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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered." starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." on a fine friday, i'm harris faulkner. here today, dagen mcdowell, fox business anchor, meghan mccain, syndicated radio talk show host. julie roginsky, democratic strategist. today's #oneluckyguy, veteran actor dean cain and he is outnumbered. wow, great to see you. >> i'm a veteran actor. i like that. harris: only 29. >> just had a birthday. i turned the big five, 0. >> get out of town. harris: that was a due days ago. you look rested.
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>> i need a couple days after that, believe me. >> let me be polite. you look young. dagen: rested in hollywood means you never work. >> i am rested. harris: superman wouldn't need work. >> superman wouldn't, but i do. harris: glad to have you. >> very happy to be here. harris: 2015 race is heating up in the heartland. donald trump visiting paul ryan home state of wisconsin. we know it is contested swing state. we also know trump said recently he is not ready to endorse the house speaker's re-election bid. in a yo interview ryan shrugged that off appearing to leave the door open to revoke his support for the republican nominee. >> would there ever be a bridge too far? >> i always said, of course there are moments. i'm not getting into speculation or hypothetical. none of these things are everybody blank checks. that pose in any situation with any kind of kind of race. i think right now it is important, the voters he won the
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delegates. he won the thing fair and square. harris: ryan also weighed in on trump's campaign strategy after what has been a bumpy week for the campaign. >> we came out of our convention and yeah, he has had pretty string run since the convention. you would think that we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton and how all of her deficiencies. she is such a weak candidate that one would think we would be on offense against hillary clinton. it is distressing that is not what we're talking about these days. harris: some surrogates, dean, are on offense. we'll get to that. your thoughts. >> i like speaker ryan. i like him a lot. i met him before. i think he is smart guy and good politician. donald trump is not politician at all. he will say things not in lockstep. we're used to sitting home all republicans say this, all democrats say this. rare to see party infighting. i don't mind it as viewer, watching as voter, i do believe in the end speaker ryan and
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mcconnell and everybody, trump, will come together. harris: one of the things we're hearing this week consistently, among supporters, they don't believe any of this is real. here is paul manifort from the trump campaign. watch that. >> mr. trump is on outsider. he hasn't been a the past political system. his relationships with the leadership of the party are not as deep and long traditionally would be with republican nominee. that is not to say he doesn't have a good relations. we're working very strongly with reince priebus and rnc and with the republican leadership in the house and senate. i think you will see coming together of both paul ryan, mitch mcconnell and donald trump in the course of this campaign because they all ree on one thing, we need a republican president and republican congress. they will make the changes that america needs. harris: so, i'm curious when you're going to run for office. >> hey, paul, exactly. paul called me up before. no, he didn't. >> are you going to run? >> some day, maybe, who knows. politics is dirty business say nobody wants to get into it.
