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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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left this evening. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. iiiiiiiiiiiiid. greta goes on the record right know. donald trump is not having one bit of it. his establishment critics may be hammering him, but he couldn't care less. watching him on the trail today, it's safe to say the donald will keep being the donald. check this out. >> what is going on? you see it, you don't believe it. $400 million in cash being flown in an airplane to iran. i wonder where that money really goes, right? i wonder where it really goes. it went either in their pockets, which i actually think more so. or towards terrorism. probably a combination of both. how stupid are we? how stupid are we, to allow this to continue to go on?
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to see what's happening $400 million that just got ripped away from our country, all right? the real number, you look at it, $150 billion, we got nothing. we got nothing. they think they probably paid the $400 million for the hostages which is even worse. since then, i don't know if you know, we have two more hostages right now. why wouldn't they? we have two more hostages right now were fairly recently grabbed, and they're in iran. what are we going to do with that one, right? they do $400 million, it gets flown at night into iran. i think it's so sad and so disgusting. you also wonder about a government, who could approve a thing like that, where they take cash into a country and just hand it to them? bushel and bushels of cash? she will put, because she was pushed so far left, super, super liberal judges in what could be four or five slots.
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you have one before you even scatter, but you have a situation -- or the next president could have as many as five, more likely it will be three or four, but it's going to be perhaps a record number of justices of the supreme court. if for no other reason you have to go out and vote for trump. >> we're both supposed to been briefed, and i'm like, you could brief her. you can't brief her. let as protest. he e-mail scandal put our entire country at risk, made or sensitive secrets vulnerable to hacking by foreign adver sears. they're hacked all over the place. i guess. who's got them? she lost 33,000 e-mails. what happened? what you happened? how is it possible? she said it was the wedding and yoga.
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>> mr. herman contain goes on the record. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> some of the so-called party elders say they want an intervention, but what do you think? i realize they may point out that some of his narratives may be inflaming the party elders, but they're not going to change him into member he's not. the people who are supporting donald trump like the fact that he's calling it like it is. the american people are not stupid. we are not buying this explanation that the $400 million was a kines dense with the release of four hostages. the american people are not -- that she just lost 33,000
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e-mails, put the count risk, and she wants to just ignore it along with the liberal media. they're not going to remake him. they may be able to get him to think about some of the things in terms of some of the narrative, but not all. >> so how do you explain this? he has huge crowds, bigger than i think she does by far, an enormous amount of votes in the primary, buried his opponents, but then when you see the polls, he's losing now by a significant number. how do you reconcile the poll numbers and the fact he has these huge crowds. >> here's h ioweconcile it. there are two presidential race. the one projected by the media, the liberal media is projecting donald trump as knock but negative and the liberal media is projecting hillary clinton as the more calm establishment candidate, even though they don't use those words. then you have the ground
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presidential race. 15,000 people show up in jacksonville, 15,000 people show up in daytona beach to hear donald trump. why? they are not listening to the garbage that the liberal media is putting out there to create a negative perception of donald trump. the ground -- people on the ground aren't listening to these tales to try and paint donald trump in a negative sense, despite the fact that maybe he didn't selectively use certain words. >> while we're on the topic, hollywood legend clint eastwood saying his guy is donald trump. that's who he's voting for. in an interview with "esquire" clint eastwood saying this about trump -- he's on to something, because secretly everybody is getting tired of political correctness, kissing up, that's the kiss-ass gen ways we're in right now.
