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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 6, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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not fail to notice the bad economic policies that produced literally this mess. >> thank you. >> be sure to tweet it to us. at jdr on fnc. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. after weeks, donald trump finally endorses some top republicans for re-election, including paul ryan and john mccain and kelly ayotte. was this enough to unify the gop? welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. the road to november not so smooth for the democrats either. hillary clinton faced more questions about her e-mails. donald trump wasting no time in capitalizing on the issue.
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>> we have team coverage today. donald trump will be holding a rally tonight in new hampshire. what's going on? >> a trump insider e-mailed me this afternoon to say they think trump has righted the ship after what the campaign now admits was a bumpy first half of the week. something we noticed at trump's most recent rallies here in new england and the midwest. he's really sticking to the script right now that includes when he's extending an olive branch to the gop. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse speaker of the house paul ryan. he's a good man, and he's a good guy. and we may disagree on a couple of things, but mostly we agree,
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and we're going to get it done, and we're going to do a lot of wonderful things. >> trump also endorsed john mccain in his primary, just days after he said he didn't think the 2008 presidential nominee had done enough for veterans in his career. and kelly ayotte, after he said he didn't think the senator had done enough to support him. now he's directing all his comments toward the democrats. trump writes "crooked hillary said loudly and for the world to see that she short circuited when answering a question on her e-mails. very dangerous." anybody who's mind short circuits is not fit to be our president. look up the word brainwashed. the clinton campaign tells me they're really looking forward -- or rather the trump campaign tells me they're
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looking forward to an economic policy speech. the focus is going to be on tax reform, regulation reform, trade reform and energy policy reform, but before they get there, trump is coming here to new hampshire. he's been back for a few small events recently. you can see behind me there are some folks lining up on a very hot day here in wyndham. >> thanks, peter. >> hillary clinton trying to clear up some statements. mrs. clinton answers questions about black and hispanic journalists at an event in d.c. james comby backed her on being
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truthful about her e-mail controversy. hi, brian. >> good afternoon, you know, you'll remember during sunday's exclusive interview, hillary clinton told fox news sunday's chris wallace. she had told the public inconsistent and truthful explanation about her private e-mail server all along, and saying fbi director jim comy said so. he never publicly vouched she had told the truth to the american people. the fbi did say she never directly lied to the fbi yesterday she tried to collar if i. >> director comey had said my answers were truthful. that's really the bottom line here, what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. i may have short circuited and for that, i will try to clarify
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i think chris wallace and i were talking past each other. >> 113 classified e-mails in her private server. many more e-mails were later declassified. clinton reiterated she never knowingly sent classified e-mails and gave her explanation. >> and in questioning, director comey made the point that the three e-mails out of the 30,000 did not have the appropriate markings. and it was therefore reasonable to conclude that anyone, including myself, would have not suspected they were classified. >> back in july, comey testified those three e-mails were not marked properly, still, she and her team should have known better and were extremely careless. bottom line is, for months, clinton maintains she never sent classified materials.
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the exchanges like this from july only add to the confusion and contradiction of this whole issue. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mail. >> according to the latest fox news poll. clinton leads trump by 10 points. 61% of the public believe she's not honest and trustworthy. on that she acknowledged she has work to do. >> thanks so much. >> you know, donald trump taking a different tone last night. trump refusing to publicly support ryan or senator john mccain earlier this week, leading to pressure from gop leaders. some are wondering now, if trump is working toward party unity after a controversial few weeks for his campaign. joining me now is jessicaer
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lick. the former adviser and spokesperson to former florida governor jeb bush. thanks for being here. >> let's start with what we saw last night. 40u67 do you think it matters that trump's endorsements are coming at this stage in the game it seemed a little insincere? >> the important thing is he's made the endorsements. it shuts down the discussion of when will he endorse, will he endorse. the disunity between the gop establishment and donald trump. he made the right decision about making those statements today. he can focus his fire on hillary clinton and tell the american people what he wants to do, and not have the news be dominated by whether he's going to endorse paul ryan and john mccain. >> what's your take on trump's
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turnaround this week, trying to right a ship after what many are calling a tough week zm. >> i have a very different perspective on it, i think what trump was doing was really -- nose were. i think with the endorsements, it's him being trump and asserting his authority. what was said about him is what paul ryan said. he's really showing that he's the leader of this new gop. it's not the same paul ryan is not there, he's sort of flexing his muscles and showing everyone how it's going to be going-forward. i think that's a little hard for some people. i don't think it was a weakness on his part. >> justin, when you see that this discord that's been going on who's backing who. politics is a team support.
