establishment, and if he is unable to make this a change election, it's hard to see how he's going to win. >> finally, i want to show you another poll. a lot of people think that trump's stepped it in when he criticizes the khan family. 70% think trump's response was out of bounds, although i must note, republicans are evenly split on that. so is this a controversy with legs or with it begin to subside as voters begin to -- especially after labor day -- begin to really focus on the issues and little less on some of these other sideline tangential controversies? >> i don't think we know for sure yet how much longevity this issue will have. some of this depends on mr. trump, whether he does let this go or whether he continues to go after the khan family, but everything in politics is about feeding into a narrative.
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and so if voters think that this feeds into an idea that trump is thin-skinned and can't take criticism or that he doesn't have respect for military families, then this could have legs. but it really is incumbent on him to put this aside, move on to issues that voters really care about and that if he can do that successfully, i think you may see this die down a bit. >> julie pace, white house correspondent for the "associated press." thank you. keeping an eye on portland, maine, crowd of people in a venue it'sing for donald trump to speak and 11 minutes ago he was supposed to do that and he is not always on time but we'll be watching to see if he makes news. if he does-we'll go live. don't go away. and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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continuing coverage now of the race for president. we're still waiting to hear from donald trump at a town hall in portland, maine. we just got another five-minute warning. hillary clinton also set to take the stage at a campaign rally in las vegas. we mentioned easterly idea that clinton isn't just beating donald trump on a national level, but recent polls show her ahead in some key states, which of course is how we actually vote. numbers do change, however, but the clinton team is apparent
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live pretty confident about a different battleground, colorado. her campaign and the main super pac supporting her, have cut back on advertising in colorado. very unusual. jennifer griffin is live in las vegas where clinton is campaigning. jennifer, when you look at our latest polls that came out last night, the economy is right up there as the most important -- >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, as you mentioned they're feeling very comfortable about colorado. she has been on a jobs tour. what is interesting, gregg, of you look at the skyline in las vegas you see the large trump tower, towering over the city with he big name "trump." covered in gold you. think this state -- this territory of las vegas with its hotel workers and casino industry would be prime trump campaigning territory. but hillary clinton is campaigning here. in fact she just was visiting a
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mojave electric, an electrical contracting firm started by a republican, who is supporting her. we're hearing a lot of that these days. she is here in nevada because this state has the second highest unemployment rate in the country after alaska. real household income has fallen 19% since before the recession in 2008. it also has a large latino population, and because they're working many of them in the hotel industry, hillary clinton is leading donald trump by almost 50% among latino voters. we expect to hear from hillary clinton behind me just moments from now. we expect her to hit trump on many things, his products being made outside of america for one. she alves is going to continue to demand he release his tax returns. >> the latest fox polls show that clinton has a pretty big
12:17 pm
lead with certain voting groups. tell us about that. >> reporter: well, i think what is most interesting, gregg, is if you look at the so-called obama coalition, this is the group of voters that clinton appears to be winning right now, that's the coalition that delivered president obama to the white house. she is favored among women by 23 points. among blacks by 83 points. hispanics by 48 points. and voters under 30, by 18 personal points. so, those are -- percentage points so the are very interesting numbers there were concerns at the beginning of her campaign she may not be able to deliver the obama coalition. right now this latest poll suggests that she is. we expect to hear from her shortly. we're here at the international brotherhood of electrical workers. they endorsed her recently and she should be speaking moments from now behind us. >> we'll keep an eye on it, thank you. when you don't know what to get somebody as a gift, how bat
