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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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karaoking in the car? >> i don't like carpool karaoke. somebody's going to get hurt! keep the hands on the wheel. >> we've got to go. don't forget, 8:00 tonight, o'reilly and juan's going to be on as well. have a great weekend, everyone. special report, right now. donald trump tries to heal the split in the gop by finally endorsing the top republican in congress. this is "special report". welcome to watch. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. what would normally be a show of force by republicans in wisconsin tonight may, in fact, show just how divided the party is over donald trump. the republican nominee and his running mate will be in green bay, shortly. but the state's top republicans will not. even though trump is trying to make amends with a sudden about-face. we have fox team coverage, jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign here in washington. but we begin with senior
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national correspondent, john roberts, in green bay tonight, where politics is joining football as a contact sport. good evening, john. >> reporter: and you know how popular football is in this town, chris. good evening to you. fox news has learned that after hedging his bets all week, famously saying that he's just not there yet, donald trump will throw his full support, a full endorsement behind house speaker paul ryan in his primary contest next week. if it comes off as planned, there's still some question as to whether it will, but we think that it will, this could go a long way toward putting donald trump back on track in keeping the republican party as unified as it could possibly be. >> the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. >> reporter: neither paul ryan nor wisconsin governor, scott walker, are attending tonight's rally in green bay, but the endorsement is another sign that trump is getting the word about message discipline and the importance of keeping the focus on his opponent, as he did at today's rally in des moines.
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>> we're going to be talking about the queen of corruption. unstable hillary clinton, lacks the judgment, temperament, and moral character to lead this country. >> reporter: while ryan never wavered in his endorsement of trump, he did express concerns about the direction of trump's campaign in an interview with the green bay radio station. >> yeah, he's had a pretty strange run since the convention. you would think that we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton, on all of her deficiencies. she is such a weak candidate, that one would think we'd be on offense against hillary clinton, and it is distressing that that's not what we're talking about these days. >> reporter: and in a congressional fund-raising e-mail last night, ryan warned of the consequences of handing president hillary clinton a blank check. the appeal mirrored an ad by congressional republicans in october of 1996, when it became clear that bob dole would not beat bill clinton. >> $400 million, same day as the
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hostage release, and now they say, now they say, it has nothing to do with it. just coincidence. >> reporter: hoping to turn around sagging poll numbers, trump is hammering clinton and the obama administration over the $400 million payment to iran. after insisting he had seen a video of pallets of money being unloaded in iran, trump seemed to walk that back in a tweet this morning, saying the plane that he saw was of the hostage transfer. but last night, what appeared to be a pallet of money did emerge from an iranian documentary from back in february, which suggested that the cash was connected to the hostage release. >> in this exchange, the iranians demand the entire $400 million in addition to $1.3 billion in deferred interest. >> reporter: back to tonight's ryan endorsement. one top republican told me that neither the republican party nor ryan's campaign ever sought donald trump's endorsement, but after saying what he said earlier this week, that it
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became an issue, something they thought donald trump needed to fix. he may have been trying to be cute. one top republican official told me, but at his level, words have meaning, and he needed to do something to put the genie back in the bottle. chris? >> john roberts with the trump campaign in green bay, wisconsin. john, thank you. hillary clinton hadn't held a news conference in 245 days. well, today, depending on your definition, she may have ended that long streak. clinton spoke to minority journalists here in washington. and as fox news correspondent jennifer griffin reports, she is standing firm on her story about the e-mail scandal. >> i think we're ready to take a few questions. >> reporter: it has been eight months and one day since hillary clinton held a press conference. today, she finally took questions from reporters who belong to the national associations of black and hispanic journalists. she was asked to explain what she meant when she told fox news sunday's chris wallace that fbi director james comey had said she was truthful in talking
