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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a few years back a budge of people were visiting "fox & friends" and they were celebrating the anniversary of chuckie and they put on the mask and everybody was scared. i am going on vacat weeks, and it is a vacation. i'll see you when i come back. tonight -- >> as isil is beaten back, we're gaining vast amounts of intelligence, thousands of documents, thumb drives, digital files which we will use to keep destroying isil's networks and stop foreign fighters. >> president obama tries to defend his disastrous record on fighting isis. colonel oliver north and walid phares weigh in. >> it was hillary clinton, she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> and donald trump continues to roast hillary clinton on the campaign trail. >> go ahead, make my day. >> and clint eastwood slams political correctness in america. all of that plus laura ingraham joins us. "hannity" starts right here, right now.
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welcome to "hannity." tonight president obama addresses the ongoing fight against the islamic state, which he says, of course, is the j.v. team and they're not islamic. watch this. >> isil still has the ability to threat and inspire attacks. so we've seen terrible bombings in iraq and in jordan and lebanon, saudi arabia, yemen, and afghanistan. attacks on an istanbul airport, a restaurant in bangladesh, bastille day celebrations, and a church in france and a music festival in germany. i do want to step back and note the broader progress that has been made in this campaign so far. two years ago isil was racing across iraq and to many observers isil looks invisible. isil has not had a major successful operation in either syria or iraq in a full year. >> the president also talked about his administration's latest scandal, sending $400 million in cold, hard cash in the dark of night to iran
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while tehran was releasing american hostages. look at this. >> it's been interesting to watch this story surface. some of you may recall we announced these payments in january, many months ago. it wasn't a secret. we announced them to all of you. josh did a briefing on them. this wasn't some nefarious deal. the only bit of news that is relevant on this is the fact that we paid cash, which brings me to my last point. the reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so stripped in maintaining sanctions, and we do not have a banking relationship with iran, that we couldn't send them a check. >> meanwhile, the president and john kerry and susan rice, they all admitted some of this money could, in fact, be used for
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terrorism. the cash that he gave them. joining us with reaction, the host of war stories, colonel oliver north. i can't think of a better person to comment on this story than you, sir. >> well, sean, i watched that press conference, was absolutely astounded. why didn't somebody get up and ask the question, well, why did you ship it in the middle of the night in foreign currency on a chartered aircraft? why not take it on that transport airplane which is parked right behind the shipment of money? why did they do it in the middle of the night this way? look, the $400 million transfer to tehran is just the latest in a seven-year history of obama regime lies and deceits. the obamacare, keep your health care, benghazi, before, during and after, the e-mail cover-up by state and clinton about what happened in benghazi, and of course the isis is now on the ropes again. look, the responsibility to protect people in libya by killing gaddafi has left a
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terrible caricature of american's foreign policy, and the whopper of all, and he touched on it in his press conference, the existential threat of iran's nuke deal and the nuclear icbm research and development with north korea really isn't what it is. it's looney. >> by the way, we need jobs for jihadis and john kerry equates global warming as big a danger in the world as isis. i guess the thing that stands out to me is imagine a republican president -- imagine that on the same day that hostages are released, they have an unmarked cargo plane that they went to switzerland and other countries to pour in euros and francs and i assume dollars and other currencies, $400 million, and in the dark of night fly this unmarked cargo plane into tehran. josh earnest said today they've been completely transparent about the whole issue. well, they never mentioned the $400 million that was transferred at the time they
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were getting the hostages released. did they pay a ransom here is the big question? >> yes, this was a ransom. look it, the very first demand by the iranians when i met with them in 1985 was a refund of the $400 million from the shah, a down payment on weapons he wanted to buy. that's what they wanted from jimmy carter. that's what they wanted from me. you know, it turns out i was actually a better negotiator than john kerry. we didn't send money to the iranians. they paid us. i know. i was the one who had to sit down on the other side of the table with the likes of am din jan and rouhani. what they wanted first of all was that $400 million. they got it from this administration. the toes were doctors so they wouldn't work, and we had an interpreter, thank god, who was there and confirmed that. we use the money from the ayatollah to support a pro-democracy unit. we didn't have to do things like
