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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 6, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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wake up america to president obama. i did literally. happy birthday, mr. president. hope you read the book. you just might learn something. have a great weekend, everybody. hillary clinton taking scrutiny over remarks she made to chris wallace. and donald trump in a key battleground state trying to's reverse clinton's bump in the polls. and concert catastrophe, dozens of concert goers hurt after a railing collapses at a new jersey rap concert. >> and america goes for the gold in rio. we'll speak to a former olympic gold medalist. thank you for spending your saturday with us.
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i'm elizabeth prann. >> nice to be with you. new digs. things look pretty good here. i'm leland vittert. this is america's election headquarters from washington. donald trump is hitting the campaign trail in the swing state of new hampshire tonight, a day after finally endorsing senator kelly ayotte and also paul ryan and senator john mccain. kristin fisher has more on what you might call trump's change of heart out on the campaign trail. >> yeah, donald trump just did something that he does not like to do. he went to bat for three high profile republicans who have all publicly criticized him very recently. and he did it in the name of party unity. now, remember, just a few days ago, trump said he wasn't quite ready to endorse paul ryan, he said he'd never been a big fan of senator skrjohn mag and he c ayotte week. but trump acknowledged about
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elected he needs a republican controlled house and senate to get things done. so he reversed course, swallowed his words and then endorsed all three. speaker ryan was not at that rally, nor has he responded publicly to trump's endorsement. as for his endorsement of trump, so far ryan has not wavered, though he did say yesterday as with any endorsement, there is never a blank check.ivered, though he did say yesterday as with any endorsement, there is never a blank check. >> yeah, he's had a pretty strange run since the convention. you'd think we he should be focusing on hillary clinton. she is such a weak candidate that within would think that we would be on offense against hillary clinton and it is distressing that that's not what we're talking about these days. >> and that's what most republicans want to see, they want to see trump going after clinton, not mess of his own party. but even after these three endorseme endorsements, television divis still there.
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>> scott walker wasn't at that rally either. kristin fisher, thanks. liz has more. >> for more on trump's campaign message, let's bring in the former campaign manager for lindsey graham. i don't know if you were -- if you had as much of an exciting friday night as i did. i actually watched donald trump's press conference. what was your reaction when you saw him up there? genuine? >> i think he was probably being genuine. i think he wants to put the controversy and trouble he's ya created for himself behind. there is a cliché when you're in a hole, stop figuring. and donald trump has dug himself into a hole and i think last night may have been the first step in stopping digging further. now he has to get position bahi into the game. >> he has a big day on monday, there will be an economic plan
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debuted in detroit. but this along the same time where we're seeing that he has a list of new economic adviser, all of them very high earners, some big name, just very wealthy men. we don't see any women on that list. so who is influencing him especially ahead of that big speech planned for monday? >> i think what you have seen from donald trump throughout the campaign is he is his own closest adviser. he doesn't seem to be one who is taking a lot of advice. i can't imagine that his campaign came up with a plan for the last couple weeks that has been executed the way that it has. so you look at this advisors and it very much matches with different kind of people that he says he wants to bring into g government and politics. his key is to maximize by the voters. that has been his strategy all along. he needs to do better with that group of voters. >> a of other group, too. >> but that is his key
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demographic and that's where he's not matching where miromne was. he needs to solidify that base. >> so what does he need to say to really capture people's attention? because he's going up against a lot. we know people will be focusing on the olympics, then be doning out to anything political really over the next two weeks. august is a slow month ahead of it picking up in september, but he needs to get their attention. >> he needs to spend this next three weeks staying on message and making this campaign about hillary clinton. if the campaign is about donald trump, i think he has a hard time winning. and the clinton campaign and their convention and trump's missteps have done a really good job of making the last two week all about donald trump. and you see what that has done to his poll numbers. he needs to get on message, make this election about mccain, a referendum on her. and he needs to do that or if he
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gets to labor day, it may be too late. >> but you can't count him out. >> anything is possible. >> anything who is hedging their bets solely on hillary clinton is or is not making a mistake right now? >> i think they are making a mistake. she has huge negatives. she's for t she's not viewed as honest and you trut wotrustworthy. she brings a lot of baggage. but if the focus is on her, donald trump has a much better success because he has some of the same problems. >> and what it do you want to hear on monday? >> real proposals, a concrete plan. not just i'm going to make everything better. we need to see specifics, we need to see what it is he's going to do. the economy really is a key issue for him. and it's one that he needs to really make a good case for on monday. >> christian, very interesting. thank you so much for joining
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us. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today, but she's making headline for almost holding a news conference. speaking to minority journalists, clinton took questions from a few pre-selected outlets, clinton's most extensive media questioning in 245 days. bryan llenas has more. >> reporter: that's right, december 4 was the last time hillary clinton had an open press conference and yesterday wasn't really a press conference because frankly, they were just a few pre-selected questions. but even so, mrs. clinton continues to make headlines for how she's answering the most obvious questions about her e-mail scandal. yesterday krit was asked at the national hispanic and black journalist conference to explain what she meant when she told fox news sunday's chris wallace that fbi director james comey had said she was truthful to the american people when talking about her e-mail server. a claim that received four
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pinocchios from the "washington post" and a pants on fire rating from politifact for just blatantly not being true. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom the line here. what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short-circuited and for it that i will try to clarify because i think that chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> director comey it say there was no evidence that she lied to the fbi, but comey never commented on whether her comments on the american people about her e-mails were truthful. yesterday clinton also continued to maintain she did not knowingly send e-mails marked classified. >> and in questioning, director comey made the point that the three e-mails out of the 30,000 did not have the appropriate
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markings. and it was therefore reasonable to conclude that anyone including myself would have not expected that they were classified. >> comey however said if his testimony that while many e-mails were retroactively marked classified, there were some e-mails that were clearly classified at the time. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material, was it true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> when a reporter encouraged clinton to take questions more often, the crowd cheered and she said she recognizes she has work to do to gain the public's trust. >> bryan llenas, thank you. and now i'm really going to toss to leland. >> for more insight into the clinton campaign including what is next for the candidate, let's bring in amy parns, co-author of
