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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good-bye, joanne. good-bye. i'm greg gutfeld. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, which is the more tolerant party? the republicans or the democrats? the answer to that confirms tom's world view next. is this art exhibit a pro-gun? finally we say fairwell and good-bye to a member of the red eye family. i think i speak for all of us when i say why couldn't it have been tom? >> all of you? thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she's created more roles than the pillsbury dough boy.
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joan joanne nosuchinsky. he loves the constitution. matt welch. when the world ends, the only two things left alive will be cockroaches and him. terry schappert. between him and nixon, it's tough to say who said more inflammatory things on tape. sitting right next to me is the host of the anthony cumia show, anthony cumia. okay. let's start the show. it's often been debated which political party is the most tolerant. well, the debate is over thanks to one brave man. filmmaker ary horowitz decided to conduct a social experiment at this year's conventions by standing outside the hall holding a sign supporting the other party's nominee. here he is holding a i heart hillary sign at the rnc. >> i love hillary.
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thank you very much. thank you. that's very kind of you. oh, geez. >> there you go. >> that was a good one. >> see? >> seems like it was a friendly vibe. >> open minded folks at the rnc. now let's see how the dnc dealt with the i heart trump signs. >> trump for president, everybody. trump for president. no, he's not [ bleep ]. he's looking out for us. did you just spit on me? >> [ bleep ] you. >> that was not nice. come on. >> we don't have to be nice. >> you don't have to be nice. we're democrats. and that wasn't the end of it. >> that's racism.
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>> not at all. >> why can't we be angry? >> hey, liberals, what happened to these bleeding hearts? anthony, as someone who has often said to be too tolerant, what do you think of this? >> yes, i am very, very tolerant. i kind of liked when he was holding the i love hillary sign. people taking pictures of him like he's an exhibit or somebody freakish thing. but it just shows you, i mean we've known, us people with sense know that the left is just the most hypocritical, and it proved it right there. they aren't tolerant. they don't like other people's opinions. and it was blatantly obvious right there. >> there you go. i always say this. terry, i say this to my friends in new york. i say i think it's much worse on the left, and they say, no, you don't know what it was like in
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my hometown. there's always some mystery hometown out there that was persecuting people out there. >> which i haven't seen or been to. the litany of your privilege. the best quote. this is like sort of like doing a study on what stove is going to burn you, the one that's on and the one that's off. we already knew the answer. but shocker? i mean at a trump rally, whether you dig trump or not, they're throwing bottles, spitting on people. they call for the death of cops. those are not republicans. those are not conservatives that do that. so when you see that, it's like -- i don't know. by the way, that's probably the best way to show it because it's objective. if someone like me or anthony, because anthony is very tolerant and a bit of a left-wing guy. so is matt. but if we came out and said, hey, they're pretty intolerant, people go, you're biased. that's like a scientific study.
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>> they weren't as angry at bruce willis' sign in die hard 2. >> exactly. >> welch, you know, any surprises here? >> yes. no. the biggest non-surprise that you'd bring this up is some kind of scientific fact, tom shillue, as andy rightly pointed ought in the opening here. all these studies that say republicans are acts and democrats are acts are b.s. for the most part. i was ready to say this one was b.s. too because it fits into preconceived notions and because you don't know where that hometown is because you live in new york. >> i have a hometown, though. >> whatever. >> whatever, dude. >> connecticut? is that a hometown? >> norwood, massachusetts. >> it's greater connecticut, and enough with you people, already. but, no. i mean there's something to that. if you are a non-liberal or non-progressive and you live in new york, you are constantly just scratched at and irritated
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by your political beliefs because if someone hears them they kind of jump backwards or if they hear fox news, they jump backwards. that's what we're prepared to accept. all that said, i was at both conventions and it was striking that i did not go in there expecting the democratic convention to be more tumultuous than the republican convention. i asked a friend of mine who was sort of a tea party organizer. he said here's the problem. you try to get the republicans to get mad on the floor and put up an anti-trump signs and that stuff, they're kind of more respectful and nice. and the democrats are more ready to like claw each other's eyes out. so i think there's a little bit of something to it. >> as far as libertarians go, a lot of people try to paint them as splitting the difference between republicans and democrats but wouldn't say they get more angry. they can't call you dumb so they have to call you evil. >> it depends if you're getting close to power. so if gary johnson is polling like at 10% right now, so you're going to see a raft of articles in salon and alternate saying,