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you think trump will be able to embrace the idea long enough to make it to november? >> i think he will. >> i think again those endorsements that he made especially after some of the things he said about john mccain and paul ryan to me shows that he realizes that winning an election and politics is the art of addition and not subtraction. i think he's more focused than he's ever been on winning the general election. he realizes he needs a unified party, and if that means he has to endorse some people, and he said not nice things about in the past. he was willing to do it. i'm going to be watching going-forward to see whether he continues his embrace of the gop establishment, uses those words in unity to unify the party and focus the firepower on hillary clinton. >> jessica, i want to talk about hillary clinton just a moment. she had that bump in the road yesterday when she called discrepancies in her e-mail
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scandal a short circuit moment. >> what do you think? >> absolutely. i think it's one more in the series. we said a year and a half ago, we thought this e-mail issue was going to continue and dog her through the campaign. and it has. as long as it gets brought up, it's always going to be this gray area. what's interesting, voters are still leading in the polls, she's still ahead, even though people know all about this issue, nothing new is coming out. we went through the whole thing. what's left? she talks about it so often, it's bound to happen. voters are not affected by it. voters that don't believe she's trustworthy, still don't believe she's trustworthy. >> there are numerous reports that he's been ignoring the pleas of his advisers the gold star family, all of that. >> at this point, who do you
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think he should be talking to. who should be getting in his ear right now. >> he should be talking to republican leadership in washington and outside washington. reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc has invested a lot in getting ready for this election cycle. he should be talking to people of the party, and also, outside of washington, donald trump's got his finger on the pulse of what's going on in the rest of the country. he needs to open up his group of advisers and listen to them. one point i want to make on hillary clinton. 60% of the people don't believe she's trustworthy. this is going to continue to dog her, that she put american security at risk by using that private e-mail server, that issue is not going away. >> jessica, one last for you. trump continues to embrace the gop. and only time will tell, right? that redirection could be bad news for clinton. >> we're going to see trump do
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that, he's saying he wants the gop to be a big 10. it's not run by ryan or reince. it's run by donald. that's what we've seen him showing. he's not -- the opposite of what justen said, he's not going to change course. he's the big dog, he's the guy in charge now. and the big ten has him at the top. that's what trump says he's going to do. there's a lot of calls out there, unbelievably to have what they call for ryan, i mean, he's supposedly in the lead right now, but certainly, he's looking at a tough re-election bid, when you go online, look at what people are saying, and voters across the country. get ready to have him out as well. >> jessica, justin, it's going to be interesting moving forward, thanks for being here. >> appreciate it. >> kelly? >> fox news alert, belgium officials say a machete attack on two female officers may be an account of terrorism.
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an unidentified man attacked the officers outside a police station in the city. in the southwest part of the country. both victims are expected to be okay. a third officer at the scene shot the attacker. belgium has been on high alert in martha killed 32 people in brussels. isis claiming responsibility for that attack. >> japan marking the atomic bombing of hiroshima, 71 years ago today, what the country's leaders are doing to remember the event and honor those who died. >> a final farewell to a fallen hero. thousands of police officers from around the country attending the funeral for a san diego police officer killed in the line of duty. isis captures thousands of villagers trying to escape from the violence in iraq. the terror group is on the run. so is our strategy working?