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the book he right birth of hillary clinton. and a correspondent at the hill. well on back to the program. nice to have you. you listened to hillary clinton in this examination, i short-circuited, we were talking past each other. she seems absolutely incapable of saying i was wrong, i misspoke. >> right. i think a lot of her aides and people around her, allies, were kind of a little befuddled by that response and the one she gave earlier in the week and the one before that to chris wallace, they wanted her to come out and just say, you know, i misspoke, i apologize, i apologize again. they position that this was not something that she was not a talking point. >> you had donald trump who anybody would agree had a really bad week. in politics that's when you do absolutely nothing to try and take the spotlight off your opponent. instead you have hillary clinton coming out and willfully making
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statements that are getting four pinocchios and distracting the media in her view. what is her campaign's thinking? >> that is cop funfusing to a lf people. people who friends of hers didn't quite understand, wrap their mind around what she was trying to do. but all in all they think they have had a really good week particularly because of donald trump's blunders and kicking a baby out of a rally, his comments about ivanka trump. they were sort of kicking back and letting it all play out i think. >> and certainly they got good poll numbers along the way. give us a sense how committed is the campaign to try to court republicans? we've also seen meg whitman came out, warren buffett came out in favor of hillary clinton. is the campaign actively working on this or is this happening
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organicry? >> i think they're actively work to go court moderate republicans. they think it's definitely within their realm of reach and i think their data points to that. you had an ad yesterday that came out that showed republicans, you know, supporting her. you had her talk about her convention in her convention speech, you had her sort of target republicans specifically. and you had a bunch of generals come out and you had mike bloomberg came co bloomberg come out. so they're relying on a lot of support from moderate republicans sfw republicans. >> latest polls show her up about ten points. are worried that she's peaking too soon and they won't have to go out and work? >> no one thinks that. they feel good about where they are now, but they're always worried about a potential surprise that could come down. i think a lot of allies are worried about an october
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surprise. we had the dnydny c e-mails com out and we saw heads roll. and a lot of people don't know what could happen if it's a national security issue or, you know, things could turn around at any second. >> whether or not it was planned or not, the khan speech at the dnc, the father and mother of that captain who died turned out to be one of the more fortuitous things that could is happened to hillary clinton, a political disaster for donald trump. is the clinton team working on ways to try to get under trump's skip, to try it on provoke him into these things to get him off the message of the economy,? >> i think their main goal is to portray him as an up fit character. you had president obama saying that. and she's also making that
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point. >> but are they trying to put him into positions where he would be forced into me debates? >> i think they're letting them happen organically. they couldn't have had a better week with all the blup did der bun ders back to back to back. a few aides were laughing saying this was a great week for us. i think they are happy about the state of play. >> and can't quite figure out where the candidate is on the e-mail issue. thanks. come back and see us. so as the race heats up good clinton and trump, we're into the home stretch to the november election, two of their supporters will duke it out hope friday no fists are fly, but verbal sparring of course. dress wallace hosts newt gingrich and xavier becerra for a friendly debate on the issues
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and candidates. tomorrow morning. check your local listings for air time. liz. this is a fox news alert. a terrifying moment at a rap concert in camden, new jersey last night. crazy video. dozens of concert goers were injured when a railing collapsed a few feet from the stage where snoop dogg and wiz khalifa were performing. >> all of a sudden i see everyone like rushing to the front, people like pushing me, too. and then suddenly people started just falling off the edge. because there is like a huge gap there, like 6, 7, 8 feet. i didn't position like -- a complete drop straight on to concrete. >> victims suffered mostly broken bones and bruises. the incident occurred midway through the concert which was then canceled. and in france, a birthday party turned tragic when a fast moving fire swept through a local bar overnight killing at least 13 people injuring six
9:16 am
others. investigators believe it was accidental, possibly caused by birthday candles on the cake. this has been a summer of sorrow of course in france which remains on high terror alert. last month a priest was murdered by islamic extremists in that same city and 85 were killed in a terror attack down in nice. >> you were probably watching last night, a dazzling display in brazil to open the olympics, first ever held in south america. the ceremony included fireworks and music along with messages about climate change. nbc's decision on show the opening ceremony on a tape delay angered many viewers who also objected to the frequent commercial breaks. but it was party time for the athletes especially for swimmer michael phelps who carried the flag for team usa.
9:17 am
the largest team at these games. more than 75,000 people in the stadium rose to their feet to honor the first ever olympic refugee team who marched just ahead of team brazil. >> if you stayed up really late, the american won the first gold medal. still ahead, the major effort under way to contain the zika virus in the united states. we'll tell you what you need to know for protect yourself and your family. and this is tough to watch. surveillance cameras capturing the frightening after math of what is an all-too common driver error. and -- getting fished out of the water. how bad timing turned a day of reeling in a fresh catch to the fishermen having to be reeled in themselves. ♪
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caught on tape, two people trapped in the middle of rushing floodwaters in oklahoma. one official says the two had been fishing in the shallow area when the dam authority began releasing water. people got stuck. thankfully rescuers did manage to save them. what we do not tknow if there ws
9:22 am
a standard warning blast sounded before the floodgates were opened. florida's reputation as a vacation destination along with billions of tourist dollars are on the line as fierce of the zika virus take over the state. the another case has been discovered. as of now, 16 people have tested positive for the virus in one miami neighborhood. phil keating reports on the efforts to kill mosquitos before they can attack. >> reporter: the zika air assault is under way with plans to continue spraying over a 10 square mile area this weekend. the county says after the flyovers, the traps revealed 100% killed. this despite a budding showdown. >> government in action that is the height of irresponsibility. >> reporter: florida senior u.s.
9:23 am
senator democrat bill nelson today the latest raekted official to descend on miami's emergencyhe's calling on congre return early from august recess to pass the president's $1.8 billion zika funding request. >> what about when it's discovered in another state? the fact is that this is a health emergency about and it needs to be dealt with straight on. >> reporter: he follows in person visits on the street by the governor saying the crisis is real, here and now. >> we don't want people to be scared of coming here. so from my perspective, whatever it takes to get this done, whether a special session, if the senate went in tomorrow in a pro forma session, i'd be pleased with that, as well. we need the funds. >> reporter: the cdc still says
9:24 am
the only active transmission zone is in this one square mile box just north of downtown miami, although one of the 16 local cases is not tied to a visit here. exactly how that happened remains under investigation. as the county and state intense guy their war on the zika virus from the skies and house to house on the ground, president obama reiterated thursday current zika funds at the national institutes of health dry up september 30. >> without sufficient funding, nih clinical trials and possibilities of a vaccine which is well within reach could be delayed. >> reporter: but for the british company wanting to release 3 million genetically modified mosquitos into the florida keys, a big win tonight as the fda gives final approval for a field trial. the company claims their bugs will reduce the local population of mosquitos by 90%.