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don't trust libertarians. they're really out to rape your grandmother. it's going to happen soon. >> grandma. >> joanne, what do you think? were you surprised at this? >> no. and you want to know why? >> i want to know why. >> because conservatives can find the funny. they still can do that. i've done, you know, several man-on-the-street type things and a lot of times without a flag on my micro phone so they don't know i'm from fox news. but talking to people, i've found that the conservatives will play for. they'll actually give answers. they'll be a little more lighthearted right out of the gate. i'm not sure why that is. but in my scientific research which is, you know, a few hours. >> documented. >> in reality, that's what i've found. >> could it be because you're doing your on the street stuff in new york, where probably most of the conservatives you meet are from out of town and having a fun time because they're on vacation? >> and they don't speak english,
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yeah. no. i went to philly recently before the democratic convention, and i was talking to people. and, yeah, the conservatives, even in philly, even though the dnc was going to be happening right there, they were -- i don't know -- a little more ease going. >> i think matt kind of hit on it. there's a way of being raised where, like it or not, there's a bit more respect for authority and the system. and i think a lot of times the dems on the far left, there's an icon class tick break the system down, crush it. that's what they're doing. there's a -- what's the word i want to use? there's a civility more so on the right. >> joanne, though, if you look at the left looks at the trump sign as evil and dangerous and terrible. and the right was looking at the hillary one kind of funny, like look at that goofy guy. the other one saw it as like, there's -- >> it's not as if the right has lacked for thinking that hillary clinton is evil over the -- >> because she is.
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>> but one guy holding a sign is kind of goofy. >> but the supporters. >> there's insecurity there too. i think it's almost an insecurity. again we're talking far left. the far left seems more insecure in their beliefs in that they have to attack you. i think a lot of conservatives, they know they get slagged on all the time, and i think they're less insecure. so it's like, yeah, okay. >> a ten-second thought. where's the place that you move in america if you're conservative and you want to be among like-minded people? actually, you don't know people who think that way, but you can answer that question on the other side. san francisco, other places. san francisco, which is a place that i love as a southern californian, but also hate as a southern californian had somest of the most intolerant tolerant people you'll meet. you can't have a conversation just easy going about things because they want to -- >> they went there for that reason. >> they want to live in a bubble. >> moving on, everybody in the pool except men and anybody who doesn't observe islamic law. in france, a private pool party
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planned for september 10th at a water park near marseille has sparked controversy. the invite seen here states that the party is exclusively for women and children. it urges women not to come in a two-piece that, quote, the body must be covered from the chest to the knees. and it notes the water park has made an exception allowing bathers to wear burkinis. they have faced bans across europe. they allow muslim women to swim without worrying about requirements to dress modestly in public. so a local mayor said, quote, a certain number of muslims are deciding among themselves to break away from our republic model and put themselves outside of our society. now, as a male, i wouldn't be allowed at that party. but i do approve of the burkini. my swim wear actually isn't that different. look -- >> it's the burkini that shrunk.
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>> i need to cover up. sometimes i go further, put the whole t-shirt over my head. >> looks like a jerk-tini. >> it's the way he tells them. that's where the gold is. >> i was at rye beach last weekend, and there was a woman with a burkini, and she had her child. to me, i thought that's a great sun protection because i'm always slathering on that no nonsense. matt hooper looked sexier in jaws. >> i'm like a trump guy, you know, but i think that europe is going a little too far with these bans. sometimes i think in france they ban the head scarves. i think they should allow them? >> allow the head scarves? >> yes. >> i didn't even know they banned them. >> i thought the burkas where you can't -- >> no. in public, in schools and things if i'm not wrong, which i rarely am, i think even the head scarves are banned in schools and things like that in france.
