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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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people? >> i appreciate your asking that because i was pointing out, in both of those instances that the director comey had said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful was truthful. that's the bottom line here. i have said in the interview and many other occasions in the past months that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. i may have short circuited and i will try to clarify. chris wallace and i were talking past each other. of course, he could only talk to what i talked to the fbi. i appreciated that. i acknowledged repeatedly using two e-mail account bes was a mistake and i take
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responsibility for that. but i do think that having him say that my answers on to the fbi were truthful and then i should quickly add what i said was consistent with what i had said publicly and that is in my view trying to tie both ends together. >> is the one you never sent or received classified material. he did say there were classified e-mails. >> here are the facts behind that as well. i preside and sent over 30000 e-mails to the state department that it were work- related e-mails. director comey said that only three out of 30000 had anything resembling classified markers. what does that mean? usually if you ever served in
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the government, a classified document has a big heading on the top that makes very clear what the classification is. in questioning director comey made the point that the three e-mails out of the 30000 did not have the appropriate markings. and therefore reasonable to conclude that anyone including myself would have not suspected that they were classified and in fact, i think that has been discussed by others who have said two out of those three were later explained by the state department not to be confidential at the time they were delivered. so that leaves 100 out of 30000 e-mails that director comey
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testified contained classified information. but again, he acknowledged that there were no markings on those 100 e-mails. and so what we have here pretty much what i have been saying throughout this whole year and that is, that i never sent or received anything that was marked classified. now, if in retrospect which is behind the 100 number. if in retrospect some different agency said it should have been, although it wasn't, it should have been that's what the debate is about. but director comey said there was absolutely no intention on my part to ignore or in any way
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dismiss the importance of those documents because they weren't marked classified and that would have been hard to do and i will go back to where i started. i regret using one account. i have taken responsibility for that, but i am pleased to be able to clarify and explain what i think the bottom line is on this. >> before we get to our panel, donald trump said you can't be trusted for national security. today you were endorsed by michael moral who said trump can't be trusted. >> i had the great honor of working with mike morale. he is a professional who devoted his entire professional career to protecting our country.
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i was honored to receive had his endorsement. i will let his comments speak for themselves. but i really appreciated his explaining as he did in his oped some of what is at stake in this election. >> madame secretary we have a question from one of our panelist in the previous. >> i am a national political reporter with the new york times. you have accused donald trump of using racist and sexist language. what does it say about the electorate that so many americans are supporting him? >> i really believe that the core of his support, i am not going to speak for everyone who supports him, because i think there are quite distressing statements coming out of his
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rallies and his supporters and who has aligned themselves with him. but the core of his support really centers on the disappointment in the economy that so many americans feel. and what i have been saying, you know, i am going to bring this country together. we have three overarching goals. we need more economic opportunity and protect our national security and work toward american unity. see i have been trying to understand what it is that has driven people to support trump and i have met with some people and i have listened to them. and so many of them are looking for an explanation as to why they lost the job they had for 18 years, when the factory closed and nobody cared about them. what they are are going to do when their of life was spent
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mining coal and made 80000 a year and now can only make minimum wage. and centers of old industrial towns in america are hollowed out and people are turning to opiates and heroin. and the list goes on. and that's what i have heard. so i think that's what we have to recognize that of course, some of the appeal is zen phobic and racist mason-in-lawinganistic and offensive. we have to acknowledge that. but let's the not lose sight of the pain that many americans are feeling because the economy left them behind. and i said it again in my acceptance speech last thursday. i want to be the president for all americans and lift up and
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give everybody a chance to pursue their dreams. and that means people who are supporting him. when i went to west virginia, i knew i was not going to win west virginia, i can tell you that. and i was in a meeting with a group of folks including a coal miner who was incredibly emotional and talking to me and outside, there was a big trump protest going on on and one of the people at the protest forgoodness shakes was blanken ship who was convicted toward the indifference of the coal miners and causing deaths. and so clearly the lines are pretty stark. i have said i have a plan for coal country and a have a plan for indian country and inner