9:25 am
it's up to voters in november. phil keating, fox news. and tune in tonight for a fox zika specials our exclusive look at the heartbreak caused by this mysterious disease and its youngest victims. >> translator: like an emotional feeling but i have to be strong at this time. they're telling me we'll have to wait until she's born to really know what is going on with her. >> reporter: this expectant mother spoke exclusive isly to the fox news channel minutes before giving birth earlier this year. she allowed our cameras to capture the first few moments of her newborn baby's life. her little girl made news after being the first baby born in the continental u.s. with microcephaly linked to the zika virus. >> translator: waiting on god really to know what will happen. >> trace gallagher hosts the special beginning at 8:00. and coming up, we'll speak with
9:26 am
dr. alvarez. don't want to miss it. still ahead on america's election headquarters, another former high racking national security official taking sides in the 2016 election. that endorsement and what it could mean coming up next. as we go to break, we remember a jazz legend with a look back on the life of a beloved new orleans native. ♪ confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity.
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fox news alert for you. media is reporting that two police are wounded after a machete attack near the police station in similar la roy. the suspect was shouting allahu
9:31 am
akbar. in a statement, theymn the atta. the suspect was wounded and taken to a local hospital. more former and military intelligence officials are taking sides this election year. in an op-ed in the new york times, former cia deputy director mike morell threw his wait behind clinton and wrote in sharp contrast to mrs. clinton, mr. trump has no experience on national security, even more the character straights he's exhibited during the primary season would suggest he would be a poor even dangerous commander in chief. to weigh in on this, former major general bob scales. general, good to see you. >> hi, l leland. >> pretty shocking words. >> yeah, but look, mr. putin was
9:32 am
a kgb agent, lieutenant colonel. his entire strategy is based on breaking apart the west, splitting play toe nato away fr united states. he's been working everyone in this up to. so you say he seems to be waving the flag for trump, but trust me, he's been waving the flag for people on both sides of the aisle because at the end of the day, he wants a better deal from the united states. >> and they say in the intelligence business, we would say mr. truputin has recruited trump. what do you make of these intelligence officials weighing in on one side or the other? this isn't offering commentary on policy. >> well, i'm here on national television as a retired general, but there is a difference. and the difference is being a
9:33 am
commentator about events that deal with the military. look, 99% of americans that never served in the military, so folk leak us i think are necessary to explain thins to the american people. there is a difference between that from being and at v advoca a candidate, for stumping for a candidate, for throwing your retired rank and the behind a candidate. >> and also should i hire this general or that general and what do the troops think of it. >> and the apolitical nature of the american military is beginning to erode. i voted for the first time in 2004. my father never voted. my kids when they were in the service, they never voted.
9:34 am
all the great generals never voted because they believe america is the only western democracy never ruled by the military and we have a unique place separate from politics. and i think we're beginning to see that erode sadly. >> it certainly has changed as we've seen in the endorsements and convention speeches. one of the big issues has been the issue of terrorism. either the number one or number two issue on people's minds. including for a very good reason that there are attacks happening all the time. we're learning the attacker in brussels died, unclear who killed him. he was outside a police station, so police would have been nearby. but as we take a look at the map of isis' growth throughout not only the u.s. through the middle east, but now through the world, as well, you do get the feeling that the commander in chief test is one that is going to be on the top of everybody's mind. >> yeah, that's right. and it doesn't to any good to try to solve the pedal this.
9:35 am
we hear from the admin separation and others in the military that say we're winning but slowly. we're breaking the back of isis, we've captured their towns and cities. no, no, no, that is not enough. the only way to break the back of a isis is to strike at their center of gravity, to take down their capital so that you not only break the will of the core of sooiisis, but you take away hope of everyone trying to build the franchises and to convince the young arab men that they should do something else rather than blowing up western airplanes. >> well, you would think that winning or convincing young men that they would die if they do try to do that would perhaps lead them to choose different life choices. >> one would hope so. >> president obama pointing out that certainly the next commander in chief will need to deal with terrorism. >> mission number one.
9:36 am
>> thanks, general. it's called the roaring lion tire and with good reason. this blaze in western montana has built more than 12 square miles destroying at least 16 homes already and it's only about 15% contained. in s big sur has another fire fueled by high winds. evacuation orders remain in place across many rural areas. we'll have a live report on this developing story later on about in our show. a jazz legend from new orleans has died. ♪ the legendary pete fpt was a mainstay in the french quarter for six decades.
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he was magic on the clarinet, nicknamed ziggy and he toured the world spreading his music. he was a familiar face on television on the johnny car so that and lawyer welk shows. pete fountain was 86. driver in china was already on his way to the hospital when this happened. all too common excuse coming up. 20 years later, still the record for the youngest american to win the gold. she will join us after the break. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance
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it's that time for athletes at the top of their game, there is no greater glory than competing in the olympics let alone bringing home a first ever team gold medal for their country. the magnificent seven were the heros of the 96 games in atlanta. 14-year-old dominique was a member and remains the youngest american to ever win a gold. 2k5 today she's a wife, mother and speaker and she joins us today. thank you so much for joining us. >> i'm happy to be here. >> we all remember watching in you 1996, these young women competing in rio ungodoubtedly inspired by you.
