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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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athletes. >> 19-year-old virginian won. i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. i also fully support and endorse stoert kelly ayotte of new hampshire. well, it's been a rough and tumble couple of weeks for donald trump against fellow republicans creating a big divide within the gop. but now he is calling for unity and says he will back those who have been his targets at his rallies and on social media for the past several months. big question, will it be enough to set his campaign on a course
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that will stay on message in his bid to defeat hillary clinton. we'll take a look at the impact of his tone and his tactics. plus -- >> it was no secret. we were completely open with everybody about it. it's interesting to me how this suddenly became a story again. >> president obama still says the u.s. paid no ransom for those american hostages in iran but the public outcry continues as some members of congress are crying foul saying this deal puts iran in the driver's seat and helps fuel terrorist campaigns around the globe. and this week's arrest of a d.c. metro police officer charged with trying to support isis raises serious questions about the terror group's vision as it looks overseas beyond its strongholds of iraq and syria. all that and much more coming your way. america's election headquarters starts right now. hello, everybody. we begin this hour with the
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latest on the changing dynamics of the trump campaign and his calls for unity after confronting strong divisions within the gop. donald trump now throwing his support behind three high-profile republicans who are up for re-election. house speaker paul ryan, along with senators john mccain and kelly ayotte. trump had been at odds with all three expressing his concerns about whether or not he could back them after weeks of criticism in public and via social media. announcing his support for those fellow republicans in the swing state of wisconsin, firing up the crowd there. and later today he heads to new hampshire where it is expected he will be setting a different tone on the campaign trail. kristin fisher joins us now with more on this change of course from our washington bureau. >> what a difference a few days makes. earlier this week trump said he wasn't ready to endorse house speaker paul ryan. he said he had never been a big fan of john mccain and he called
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new hampshire senator kelly ayotte weak. but last night at a rally in ryan's home state of wisconsin trump reversed course and endorsed all three. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain for his service to our country, in uniform and in public office, and i fully support and endorse his re-election. >> now speaker ryan was not at that rally, but according to one of his aides, ryan "appreciates the gesture and is going to continue to focus on earning the endorsement of the voters in southern wisconsin." as for ryan's endorsement of trump, so far ryan has now wavered, though he did say yesterday, that as with any endorsement, there is never a
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blank check. >> he's had a pretty strange run since the convention. you would think that we'd want to be focusing on hillary clinton and all of her deficiencies. she is such a weak candidate that one would think we'd be on offense against hillary clinton, and it is distressing that that's not what we're talking about these days. >> that's what most republicans want to see. they want to see trump going after clinton, not members of his own party. but even after these endorsements, divisions are still there as governor scott walker said yesterday, we are ryan republicans here in wisconsin, not trump republicans. tonight trump is holding a big rally in new hampshire but first he is attending two fund-raisers in massachusetts, and one is in nantucket, which a just a short ferry ride away from where president obama will be. the first family begins their two-week long summer vacation today in martha's vineyard. let's bring in the co-chair of donald trump's new york campaign, joe borelli. a lot of stuff been happening
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the last 24 hours. a lot people who watched those endorsements, that speech, last night really found this to be a different tone and a different feel for the campaign at this point. how would you characterize it? >> i was very pleased to see it. it is no secret this was somewhat of a tumultuous week for the campaign. but this gave him to change the narrative right before the time most americans will hang up the political hat for a while, watch the olympics, that sort of thing. he was on message speaking about party unity. the way he did it was a way people can relate with. my 80% friend, not my 20% enemy, like ronald reagan said. we want checks and balances in the presidency but we want men of the same party swimming in the same direction. that's what's going to happen from here on out. >> three high-profile republicans have been in his crosshairs for a while. he has been targeting them on social media and at public rallies and was less than enthusiastic about their