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clint eastwood is correct. this is why. one, as i mentioned we have two -- but secondly, if had been had been becomes president, she will have carried blanc with no check-and-balances, she will appoint liberal judges, all executive orders and all regulatory overreach will have no way to stop it. that is the biggest danger. i believe that's why clint eastwood along with a lot of other are other people are saying never hillary. that's what he's saying. >> four years ago he saw this of clint eastwood, front, right and center,o of thenc convention. >> i have mr. obama sitting here. i just was going to ask him a couple questions. what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself. what do you think, maybe it's
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time for a businessman? how about that? >> and get the viewers in on this before i -- does the celebrities' endorsement impact your vote? tweet yes or no. we'll show you the live twitter votes. back to you, mr. cain. on this whole political correctness, i get a lot of people, people just don't like it, but we have issues that matter, so where do you draw the line? >> you draw the line at trying to be respectful of people. i get that. that's what people want, but they also, as has been demonstrated with the popularity of donald trump, they want people to tell it like it is, and in that little chair incident that clint eastwood did, he was using a humorous way to drive home a point. that point is president obama and his administration, along with hillary, what would be obama 3.0 are basically
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deceiving the american people and their own strategy is attack, attack, attack donald trump, and deny, deny, deny the truth. that's what he was saying with that incident. that's why he's supporting donald trump today. everyone is pointing fingers a bit, but anyway, mr. herman cain, thanks for joining us. there's a new report about secretary hillary clinton as tax plan. if she wins the white house, will your taxes go up? according to a new report, former congressional budget officer director and president of the american action forum goes on the record. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. thank you. >> under the hillary clinton tax plan, are taxes going up? who are they going up? >> they're going up to the tune of $1.3 trillion over the next
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ten years if she were elected. right now she's promises they will only effect the very wealthy. >> there any way to know that for sure? >> there's a deficit of $2.2 trillion. he won't do that by cutting spending. to close that that means higher taxes for somebody and she's running out of rich people's income. >> i suspect if we had a more have i with us or robust economy, this would be less of an issue. >> certainly that would help, but we're grinding along right now, and a promise to raise taxes and create a 2.2 trillion deficit a promise to harm growth.
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i think you have to be concerned about the implications for the average person on main street of an economy that's not doing well now and sees in kind of policy to be put in place. >> does donald trump have a plan out himself that you can do an analysis of? >> we would love to do an analysis. he's been very short on details. we know he has a tax plan that's been estimated to lose between 10 and 12 trillion over ten years by different groups. he has promised to double the infrastructure spending of secretary clinton that would be about $800 billion. he's promised not to touch social security or medicare. that will be attributed to what they would inherit from this president. that remains to be seen. i would love to see the details. >> doug, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. many are asking tonight, was the obama administration $4 hubz million cash payout to iran
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legal? >> you keep the ransom program -- >> 400 million in cash, euros and swiss francs on an unmarked ---ed reason it was concealed is because it's illegal. >> i'm asking what and what the senior think. >> he was out of office by the time this happened. >> the standard clinton technique. >> the money is in cash. why? because you can't trace it. it will go straight to hezbollah. >> justice department efficiency objected to sending a place loaded with cash to tehran. their objections were overruled by the state department. >> the justice department raised objections. >> of course the justice department objected. it was illegal. >> 30 years ago this was something that would have launched congressional hearings, we would have had convictions, indictments. >> the regime laundered $400 million. >> if a private company had done this, this is called money laundering, the ceo would be in jail right now.