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about her e-mail server. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview with truthful. that's really the bottom line here. what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited, and for that i will try to clarify, because i think chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> reporter: but here's what comey told congressman trey gowdy under oath. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails, either sent or received. was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on, i think, three of the documents. >> reporter: clinton went on to explain today why she continues to say she never sent classified information. >> a classified document has a big heading on the top, which makes very clear what the classification is. and in questioning, director comey made the point that the
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three e-mails, out of the 30,000, did not have the appropriate markings. and it was therefore reasonable to conclude that anyone, including myself, would have not suspected that they were classified. >> reporter: here's what comey said on july 5th. >> from the group of 30,000 e-mails returned to the state department in 2014, 110 e-mails and 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information, at the time they were sent or received. >> reporter: a new poll by gen forward conducted by the university of chicago found that more than half of the young white voters polled believe that hillary clinton intentionally broke the law when she used a private e-mail server. but only 21% of young african-american voters polled
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belief she intentionally broke the law, chris. >> jennifer, thank you. we are now less than an hour from the start of the opening ceremony for the summer olympics in brazil. but amid all the pageantry, these olympics are facing major problems, from pollution to doping to security. and then there's the zika virus. correspondent steve harrigan is in rio tonight. >> reporter: for olympic athletes in rio de janeiro, some of the biggest hurdles may be outside of the games. in the air, there is the zika virus, spread by mosquitos that can cause birth defects in pregnant women. after efforts by health experts to move the games failed, some athletes decided to stay home. for others, it's one more obstacle to overcome. >> my mom literally like, two months ago, bought a bunch of deet and bug spray and stuff like that and she's packed it in my bag already. >> reporter: in the water,
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rowers, sail weers, and triathls will contend with decades of raw sewage pumped directly into the waters around rio. bacteria and virus levels are 1.7 million times what would be acceptable in the u.s. one expert warned, don't put your head underwater. hospital sewage has created a super bacteria on beaches where olympic sailing events will be held. human body parts have washed ashore near the volleyball site. rowers will wear antimicrobial suits and bleach their oars. even the indoor pools are considered risky. australia's coach pulled his swimmers out of a training pool, fearing infection after the water turned soupy. athletes from denmark, china, and australia have already been robbed, some inside the olympic village, where phones, laptops, even the sheets from beds were stolen. some athletes have called the village itself, with exposed wires and collapsing bathrooms,
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uninhabitable. on the ground, more than 40,000 police and 30,000 soldiers with intelligence assistance from the u.s. will try to protect the athletes and estimated half million tourists. >> we've got local crime, street crime, crimes of opportunity. and these type of events like the olympics draw in individuals where they see increased amounts of opportunity. >> reporter: isis has called for terror attacks during the games. last month, security forces arrested 12 people who were plotting attacks. the move to ban the entire russian team for state-sponsored doping has failed. thousand, 70% of russian athletes are eligible to compete. chris? >> steve harrigan reporting live from rio. steve, thank you. the zika threat here in the u.s. is also attention. experts in florida have confirmed a 16th case, likely spread by mosquitos in the miami danger zone. meanwhile, officials in florida are hunting the insects by land
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and air, and politicians are looking for the money to pay for it all. correspondent phil keating has the latest tonight from miami. >> reporter: miami-dade county's zika air assault is now underway, with plans to continue spraying insecticide over a 10 square mile area this weekend. the county laid mosquito traps first, and said after the flyovers, the traps revealed 100% kills. this despite a funding showdown. >> government inaction, that is the height of irresponsibility. >> reporter: florida senior u.s. senator, democrat bill nelson, today the latest elected official to descend on miami's emergency zika situation. he's calling on congress to return early from august recess, to pass the president's $1.8 billion zika funding request. >> what about when it's discovered in another state? the fact is that this is a
