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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  August 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the main stream media salvations donald trump and saying that he is collapsing. >> i am told that the senior officials are actively exploring and if trump dropped out. >> it's exploding like real-estate. they're saying that staffers are suicidal. >> the only chance of winning it is to stay on message. america is in decline, and he can fix it. if he fights everyone who comes after him, he will lose. >> some questions whether trump is crazy. >> seems like a lot of people
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around him even in his manager circle is the contradiction and terms say that it's about the candidacy. >> they're saying again privately that it's like have you ever seen him like this before? asked him that? i have known him for a decade and i have not is seen him act like this before? >> republican nominees fighting back and announcing it. >> we're going to punch through the media. we have to. the new york times is totally dishonest. washington post has been a little bit better but not good and cnn reporters and it's like all trump all of the time. all trump all of the time. you walk out of an interview and say that's good and then you get killed for the rest of the weekend. >> so was the coverage unfair or
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does it have the missteps and a republican rebellion. >> hilton holds the first news conference and it's fitting. and what the blank is going on with the crowd language. this is media buzz. what could be easily called the worst week of the campaign starts with kiser and that's one that attacked him in the republican convention. >> let me focus you back on the kahn situation. they're running wild with it. in hindsight would it have been smarter for the campaign to ignore him? >> yeah, i was watching television and saying isn't that nice isn't that nice and then i
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was attacked on the national convention by mr. kahn and i responded to that vicious attack. >> president obama adding his voice to the chorus. >> does it make you question his benefit to be president? >> yes, i think that the republican nominee is unfit to be president. >> newting -- >> he has not made the tradition to be the president of the united states and that's a much tougher lead. i think that trump is self-detruck tif. >> several reported that there's an intervention to push trump to be more disciplined. they denied that and saying that untruthfully but it continues. everyone from such journal irss
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and editor in chief. >> this is the behavior of a dictator who the party is realizing that they can not appease and should not appease and people with character have to come out and condemn it. >> i did not say this but people are saying this. is he a -- >> he is talking act his wife or banning muslim, but these are dumb things. >> joining us now for the coverage is senior editor at the federalist. crystal ball and senior at the new leader counsel and then asorb tif editor and then it's a title wave of coverage and is this justified in part or over the top? >> well it's true that donald trump had a week of campaigning and that's a self-reflective and then they went up into a frenzy
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and they're going way over board in just weighing in on this campaign and they're losing anything of the objectivity as they cover this. it's a major talking point to resent him as unhinged. they can not be going along that and retaining the calm. >> are you saying that they're echoing or that they happen to sharing it? >> donald trump should not be giving him much ammunition. >> yeah, in some of this flat out media bias? >> yeah, some of these stories are silly like the baby story is silly. >> yeah, they're saying he was there. >> when you look at this week i made a list and i had trouble fitting on a sing piece of paper and the list out there and the offensive things that he did
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that would have tanked the campaign. you start with the gold star family and then you go on to him and then that kind of danger and then you go into him not being able to name the single female and then consider putting in a cabinet and then the economic advisers that's all white men. i mean that's coverage because he had done so many other things out there and that's not even mentioning the washington post that he gave and would not endorse paul ryan or kelly ayotte and he is so consumed with himself that he had the pause five times to stair at his mug on the television screen. >> i'm going to put it down and say that it's justified. >> i don't think that it goes enough. >> how much of this by the press is justified and considered to be? >> well, i think that if you put the polls aside entirely and put it aside and the things that he
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did to shoot the campaign in the face between -- this is one -- this is one of the -- this will go down as an epic melt down in just the last seven days. he could have been talking about one percent growth before last friday. hillary highing to chris and instead we're talking about they never sent him a letter and does he know -- well, he picked a fight with paul ryan and all of this was totally donald trump doing it to himself. you know the strategy to dominate the news and you read the piece in march and then they revealed that's what he was going to do and they are thinking that it's going to work in the election, and it's not working. >> he worked survived in getting the bad press. it's not just liberal media. i mean conservative common atan
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aggression and beyond nars schism and then the hunger for the approval and phrase wmp. when people on the right are saying how much it hurts trump. >> well we just came out of the democratic convention and there's a bounce there. there's an bounce there and at the same time i am not sure that it's shown to be committed to one candidate or another. anything could change the race. the way that they're presenting this is that it's over and there's no chance of recovery for trump. that's what i mean by going too far. they have to keep the motions in check. >> washington post, liberal columnist writing that he is increasingly convinced that trump is flat out crazy. you saw the sound bites and you see them questioning it and with the exception, it's a training si psychiatrist. isn't this over the top? >> well, you're not on solid
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grounds when you're going into people's mental states. when you have a week like this, it's hard to explain the radical behavior. >> yeah, he is not a politician and some people like that. >> okay. he has been on the stage for a while now and what is different is that these were in the primary and his excepts seem to help him at times. if you look at the polls, we should not be at this point in the race and it looks like a ten point race and jess there's a convention pump and yes all of that. we should not be at a place and given people preferences where you actually could have that kind of a land slide. that's why i say we don't have the language or urgency in the media because we run around with our hair on fire all of the time and to see how this week was for the campaign. >> yeah. >> not to say that they can not win. he still can. it was really that wild of a
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week. >> yeah, the commfights within party and he did on friday night endorse paul ryan, john mccain and then endorsing the zika virus. why is that such a big issue? >> what was the final straw? he refused to show any empathy or respect to a gold star family. he made a joke about receiving a purple heart. did not show the rev rans and what sent the chairman of the rnc over the top? what he did to paul ryan. it's him shooting republicans and doing the opposite of the unifying the party. that's why it's covered. >> let's not forget that wisconsin is a state that he thinks he can win and that given the fact that we're taking colorado and virginia off the map he is going to need this.
