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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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the answer is 13% say yes, 87% say no. see you tomorrow night. up next, "the o'reilly factor." go to my facebook page an ♪ welcome to "red eye." lets check in with our "red eye" team candy. coming up, clint eastwood says he prefers trump or clinton. >> plus a new survey suggests that humans would not want to have a computer chip implanted in their brains. yeah, like it would be up to them. join us as we analyze tom's date book to see if he can encounter
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his whereabouts >> thank you, andy. >> he's a journalist of a wildlife federation just declared the dangerous species. >> she's so charming, she belongs in a bracelet. the fox business fenetwork. >> he looks like a guy that would own a pocket watch. comedian gregers johnson. clint eastwood says he chooses donald trump over hillary clinton. >> typical hollywood liberal. the legendary told esquire
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magazine that trump is on something. >> we are really ble[ bleep ] o generation. we are seeing people accused of people being racist and all kinds of stuff. when i grew up, those things were not called racist, he just said just [ bleep ] over it. i always squint when i read his lines. >> he offers a set of solutions to save your country. "get in there and get it done. kick-ass and take names." >> oh, that's nice, that's a good slogan. >> catchy briefs. >> i think he should get in there and help trump. >> first of all, it sounds like a kid trying to steal his grand torino. two things about it. >> he directed that.
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>> he did but it is terrible. >> i agree with them, this generation is a little bit sensitive. >> stand up comedian. >> secondly. i want to say, he loses me at the race stuff. we are in an evolved society now in 2016. how old is clint eastwood? he predates the civil war. >> yes, time is changed. john, clint eastwood was saying that you say anything now and you maybe called racist, right? >> exactly. >> [ bleep ] we have tried calling these and calling them snow flakes and cup cakes and cry bullies and nothing seems to shame them. they're just hiding them in safe bases and i am hoping this [ bleep ] having an impact
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>> that's it. liz, this is obviously, why trump has the support he does. it is more a cultural thing. people are sick and tired of this kind of pc culture, right? >> yeah, i agree. i don't think we want to go back to the cheap bonker of way of talker. >> she said enough of the bonker talk. >> no, i am talking about clint eastwood. >> i see. >> he says trump has that tag line, "make america great again." he would be knock everything off. he revealed what his inspiration was for that empty cheer he was talking to at this convention >> nothing heard at all or not even a chair. >> i think he got a lot of that
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in his generation, right? >> yeah. >> oh yeah. >> joe sanne. >> i don't want that image in my head, sorry. >> joanne, he's clint eastwood, he can say anything he wants >> man, i cannot wait until i get old. you can say anything and you don't have to worry about your career. he can eat anything he wants and i am hungry all the time. [ laughs ] >> it dictates what i say, it keeps me calm. >> what? >> i mean i think that clint eastward, i think it is affecting him. he's hollywood royalty at this point. >> liz, you always know the numbers. >> the guys did something right. >> eastwood is not the only
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actor supporting trump. >> antonio sabato jr. gave a speech at the convention, now, he's paying for it. he's been bullied online and directors are blacklisting him. he tells the website, "when you are in my business, you cannot talk about conservative politics, you are attacked viciously in a way i have never been attacked before." they'll never hire me again or see me for projects. that's unfair, it is just like communism. >> what do you think? he's getting "blacklist." >> i guess he's not going to be in the next "ghost busters." >> that's a tragedy for us >> is he part of the pete generation, is he a snow flake cry baby, this guy? >> he's not a snow flake because he got up and he talked the walk
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and he spoke at the republican convention and consequences, b d be dammed. >> i think he's a soap opera star. he's handsome and he's terrific looking. i hope he's alpha male. we need more alpha male. is robert downey jr. still working and these guys are conservatives. >> no hollywood giving conservatives a hard time. >> those fellas you mentioned, the audience was surprised to hear it because they play it close to the vest. they don't come out and speak at the convention >> jonathan, what do you think? >> he's losing jobs. he cannot speak about them and expect it to be relevant celebrity. >> he's being blacklisted because he's antonio sabado jr.