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candidacy as well as their background. do you think though these endorsements now are enough to really turn things around given the divide that is within the party at the moment? >> i think they will. i think they definitely will. all three of these endorsees are significant people in their own states which are states that the trump campaign really wants to compete and win in and certainly can compete at the highest level. all of these people have tremendous grassroots support among their supporters in those states. trump has amazing grassroots support in those states as well. it is a matter of getting the two people at the top of it to swim in the same direction and be on the same message. >> give us a sense of what went on behind the scenes. a lot of folks on the outside are looking at this as trump caving in to pressure from party leaders who say you have to change course now because, if you don't, then all bets are off and you could really go in a downhill direction. >> i don't know if it was caving to pressure as much as it
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probably was just realizing the obvious, that you need to be a united republican party in order to compete on a national level, in order to compete for the pre presidency. he spoke about things like reagan democrats. we need to unite the republican party and look to expand that base. this certainly makes it a more path to go down without the top leaders in the party. >> a lot of his base supporters really enjoy seeing trump on the campaign trail as the outsider and not one who's part of the establishment. he has to kind of walk a fine line here in his message going forward in order to bring about unity, at the same time allowing himself to -- trump to be trump. >> true. the idea of trump being trump is something that's worked for him both in politics and on tv and throughout his life. he's just got to remember that the target has to always be a combination of hillary clinton, barack obama, joe biden, tim kaine and basically the democrats in general and not within his own party and not within somewhat of these distractive side shows. >> what's been the reaction here in new york and elsewhere to the
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fact that he actually has gone on record now to go and endorse these guys? >> he had a great fund-raising week. this week there are events in new york he raked in about $1 million. that underscores his real grassroots support throughout ot country. he raised $64 million of $80 million from grassroots small donors, average zone nation of $60. he is filling basketball arenas. when barack obama was doing this eight years ago people were out there saying this is indicative of this grand movement. here with trump we have to realize the exact same thing, small donors, big crowds. >> the message i also thought this was very interesting, this is not about me, this is about the movement. he is shifting the tone to reflect that he is part of something bigger than himself, so to speak. that message, you think that's going to resonate? >> he's directly comparing himself to hillary clinton. her slogan is "i'm with her." because most people in america
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believe she's fundamentally out for herself. i think donald trump is trying to push through the image he's someone who's successful on his own and is doing that for the right reasons. i think that, what he says, underscores that. >> so going forward are we going to see him stay on message? is he going to be speaking through a script message or is he going to be speaking off the cuff? what are your expectations and are you breathing a sigh of relief right now as the chairman here in new york knowing that this has happened and that you're hopefully going to move forward in a positive direction? >> i won't breathe a sigh of relief after somewhat mid-november -- >> in terms of the way the campaign is unfolding and concerns about the divisions happening right now, having people publicly say they cannot support him and that they were really upset with the way he was conducting himself on the campaign trail by berating his fellow republicans. >> we are in a better stage right now. yesterday he released a panel of advisors. big names on there. monday he'll issue a major policy speech, talk about
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lowering taxes for the middle class and corporations. democrats will say you shouldn't do that, hillary clinton wants to raise taxes on the middle class. that's why governor pence is such a great pick because he lowered taxes on both individuals and corporations and created a few hundred thousand jobs in indiana. >> right now the big picture, winning in november. >> the target is winning in november. yes. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. all the best. a number of republican leaders have been urging donald trump to set a different tone in his campaign for weeks now following his nomination saying the focus should remain on defeating hillary clinton. however, there are a few republicans who have announced that nothing can convince them to vote for trump and that they will be voting for mrs. clinton instead. now this is not news that the gop wants to hear. former governor mike huckabee says may shift but it is up to mr. trump to set the core for what matters most -- winning in november. >> it's the hard part for trump. first time he's ever been a candidate. never has he experienced this kind of personal attack that a
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lot of people have had at least the luxury of going through it for many years and kind of getting used to it. i think he has allowed himself the luxury of reacting to every person who's against him. what i'd try to say to him is this -- look at yourself as a boxer. you are in the ring. there is only one person in that ring you've got to punch. it ain't the referee and it's not your corner man. and you sure don't go outside the ring and go up in the stands and start beating up fans. even the ones that heckle you. you got one thing to do and that's punch out that other person. who's your opponent. he's got to stay focused. >> we'll have much more of my interview with governor huckabee a little bit later on in the show. you'll hear more of what he said about the current divisions within the gop and what impact the media is having on the trump campaign right now. shifting gears now. congressional committee announcing this week that it will look into that $400 million payment to iran. the chair of the house oversight committee saying the timing of
