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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 6, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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after a tense couple of days, donald trump finally throwing his support behind his party's top elected official, house speaker paul ryan. trump spending his saturday in new england holding several fundraisers in massachusetts before heading tonight to new hampshire, home state of a senator up for election this year. trump endorsing ayotte and mccain. he had withheld his support for all three but did an about face after a rocky week where his campaign took big hits in the polls. hello nebraseveryone. >> the endorsements are seen as
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an olive branch after mr. trump's squabable with that fallen soldier's family. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. and while i'm at it. i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. for his service to our country in uniform and in public office. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. >> mr. trump has had several
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fundraisers in massachusetts and will go to new hampshire. how will mr. trump change his strategy somewhat in his approach at this rally later this evening? >> reporter: now that trump is done attacking members of his party he's focusing more attention on his opponent hillary clinton and he even told a crowd in wisconsin last night, his most recent rally before this one tonight, that mrs. clinton is a monster. >> in one way she's a monster. look at what happened. look at her history. in another way she's a weak person. she's actually not strong enough to be president. so she's got both, but she's not strong enough to be president. she will be a disaster. >> reporter: trump continued this morning on twitter writing that crooked hillary said loudly
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and for the world to see that she short circuited when answering a question on her e-mails. anybody's whose mind short circuits is not fit to be president. look up the word brain washed. there was a noisy and prolonged chant among supporters of lock her up. >> now that it seems mr. trump is back on message for now, what do the officials think the next few days will shape up for them? >> reporter: an official at the trump campaign that i spoke to said they think trump has righted the ship after a bumpy first half of last week and campaign officials are putting a lot of emphasis on an economic speech trump is going to give on monday in michigan telling us the proposals are going to focus on tax reform, energy and trade
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reform. he has fundraisers with rich supporters in massachusetts and then he's coming to new hampshire for his first big rally in the state since he got his first big primary victory here six months ago. it comes at an interesting time, a time that he is obviously looking to regain some of that magic that he had here in february when he won because the way this real clear politics polls show trump trailing secretary clinton by seven points right now. >> all right. thanks so much. speaking of secretary clinton she had not held a press conference for eight months and one day before finally breaking that streak yesterday at a gathering of black and latino journalists in washington, d.c. but secretary clinton quickly finding herself under fire again for her contradictory answers to basic questions about her e-mails. brian is live in our new york city newsroom with the details.
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brian, after a year and a half hillary clinton is still trying to clarify her e-mails. >> reporter: it's an important point that you make. a year and a half and yet even after the fbi investigation hillary clinton and her campaign seemingly have a tough time giving straight clear answers to questions about her e-mail controversy. you'll remember during sunday's exclusive interview hillary clinton told chris wallace that fbi director jim comey said her answers to the public over her e-mail controversy were truthful and fact checkers called her claim false comey never publicly vouched she had told the truth to the american people. comey did she say she never directly lied in her statements to the fbi. yesterday at the national h hispanic and journalist conference she tried to clarify. >> dirter com.
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>> i may have short circuited it and for that i will try to clarify because i think chris wallace and i were talking past each other. >> reporter: clinton explained why she continues to say she never sent marked classified information via e-mail. the fbi found 113 classified e-mails in her sever, three were marked classified. >> in questioning director comey made the point that the three e-mails out of the 30,000 did not have the appropriate markings and it was therefore reasonable to conclude that anyone, including myself, would have not suspected that they were classified. >> reporter: to be clear, yesterday was not a formal open press conference. she hasn't had one of those
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since december 4th, but listen to what she told a roomful of journalists after a reporter asked her how she'll lead a nation that doesn't trust her. >> i take it seriously. it doesn't make me feel good when people say those things. keep holding all of us accountable. >> reporter: a new poll shows hillary clinton up over donald trump by ten points but 61% of americans do not think clinton is honest or trustworthy. confusing explanations to e-mails doesn't help. >> thanks. there's been another radical islamic terrorist attack in europe, the latest coming from a suspect who was killed by police after attacking two officers. the man attacked the women outside the station in the
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southern west part of belgium. that man did shout during that attack. a third officer shot that suspect who later died of his wounds. both of the police officers are expected to be okay. as you know belgium has been on high alert since march since the bombing that killed 32 people. isis claimed responsibility for that attack. a man accused of stabbing an american woman to death on the streets of london makes his first court appearance. he will remain in the court's custody for now. he went on a stabbing ram page yesterday. the suspect is due back in court tuesday. the games have been kicking off with some controversy at the
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olympics. does that look impressive and beautiful and very exciting but it turns out that nbc delayed the screening of last night's opening ceremony by one hour and they repeated a lot of commercials during the show. the company needed time to put the cultural ceremony into a proper context. many viewers are using social media today to express their fus rash with the delay and the commercials. there were six minutes of commercial breaks so they must be making a lot of money over there. the days of worrying about a surprise shark attack could be over thanks to a new smartphone app. it allows beach goers across the eastern sea board to monitor the movements of the tagged great whites. >> reporter: beach lovers are not the only thing descending on cape cod, sharks. >> it's kind of scarey.
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i heard that the sharks are like where the seals are and you're seeing a lot of seals lately. >> reporter: this is now among the world's hot spots for white sharks frequently sighted in the waters here and now beach goers can get in on the action. there's an app for that. >> the app will give people information on detection and sightings. when we see sharks out or the app gives the public the ability to put in their own sightings wi which will be unique. >> reporter: it's a collaboration between citizens and scientists. the map and app is meant to engage a public fascinated with sharks and to help keep swimmers safe, including shark alerts when one is seen close to shore. >> we would definitely use that,
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yes. definitely. sounds like a cool thing to have when you're watching the kids. >> reporter: with 141 sharks identified in cape cod's waters last year flags now fly a visual reminder of what lies beneath. >> the changed public perception so we move away from that jaws mentality but to understand it is an apex predator and the ocean is their environment so we're entering their world when we go into the water. >> reporter: another benefit of the app is shark safety tips like do not swim near seals. check out atlantic white for more. in massachusetts, fox news. >> don't want to see one of them out there on the beach. back to the shark infested waters of politics, donald trump calling for party unity. >> we will disagree as friends and never stop working together toward victory.