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they did it. i mean think about this. there's an american transport plane right behind the shipment of money, and they're telling me this isn't ransom? it defies reality. why didn't somebody ask that at the press conference today? >> you know, that's the thing. the president's got this big smile on their face, but the idea that they acknowledge that money will be used for terror. the idea that the $150 billion on top of it, that they can spin their centrifuges, that they can build up conventional arms, that they can follow up on ballistic missiles, which would allow them to launch the weapon -- two weeks ago it came out we now have cut their time in half that they can build this nuclear weapon. >> right. >> and create missile defense and join in a partnership with vladimir putin. now, that -- and the president's smiling. to me, this is the single greatest mistake ever made by any president in history. >> we have an existential against the american homeland and the american people because of what this administration has done, and that money is not only
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going to support terrorism. that money is also going to support the research and development that's going on right now between the north koreans, and the iranians on nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them. and this president blows it off. they just got more than 1,000 brand-new centrifuges to expedite the time it takes them to refine nuclear material for weapons grade. >> it certainly puts into perspective, doesn't it, the criticisms that the media has been obsessed with with donald trump, considering now we have clearly given money and weaponry and an opportunity for the world's biggest state sponsor of terror to d more terror. >> yes. >> and to fight more proxy wars as they have been doing. >> and doing it with cash we gave them. absolutely right. >> all right, colonel. >> and walid knows that just as well as i do. it's pit iful to see the president of the united states getting up and lying like that. >> colonel, thank you. safe home. >> pleasure. >> joining us with reaction, fox
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news middle east analyst, donald trump's foreign policy adviser, dr. walid phares. your reaction to all of this. >> well, what the president said in the first part with regard to isis misses a lot of things. what he did not share with the american public is why it took us -- it took the coalition three years to make that progress, and it was going to take another three years. he won't be in the white house. well, simply because the iranians told the administration they don't want american forces on the ground. they don't want arab forces on the ground. why? because they want to seize those places of isis into their hands, and they want to protect -- >> let me ask you this. walid, the iranians say this was ransom. obama smiles as we just played. he denies it's ransom. who's right? who's telling the truth? is obama telling the truth, or are the iranian mullahs telling the truth? >> the iranian leadership has a history of saying -- of telling what has really happened, why the administration never shared with the american people?
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>> here's another point. if they're such good friends with the president who gave them the $150 billion and the right to spin their centrifuges and 25 days' notice before an inspection and right to missile defense and conventional weapons and all this, i thought they were obama's friend. they got everything in that deal, and they still take shots at him and try to embarrass him on the wo and i'm thinking what part of this does obama not understand? >> it's not just a bad deal. it's a very bad deal, and the iranians are showing this. not only did we give them, as you said, sean, $150 billion to improve their weapons, they're actually still kidnapping and have americans in their custody, and we are paying money to get them out. this is the absolute worst deal ever signed in the history of deals. >> you know, i thought fast and furious is bad. the obama gave guns to, let's see, gangsters, drug dealers, kidnappers. they gave them guns. they didn't even put a gps on it. now they're giving them the opportunity to spread and foment
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terror in the entire region, fight their proxy wars and build a nuclear weapon and not have the inspections anyplace, anytime, anywhere as we were originally promised. and they got ransom, which means what? more americans will be taken hostage? >> that is very, very ironic because at the same time we have americans negotiating with them, with the iranians and companies and people linked to the administration, we have american individuals who are captured and detained. and at the same time also we have abandoned our allies when we negotiated that deal with iran. we have not included israel. we have not included the gulf. we have not included jordan. i don't know what -- >> it's funny. if you look at the economy and you look at the world post-obama, if there's any one human being, the community organizer, the olin ski disciple, the church of g.d. america, the friend of unrepentant domestic terrorists, there's never been anyone this unfit to hold office, and he's criticizing donald trump. i'll take trump any day. coming up next right here on
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"hannity." >> hillary clinton, furthermore, can never be trusted with national security. can't. >> trump continues to eviscerate clinton on the campaign trail. laura ingraham will weigh in. also tonight. >> i'm telling you right now, we're going to write fairer rules for the middle class, and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class. >> raise taxes on the middle class. all right. well, she mean it? it seems like it. we'll check in. then later, hollywood legend clint eastwood opens up about the 2016 race while bashing the out of control political correctness atmosphe ♪ i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or...