9:43 am
what is it like to see them as they begin to prepare and compete in the olympics? >> well, right now they're going through a lot in their minds, but they're so ready. they have trained all these years for this moment to shine. the u.s. women's ghim that is ticks team are the world champions heading into this olympic games and there has never been a more heavily favored olympic women's ghims that ticks team than this one to win gold. so i see a bright future if in these young ladies and i'm really excited to see the turnout and i know that they're ready to go. >> five of them. tell us a little bit about -- a little insight on the sister hood and what it's like emotionally to compete at this level. >> well, there are very few athletes in the world that know what it's like to be at the olympic games and compete. but there is a sisterhood because you know the hard work and dedication and hours spent in the gym together and the
9:44 am
tears and everything that you've put into it for these moments. so i think right now they're all just getting together, getting their nerves under control, they're believing in themselves. and they're really rooting for each other to be the best they can be on the olympic stage. >> and i saw on your facebook that you were watching the opening ceremonies last night, but i also saw that you were responding to some pretty significant allegations and subsequent coverup of alleged abuse for young women inside the gh gymnastics community. i know it's an exciting time for sports across the country and across the globe, but it's hard to ignore some of these headlines. >> you're absolutely correct. this cycle of abuse is a huge concern in our sport. and absolutely we can never turn a blind eye. and i do have a public statement that i made on my facebook page. but streeit is extremely import that we report anything that we
9:45 am
see to authorities when it comes to mine ors. it is imperative that we are vigilant as a community because this is a huge concern and we all need to make sure that there are no coaches being left alone in gym clubs with just the athlete alone. i really, really encourage all parents to make sure that that doesn't happen so we can avoid a lot more of these cases because it is very traumatic for these young ladies who become women and are traumatized by this event. >> it's hard to read some of the allegations. and i also wanted to ask you with some young women and young girls feeling discouraged, what is your message to them? >> i have had some young ladies reach out to me and i've always told them that i believe you, you have to have a voice, and know that your voice is important. it's steextremely important tha any situation be taken seriously no matter what is brought to the
9:46 am
table, it has to be brought over to authorities immediately because we could help one person and it can go a long way. so helping one will help many. and i encourage you young ladies to believe in yourself, to speak up if you have any incidents that have occurred because we need to make sure that we are addressing the situation. >> absolutely. and one last question in regards to a story that is also making headlines. we've seen a lot of athletes pull themselves out of the olympics because they're afraid of zika, whether a family or female. and i want to ask you, if you were an athlete in their shoes, what would you do? some of these men and women have been preparing for these games their entire lives. >> absolutely. you do train for this one moment in your life. and you train so hard. and i think with the zika virus coming to the surface at the olympic games has been really unfortunate, but i think each athlete has to make their own decision to feel confident and
9:47 am
comfortable in the laws that are put in place and everything else to really make sure that their health is a priority and that they're not going there to put their safety and health at risk. and i believe that they're trying their hardest to make sure that everyone is safe and is healthy and there are no more drought bre outbreaks, but you never know with these type of situations. but i pray for all of the olympics to go off and have a wonderful successful games without any incidents. >> tomorrow snedominique, we we 1996 and we still are. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. still ahead, this crash leaves one man's life dangling in the balance. you can watch it play out on videotape. plus, we take a look at the third party candidates and whether any could pass the all-important threshold to join the debate this fall. hey there, starting your search for the right used car?
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a suddp a sudden surge tha hr him p him on to thim fall. bp but as the general elec movp moves inmoves into its bp but as the general elec movp moves inmoves into i s johnsjohnson stand a chanc? wip will nominate itsptoda. formp former new mexico re governgovernor gary johnso. tatake r take a lotakp from wednesday. johnson is back at 12% in a race against hillary clinton and donald trump. that's close to the 15% johnson would need to be included in the johnson and his running mate, former massachusetts republican governor william weld say they stand for smaller government, less military intervention around the world and liberal social policies. johnson has long been an advocate for legalizing marijuana, for example. answering critics who say a vote for him is a wasted vote. johnson replies that a wasted
9:54 am
vote is "voting for somebody that you don't believe in." >> i think the two of us represent most of america around the biggest message today is really consider us a is a very, very viable alternative to this two-party system that has become so polarized that they're not able to do anything. meanwhile, in houston, jill stein is expected to become the green party's nominee for president later this afternoon. she was the green party's nominee in 2012 as well. in an ad this week she promises to "end unemployment, halt climate meltdown and make wars for oil obsolete." stein is polling at about 4%, according to the real clear politics average of polls. the green party is hoping to bring in some bernie sanders voters, especially those who are upset by the wikileaks dnc e-mail release last week that suggested that democratic party leaders were trying to tip the scales in the primary in favor of hillary clinton.
9:55 am
elizabeth? >> molly, thank you so much. reporting live. live pictures back to andrews air force base. you can see the first family heading out on their vacation that martha's vin guard. two weeks on the vineyard as we watch the president walk up the stairs of air force one. >> sonny and bo had to get their seats belts on. you look at the president heading up. a pretty relaxed president obama at his press conference a couple of days ago. now he goes off for two weeks. you can bet on the agenda is going to be golf. safe bet the clubs are on board. they normally get to stop for some ice cream here and there. couple of bike rides. some trips to the beach there on martha's vineyard. you always then have the crowds on martha's vineyard seeing the president and dealing with the traffic of his motorcade. the way there, sunglasses, shirt
9:56 am
sleeves, cuffs rolled up. two weeks in martha's vineyard. we'll be right back. how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. in three delicious flavors. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at new polls show him on shaky ground. can donald trump regain his footing with a trip to the granite state? she may have momentum on her side but hillary clinton still has some explaining to do. as far as those e-mails.
10:00 am
we'll explain. what did he see and when did he see it? donald trump changing his tune about that tarmac video. hour two on this summer saturday. beautiful outside. we're glad you're here with us inside. i'm leland visit earto vitt vittert. >> donald trump is holding a rally tonight in new hampshire, one day after announcing he is now supporting the re-election of hometown senator kelly ayotte, as well as john mccain and has endorsed house speaker paul ryan. kristin fisher has more on this. you might call it sort of a fence mending expedition by
10:01 am
donald trump. pretty noteworthy though that he holds this big rally in wisconsin. the republican governor doesn't show up and the guy he is endorsing doesn't show up. any reaction since then from paul ryan to donald trump's now blessing? >> absolutely nothing. zero response so far. and that, leland, says a lot right there. but big picture here, it is pretty remarkable that a republican presidential nominee endorsing a republican speaker of the house is front page news. but this year it is. in fact, just a few days ago the very idea of trump endorsing these three high-profile republicans who had all been very critical of him seemed almost impossible. trump said he wasn't ready to endorse speaker ryan. he said he had never been a big fan of senator john mccain and he called new hampshire senator kelly ayotte weak. but that all changed at the end of a very tough week for trump. he's slipping in the polls and he's facing mountsing pressure to bring the party together. so last night at a rally in ryan's home state of wisconsin trump reversed course, swallowed
10:02 am
his words and endorsed all three. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. paul ryan. i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. for his service to our country, in uniform and in public office, and i fully support and endorse his re-election. >> you can see that during those endorsements, trump clearly appears to be reading from prepared remarks. that's very different from his usual style and very different from how he spoke just a few minutes later when he was talking about clinton.