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illinois congressman peter russ et goes on the record, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> is this transaction, the $400 million cash transaction, which people knew about in january, but gaining more publicity now, illegal? if it is, what are you going to do about it? >> i think it is illegal. the administration is tries to whitewash it saying everybody knew about it. no, nobody knew about it, this is clearly contemporaneous, that is cash for hostages, what it's an illustration is this desperate desire on the part of the obama administration to come up with a foreign policy legacy around the iran deal. there's nothing, and i will repeat this -- there is nothing that the iranians can do that the obama administration would walk away from. now they're defending this. they have been xlois in transferring cash for hostages,
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period, prograaragraph, end of letter. >> i went back and did some research, that leadership reports about it last january, but i think the media fell down on this one, and it's great ppiness to see americans come home. i think what's new now is it does look like a ransom. even the administration is saying that the iranians wanted something of substance or something, so obviously it was a ransom. is there anything you can do about that? it violates american policy, but what can you do? >> look, what you do is you talk about it. you bring attention to it. you make it clear what was happening is this exact thing that people warned about. congressman mike pompeiio from kansas, and wrote letters about inquire. what's happened since then is two more americans have been held hostage. now is there another exchange? of course there will by just based on this general approach
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of things. i question the public has to ask and has to be answered is -- is this the type of foreign policy we can be proud of? is this the type of foreign policy that means america is strong and being ascended? no, it's very de minimus foreign policy and pathetic and it feeds into a narrative of american weakness and ascendancy of our opponents, particularly isil and others around the world. part of a terrible foreshadowing of this to come. >> there are two other issues. one is that it was in cash, and one not in american dollars. president obama says it wasn't american dollars, because we had no banking relationship. but why was this in cash? >> so they could hustle it, so that it would be unmarked. in cash so it's untraceable. the notion that we've got to somehow give a payment to the iranians so that it is convenient for the iranians? only illustrates how desperate the iranians -- the obama administration is for an iranian
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deal. there's nothing that iran could do that they wouldn't support at this point. it's pathetic. >> that proves to me it's a ransom, not just a coincidence. congressman, thank you, sir. >> always a pleasure. thanks, greta. the fear of funding terror, the u.s. state department lists iran as a top state sponsor of terrorism. last year secretary of state john kerry insisted any money sent to iran would not be used to fund terror. >> as you know there's concern that iran will take some of that money that they're going to get from the frozen assets, that they'll use it on some of it to create mischief, more mischief in the area, give some of it to hezbollah, some of it to the shiite militias in yemen, so forth. what is the u.s. prepared to do about that? how do you see that playing out? >> we're going to clamp down. they're not allowed to do that. outside even of this agreement. this is a u.n. resolution that
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specification applying to them not being allowed to transfer to hezbollah. and from the pentagon, the president said this. >> can you assure that none of the money went to support terrorists. >> it's been interesting to watch this story surface. some of you may recall we announced these payments in january. you'll recall there were all these horror stories about how iran was going to cheat and this wasn't goods to work and iran was going to get $150 billion to finance terrorism and all these kinds of scenarios. and none of them have come to pass. former u.s. ambassador to united nations john bolton goes on the record. the president quite arrogant and confident. >> he simply doesn't know what he's talking about. the notion that we had any control over what iran is going to do with the unfrozen assets or the payment in exchange for the hostages is flatly wrong,
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but even worse, the question is irrelevant. all dollars are equally green. money is fungible. whatever they get from the unfrozen assets, they could spend it on roads and highways. >> what i don't like, among other things about how this went down is that president obama insists this was not a ransom. this was a coincidence. listen to what pastor abdinni, one of the released hostage. >> they said we would be there 20 minutes, but it took hours and hours, and when i asked why they wouldn't let us go, everyone was ready, they had we are waiting for another plane, and until that plane doesn't come, we never let go. >> he said we were wait fog another plane. that's the cash. if this is -- if this release of the hostages dib abedini, is --
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why do they have to wait? >> the spokesman for the state department said who are you going to believe? us or some iranian? and the answer is i believe some iranian, because they are describing what actually happened. >> he's not iranian, he's an american christian pastor. >> but he was told this by irani iranian captors. >> january 16th is the key day. that was established as what they call implementation day by the vienna agreement signed the previous july. purely coincidence that the hostages are asked to be released on january 16th, and the plane carrying the cash heads off to tehran. purely by coincidence? you have to suspend disbelief -- >> i'm certainly glad they're home, but i don't like the fact that we've been had. >> we've been had over and over
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in this deal. >> ambassador, don't go away. president obama is saying isis is losing on the battlefield, he middle eastern in syria, but guess what? another isis arrest here in the united states. who is winning here? also, is there trouble at the trump campaign? can peace be made between trump and top republicans? that's straight ahead. with the xfinity tv app,
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now you can watch nbc's coverage of the rio olympic games live at home or on the go. president obama at the pentagon telling the american people that isis is losing ground, but every day we hear about isis here in america. just today a north carolina man
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arrested, the phish announcing that eric hendrix was actively recruiting here. he was instructing people how to carry out attacks right here in the united states. he was even in contact with two againmen who carried out a shooti shooting a draw muhammad context. >> the president's fundamental problems is he will not acknowledge we're fighting a hostile ideology, therefore he doesn't have a comprehensive strategy to deal with it. he's playing what the clinton administration used to call whack amole. you have a problem with terrorism in the united states, you deal with it there. isis in the meantime, while it may be losing territory in iraq is gaining territory across north africa, the middle east, conducting more operations, on the net isis is not losing.