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very importantly toward real change. >> but is it enough to sway voters' minds after the difficult week we had on the trail. coming up we'll talk about that next. two people end up trapped by a sudden flash flood, the daring water rescue coming up next. concerts play when the railing gives way sending fans to the hospital. >> all of a sudden i see everyone rushing to the front, people pushing me and then suddenly people start falling off the edge. i see all these people just like come off the edge and i'm like oh my god. i see all these people. i don't know what's happening.
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more than 40 people were hurt after a railing kracollaps at a concert last night. many fans were treated for broken bones, bruises and other injuries after they rushed the stage and fell into the concrete pit. there was a dramatic rescue in oklahoma after a couple was caught on rocks surrounded by
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rocks. it is not clear how they got on the spillway. first responders were able to arrive quickly and bring them to shore. president obama and his family arriving in martha's vineyard for their two week vacation. this is their final vacation as first family. they've vacationed there every year since 2009 except one year in 2012 when the president was campaigning for president. they call this a working vacation. how can you work on vacation. you are the president. after a difficult week for donald trump the republican nominee has finally endorsed speaker paul ryan and senators mccain and ayotte in an attempt to unite the party. it comes as the trump campaign sees a slide in the polls even among republicans. the latest poll showing
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republicans have a 71% favorable view of their nominee and 28% see him as unfavorable. compare that to the trend among all registered voters, 36% see donald trump favorably while 63% see him in an unfavorable light. trump's unfavorability has jumped seven points in the last three months. sir, i want to welcome you to the program and start right here with you. is donald trump finally and whole heartedly on board to do his part to unite the gop and help the down ticket candidates especially in key elections where control of congress for republicans is in the balance. >> absolutely. you mentioned hillary clinton got a bump after her convention. i believe that will moderate but what you saw last night in wisconsin, donald trump put
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aside any grudge, any hard feelings he had about elected republicans, about how they might not have been all on board for donald trump in his bid for the presidency. he put that aside and came out and endorsed paul ryan, mccain and ayotte. that goes a long way to pulling together this coalition. with those voters you need all those card carrying republicans who like mccain, ryan and ayotte to come out and stand with you. if you put that coalition together donald trump will win in november but if you have only 25% of republicans who stay home and don't come and support you, it will be tough. it goes to show you donald trump has a lot of room to grow, to bring those republicans who feel a little bit disenfranchised over to his campaign and when that happens his poll numbers
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will bump. i think it's looking good for him and all of us. maybe not so much in the house but in the senate donald trump is somewhat closely tied to the senate races and they all need to perform well together if we're going to keep the senate and winning the presidency. >> thank you for answering both portions of my question there. i want to play some sound from on the record last night on what trump needs to do next. listen. >> it is never going to happen because it's not a matter of wrong strategy, it's a matter of character. he didn't make a mistake when he attacked the gold star father and mother, he was reacting to insults to what he saw as an insult, a slight and disrespect and he did it -- >> has a surrogate, someone who has inside access to messaging and strategy, what's the plan to get trump back on track and to
2:21 pm
try to stop the dive that he's taken politically and in some of the recent polls and also i'd like to know what you think of what he had to say. >> his comment on the gold star family i think that hit donald trump pretty hard in the gut when he made those comments but those are just words from donald trump. if you look at hillary clinton and the fact that she didn't have one airplane, one drone, over helicopter over 13 hours to save those men in benghazi that worked for here -- >> i wanted you to answer about donald trump. people want to know how donald trump is going to get it back on track, sir. >> but the point is those were some words and donald trump has been very supportive of our military and the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice and everybody knows that. if you compare the two
2:22 pm
candidates it's hillary clinton who has a disastrous record. that's my point. i think donald trump is going to be a little better on message and a little more scripted, a few more teleprompter out there and he does well with that. if he does i think he can walk this necessary line to keep this coalition together, including our veterans who just absolutely love him. >> i understand the point you were making and i certainly don't want to make light of what happened in benghazi sir so i wanted to be on record with t t that. before i let you go, there are some people who said we're going to talk about it later in the program with someone else but there's some people that said that trump's endorsement was a bit half heartedly done. he made sure to let everyone know he was reading from a piece of message. was he messaging anything there or are we making too much of that. >> i don't think so. what we know about donald trump is he says what he thinks. whether he gets backlash in the
2:23 pm
media or the party he says what's on his behind amind and night he gave a great endorsement and that's necessary. in wisconsin the northern central part of our state does well for donald trump but where paul ryan and scott walker are from you need to bring these two men in, the thought leaders of the conservative movement to get that card carrying republican to come out and vote for him. if he does that with the north, center and southern part of the state he'll win here and ohio and pennsylvania and go on to be the next president of the united states. >> all right. it was a pleasure talking to you. good luck to your candidate. >> thanks. for more on trump's unity issues an the state of the campaign so far tomorrow former house speaker newt gingrich sit down with chris wallace on fox
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news sunday. check your local listings for times. there's lots of wild weather this weekend. heavy rain flooding arizona leaving drivers trapped in cars and leading to street closures and twisters tore through crescent city. will carr is live with the latest on what's happening out there. it looks good where you are. >> reporter: yeah, it is. it's a beautiful day here but weather impacting the entire country from california to florida but let's start in arizona which you were talking about where we saw monsoon rains hit phoenix on friday. it swamped streets. cars were surrounded by water and storms knocked out power for almost 20,000 residents. to the east louisiana had a bad set of storms the past couple of days, a lot of rain there and the national weather service has confirmed a small tornado touched down at least four times
2:25 pm
in new orleans. >> when i looked up i saw a swirling debris of trees and shingles and i knew right away what it was and the second i yelled tornado it krum peld that building up. >> reporter: bad storms are in the forecast and there's a chance that tropical storms can develop and there's the wildfires, one in montana that's burned 16 homes and that fire that's been burning for more than two weeks near big sur, california. that fire's burned homes. we learned that an illegal camp fire started that fire. not hard to believe when you consider that the majority of the state is still in severe drought, especially in southern california where we've had record setting heat in the past few weeks across the region that's made the air quality
2:26 pm
terrible. it is a beautiful day out here and i haven't seen the air quality keep many people from smiling as they're enjoying the afternoon here outdoors. >> thanks so much. enjoy the day. i first heard about the twisters in new orleans from my mom. she said there were twisters. i'm saying what did you say. >> is she okay. >> she's fine. she said you heard me right, twisters. that's unbelievable. when we come back we'll talk about this fierce fighting in syria as rebel fighters say they've broken through a government siege in alepaleppo. what it means for civilians stuck. new scrutiny over a nuclear deal, the reaction after what president obama is saying. >> the assessment of the israeli community and the intelligence
2:27 pm
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nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. rebel fighters say they've broken through a government siege amid fierce fighting in the an sent city of aleppo. the syrian observatory saying that would put 1 million civilians under siege. the war is now in its sixth year. president obama says israel's military and intelligence community supports the iran nuclear deal.