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>> like star of davids too. >> that's a no-no. >> you can't have huge, non-catholic displays of religion in france. >> what's a jewish rapper to do? don't they need big -- >> just wear whatever the hell you want. >> actually those girls look really pretty. >> they look great, right? >> by the way, wear whatever the hell you want. just please stop blowing us up. it's good. >> that would be isis swimsuit issue, though. they're meant to look good. >> and it's women and children. joanne, i think that it's fine. there was another controversy over swimming hours for women. i think if people are insecure, if they just had a baby, they want time without guys around. >> definitely. i think one of the main things that this -- i don't know -- head guy of whatever department is all upset about is the fact that it's going against some of the rules or they worry about the cleanliness of the pool if you're wearing all of these
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clothes kind of in the pool. but they're closing it down and it's a private event. so you're not going to be disturbing other people at the pool. they don't have to be worried about it. and, man, heat and wearing that, that is oppressive, and who doesn't want to go in a pool? who doesn't want to be in a body of water? but for people who are really dedicated to their religion and want to keep that modesty, this is a great solution and it's one day. i think it's all right. >> i can testify that the cleanliness in the pool thing in france is just a load of garbage. i, as an american and a californian, would go to a french public pool with shorts down the knee because that's how we do it. and they say you can't go in there because of cleanliness guidelines. you have to come out with a speedo. and i'm an american. we don't wear speedos unless we're a different type of americans. >> this is automatwkward. >> what are you trying to say? >> michael phelps wears a speedo
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and we're good. but, no, so they -- >> they gave you a hard time for that. >> i couldn't go in the pool because i had californian board shorts on. so they have, for cleanliness, what do you call it? a vending machine. you can put it like two euros and get out some crinkly speedo. >> it's like meet the parents all of a sudden. terrible. okay. moving on, it's a country. it's a gun. it's a country and a gun. michael murphy's newest art installation is a three dimensional sculpture of america until you walk around it. the sculpture is called identity crisis and it was displayed in
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philadelphia during the democratic convention at a show organized by rock the vote. it's an obvious attempt by the artist to show how guns are what made america great and how the second amendment is firmly intertwined in the fabric of our great country. and i have to say i think he pulled it off admirably. >> schappert, what do you think? >> i could not agree morement. i think your assessment is correct. as soon as i was looking at that, i thought anthony cumia probably had an accident. >> that's a beautiful piece of artwork. >> anytime i hear the words, i'm calling awareness to you, i just shut down. i don't care what it's about. we're doing this to call -- i'm done. >> what about open a dialogue? >> again, shut down. open a dialogue. let's unpack this. shut up. let's have a conversation. go f yourself. >> wait a minute. it has caused a conversation, hasn't it, anthony? >> yeah, it will always cause a conversation. a lot of people, especially again on the left, love an open and honest discussion about
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things to air it and get it out there. right up until you give your opinion. and then you should just shut up because you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, mismisogynist. >> which you are. >> someone's got to be. it's clever. it looks cool. if it's an anti-gun thing, i could care less. there's so many more less offensive anti-gun things out there. >> it's probably an anti-gun art exhibit, right? >> i don't think most people saw that. it's like america is made of guns. >> i get it. >> see? yeah. >> it's like michael moore's nightmare. a fun house. >> i just noticed, welch, that it's made of guns. when i saw it today on the computer, i didn't realize. i thought it was kind of paper or something, but it's guns. >> you prepared pretty heavily for this. >> i have a little computer in my office. i think it's a good work of art. >> you know, it's a 2-d trick out of actual guns, so a little extra credit for that.
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it feels pretty 1987 to me. >> really? he's tough, joanne. >> i'm with you, tom. art is supposed to be interpreted by the viewer. the artist is not -- of course they're doing it with whatever in mind, but it's for the audience. it's not for the artist in my mean when it's on display like that. so i see that as thanks to guns, our country is safe. >> there it is. i'm going to retitle this exhibit "how the west was won." coming up, can you guess what kind of antics leo and joan are getting into today? if you can, you should try out for "jeopardy." with the xfinity tv app,
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the headline dared us to
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laugh at leonardo dicaprio's latest and possibly greatest prank on jonah hill. but what was the prank? pretending to be a fan. look how leo approaches, as an obsessed fan taking a cell phone video. jonah is startled and scared, but then relieved to find out it's not a horrible regular person, but a wonderful celebrity person like himself. that's the whole prank. pru te pretending to be one of those despicable people that buy tickets to their films. i love you, man. and i love you all the more because you're not one of those people that love me and throw money at me. and look at leo's entourage. where did they get them? they looked like they answered a casting call that read entourage-y type people needed. look what leo is sporting. cargo pants. leo, like me, is obviously a confident guy.