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no good man wants to get in it is nasty and ugly. if i did i want to do things for my country. harris: that was not a no. >> that was not a no. harris: made news here. dagen: the thing that irritates me what keeps going on within the republican party and trump blaming ryan and ryan blaming trump, it keeps going around, look at democrats there is this impenetrable alliance among these democrats, that you had president obama hugging hillary clinton, on that stage in philadelphia, when there were racist overtones and undertones going on in that 2008 campaign. if i was president obama, i wouldn't be able to look either of those clintons in the eye, in terms of the things they planted that were racist and things, implications of what they said. hillary clinton on the campaign trail in '08 basically gushing about all of the white voter support he had. that she had. there is a long list of that. i think that republicans, they
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really all need to have a big group hug. meghan: they don't cannibalize each other like we do. if we want to win it has to end today. we don't have enough time. there are 96 days left. i agree optically, donald trump isn't a politician, you're a politician now. you're a nominee for the party start acting like one.ped in pr. statistically 15 points down right now. that's crazy in some. polling. harris: let me ask you, your dad is one of the people -- >> been a really fun week. fun week, you guys. harris: we have you on the couch. you have three hours of radio you do every day. i've been on your show. meghan: thank you. harris: your listeners ask you everything, you take on questions. you said you have less than 90 days. we have, is how you put it, meaning your party. are you going to vote for trump. >> no, i can not. i'm writing in. until he apologizes for what he said about p.o.w.s. harris: how is your party going to win without the dad's
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support. he has. >> he has my father's support. why are you going out of your way, kelly ayote, i spoke about before. six women in the senate. kelly ayote is conservative republican woman? were why you are going after amazing record. my life purpose is getting young woman in politics and going after her randomly. harris: if it comes down they need your vote? meghan: me way too personal. politics and personal, i can not get over what he said about gold star moms and p.o.w.s. i can't do it. harris: that is no. >> not voting for hillary. >> for paul ryan not giving a blank check, maybe there is going to be something that will be a bridge too far, if gold star family wasn't a bridge too far, going after john mccain, basically accusing him of being a coward being captured that is not a bridge too far, speaker ryan? paul ryan serious man, what does he say i will put principle
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above party. this man has gone after people that we should never be going after, innocent people who have done nothing but serve this country. what is a bridge too far? dagen: the fact that democrats, and president said this about the republican leadership, that you know, just disagreeing with trump isn't enough. you disavow and drop their endorsements. the fact that the president said that to them, he duct taped all these republicans. it was intentional. jon podhoretz in "new york post" called it, he outtrolled a troll. he is the great american troll what he did. harris: i will come back to you. another news conference where president obama went after donald trump, this time at the pentagon. trump has been saying the general election could be rigged. watch. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? if mr. trump is suggesting that there is a conspiracy theory, that is being propagated across
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the country, including in places like texas where typically it is no the democrats who are in charge of voting booths, that's ridiculous. harris: dagen, want to finish your thought? dagen: no. again i think that he is the fact he is baiting donald trump. we can get into the rigged issue, because i know julie feels strongly about that, but he is openly baiting donald trump over and over and over again. clinton campaign is doing it on stump speeches. doing it in ads. that is exactly what the president is doing, that is beneath his position. disrespectful for the office to do that. meghan: george w. bush never did this. bush stayed completely out of the election in '08. he never did anything like this. talk about the press conference in singapore, how overtly political it was. i want to go back what you were saying before, vote something very personal.
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debatably one of the most personal things you can do. harris: why it is private. meghan: how they decide to vote i don't want to judge where people come from because people vote for different reasons. i don't want to be here being called a heretic people are pissed i'm not votes for donald trump. i'm not voting for hillary, i'm not voting for donald trump this is garbage election, beneath the american public that they deserve. >> i will say two things. not everybody in george bush wanted anyone to campaign for him. his numbers were terrible. secondly just because barack obama is trolling donald trump and doesn't mean that paul ryan doesn't need to fall for it. paul ryan needs to be stand up to be adult. he must, he must disavow this behavior. he must disavow candidate. just because you have r next to your name. i said i don't like ted cruz. if ted cruz were republican nominee and running against democrat donald trump, i would vote for ted cruz.
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meghan: donald trump is making his own bed. i don't want paul ryan to take the blame if he loses. harris: is that the job he signed up for? he is head of the party. one of the -- meghan: paul ryan is good christian man and good family doing a lot for the country. doesn't want the job to begin with. everybody is putting him in untenable situation. harris: i can't believe the name-calling, because that is ridiculous. you do radio show. you talk openly about it. dean cain, you've been quiet. >> that was real serious, serious stuff there. harris: a little -- going on there. >> me, never, no. dagen: we won't stab you in the back. we'll stab you in the front though. >> looking at you. i agree with dagen, i think it is beneath president's office. would like to see him above the fray. he is getting involved in politics. seeps like he is pushing for third term for hillary campaign. that is what is looks like every time he goes after the
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republican nominee. harris: to make this extension perhaps what i heard on the convention floor in philadelphia among bernie supporters, they said to me, wouldn't be surprised if saw more of the president particularly after the convention, same reasons that dnc was working against bernie sanders to help her out the white house would say same thing. no substantiating that, maybe looking at october schedule and how much time president obama will be on trail for her. she is the nominee at that point. >> she is. bernie sanders supporters have a legitimate complaint. they do have a legitimate complaint with happened with the dnc. no question about it. everybody has been saying it is bad week for trump. it has been. i've been out of the country most of the time. so i missed a lot of this fun stuff. it will come down, happens so fast now adays, come down to debates. that is what i can't wait to see. i can not wait for debates. people are writing it is over here, over here. harris: they're both good at it. >> great to see debates. dagen: i can quickly connect donald trump's comments about a rigged election with what paul ryan is doing.