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health emergency, and it needs to be dealt with, straight on. >> excuse me! >> reporter: he follows in-person on the street visits thursday by florida's dpmpb and south florida's congressional delegation, all saying florida's zika crisis is real here and now, with today a new 16th case confirmed to have come from a mosquito in that neighborhood. >> we don't want people to be scared of coming here. so from my perspective, whatever it takes to get this done, whether it's a special session, if the senate went in tomorrow in a pro forma session, i would be pleased with that, as well. >> reporter: the cdc still says the only act of zika transmission zone is in this one-square-mile box just north of downtown miami, although one of the 16 local cases is not tied to a visit here, exactly how that happened remains under investigation. as the county and state have testified, their war on the zika virus from the skies and house to house on the ground, president obama reiterated from
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the pentagon thursday, current zika funds at the national institute of health dry up september 30th. >> the situation is getting critical. for instance, without sufficient funding, clinical trials and the possibilities of a vaccine, which is well within reach, could be delayed. >> but for the british company wanting to release 3 million genetically modified mosquitos into the florida keys, a big win tonight, as the fda gives final approval for a field trial. oxy tech claims their lab bugs reduce the local mosquito population by 90%. it is now up to keys voters this november. chris? >> phil keating reporting from miami, phil, thank you. let's talk more now about the danger from the zika virus here in the u.s. and at the olympics with fox news medical analyst, dr. marc siegel. doctor, why all of the attention to the outbreak in miami-dade county. is it likely to spark a wider spread of the zika virus here in
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the u.s.? >> absolutely not, chris. there's a lot of precedent for this, for this not happening, with the related virus called dengue fever, which has many more cases around the world and has never had anything more than sporadic cases in florida. every year, they spray florida with about 8 million acres worth of something called naled, that's 100% successful at killing the aids agyp thai mosquito. it's never been a lot more than that with dengue. it's an anxious public here that we're trying to reassure. >> let's take a look at the bigger picture. the olympics, as we've said it, are getting underway tonight in rio. that has been a hot spot for zika. how worried should we be about athletes and fans going to rio, going to the olympics, spreading
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the virus when they come back home? >> great question, chris. because there's going to be a couple hundred thousand fans going to rio. first of all, it's becoming the winter there now. the number of cases of zika is dropping dramatically at this moment. second point is that some analysts have looked at this, some studies from yale and from cdc have discovered that probably less than a hundred cases are going to spread around the world from the olympics and guess what. most of the places they're spreading to are already seeded with zika. they're not anticipating new zika outbreaks as a result of the olympics. so i think celebrities should go down there, if they're not pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, and they should just show their courage, which is what the olympics is all about. >> finally, what's the long term solution? how do we stop or at least control the spread of zika? >> well, chris, first thing is mosquito control. we've been talking about that. in puerto rico now, we're having a huge problem with up to 50 pregnant women a day getting zika, because they're afraid of
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those insecticides. we need to spray and kill these mosquitos and we need to do it now around the world or we're going to see more and more travelers with this. we don't have a problem with this mosquito in the u.s. we do have it in the u.s. territories. second thing is the vaccine, which very promising news this week, that it works very well. three different vaccines are working in monkeys already. we're going to see them in human trials as of october, in one or two years, we'll see them in the doctor's office. that's going to squash this. that's very exciting news, chris. >> doctor, thank you. it is good to have some good news. please join us tomorrow night for a special look at the zika threat. fox news reporting zika will be hosting by trace gallagher. tune in saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern and it will repeat on sunday at 10:00 p.m. up next, as new jobs numbers come out, the chamber of commerce is taking the obama administration to court. we'll tell you why. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 32 in chicago, as police
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release video related to last week's fatal shooting of an 18-year-old suspect in a car theft. the superintendent of police there has said that dash cam and body cam videos suggest violations of department policy in the shooting of paul o'neil. fox 5 in atlanta as a georgia man faces criminal charges in connection with the death of his twin 15-month-old children who were left in a hot car thursday afternoon. he faces two counts of involuntary manslaughter. police say north had been drinking before leaving the toddlers in the car. and this is a live look at cincinnati from fox 19. one of the big stories there tonight, an atm for a different kind of dough. a pizza atm is attracting attention on the campus of xavier university. you place the order, pay the bill, and three minutes later, you have your hot pizza. while this is new to the u.s., the atm owner says europe has had them for years. that's tonight's live look