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>> something he said that i thought was determining isil, that's his name isis. he says isil can't defeat the united states. and i thought to myself what does he mean by that? we have attacks here in the united states, in belgium, what does he mean? man for man on the battlefield? you tell the families of the dead people that isis can't defeat the united states? you know, they're killing every day. >> well, that is the point he is making there is that isis is not an existential threat like an exchange of nuclear salvos in the cold war would have been, but to the dead innocent civilians that isis has caused, that is an existential threat. it's the job of the president to not simply be defeated in a world war, but keep its citizens safe every day. >> i look at isis a lot like a malignant cancer, if you get
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chemotherapy right in the beginning when it's sitting in syria you're going to win it, but one it's metastasized, it's like a cancer, really hard to kill. >> it's getting harder and harder. that's why the slow roll is having such profound consequences worldwide. even if we could defeat themselves, isis has gained enough time to re-deploy its headquarters somewhere else, and it has thousands of operatives, recruiting more every day, so that threat is out there, and we're simply not paying adequate attention. >> i think another problem, in turkey erdogan has issued a warrant for the islamic cleric who lives here in pennsylvania. he thinks that was part of the coup, and whether or not the united states surrenders this islamic cleric to turkey, the problem is if we don't, do we get denied rights to that base we're using for our air strikes in syria?
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>> erdogan is taking turkey in a direction that reverses 100 years of turkish history, the efforts post ottoman empire. he's trying to make it into an islamist estate, i don't have notice brief for the guy here, accused of fomenting the coup, but this is part of ed wand's politic -- erdogan's political purge. i would be skeptical of granting that question. if he threatens is in incirlik or undercuts hi nato obligations, it was one reason we want add secular turkey to be part of nato. >> i think this puts us in an awkward position. >> very hard. >> and the trump train is now derailing a bit this week. how can trump
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donald trump having a very rough week with the republicans. how speaker paul ryan may be changing his mind. here is what he said today. >> none of these things are every blank chex. that goes with any situation in any kind of rate. right now i just -- he won the delegates fair and square. we just came out of that convention, and yeah he's had a
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pretty strange run since the convention. you would think we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton, on all of her deficiencies. >> but in an odd twist, donald trump seems to be warming up to speaker ryan. >> paul ryan is a good guy, actually -- no, he's a good guy. so mike calls me and he said -- yesterday, and he said, would you mind if i endorsed? if you like him, yes, go ahead and do it 100%, and he endorsed him. >> quarters on the record" political panel here. they can keep switching beds, too. >> it's hard to overstate how big a moment it would be if paul ryan did rescind his endorsement. it will be a big moment. i don't know that it's going to
11:32 pm
happen. paul ryan is still sort of a party soldier, but it indicates where we are that we're even talking about the possibility. >> this was somewhat of a power play by trump. he's forcing the issue, basically sending a message saying your primary opponent, this guy says a lot nicer things about me than you do, maybe you should do that. he didn't proactively make this declaration. he was asked about it in an interview, so over the course of his answer, he made clear that he kind of wanted to send a signal to paul ryan. paul ryan will occasionally jump in and say something about what donald trump has done, and kind of be the conscience of the establishment. also saying he's supporting donald trump. i think trump knows that he's not going to unendorse trump, unless it's unwinnable. >> i don't think trump cares. you know, he's so bold, and he's