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cities and rural committees. it is why i support jim clybourn proposal that helps all kinds of america. jim and i talked about this. we have to reject and stand up against the appeals to a kind of bigotry and the use of bluster and bullying that we see coming from trump's campaign, but let's not forget the real economic challenges that too many americans of all backgrounds are facing today. and so that's how i think about it and that's how i am going to try this campaign to respond to and rebuke all of the horrible things he says on a pretty regular basis. not about me. i could care a less. but when he goes after individuals, and accuseses
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a distinguished federal judge of mexican heritage of not being fair when he insults a gold star family. you you know the list. i will stand up and call him out on that. but i will keep reaching out to americanses of all races and ethnicits and where ever they live to tell them i am not going to forget about them after the election. i will work my heart out to help every person to have a rising economic and kids a good education and everything they are owed here in america. [applause] >> i think we have another question from our panel. >> madam secretary, thank you for being here and we encourage you to do this more often with reporters across the country. [applause] especially those news organizations that travel the
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country everywhere you go. and a majority of voters consistently say they don't like you and they don't trust you. and they say the same thing about donald trump. either you or mr. trump will be elected president. how would you lead a nation where the majority of the americans mistrust you and what extra responsibility to show you are up to the task? >> let me start by saying, every time i have done a job people counted on me and trusted me. and at the convention last week, we highlighted the fights of my life, starting as a lawyer for the children's defense fund and taking on the problem of juveniles in adult jails in south carolina, segregated academy so called in alabama and fiting for kids with disabilities to get an education. and all the way through the work
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i did as senator after 9/11 and representing you you as secretary of state. and i take this seriously. don't doubt that. i take it seriously. it doesn't make me feel good when people say those thingses and i recognize i have work to do. but when i started to run for the senate in new york, a lot of the same things were sad. i won and worked hard for the people of new york and reelected with 67 percent of the vote after i demonstrated that i would be on their side and fight for the people i represented. i ran a hard campaign against barak obama as everybody remembers. it got contentious from time to time and to my suris prize he asked me to be secretary of state because he trusted me and i served as secretary of state and i left with a 66 percent approval rating. and so ask yourselves, where 67
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percent of the people in morning wrong? were 67 percent of the american public wrong? or when i am running for a job, there is a real benefit to those on the other side in trying to stir up as much concern as possible. so i take it seriously and i am going to work my heart out in the campaign and as president to produce resultses for people and get the economy working for everybody and not just those in the top x. help people who may not vote for me. i think our country is at a crossroad's election. president obama said it well in his speech discussed in the convention and his press conference has since pointed out. this is a crossroad's election. there is so much at stake. you can look at my record of
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public service and you can meet people and familieses who are benefitted by the children's health insurance program and meet people who are benefitted by those who reformed the adoption care system and first responders and survivors of 9/11 who benefitted because i went to bat for them and meet national guard members and their families who didn't have health care unless they were deployed and i worked with republicans to fix that. we would be happy to provide you the list of what i have done because i believe in public service and i am proud that i had the great, great opportunity to work on behalf of giving more people a better life, every since i was right out of law school. i am just going to get up every day and make my case and there will be an opportunity for a lot of people to actually hear it.
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>> madam secretary, nkevin merit with editor in chief of espn. what is the most meaningful conversation that you had with an african-american friend? >> oh, my gosh >> i am blessed to have a crew of great friends. i have had two chiefs of staff who were my african-american women friends, maggie williams and cheryl mills. and i have been blessed to have people by my side in politics like minnon moore, one of the leader was my campaign. and a great group of young people who i have been really motivated by and frankly learned from. and i really have had a lifetime
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of friendships going back to my college years one of my best friends was an african-american student. i can't compress into one conversation. they've supported me and they have chastised me. and they have raised issues with me. and they have tried to expand my musical tastes. [laughter] so we've had a lot of great, great times because of our friendship. and so i can't really pick one conversation out of you know, 50 years of conversation. and i don't want to embarrass my friends peggy lewisis here. just becoming the dean of communication in trinity washington and i want to congratulate her. donna brazil is here and our
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acting chair of the dnc. [applause] and so i will leave it at that. i think i am going to respect the cone of friendship silence, but please know that i have a lot of great friends that have given me so much more. >> madame secretary, there is such little time and a lot of question and they are signaling at us. but i would be remiss. we are in a room full of latino journalist, and i have to ask you and give you an opportunity to respond and set the record clear that the democratic party and does your campaign take latino voters seriously or do you take them for granted they will automatically vote democrat. >> i take them seriously.