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he says, oh, it's a rigged election. the danger there in lies that republicans then, his most ardent supporters don't go out and vote, if they think it is rigged they will not vote. they will say my vote doesn't matter. paul ryan at same time has to worry about the down ballot elections and keeping the republican troll of both the senate and -- control of senate and house. he put out fund-raising email, you can't give clinton a blank check. that harkens back to 1996, bob dole, republicans said same thing. worried about keeping the house and keeping congress. if bob dole lost. there is connection there. harris: we'll continue the conversation. hillary clinton stepping up her efforts to try to dazzle republicans who may be the on the fence still about their party's nominee. could her new strategy backfire especially among, bernie sanders supporters? because they love -- [inaudible]. $400 million cash payment in the foreign bills on the plane to
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the iran government by the obama administration, hmmm, just won't go away. president obama is now pushing back against allegations that he authorized that money as ransom for the four american hostages iran had earlier this year. guess who he is blaming! the media. >> it is not at all clear to me why it is that cash as opposed to a check or a wire transfer has made this into a news story? maybe it feels like some spy novel. ♪ that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices.
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♪ dagen: president obama dismissing as old news a report this week shedding light on his decision to authorize a $400 million cash payment to iran that coincided with the country's release of american hostages in january and instead blaming white house lawyers for the timing of the money transfer. >> it was the assessment of our lawyers we were now at a point there was significantly mitigation risk and we could end up costing ourselves billions of dollars. it was their advice and suggestion that we settle.
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we do not pay ransom. we didn't hear and we don't, we won't in the future. precisely because, if we did, then we would start encouraging americans to be targeted. dagen: meantime administration officials continue to refuse to explain exactly when the shipment arrived in iran, further fueling republican claims that the cash delivery was akin to paying ransom. julie, trish regan had one of the, the actual hostages on her show yesterday, pastor abedini. and he said he remembers waiting for another plane to arrive before the hostage plane departed. intelligence police he said, he asked them why aren't you letting us go? we're waiting for another plane. if that plane takes off we'll let you go. what was it? >> i have no idea, but smells, walks like a duck, whatever that expression is, i can't remember the rest of it. we talked about this yesterday. look, this notion that first of all we don't pay to ransom hostages, of course we do.
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we did it in the '80s. might have done it this time. israelis do. good talking point to never say we do. we do do it. one of the reasons we did it whether in this instance or not we don't leave our men or women on battlefield or leave them in situations where they're tured in prisons in iran. if we did this, i don't blame them. we had to get the people out. harris: i don't think that is the issue. having meet jason rezaian, told the story over the years, that is not about the timing, but it was about when it was rolled out. we have big hearts for americans, whether or not in hostage situation around the world. we're glad to be home. they're blessed to be so. many of us were praying for their homecoming. absolutely that is not the issue. but they sat there for a while, why does it coincide, i put the word in quotes with all the other things that administration is trying to get done, why does it do that?