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>> that's part of the larger goal and then running the establishment in jechblt i don't like that it's applied so unevenly. it's on the other side of the i' aisle and then the big take away is that she did not lie and then she later said that she may have short circuited. >> it's trump and then the questions being raised on what is on her and then in 1995 when he was here and working the model when she was the naturalized citizen. they say that these are the questions and why is this a big story. >> because he's made it a big story.
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>> yeah, there's no evidence that i have seen that melania trump did not work. >> it appears that she worked for free. it's not illegal. it's the fact that she did not do anything wrong. is it fair to look into that kind on the floor thing and find out if there's dishonesty when that's an issue in the trump campaign. everyone is fair game in the family. the wife's always are. >> yay, the story is not about her but donald trump spewing and we see the motivation there. this is out of the new photos from her days and that were published by the new york post for two straight days. what do you make of the mottos and the stories around it? >> well, i believe that it's totally fair game and i was outrage and what does this have to do with anything. it's another attempt to
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undermine a woman. just because you're beautiful and pose in way and just because you don't lie does not say anything about what kind of a first lady would be and how capable he would be holding office. >> yeah, you have photos from facebook being published. >> mine were not like hers and this is the common tactic and to say that we can not take her seriously and that's what the effort is there. i see not a lot of others take that out. >> the new york post is where it's at. let us get a break here. media buzz and when we come back trump responds to the negative media against the campaign. later the press is pouncing the poll and showing hillary clinton expanding. what wl that means much in early august. after a long day,
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joining us now from dallas to a week of hashly negatively press is christina pearson. you hear there's a lot of bad press this week donald trump has and some of it is justified because of the remarks about the kahn family and not endorsing paul ryan. could you see that some portion of this is because of the miss steps on the candidates part? >> well, what i concede is this is also to be expected after the convention. howie this is not new. we have seen the news outlets and media to take parts in the post convention to throw everything at the republican candidate. they did it to john mccain and
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mitt romney. instead, we have a candidate that's going to fight back. there are opportunities that could have done a little bit bmplt at the same time, we have done that too. we're working hard everyday to get the message out there. sometimes it's not going to be perfect but i will tell you this, the media is not trying to hide it at this point. not just the wiki leakes reports and that they're working directly with them but in la times and opted by dustin that talked about -- he asked the question why have the rules been rewritten and it's obviously now and they're not trying to hide it. >> let me play with you donald trump at a rally yesterday and new hampshire yesterday and this is what he said of hillary clinton. >> she is a totally unhinged person. she's unbalanced. all they have to do is watch her
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and see her. >> i have been arguing that it's unfair for the media to say that trump is crazy and is he unbalanced or unhinged is a word. joe use and the candidates are using that, it does not seem like the outrage that it may otherwise be. >> well, i think it's the difference in the two campaigns talking about each other and the media helping the campaign with the narrative. mr. trump was talking about the in stances that the secrete s service has talked about and being enraged and scratching her husband and hearing things break in the white house. these are thing that is have happened and been reported by the secrete service. the stories that are coming out are fake. it's the same thing that they did the ronald reagan and saying that he was crazy and unhinged and won by a land slide. we can not sit here and pretend
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that donald trump has not been out there in the public eye and then all of a sudden he is unhinged and crazy and racist. people know that. >> i have about a half of a minute and i am glad that you can see that everything did not go perfect but the extent that you think that the media is unfair and is it because they don't like him or don't want him to win. >> there's absolutely a deep seeded bias and they're all proo te protecting hillary clinton and bill kwlin ton for a long time. they're identifying 84 minutes on cnn morning program and the fake controversy and the babies and devils with regard to donald trump and only 27 second toss the hostage payment. that's biassed and as i said, they're not trying to hide it anymore. >> okay. we're going to push back that every single one is against