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we're keeping an eye on what is happening in portland, maine, there's the for about to introduce trump and assume that mr. trump says something that is newsworthy, we may jump in and show it to you. so keep it right here. in the meantime, the feds say a man in north carolina was trying to recruit fighters for the islamic state and plot terrorist attacks right here in the united states. now he faces federal terrorism
12:22 pm
charges, according to court documents, eric hendrix said he wanted to create a sleeper cell inside the u.s. and possibly target military members. prosecutors also say hendricks may have been in contact with the attackers in garland, texas, last year. investigators say al ton simpson and ma -- sufi opened fire at a fair that had cartoon images of the prophet. if convicted hendricks could face 15 years. >> the feds say nicholas young this first american law enforcement officer to face federal terrorism charges. the fbi arrested young on wednesday help was an officer for the dc area transit system, but his bosses have now fired him. agents say they've been
12:23 pm
surveilling young for years, and arrested him after he bought $250 worth of gift cards to send to isis. really? gift cards? but instead, gave them to an undercover fbi source. our legal analyst joins us, former federal prosecutor. good to see you. mere statements are not enough. you have to do something overt. what is the incriminating evidence? >> just talking to them, the fbi agents, they've been speaking with him since 2011 but sending the 250 decide in gift carts was taking that step. that's a felony up to 20 years in prison. >> can this guy as part of his defense -- i could just hear his voice -- oh, look, all these statements you're taking out of context, and even if they're in context he has a first amendment right. >> right. the statements can be, absolutely, but then on
12:24 pm
july 28th when he sends the $245, then that's more than a statement. itself i takes it out of the first amendment and makes it a step. the defense could argue, well, the state -- the felony, the usc code is providing for attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. so, could they argue, defense could argue, well, the fbi undercover wasn't an actual terrorist organization. but the argument back from the prosecutor -- he thought it was. so. >> intent is relative. >> exactly. attempt to provide to a terrorist organization. i system think the prosecution has a good case here. >> lo of people's first reactions, wait a minute, gift cards? >> sure. that's a way -- cover it up. >> cashing gift cards are used to by burner phones, prepaid disposable phones, which is hour terrorists communicate. >> absolutely. and this, by the way, under this statute, could wind you up with
12:25 pm
a death penalty because it depends on how those gift cards are used. in other words, if that $250 is used then to further an attempt on someone's life and actually ends up killing an american citizen or something like that, that ends up then in a death penalty for the person that helped. >> it's frightening that a cop would ever help terrorists, especially isis, but it's also heartening at the same time that the fbi was on him. >> to are so -- for so long. what happened between january of this year and july of this year, we had him under surveillance and things escalated to the point where they said, let's get him knowledge put an undercover guy on him, have him solicit -- >> the fbi was very patient. waited five or six years. >> they did. >> great to see you. just ahead, the fight against the islamic state. we'll take you to the pentagon where president obamaes meeting
12:26 pm
ing with his team. and an take in london, an american among the dead in a stabbing spree.
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>> the u.s. marine corps is grouping irecraft for a full day. a spokesperson says the standdown is routine and does not include deployed aircraft. this comes after two fighter aircraft crashed in patz week and one pilot died. video shows the destruction after a wildfire demolished thousands of buildings in canada. a drone captured aerial video of houses and forest burped to the -- burned to the ground.
12:29 pm
firefighters were able to control it after two months. >> the olympic torch riding the waves in rio. a brazilian surfer is righting the waves. the torch is traveling through rio ahead of the opening ceremony tomorrow.