2:32 pm
the agreement is similar to the munich pac with germany. israel sees the deal he pushed as a supposed game changer but in a statement he says the country's assessment has not changed meaning israel was and continues to be opposed to the agreement but does hope the ira iranins will comply. author of the book "doomed to succeed" i goes it's always good to see you. another chapter could be the president so off base, a former intelligence defense officials of israel have come out in big full page ads in the newspaper supporting the deal but not the current government. >> that's correct. i think it's fair to that
2:33 pm
the current israeli government looks at the deal as being a problem. to be fair they accept the fact that the deal has made the iranian nuclear threat less implement th eminent than they would have been without it. the threat has been deferred, but it hasn't been ended. the real preoccupation is what do you do to take advantage of the time that has been bought. the deal buys 10 to 15 years but they want to know starting in year 10 when advanced centrif e centrifuges can be installed and the potential for threatening the iranians at that point becomes less clear, they want to know what happens then. so their focus is on if you buy the time how do you take advantage of that time and convince the iranians not to be
2:34 pm
tempted to take advantage of the fact twhat they can have as lare a nuclear infrastructure as they want. >> last month i was in his office where we talked about terrorism and you're right, he wasn't as avidly critical but he was concerned about what happens and was concerned about when the sanctions and limits are lifted eight to ten years from now and he was concerned about iran's continued threat and support of global terror. here's what he warned back in 2015. >> the nuclear deal with iran doesn't block iran's path to the bomb it paves their path to the bomb. it gives them a massive infusion of cash and iran will use this cash to fund its aggression in the region and terrorism around the world. >> he's talking about cash, $400 million went secretly, do you think that was a ransom.
2:35 pm
the white house says it wasn't. >> i don't think it was a ransom. i think it was part of a deal that had been discussed over a long period of time. this goes back to the time when the iranians bought f-14s. they provided the money and we didn't provide the aircraft. there was always going to be a claim they made so i do think this was not a ransom but the fact that the timing tended to coincide with the release of four dual citizens held by the irani iranians, the fact it was tied to a swap with people being released here and money moved at that time, it creates the appearance of something and the iranians themselves have sought to make us look bad. the minister of defense referred to it is a ransom. obviously they sought to take advantage of it in terms of creating that impression. >> fox news was told they were
2:36 pm
sitting there waiting to take off and they had to wait for another plane. so finally if the iranians see it as a ransom doesn't that mean trouble ahead. take a look at what's written about this. they say all americans everywhere are in greater danger today because of the nuclear deal with iran. to do they decided to play the ransom game. the next american snatched overseas is on their tab. is that fair. do you worry that the iranians could see it that way. they've already taken three other people. >> i'm not sure they do see it as a ransom but what's clear to me is you have a struggle going on within the iranian leadership right now between those who want to maintain a high level of confrontation and those interested in reducing the isolation because they want the economic benefits of doing so.
2:37 pm
the fact of the matter is you've seen a number of dual citizens from other countries, including our own, in the aftermath. it's not that we have several dual citizens being held by them, there's a british and french dual citizen being held and if you want to invest in iran you ought to be caution because anybody you send to do business with them you can't count on the fact they won't be grabb grabbed. that's the greater danger. i think what you're seeing is a struggle over what the future of iran is going to be and those who think that iran is going to turn around and become a more normal country, as henry kissinger said are they going to be a cause or country, i think we're going to see a cause. >> which side do you think will win, the islamic cause? >> the only way to make it clear
2:38 pm
to the iranians that they need to change is they need to see the high price of not changing. the logic of what brought the iranians to the table on the nuclear issue is we built the pressure on them to the point where they felt it. we should do the same thing in the region. when they try to expand in the region they should see there's a price for it and the price is not acceptable to them. if we want to emerge in iran in a more dominant position they need to see that the cost of bad behaviors is very high. so long as they don't we're going to see the worst forces in iran dominate not the better forces. >> that seems to be the force that's dominating now. a high level veteran of decades of middle east diplomaticsy. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. a reminder, you don't want to miss this this weekend, we have an in-depth look at the
2:39 pm
fight against the zika virus and whether the u.s. is on the verge of a pan demmic. here is a preview. >> translator: it's like emotional feelings. i have to be strong at this time and if they're telling me we have to wait until she's born to know what is going on with her. >> reporter: this expected mother spoke exclusively to the fox news channel minutes before giving birth earlier this year. she allowed our cameras to capture the first few moments of her baby's life. her little girl made the news to be born in the u.s. with microencephaly linked to the zika virus. >> translator: waiting on god really to know what will happen. >> fox news reporting zika anchored by trace gal i ger airs
2:40 pm
tonight. >> that looks interesting. one stop is taking some ground breaking steps toward trying to close the wage gap but some are wondering if this measure can level the playing field. bernie sanders is pushing his supporters to back hillary clinton but will angry bernie or bust voters listen or go another route?
2:41 pm
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. . . . . . .