10:03 am
>> very interesting now that he's trying to make this pivot away from the controversies of last week. we have him endorsing paul ryan. he said he wasn't ready to do that last week. now as he moves, he has this economy speech on monday and the entire republican base is trying to get him back at attacking clinton, rather than these all attractions. >> he's just been using increasingly harsh rhetoric when he does attack her. you may remember earlier this week he called her "the devil." then yesterday he called her an unbalanced, unhinged monster. listen to this. >> in one way, she's a monster. okay? look at what happened. look at her history. in another way, she's a weak person. she's actually not strong enough to be president. so she's got both. but she's not strong enough to be president. she will be a disaster. >> now tonight trump's holding a big rally in new hampshire but
10:04 am
first he's attending two fund-raisers in massachusetts, and one is in nantucket which is just a short ferry ride away from where president obama will be. the first family begins their two-week long summer vacation today in martha's vineyard. something tells me trump will not be coming by to stay by. >> be interesting though to see if kelly ayotte shows up to the rally tonight for donald trump. thanks so much. for hillary clinton today is a day off the campaign trail. the democratic presidential hopeful and running mate tim kaine have no public events scheduled today, but the controversy over her latest explanation about those e-mails is not taking a day off from being front and center on the headlines. brian, she continues to clarify her response and it seems as if it is getting her in trouble time and time again. >> that's right. we're about a year-and-a-half into this controversy and still hillary clinton is still under fire for being confusing and
10:05 am
contradictory in her answers to basic questions about her e-mails. yesterday clinton was asked at the national hispanic and black journalist conference to explain what she meant when she told fox news sunday's chris wallace that fbi director james comey had said she was truthful to the american people when talking about her e-mail server. it is a claim that received forepinocchios from t"the washington post" and a "pants on fire" rating from politifact for blatantly not being true. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short-circuited and, for that, i will try to clarify, because i think chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> so it is true, comey said there was no evidence clinton
10:06 am
lied in her statements to the fbi directly. but director comey did not ever comment on whether he believed she told the truth to the american public as she said in the fox news interview last week. she maintains though that she's been truthful to the public, as you just heard. >> has she stayed -- has she kept her response that she never sent classified material? that hasn't changed. is that right? >> that hasn't changed at all. take a listen to what she said yesterday to this group of journalists. >> in questioning director comey made the point that the three e-mails out of the 30,000 did not have the appropriate markings. and it was therefore reasonable to conclude that anyone, including myself, would have not suspected that they were classified. >> reporter: comey, however, said in his testimony that, while many e-mails were retroactively marked classified
10:07 am
as clinton claims, there were some of the 110 classified e-mails that she sent that were clearly marked classified at the time. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails, either sent or received. is that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on three of the documents. >> reporter: in regards to those three e-mails with the classified markings, comey said there was a chance she wouldn't have been technically savvy enough to see those markings, but at the end of the day, comey said she and her team were extremely careless in handling these e-mails. >> brian, thank you so much. well, the polls have shown it has been both a very rough week for donald trump and a, well, maybe perhaps a little bit better week for hillary clinton. take a look at the latest fox news poll. it has hillary clinton up ten points. 49%-39%. so how does donald trump try and
10:08 am
make up some lost ground? for more on that, ian pryor, communications director for american crossroads. david morrie, from dnc. nice to see you. ian, first to you. is it possible to make up these ten points? or is this sort of the end? >> oh, it is certainly possible. the question is, when is it going to happen? donald trump needs to stop throwing the ball to the other team. we're in august. these things have happened before where he's gone off message or he's been undisciplined and he's been able to recover. let's be honest here, he is not running against a strong candidate. >> ian, you say he's been able to recover. but never before, even in the primaries, has he gone through a time when his poll numbers just plummeted like this. >> again, let's look at the dnc bounce that hillary got. we had ten days which were probably the worst ten days of donald trump's campaign. but once we get into september things could be different. he's going to have to work
10:09 am
harder at staying disciplined. he's going to have to start airing ads. that's one thing he hasn't been doing. we saw a big missed opportunity with hillary clinton coming out and lying to chris wallace. that should have been supplemented with ads from the trump campaign by monday. fact that it wasn't is concerning. but if he can get up there with a paid advertising campaign, he can make up some of this ground. >> we just an youad come out la afternoon from monmouth on this very issue. we've heard reports that clinton's team is sort of perplexed when it comes to the e-mails scandals. "the washington post" is now giving her four pinocchios. why is the clinton not trying to capitalize on this donald trump thing and instead allowing itself to be caught up in these continued lies? >> i think they're going to move past that very, very quickly. they'll need to. the more they talk about e-mails, the worse it gets. unless there is some kind of new news and they have to respond to something.
10:10 am
she's talking about some complicated legal issues that the american people don't understand perhaps. out of 30,000 e-mails -- >> hold on. david, david, it's not that complicated. either she had classified information on her server or she didn't. she told the american people she didn't. the fbi director says she did. she continues to say i didn't. that's not that complicated. >> i disagree that it is not that complicated. it is a pretty complicated issue. one, the fbi director said there was no intent which is why there was no indictment. number two, he said she told the truth to the fbi. number three, he said it was extremely careless. she's agreed with the first two and classified extremely careless and i would never do it again. >> she still hasn't told the truth -- >> let me finish my point. of the 30,000 e-mails, three had very small classified marksinin. she said she didn't see them. >> why are not not hearing
10:11 am
donald trump just hammer away at this issue and say if the fbi director calls you careless, how can you be president? when trump is on the stump we don't hear about these issues. why not. >> well, we should. i think the problem is he is getting distracted with all these other side issues. if i were to advise donald trump i would say you should talk about four things on the trump. the economy, national security, immigration and hillary clinton. and that's it. if you're not talking about those four things you are not winning. those four things are right nor trump and i needs to focus every single bit of his energy on that, not getting in fights with members of house leadership or incumbent senators. >> or gold star families. >> exactly. >> interesting when you look at the deeper dive into these poll numbers, team clinton does a lot of polling. team trump says why should i pay for polling when the media does it for me. honest and trustworthy. noteworthy that only 36% of the american populous trust whoever the next president is going to be, whether clinton or trump.