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so certain, and wisconsin didn't like him anyway, they went for cruz. i don't think -- the only problem i think for trump is if it started a domino effect, if paul ryan -- then everybody else could, too. i think that's the only danger to him. >> and the scatter shot also going after john mccain and kelly ayotte, i think it gets under his skin when he feels like he's been insulted. and all at least of those he felt insulted. jong he has it in him to show restraint, which is what people in the party want him to do, but i don't think he can do that. >> i don't think the voters care about what the politicians think about each other. look at the numbers that trump is drawing to -- the huge numbers. they vote. i mean, so what difference does it make, except for the fact that the polls seem to indicate he has a problem, but the
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rallies suggest he doesn't. he won in the primaries, and what worked in the primaries will also work in the general election. i don't think that's a very sound strategy. i think that's what hi believes. i think that after he made this comment, certain members of his campaign stepped forward and didn't endorse paul ryan. paul manafort basically said he does support paul ryan and will work with them. maybe it wasn't something planned, but i think this is a good example of trump not believes he has to play by the same rules. >> i think it behooves to take a more global look at the whole race, but that's just me. thank you both. donald trump getting a bounce off republican national convention, but since then his lead has been slipping away. former senior divorce to george w. bush karl rove goes on the
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record. nice to see you, karl. >> nice to see you, greta. >> two her part question, can donald trump get back on track? and sect is, will he do that? >> the answer to the first is yes, he can. and the answer to the second is, we don't know. let's look at the last couple weeks, literally starting after the day after his convention, and what you see is a series of self-inflicted wounds. he's not focused on the big issues. he's focused on everything from the morning after his own convention attacking ted cruz to picking a fight with very popular republicans in new hampshire, and arizona, and wisconsin. so, look, i wrote this in my column this morning. it strikes me there are three things at play here. first of all, there's nobody in that campaign who has a plan for what donald trump is supposed to say and when he's going to say it, starting with the candidate himself. that's why we ended up on the
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same today lousy gdp numbers for the second quarter, donald trump is talking about how a gold star family, you know, has viciously attacked him. on the morning -- on the afternoon after hillary clinton has an interview with chris walace in which she lies about her e-mail server, makes misstatements about benghazi, gets in trouble on guns, and giving him an open on the economy that you could drive a mac truck through. what does he . . . . about abut how the debates are scheduled the same nights as football games and why the fire marshals in colorado springs and columbus treated him unfairly by limiting the number of people he could stuff in his rooms. >> i see the rallies and they're big, and i see the poll numbers, and he's lips in the polls, but i wonder how many people receive a phone call from a stranger and
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say we're going to vote for the guy who uses bad language? i'm not sure how accurate these polls are? i guess during the primary they give us some indication, but when they go behind the closed numbers, are they going to vote for trump? >> well, what you are suggesting, and i'm not saying it's not worth considering this, but you're assuming first of all, the polls are not reliable, and second of all, a better test, the size of the crowds he gets at his rallies, but i would remind you in the closing days, walter mondale was drawing large and enthusiastic rallies, as he went on to narrowly win one state. when george mcgovern was in the final stages, the crowds weren believably large and enthusiastic. in 1996, bob dole was actually drawing good crowds as he came down the closing stretch, but none of that mattered at the end of the day.