11:24 pm
he must be because the last time those shorts were in fashion, he was standing on the bow of the titanic. joanne, what does it tell you about celebrityize? >> so many things. but e! news buried the lead. that was the longest, most awkward man hug i have seen. i'm pretty sure there was like a drug tradeoff happening. i shouldn't say that. there could have been. >> they're buddies. they have shared -- they work the together on "the wolves of wall street." >> and that's wonderful they're they're still friends. but you're also still rich and not friends with me, and i wish i cared more. >> anthony, i think they really do love each other. >> oh, yeah. that seemed like a nice, strong, manly type of love right there. i was really unfortunately, as terrible i even say this. i was hoping for the knockout game. i wanted to see him run up and
11:25 pm
clock jonah in the head and then just walk away. you just got this useless -- when i watched the video originally, i was waiting for something to happen, and it never really did. >> didn't deliver the goods? >> but it's true, that's how they think of us. one of these dopes that run up to you with a camera. >> it is true. to me, it's a slam on the fans, schappert, but i guess it's bothersome to be photographed all day. >> tom, set me up. right now, i'm going to look at the camera. say, terry, i got something funny you got to see. >> terry, i got something funny you got to see. >> here's my reaction. why did you send me that. do it one more time. wait. jonah and leo are going to go at it? oh, my god. i don't even want to be here anymore. >> are we all notices your ears. >> it was kind of an intentional thing. >> is that something they tell
11:26 pm
you to get through those tunnels. pull those ears in so you -- >> you know what, i learned when i was -- again, all of you people, you're welcome to your freedom. yeah, you're welcome. i had to pin back my ears to save all of you. then he sent me a video of jonah hill and leo. can i call him leo? are we friends? hey, leo, i don't -- >> i don't know how that works. >> it works. >> welch, i demanded to do this story. i said, we have to do it. >> and clearly you were right. >> i'm surprised that they buried the second lead. leo has a baby bump, i think. >> you don't know how much you just hurt that dude's feelings. >> he's always had -- to me, leo is very competent. >> it's for a role, right? that's what they all say. >> come on, he just played like j. edgar hoover or something. >> he did, didn't he? >> so weird. >> i forgot about that. >> god bless all of them.
11:27 pm
>> i think that's all you're going to get out of that story. coming up, andy levy reports for duty. halftime is next. the red e
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welcome back. time to find out what we missed from tv's andy levy at the red eye news. how are you? >> excellent. gop convention goers are nicer than the democratic convention
11:31 pm
goers. i'm going to start with a correction. anthony, you said the people at the democratic convention hated the i love trump sign more than the people hated bruce willis' sign in die hard 2. >> please be 2. it was 3, right? >> die hard with a vengeance. >> i'm so embarrassed. >> he just threw you under the bus, man. >> you know what's great? the thing he hasn't apologized for, and he just apologized. that is the worst thing you have ever said on tape. >> it means something. >> boy. terry, you said this is like doing a study to find which stove is going to burn you, the one that's on or the one that's off. which is it? >> i don't know. i think the one that would be on. >> good answer. >> that's all i had. >> all right. matt, you said you were at both conventions and you didn't expect the democratic one to be more tumultuous. i feel like you might not follow
11:32 pm
enough bernie people on twitter because they weren't just having it. >> it's possible that you're right. i thought it would be quelled more effectively. don't get me wrong. wi the hillary forces went to great lengths. i was hanging out with a bunch of montana freakers, and they said they were tlhreatened with arrest if they were held a bernie sign and told they were going to be escorted off the premises. that's why they ended up doing a walkout. >> i think this guy went about this wrong. i think you know he held up the i heart hillary sign at the republican convention and the i heart trump sign at the democratic convention. i think if he really wanted to see people get mad at him at the democratic convention, he should have held up that i heart hillary sign. >> you're not wrong. >> all right. everything else i have for that is matt, and i don't want to go to matt again because i just went to him two times in a row. >> you have your own kind of set of rules, andy, right? >> i do. i like to run a tight ship. some french people are mad about a bikini party.