10:12 am
same number there. two-thirds say they do not think the next president will be honest and trustworth ttrustwor. the next poll -- who has temperament to be the next president of the united states? clinton, yes, she has the temperament. 64%. trump only 37% of americans saying that he has the temperament to be president. interestingly enough, about 37% of americans support him in the latest fox news poll. ian, possible to turn that kind of number around in the next three months? >> i think it is absolutely possible. again, one of the things that's been disappointing is that the convention was viewed as a reset opportunity for donald trump, to go out there and show that he has the temperament, to show that he has the vision. i think that he did an excellent job. i think his speech was very good and it showed his vision. but, unfortunately, this latest controversy distakts frracts fr. he does have the opportunity to go back to convention donald trump, get his message out there, show that he has the
10:13 am
temperament and he can improve that. the bottom line is hillary clinton's trustworthy numbers, are baked in. they're not getting any better. people just do not trust her and her lying has gotten to pat logical levels. >> david, the last word to you in the sense that is team clinton worried that if donald trump does get on message, all of a sudden he does start speaking off of a prompter around go after clinton on the four issues ian talked about, do they feel they are in trouble? >> they should be worried. operating as an insurgent, which is the way you win a campaign, you got to be a little pare reid. both candidates are unelectable in some ways. donald trump has a 63% unfavorable as you said. she has 55% unfavorable, hillary clinton. you have to get relatively better in terms of the unfavorables. donald trump has got to reboot now. you can actually lose an election in august unless he reboots. i agree with what my colleague on the other end of the wire, the tv wire, here.
10:14 am
you've got to reboot. he's got to get the message discipline that newt gingrich talks about. if he talks one more time about the khan family, russia, paul ryan, judge curiel -- i mean 8 2% of the american people are angry. they say wrong track. it is a very wrong election for a natural sort of incumbent in some ways running for a third term of obama to win that election. in some ways it is trump's to lose. >> some folks would say that we'll see a new donald trump on monday. we've heard that before. time will tell. david, ian, appreciate it, guys. thank you. even though we still may be months out from election day, it is safe to say that 2016 is shifting the political landscape fracturing parties along new fault lines and challenging labels such as republican or
10:15 am
democrat. there are pundits who say this year will reshape american politics and parties as we know them. let's bring in hans noelle, professor of government at georgetown university. his most recent book, "political ideologies and political parties in america." he explores the role of both in american politics. hans, thank you so much for joining us today. i want to put it in historical context p context. rise of the outlier, is this something we've never seen before? is this election cycle been a complete anomaly or has it happened in the past? >> parties have always been divided and have always had insiders and outsiders. we've certain seen outsider candidates win before. we've certainly seen unpopular candidates within their own party, with mcgovern and goldwater being two big examples. this is the case of an outsider who's so outside, trump doesn't seem to have a lot of experience with how to be a politician
10:16 am
which is why he is causing a lot of the missteps we've just been talking about. >> one of the things we've been hearing so much is that he was really just riding a wave. it was almost as if it the gop was vulnerable to an outsider. is that a safe statement to make or is this outsider scene we're seeing solely because he is in the race? >> i think the gop was vulnerable to an outsider. i think it was vulnerable in particular because there's been a divide within the republican party that has nothing to do with trump. it is between conservative ideologues or tea party type candidates, ted cruz, then a more establishment, more party regular types, jeb bush. that divide usually the party manages to paper it over and find some candidate that can bridge them. they failed to do that this year so that created an opening. but trump was only able to take advantage of that opening because he was able to tap into a bunch of voters who were already leaning toward the republican party but who felt they didn't have a stand. >> when you talk about papering over. can you give us some historical perspective?
10:17 am
has it been papered over in the past or -- i mean i don't you don't have a crystal ball. but give us a preview of what you think. >> to stay with our current example, a candidate like marco rubio could conceivably have appealed to both factions. yet the party decided they didn't want him as their choice so that failed to happen. you could imagine that the party could find someone who could appeal to both factions. they had to do the same thing in congress about a year ago when john boehner sterpd down and both factions of the republican party weren't sure what to do and they found somebody in ryan to bridge the divide. i'm sure they can find someone who can do that again. >> there's been so much talk on the democratic side that bernie sanders has so much influence, bringing in progressives into this election. they talked about him reshaping the dnc is this true that the left has never been this left before, or is that also something that we've seen in history before, we just need to take the time to look back? had.
10:18 am
>> sure. it is a little tricky because what it means to be left has changed a lot. certainly the democratic party under roosevelt, the democratic party in the 1970s was very left and even on some issues, more left than the democratic party is today. but i think it is true that the democratic party will -- both parties have been moving to more ideological pure places in the last couple of decades. sanders has pushed the democrats a lot. >> what we think of a democrat and of a republican may be completely changing. >> they may be completely changing. i think they are changing sort of in a direction. it is not going to be a complete jarring change. but what the parties stand for in 30 years probably won't be the same thing they stand for now s now. >> wow. i guess buckle up. hans, thank you very much. for political nerds, we like this stuff. for more on 2016, don't miss the fox news sunday exclusive tomorrow morning. check your local listings for
10:19 am
air times. this video coming in to us from a concert in new jersey that was midway through a show there in new jersey. it was a rap concert when the crowd surged. the concert was the snoop dogg/wiz khalifa concert last night. as the crowd surged, the railing gave way. concertgoers then plunged more than six feet to the concrete below. as you might imagine, dozens were injured. some with broken bones. the singers were whisked off stage. then the concert later canceled. >> when we come back, when will it end? california's big sur fire keeps consuming everything in its past. our own will carr is live in santa monica. hi, will. >> reporter: hi there. it is not just california. bad weather is sweeping all across the country. fires, floods, even tornadoes. a complete recap after the
10:20 am
break. floodwaters flood parts of arizona. and getting a status report from the secretary of the air force. what she is saying about the readiness of our troops. >> if things require people, all of these things require training dollars to make sure that we're properly ready to do our jobs. it takes a lot of time and effort. and when you have fewer people and they're simply working harder and harder to keep up, this gives me concerns about the welfare of our people. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them!