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there's a difference between who shows up at a rally and who turns out to vote. right today i wouldn't be betting that all of those polls -- i wouldn't bet the fox news poll is wrong that says he's ten points down. you. >> may they show up because they want to see the celebrity, but may not want him as a president? >> yeah. in 1896, 75,000 people showed up in the boston common to see william jennings bryan, and he got 25% of the vote in massachusetts that year. >> and only karl rove would know that fact. >> or anyone who read "the triumph of mckinley" would know that. a serial killer on the loose, and police fear he or she may strike again. plus next, jenkins has the next part of our extremely
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popular series. one is saying both clinton and one is saying both clinton and trump are wrong safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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time now for the next part
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of our extremely popular desired series. this time we're at a steel manufacturer in maryland. all the parts are made in america. the owner and ceo has a message for both donald trump and hillary clinton. >> do you see that flag? there's a shipping clerk in china that's going to open up this box. >> reporter: this is drew greenblatt, owner and ceo of a manufacturing company right here in the united states, marlin steel. and he is fired up. >> it's critical that we have good policies so we can grow our company and grow our nation. >> reporter: drew gave me an exclusive look at his manufacturing plant in baltimore, maryland, where everything, and he means everything, is made in america. >> this machine is made in america. and what you're watching is steel that's made in a newport plant in indiana. it's an american robot made in connecticut, and it's american steel. this component used to be made in china, but because of the
11:52 pm
investment in our technology, because of our wonderful talent here at marlin, we've been able to make this part here in america. and we're really proud of that. >> reporter: on the factory floor, what i saw was true, gritty, and unrelenting american manufacturing hard at work. and almost everything that we were making was ready to be shipped overseas. >> what are we watching here? what is this thing doing? >> this machine right here was made in chicago. and what it does is it bends wire. it's bending 400 feet per minute. right now it's teamed up with another robot that was made in japan. they work together and they bend all the wire. and we're going to ship this. this box is going to be going to mexico. this machine also makes parts for ireland, singapore, taiwan, and my favorite, we ship to china with this machine. >> reporter: in 2015 alone, the united states exported more than $1.5 trillion of goods, thanks to companies like marlin steel. but there's a flip side to the story. and that's the massive $745
11:53 pm
billion trade deficit. meaning the u.s. economy buys way more stuff from other countries than it sells them. and that's why both hillary clinton and donald trump are ripping potential free trade agreements, something that greenblatt is not happy about. >> bottom line is trump and clinton are misinformed. right now, they're preaching a populist message that's inaccurate. if you want to grow jobs, if you want to grow our country, if you want to get us out of this recession, we need more clients, we need new markets. we have to sell into japan. >> reporter: that's why this election year, this desired is completely undecided. >> right now america only has 4% of the world's population. we need to export like crazy. that's how we're going to grow and that's how we're going to hire unemployed steel workers. >> reporter: i did run into one worker who has made up his mind. >> i think i've decided i'm going to vote for donald trump.
11:54 pm
>> reporter: okay. why trump? >> i don't like hillary. i didn't like her husband. i think she's liar. i never liked her. >> reporter: in baltimore, maryland, where they're still making things here in america, for "on the record," i'm griff jenkins. coming up, should you be worrying about all this beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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wow. college already yeah! we gotta go yeah (sfx:car starts, car door closes) ♪for all those times you stood by me♪ ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ and remember... ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ seatbelt. drive safe. call when i get there. ♪for all the joy you brought to my life♪ i...i love you. ♪for every dream you made come true♪ ♪for all the love i found in you♪
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♪for all the love i found in you♪ i love you too daddy. ♪you're the one who saw me through♪ ♪through it all and thanks...for, everything. ♪you were my strength when i was weak♪ ♪you were my hopes when i couldn't speak♪ ♪because you loved me let's all go "off the record." you have heard me say this before, this year's presidential race is wild. that's an actually a polite way. donald trump trash talked secretary clinton, said she's a crooked liar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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. . . . . i understand your skepticism. but this political insanity, this cesspool will end. november 8th, the losing candidate will no doubt call the winner and in a bizarre transformation of personality, the loser will gracefully concede. when minutes before, they were at each other's throats. six straight months of nothing but rotten insults. even with a concession call, the nation will still have bruises. but the nation will get through it, we always do. come january 17th, one man or one woman will take the oath and be loaned, only loaned, power. i agree, we are drowning in a political scesspool. but i have great if it in all of us. that's my "off the record" comment tonight. does a celebrity's endorsement of a candidate impact your vote?
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the answer is 13% say yes, 87% say no. see you tomorrow night. up next, "the o'reilly factor." go to my facebook page an ♪ welcome to "red eye." lets check in with our "red eye" team candy. coming up, clint eastwood says he prefers trump or clinton. >> plus a new survey suggests that humans would not want to have a computer chip implanted in their brains. yeah, like it would be up to them. join us as we analyze tom's date book to see if he can


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