11:33 pm
tom, you are correct that the head scarf is banned in french schools. >> wow. >> most garb that shows any religious affiliation is banned in french schools. matt, you said we're americans. we don't wear speedos unless we're different. what did you mean by that? >> just that. just different in some way. european different. dudes like to wear speedos different. >> he's trying to trap you, matt. >> i'm not trying to trap him. i'm trying to drill down. >> it is not the norm on an american beach to see a man in a speedo. >> you're going to the wrong beaches, matt. >> that's true. >> this was a private party. i don't understand why anyone is getting mad or anyone -- why anyone cares that other people were getting mad. >> it's france, andy. and you know that the vision of freedom of speech is much different from ours. also they've had a bunch of people blown up recently. they're a little bit nervous. >> okay. i don't think they were being blown up by people at a pool party. >> you don't know that. >> that's true.
11:34 pm
the america gun art installation. form tom, you said this was an obvious attempt by the artist to show that guns are what made america great. >> yeah. >> actually, quite the opposite. he says it's about the united states rooting its image in violence and intimidation, and then he goes on for a whole bunch of sentences and paragraphs, and i won't bore you by reading them. >> thanks. >> violence and intimidation. so those are bad things? >> he apparently thinks those are bad things. that's what i took away from this. terry, you said anytime you hear calling awareness to, you totally shut down. that's how i feel about truth to power, which was the name of the rock the vote campaign that sponsored this exhibit. the worst. the hackiest phrase. matt, you said this was just a 2-d trick. wasn't it more of a 3- -- trick. >> it's two dimensional psych
11:35 pm
lodge. 3-d as a physical concept. >> i thought it was kind of cool. >> i mean i'm like you. i don't spend my, you know, afternoons at the museum. but what's going on here? >> museum of television and radio? >> apparently it's a bad thing to go to museums is what i'm implying here. >> there's lots of crowds. >> yeah. >> dicaprio pranks, jonah hill. tom, you tried to make this sound like this whole thing was like, oh, you know, like dicaprio -- thank god dicaprio is a celebrity and not a common person. >> yeah. >> hill sueaw a dude rushing at him with a camera and he was startled and then he was relieved it was someone he knew. what's wrong with that? >> wasn't leo making fun of the fans? i mean because that's what the fans do and it showed contempt to the fans, i thought. >> i don't even think you thought that. i think you just needed something to write about. that's what i think.
11:36 pm
>> andy knows me well. >> i am glad, though, that e! news just happened to be there with the camera in the perfect position to capture this totally spontaneous moment. >> oh, you don't think it was -- somebody thought it was staged. someone else thought it was staged, andy. >> that camera would not have been there if it weren't staged. >> well, they saw jonah hill. maybe they were, hey, like, jonah hill. >> who would put the camera on jonah hill for more than three seconds? that's about as long as i can watch him in a movie. i kid to jonah hill. he's a big fan of the show by the way. >> are you saying they were acting? >> i think there might have been some acting going on there. >> cynical. >> i actually thought it was spontaneous. >> i just didn't care. >> well, terry, you seem to be asking why you should care about this. i think because we're paying you to be on the show and talk about it. >> that would be funny and true except you're not paying me. so you got another point or what? >> it's funny and untrue. >> i think we have to have a
11:37 pm
conversation about this and maybe unpack it. >> let's do that. >> can you not be wearing flip-flops while we do that? >> can you just maybe check your privilege a little bit? yeah, your litany of privilege. by the way, what's wrong with flip-flops? it's the summertime. >> there's so much wrong with men wearing flip-flops. >> i kind of agree. >> in new york city? >> anywhere. anywhere. >> i wear flip-flops in the winter time. you guys are all ganging up on me on this, man. cut it out. >> do the ear thing again. do the ear thing. >> you wear flip-flops into the shower in the barracks. that's about it. >> set me up. say, terry, why are you wearing flip-flops? >> terry, why are you wearing flip-flops? >> how does that help with your ear condition? >> don't even worry about it, andy. i'm tired of trying to explain crap to you. >> tom, you said leo, his little belly came up in discussion, and you said, come on, he did it for a role. he just played j. edgar hoover.