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we have a fox news weather alert. a full range of misery in conditions out west. residents dodging wildfires and floods. will carr is in santa monica and has all the latest. hi, will. >> reporter: hey there, elizabeth. bad weather sweeping across the country from california all the way to florida. let's start in arizona where monsoon moisture hit the phoenix area on friday. it flooded streets. we saw thousands of residents lose power and flights were delayed at sky harbor international. to the east, parts of louisiana have been bad storms over the last couple of days. they've had a lot of rain and a small tornado touch down in
10:25 am
nornz new orleans on thursday. >> i look up and saw a whirling debris of trees and shingles. i knew immediately what it was. the second i yelled "tornadoes!" it crumpled that building up. >> reporter: thank youfully, no one was killed. but there is nor bad weather in the gulf region for the next couple of days. mississippi, louisiana, alabama all bracing for storms. northwest part of florida could get up to a foot of rain. back here west in montana, a fire has burned 16 homes in 12 square miles. then there is that wildfire that's been burning in big sur in california. it destroyed 57 homes. it is now 40% contained. we've now learned that the fire was started from an illegal campfire. so disturbing news for many of those residents to have lost everything. here in southern california we've had record breaking heat which has led to terrible air quality, elizabeth. but i can tell you that, from my
10:26 am
firsthand account here, that's not stopping a lot of people from getting out and enjoying their weekend. >> we can see that behind you. will carr reporting live, thank you so much. still ahead, florida aims high in order to kill the mosquitos spreading the zika virus. will it stop the spread of this mysterious disease ? sharing memories on their backs. one little league's tribute to fallen police officers. >> it's all about teaching them the game of baseball but i let these guys know that there's more important things out these days than winning baseball games. teach them life. >> getting through to kids at this age, get to them early. let them know that i'm not just -- police are the good guys. we're out there to protect you.
10:27 am
10:28 am
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10:30 am
this is a fox news alert. local media in belgium reporting
10:31 am
two police are wounded after a machete attack. reports say the attack happened near the police station in char charlesleroi. belgium's prime minister says i strongly condemn the attack in charleroi. the suspect was taken to a local hospital but later died in his gunshot wounds. we'll bring you updates as we get them. with no cure and frightening potential birth defects, fears over the zika virus in america have people changing travel plans and florida officials are now scrambling to kill mosquitos before the virus spreads. in one miami neighborhood there are 16 cases. that neighborhood now declared a hot zone. tonight on fox an exclusive look at how the earliest victims in the u.s. are dealing with what is clearly a mysterious disease.
10:32 am
>> reporter: her little girl made news after being the first baby born in the continental u.s. with microcephaly linked to the zika virus. >> the baby we delivered yesterday was microcefaly. she was probably getten in the fist trimester of pregnancy. >> as you saw, dr. manny alvarez treated the mother of that baby. the baby is well. he joins us now from new york. you saw from the picture it was clear she had severe birth defects. fair so stay this little girl has a rough road ahead of her? >> oh, absolutely. this is a life-long problem. you have a malformation of the brain where you have now severe, severe neurological deficits for
10:33 am
life. this child will need intensive care, monitoring and it is going to an incredible challenging life. there is so much fear about zika and precious little information. how much do we know about the virus itself, but, two, this correlation verse causation of birth deeffects? well, every day we begin to find out new things about the virus. i can tell you that the correlation between getting exposed, being pregnant, getting bitten in the first and second trimester of pregnancy has a very strong link of developing neurologic neurologic neurological conditions like microcephaly. kids are born in south and central america where this is now a problem. we are also finding out that there is indirect evidence that in ults did that have a predistogs when they get exposed to zika, they could
10:34 am
theoretically develop some neurological problems like gillian beret. this is a story that continues to involve. the zika virus is very toxic to the neurological tissue, if you will. there's now also anecdotes that even babies that do not have the anatomical malformation, if they get exposed in etutero -- >> do we know if a mother is bitten by mosquito her baby is going to be affected a long time from now could be affected? >> well, there's causation for sure. however, when you get into vital diseases -- i don't want to get too medically complex here -- it doesn't necessarily follow that there is enough vie value transmission to the unbroorn to cause it harm. causation is there. we are now sure that this zika
10:35 am
virus is the culprit, if you will, of microcephaly in some of these kids. >> as a physician, would you say to any young woman -- certainly a young mother but young women of child bearing age, are we at the point they should be avo avoiding florida, avoiding states that have big mosquito populations right now? >> well, look. if you notice what the cdc has been saying right from the very beginning. the only line that we have right now is prevention. prevention of exposure means if you're pregnant or you are thinking of getting pregnant or if your significant other is in those areas and is coming back, abstain from sex. in other words, prevention is key. don't put yourself at harm's way going to areas that are hot when it comes to zika transmission. that's number one. second face now that we are gating very aggressive on is mosquito control. right now that war is not even barely begun to be won. third phase which is what a lot
10:36 am
of scientists are working on is we need a at the end of the day if you are going to eliminate this problem, the only thing that will work is the vaccine. >> this idea of being able to create genetically modified mosquitos so that when they breed the breed, that ends their ability to pro create. is the spraying we're seeing in miami the way to go? what's the solution here? >> well, listen. i'm sure mosquito experts have a lot of knowledge in how to control the mosquito population. but here's the skinny. the modified -- genetically modified mosquitos is something that's never been tried before. fda looked into it and they say it is okay. there is a lot of criticisms about altering the genetic material of something that is natural like mosquitos. but that seems to be one way to go about it. the spraying has to be pin with
10:37 am
us. with you when -- we just had the news report with all the rain in florida. no matter how much you spray, you have a rainstorm, an inch of rain, all those chemicals go by the wayside. you have to sort of campaign constantly in eradicating the mosquitos. i am waiting to the wintertime when there is cooler temperatures in florida and the panhandle and in the southern part of the united states so that you can catch up, if you will, in ear rad karequire ra e. >> we are working on a vaccine as well is ebola. 18 months ago there was the huge ebola scare. we were all going to die from ebola. everything was crazy about ebola. is this another ebola that's going to turn out to be nothing, or is this real? >> no, this is real. and ebola is real. what happened in the ebola epidemic, ebola is still out there. we're just not seeing it come
10:38 am
out in large numbers anymore. we still don't have an ebola vaccine after hundreds of millions of dollars put into that kind of work. and that's an ongoing problem. it is a matter of time before we may have another ebola out break. however, i think the frick in cheepg things in check. same thing with the zika virus. this is a real, real, real problem, and it is a problem much broader, if you will, because it is such a pandemic. to the southern cone of america, central america and now north america. so this is a much bigger problem. >> bigger problem. an incredibly scary, dev state offing, you might say, effects of it. dr. alvarez, appreciate your insight and analysis today. again the special tonight, don't miss it. hosted by trace gallagher. "fighting zika. after the break we had the chance to go inside the pentagon and sit down with the secretary
10:39 am
of the air force. what and who she says is the greatest threat to the u.s. and how she helps to recruit america's greatest. that's next. the number one thing that we offer in the military is we offer a young man or a young woman the opportunity to come and be part of a team and be part of a mission that is much, much bigger than themselves. much, much bigger than perhaps anything they've ever known in their hometown. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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10:44 am
is president vladimir putin a bigger threat than many realize? we had the opportunity to meet with secretary of air force, b debde deborah lee james. i asked her what is her greatest concern when it comes to national security. >> i think the number one threat is russia. russia is one of the handful of countries that could actually present an existential threat to the united states. of course they have nuclear weapons. they have been acting in very aggressive manners in recent years. and they're also investing and they're testing military capabilities that give us pause, that are very worrisome to the united states and to our allies. i recently was in ukraine. ukraine, of course, is suffering, as we speak, from the illegal annexation of the crimea. and there is also all kinds of cease-fire violations going on in the eastern part of the
10:45 am
country. so people are suffering and they're dying and destruction is happening. and this is happening, in part, because of russian actions. >> secretary, deborah lee james says that's one reason why today is an unprecedented time for the air force, which makes news every day with air strikes on isis strongholds in iraq and syria. this while the air force is at its smallest in history. enrollment peaked in the '50s with more than 900,000 airmen. but now that's dropped to less than 350,000. a decrease of more than 60%. she's reversing that trend with new recruits. >> the air force that i remember in the 1990s was 200,000 people larger than the air force of today. so point number one is our air force is much, much smaller nowadays than it has been in our past. it seems like the whole world has changed in the last few years. we're facing a resurgence, russia and europe and other parts of the world.