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>> he's never relevant. >> do you wear under wear? >> relevant? >> he was born in -- we should deport them and make america great again. >> that's interesting. but, trump likes him. the hispanics, maybe he does not know more than hillary. >> they louve trump. >> i think it was like, you know, 20% of hispanics went with romney and he's got 18, he's not doing bad. i don't know if those numbers are correct, i just made it up. joe san. >> joanne. >> this is a new excuse if you don't like a job, oh, i was not talented enough, it is my political views. i mean i can understand how that might kind of influence decisions. people are working with you, the
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person, i get that for a job. it is not just your talent. i think this goes also for them and these stars who speak. like katy perry, you are going to ice isolasolate some of your who don't agree with you. >> can i say something about it? >> joanne is right. the rolling stone, celebrities should never get in politics or talk about politics at all, it is too alienating. >> they should have stick to entertaining >> well, they never met antonio sabado. >> it is apart of you. >> no, i don't want to see meryl streep or why should we care what they think? >> yeah, it is insignificant. >> yeah, moving on. >> it is not just celebrities being shunned from their trump
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support. recently, i visited new york hometown of bill clinton and hillary clinton to see if i can find any fans of the billionaire businessman. take a look. it is chappaqua new york, she certainly has a lot of support in this country. i came here today to see if anybody wants to make america great again. who's voting for trump? >> ma'am, voting for trump? >> anybody? any trump supporters? clearly this was going to be harder than i thought. >> but, with a little help from the new york times, i found lonely trump supporter, john nad ler. >> they called you the lonliest trump supporter. i am active on facebook. >> i am going to read this quote from the new york times profile.
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mr. nadler with thinning hair and an iced tea stain on your polo shirt. >> i wear it as a badge of honor. if that's all they can say negative about me then i feel i am doing pretty good. >> why did you have a stain in your polo shirt? >> i was trying to be with the ho hoste hostess. >> you made iced tea and they slammed you in the paper sns. >> john, thank you for talking to us and thank you for the iced tea. >> it is my pleasure, tom >> it is delicious. >> did you hear that new york times? that's how you have a tea party. >> go ahead, let them take their pot shots. you don't need the lame stream
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media, you got a friend. ♪ >> liz, he's a former ultimate frisbee champion >> did you like my perspective? >> didn't you like my perspective? >> we shot my perspective of him and finding out what the new york times did. >> when i got there, he and his wife served me up some nice cold iced tea. >> they slammed him like he was
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some kind of blue color or something. >> this is why the new york times is posting losses. >> he almost said lame stream media. he did not want to use those inside baseball terms. >> i am surprised that he has not converted everybody into trump supporters. >> he has the facebook army out there and he's put them on notice. he says there are some trump friends in town but they're in the closet. he's the only one that's out. >> wait until you see his seesaw. >> that property is beautiful. i want to move to the burbs. >> he told me that he only sees hillary once a year at the parade but he sees bill all the time. >> he sees bill walking the streets. >> talking to the moms >> you know what?
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i bet you bill does have a few stains. he's big on stains. >> moving on. [ laughs ] >> when you think of edgy campaigns. a few brands come to mind, gap toddler. take a look at this. the boy is a little scholar and the girl is a social butterfly. people on twitter were not pleased. let toys me toys. for anyone who thinks it is sexest parkti sexe sexest marketing to children. >> some guy added, really, uk app? >> what about boys if they want to be social butterfly. >> the boy geniuses cannot spell "einstein." >> oh, i don't know man. i am no "einstein" but i am sure that's how you spell it.
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>> no, it is not it is e-i-n-s-t-e-i-n. >> lets be awe feoffended of th industry out there. >> this whole thing under fire, what do we have? three tweets right now? is that it? >> don't you stereotype, make the world go around? i am kidding. >> they're kind of there for a reason, right? >> they are selling things. we got here the way we are for a reason. >> liz. >> stop saying your kid ding, liz, you are obviously not. >> it is a business. let them sell the shirts they think they cancel. >> sure, i want them to spell people's names right.
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did they spell it wrong? either way, it is marketing and gap toddler is causiing a lot o uproar. >> what's wrong with boys liking physics. it is like people trying to get boys playing with fire trucks and the boys are using the dolls and catapol them. little girls making houses of anything. >> one time i was wondering what my daughter were arranging -- i am like what are you doing? >> she said they're sleeping. she was putting the horseshoes to bed. >> joanne. >> i think little boys need pir. little gboys don't like schools. little girls need it too,
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otherwise, they are just putting things to bed. >> female geniuses are not attra attracti attractive to get on a t-shirt. >> maurice curry, she does not have the face more it. why are you layering toddlers. >> tand that's more clothes to get dirty and kids are messy and no kids are going thomas hock like yeah, put more clothes on me. >> yeah, exactly. no boys want to wear that. >> gap keeps on getting in trouble. >> liz, do you remember this when it happened of the other ad. it was when gap trying to promote leaning on black people. the two in the middle is an actress and i cannot remember the mother's name. she said one of them is adopted.