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the pentagon confirming nearly half of the remaining detainees at guantanamo will be transferred to other countries. not all of them will be sent to prison. thousands of law enforcem t enforcemeenforcement attended a funeral. today marked 71 years since the owe tommic bombing of hiroshima. thousands of people attended the ceremony in the city's peace park. no target is off limits for isis as it carries out new atroci atrocities. the terror group captured up to 3,000 iraqi villagers and executed at least 12 of them. this is horrific news.
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president obama said we're on the right path in defeating ice ice. >> i'm pleased with the progress we've made on the ground in iraq and syria. we're far from freeing mosul, when it comes to conventional fights, isil can be beaten with partners on the ground so long as they have the support from coalition forces that we've been providing. >> joining us now is general jack keane. thanks for joining us to shed some light on what should be done about isis. i was listening to the president and i noted that he said conventional warfare. yet when you're in the war against isis or any terror group for that matter, would it not be better defined as being asymmetrical. you don't know how the enemy is
1:20 pm
going to come at you and where they will go? >> well, he's just trying to separate the conventional war that's taking place in iraq and syria, to take back lost territory from terrorist attacks. the issue is that the president, we'll he's right. there has been progress, we've taken back some territory in iraq. what's been wrong about the strategy from the beginning is that the main efforts should have been syria right from the get go, because that is where isis' safe haven is. it's from there they do everything we've been talking about for two plus years. it's there they've expanded from 12 afill dwrats in 9 counts, to 30 affiliates in 24 countries. that is significant on their part. this is an organization that is not diminished in its scope and scale that still is a dangerous organization. it's conducted over 100 attacks
1:21 pm
outside of iraq and syria, and 12 of those are against five nato nations to include the united states. so this -- the organization has significant capabilities. if we had destroyed the safe haven, right from the outset, it's doubtful they ever would have received the following they had. the organization would have been destroyed. >> obviously an opportunity missed there, what has to be done now to right this ship so the united states and its allies can move forward in bringing isis to its knees but taking them off the battlefield, the menacing role they've played against so many innocent people. >>. >> the president's not going to change his strategy. and its incrementsalism to a fault in my judgment. minimal amount of resources applied, and he still takes --
1:22 pm
we're a long way from taking mosul back. 20,000 fighters lightly armed. these are not 10 foot tall battles. what's going to happen? this will be on the desk of the next president to decide. >> i'm not trying to cut you off, it should not take that long to deal with this enemy, per efficiency as they are, evil as they are, it should not take that long for the united states with this military strength and allies to go in and take isis out? >> that was my point. i said we should have done it last year. the resources to do it. you guys lead it, and we have to participate with some forces. they would represent most of the forces we would have pulled out of there, and left the sunni arabs in, to help stabilize the
1:23 pm
country and make certain that isis did not return as i said, this president's not going to do that. >> why do you think that is? >> i think he believes that there's torch risk associated with committing to a ground war in the middle east. he came in opposed to the war in iraq, and i can understand that that's arguable. he's opposed to what's taking place in afghanistan. and he has been paralyzed by the fear, in my judgment, and that has driven u.s. policy in the middle east to a fault. that is why our adversaries have gained in the middle east. it's contributed to the middle east being so tumultuous, and the disengagement policy he's had has been a failure for the united states. >> thank you for your perspective and we'll have to leave it there. a lot of people will be watching this, the next president of the united states it appears will have to deal with it.