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. live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. president obama admits isis will continue to be a threat to our country even though the extremists are being pounded by u.s. war planes in the mideast. mr. obama met with his security team to review the war against isis. he says the militants are losing key strongholds in iraq and syria but the u.s. and its nato allies remain the targets of loan wolves inspired by isis to carry out terrorist attacks. despite that threat, the president says the u.s. will keep, quote, grinding away at the group. apple is joining the list of high-tech firms offering big bounties. they will give hackers as much as $200,000 if they can discover security flaws in the software. google and facebook have long offered cash rewards, allowing
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them to fix any glitches before they go viral. have four more y of obama if you elect hillary clinton. four more years. >> remember this. hillary clinton essentially wants to take away your rights under the second amendment. she wants to take away your guns. she wants to take away those bullets. she wants to take away your rights. hillary clinton, furthermore, can never be trusted with national security. can't. >> that was donald trump hammering hillary clinton on the campaign trail earlier today at a town hall in maine. now trump has been going after his democratic rival very hard in recent days. here's with reaction, editor in chief, fox news contributor, laura ingraham. and from the trump organization, special counsel to donald trump,
10:16 pm
michael cohn is with us. so here's the left-wing media doing the bidding of hillary, sort of like an extension of her press office, trying to say, oh, donald trump, an intervention is needed. i've talked to every single person i know in that campaign, and you can affirm that i know many and if not all. >> yes, but you didn't speak to me. >> i did so. stop it. none of this is true. >> none of it. >> none of it. >> there's not a single word that's coming out of this liberal media's mouth that has any accuracy at all. there is no infighting. there is no concern. there is no anything. whoever these people are that they claim that they're talking to, it's an absolute lie. >> you know, laura, as i watched mr. trump the last few days, he seems very focused. he's no longer fighting paul ryan, john mccain, ted cruz or mr. khan. he seems back on issues, focused, as a lot of people that were critical said he should be focused on. >> you have to stay on the offense. if anyone needs an intervention, it's the former secretary of state given the fact that she
10:17 pm
can see a tape of what jim comey said and just do a bald-faced lie on national television when asked twice by chris wallace. so an intervention for truth-telling would be necessary. but i agree with you, sean, that trump in the last couple of days, i think he's pushed the prifial issues for the post-part to the side. he has to keep doing that, though. you can't expect that the clintons are going to be like all these republican junior varsity players who couldn't beat him. they are among the best political players on the scene. they're going to be helped by obama, who is one of the best campaigners on the scene. he's got to bring his "a" game. i think as long as he stays on the offense, talks about getting more money in the pockets of the regular working families, they're going to be able to earn more money, find better jobs, their life is going to get better if the status quo changes, he's got to stay on that message. i would stop talking about the other republicans and start talking about hillary's disaster record and the plan he has for the future. that is a winner message. >> mike, what i said last night
10:18 pm
on the program, and i stand by this today is that the only two people he really should mention with 95 days left are obama's disastrous economic and foreign policy and hillary's horrible record. and the other thing that i think he should do is, you know, focus on the things that he said to me in interview after interview. i put up on the screen, you know, the differences between these two campaigns. he's going to appoint originalists to the supreme court, those who have fidelity to the constitution, he's going to talk about protecting the homeland and securing the border for both the economy and our safety. implementing a safe refugee program. fixing america's broken economy. balancing budgets, creating jobs, energy independence. education of the states. negotiating better trade deals, the v.a., put america first. that's his message right there. >> jobs, economy, and national security. he stays on those three topics, he's the next president of the united states of america. and where he should be hammering hillary clinton and barack obama is on this disastrous
10:19 pm
$400 million cash, you know, and carry on this airplane. you know, i remember as a kid there used to be a saying -- >> wait. the trump organization doesn't fly cargo planes that are unmarked into tehran with $400 million in cash? >> by the way, first of all, they weren't even u.s. dollars. everyone is saying that's because they can't. where did they get this money from? what did they go into citi back and tu -- bank. there's an old statement that where there's cash, there's corruption, and when you have a lot of cash, you have a lot of corruption. and i don't care what anybody says, this whole thing smells wrong. it looks wrong. it is wrong. it's a pay-for-play. who knows whether there was really even $400 million there. maybe it was more. maybe it was less. >> laura, you know what the funny thing is josh earnest said with a straight face today, we were so transparent about this. transparent? you forgot to mention the $400 million you paid for the hostages. >> the best is hillary clinton. oh, that's old news. she has like a couple of --