11:38 pm
>> yeah. >> that was 2011. >> all right. >> we all agreed. we're like, yeah, he did, didn't he? >> it takes a while to put it on and a while to take it off. >> we don't get out and see the talkies a lot. just making it to cable. time to take a break. when we come back, the police helped rewrite the book of love. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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instead of a misdemeanor, she got a life sentence. aka marriage. three new york city cops staged a fake traffic stop to help a man pop the question to his girlfriend. his girlfriend had challenged him to come up with a unique proposal. he cooked up a scheme and asked police officers to help. they agreed. according to "the new york post," the cops pulled the couple over to conduct a fake gun and drug search. when their search of the trunk revealed balloons and flowers, the girlfriend caught on. >> will you marry me? >> she said yes. but now the cops who are on duty are in trouble. the nypd is reviewing the matter and may discipline them. welch? >> they should. >> what? >> they should. >> for crying out loud. what kind of sickness is it to
11:45 pm
try to get like a cop to stop you? let's get police power in the middle of a loving, beautiful moment on tape. >> i bet you wouldn't support the cop in that norman rockwell painting who is helping that kid who ran away from home. >> i would totally support the cops. but there's things recently of cop stopping people at checkpoints to give them ice cream cones. but you're stopping people by force. it's fraught with all kinds of potential tensions. >> if you're eating ice cream cones, how can you have hands on 10:00 and 2:00? >> well, you're supposed tone joy it, chat with the police officer. schappert, come on, help me out here. this guy loves freedom too much. >> matt welch hates america. you and andy levy hate america. we know this. i feel bad for the cops because you're right. anytime you're actually involved in a vehicle stop, who knows how it's going to go? but in a way, isn't this what people wanted? you don't want cops to pull
11:46 pm
people over to frisk them. you want them to do nice things. maybe if you didn't pressure them into not being cops, they wouldn't be pulling people over and doing wedding proposals. >> that's it. it's like community policing, right? >> oh, my god. cops have to understand they're not like fun roofers and carpenters on the job site just chuckling. like they can't do this things like this. it's nice. it's sweet and everything, but they're so in the spotlight now that anything short of just doing your police work comes off looking a little dangerous. i mean we see the video and stuff, and i'm expecting something terrible to happen just because it's on video like this. and by the way, i have been married. i would have taken the drug and gun charges. >> oh! >> ba boom. >> but isn't it sad that this is the state we're in. >> totally sad, but it is the state we're in. what is this? new york? >> i think that the real problem, though, is the girl. i'm sure she's lovely.
11:47 pm
but -- >> you didn't mean that. >> if you're a guy, you need to come up with like a unique, unusual proposal. that's the problem, the way society is today, that like you need to have the best story. you need to film it. it needs to go viral. it's just awful. >> what kind of pressure did she put him under? >> i don't know. >> it's funny that she did that. >> like she got what she asked for. and now, you know, you might have hurt the careers of -- >> i feel bad for those dudes. >> always the woman. >> what's the discipline? i mean why is it against the -- you know, they can have fun with people. they can do the ice cream cones. >> they were on duty. that's the problem. >> i would say to them in the future, probably don't do that. but they're trying to be nice and not be -- get on your belly, freeze type guys. they're just trying to do the right thing. it's probably not a good idea. >> i think it's a fine idea. lighten up. >> let them go. pull over matt welch because he
11:48 pm
hates cops. >> he just said it on national television. >> when we come back, we're going to say good-bye to joanne in perfect "red eye" fashion. they brought this on themselves.