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>> oh, are you telling me like those are like sisters? the mother was not offended by the ad so why should everything be offended. the she's a big sister, she's got to lean on her little sister. >> absolutely tom. >> i am worried that i am miss spelling "einstein" at this point >> you, too, you are stuck on that. >> thank you, liz. >> they got to get it straight. it is a name. >> coming up, should we use technology to enhance humans? a very special moment with tom, next.
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live from america head quarters i am patricia starke. let the games begin of our 2016 summer olympics. the government there is predicting a smashing success. nbc has paid $1.2 billion for the broadcasting rights. president oba . president obama admits that isis will be a threat to our country. mr. obama met with his team at the pentagon to review the war against isis. the militants are losing key stronghold in iraq and syria. the u.s. allies remaining the targets of lone wolves carrying out terrorist attacks. the president is calling on congress to "do its job" against
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zika. 15 cases have turned up in florida and there is now an outbreak in puerto rico. >> florida has begun on spraying in the area. the governor won't do it citing environmental concerns. people in london remaining on edge following an attack that left a woman dead. apple, high-tech firm is offering the bug bounties. >> if they candace cover security flaws in the company's software. >> google and facebook allowing them to fix any glitches before they go viral. >> now, back to the show that never has a glitch, "red eye." for all your headlines log ton
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to would you care for an upgrade? make your brain sharper or heart stronger? >> most people do but don't like to take the vitamins. what if biotechnology can do it for you. most americans would be too worried to under go potential enhancement. >> implants making you smarter and sharper, 32% would but 66% would not want one. synthetic blood, 35% like the idea and 63% says no way. >> one of the problems for these people, fairness. three out of four say in equality would increase because things like brain chips would be available at first of only the wealthy. >> you know what else is
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available? >> everything. >> that's woone o the last benefits being rich. some rich people wanted it first and willing to pay for them. i would not mind some rich guy experiencing his brain and working out the kicks so i can go to best buy getting one in five years. synthetic blood, not my thing. i like my transfusion the old fashion way, taken directly from someone else's veins. >> johnson, chip in the brain, what do you think? >> bring it on. whatever you give it, bring it on. it is curious to me that people don't want this. >> how obsess are we with the status quo. stupid? and always on the brink of an old fashion disease. >> that was the thing. >> when they ask people would you under go a blood tran
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fusion, no. >> what about babies? >> and it was about 50/50. it was pretty close. people are willing to experience on babies, right? >> because it is not them. >> i think people just have the strange resistance of a new thing and the polls really show is 50% of people are liars because people would actually do this, really. >> they would. >> i mean someone would offer to do that for the brain, you would do it. it is funny that people would say that. i don't want it for myselves. why would you not want to have that. >> we are interested in "vanity" than help. yeah, people going under the knife to look good and younger but they're not going to do these dangerous surgeries in order to live longer or healthier. however, if i can take a pill, because i have seen "limit less," if i can take that pill
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and become bradley cooper, who would not want to do that? >> it is intriguing. >> lance armstrong changed his blood, maybe he won the tour of france. everybody loves him now. [ laughs ] . >> top of the world. >> what was your question. the most interesting part of the study was people said if the improvements brought them back to their peak, at their best, they would do it. but, if it makes them super human, they won't do it. >> they were comfortable getting back -- they thought it was too weird. >> are you nervous that i am going to crush your perfect baby because you are so strong? >> maybe, it freaked people >> i need it better. bring it on, hack me, hack me, tom. >> you are not happy at your best? >> i need more than that. >> that's a classic thing when
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people care much about losses and gains. >> they're gaining something more, people are less likely to risk about that. >> it is interesting that people are like, oh, there is an in equality thing happening. >> three out of four said that they are worried about it. >> did you get the democrats, they have cash or credits or something. >> that's thing. if they had a brain chips, they would have charity providing people with chips. >> lineup, get your chips. coming up, he's more blunt than a drunk drug judy. don't forget "red ipeye" podcas is back. subscribe on ituness. all the services of the post office right on your computer.