2:44 pm
bernie sanders is trying to get his supporters to say i'm with her. sanders writing in part on virtually every major issue facing this country and the needs of working families, clinton's positions are far superior to trump's. our campaigns worked together to produce the most progressive platform in the history of american politics. trump's campaign's wrote one of
2:45 pm
the most reaction aer documents. will it work? >> reporter: it looks like it's certainly working to some degree. if you look that you have with hillary clinton you have her chief rival bernie sanders get around her and if you look at the fox news poll hillary clinton has consolidated a significant amount of those who self identify as liberals and democrats and certainly when you compare it to the other side you're not seeing donald trump get around him and seeing the same consolidation in the fox news polls of republicans getting around donald trump. is it perfect yet? i don't think so. but it's seeming on the democratic side you're seeing consolidation around hillary clinton and that's reflected in the polls. >> are the die hard bernie supporters more pro-sanders or anti-clinton? >> reporter: certainly i think
2:46 pm
they're anti-clinton but i think bernie enlivened them in a way that other candidate could not have. i think they respect bernie sanders and they see him as someone who is genuine. there's going to be some hard cores on both sides of this whether they're anti-trump or anti-republicans that will never support donald trump or anti-hillary that will never support hillary but i think you're seeing a consolidation. i think bernie sanders' endorsement will go a long way to convincing these people to get behind hillary clinton and i think the presence of donald trump is doing that on its own. they may not like hillary clinton but they fear a donald trump presidency pushing them into hillary clinton's hands. >> would that cause them to not show up at the polls. >> reporter: you have a lot of people in the country unhappy with both of the choices that
2:47 pm
their faced with a republican and democrat and one option is not to show up. if you're not energizing people to comeut to the polls like barack obama had a lot of people that liked him in 2012 and they showed up in record numbers and helped elect them, if people aren't excited they may stay home and we may see lower turnout than previous cycles. >> would it have mattered if senator sanders had supported hillary clinton sooner. >> reporter: i'm not sure. he came out even before the convention and gave an endorsement of her and he gave a pretty good speech at the convention saying she's better than the alternatives. i think that at this point he's doing what is necessary in getting behind her if he wants to get that democratic liberal base behind hillary clinton. again, i don't think it's just bernie sanders that's uniting this base around hillary. i think the presence of donald trump to those people on the left they see him as a very
2:48 pm
serious threat. that in and of itself is helping unite the liberal base around hillary. >> i have to leave it there. thanks. have you heard about this, if you live in massachusetts and apply for a job there, the state is now making it illegal for your perspective employer to ask how much did you make. can't do that anymore, in a job interview. we'll tell you why they created this new law and if it could spread to other states in this country and if it effects those folks seeking jobs. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids
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you know when you apply for a job and they go, what are you making now? well, if you live in massachusetts, you can't do that anymore, huh-uh. the state's new law requires companies to state a compensation figure they want to give you up front with no influence about what you were making now. the law designed to close the wage gap between men and women, will it work, is it legal? our guest is a defense attorney. good to see you. robert, let me start with you, what does this mean, you show up, usually they say, they look at your history, your resume.
2:53 pm
they say, we'll take you and give you 10% or 20% more but now they can't do that. >> some applications will ask what are you currently making. they can eliminate people who are either asking for too much money, overqualified. massachusetts is trying to close the gender gap here by not allowing employers to say, well, how much are you making now. it's a small piece of puzzle to close that gap. i question how effective it's going to be because there's going to come a point in time when they start negotiating compensation and salary where an applicant will have to tip their hand and say this is kind of where i'm at and they're going to know. again, i think it's a good idea but the applicability of it, i don't know. >> david, do you think it's more symbolic? >> i think the big winner in this entire legislation will be the governor of massachusetts. republican governor. he got really great bipartisan legislation through. the real teeth, and the effect of it, i don't really know what
2:54 pm
it's going to do other than may lawsuits, more lawyers getting involved. there is a dispirit. i applaud the governor for trying -- >> charlie baker. he was a businessman. >> correct. he's trying to bring women and fight for women's employment salary rights. the actual effect of it i don't really see what teeth this is actually going to have because, like my colleague said, there's going to be ways. once the negotiation process starts. it's not too hard to really deduce it. but nonetheless, it's a good-faith effort to bring women and their employment up to the level where men are currently. >> right, you can laud the goal and the mission because women apparently in the workforce make 79 cents to every $1 that a man makes. james was pointing out you show up in your bmw and you got a used bmw, and they're going to know right off the bat or as you said, they can go ring, ring, ring, call up. >> you're going to have
2:55 pm
references on your resume. >> not only that, most people work in industries which is usually smaller industries in their state or in their community if you're going from, you know, going from one law firm to another, they're going to check my references. they may be friends. they may be able to say hr person to hr person. >> everyone knows everyone else. in an industry or small business. they kind of generally know where you are, don't they? >> yes, the one that worked the most is small businesses. i own a small law firm. i have employees that do various aspects. they don't have a, quote, job title. how are you going to have a comparison when my office manager's sort of my parallel and sometimes she'll pick up the phone if someone calls in sick. how do you make that comparison. really small businesses are the folks hurt the most. other than the corporate businesses where they have job titles and job descriptions and num rossty in that position. >> how do you think it's going to work out? >> i think this is a more national question. with the election coming up,
2:56 pm
there has been bills put before congress that hasn't gotten through. hopefully this is a national debate that companies up. >> think it will spread? >> i think it will spread federally, eventually. i don't know what effect, the teeth it will have. >> you're going to fess up anyway. you don't have to bring out the rubber hose. they say what are you making. you say -- anyway. neither hillary clinton or donald trump has strong support among voters and now new polls show voters are becoming more and more open to the idea of a third party candidate. the surprising numbers ahead in a life report. isis in iraq releasing new video that appears to show preparations for the upcoming seize of mosul, all that and more in a moment. new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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3:00 pm
the evolution of cancer care is here. learn how advanced genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at appointments available now. donald trump fund raising with high-profile donors today as he tries to make amends with republicans after a gaffe-filled week. his fund-raising has reportedly stalled and his poll numbers had been sliding. after a week in which the republican nominee feuded with the gold star family, the khan, and declined to support three of the party's highest profile lawmakers up for re-election. and even calleded for that crying baby to be booted from a rally. the trump campaign now beginning to try to right the ship and get on back to the message. hello, everyone. this is a brand-new hour of "america's election headquarters." >> i'm arthle neville.