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this payment suggests it was tied to the release of four american hostages. president obama insists that it wasn't ransom but part of a settlement of a claim over frozen assets. >> some of you may recall, we announced these payments in january. many months ago. there wasn't a secret. we announced them. to all of you. josh did a briefing on them.n't. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here, and we don't -- we won't in the future. precisely because if we did, then we would start encouraging americans to be targeted. >> joining us now, republican congressman darrel issa of california. welcome, sir. it is great to have you here today. >> thank you for having me on. i think that last moment, last thing said, if we pay ransom, we will encourage the iranians to
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do more of it. since that payment was made, of $400 million, three more hostages have been taken. i think that says a lot about rebuilding the bank for future hostages exchange. >> that's a big concern. because many many critics of this deal are saying that this puts iran in the driver's seat and that it can go forward at any time now and try to negotiate deals like this for the release of hostages in the future and that this was indeed, whether you say it is ransom or not, the optics of this clearly suggest that there was money tied to the release of these hostages. what's your biggest take away from this and what's your biggest fear going forward? >> well, the committee's both foreign affairs and oversight will undoubtedly look for documents and paperwork to figure out whether the quid pro quo on behalf of our government was in place. but i don't think there is any question that we already know that as far as iran was concerned, they were releasing these hostages only in exchange
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for that money. and the fact that one airplane had to touch down with $400 million in cash before the other took off tells you that from a standpoint of the leaders, the ayatollah and others in iran, they got paid to release these few hostages and there were more to come. and just a piece of history. i think it is important that we not be partisan about this. in the '80s, there were more than 25 americans taken at the behest of iran in lebanon. over 100 foreigners. by the time the iran-contra, if you will, scandal occurred, people had seen that in fact there was no question at all, iran was selling the release of these individuals, and then using the cash for corrupt, and if you will, terrorism. and where we are today. the law very clearly says you cannot do what has effectively happened.
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now the question is did they break the law. some may say they didn't. did they circumvent the law in a way in which there is $400 million worth of untraceable notes that can be turned into u.s. dollars, handed to hamas in gaza, handed to hezbollah in the south of lebanon, used to move terrorism or war efforts destabilizing countries around the world, the answer is yes. >> that's a huge concern, particularly the fact that this money can be used to support iran's agenda of supporting terrorist networks across the region. i want our viewers to hear this sound from josh ernest who actually acknowledged that they could never prevent that money from going into their hands. let's listen right to you. >> the president was quite forward leaning in advance of the nuclear deal even being completed and acknowledging that we know that iran supports terrorism. we know that iran supports
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hezbollah and the assad regime. and it certainly is possible that some of the money that iran has is being used for those purposes, too. >> so there is an acknowledgement there that the money can actually be used to support these efforts. what's your reaction to that, the fact that they go in to this deal fully -- you know, knowing that this is definitely a possibility and a probability that these funds are going to be used to support organizations like ha maz and hmas and hezhez? >> what we have to look at as the foreign policy of this administration which obviously hillary clinton helped to create and do we want four more or eight more years of it. or is it time for a change and do we need to send a message at the presidential, at the senate and at the house level that we need to return to supporting our friends, including israel and egypt and jordan, or do we in
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fact continue a policy in which our friends don't trust us, and clearly our enemies don't fear us. >> speaking about israel, obviously you remember, all of us remember, the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, making a big effort to try to show americans and express it publicly before congress about why this deal was not good for america and the rest of the world. the president in his briefing the other day said that israel -- he said that the communities like israel acknowledge this has been a game changer saying, "the country that was most opposed to the deal --" he actually is saying that israel is backing this deal when in fact the prime minister today had to go on record and say, no, mr. president, we still stand firm that we do not support this deal. and yet the president out there saying that israel is backing this deal now. what do you make of that?