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get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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. hi everybody, time to find what we got wrong or what did he miss with andy? >> i knew we were starting and everything. >> yeah. >> clint eastwood prefers trump to hillary. >> i want to make clear to the start, if i based my cultural taste on the political artist, i would end up sitting in darkness 100% of the time as pose to 75% time. i don't care and nobody should. >> greg, you said it sounds like
12:33 am
a kid trying to steal a kid's grand torino again. >> i agree. >> that 100-year-old man. >> he needs to improvise, adapt and over come. >> i love you man. >> why don't we adpaapt to him? >> i see. >> if you not going to get the reference, continue comment on it. >> what the hell is wrong with you? >> do you hate the marine core? >> i don't hate it. >> do you hate ronald reagan who freed the people of grenada? >> don't hate them. >> tom, it did sound like you admitted that times changed. >> at one point you said "times changed." >> it shocked me a little bit.
12:34 am
i don't think i have heard you admit that. >> yeah, times changed it is a shame. >> now it made sense. >> john, you said we tried calling kids snow flakes and cup cakes and it has not work. and you are hoping that calling it [ bleep ] our generation would have some impact? it won't. their kids will rebel and go the other way. >> so there is more spaces >> exactly. >> cycle of life >> joanne, you said you cannot wait until you get old. >> yeah. >> yeah, you can. >> yeah, you are right. >> the nofunniest part of this story is on twitter and every liberal person i followed were outraged and upset of this. you got 99% on handlers wood and
12:35 am
what's one guy saying something you don't agree of it? >>hought you were going to talk about another actor supporting trump. >> he's a premier entertainer, is he ? >> he's a big name and he's done model and he's done all. >> i noticed that he's no longer getting roles like handsome guy number one. >> i hope to come on this show, andy. >> i hope he does, too. he seems to be a nice guy >> john, you said, you guessed sabado is not going to be in the next "ghost busters"? >> yeah, also was not very good. >> greg, you said sabado coming
12:36 am
over here from italy and taking jobs away from models and actors. >> i want to point out he became u.s. a in 1996. >> there you go. >> shout out. >> liz, you said you don't want to see actors involved in politics. yeah, i mainly agree. >> all i think is these are people who pretend to be people they're not for a living. why should i believe them now? >> exactly. >> you just nailed it. >> watch listen to what they say. it gets into your consciousness too much, riepght? >> yeah, i agree. >> first of all, tom, you are horrible of the frisbee. >> and then he said that's typical of the democrats.
12:37 am
yeah. >> he almost said lame stream media. i was worried he's going to say something else so i am kind of happy. >> my people will get that joke. [ laughs ] >> joanne, you said female genius are not enough to get on a shirt. >> you know what? you men don't wear makeup and it upsets me. >> every male you are talking to now is wearing it. >> you guys are normal. >> tom, another gap ad for girls, you said it was back when gap was trying to promote "leaning on black peoppeople." >> we did this story.
12:38 am
>> yeah. >> you acted like you never heard any of these. >> that's why i brought it up, remember that thing happened, but i forgot >> my biggest regret is i won't be around by the time this thing come s in place. >> i want all of it. >> love you man. >> love you, too, man, you are the best. >> john you said the people saying they are liars and they would get the brain chip if they could. >> once they were not risky, i would agree. for most people or a lot of people, it is not so much of the enhancement, it is the risk factor. >> great thing about having these risk people is they'll try it so celebrities experiencing with plastic surgeries. >> exactly. >> and religious component, atheists would do it but white
12:39 am
prote protestants won't. >> joanne, you have some announcement? >> after two and a half years here at fox news, i will be moving on. tomorrow will be my last day at the network. >> oh. >> no! >> okay, coming up. why is the u.s. women soccer goalie booed a t the olympic? >> does this mean that i have to evade brazil?
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live from america's news head quarters, impish s am patr starke. >> the president giving that assessment after meeting with his national security team on thursday at the pentagon. mr. obama says isis will probably inspire more lone wolves attack. and the president addressed the issue of -- mr. obama addressed the u.s. did not pay ransom
12:44 am
money. the hurricane made land fall thursday morning. earl will weaken further as it moves into land but heavy rain will be a problem for southern mexico through saturday. buildings were damaged as winds gusted up to 60 miles per hour. >> lightning strikes start fires and no deaths have been reported. firefighters in california are battling two wild fires. one in yolo county doubling in size and fire officials say strong winds are hampering efforts to build a firewall. >> almost 80 square miles have been charred. officials say it may burn until the end of the month. quick action by a federal appeals sport in north carolina. the court rejected a request.