3:01 pm
mr. trump started fence mending yesterday by formally endorsing house speaker paul ryan along with senators mccain and ayotte after days holding out. for more now, let's get to peter deucy live from new hampshire where trump will be holding a rally tonight in a couple of hours. peter did mr. trump explain why he endorsed these republicans, high-ranking republicans, just a few days after he said he didn't want to? >> he did, arthel. trump officially now says he wants those three to win so if, come january, he's living at the white house and they're also on capitol hill, they can work together. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. he's a good man and he's a good guy. and we may disagree on a couple
3:02 pm
of things but mostly we agree and we're going to get it done and we're going to do a lot of wonderful things. >> the trump campaign had been saying the delay was trying to avoid causing problems for ryan's primary challenger who is a very vocal trump supporter but is not expected to win and trump's decision to back mccain and ayotte follows a few days where rnc officials tell me they were very frustrated with the nominee. now his attention is on the other party's pick, hillary clinton. trump tweeted this morning that, quote, crooked hillary said loudly and for the world to see that she short circuited when answering ago question on her e-mails, very dangerous. and then, quote, anybody whose mind short circuits is not fit to be our president, look up the word brainwashed. trump also called hillary clinton a monster and earlier in the day in iowa his entire crowd for a very long time was chanting "lock her up."
3:03 pm
arthel. >> hey, peter, do you get the impression that the trump campaign feels as though they have moved past all the controversy that they faced earlier in the week? >> they say they haven't. i spoke to a trump campaign official who said they think he has righted the ship after what they admit was a bumpy first half in this last week. the official was also pointing me to a speech trump was going to give in michigan where he'll detail ideas to reform taxes, regulations, energy policy and trade policy. first, though, trump is fund-raising elsewhere in new england. he's down at massachusetts at some his wealthy donor's houses. and then he's coming here for his first rally like this in new hampshire which was of course the site of his first primary victory six months ago, arthel. >> okay, peter deucy, thanks, peter. wikileaks today is walking back some claims from its founder julian asage that it's
3:04 pm
quote work on hacking donald trump's tax returns. in an interview, maher asked about the recent disclosure of dnc emays and asked if wikileaks planned to release similar information that could disrupt trump's campaign. assange said, quote, we're working on that. in a tweet today, denying that claim, saying it was a joke for that comedy show. mr. trump has so far refused to release his returns, saying he will not do so while under an irs audit. >> let geese to the democratic race now where the candidates are taking the weekend off the campaign trail. but hillary clinton is facing renewed outcry over her e-mail scandals and her interview with the fbi. in her first press conference in eight months, mrs. clinton tried on friday to explain herself after claiming fbi director james comey said she had been truthful about that private e-mail server. here to break it down now, bryan
3:05 pm
ennis. >> it was a formal press conference. she hasn't had one of those since december 4th. but hillary clinton did answer questions. still, 18 months and yet even after the fbi investigation, clinton and her campaign seemingly have a tough time giving straight clear answers to questions about her e-mail controversy. you'll remember during sunday's exclusive interview, hillary clinton told fox news sunday's chris wallace that fbi director comey said her answers to the public over her e-mail controversy were truthful. fact checkers, though, called her claim categorically false. comey never publicly vouched she had told the truth to the american people. comey did say she never directly lied in her statements to the fbi. yesterday at the conference, she tried to clarify. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. what i told the fbi, which he
3:06 pm
said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited, and for that i will try to clarify because i think, you know, chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. >> clinton went on to explain why she continues to say she never said marked classified information. 3 of the 113 classified e-mails found in her private e-mail server were marked. though comey did say they were not marked appropriately. bottom line is comey said she and her team acted extremely careless and should have known better. meantime, while mrs. clinton spoke before the conference and held fund-raising events, her running mate was making stops in michigan and wisconsin before trump reveals his economic plan on monday. >> we're talking about jobs and donald trump is basically shadow boxing with every enemy he can think of instead of talking about what americans want to talk about.
3:07 pm
>> hillary clinton and tim kaine are taking a weekend off from campaigning. according to a recent poll, which finds 61% of americans believes she is not honest or trustworthy. i guess the saving grace to her campaign is 62% say they don't believe trump is honest or trustworthy either. arthel. >> bryan llenas, thanks, bryan. libertarian ticket is seeking a boost in popularity this year. as the major parties run what some consider two of the most unpopular candidates in recent history. polls now showing gary johnson and bill weld, while getting closer to the support that he needs to share a debate stage with hillary clinton and donald trump, while green party candidate jill stein is also seeing increased support for her campaign. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on these two parties and the candidates a lot of people may not know much about. the first thing, so fascinating,
3:08 pm
garry johnson, if he gets up two more percentage points, could have a three-way debate? >> that's right, a candidate has to get at least 15% in five national polls to be included. and libertarian presidential contender gary johnson is getting closer to that threshold. take a look at this fox news poll from wednesday. johnson is at 12% in a race against hillary clinton and donald trump. three points away from that 15% needed to get an invitation to the debate. critics of third party candidates often say a vote outside the two-party system is a wasted vote. here's what johnson says about that. >> a wasted vote is voting for somebody that you don't believe in. and we're going to continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, that's still evil. >> if johnson participates in the presidential debate, very visible, very high-profile events. it could have an impact on some voters and then possibly have an
3:09 pm
impact on the election in november. >> meanwhile, there's another candidate, jill stein of the green party, nominated today. >> the left-leaning green party met in houston and nominated jill stein today to be its nominee for the second presidential race in a row. the green party has been reaching out to disaffected bernie sand earns voters and completely changed the ch. political dynamic going forward. it will never be the same. and there will be no stopping you. there will be no stopping us. until we have achieved that change we have all put on the platform together. we will prevail. >> stein is polling at about 4% in a four-way race with clinton, trump and johnson, that's according to the real clear politics average of polls, eric. >> all right, first debate september 26, we'll see if johnson can get up there.