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outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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the man who shot president reagan 35 years ago is eligible for release from a psychiatric
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hospital as of today. last month, a judge said john hinckley could permanently leave the facility, where he's been confined since the assassination attempt. he will have to live with his mother for a year, but after that, he can live on his own. hinckley must visit his doctors once a month for checkups. the july jobs numbers indicate progress in hiring, but also a near-historic low in the number of people participating in the workforce. this comes as the obama administration clashes with big business over tax policy. correspondent kevin corke reports tonight from the white house. >> reporter: is the u.s. economy heating up? or is this just another case of smoke and mirrors? well, that depends upon whom you ask. the white house would suggest it's the former. as for a record 70th straight month, the u.s. jobs report showed gains. payroll climbing by 255,000 last month, while the jobless rate held at under 5%. wages also went up, 0.3%. that's the most since april, with a three-month average of
3:22 pm
190,000 new jobs. but that is sparking fears that the federal reserve could raise interest rates as soon as next month, which would mean higher borrowing costs for consumers on everything from mortgages to car loans, even credit cards. >> the fed's going to make their decisions, but i think this is a very strong labor market. >> reporter: strong, but not strong enough to impact the near record low workforce participation rate, which continues to hover at just around 63%. >> when you take a look at the number, i think the important dynamics in here are the number of people that are taking on part-time work, to have to keep making ends meet. that has increased. >> this jobs report means that we're seeing faster wages, we're seeing a continued low unemployment rate, but that we still need to make more progress. >> reporter: the jobs report comes as obama administration's treasury department is being accused of a massive overreach. the u.s. chamber of commerce and a texas business group suing the obama administration, alleging new rules limiting tax-motivated inversions violate the law. >> so i am very pleased that the
3:23 pm
treasury department has taken new action to prevent more corporations from taking advantage of one of the most insidious tax loopholes out there and fleeing the country, just to get out of paying their taxes. >> reporter: but at a statement, the chamber's president said treasury and the irs ignored the clear limits of a statute, and simply rewrote the law unilaterally. this is not the way government is supposed to work in america. >> chris, texas congressman kevin brady, who's the chairman of the house ways and means committee, has called the new tax inversion rule damaging. and keep in mind, much of the controversy surrounding this is because of that proposed merger between pfizer and allergen that would have been worth about $152. a merger that at least at this point remains on hold. it was a big day for stocks. the dough gained 191. the s&p 500 finished ahead 19. nasdaq was up 55. for the week, the dow gained
3:24 pm
about 6/10 of a percentage point. the s&p 500 was up 4/10. nasdaq finished ahead 1 1/8. more than half of the remaining detainees at guantanamo bay are scheduled to be transferred to countries that have agreed to accept them. 32 others will have their cases heard by a review board. the final ten cannot be moved because of the severity of the charges they face. up next, filling the shoes of indiana's governor, as he runs for the white house along with donald trump. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ a body without proper footd needssupport can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation
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3:29 pm
gop's loss of a significant seat. >> saturday, i'll go up to a parade in ft. wayne. >> reporter: eric holcomb, the republican candidate for governor, is off to a late start. he had no plans to run, but when governor mike pence said yes to being donald trump's running plait, holcomb stepped to the plate. his opponent, john greg, is the former speaker of the state house. his campaign has been years in the making and has $6 million cash on hand. but holcomb likes his chances. >> the state has momentum and our campaign has momentum. so it plays to my favorite. >> reporter: that momentum, says holcomb, comes from 12 years of republican governors at the helm, $2.4 billion in reserves, and an unemployment rate below the national average. >> we are the number one manufacturing state in the country. >> reporter: gregg argues a hoosier family of four makes about $8,000 less than the national average. >> he's goings to talk about low
3:30 pm
unemployment rate, but hoosiers are working harder and harder and seeing less and less in their paycheck. >> reporter: by leveraging the proceeds the state gained when it sold off parts of its tow roads, gregg wants to import money into infrastructure, community bonds, and broadband access. holcomb's not buying gregg's idea. >> raise, borrow, tax. we've seen that movie before. i don't think the sequel would be any better. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> reporter: the republican governor's association recently released this ad, tying gregg to secretary clinton, and her controversial coal statements. gregg notes his entire family has a history in the coal industry. >> i find that attack just ludicrous. >> reporter: the state's highly controversial religious restoration act passed last year by governor pence is a flash point in the race to replace him. holcomb stands by it. >> we can protect our religious frees and we can balance that