9:20 am
by the way, josh earnest said, hit me up for questions for the next little while starting 10:30 a.m. eastern on twitter. in response to one of the questions about iran he tweeted to a guy named shaw, iran decided to release our citizens because of u.s. diplomacy. ask iran government why. maybe senator tom cotton will ask his iranian pen pal. maybe that was somebody who commandeered the official account, i don't know but really? dagen: meghan, on that note i want to live in the fantasy land that president obama and rest of his administration live in. why don't we pay ransom? because additional hostages get taken. three more americans have been arrested in iran. there is $2 billion. there is $2 billion set aside in new york banks for victims of iranian sponsored terrorism. iran wants that money. you don't think iran is now going to approach the administration after the election in november, say, hey, three hostages for our money,
9:21 am
what do you say? we did it before and you got away with it. meghan: if it weren't so petrifying it would be almost comedic, like a plot out of a really bad movie but they're lying to us obviously. i think it was 100% ran some. like you said, if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck. when the iran deal went through i remember saying to this on the show, harris i think my grandchildren will feel repercussions of iran deal. by far the worst thing obama administration has done. we're funding terrorism. that will be a legacy on the obama administration's head, just on simple level we gave billions of dollars to country the people in the streets scream death to america, death to israel. there is no way to rationalize it. they're caught right now, only thing i can understand, why is the network emphasizing it. i watched cnn for a little bit -- dagen: why? meghan: i was flipping through, i stopped because a friend of mine was on, why aren't people more enraged. this should be number one story
9:22 am
everywhere. i don't understand why people -- >> we've done this consistently in history. am i one who remembers iran-contra. meghan: this is not consistent what we do. >> we didn't have this with ronald reagan in 1980s. s israelis exchange fors who stanes all the time. harris: wait, wait, you're talking two different things. bowe bergdahl, obviously we will exchange, but we said, and president has said and josh earnest and others said we don't make cash payments. we know we let seven of their prisoners go, iranian prisoners and 14 others being adjudicated we wiped that process away. was this to sweeten the deal? if it was not ransom, it was cash and looks like a little quid pro quo. >> i made a whole lot of bad movies so i understand that. no, the truth is, it's a ransom payment. it's a ransom payment any way you look at it. it's a ransom payment, maybe would have had to pay the money
9:23 am
at some point in time. all caught up in the same thing. same reason plane wouldn't take off. if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck. harris: this time it's a shark. >> no question about it. that is ransom. meghan: why is the press not more enraged. dagen: i think they are. the people in the hinterlands, between new york and los angeles, are enraged and i don't think the white house listens to them or cares about them. they're the little people. >> let me explain to you why i'm not personally enraged about this. let's say alternative. if this is a ransom payment. dagen: they're so great at diplomacy, that is the alternative. meghan: $400 million of taxpayer money. harris: you want to use qualifications that you're not dealing dealing with a regime. >> that is my point. harris: why would you supported them doing any deal. >> iran nuclear deal? i'm hopeful i said at time. meghan: come on. harris: they already violated --
9:24 am
>> i'm hopeful this deal will take. if it doesn't take i was wrong. harris: but -- dagen: trying to people being outraged at this $400 million cash payment to mayor giuliani is money laundering and trading with the enemy and president obama's whole explanation -- >> leave them in evan prison. harris: nobody wants that. >> what is the alternative? dagen: because the mullahs knew in iran it was ransom payment because that is what it is. they say one thing and then they do another. >> i want somebody to give meet alternative to pay the payment. the people would be in prison today. what is the alternative? harris: diplomacy. they said it happened. dagen: they gave them untraceable funds. that is so repugnant, delivered untraceable money that will go to basically kill jews and kill americans. >> you would prefer for barack obama, the president of the united states, regardless who he is, stand up and podium say yes, we he gave the money in exchange. dagen: we knew they gave money.