10:46 am
we now have a fight against this group called isil that did not exist a few short years ago. we have issues in the south china sea. we have a north korea that's investing in testing and acting in a very belligerent way. i could go on, but the threats are there. and our air force is now globally engaged to deter and to counter many of these threats. >> reporter: globally engaged and on call. there are 97 official air force bases and installations across the globe. 26 outside the united states. with so many missions to enforce, that's led to questions about overstretching human and aircraft resources, including remotely piloted aircraft. >> they're working very, very hard. demands for their services is way, way up. the demands for our manned aircraft pilots and the people who support them is way, way up. our aircraft inventory is the oldest it has been in our history. and that means we need more
10:47 am
maintenance and more maintainers and higher levels of depot work to keep the aircraft flying and flying safely. >> reporter: help could be coming with the impending debut of the f-35 joint strike fighter, one of the pentagon's most expensive and controversial weapons programs ever. right now though, secretary j s james remains focused on what tools her men and women have at their fingertips. her three-decade career has been dedicated to national security in both the private and public sector. as only the second woman to hold the title of air force secretary, she is a huge advocate for women in the military and diligently promotes gender equality. she has this message for young women. >> take a risk. ask an important question. lean forward and be part of the conversation. >> a completely fascinating woman to meet with. the point about the air force being so much smaller than it was just a few decades ago is really important because there is so much pressure on these men and women in uniform right now. it's pretty incredible what they
10:48 am
do. >> no time to sleep, no time to fix the planes. and so the question becomes, what if they are kald upon acall of a sudden, not necessarily to go bomb isis, but if there is a standoff with russia or china. is the military ready. still ahead on the show, the obama administration's $400 million payment to iran sparked reaction from donald trump. but did he stay on message? coming up next. many people clean their dentures
10:49 am
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the controversy over the timing of that u.s. payment of $400 million to iran is bubbling back to the surface. donald trump has reversed claims that he saw a videotape of cash pallets being unloaded from a plane the same day four americans were released from iranian custody. but trump has not backed off his criticism of hillary clinton's role in the iran matter. john roberts followed this report from the campaign trail last night. >> $400 million. same day as the hostage release. and now they say -- now they say it had nothing to do with it, just coincidence. >> reporter: hoping to turn around sagging poll numbers,
10:53 am
trump is hammering clinton and obama administration over the $400 million payment to iran. after insisting he had seen a video of pallets of money being unloaded in iran, trump seemed to walk that back in a tweet this morning saying the video he saw was in the plane he saw in the hostage transfer in geneva. but last night video of what appeared to a pallet of money did emerge from an iranian documentary that aired back in february which suggested the cash was connected to the hostage release. >> now in this exchange the iranians demand the entire $400 million in addition to $1.3 billion in deferred interest. >> reporter: the white house insists there was no quid pro quo, that the money was iran's to begin with and was part of the larger iranian nuclear deal. fair to say we haven't heard the end of that. still ahead, pokemon go makes one man a hero. have you seen people playing this game? i was just in new york. it is all over the place.
10:54 am
find out how a late night trip to catch them saves the day for some 30 friends. >> something good has finally come out of pokemon go. quick question:
10:55 am
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five newborn kittens have pokemon go to thank for a late night rescue. one man playing the wildly popular game -- if there is anyone at home who can explain it to me -- he was playing the game in texas on the hunt for pokemon in a parking lot when he heard and alarm going off at a central texas spca. they found an abandoned box of kittens. they are getting them ready for adoption. >> finally a good thing about pokemon go. well, this actually is all
10:59 am
good. this little league team is taking good sportsmanship to the next level. the south jersey sand sharks have names on the back of their jersey. makes sense. but if you look closely, they are not the names of players. they are the names of fallen police officers. team's coach, 14-year veteran of the local police force, came up with the idea to honor those who gave it all in the line of duty. he says the officers were with them in spirit when -- wait for it -- the sand sharks won their championship game. nice job, guys. winners in more ways than one. you watch the olympics open ceremony. >> i did not. i watch a little bit of donald trump's press conference because i have no life. then you watched a little bit of the opening ceremonies because i have a life. they were awesome. >> those of us who have a life and who missed the opening ceremonies, our crack production team has put together the very best of them. and can't forget this. america, go team usa, first gold
11:00 am
medal goes to one of our athletes. >> 19-year-old virginian won. i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. i also fully support and endorse stoert kelly ayotte of new hampshire. well, it's been a rough and tumble couple of weeks for donald trump against fellow republicans creating a big divide within the gop. but now he is calling for unity and says he will back those who have been his targets at his rallies and on social media for the past several months. big question, will it be enough


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