10:20 pm
that's old news, and mook with chuck todd over the weekend said, eve alreawe've already mod that. in the fox news poll which came out yesterday, a couple of key metrics which i think is good news for trump. the great news is the independents, he's getting a huge surge among independents. 20% up for jobs in the economy, which is the number one issue facing americans today. it's always what they say is number one. and also in handling the deficit, which i believe is number three or four. and also, sean, the poll question on how you're doing financially, when you add up the people who are barely able to pay their bills and the people who are falling behind, that's 63% of americans are obviously really unhappy with the status quo. only 35% are getting ahead. that is a beautiful place where donald trump should stay and preach the gospel of the free market and putting money in the pockets of the american people.
10:21 pm
>> to add one little piece to what you're saying because i think your analysis is dead-on accurate. think about this. he only 75% or 78% republicans, those republicans are not going to hillary. they'll come back to him, i would say the va majority by the time election day comes. i would rather have the independents now and get the base later, no? >> 74%, 77% of republicans are with him. but 88% of self-described conservatives are with trump. so the slice of the republicans not with trump is quite small. i think he needs to bring more of them on, though. i think taking swipes at all these republicans, there's no benefit to that at all. there's no benefit. i wouldn't do it. >> i'm sick of some of them, too, like paul -- >> the bottom line is that he's sick and tired of the establishment, as is 70% of the united states population. >> but does he want to win? >> we're sick and tired of being abused. >> but answer laura's question. >> mike, mike, we have to win. once you win, then it's your republican party. but unless you win, if you lose
10:22 pm
in november, then they're going to try to turn you and your issues into a laughingstock. i won't let that happen. but that's what they're going to try to do. so until he wins, i think, you know, you put all your focus on the corruption that is the hillary clinton campaign and the clinton foundation. their record, all of it, and talk about american renewal. >> i agree with laura. i think he shouldn't let himself be distracted with paul ryan. >> he's going to stick to jobs, economy, and national security. >> we all agree. >> 70% of the united states population right now want to see change. just one last thing. the last time i saw that amount of money shrink wrapped was in scarface. right? >> i got to go. thank you both. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> the obama/clinton economic disaster -- it's an economic disaster -- has brought suffering across the nation. >> donald trump back on the campaign trail, slamming hillary clinton. plus tonight. >> i'm telling you right now
10:23 pm
we're going to write fairer rules for the middle class, and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class. >> raise taxes on the middle class. well, is it a slip-up, or is she serious? we'll get to that and more. monica crowley, doug schoen react to that. and dr. ben carson in the house with reaction and much more. i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay.
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the obama/clinton check disaster -- it's an economic disaster -- has brought suffering across the nation. nearly four in ten african-american youth are living in poverty. another 2 million latinos have joined the ranks of those in poverty. nearly one in four people in their prime working years are now not working. >> donald trump at his rally
10:26 pm
earlier today. once again slamming hillary clinton and president obama for their failed economic policies. and while trump is on the offensive, hillary clinton is dealing with a major gaffe about, yep, raising taxes on the middle class that have already been hammered for eight years under obama. watch this. >> trump wants to cut taxes for the super rich. well, we're not going there, my friends. i'm telling you right now we're going to write fairer rules for the middle class, and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class. >> raise taxes on the middle class. joining me now with analysis, monica crowley, charles hurt, doug schoen. let me put up on the screen here, average employer-sponsored benefits, health care premium increase. remember, the promise was that if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor, keep your
10:27 pm
plan. you're going to save on average $2,500 per year per family. woops, it's up dramatically. single family coverage -- family coverage is up $1,470. if you look at inflation adjusted median household income, it's down in real dollars. >> right. >> people are making less, and they're paying more for health care skpmpt if you look at the national debt per person, if is now -- look at this. for every man, woman, and child in america, this man has accumulated more debt than every other president before him combined. $59,783. >> right. listens to f donald trump monica crowley, who have all fed -- talk about economic issues, talk about economic distress, he can win this election. but if he's off attacking mr. and mrs. khan, if he's refusing to endorse mainstream republicans, he will lose. this is very, very good and important advice for donald trump. he needs to heed it.