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i have had the great privilege working for many years for latino leaders and activist and businessmen and women. and just as i responded to the question. my first experience working onan before i was a legal serviceses lawyer through my church, i baby sat latino kids on saturdays while their parents and older siblings went to the fields outside of my home in chicago which used to be hard to believe now, miles of farmland. it was my first real lesson in how much more we all have in common. i was 11 or 12 years old baby-sitting little kids and in the end of the day, the ramshackled bus stopped in the end of the road, and the parents and the older brother asks
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sisters got out and the little kids broke loose and run down the road with arms outstretched calling for their mothers and fathers and getting swept up in very tired arms. and then when i was little bit older, my church arranged exchanges with latino churches. we would go into the city of chicago and sit in church basements and talk about our lives and again, reenforced to me what was so much of a common fence you know, what we wanted in our lives. and even though their lives and mine were different. and as a legal services lawyer and chair of a legal services corporation we expanded services into a lot of political opposition. so, i feel fortunate that i worked with and worked from so
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many latinos and latinos across america. when i upon ran for the senate, i worked closely with our elected representatives, spoke at the city, state and national level. i was honored they rallied around to support me and were part of the great victory of the primary in new york. so no, i don't take any voter for granted and i don't take any voter who is placing their trust and confident in me for granted. because i am going to get up every single day and work my heart out to get the results that i have told you that we are going to achieve together. and i know it is hard. i have been around as you know very well. i am not new to this. and it doesn't by hoping or wishing it happens, it happenses by doing everything you possibly can and i am blessed to have
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such close working relationships and friendships with latino leaders. tonight at my house, we'll have a big event with latino business leaders coming from around america, and so i am going to do what i always have done. i think in the core of political leadership is relationship. you have got to build relationships with individuals and communities. i know that doesn't happen by just asking for it. it happens because you work hard are to achieve it. i am going to do everything i can to make sure that any latino voter that votes for me knows that i will be doing my best to deliver on everything that i've said. i will tell you as we go along what the challenges are, i may need you to help. i may need you to it put pressure on the officials or flood the internet or old-
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fashioned mail box of elected representatives so they know people are watch withing. but that's how we are going to get it done. and i am confident and optimistic about that. and so i hope that people will take the election seriously. i sure take you seriously and together i think we can create the kind of future that our kids and grandkids. >> thank you very much. >> we are out of time. >> hillary clinton speaking to an association of minority journalist in washington. if you were with us near the top of the hour, you may have heard her explanation of the answer she gave to chris wallace regarding what she told the fbi. she told chris that the fbi, that the fbi director told america she had been entirely
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truthful which is not what she said. let's bring in fortune magazine nina, and vince, executive editor of the daily caller. were you able to hear that portion of her conversation. she seemed guarded and seemed to be reading off of a text as she explained what she told chris wallace versus what she told the director of the fbi and versus the people of the nation. >> i don't think she she short circuited in that interview with chris wallace. she came out and said she neither sent anything marked classified or received it. and yet again, it was a bizarre explanation for are her e-mail practice and director comey said she did. she pled ignorance.
10:24 am
this is the first press conference, that during and sending the e-mails, i didn't see the markings. and any normal person would have missed the markings. that is not great explanation for the secretary of state when the markings are in front of her. >> nina, how will that play in the media. >> there was so much hairsplitting in the discussion and e-mail. i thought her hair would frizz out. it was not a good moment and her campaign is keeping her away from the press and why her honesty rating it is are so low with the american public. regardless who said what and what she told chris wallace and how she characterized her conversation with comey. she has sent classified information over the e-mail server. and james comey, the fbi
10:25 am
director said eight of those e-mail chains contained top secret information and three dozen contained secret information and accused her of acting carelessly with national security information. and one wonders why she doesn't say look, it happened and i did it and i am sorry rather than saying i made a mistake. and she continues to hairsplitt and get herself further and deepener the situation that will not go away. >> supporters are happy with the explanation that she just gave. >> i don't know. how can she stand on stage and say she neither sent or received classified when the public record is the exact opposite. my view of the press conference. hillary clinton just gift wrapped the weekend for donald trump.