3:10 pm
man, oh, man, how about that. arthel. >> chaos at a concert. a big scare when more than 40 people injured when' railing collapsed at the snoop dogg and wiz khalifa concert. many falling right on to the concrete. >> snoop dogg and wiz came really close and everyone started pushing and gate broke and i fell like six or seven feet. i luckily fell on top of someone so i didn't hit the concrete but there were maybe four or five people on top of me and it was so hard to breathe. i couldn't move. i literally thought i was dying. >> the company that operates the venue says it has secured the section of the railing that collapsed and that two other concerts would go on as planned tonight and tomorrow. snoop tweeted, prays out to my fans. wishing you a quick recovery. >> overseas to france where 13 people were killed and six others injured after a fire
3:11 pm
broke out in a bar in the northern part of the country. police say it happened during a birthday party. arson is not suspected. it is the second recent tragedy to hit the city. just last week you may recall two isis terrorists stormed that catholic church there and they murdered an elderly priest. an update on the search for a teenager missing in wyoming. the 16-year-old disappeared two days ago in grantee national park and the search has come to an end. details next. >> and democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton, while she's been trying to clarify those comments she made about her e-mail, did that to chris wallace, but will it be enough to ease some voter's concerns about her trustworthiness? >> i will go back to where i started. i regret using one account. i take responsibility for that. i'm pleased to be able to clarify and explain what i think
3:12 pm
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3:15 pm
time for a quick check of the headlines. a somber ceremony in japan
3:16 pm
marking the anniversary of hiroshima. thousands of people attended the ceremony in the city's peace park. and jenny thrasher winning the first u.s. gold medal at the rio olympics. the 19-year-old beats china's two-time gold medalist li du by one point in the air rifle. a missing ohio teen found safe in wyoming. she disappeared on thursday while working with groundwork usa in grand teton national park. still questions as investigators say she had cut and dyed her hair and ran when officers approached her. i have acknowledged repeatedly that using two e-mail accounts was a mistake and i take responsibility for that. but i do think, you know, having him say that my answers to the fbi were truthful and then i
3:17 pm
should quickly add what i said was consistent with what i had said publicly and that's really sort of in my view try to tie both ends together. >> try to clarify a statement she made on fox news sunday. claiming fbi director james comey called our comments regarding the use of our e-mail truthful. but turned out director comey actually did not say that, he contradicted her statement about the e-mails when questioned about this. so what does she have to do to gain more voter's trusts and can she do that? the deputy communications director for the clinton campaign. christina, good to see you. >> thank you for having me on. >> of course. but hillary. >> yeah. >> what is it up with mrs. clinton? she has a long history of that. you go back to 1996, the whitewater, documents had her
3:18 pm
fingerprints on them. she says she didn't send classified e-mails, now there are 113. says comey said she told the truth, that's not the case, and on and on and on. critics say she lies. >> that is absolutely not true. yesterday, she said she made a mistake about her e-mails and takes responsibility. what she was trying to do was clarify she was truthful in her testimony -- >> he said there's no basis to know, there's no basis that we know basically she was -- >> he bleaches she was truthful to the fbi and everything she was saying to the fbi was consistent. think it's important here, people who know hillary have seen that they can trust her. they vouch for her because she has always stood up for children and families. she has always delivered for the american people. i think also people who know what it takes to do the job as president also say they trust her -- >> sorry to interrupt but if
3:19 pm
that's the case how come the poll numbers are so bad? you got the poll numbers show that 36% -- she's tied with donald trump. both -- she's there with donald trump on 36% who think she's honest and trustworthy. overwhelming do not. and she has this reputation, she has this view that she parses. she's a lawyer through and through, weaving the truth -- >> you know, you have covered the clintons for a very long time. you know she's been under attack for a very long time. at the convention, clinton gave a personal speech about her, saying she's been at the forefront of change for so many years in her life, really working on behalf of children and families, working on behalf of progressive causes. as a result here been under attack and created a caricature -- >> is it a caricature or reality when you see her saying different things? she said there was only one divide. that's not true. she said all the e-mails were
3:20 pm
turned over, that's not true, on and on -- >> you know, we could do this on and on but she has been forth right, she turned all her work e-mails over, she's been transparent in this process and consistent in what she said. yesterday, there was a powerful op-ed from mike morrell who said as a person who was responsible for america's security and safety for many years, he's not partisan, he's worked for presidents, who were republican -- >> -- somebody who worked for a clinton-connected company -- >> he vouched for her and said she is the one he would trust -- >> does he have a conflict of interest -- >> no, no, no, this is a man -- >> -- the company start order supported -- >> he has no conflict this is an upstanding man, and he said he would normally not make an endorsement in a presidential election but the stakes are so high -- >> so what does mrs. clinton have to do -- >> he said trump is unqualified and is a dangerous choice to be our commander in --
3:21 pm
>> what does mrs. clinton have to do to turn some of these numbers around to show in your view that she's trustworthy and can be believable and she's not a liar? >> here's the thing, she faced very similar questions. she's been under attack for years, as you know from covering the clintons. she's at the forefront of change and people -- >> should she come out and say i'm sorry or i made a mistake -- >> i wanted to say, if you remember, when she ran for senate in the year 2000, there were similar questions about her. she won that election and she worked so hard for the people of new york, really delivering for the state. >> so do you think, bottom -- i know you're trying to -- >> no, let me tell you -- >> i don't want to be rude -- >> i don't want to say the resume. when she was up for re-election six years later she won. people knew they could trust her. they knew she delivered for the state. when she has a job, people really respect her. they see she delivers --
3:22 pm
>> not to interrupt but i'm interrupting because you're one of these communications professionals who come on this show and do this sort of thing. you're saying and she said this too, she's attacked this way while she's running but your view and her view is if she does become the president people will turn that around? >> people will see she will get up every day and work her heart out for the american people -- >> you think more people will trust her? >> absolutely -- >> the 61% that don't, you think that will go down? >> absolutely. people will see how she will work so hard, where she will make a real difference for american families. she's been out all this week talking about her jobs plan to create good-paying jobs in this country. if she's elected president, people will see, no one will work harder -- >> everyone's talking about the truthfulness but the numbers are still there. when that 61% goes down by a smidge, one smidge, we'll get you back to talk about that -- >> and, again, i think people will see they can count on her to really deliver for them as president. >> christina, thank you for coming. >> thank you.
3:23 pm
>> arthel. >> drivers in new jersey who eat, drink or put on makeup while driving could soon end up paying for it. a new state bill try to crack down on distracted driving with major fines and even the possibility of a license suspension. jessica from our new york city affiliate wnyw has more. >> distracted driving is an issue one that could be deadly. texting or talking on your cell phone while driving is already illegal but a new jersey lawmaker doesn't think that's enough to keep drivers safe on the road. he wants to expand the distracted driving laws in the state. >> if it saves lives, it could save someone else's life as well. >> the sponsor of the bill says drivers who eat, drink that cup of joe, groom, read or use electronic devices behind the wheel could be imposed a stiff fine. >> driving distractions cause over 400,000 injuries each year and over 3,000 fatalities.