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trump, but there's a lot. >> not every single, but for the most part. >> okay. thank you for coming on here this sunday. when bad language and proud of it especially when it comes to a certain billion candidate. later greta uncovering this crazy campaign. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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2 it was in anger. now, sure people make mistakes on tv and it's different when journalists and common at a tornados use fofowl language -- group during the primaries and cn was in the troubles when she said this. >> have you lost any hope that the gop can rain to be more bop traditional? >> i lost all hope seven or eight months ago quiet candidly. it's a loud mouth [ bleep ]. >> that's right. she used the nickname for the
8:26 am
guys named richard. did he regret it? yes, he said #sorry #not sorry. he was a guest and they were casting trump for a lack of knowledge when he said this. >> there was a tone for this kind of thing. this is the motive of [ bleep ] artist. sometimes amusing and entertaining. >> not just bs but the full word. i'm calling bs on that. i have no problem with cursing up a storm, but there's a time and a place and television news is not the place. isn't it interesting that the standards are being ignored when it comes to donald trump. and the first news conference for more than 240 days and it was not a growing. first to former presidential campaign advisers and why the coverage of trump's style is
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just like hilly's commercials, there's so false. so false. she has the one with bloods coming out of her eyes and i mentd her nose or her ears or her mouth and they're pervert and think it was another location. >> oh my god. >> joining us now are senior add vierz sor to the trump campaign who managed carson's campaign and then a former top o official campaign. after all of the media
8:31 am
criticism, they go to the rally and talk about megyn kelly and then whether being mocked. is it fair for the press to say that this is a candidate that has trouble staying on message? >> well, we have not seen a lot of discipline in the last seven and a half days. >> were advising the campaign and did they suggest that the campaign be more focused and talked about ab and c? >> yeah, the rallies are if it's 30 minutes of top of the head staking or less useful. they should have a message. they should have a focus. >> sir, maybe this whole sort of message and talk about one issue a day and old fashion aproemp is favored by the press. maybe it does not reflect trump's personality and that's what got him to where he is now. >> not only that, it's not favored by the press. they could complain that both candidates were on method and nothing to report about. particularly behind the scenes to aide. why can't they say something new
8:32 am
and that's when you get them covering my bags did not come off my bus in time and twitter is a shark fest. they love to report about this and how bad it is. >> i think that you nailed it. does it matter how most of the media is pounding trump like we have shone and then calling into question or do a lot of people disz miss that because they don't like the press either? >> well, both campaigns get nothing but abuse by the people of these events. they think that they're bias and do not listen to them. i think that's across america. >> some of this also as i mention ld coming from the ride. you have big name commentators and then the standards were opposed to trump by the common at a or thes and then you have george will and then bill crystal and does that criticism
8:33 am
hurt a republican candidate and does it undercut the notion that this is all liberal media bias? >> yes and no. >> you have to pick. >> yeah i know. there's people in trump's base that if david brooks don't like donald trump, they like them more. >> they don't feel that such columnist are true conservatives in a way. they think that they're a leadest. >> yeah the thing that caused the globalization and that's all that trump complains about. there's a percentage of the republican party that does read them and listen to what he has to say and if they think that he is unhinged, maybe they know more. you look back in the rally and talking about megyn kelly and there's a guy going yay. that's a base. it's not affecting him much like the main stream media. >> it's the press and he needs to expand the base in a general
8:34 am
election and then everybody hates the media and then they despice the media. >> yeah, i disagree with you. they have got two of the worlds most poplar people and running against each other and no amount of advertising is going to change much or coverage. it's bait and turning out. now, trump it's amazing to me that they mailed them and it's going to happen two days out and then while hillary is getting 50 people in cleveland. >> yeah so if trump is in a fight with john mccain or both of them endorsed and it's not quit there yet, do the base voters care about that? >> they're with him actually. they have a seven and a half percent approval rating. it stinks and they're going to get in the line. >> yeah, when you worked for
8:35 am
carly people said that she can win and not win. how hard can it be for donald trump to change the rap that the press has on him right now? >> it's hard to change the media narrative by going to the media to change it. on the other hand, and i'm not the first person to say this the polls will go back up. this is not going to be a slow and steady slide down. they're going to go back up and anything that the media loves is a come back story. >> so people will say he turned the corner. >> yeah, we're filling the prelims to borrow the olympic terms. we're not in the cycle yet. >> yeah, this is so fickle and make you an excellent point. >> thank you very much and great to see you here. ahead on media buzz whether the press is over playing the slip age in the polls.