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thank you. >> you're welcome. growing concerns about zeek ka as new cases are being reported. find out why one company says it may have the key to stopping the outbreak. plus, legends of rock using their fortune and fame for a good cause. how the members of kiss are making a difference in the lives of impoverished families. i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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yopantene expert gives you thee? most beautiful hair ever, with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful. with the number of zika cases in north miami growing to 16 now, an idea to fight the virus with genetically modified mosquitos is one step closer to reality. a british company wants to
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release 3 million of the franken skeeters into the florida keys. and now the fda has granted final approval for this field test. the idea is that the modified mosquitos would pass on genetic traits to their offspring. dr. jen codle is a family physician. thank goodness you are here to break this all down, there's a lot to get to, there are a lot of concerns, it's summer, it's hot, it's muggy. florida has this situation going on right now. what does that mean? >> this for me is a game changer. >> local transmission is what we've been trying to gear ourselves up for and prevent from happening all along. the differences, people who have contracted the virus from traveling to somewhere else, they pick it up, they come back
1:30 pm
to this country. local transmission is different. what it means is, people have been bitten by an infected mosquito right here on our soil. that's what local transmission is. it opens up the possibility for more transmission to happen. because we have these potentially infected mosquitos right here. >> that's what we're worried about. >> you have local transmission. it's not to make everyone afraid and fearful. what we don't want to happen is for this to spread like wildfire. >> florida's small case cluster is not considered widespread transmission? >> right. >> what about the muggy areas like texas and down south. >> this is the thing, we don't want it to spread to those areas, remember, even though this is not widespread transmissi transmission. the cdc came out and said, pregnant women should not travel to this area in florida. that's a big deal, because when
1:31 pm
it says -- it is happening, we do need to be vigilant. that's why preventative measures not only for people in florida, but for the rest of the country, this is where this comes into play. it's game time. >> what do you do if you're in florida? >> we know how cautious you need to be if you are pregnant. for women who want to become pregnant. you still have to be careful, really careful right now. >> you do have to be careful. i'm glad you mentioned that category of women. may not be pregnant now. but are thinking about it. you have got to talk to your doctor about all the variables involved. we know that zika is transmitted by the bite of an inning infected mosquito. from a mother to her unborn fetus. it can be transmitted sexually. a lot of people say, you know, zika, isn't it only a problem for pregnant women? no, it's not just a problem for them. it's the biggest problem for them. many can transmit it to their
1:32 pm
female partners. that's why the cdc has a lot of guidelines on their website about if you're a man or a woman, and a partner who's pregnant, when you should be using barrier contraception. has all of that data. it's important, and pay close attention is really what i want people to know. >> a lot of people don't know. not everyone knows about zika. you hear these warnings, am i picturing people going down to florida wearing long sleeved shirts and hats? >> yeah. >> it sounds like it's going to be difficult to do. is there anything else? >> yes. >> you mentioned long sleeves and hats. long sleeves, long pants will prevent or help protect against mosquito bites. we want to make sure we're using an fda approve ed approved mosq
1:33 pm
repellant. one of the biggest things, and the florida department of health is talking about this, for those down in florida, get rid of those standing pools of water, toys, pales, saucers for flower pots, vases, wash them out, turn them over, throw them out. don't let them sit. mosquitos like to lay eggs around water. >> do you get a lot of calls? >> yes, i do. i just got an e-mail on facebook from a good friend of mine. a couple weeks ago, another girlfriend said, i'm going to a bachelor party in mexico, what do we need to be worried about. i get these calls every day, the best thing i can say, if you go to, it explains what you need to do for your particular situation. >> it's eye time for us to be aware. >> thank you. be sure to tune in tonight for an indepth look at the fight against the zika virus. and whether the u.s. is on the verge of a pandemic.
1:34 pm
>> it's like emotional feelings, i have to be strong at this time. they're telling me, we'll have to wait until she's born to really know what's going on with her. >> this expectant mother spoke exclusively to the fox news channel minutes beforive gooding birth earlier this year, she allowed our cameras to capture the first few moments of her newborn baby's life. she's the first baby born in the continental u.s. linked to the zika virus. >> waiting on god to know what will happen. >> she's from honduras and was visiting relatives in the u.s. >> the baby we delivered yesterday, she probably was bitten in the first trimester of pregnancy, and she never thought a mosquito bite is going to lead to the child being affected.