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
trump thank you. in portland, med, with supporters there. movements ago talking about the $400 million payment to iran and then saying he kind of missed some of his protesters. let's listen in. >> a tough time. so, i wrote a little thing down that i thought i'd have because in light of the $400 million that just got ripped away from our country, all right? and you know, the real number -- you look at it -- $150 billion. we got nothing. we got nothing. and they think they probably paid the 400 million for the
12:32 pm
hostages, which is even worse, and now since then -- i don't know if you know -- we have two more hostages right now. why wouldn't they? two more hostages were recently grabbed, and they're in iran, and i guess what are we going to do with that one? they do $400 million, gets flown at night, into iran. think it's so sad and so disgusting and you also wonder about a government, who can prove a thing like that where they take cash into a country and just hand it to them? bushels and bushels of cash? and then you look at our country where we owe $20 trillion, is a used to say, 18. used to say 17. when i start used to say 16 and 17, enough it's 18 and 19, and soon be 20. going to be 22 very soon because we have a budget that its very expensive but it doesn't take good care of our military. our military is depleted and we have to fix our military, and i
12:33 pm
know for the navy -- one of the reporters was talking about -- how do you feel about building ships? you have a lot of ships you build up here. right? good ones. so our navy, as you know, has one of the lowest numbers of ships they've had in decades and decades. and we have to rebuild our navy. we have to rebuild our whole military, folks, and we're going to do it. probably almost never have needed it more than we need it now, with all of the people out there that don't like us very much. and we're going to be very strong. we'll be very smart. we're going to build up our military. it's so depleted. we're going to take care of our vets. take care of our vets. our vets are so badly treated. you look at what's going on where they wait online, 6,, 7,
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eight days. in the audience, think of it. six, seven, eight days. people are dying online waiting for doctors, and committing suicide. the suicides are at numbers that nobody has ever thought possible. we're going to take care of our vets. i put a plan in, people are loving the plan. people are loving the plan. and if you're waiting in line for an extend period of time, you're going to walk outside, going to go to a doctor who is looking for business, go to a hospital, private or public, you are going to get taken care of and it's going to be less expensive. the government is going to pay the bill. it's going to be far less expensive than what has been happening. people are dying waiting in line for a simple pill or a simple prescription. they're dying. our great veterans are dying waiting online. and we're not going to do it. we're not going to do it. no more. no more. [applause]
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>> so, i wrote a few things down, and i just -- the obama-clinton -- she is a disaster. she is a disaster. the obama-clinton foreign policy has handed huge portions of iraq, libya, syria, and other areas, to isis. huge portions. we don't know. is isis coming into our country? with all of the people that are pouring in, we have no idea who they are. we have absolutely no -- you know the harm they want to inflict. you look at what has taken place in our country, san bernardino, and orlando, and look at what has gone on over all over world. look at the world trade center, look at what is happening. [booing] [booing]
12:36 pm
[chanting] >> very odd momentment appears in the rafters some protesters began to drown out trump with boos and he let it go. turned his back to them and shook hands. let's listen. >> a wild life. sew -- so you look at what we have sacrificed and given up and the level of viciousness, where heads are being dropped off, people been drowned in steel cages. we haven't seen this since immediate evil times.
12:37 pm
-- medieval times youthful would never think we are seeing the things we're seeing today. it's gotten out of control. and obama has let it get out of control, and then you have hillary's made tremendous mistakes. if obama had it to do again, he would have never picked her, never, as secretary of state because he has gotten into such trouble with the decisions she probably made or convinced him to make, that it's ridiculous. so the obama-clinton foreign policy has handed huge portions of iraq, libya, and syria, to isis. i mean, huge portions. undermining the stability and strength in egypt, and empowered iran as never before. iran is like this major power. and when they made this horrible deal, why didn't they solve other problems with -- iran's
12:38 pm
fighting us in other places. right? they're fighting news other places. why didn't we say, wait a minute, we're giving you back all of this money, this is a horrible deal in every way. we got nothing in that deal. we got our hostages back and now we find out what we actually paid for the hostages and it was in cash, which is terrible. because that sets a terrible, terrible precedent, and it's just sickening, and you'll have four more years of obama if you elect hillary clinton. four more years. >> all right. donald trump is live in portland, maine, taking shots at hillary clinton and president obama on national security and foreterrorrism. president obama is moat right this moment with his national security team about the fight against isis, and take a look at this. you can see just moments ago the president and the vice-president, joe biden, and defense secretary ash carter,