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>> well, i number one think it is untrue. and unfortunately, the president should be very careful about saying things about foreign countries when they're adamantly opposed to it. but i think it also begs a question that congress has to deal with when we go back for that three or four weeks in september. we're going to be looking at how much additional funding we're going to need to help our allies, including israel, in that region as a result of these billions of dollars, the entire iran deal, and these $400 million essentially doing a round trip from tehran to terrorists in the region. >> is it your firm believe that the reason that the white house did not put this in to a treaty, to draft a treaty that spelled this deal out, is that basically to do an end run around congress? >> there is no question that this administration has both legally, and sometimes in violation of the law,
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circumvented congress, and particularly the senate, in their role. i don't serve in the senate but i respect the fact that treaties are supposed to go through the senate for confirmation. very clearly they tried to call it not that. what, what is going on between iraq and iran -- i'm sorry, iraq and iran where iran is using money to destabilize, if you will, sunnis in iraq, they're using money to bolster bashar assad who only last week used chemical weapons again in aleppo to kill his own people. all of that is being funded by a policy decision that the president really didn't have the authority to do. we had a lot of laws in place designed to limit iran and -- as long as they were a state sponsor of terror. he circumvented them. that's one of the dangers in continuing that policy. we now have in syria a situation in which we have two enemies. one, the government, which is a
11:20 am
sh sh sh shia allawite side, and -- >> that's the big question. that's the big question. i know that you guys are going to be looking at this very closely and we really appreciate you joining us with your insight. keep us posted, please. >> sure will. thank you for having me on. >> thank you. giving voters a third option. libertarian presidential nominee dp gary johnson moving up in the polls. could he be a viable alternative to hillary clinton and donald trump and make it on the debate stage? that's a question we are looking at. and chaos at a snoop dogg convert. what we are learning about the collapse near the stage that sent fans to the hospital. >> it was like so hard to breathe. i couldn't move. i will t literally thought i was dying. security guards started rushing over and trying to help people.
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at least 40 people injured at a snoop dogg and wiz khalifa
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conveco concert. >> the stage collapsed and everyone was running so fast, like crashing into people. people just fell over. it was crazy. >> scary moments there. that incident sending 20 people to the hospital with injuries. one of them injured critically. the music stopped abruptly after that collapse and remaining performances were canceled. with republicans and democrats fielding two of the most unpopular mom knees in history some voters are taking a closer look at the libertarian party. polls are now showing there is support for nominee gary johnson inching closer to the 15% threshold which would put him on the debate stage right next to hillary clinton and donald trump. now more on this development from washington.