1:35 pm
>> it's so harmless, right? it doesn't really know. i do not know. i cannot tell you if it was me or my husband. i don't know. >> a very important special, fox news reporting zika anchored by trace gal zbelagher at 8:00 ton. hillary clinton acknowledging she may have short circuited in her remarks right here on fox last weekend about the fbi investigation into her e-mail practices. she's been under fire since telling chris wallace on fox news sunday that james comey had called her statements truthful, even though he contradicted some of them. the democratic nominee trying to collar phi all this yesterday at a convention of black and hispanic journalists. >> what i told the fbi, which he
1:36 pm
said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. i may have short circuited. for that i will try to clarify. >> joining me now, judith miller adjunct fellow, pulitzer prize winning author and journalist. judy, good to see you this afternoon. >> nice to see you. >> what do you make of what hillary clinton is going through? it seems out of her own mouth she continues to short circuit and perhaps put in circuit breakers on her campaign? >> right, i mean, it -- this misleading of the public, this misleading statement after statement about the statements she made to the fbi is a bit of a mystery, on one hand politifact has rated her the most honest of the candidates when it comes to being honest and truth telling in terms of her own policies and what she
1:37 pm
says. they give her a 75% rating, that is to say, 75% of the statements were either true or mostly true. donald trump on the other hand is the least honest, he's a pants on fire liar, and yet she cannot be honest about the e-mails and what happened. so it's really kind of a conundrum. she's exhibiting if i can say this, almost a kind of trump like unwillingness to confront facts that she doesn't like to acknowledge. >> would it hurt her to come out and say i'm sorry that this happened? i know she said i made a mistake, sometimes there are people that like that word, i'm sorry. i messed up, i'm not going to do this again. >> what's interesting is that she has said that about the e-mails themselves. you know, the setting up the private server. but she still says she didn't mislead anybody. and that she didn't handle
1:38 pm
classified information which she clearly did. and the other thing that's amazing is, that james comey of the fbi would not say specifically whether or not she had misled the american people. and, yes, you're right, saying i'm sorry not just about the private server but about the 3 or 30 or 100 or depending on whose figures you're using that did not have classified markings on them at the time, but were classified, saying i'm sorry about that would do a lot to clear the air, and yet she doesn't do it. she just digs herself further in each time. >> she has an uphill battle, 61% find her untrustworthy. she knows that, she acknowledged it at the national association of black journalists on friday. she acknowledged that. i have a lot of hard work to do to earn the trust of the american people. and then she continued to reach out across all party lines, even
1:39 pm
reaching out to republicans, to every ethnicity saying, we all need to unify. but people find it hard to get behind that, when she has not gained their trust. what does she have to do to do that? >> i think she has to stop saying things that are not true. she was very lucky this time, kelly. because frankly all press attention was on donald trump and what must have been the worst week in american politics for a presidential contender which was the fight with the gold star family. statement after statement. you see a reversal, trump is beginning to change course. he's endorsed paul ryan, done things that are beginning to look like he's serious about running. but hillary will now be faced with a much more attentive press to the things that she's saying. >> judith miller, good to see you my friend, have a good
1:40 pm
afternoon. >> nice to see you. thank you. a dangerous collapse bringing a concert to a sudden and very scary halt. the accident that injured dozens of people at a new jersey hip-hop show last night. and a great big kiss for those in need. how one of the world's most recognizable rock bands in the world is helping children around the world break the vicious cycle of poverty.
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allstate offers a't imagine genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. at least 42 people hurt at a snoop dogg and wiz khalifa concert in new jersey. a partition separating fans from the stage collapsing, sending the victims crashing on to concrete.
1:45 pm
>> i was behind the people standing near the railing. and the artists came up from the stage and everyone started running toward him as fans would do. and then everyone was running so fast, crashing into people. and the railing fell and everyone fell over. it was crazy. >> 20 people hospitalized, the music stopped abruptly after the collapse and the remaining performances had to be cancelled. >> there are kings of rock and they've sealed it with a kiss. not to mention 30 gold albums. the most of any american band. without a doubt, kiss is one of music's most famous and successful acts. in today's beyond the dream, we take a closer look at what you may not know about kiss, the heart and soul of a band that uses its money and fame to help millions of mothers and children
1:46 pm
break free from poverty. >> the band that millions of fans adore in minneapolis. performing on a very special night for a very special cause. muffy mcmillan opened her home to invite 1,000 fans to join kiss to rock the world for change. >> i want to rock the world by having change that will help millions of lives all over the world. and have lives, mothers, daughters, children, babies, and have people have dignity, have self-respect. >> before the show, i sat down to talk to the band about their mission to help end poverty. >> charity really isn't an option, it's an obligation of all of ours. you can help children for the future or veterans who make the future possible. >> i'm a big supporter of good causes and especially children.