3:31 pm
and not accept any discrimination. >> reporter: gregg wants it repealed. >> we didn't have any examples of religious persecution in indiana. that was a solution in search of a problem. >> and the nationwide uproar surrounding that controversial religious restoration act here in indiana is not going away anytime soon. republicans stand by it. meanwhile, the democratic candidate, john gregg, tells fox that he is religious, but does not think the act leads to any type of discrimination. gregg will be meeting with concerned clergy this weekend, where he might have to defend his party's position. chris? >> matt, thank you. california is living through one of its costliest fire seasons in recent memory and the worst may be yet to come. so the state is asking washington for financial help. but chief correspondent jonathan hunt says congress is fiddling why california burns. >> reporter: already this year according to cal fire, there have been some 4,000 wildfires
3:32 pm
in california, scorching around 350 square miles. and we're only just getting to peak season. the problem is a tinder-dry landscape across millions of acres. >> a crew pulls on scene, they're seeing fire conditions that normally we could maybe hit the head of the fire, where we're having to flank it now, because that fire is moving so fast, so hot, that there's just no way to get in front of it. >> reporter: when you have 66 million dead trees and millions of acres of dry brush, the fires can spread simply too quickly in the initial going for firefighters to keep up with. the result, homes destroyed, lives upended. this particular home was destroyed two weeks ago by the sand in the angeles national forest. so the message is we can fight these fires more effectively, but that means more prevention, and for that we need more money. >> that will keep us from having
3:33 pm
to rob peter to pay paul and use dollars for firefighting. >> reporter: 20 years ago, the forest service spent just 16% of its budget on fight firings. now that's up to 60%. but congress hasn't acted on that forest service request to declare the biggest fires natural disasters and thus open up additional emergency funding. the problem is not so much a political divide, but a geographic one. with east coast lawmakers, perhaps predictly not making west coast fires a priority. chris? >> jonathan, thank you. hillary clinton is still struggling with questions about her private e-mails. we'll ask our panel about that, when we come right back. she spent summer binge-watching.
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america is better than donald trump. >> hillary clinton going after her opponent, as she took questions from black and hispanic reporters today. time to bring in our panel. jason reilly with "the wall street journal," amy walter from the cook political reporter, and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. well, clinton held what some are saying her first news conference in 245 days. however long it was, she continues to have problems with questions about the e-mail scandal, and specifically, a question i asked her during our interview on "fox news sunday" last weekend, the clear contradiction between what she has told the public and what fbi director james comey says is the truth. here's how she addressed that today. >> i have said, during the interview, and in many other occasions over the past month, that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is
3:39 pm
consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited, and for that, i, you know, will try to clarify. because i think, you know, chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. because, of course, he could only talk to what i had told the fbi, and i appreciated that. >> jason, does that clear it up? >> not at all. she's been lying about this from day one and she continues to misrepresent what the fbi director said. he was highly critical of her. she did not turn over everything. she deleted e-mails she shouldn't have. she sent classified e-mails. so, no, he did not clear her of -- she was dishonest. and he made that very clear in his remarks. she was so dishonest that half the country is wondering why she wasn't indicted. but this is what the clintons do and this is what she's been doing from the beginning. >> charles, are you surprised that hillary clinton continues to have problems with this whole question of the e-mail server
3:40 pm
and what she is willing to tell the american people? i mean, here you have james comey, the fbi director and attorney general loretta lynch saying they have decided, whether people like it or not, they're not going to prosecute her. and yet she's still having trouble getting past it. >> well, the reason is that the original sin, apart from the act itself, was the press conference she held at the u.n. when the story broke. which was fundamentally untrue, at about 12 levels. and she has never been able to admit that. she can't. what she needs are lying lessons from her husband, who was one of the great liars of all time, to do it with a smile and charm, and kind of in a way that was sort of wizardly. it depends what "is" is, "i never had sexual relations." this guy got away with a lot of lies, but he could do it because of his -- i hate to say it, but -- charisma. she has none and she can't lie very well.