9:25 am
they gave them $1.7 billion. >> what is the alternative? dagen: they gave it to him. the returned money plus interest to iran in bank accounts. that is the not issue. the issue it was cash. >> let's assume -- harris: you already asked that question. >> nobody answered it. harris: it is not our task to figure that out. we're not ones who screamed it would only take diplomacy. >> no. listen. harris: that is your team doing that. >> my team said two very specific things. one was very narrow deal and specific topic. harris: my team wants the truth. we would just like the truth. meghan: amen, harris. how about a little transparency. $400 million, can you conceive of how much money that is, of taxpayer dollars. dagen: it is beyond that. it was an unmarked cargo jet flown in the middle of the night on pallets of currency we had to get from central banks in switzerland and holland. harris: how does this play to the voters going in? what needs to be said dean, to make this issue resonate or one you think just won't?
9:26 am
>> president obama is using something out of clinton playbook, call it oil news. for get it about and move on. hard to say. i, feel you know, because of, i do think it directly that money goes directly to funding terrorism. it directly affects our men and women in uniform and others in the region and israel. i believe that because iran is a largest state sponsor of terrorism out there that is where the money is going to go. a lot of money. there is blood on their hands and i hate it. meghan: this is legacy of obama administration, it will be iran deal and deal that just happened. mark my words. dagen: final word for now. "fox news poll" shows favorability ratings underwater for hillary clinton and donald trump. will the election come down to which candidate americans dislike less? hillary clinton stepping up her efforts to win over a new group of voters? republicans, who may be turned off by donald trump. will the courtship pay off at the ballot box?
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harris: one of the live events we're watching for this hour of "outnumbered" is about to happen in washington, d.c. this is the gathering of the national association of black and hispanic journalists. it is an annual events both groups have each year. sometimes they join, and more of a unity event. having attended this there will be a couple of questions asked, two moderators we're told that will do a q&a with hillary clinton. now you know the criticism has been, with the wider media and with the white house press corps particularly, 245 days since last time she faced an open forum of questions. we can not say whether that is what this is. we don't know if the questions were beef hand or if this would mimic any kind of a way that sort of news conference which we
9:32 am
all in journalism have been waiting to see what happens for 245 days. she will step up to the lecturn. we want to make you aware this is live event in d.c. with hillary clinton. the race for the white house is shaping up as unpopularity contest with a new fox poll showing majority of voters simply do not like either candidate. i don't know that is breaking news. take a look at this. 55% view hillary clinton unfavorably. 11 points more than those who like her. yikes! the numbers are even more grim for donald trump, only 3% have a positive opinion of him. 63% do not. that gives him a negative rating of 27 points. so this might be the first time in history, dean, where being unlikeable is not really that important. i don't know. is it? >> because nobody likes either one of them. harris: they're both nominees of their party. so i don't know how much played a part. >> americans don't completely
9:33 am
trust our politicians. historically we haven't trusted them completely. sometimes we liked them. harris: do you think the two things morphed. >> or might have or switched positions. their unlikability numbers are very, very high. shows how polarized we are maybe time for legitimate third party. gary johnson and his guys are making some noise. maybe it is time. i would like to hear him on the debate stage with two of them at least would be nice. harris: we just saw jill stein get, the paperwork together to get on the ballot in pennsylvania too, which is a battleground state. one that will be heavily contested we would imagine. third party? dagen: jill stein shows a fundamental misunderstanding of federal reserve and a lot -- before i get myself into trouble. this, you look like two candidates, like choosing between breaking your foot and falling and knocking both your front teeth out. that is what the american people are faced with but i'm still, in terms of the untrustworthy
9:34 am
numbers that came out in the "fox news poll," that trump and clinton tied with that, but i wanted to point out she gave an init view on wednesday repeated the lie she told chris wallace that got her four pinocchios in "washington post" of all places. she said the fbi said everything i've told publicly is consistent and truthful what i told to the fbi. she continues to lie to the american people, kind of astonishing at least her untrustworthy numbers are not higher. meghan: she is such, to say she is unlikeable being nice about it. i don't want to get into trouble either, but this is winnable for republicans. harris: what is be something i don't know about. meghan: dagen and i know what we're talking about. harris: she wants to say it. dagen: yeah. harris: oh, i get it. got some bad words in it.