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we are very sad to say this is joanne nosuchinsky's final show or final "red eye." she's starting a new chapter in her life, working for the trump campaign. >> mm-hmm. >> joanne was hired two and a half years ago primarily for her business insight. >> we'll let the market decide. i think we should let the market decide. >> we should let the market decide. >> i think we should let the market decide. >> let the market decide. >> let the market decide. >> i think we should let the market decide. >> i think we should let the market decide. >> joanne, i hadn't realized you had said that more than once. that phrase is now synonymous with joanne nosuchinsky. when you google it, her name comes up. i'm not kidding. you type in "let the market
11:53 pm
decide," it says joanne nosuchinsky. joanne was more than just a business genius. let's take a look back at some of her very best moments. ♪ >> i'm joanne nosuchinsky. bam! >> i'm just going to phone it in today. stop looking at me and just listen and laugh. >> being pretty has its perks. >> i'm too humble is my real problem. >> that's so much better? >> i love when guys fight over me. >> i don't discriminate against money. i will date any millionaire. >> either way, i'm pretty sure i just offended all women. sorry. >> again, i'm just coming up with lame theories because that's what we do here. >> if i learned anything in school, it's that smoking pot makes you cool. >> i don't have money. >> in one ear, out the other. >> gross.
11:54 pm
>> but i enjoy lollipops and giving them to children. >> that is exactly what i was trying to say! >> we're all wondering how i turned out to be this way. >> that was awesome, man. >> that was so good. i'm cry-laughing. >> magnum pie, a very popular show before joanne -- i was joking before about your employment prospects but i'm sure you are leaving to do a job. what's the show you're doing? >> uh, nothing. i'm going to be like most millennials, unemployed. >> well, no. >> i just felt like i should get to my millennial roots. >> you want to get out there and do acting and you thought you had to do a clean break even though we want to hang on to you. >> i need to close this chapter before i start the next one, and that is to pursue my acting career. a lot of people know because you've been watching the show for two and a half years, i have
11:55 pm
a degree in theater. it's my first love, and i'm only getting older, so i need to do it now. it's so funny watching the let the market decide stuff. i told myself when i first started here that i was never going to pretend to be someone i'm not. and i did not do that at all. i'm just -- i would make stuff up. i stole that line from andy, let the market decide. andy used to say it all the time, and i just decided to take it one day. and it fit better with me, i think. >> she e-mailed me and said, that line you always say? it's mine now. and then i couldn't use it ever again. >> and she did it by e-mail? >> and we sat across from each, and i just e-mailed him. >> andy, i'm glad we had to get you on the panel here. i didn't want to leave you in the "red eye" news desk. we're all sad to see joanne go. >> absolutely. the weird thing is before the show, i was thinking you can come back -- you know, you can come on and be a guest whenever
11:56 pm
you want. and she just started laughing. so yeah. >> i just learned how to say her name. >> it was difficult, but it's two and a half years, joanne. >> mm-hmm. >> and i remember, you know -- i think i remember when you were -- the first time you guested on the show. i called greg, and i said that girl is great. and he said, she's like money in the bank. you know, and he -- i said, you know, are you going to hire her? and she was like, i would love to but i don't think she would do it. she's an actress or whatever. and i remember having that conversation. >> which then makes me wonder if i should have done this. >> you can't sneeze at a couple of years in, you know, the best name in news. >> this is amazing and i've always said like all of the people that i have met, as corny as that sounds, the fans that i've, you know, acquired and hopefully that stay with me throughout, you know, my next journey, but it's really been a wonderful experience. i'm very, very grateful. >> beautiful. we are going to miss you,
11:57 pm
joanne. you're fantastic. you've got a long career ahead of you. >> thank you. >> thanks to my entire panel. thanks, guys. and thank you, joanne nosuchinsky. we'll see you again on mfox new
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
now. >> florida is on high alert as health officials fight the number of cases by mosquito transporting zik a. welcome to fox newses reporting, zika. i am trace galla gher. there are 6400 cases in the u.s. and territory, the cvc said there is no epidemic. but the worry is birth defects and paralysis in some


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