12:45 am
the court ruled that the 2013 voter id law of intentional discrimination of black voters. the state is preparing to ask the supreme court to consider the case. i am patricia starke, lets get you back "red eye." for all your headlines log on to yes, right before the break, joanne broke some news, it is true, she's leaving fox news. tomorrow is her last show. she's talking about what she's doing next. if you want to hear her say "i have no idea," tune in tomorrow. hope solo is trying to protect herself from the the zika virus. how dare she. >> a couple of weeks ago, she tweeted this picture of her with
12:46 am
a bed covered with mosquito repellen repellents. if anybody in the village forgets to pack repellent, come and see me. >> looks like she's a beekeeper. [ laughs ] hope says she -- fans marked her fear of degree. >> take a look, you can hear the booze clearly. >> boo, you suck! bra okay, we cannot use new jerusalem pi-- we cannot use ne jerusalem pi-- she wants to protect herself and it is immediate reaction. >> i didn't think it was funny. >> they should be pointed out that four of the best golf
12:47 am
players in the world chose not to play in the olympics because of concerns over rio. >> right >> does she have -- she's poking fun. >> i didn't think it warranted her being booed. >> should they take it personally? >> i think this is a case that's -- should they be booing the mosquitos instead of her. why are they upset of hope? >> they spend their lives keeping things out so they are sensitive to infections. >> that's a great point. >> and she's comfortable with nets. [ laughs ] >> she typically lives in one. joanne. >> you didn't hear and we did not play the video. they were not yelling "zika," it is that in their native language, domestic assaults
12:48 am
sounds like zika. >> that's right. >> that's something to be, you know, up and arms about. >> i think that whole thing was and the photo with all the stuff laid out on her bed. she got a ton of free stuff and these celebs and athletes having sponsors and things, you need to post the photos and thanking them for free stuff. she was doing that and wanting to make it funny. again, it is really not a funny situation. it is really unfortunate. the tone was not great. > >> greg, don't you like to hop in bed with your mosquito spray. >> you are right, there are other things to get on her about. these fans are something, they're getting after a disease, she does not want to contract it or getting colon cancer in rio. is there going to be a chance for that? i mean there is terrorism to
12:49 am
worry about and bad hotel and sewage in the water. what athletes want to be in rio at this point. these are great fans though. >> liz, i think this is a bit over played, is not that dangerous, is it? >> well, it is for pregnant women. i thought it was lame and not funny to joanne's point. >> i thought the beekeeper and the head gear, it was not very funny and given of the controversies she's been involved in the past. >> they need to and they have to do a little pr for their country. i don't think it is a good idea to be screaming the name of td deceased. >> hope solo apologized for the tweet. >> no, i did not, i don't care about the story. i don't care if she did it.
12:50 am
i don't think it is funny. why does she have to apologize, for what? >> maybe you are not supposed to refer to these victims as the black plague, don't mention the plague. >> wisconsin is known for terrifying clowns and many more. the story is next. xrcç&éíuv8f95>
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coming up tomorrow, anthony kumia and terry shapperd. >> people are unnerved of a clown holding a blablack balloo. >> but as greg johnson knows, being creepy is not illegal. a police captain explains, a person can walk down a sidewalk and dressed however they want as long as they are in a place they are legally can be. >> can we see those pictures again with music.
12:55 am
♪ >> i think he's great for children's party, what do you think, guys? [ laughs ] >> it is a different color, it is a bold choice. >> there will be kids in new york city who like black balloons. >> i am glad scott walker found something. >> wow. >> oh, that's good. >> kidding. >> great. >> look, i made a joke about you, creeping people out, you don't really do that. >> but, you should be allowed to, if you want to? >> like you said, these liberals in wisconsin ruining our fun. now, you see a clown and you are like where is his next victim?
12:56 am
>> joanne, i don't know about all this, i find clowns pleasant. >> i would not surprise if this is is a piece of performance art. what if he's moving onto the next thing, or this is just a regular guy who works as a clown and he has to walk home every night. he's probably promoting something. he's got to make a buck out of this some how, right? >> the guy in england does the same thing, the creepy guy in england and creepy clown, they don't know who he is. >> really? >> maybe an autodealership is going to end up with a big sale and release all the black balloons, it is going to be fantastic. >> bless the guy.
12:57 am
>> thank you everybody, joanne, we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greg johnson and me, don't forget to thank me tom shillue. we'll see you next time. [ laughs ] amazing.
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>> that's it for us. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. president obama says the uproar over a $400 million cash payment to iran as american hostages were being freed is "manufacturing outrage on an old story." the president says the only new element is that the u.s. paid in cash. he's also expressing satis satisfaction with the war against isis. the president chaired a national security council meeting today at the pentagon. kevin corke is at the white house with highlights. >> reporter: good evening, bret. it wasn't a


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