10:28 pm
>> you know, 20% black community, and they tend to vote democratic. 20% increase in the labor force participation. they're out of work. if you look at 55% of teenagers from the black community can't get a job. a 58% increase since obama has been president for black americans on food stamps. i think doug is right in a sense that's the message. the economy, jobs, and protecting the homeland. >> yes. that's exactly right. i mean donald trump can pull this whole thing off in november if he focuses on two main messages. one is a strong pro-growth economic message. doug is absolutely right about that. and a strong national security platform centered on rebuilding the military and smashing islamic fundamentalism in the form of isis, other terrorists groups, and the overall ideology. now, he can pepper those messages with other things, like taking on illegal immigration, building the wall, the necessity of having conservative supreme court justices. but those two main, core themes
10:29 pm
are the things that he needs to be hitting over and over again. mrs. clinton cannot address those things this an effective way because her record and the president's record are absolutely catastrophic on both of those fronts. >> so doug will say this openly, charles. hillary can't run on the economy. she can't run on national security because what she did is a mess. the only thing she's got is what the media is trying to help advance, a narrative about donald trump and temperament. so to me, maybe doug is right here. maybe he should forget ted cruz and all these other people and just focus in on the economy, jobs, and national security and protecting the homeland. >> oh, i think doug is exactly right and monica is exactly right as well that, you know -- and, you know, illegal immigration, of course, is part of national security, and he needs to stick with that. stick with it every day. no matter what the question is, if you're asked about the captain khan, you just come back with my condolences and talk about the economy, talk about
10:30 pm
twim terrorism, talk about illegal immigration. the problem for donald trump right now is he's not only running against hillary clinton and barack obama, he's running against the media. what we saw at that press conference earlier today with president obama at the pentagon, where you had the questions that the press was asking him -- asking the president were, you know, gee, you've already said that donald trump is unfit to be president. how unfit is he? do you trust him to take national security briefings? do you trust him with nuclear codes? i mean it was astonishing. never in -- >> by the way, the guy that was friends with unrepentant terrorists that bombed the pentagon, the capitaol and new york city police headquarters, the least fit person to ever hold that office. >> let me go back to what donald trump needs to do precisely on your point. the president said, oh, everybody knew about the transfer of $400 million. it was no secret. where is donald trump now out there with a rapid response effort, attacking in the way
10:31 pm
that i, as an american, and you, as an american with a different view, we both know that this is outrageous. we know that this is fomenting and supporting terrorism directly and paying ransom. >> they paid ransom. >> so where is donald trump? >> he hit it hard today. he hit it hard. >> but he's got to be responding to the president, sean. >> i agree with that too. monica, reaction. >> donald trump i think has made some mistakes in punching down. in other words, when he went after the khans, and i know he was attack the first and so on. but it became controversial because he's the republican nominee and he is hitting down. when the president of the united states hits him, doug is absolutely right. he should be hitting him back because that will put trump on par with the president of the united states, which is where he wants to be. >> i think that's really well said. charles? >> yeah, and let us also not forget that as bad as things look today for donald trump, he still has -- >> i don't think they look that bad. a poll came out earlier tonight --
10:32 pm
>> i agree, sean [ overlapping voices ] >> you think he can win? >> of course he can win. [ overlapping voices ] >> the press coverage is just astonishingly negative. he has so much going for him right now. he's starting to raise more money, and he's still the outsider and hillary clinton is still the insider. this year is a year for outsiders, and he has incredible enthusiasm at these events that he's having. and hillary clinton has trouble filling high school gymnasiums. so, you know, donald trump is not -- >> that's actually really true. i mean they were both in pennsylvania. there was an american spector article on that, and it was really funny because it showed trump's crowd is massive, and hillary's is -- >> she has one thing he doesn't have. $2 billion that she'll be able to deploy. >> he's got a lot of money. >> he does. he can raise more. >> he can raise a lot. >> if he sticks to his message. >> i've got to break. coming up next on this busy news night right here on "hannity." >> this is really the key. he has to begin to educate the
10:33 pm
american people and stay on the issues and not allow himself to be dragged off into the hinterlands. >> dr. carson weighing in on what he thinks the trump campaign should do to focus on defeating hillary clinton in november. and hollywood star clint eastwood slams political correctness in a brand-new interview and praises donald trump. we'll tell you what he said coming up. guess what i just did? built a sandcastle? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more.