3:41 pm
so she was caught in a situation where she was sort of devastated by the line of questions that trey gowdy asked comey at those hearings. they were each very short, one line. is it true that she never e-mailed classified stuff? no, that is untrue. you can't recover from that. it's all on tape. i have to guess that originally she thought it wouldn't be investigated, it wouldn't be found out and she would get away with it. she may still win the presidency, but she will never be able to escape the original sin of lies. >> then there's donald trump, who as we've been reporting, is holding a rally tonight in green bay, wisconsin, where reportedly he is going to announce that he is endorsing paul ryan, who he said a couple of days ago, that he was not there yet, parroting what paul ryan said about him in may. amy, does that undo the damage? >> i don't know where -- what this does. i do know, going into this, paul
3:42 pm
ryan was not having trouble with this primary. he is very well liked in his district. he goes back there all the time. this is not similar to what we saw with eric cantor, who was sort of blindsided and taken out -- >> the house majority leader who lost in the primary -- >> -- lost the primary -- >> in virginia last year. >> yeah, last year. there's no comparison to that. this is also a district that went overwhelmingly for ted cruz. so, paul ryan was going to win with or without donald trump's endorsement. the real issue now is we still have a candidate running for president of the united states who has not been able to figure out that the primary is over and that it is time to move into the jnld election. you cannot have and if you look at these polls, you cannot have a party so fractured. this is why donald trump is doing poorly in these recent set of polls. he's getting 68, 69% of republicans saying they're going to support him. by coming out and saying, anybody who might not be completely with me, i will go out of my way to attack them,
3:43 pm
isn't a way to unify the party. >> the whole spectacle of the republican candidate withholding support from republican leaders, who he will need to have a successful presidency. should he be elected, make is no sense whatsoever. one of the most effective criticisms of obama, that trump can make, is that he relies on executive orders to work around congress, because he can't get along with congress. trump is setting himself up to have the exact same problem as obama. it makes absolutely no sense. it's more evidence of a lack of discipline in this campaign. we were just talking about hillary clinton's lying. her disapproval rating has actually improved in recent weeks, while his has gotten worse. i mean, it's -- he's making her look good by comparison. >> the most interesting aspect of his denying support to ryan, originally, is on what grounds? was it on the grounds that they have a disagreement over nato or taxes?
3:44 pm
no, it had nothing to do with that. it was because ryan dared to object and to state an objection to the way that trump had treated a gold star family. it was paernlg. he wasn't respected. this is a man with skin so thin that he will disavow his own speaker of the house, a man who commands tremendous respect, and who had sacrificed a lot of it in order to endorse trump over a personal slight. that's the problem at the root of all of this. it's not that he doesn't have -- doesn't understand a general election is different from a primary. he has a personality that makes them react irrationalally to anything, the slightest thing. and the perfect case is the paul ryan event. >> so i want you guys to tell me what you really think of hillary clinton and donald trump. next stop, at the summer olympics, as they get underway, why are so many blaming it on rio? i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. wearing depend underwear
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welcome to rio de janeiro. we're going to show on the most beautiful olympics in the world. we have a couple problems, security problems, but that will
3:49 pm
disappear. >> a brazilian surfer who carried the olympic torch addressing both the excitement and concern as the games get underway in rio tonight. and we're back now with our panel. well, i think it's fair to say we all have our favorite olympic moments, either from history or that we personally watched. jesse owens, winning four gold medals in front of adolf hitler in berlin. so much for the master race. the miracle on ice. charles, as you look forward to the next 17 days, are you feeling warm and fuzzy about rio? >> actually, i feel sorry for brazil. the way -- these things have become a terrible albatross. i don't want to rain on the parade. it will be wonderful for the athletes, it's a great idea, going back to 1896. but montreal, which held the olympics in 1976, paid off the olympics around 2008. that's how long it took. athens, the greek crisis, the financial crisis, is in part due to the fact that they had to build all these facilities, that
3:50 pm
they couldn't afford. and brazil was awarded the games doing boon times, in 2009, exporting oil, all these new natural resources, was at a peak. they are in a terrible depression right now. they can't afford it. and they'll be paying it off for decades. the answer is to hold it in one place, stop building the gargantuan structures that end up being completely empty forever. and do it in athens or greece, up there in the parthenon and build one set and have obama speak there, he likes the greek temples -- sorry, i couldn't help that. >> that was kind of a cheap shot. >> yeah, well, i only have six months left, so i've got to -- >> while i can. >> jason, there is so much to criticize about the olympics. you've got the economic and political chaos. you've got a president there who's being impeached. you've got this horrible pollution. i love steve harrigan's report about body parts washing up. and you've got the zika virus. so what is your biggest concern?