11:26 am
molly? >> if he gets to that debate stage, those are very visible, very high-profile events for the former new mexico governor gary johnson and could possibly have an effect on the voters and election in november. johnson is back at 12%, close to the 15% johnson would need to be included in the presidential debates in the fall. johnson and his running mate, former massachusetts republican governor william weld, say they stand for smaller government, less military intervention around the world and liberal social policies. johnson has long been an so advocate, for example, of legalizing marijuana. critics of third party candidates often say a vote outside the two-party system is a wasted vote. >> a wasted vote is voting for somebody that you don't believe in. if we're going to continue to vote for the lesser of two
11:27 am
evils, that's still evil. >> meanwhile, in houston, jill stein is expected to speak later this afternoon at the left leaning green party's nom nail the nominating convention. we was a nominee in 2012 as well. in an ad out this week, stein promises to end unemployment, halt climate meltdown and make wars for oil obsolete. stein is polling at about 4%. in a four-way race with clinton, trump and johnson. that's according to the real clear politics average of polls. >> very interesting development there, molly. very good to see you. a quick break and back with much more news after this, including some new developments on the release of some gitmo detainees coming up. stay with us. quick question:
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we are back with some of the other headlines making news
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right now. the pentagon is confirming that nearly half of the remaining detainees at guantanamo bay will be transferred to other countries. but as of now, not all of them are going to be sent to prison. and a somber anniversary at today marked 71 years since the atomic bombing of hiroshima which killed 140,000 people and helped end world war ii. thousands of people attending that ceremony in the city's peace park. >> i'm an american before i am a republican. for me personally, i'm not trying to say to other people that you can't support trump. i'm saying for me personally, how can i support that? because he has crossed so many red lines that a commander in chief or candidate for commander in chief should never cross. >> that from illinois republican congressman adam kinzinger. he's one of many republicans choosing to break ranks by not unifying behind the republican
11:33 am
nominee. but governor mike huckabee says for those who make that decision, you're going against the very core principles of the gop. >> if you think hillary clinton would make great supreme court appointments, if you think she would put good people in the epa and osha and department of justice and you honestly would accept that her views would be better than that of donald trump? then you really don't belong with us. you made your decision and -- good. have a nice day. >> though folks who are republican declaring already they're going to vet for hillary clinton, the gop folks out there, does it really matter at this point to hear what they have to say, and does it have an impact on voters you think? >> i think most of them could probably get a table at waffle house and have room for a guest. there's just not going to be a big bunch of true republicans, true conservatives, who will ever find hillary clinton with all of the scandals, with the repeated lies, with the extraordinary shakedown of both corporations and countries for
11:34 am
money for the clinton foundat n foundation. they represent the ultimate level of corruption. anyone can embrace what the clintons have been able to do in and out of government and think that's okay, i don't think we're going to miss them. so i don't think it is a big number. they get a lot of attention. because if you find someone like that, meg whitman, somebody with a little bit of a profile, the mainstream media will blow it up as if this is characteristic. but it isn't characteristic of the rank and file republicans. even office holders. it is just not. >> what do you think of president obama stepping in to this election and even formal news conferences baiting mr. trump and trying to send a strong message of disapproval? do you think that takes this to a level that's beneath the office of the presidency? because in past elections, the etiquette has always been for the sitting president to step
11:35 am
back and not get involved. >> i think it was an unprecedented and unfortunate move for president obama in the presence of a visiting prime minister. he didn't just say, look, i support hillary, think she'd be a better president. think some of trump's views are less than worthy. but to say that he was unfit for the office. that was a bridge too far. because if you want to talk about somebody who's unfit for the office, you could easily have said that about barack obama with zero executive experience going in. never having accomplished anything as a united states senator. and having the thinnest resume in the history of the united states as a presidential candidate. it just seemed a little bit surreal that he was using that kind of forum to say the sorts of things that he was saying. do i expect president obama to be for hillary as opposed to trump? of course. >> sure. >> will he go out there and make
11:36 am