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hillary clinton works only for her donors, special interests, and lobbyists. you have lobbyists that have stamped on their forehead "i can produce hillary," and they're very good.
10:39 pm
and they raise millions of dollars. did you see yesterday it was announced that hillary clinton got $48 million or so from hedge funds, and donald trump got $18,000 from hedge funds, or $19,000. i'm trying to figure out who they were. i want to give it back. >> donald trump at a rally in maine. many of trumps supporters in recent days have been encouraging him to stay on message and only talk about hillary clinton and obama. here with reaction former 2016 gop presidential candidate dr. ben carson. i love how the media blows this out of proportion, and here's a woman that devotes an entire night at her convention to black lives matter, a group that is on tape saying we want dead cops now and white people get to the back and f the police. i've got all the tapes of that. and here's a woman that was called out by the fbi director as lying five separate times on her e-mail scandal. but the big issue with the media is that donald trump said that mr. khan's son is a hero, and his refugee program would never
10:40 pm
have impacted this family. what do you make of this double standard? you lived it. >> it's truly amazing, and i hope that the american people can see that most of the mainstream media is completely in the tank for hillary, and they are not helpful at all. remember, press was given a special place in our constitution because they were supposed to be honorable people, and they were supposed to be somebody that the populous to depend upon to bring objective information so they could make good decisions. they have completely distorted the original intent by what they're doing. and the funny thing is they don't even realize if we put somebody like hillary in and we get more radical supreme court justices and federal judges, they too will be affected. they just don't know it yet. they haven't thought that far ahead. >> i think a lot of people
10:41 pm
haven't. doesn't this really come down to comparing and contrasting? here's trump's justices here. here's hillary's. compare. here's hillary's plan to raise taxes on the middle class. here's trump's tax cuts. he's going to allow multinational corporations to repatriate the trillions offshore so we can build jobs. hillary is going to put coal miners out of work, coal mining companies out of work. trump is all of the above. we could have millions of high-paying jobs and become energy independent. we'll get rid of obamacare, we won't get rid of obamacare. we'll send education back to the states, we won't send education back to the states. to me it's a quintessential choice election. >> you have just articulated the reason that they are so determined to make this about individuals, to make this about donald trump. as long as they can keep him in the forefront, they don't have to talk about all the things that you just enumerated. >> knowing the media is that biased, knowing that they're out
10:42 pm
to get him, knowing the narrative hillary wants to advance, even though she's got a vicious temper -- how do i know? george stephanopoulos told us as did dee dee myers. knowing all of that is it in donald trump's best interest to stick to hillary, stick to obama, let his surrogates fight these other fights for him and just stay on message and say this is what i'm going to do. this is your chance to fix america. >> absolutely. i wish he would carry around a little thing in his pocket that he could always bring out when they try to push him into the mud and say, no mud. we're going to talk about the issues because, you know, it really boils down to one candidate who is of the people and one who is the epitome of the established ruling class. you couldn't have a more clear-cut distinction than this. >> you know, hillary can't run on libya. she can't run on her vote in iraq and then politicizing it and creating a vacuum for isis in iraq. and she can't run on what she did in syria and what she did with mohamed morsi in egypt.