9:35 am
dagen: i'm making a face. meghan: this is completely winnable election. republicans should have it in the bag at this point. that is why it is so important donald trump going forward aims all ammo at her. chris wallace interview of the use the economy and what happened in iran with $400 million. keep your targets at the democrats. harris: meghan, you mean the unfavorables are actually more dangerous for her than him because even though his are bigger. meghan: a lot of republicans will hold their nose and vote for him. bernie sanders supporters say i won't for jill stein or gary johnson. a lot of democrats will be attempted to go over to that side instead of voting for her. >> every poll shows she consolidated democrats much bigger way than republicans. i don't know that is the case. frankly reminiscent of 2008 when pumas said they will never vote for barack obama under any circumstances. election was stolen. they were called pumas.
9:36 am
harris: i like -- >> they ended upcoming home to vote for her. republicans you have more and more republicans coming out, people in the reagan administration, people in the bush administration, prominent republicans say we can not support this guy. i don't know. you're absolutely right. advice you gave him is fantastic. i said the same thing yesterday. the problem he is not taking it. going after john mccabe. he is going after paul ryan. going after kelly ayote. dagen: last couple days have been better. i watched his rally yesterday. it is better. he is on message. like an index card. >> but his supporters need to stop going through the stages of grief, accept the fact this will happen for day or two, he will go right back to it. somebody will troll him and provoke him. they're doing it on purpose. they're trolling him. dagen: a car still in her back pantsuit pocket, if her numbers worsen in terms of favorability, she is going to play sexism. she wants people to feel sorry for her.
9:37 am
women feeling sorry for hillary clinton has always worked for her, particularly when she put up with all of bill's shenanigans. harris: ask the man what he think. >> i'm not touching that. are you crazy? absolutely. no, i don't know. i think, again, brings it right back, a lot of nitpicking here up down, up down. i really think the way today works, the new technology with right now, results it is going to happen at the debates. anything between here and november, the next 9days, i think changes on a dime. >> doesn't agree to debate as nfl schedule. >> as a guy who watches nfl a lot, watching it over presidential debate i can understand. just saying. >> is your future campaign manager i would ask you to disavow that statement. harris: we're excited to hear you're running on "outnumbered." that isn't exactly what happened. >> no way. running for democrat. he doesn't know it yet.
9:38 am
harris: don't you know when they fight over you? >> i like it. harris: we said this was going to happen. and now it has. hillary clinton just stepped up to the lecturn at the national association of black and hispanic journalists meetings happening right now in washington, d.c. here is how we anticipate this would play out. there are a couple of moderators who will ask questions. will this be the answer back to the 245-day wait that journalists have been waiting for to see if she would take an open forum of questions? i can't really tell you that because we don't know the format, whether she has seen the questions, who the moderators are or what this will be like but we can tell you she agreed to take a couple of questions. we'll monitor this. we'll follow it. it will happen as we head into commercial break. you know on "outnumbered" we keep working even when you're watching those commercials. plus hillary clinton stepping up her efforts to win over a new group of voters, republicans, who may be turned off by donald trump. of course i remember when she called them the greatest enemy.
9:39 am
we'll talk about that. will the courtship pay off in the ballot box or could it backfire for her? stay close. hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i don't want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at
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harris: want to show what you is going on with washington, d.c., lecturn, more commercial break. we have more details. she will be speaking next ten minutes, to the national association of black and hits panic journalists there in d.c. at the annual meeting. then at that time she will take, we're told, about five questions from some. journalists in the room. now the big question was after 245 days since we've all been waiting to see if she takes open forum news conference, we don't know if this is changing this. the questions are not preselected but the questioners are known. she will monitor the part where she is taking questions and answers.