10:26 am
giving him the opportunity to address the inconsistency of whether or not she sent or received classesified inform and. rushing to give citizenship to illegal immigrants and that is a core issue with donald trump and glad to get back on the stump. this was beneficial for trump, this press conference. >> donald trump has issues of her own that is causing her campaign to it reach out to republicans and urge votes for hillary clinton. we'll ask our panelist about that. there is newses about the ongoing rift between paul ryan and donald trump's campaign. news on that after the break. a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> a fox news alert. the presidential republican nominee refused to endorse paul ryan who faceses a primary challenger in his race for reelection be. trump said i am not there yet. it appears he is there now. and sources tell john roberts that trump will endorse speakereral paul ryan in a rally in wisconsin. they are holding rallies in the badger state. that is the home state of speaker paul ryan. and now ryan said he supports
10:31 am
the republican nominee and criticizing him for veering off message and saying his support of trump does not come as a blank check. >> and hillary clinton releasing a new attack ad, looking to court disgrunteled republicans. >> he talked about using a nuclear weapon. >> and you have to ask yourself do i want a person of that temperament control the nuclear codes. as of now i would have to say no. >> let's bring back nina easton and vince. and this news that trump is now ready to endorse speaker ryan. is that a sign that some of the flaps that are stirred up within the republican party might be coming to an end. >> i think there will be more
10:32 am
flaps. but a sign that he's listening to people outside of himself and making a decision to unify the party. on the question of these ads, it is fascinating that the democrats see in your own fox news polls, the vulnerability of donald trump and going after both of those. his standing with the republican party, he only has 78 percent of the republican voters mitt romney had 93 percent. and that is a 15 point difference. that is huge where as hillary clinton has 87 percent of the democrats, he has a lot of work to do to unite the republican party and second of all, the other fox news polls, is that the sense of whether donald trump has the right temperament to be president. he had has a large majority of people don't think he does have the right temperament and they think that hillary clinton does have the right temperament.
10:33 am
and they are playing on those themes of the ads. >> what about the media echo chamber. we had a media, but are they even handed in their treatment of the two candidates? >> no, they are openly campaigning against donald trump. every republican that reporters in dc and washington know, out right opposed to them in the power centers. reporters have covered and openly antagonizing him. calling him a liar and chyrones that trump is wrong and lying and not the coverage like that on hillary clinton when her e-mails are under a security review or the benghazi families that a youtube video was involved. we don't see the she's lying
10:34 am
approach to the way the press handles donald trump. we'll see if that endorsement comes tonight. we are told to expect it. but in trump's world anything can change. thank you both. >> and back to the news of the hour. democratic nominee hillary clinton addressing reporters in the capital. jennifer will tell us what happened. >> reporter: hi, jenna, it was notable. hillary clinton has not held a press conference in eight months and one day. she did take questions from reporters here in this this prom nept association. the national association of black and hispanic journalist. one of the first questions she received was about her e-mail server and answers that she gave in two separate introduce
10:35 am
including one with chris wallace in which she said and quoted james comey as she was truthful in her answers. here's what hillary clinton said. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. and i have said during the interview and many other occasions over the past months that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. i may have short circuited -- >> and that is not the question that chris wallace or the nbc reporter asked her recently. they asked if her public statements were truthful and she said comey said they had been. and there is evidence and exchange between comb canny and trey gowdy on capitol that those
10:36 am
statements were not truthful. once again more confusion with hillary clinton's server and answers to it reporters on the e-mail server. we got more clarification. and we'll go back true the transcript to understand what she meant when she said short circuited and trump refused to meet with this group of black and hispanic reporters was inv group and an increasing number of national security leaders have writtenop eds and open letters say they are not backing donald trump and think he is a danger to national security. former acting director of the cian is the latest to do so, in which he wrote. as a government official, i have been silent p my preference for president. no longer. i will vote for hillary clinton
10:37 am
and i will do everything i can to make sure she is the 45th president. donald trump is unqualified for the job and may pose a threat to the national computer. mike morrell joined a consulting firm where a number of clinton aides set that up and largely viewed as a national security team in waiting for hillary clinton should she be elected president. he joined hillary clinton's team back when he left the cia. >> that's important context for us. >> we'll talk about more on hillary clinton and her questions with the fox news media analyst and howard kurtz. you were able to say hillary, like i know her, a friend. secretary clinton take the questions first time since