1:47 pm
like opportunity international. i'm personally into -- >> to sow the seeds for the future, knowing you've done your part. jean simmons and paul stanley created the legendary banned in 1973, they were justine agers then, but they had big dreams, they burst on the scene with a sound and style all their own. face paint. elaborate costumes and mind-boggling theatrics on stage that dazzled their fans. behind the mask were men who cared deeply about helping others. simmens said he learned much of that from his mother. >> i was born in israel six months after the country was born. my mother had just a horrific childhood, she was 14 when she was in the concentration camps of nazi germany. it's interesting in the days when my mother was making $37.50
1:48 pm
a week in brooklyn in new york, she worked in a sweat factory. and there was always somebody on the corner beg egg. she would always reach in and give. we had nothing. >> on this special night, kiss helped raise more than a million dollars to help two charities. matter and opportunity international. >> opportunity international is an organization where in 34 countries we focus on -- we've served 14 million women this past year, there's a real focus around them, because they're a good investment. we also are very focused on job creation, we know that is clearly a way out of poverty. we have a goal of 20 million jobs, by 2020. >> that's what mattered to us, we take the best that minnesota has to offer in health care, we send it around the world and in food with great companies like
1:49 pm
targil and others. >> both charities are grateful to kiss. the band that rocks the change to world. helping others to live the dream. >> both paul and i have children. and we're blessed because they don't go to bed hungry. we're going to save some moms and kids in africa. mothers are the only hope for this planet. >> thank you, god bless you all. good night. >> thank you, kiss. >> by the way, the ceo of opportunity international says, there are close to a billion people who live on less than $1.80 a day. and most of those people don't have access to any kind of banking that will help them launch sustainable livelihoods. thanks to the generous support of groups like kiss, opportunity international and others continue to make a difference of the lives of so many people in need. to all of them, that's living beyond the dream. love those guys. >> very cool, kelly, that you
1:50 pm
got all four band members. a massive fire burning near big sur. is there any relief in sight for the states out west? looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day.
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this continues to be a big story, firefighters in california battling to contain a magnificen massive wildfire. this one has been raging for about two weeks. will carr is live for us in los angeles. will, what's happening? >> reporter: let's start with the good news with that fire. firefighters are encountering favorable weather conditions throughout this weekend. that's a good sign. we've learned that the fire is now 40% contained. the bad news is that fire's burned 57 homes and we've learned what started that fire. evidently an illegal camp fire which isn't hard to understand when you learn that there are
1:55 pm
still large pieces of california that are still in drought and there's a fire in montana that's burned 16 homes and firefighters on the ground are encountering low temperatures this weekend. in arizona monsoon moisture hit phoenix. thousands were without power and there were delays at the airport. louisiana has seen a lot of rain and a small tornado town down in new orleans on thursday. >> i saw debris and shingles and i know what it was and the second i yelled tornado it crumb believed that building up. >> reporter: thankfully no one was hurt in that tornado atds there is bad weather in the forecast for the gulf region. here in california it's a beautiful afternoon but we've had record setting heat across
1:56 pm
the region which has led to terrible air quality so something for everybody enjoying their saturday afternoon to keep in mind. >> it looks good where you are. stay safe out there. that will do it for us. a brand new hour of inside america's election headquarters is on the way. >> good to see you. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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after a tense couple of days, donald trump finally throwing his support behind his party's top elected official, house speaker paul ryan. trump spending his saturday in new england holding several fundraisers in massachusetts before heading tonight to new hampshire, home state of a senator up for election this year. trump endorsing ayotte and mccain. he had withheld his support for all three but did an about face after a rocky week where his campaign took big hits in the polls. hello nebraseveryone. >> the endorsements are seen as


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