9:44 am
then weil dip back in. meghan: smelling tour moyle inside the gop, hillary clinton is quickly ramping up to woo republican voters weary of donald trump. she recruited note the republicans including former california gubernatorial candidate, meg whitman and frank lavin who served in reagan and george w. bush administrations. new york republican congressman richard hanna will vote for her in november. clinton officials tell "the washington post" that it is part of effort to make republicans voting for her. appears they had that in their mind when their speaker lineup at dnc, included former new york city mayor michael bloomberg, independent and two republicans who sport hillary clinton. i think this is lost cause. good for making attempt. i don't see it happening. dagen: you won't change people vote based on a few pompous elitist establishment players who are turncoats. harris: wow. dagen: you can vote your conscience and vote it quietly.
9:45 am
the fact meg whitman did that hillary clinton reached out to her quickly. fame must republicans or rich republicans don't win elections for people way celebrities don't either, oprah winfrey being only example, a woman who had spirit all connection with the voting public and she really helped barack obama. they might raise money for you but won't do a doggone thing more than that. harris: harris? it is interesting, i took notes what you said, smelling turmoil. i often wondered what turmoil smells like. >> bad. harris: when certain networks reporting it perhaps bigger than what it is, not substantiated by people inside the campaign. you can have wealthy people and some celebrities and they can say what they want to say. my question, i know greta van susteren had her own little poll on greta wire, do you even care what celebrities think? we love you dean, but it's a question. >> celebrities are stupid. we don't know anything. harris: ivy league celebrity, right?
9:46 am
i would point where is the substance of all turmoil? we had people leave, but even corey lewandoski who left, and a little dicey and maybe in the media, looked maybe questionable, we don't really know what happened, but everybody was amicable when he left, but hard to say exactly. i want to see the substance of this. >> what they're trying to do, i think smart strategy. they're not voting for hillary clinton because they think hillary clinton is best person on earth. they are not voting for her because they support policies because they are liberal they are not voting for donald trump because they think he is -- that donald trump in charge of our government or military something they can't live with. to the extent they put the message forward and amplify it, forget i'm meg whitman and ton of money, i'm sticking as lifelong republican never voted democrat in my life, maybe she has or hasn't but a pitch a republican can make, despite my conservative bonn feeds i can not vote for somebody like donald trump.
9:47 am
i'm supporting her to oppose him not because i'm democrat now. dagen: in silicon valley among the tech community there is immense amount of peer pressure on all these individuals, even people in lower level management jobs not to vote for donald trump. some. language i've seen on facebook is repugnant and disgusting. people say, if you vote for donald trump, you are killing my children. you're endangering our future generation. you're endangering my children if you vote -- >> i get that about hillary on twitter every day. how different -- dagen: it is coordinated effort in the valley. meghan: meg whitman got in trouble not voting at all. political correctness now affecting our even most personal conversations. one tech giant unveiling new emoji symbols for text messages. critics say some of the changes go too far. we debate emojis next. i'm terrible at golf.
9:48 am
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9:51 am
harris: fox news alert. hillary clinton in d.c., at national association of black and hispanic journalists, asked
9:52 am
by one of the people pro telemundo which steps she would take immigration. let's watch together. >> i think we will achieve comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. here is how i see it. first we'll start immediately. i want this to be a clear, high priority for my administration. we will be prepared to introduce legislation as quickly as we can do so. i am hoping that the outcome of the election, which i am working hard to insure a victory, will send a clear message to our republican friends that it is time for them to quit standing in the way of immigration reform. if you remember, after the 2012 election, the republican national committee did what they called an autopsy of their loss and concluded that they could not continue to deny the
9:53 am
importance of immigration reform, and they urged republicans running for office to get on board. now, that hasn't turned out the way that they seemed to have hoped. we have instead a republican nominee who has been virulently anti-immigrant but there is nothing like winning to change mind. and i think number one, we have a good chance of having a democratic senate, if everybody does what i hope they will do, and vote for democratic candidates for the senate. i believe we will pick up some seats in the house and at least, if not, take it back, narrow the numbers. if we move in the senate, and then we demand that there be a vote in the house, because i'm convinced, that if the bipartisan bill, that had been achieved in the senate,
9:54 am