10:43 pm
she can't run on not saying radical islamic terrorism, and she can't run on obama's economy where we have a 51-year low in homeownership rates, where we have literally the worst recovery since the 1940s, the worst labor participation rate since the '70s. what does she run on? >> i hope he will explain that. i hope he will explain the labor force participation rate, get one of those ross perot-type charts and show people and educate them on this so they will know exactly what's going on. and also talk about hillary and her opposition to the second amendment, which she tries to act like she is for, but she and so many others, they sit there and talk about deer hunting and that, you know, the constitution doesn't say anything about deer hunting. the constitution -- >> i never shot bambi. >> the constitution is about people being able to protect themselves. >> i've been a pistol marksman. i never shot bambi, and i've got a gun collection that's the envy of a lot of people, trust me.
10:44 pm
dr. carson, appreciate your time. >> thank you. coming up, clint eastwood west off about political correctness in the 2016 race. that and more tonight as "hannity" continues. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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. the comments he made about donald trump made the comments in an interview saying quote, but he's on to something because secretsly, everybody is getting tire offed political correctness and kissing up. we're in a "p" word generation, we see people accusing people of being racist. when i grow up, those things weren't all racist. here with reaction and he sd, also, i have to go for trump. she declared she is going to follow in obama's footsteps.
10:50 pm
she's made a lot of dough being a politician. i gave up a lot of dough to be a politician. lisa, in many ways he's right. everybody is sensitive, but only sensitive when it's the other side that does it. now know? >> it seems to be specific to the left. we've seen political correctness run amuck in this country. you know you're in a bad place when you say all lives matter which is as inclusive as you can get is somehow now racist z i that i only seeks to divide us. >> that brings up a double standard. you know here is black lives matter, what do we want, dead cops, pigs in a blanket, fry
10:51 pm
them like bacon. you know, f the police. you white people, you get in the back. front for black and brown people, then, the entire arena is chanting black lives matter, obama meets these people to the oval office to meet with them. >> this is a nationwide movement. >> would you be part of an organization that says white people get in the back? "f" the police? >> do i support in terms of violence against black people by the police? yes. i understand that cause. they have a 10-point plan. >> i am talking about the group chanting kill the police. >> i don't think that is what
10:52 pm
clint eastwood is talking about. that is not just a pc culture problem which i believe the left does have. >> so if a donald trump group, if a group supported donald trump and they had a few bad apples talking about dead cops or talking about putting black or hispanics on the back, why do i think the whole group would be condemned? >> the fact is that the black lives matter movement said one person's behavior should not paint the group with a brush. however, they don't apply that when speaking about police officers. that is the double standard of the left. what we've seen from president obama is this port of hierarchy.
10:53 pm
>> the dnc e-mails showed they had racist slurs, and a whole anti-semitic strategy. and democrats, by the way. >> yes. >> now, wait a minute. if that was donald trump or debbie wasserman schultz -- >> i think the word moving toward these specific instances. >> the head of the democratic party has anti-semitic racial slurs, gay slurs. >> they've been fired. >> look at the leadership teams. >> to go back to the question about what clint eastwood is
10:54 pm
talking about, the answer is not just donald trump's rhetoric. >> the answer is hillary and obama giving billions of dollars to iran. they say they're going to give the money to terrorist groups. >> john kerry said it was possible some money would get to terrorists. >> so did obama. i got to roll. >> thank you. >> coming up, we need your help, a really-important question of the day has to do with clinton. that is next. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing,
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thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. iiiiiiiiiiiiid. greta goes on the record right know. donald trump is not having one bit of it. his establishment critics may be hammering him, but he couldn't care less. watching him on the trail today, it's safe to say the donald will keep being the donald. check this out. >> what is going on? you see it, you don't believe it. $400 million in cash being flown in an airplane to iran. i wonder where that money really goes, right? i wonder where it really goes. it went either in their pockets, which i actually think more so. or towards terrorism. probably a combination of both. how stupid are we? how stupid are we, to allow this to continue to go on?


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