speeches and campaign? of course he will. and that's perfectly legitimate. but to say what he said, where he said it and the manner in which he said it, it was out there. >> the media pile-on has been really quite amazing to watch. so early in the game at this point. and the fact that you see so many reporters out there actually also playing into this baiting of trump. it reminds me a little bit of what happened to sarah palin in terms of the way that they have been treating this campaign. what do you have to say about the pile-on? >> it's been just stunning to see what the reversal has been. because the media loved donald trump. he was driving ratings on television. he was getting extraordinary coverage in every forum, whether it was online or in print, radio, television. then he actually got the nomination. and now people are saying, oh, boy, this is coming down to it. every day of my political life
11:37 am
i'd look in the mirror and always remind myself -- i say this to my staff every day -- the media is not my friend. the media is not a friend. nobody is going to get their story on page one and win a pulitzer by saying, donald trump is a really, really nice guy and has some terrific ideas. they're going to win the pulitzer and they're going to be on page one with a copyrighted article by taking somebody out. >> but trump has to know that going in. he's already publicly said it many times how he doesn't trust the media, how he feels the media is against him. knowing that going in, it seems off message, it seems a bit odd to see him giving them a lot of ammunition to work it. >> it is the hard part for trump. first time he's ever been a candidate. never has he ever experienced this kind of personal attack that a the lo of people have had at least the luxury of going through it for many years and kind of getting used to it. i think he has allowed himself
11:38 am
the luxury of reacting to every person who's against him. what i try to say to him is this. look at yourself as a boxer. you're in the ring. there's only one person in that ring you've got to punch. it ain't the referee and it's not your corner man. and you sure don't go outside the ring and go up in the stands and start beating up fans. even the ones that heckle you. you got one thing to do, and that's punch out one person -- your opponent. he's got it stay focused. quit reading blogs. don't watch these commentaries on television where people are all over him. leave it alone. there is really no future in that. >> quickly in the final second we have, do you believe that that message is getting there you? one of the things he has to do, he has to walk a tight rope, because part of what has engaged so many people about his candidacy is that he has been different, that he's not your seasoned politician and that he has a big base out there that loves trump being trump. >> well, i think he has to continue to be who he is.
11:39 am
but the reason he is where he is is because he ha is fought for the people who have lost their wages, lost their jobs, theirs -- lost their homes in fork. when he fights for the people, he wins. when he fights for his own slice, he loses ground. that's what he has to focus upon. >> our thanks to governor huckabee for his insights. coming up, a washington, d.c. police officer under arrest for possible ties to isis. up next, the terror group expanding its reach overseas. but first, here's president obama on defeating the enemy. >> in other words, isil turns out not to be invincible. they are in fact inevitably going to be defeated. we do recognize at the same time that the situation is complex.
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we are back with new developments in the battle against isis. u.s. authorities making two arrests this week related to that terror network, including a d.c. transit officer accused of trying to provide them with material support. this as the latest issue of the islamic state's propaganda magazine called on western supporters to carry out more attacks against christians. joining us now, president of the american islamic forum for islamcy and co-founder of the muslim reform movement. also author of "battle for the soul of islam." welcome, great to see you. there has been so much that vs been developing. this arrest this week of the d.c. transit officer raising big concerns about the fact that isis and its recruitment tactics are now going to another level. >> oh, really.
11:45 am
absolutely. i think the important thing is that i haven't heard the term "lone wolf" being used. i think we are starting to get educated to the fact we aren't just countering violent extremism but violent islamism. we finally got him as he finally violated the law in which he tried to transmit money to an undercover fbi agent. we found he had connections to zachary chester, part of the muslim revolution, that was arrested earlier. also the north carolina arrest connected to alton simpson. at least in the united states we are following up on many of these connections. as opposed to europe, they follow up but many of the acts in nice and elsewhere had been folks on the radar of security apparatuses but yet had not committed acts that brought them under arrest. so the lone wolf theory has to do. secondly, precursor ideologies of islam, supremacism of the
11:46 am
sharia state has to be changed. >> it is really very mosstive we have been able to follow up on connecting the dots in this country with individuals who are aligned and in the process of make being in-roads with isis. fbi director jim comey has said on a number of occasions that we cannot be 24/7 in all 50 states monitoring the situation because the agency just doesn't have the resources. at the same time though, he pointed out to a big concern for the fbi and other law enforcement agencies in the fact that right now with isis losing ground with territory in iraq, that this is now changing the dynamics so that that group is focused and targeting western