remember, when marco rubio was for it and people worked hard and achieved it. if it had been allowed to come for a vote in the house, it would have passed. so, i view the political landscape as increasingly favorable to us making this happen. i will also defend the president's executive actions. i like you, was disappointed with the supreme court decision but, remember what did. it sent the case back to be tried. it did not determine the case. so daca and dapa are still alive. trump has said one of his first acts as president would be to eliminate every executive order that president obama has signed, including those on immigration issues. so i will defend daca and dapa while i work vigorously for
9:55 am
immigration reform. i have proposed an office of immigrant affairs for the white house so that we are able to answer questions and provide information and help people. i will take a very hard look at the deportation priorities. my priority are violent criminals, people suspected of any kind of connection to terrorism, not hard-working mothers and fathers and people who go to work, help support this economy, pay $12 billion a year into social security so we will take a hard look at that. we will close private detention centers just likes i want to end private prisons. we're going to close private detention centers. i have a very active agenda. we'll be moving on it. and i believe, you know obviously depends on the outcome of this election which is why it is so important to register more voters. my campaign is trying to register three million more
9:56 am
voters. convince people to turn out, because, we're going to start early and we're going to be tenacious and absolutely committed to getting a positive result. and i think the chances, once we win will improve dramatically. >> madam secretary, you spoke about the deportation -- [applause] president obama called president obama deporter in chief. you alluded your priority will be criminals. how do you walk back the deportations? there are people not criminals deported daily from this country. how will you walk back deportations, comply with the law and not inherit the title of deporter in chief? at same time all these steps to help mobilize the latino community to the polls, many who still believe that their vote was taken for granted in 2008, 2012, and then we have the emails from wikileaks that say they are the loyalty brand of the party?
9:57 am
>> well look, i think that the president was committed to immigration reform. it is one of the reasons we got the bipartisan bill passed in the senate. and what we didn't get though, was enough political pressure to turn that bill into a voting issue in the 2010 midterm election. here is one of my frustrations. people turn out to vote for presidential elections, and then often don't for midterm elections. so we lost -- [applause] we lost a lot of the leverage because we lost the house of representatives. so, nothing happens easily or quickly in modern politician -- politics in america. as i said, we are not going to be deporting hard-working people and break up families. i've been on record for a year-and-a-half about this.
9:58 am
and that will be how i direct the department of homeland security to act. we are going to push on immigration reform. i will need, not only a considerable vote in november, but i will need people across our country to make it clear to their elected representatives that they are going to be held accountable for how they are going to act on immigration reform. if we put enoughorg nicing and political doctoring organizing and political effort into this, i am optimistic and i, but it won't happen simply because we want it. i can only say, that i will give you, my very best efforts, and i will do everything i can to be help elect a democratic senate and i already talked to some of my politics in the senate. this will be fast-tracked. we already know what can pass the senate because it happened a
9:59 am
few years ago and if we then put enough pressure on the house and do everything we can to, you know, really force them to have to take what the senate passes, i think the outcome will be very different this time, and that's my goal and that's what i'm going to do everything i can to achieve. >> thank you, madam secretary. kristen? >> madam secretary, your poll numbers went way up this week, yet the email controversy was still in the headlines. i want to give you the opportunity to respond. this week you told two separate news organizations that fbi director james comey, said, quote, my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people. that assertion as you know has been debunked by multiple news organizations which point out that director comey did say there is no indication that you lied to the february by but he didn't i weigh in whether or not you are truthful to the american people. so my question for you is, are you mischaracterizing director comey's testimony, and is this not undercutting your efforts tn
10:00 am
people? >> i appreciate your asking that because i was pointing out, in both of those instances that the director comey had said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful was truthful. that's the bottom line here. i have said in the interview and many other occasions in the past months that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. i may have short circuited and i will try to clarify. chris wallace and i were talking past each other. of course, he could only talk to what i talked to the fbi. i appreciated that. i acknowledged repeatedly using two e-mail account bes was


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