12:39 pm
inside the pentagon. the president set to update the united states during a press conference. it begins at 4:15 p.m. eastern. we'll take it live on fox broadcast. this week, the u.s. and its allies started launching air strikes in libya, military officials say they're targeting isis positions on libya's northern coast, east of the capitol of tripoli. doug mckelway is live. >> reporter: critic ares are saying the airstrikes are a day late and a dollar shot, saying they failed to stabilize after the missile attack on the moammar gadhafi convoy and the beating of gadhafi by a mob which resulted in his death. it left a void in into which isis stepped and has flourished so many critics are saying that the united states is doing today what it should have done years ago. the attacks began on monday,
12:40 pm
from the uss wasp off the coast of libya. uss -- marine harrier jets launching attacks and the reaper drones from jordan. we learned on monday there were five such attacks. on tuesday the attacks. on wednesday, one attack. and today there are none that we have heard of. pentagon officials have said this operation is going to be short-lived. going to be fast-paced. president obama has given it basically a month-long window but the pace of operations will be decided ultimately by the government of libya. also keep in mind that last june, cia director john brennan said there were between 5,000 and 8,000 isis fight north america libya. the pentagon says this week that number has been greatly reduced, but given that pace of operations, the nine strikes this week, doesn't sound like the pace is very strong. back to you. >> doug mckelway, thank you very much. we're keeping an eye on hillary
12:41 pm
clinton in las vegas. want to be fair. we're take something of her remarks as she begins to make a bit of news. we'll be right back. don't go away. after a long day,
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>> stabbed in the back in the streets of london, maniac murdered an american worm in the heart of the capital and wounded five other people before police managed to tackle him, and just within the last half hour, we learned the woman was the wife of a florida stateprofessor whon london for the summer. that attack happened in the to russells square area, busy region for touris and students -- tourist and tune, a mile and a half from buckleham palace. investigators say there are no signs of a terror connection. agreeing palkot is live in london. what do we know about the american victim. >> reporter: horrible stuff. we just got off the phone again with florida state university official. she tells me that the university is grieving for the loss of this
12:45 pm
woman. local media in florida are saying her name is darlene horton, said to be in her 60s, she and her professor were set to fly back today from london to florida. the summer session he was teaching here in london just wrapped up. police are saying they have no evidence of a terror connection to this attack but it certainly was terrible. the 19-year-old norwegian somali man is identified as zachariah bulhan who went on a mad rampage in the center of london at 10:30 loll time last night. police got to him quickly. shot him with a taser gun, brought him down and arrested him but not after he had injured five people, included among those injures, one american man. we do not have confirmation yet whether that this husband of the american woman who was killed, as well as an australian couple, teenage israeli girl.
12:46 pm
they've been released from the hospital but a british man is still in the hospital in critical condition. police say it is mental health issues that were probably behind thus but for many hours they were not ruling out terror. >> it's both sad and obviously very frightening so what's the mood there in london? >> tense. tense, greg. london has been pretty lucky during this summer of terror, but they're take nothing chances. just yesterday the mayor of london rolled out a new unit of heavily armed and terror-ready police, some 600. remember that the classic london bobby on the beat, he does not have a gun. the majority of police in london do not he guns and are not armed. the rules are changing. again, the uk has been lucky this summer inch the past few years, many terror plots have ben broken up and a couple of blocks from where the stabbing
12:47 pm
happened last night, all of the london remembers the summer of 2005 where there were terror attacks against the transit system which left 52 people dead and more deaths last night of a different kind. >> greg, thank you. health officials are beginning an air assault in south florida to target the zika virus. the first plan loaded with mosquito killing spray took off today, teams are focused on a ten square mile neighborhood, the -- wynwood area. doctors -- tune in this weekend for texas -- fox news reporting, from africa, brazil and beyond, with everything you need to know about the increasing zika threat. saturday, 8:00 p.m. eastern, and sunday, at 10:00 p.m. eastern time, right here on the fox news
12:48 pm
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welcome back. the federal government announcing a plan to lift the ban on taxpayer funding for some very controversy experiments, ones that use stem cells from people to create animal embryos that are also partly human. rich edson is live in washington to try to explain this one. rich? >> reporter: for some it's potentially life-saving research. allowing science 'tises to study diseases and develop cures or discover ways to grow human organs.