10:38 am
september. what is your impression of how she handled the questionses. >> ed o'keefe from the washington post implored her to do this more often. i must say i didn't think most of the questions were hard hitting. for a latino journalist to ask, are you taking latino voters for granted. that is a soft ball over the plate. hillary clinton did fine. but clearly as she is discussing had to back track on the repeated insistence that fbi director james comey vouched for her truthfulness saying she short circuited the truth in the previous answers. by and large, it was not the toughest news conference i have seen. >> one of the things we are
10:39 am
speaking about is media trumpeting trump implosion but is it real? the media's criticism of of donald trump. but donald trump is out there and giving speeches and twitter all of the time. hillary is not doing that as much. how do you think that is impacting how either candidate is viewed if one is accessible to the press almost to his own undoing one might say and one is not accessible at all. >> no one cares if the reporters are frustrated because they can't have more introduce and questions on the trail. it adds to her reputation to her being cautious and calulating. no one likes us. let's face it, jenna. >> i like you and. >> making me feel better today.
10:40 am
>> but she sends messages through us and she needs to show and today was a half step forward that she can handle questions and deal with controversy. and one way you do that is holding news conferences. i think given the fact she blipped up in the the polls and the press has hammered trump over the past week and the worst coverage i have ever seen a presidential candidate get. there is not a lot of motivation to change that. the washington post reporter said she's deliberately staying out of the national press. and so why intercede on that. >> is it fair coverage or are we seeing the elitist echo chamber that donald trump is against?
10:41 am
>> some of it is fair when trump critized the gold star family and rallies where he relitigates old issues like what he said about john mccain and megyn kel kelly. but the harshly personal nature comment attors calling him crazy and questioning his mental health and how unfit he is in their view to be president. it seems to me over the top and overly personal and a little bit too quick to write him off because he is down 6 or 8 points in the polls. it is premature for the press to do that. >> we'll see you on media buzz, good to see you. >> and so political analyst are saying mike pence is embracing a new role in the trump
10:42 am
campaign. and how the indiana governor is putting the pressure back on hillary clinton and mending fences. >> let's decide here and now in norfolk, virginia we'll ensure hillary clinton will never be president of the united states of america.
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>> it is early in the campaign. as we canvass out west. donald trump in florida. we are seeing tremendous crowds and enthusiasm and i believe it is because donald trump's message is stronger home and abroad is resonated with millions of people. >> mike pence addressing the new poll number showing the clinton/kaine ticket widening
10:46 am
itself lead. and the new governor endorsed speaker paul ryan following a nonendorsement from mr. trump. >> i strongly support paul ryan and endorse his reelection. he is a long- time friend and i talked to donald trump about my support for paul ryan, our long time and he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan. >> it appears that donald trump will do that later this evening. pence announced support with senators mccain and kelli a yotte and giving pence the image of the clean up guy to donald trump's wrecking ball. we'll bring in kevin mcculla and holly, democratic spokes person
10:47 am
for the campaign. welcome to both of you. >> kevin, what do you think is mike pence donald trump's clean up man? >> on some levels true. and some level it fits the equation for what the election will be. you are looking at a disruptive election vike cycle. there there is a stark difference between the two major candidates. one associated with the establishment through the entirity of her career and versus a guy who hasn't done it before. and mike pence. reagan said personnel is policy. the people you put around you is what you are about as the actual policies that you push for. and donald trump chose wisely for what the base of republicans needed him to in mike pence and the fact that he will navigate the waters and come up with
10:48 am
reasonable middle ground type of answers is quite beneficial to donald in a lot of ways. >> what do you think about the selection and the work that mike pence did on donald trump's behalf. >> if he is a clean up guy things are messy. i think that the biggest losers in the situation are kelly a yotte and portman who are distancing themselves from the trump. and there is discussion whether pence or trump is supporting them. and while i had myself on the white house and now set my sights on the senate as well. >> you think the democratic retake of the senate is possible? >> i think with the confusion and mess they are creating that the senate candidates who are in nullerable seats need to answer how they feel about trump and do they support him and his out of touch statements he makes every
10:49 am
day. that will cause serious problems for them and their name is below him on the ballot as well. >> hillary clinton has disagreements with tim kaine as well? >> they are very different. in terms of role truth phil softical view points. and he went with someone who plays the moderate card. and to holly's point. every race is going to matter. what they think of the top of the ticket is true. and america views donald trump as messy and endured the seven worst days of his political career. he didn't just send three dishonest answers to three questions to it the press.