11:47 am
interests and recruitment in europe and the u.s. to go forward with its mission. >> absolutely. the key is that we're fighting something that's an inspiration of an islamic state. they're attracting any jihadi that wants to die for this islamo nationalism, islamo pay the -- patriotism. it has to be a public/private partnership of muslims that gret it that are reformers and, by the way, we can't defeat this unless we also completely decimate isis in iraq and syria. . unfortunately, by handing iraq to iran, by handing syria to assad and iranians, we have allowed them to lose iraqi sovereignty between this sort of battle between sunni and shia
11:48 am
which has allowed isis to sort of engage the sunni islamism versus the shia islamism. and without a strategy to empower iraqi nationalism and syrian nationalism in that revolution against both assad and isis, this disease, this cancer, will continue to spread and spill over into europe as long as we can even dream of. >> really quickly, i want to point out in fact that there is -- we've been talking over time about the fact that the social media component of all of this and the slick methods that isis has in terms of its production and what it does on the internet to try to recruit individuals, its latest magazine, online magazine, now is focused on getting recruits to target christians, and it is also referencing recent attacks that have happened here in the u.s. so it is reallynd it is really going after an
11:49 am
audience that is set to go after western interests in a very big way here. >> if you look at the material they're putting out, it's not simply a cult. it's not simply a wacky, evil movement. this is a movement that is tapping into sort of the islamic theo krat theocratic supremacy. they are targeting the image of the cross. they are using militarily christians as shields against the bombing operations that we're trying to do in iraq or syria. but at the end of the day, they want to divide the world into the land of islam and the land of war, as they would call it in arabic. and we have to engage a counter narrative, not only that the violence is bad, but a counter thattivetive that we muslims want to reject the islamic state and all islamic states. we don't want a caliphate. until america, just as we did in the cold war, starts to really push social media at every level that it is the -- we should have the mantra, it is the
11:50 am
self-jihadism that we want to defeat. many organizations have been trying to do that. but even the pope in week said, well, it is not islam. he compared it to violence isla. he compared it to violence in rome. those moral equivalencys don't help. we have to take sides within the house of islam. we need every leader, faith leader to join us in this battle. >> you are on the forefront of this. you are making a big difference in significant ways. we appreciate it. thank you so much for joining us once again from any time, thank you for having me. we have breaking news out of belgium, who female officers attacked and killed by a man carrying a machete, reports are he shouted al akbar, in the southwest region of that country. this is brand-new video coming into our newsroom right now as you can see there. we will keep you posted on any new developments. we will take a break, come back, right after this. that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief.
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>> now to this developing story, with thousands of firefighters making progress and it containing a massive wildfire in california, it has already
11:55 am
destroyed more than 50 homes. the big surfire has been burning for two weeks. firefighters hoping mother nature will cooperate as they try to beat back those flames. joining us now with more on this situation on the ground there. will. >> hey there, we will start with the good news for the fire burning near big sur. fire crews are getting helped by mild weather. 5500 firefighters on the ground there. the temperatures are low, certainly helping them the fire also now 40% contained, but it's burned 57 homes and we found out that the cause of the fire was an illegal camp fire, which is easy to believe when you realize that a large swath of california is still in extreme drought. now, in montana, 16 homes are burned. 12 square miles are charred. fire crews are getting help as well. in arizona, money flooded
11:56 am
streets in i think so, flights had to be delayed at sky harbor, international. looking east in louisiana. there were past storms. we seen a lot of rain and a small tornado that touched down on thursday. they are forecasting bad storms headed into the week in the fwuchl coast region, also a slight chance for a potential storm to pop up. back here in southern california, it is a beautiful day, but we've also had record-settling heat recently that led to terrible air quality. something for people to keep in mind. >> that's it for us here in studio j. thank you, everybody, see you next time. with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs
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>> withle come to the journal editorial report. the obama administration is denying accusations that a $400 million payment to iran constituted ransom, after the "wall street journal" reported they secretly arranged delivery of the cash to tehran on the same day that four american hostages were released. the white house says the money represented the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement reached with iran over a failed arms deal. on the campaign trail, hillary clinton downplayed the controversy. >> the whiteou


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