3:24 pm
these are injuries and fatalities that are preventable. >> i think it's a little excessive. >> you're just taking a cup and drinking like this as i'm talking to you or eating, i don't think it's affecting your ability to keep your eye on the road. >> you better forget about doing any of this while driving. if not, you better be ready to dish out some cash. you can be fined up to $400 and even get your license suspended if you're a repeat offender. >> that's ridiculous. $400? >> catherine lewis, director of government affairs for aaa northeast says it's not about punishing the driver but educating them. >> we need to focus on the fact that when people's minds are not on the road and their eyes and their roads are not on the road, they're a danger. >> the root cause of dangerous behavior is distraction. >> if you do education and enforcement, crashes will inevitably go down. >> similar bills have failed
3:25 pm
because the assembly couldn't agree on how severe they should be. >> by the way, under the new bill, a third distracted driving offense could cost you $800 and a 90-day license suspension. >> yep, don't text and drive and don't be distracted. >> no, no makeup applying. chicago's police department has gone public with nine videos of an exchange that led to a deadly police shooting. coming up, we'll look into how city leaders hope the release of this disturbing video will help the community. also, donald trump throwing his support behind two powerful gop leaders last night. why some people are questioning his endorsement of paul ryan and john mccain. >> we don't win at any level with anything. and as the unified party, we will lead our country to unity as well. very important. the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here.
3:26 pm
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it's the bottom of the hour. donald trump running made pence making the campaign rounds through southern illinois the state where he serves and ohio, the indiana governor stopping at a chile's restaurant in cincinnati where he posed for pictures and to talk over things with voters. hillary clinton facing criticism after remarks she made at that convention of black and hispanic journalists yesterday. mrs. clinton saying she may have, quote, short circuited during her interview when she claimed the fbi director said her comments on handling of e-mails were truthful when he did not actually directly say that. moments ago, a clinton campaign official told us here at fox news mrs. clinton is trustworthy. and the chicago police superintendant speaking out about the release of those nine videos connected with the fatal police shooting of a black teenager. saying he hopes the videos mark the start of a more transparent process for the embattled
3:31 pm
department. back to politics now. donald trump announcing he's endorsing two gop leaders both up for re-election this year. trump refusing to throw his support behind house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain earlier this yeek before changing his mind last night. now, some people are questioning trump's motives for the endorsements. >> i don't think it was necessary -- >> i think they said you're going to have to go out, you're going to read this, and he was like, fine. if you think this is going to turn around my poll numbers -- >> joining me now is the publisher of campaigns and election magazine, good to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> good, so do you agree or k s disagree with dana? >> i think it was a reluctant endorsement. i think they long ago gave up on him being the general election candidate that they ideally wanted him to be. i think what she saw here with
3:32 pm
this endorsement is donald trump trying to, and i think maybe for the first time, acknowledging a political reality and i think that's actually significant. he's acknowledging if the core of the republican party really deserts him, it's going to be difficult to win this election, and i think given the day donald trump was tracking over the last week and a half, there was some possibilities key figures in the party were going to desert him so i don't think he had much of a choice. i don't think anybody who watched this campaign thinks this endorsement was really convincing. >> however you coach the endorsement, does it leave the party unified or not? >> i think there's still deep division certainly over trump and his candidacy. i think what this endorsement does, and it's not insignificant, because it does put this one particular controversy aside, and that's important. because, you know, the trump
3:33 pm
campaign since the republican convention has hit some really rough water. so i think it was key for the campaign to put this aside for the moment and not be wrestling with this question over whether or not he was really at odds with, you know, key members of the republican party. >> so you don't think speaker ryan or senators mccain or ayotte should respond publicly? >> i don't know that it would be in the party's interest to sort of do that. i think everybody is happier putting this aside and not having it be talked about and having the republican nominee. certainly paul ryan or john mccain or kelly ayotte. both of those senators are in tough re-election races. i think they would rather the republican nominee not be talking about them at all and they would rather he focus on hillary clinton and running a more disciplined campaign. >> as the publisher of the campaigns in elections magazine, have you heard anything about
3:34 pm
this, asking you about this sort of october surprise? you think there would be an october surprise as it pertains to the gop race for the presidency? >> there's always the potential for an october surprise. when you're looking at this volatility, this particular election, i think we can kind of sit back and say anything can happen. so i think there's still a great deal of unease, not only on the part of the republican party and folks that are, you know, supporting donald trump and national republican leaders but on the part of democrats, right. we've had between the hacking issue and the e-mail revelations. there's a grave concern among a lot of democratic strategists i've talked to there's more of that to come, at a particularly bad time for their nominee, in late fall. >> what are the american voters to do? >> i think this is going -- this
3:35 pm
election from now until we get into, you know, the sort of middle part of october, you know, things are really going to heat up and i think they will. both candidates hopefully are going to focus on some of the issues that really are, you know, key to american voters. i think one of the big questions is what kind of advertising will we see on the part of the trump campaign or on the part of republican candidates. we know american voters are going to be hit with millions upon millions of dollars of campaign ads from the hillary clinton campaign, from super pacs supporting her, you know, how republicans counter that message, how the trump campaign decides it may want to counter that message by spending some money on the air waves. that's going to be -- that's going to shape the debate and certainly the three debates we've already seen some reluctant perhaps on the part of the trump campaign, some wariness about participating in all three of those debates. those are the monumental moments heading into november. >> i'm sure if a trump supporter
3:36 pm
were here, he'd say he'd beg to differ but we have to leave it there. would beg to differ he's reluctant to engage in hillary clinton until the debate. we have to leave it there, thank you so much. >> meanwhile, overseas, tensions are increasing as china puts combat jets into the air over those disputed islands in the south china sea. they did it after an international court ruled beijing has no jurisdiction over those islands. up next, what are they doing? >> plus, isis fighters getting their hands dirty and digging tunnels. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond. tensions mounting in the south china sea with china deploying fighters near those
3:41 pm
contested islands. the chinese military says the exercises are an effort to normalize such drills. an international court rules china has no historic rights to the south china sea. china blames the u.s. for stoking tensions with the military patrols near the islands. it is a strategic waterway. >> meanwhile, the next chapter in the battle against isis seems about to played out. the new move comes as isis fortified positions in iraq. they released what they say is militants digging tunnels appearing to get ready in mosul for a siege of that city.