3:51 pm
>> i'm with charles. i sort of feel for the brazilian people. this could cost in excess of $20 billion, chris. this is not a wealthy country, particularly since they are now going into recession. they have a terror threat, they have a health threat, they have political scandals. you can only hope that the next couple of weeks will take their minds off of all the country's problems. storm for them to be in and try to host these games. >> amy, then, add to all that you've got the russians. because it turned out we found out because of a russian whistle blower in fact there had been a concerted effort by the russians to cover up the fact that a lot of their athletes were doping. the olympic athlete officials said we're going to ban the entire team now they've backed off and going to allow 70% of the russian athletes to compete. one of the few athletes, i guess it's about 100 who have been banned is the original whistle
3:52 pm
blower. what do you make of all that? >> we sound so depressing on the eve of what's supposed to be an amazing feat. i would have to say if you get into what the olympics is about whether the amount of money that's spent and waisted not helping the people who need it the most, the world cup didn't bring much money to the people in brazil who needed it. but yet you know what's going to happen. we'll watch the olympics and hear the story about the olympic swimmer who deomated his kidney and they're coming together for the first time and we're going to cry. this is what we live for. >> up close and personal? >> that's the stuff that i think many of us remember about the olympics and the stories of the perseverance and their personal stories that got them there. >> let's finish on a positive note. what are you looking forward to? >> i kind of wish the russians had been allowed to compete even if they are a little juiced. as a kid the best part of the olympics was watching the u.s.
3:53 pm
athletes against the soviets. it made things exciting. we have putin trying to rebuild the russian empire. >> one of your other concerns, no cold war sth? this is a cynical group. is there anything you're genuinely excited about? >> not really. >> usain bolt? katie ledecky? >> absolutely. >> the decathlon. if you can do that you can do everything literally. that's to me the most exciting event. so i'll be watching that and probably -- >> katie ledecky, go ahead the time we have remaining. >> best athlete now. literally in the world if you compared her to any other leader of a sports team. she would be far and away -- >> she was 15 last time . i did a power player i know about her. she was 15 last time. won the 800. huge surprise. she's up for three gold medals
3:54 pm
and maybe a fourth. she'll be the darling of the olympics. >> she's 19 this time? >> she's an old 19 but hanging on. we have to take a break here. up next we'll get our panel's winners and losers for the week.
3:55 pm
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that's what i wanted to hear. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't play quite like i used to. but i'm still bringing my best. and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. tonight our winners and losers for the the week. jason? you're up. >> my winner is bill bratton the new york city police commissioner who announced his retirement this week.
3:58 pm
he helped revolutionizing policing in new york city and nationwide. crime rates fell dramatically and a lot of people are alive today that would not be otherwise. but for policies he put in place. my loser of the week and it's not unrelated is president obama. for commuting the sentences of a record number of inmates at the time when crime and homicide in our largest cities has gone up. and policemen are being assassinated. it sends exactly the wrong message to the american people who are worried about public safety. >> amy? >> my loser seems pretty obvious from a political standpoint. donald trump had a terrible awful week. i don't know i've seen in all the years i've done politics who has done so much to derail as much as he's done this week. my winners are the cargo shorts, the maligned shorts, especially for dads in the country. they have pockets you can put stuff in. they have been derided and many
3:59 pm
men coming to their defense and saying i'm loud and proud going to wear my cargo shorts. >> charles? >> winner of the week are the anti-flossers of the world. the people who for decades have -- >> we could do about that picture, guys. >> used to be guilt tripped into flossing on the grounds that it didn't do anything, today vindication, it doesn't do a thing. my loser of the week is josh earnest, john kirby and any administration financial who had to pretend that waiting for the arrival of a plane load of cash in the dead of night for a bunch of captives being released does not constitute ransom. they are not paid enough for saying what they said. >> that is special report for tonight. i'm chris wallace, in washington. tune in to "fox news sunday" we'll have a debate between newt gingrich and congressman
4:00 pm
bocerra. we'll ask senator tom cotton about the $400 million payment to iran the same day u.s. hostages were released. was it ransom? that's "fox news sunday." on the record with greta van sustern up next. is donald trump about to shake up everything in wisconsin? trump going into wisconsin. house speaker paul ryan is facing a primary battle this tuesday and who trump has said nice things about? ryan's opponent. trump has not endorsed house speaker ryan. trump is so unpredictable, he seems to love surprising, maybe even shocking the voters and the media. john roberts is live at the rally. >> you're right, greta. donald trump does like to shake it up. the plan that existed at noon, of


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