12:52 pm
for opponents it's a troubling endeavor, violating religious and ethical standards. the nih is proposing using human cells. they say this research holds tremendous potential for disease modeling, drug testing and perhaps eventual organ transplant. the nih says for decade researchers have been conducting similar experience, such as human cancer controls grown in mouse but there are opponents. one says this amounts to constructing embryos by mixing and matching human and animal cells and will open the way to producing intermediate life forms with potentially disturbing consequences and also religious objections. the tea family research counsel says this violates human dignity. to address those concerns the nih says the proassess sal would create an oversight board to
12:53 pm
monitor the research. the ban is still place and lifting it is only a proposal. the government is accepting comments from the public. >> rich, thank you very much. an inmate beat up, accused mass killer dylann roof in a south carolina prison. roof was taking a shower when another inmate came in and attacked him. he has some bruises on his back and his face. prosecutors say roof opened fire in a church in charleston, south carolina, last year, killing nine black church members. the department of justice officials say roof targeted his victims based on their race and religion. this week attorneys for the accused killer said he is willing to plead guilty and accept multiple life sentences, but only if the court takes the death penalty off the table. lotsmer still ahead. we'll be -- lots more still ahead. we'll be right back.
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>> being creepy is not a crime. that's the message from cops in green bay, wisconsin, to folks who saw a clown on the streets. a photo shows a getup, bleat with black balloons and just wanders around town after dark, scaring folks and giving kid nightmares for years to come. some people think it's part of some crazy marketing scene but the green bay police say nothing they can do because there's no law against being a creepy clown. speaking of creepy, kim jung un thinks he'll be landing on the moon. that's what north korean version of nasa is reporting. an official there says north korea plans to plant a flag on
12:58 pm
the moon within in the next ten years. the country does have rocket technology and has put satellites in space but that's a fair cry from putting people in space. an american astrophysicist sis it could be difficult but lil' kim might be able to do it. the u.s. is the only nation to have pulled off manned missions to moon but main he'll volunteer on a one-way trip to the moon himself, lil' kim. on this day in 1790 president george washington creating a force that would become the coast guard. the mission to enforce trade laws and prevent smuggling. the coast guard is one of the oldest organizations in the entire federal government. it served as america's only armed force at sea until congress established the u.s. navy a decade later. over the year the coast guard took on an expanded role and today members often carry out
12:59 pm
daring rescues, after george washington credited a team to patrol our shores 226 years ago today. >> president obama is set to take questions from reporters in, well, just about 15 minutes from now. he is going to be holding a news conference after meeting with some of his top intelligence and defense officials at the pentagon. obviously we're waiting to see if the president will make a direct comment about "the wall street journal" story of $400 million in cash that was airlifted in january to iran. we're also waiting to hear what he has to say about the latest battle against isis, including some of the airstrikes in libya against isis strongholds, and of course, whether he says anything about donald trump. on monday he said donald trump is, quote, unfit to serve as commander in chief.
1:00 pm
so we're waiting to see if the president makes news. hillary clinton, by the way, still hasn't stepped out in las vegas, so we're not going to be covering that. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. "your world" next with trish regan in for neil. >> the controversy surrounding the administration's $400 million payment to iran growing today. the white house denying it was ransom in exchange for release of four hostages but now word that senior justice department officials had warned against it because, you know what it would look exactly what it looks like, ransom. this is "your world." we're expecting the president to face questions on this very issue at a news conference in 15 minutes from now. is there going to be some damaging fallout to come from all of this? i want to go street to bret baier for analysis. bret, there are lot of questions


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