3:42 pm
which isis has held for two years. now the iraqi army and kurdish forces are prepare to try and retake mosul. can they be successful? let's bring in the retired navy captain. captain, it's always good to see you. what will it take? can be it done? estimates are about 80,000 troops are going to be needed. plus you've got anywhere from half million to a million civilians. if they try to leave, isis shoots them. they try to keep them there so the isis fighters can meld in among the civilian population.
3:43 pm
so it's going to be ush be combat and digging the tunnels is important. you don't want to travel on the surface. you want to go basement to basement to basement and stay off the streets. i think what they may be doing is digging worm holes under those basements. that's the same way hamas has done in the gaza strip that is totally honeycombed which is why israelis don't want to go back in there. >> you're describing this type of guerrilla warfare battle. it's like fallujah. how is it possible to sort out an isis militant from, you know, a guy who sells shoes and is in there with his family?
3:44 pm
how is it possible when they're walking side by side with the civilian population? >> it's really tough because one of the things we learned in fallujah was once the iraqi forces got in there, they found rooms where there was nothing but facial hair laying all over the rooms because these guys would cut off the beards, blend right into the civilian population. you see a male and he's carrying a weapon, he's probably going to get targeted pet quickly. if he just drops everything and blends in with the folks trying to flee, how do you sort then out? you can i.d. people and see what their i.d. is. but that is extremely difficult. >> do you see they will eventually scatter like cockroaches, i mean just flee out, and that will enable them to retake mosul?
3:45 pm
>> that's kind of the hope. the hope is that -- part of the solution is dissolution. if you can dilute them and keep them from areas where they're really dense and powerful and can hold the territory, you dilute them out, they'll have to go somewhere else. mosul is the crown jewel of their offensive actions but raqqah is the self-proclaimed capital so maybe they'll flee back into syria. that's the hope for the iraqi government is to dilute them, force them to withdraw individually, kill as many of them, but chase them across the boarder. >> months and months, maybe years to get mosul and then move on as you said to raqqah. >> i think it could take and then, you know, although we are very discrete in the way we
3:46 pm
use air power, the iraqis not so much. you get these people out of iraq, into syria, they'll fall on the tender mercies of the russians and syrian. that's not going to go well for them, not even in raqqah. captain, so direct, thank you. u.s. employers hiring more than a quarter million workers last month. the number much better than expected. so what does it mean for our economy and how would this affect the federal reserve's decision? at carrabba's, we've never celebrated our grill like this.
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for a short time, choose two or three grilled favorites on one plate - like chicken bryan and linguine positano starting at just $15.99. carrabba's. this is how you do italian.
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officials reporting those folks had been eating potent marijuana candies that looked like regular candy. police say one or two of the candies can get a person high. but some folks thought they were eating regular candy and were downing whole packages of the candy. authorities are looking for a man accused of handing out the drugs.
3:51 pm
it is far more than the jobs than expected. the nation's unemployment rate remains at 8.9 percent. more jobs were made than previously reported. kyle harington is here. good to have you on the set, kyle. what does this job report say to you? >> you get the 250,000 job number and everybody wants to go out and celebrate. but look under the hood of it. 1000 of those jobs are part- time jobs and one of the rates of unemployment are folks that did not have a high school diplomma and that suggest that the jobs that are created are part- time jobs in the economy. i am looking for long- term
3:52 pm
sustainable jobs in sectors like technology and butto technology that will be the growth engines of the gd, and labor force. >> how do we get there? >> i suggest a couple of things. our regulatory and tax environment have to be reevaluated in the united states in the effort for the entrepreneur in technology and biotechnology to hire people comfortably and feel that putting their capital at risk will not be done without an end solution or end success in mind. >> the types of jobs you are talking about require a college or graduate degree. but the people who don't have those degrees and depend on minimum wage? >> another great point.
3:53 pm
in the labor number. you want to see how are wages going? are they rising? we want to it see wages going in a good direction. in the state of california, they are trying to get minimum wage up $15. that is forced wage increase. what affect does that have on the businesses in terms of profitability. you want to see the wages rise by the natural economy. >> i am not sure what the minimum wage is 8.something and you are saying going there to 15 is a too much of a quick jump? >> it is for businesses in the country, especially the small businesses to digest to remain solvent. >> i was going to ask you about big companies. will interest rates go up? >> i don't think they will.
3:54 pm
i don't think janet yellen will be comfortable enough looking at the data to increase interest rate. >> 4.9 percent unemployment is there any good news? >> you have to be careful for the numbers. labor participation rate and the amount of people that are not retired and school and out of work is a significant number, arthel. >> we would love to have everybody at work, of course, but that's not the case for now. think of that 30 seconds. and what was i thinking? we talk about the bigger companies. you talked about the smaller businesses affording it. can the larger companies afford it? >> they are laying off the significant number of people. goldman sachs laid-off amazing traders. >> i am talking about big box stores. >> they are hesitant in the
3:55 pm
economy because of sale ises to hire people in their sectors. >> got to leave it there. kyle, great to see you. >> i thought wisconsin, getting a special guest. the rubber ducky. you are the one. you make bath time lots of fun. >> rubber ducky, i am awfully fond of you.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
so what is bright yellow, more than five stories tall and weighs 10-12 tops and adorable. a bath tub toy for a big bath tub. they call her mamma duck and she is taking i dip in green bay this weekend. >> mom duck is a crowd festival. and was first hatched in 2007 and floats on a steel pontoon and two and half-hours to inflate and has a baby duck that travels with her. she has a facebook page.
4:00 pm
>> she is out. >> she scares me. government busters marsh mellow man. >> she's out. we'll go for your sake. i am arthel nevle and this is eric shaun. donald trump doing damage control. the republican nominee endorsing republicans facing tough reelection attackses. i am laura ingel in for julie banderas. >> donald trump is stressing unity and working to turn the page with fellow republicans only days after causing tension bay saying he was not ready to endorse paul ryan. he formally endorsed paul ryan and john mccain and new hampshire cent saor kelly a yotte.


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