10:50 am
hillary clinton has her own baggage and answering truthfully to the american people is consistently a saying, what difference does it make, she's got her own set of baggage and messes to clean up. tim kaine was brought in to try to appease some of that. >> it's said to be a change election. we'll see what the american people decide. it's easy to forget there is another competition to watch, and that is the olympic games in brazil. some are still asking if rio is really ready to host such a big event. the biggest concerns include sanitary water conditions and the explosive spread of zika in brazil. should athletes worry? we have a live report from rio, straight ahead. >> it's like they take care of our training and nutritional needs, i know they'll take care
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a fox news alert, more than 2,000 police officers from around the country gathering in california to march in the funeral progression for a san diego police officer killed in the line of duty last week. johnathan deguzman was gunned down during a pedestrian stop. he was a 16-year veteran of the san diego police department. we are just hours away now from the opening ceremonies of the olympic games in rio. the city will be on a worldwide stage with brazil's culture showcased to millions of viewers. but the spotlight is also on the long list of problems plaguing that country, including threats
10:55 am
from isis affiliates, political turmoil, and the spread of the zika virus. steve harrigan is live from rio de janeiro with more. steve? >> reporter: jon, as we watch, hundreds of volunteers and performers are lining up to get into that olympic stadium, clapping with enthusiasm there. the real question on many people's minds even at this late date is, is brazil ready to host these games? in the air there's the zika virus, spread by mosquitoes, that can cause birth defects in women. after efforts by health experts to move the games failed, some athletes are staying home. it's another obstacle to overcome. >> my mom bought a bunch of deet and bug spray and packed it in my bag already, she's like, you have to take this, spray it on head to toe. >> reporter: in the water, rowers, sailors, and try
10:56 am
athletes will contended with raw sewage. bacteria levels are several times what would be acceptable in the u.s. hospital waste has created bacteria. human body parts have washed ashore near the volleyball site. rowers will wear antimicrobial suits and bleach their oars. security too is a concern for athletes and tourists. athletes from three different countries have been robbed. they've been flooding this city with security officers. 40,000 police, 30,000 soldiers, and help from u.s. intelligence. jon, back to you. >> steve harrigan, thanks. be careful. we'll be right back. removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2!
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it's great to wrap up a week with you back after maternity leave. >> thank you. it's like i never left. i'm looking forward to getting home to the kids. >> have a good weekend, and you too. thanks for joining us. >> have a great weekend, everybody. "america's election headquarters" starts right now. good afternoon. and we start right now with a fox news alert. donald trump and mike pence together again today on the campaign trail after a very public split over endorsing house speaker paul ryan, a possible thaw in relations between the camps. hello, i'm heather nauert. donald trump is expected to end his holdout over endorsing paul ryan. he's set to hold a rally tonight in the speaker's home state of wisconsin. but right now we're waiting for the start of a rally in iowa. you can see them right there, part of republican ticket's swing through the midwest. iowa a major battleground for donal


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