8:36 am
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hillary clinton held her first news conference this year at the national asorb dwrags of black journalists and the washington post told her that she needs to do more. >> i think on behalf of all us of we intend you do this more
8:40 am
often with reporters across the country. [ applause ] >> especially those news organization that travel the country with you wherever you go. >> for the most part they did not exactly grill the democratic nominee. >> most meaningful conversation that you have had with an african american. >> do you take latino voters seriously or taking them for granted that there are going vote republican? >> well, i take them seriously because i have had a great privilege working for many years with latino leader, activists, business men and woman. >> we're back with the panel and crystal ball and seriously, do you take latino voters seriously. you would have loved questions like that. >> yeah, there are some softball in there but there are serious question in there and whether the e-mails and what she said
8:41 am
about them are truthful. she got the tough questions on the obama legacy and some called him the quarter in chief and she got tough questions there. that's the backdrop on the question that she got if the democratic party takes them seriously or taking it for granted. >> well, in my view there are tough questions but then you have accused donald trump of using sexual language. what you think? do you green with that? what do you make of that? >> well, the most awful thing of the press conference is that the journal iists were applauding here. that's not appropriate behavior. >> yeah, this is a conference by journalists association and say that most of them were not reporters. i take your point. i was not there. >> well, the questions were too easy. it's important when you're dealing with hillary clinton that you do not present a question that it's easy for her to avad answering it.
8:42 am
>> yeah. i don't think that the questions were tough at all. they were easy to get the avasive response and she is not confront window the particulars of the way that she has lied about the scandals. >> yeah, they were not enough to get herself in trouble. >> yeah, well the backdrop is that last sunday chrisle wallace pressed hillary clinton on the e-mail scandal and she has given a few interviews. first time on fox and she said that the answers were truthful and what she said was consistent on what she told the american people. this did come up on friday's press er. this is what she said. >> i may have short circuited and for that i will try to clarify. i think that chris wallace and i were talking past each other. >> what does she mean short circuit? what does that mean? >> everyone should listen to the answer, and i want to give christine walker of nbc the
8:43 am
credit for asking the tough questions and giving the follow up. you saw her barf out an answer that was intentionally confusing and she said that she short circuited. she has ways of making things up when she was being investigated for the crime by the fb skpirks she called it a security review. they do not do them. what she does -- >> when you say barf out. >> yeah people have to read the transcript of the answer and it was unbelievable. she continues to tell the same statement over and over again and it's just unbelievable at the stage. >> yeah, jump in on this. surprisingly legally the case is over. it does not continue to pursue criminal charges. hillary clinton cannot help herself. the fbi said that -- in fact comey said that she was extremely irresponsible. >> i don't think that it's
8:44 am
accurate to say that it's over. one thing that she is saying is that she did not lie in the fbi conversation. that's not the only time that she talked about. james visited congress and did mengsz if they wanted him to look into the false statements there, he could do that. >> that's a fair point. what about the press conference and hillary clinton stepping on it in this and now we have this new short circuit? >> yeah, i think that it was covered extensively. they were bound and not act ritd and i agree with the large extent. she has not from the beginning been able to deal with it head on and acknowledge the mistakes and move forward. now she is stuck in this very legal what i said to him was this and what i meant was this. it does not ring well. when you had the week that trump had, it does not break through the way that it should. >> totally over has had doshado
8:45 am
trump. >> thank you.
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8:48 am
. it's no secrete that donald trump is flipping in the polls this week. is the media making too much of that? joining us is the republican and fox news publisher. are they going too far. >> yes. ask someone of your closest friends how many of them are voting for donald trump. you do this in a state like missouri, iowa, florida, ohio. maybe eight, ten or 12. you ask a journalist as i have
8:49 am
done in the last week, it's maybe one or two. even i as a sometime republican holster only three or four people. they're making -- >> you're suggesting that there's a bull here. you're saying at we're -- most of the people that we talk to or read or follow on twitter saying that trump is in trouble. >> i'm not suggesting it. i'm declaring it. it's a bubble and that's a challenge. the other thing is that trump is too available. why does he -- every time that hillary clinton holds a press conference a million goes to the veterans. >> she holds one friday. first time in 2,000 days. why would he give up a great message system for him and he is good at it and when he gets bad press, everybody is talking about him. >> it's not a matterover talking about him but it's the quality and not the quantity. give me your phone. if i were a trump strategist i
8:50 am
would take the phone and throw it way and dump it. that's what is causing his problem. he writes things on twitter that gets turned on him. he delivers in a speech. >> he speeches. >> let me ask you this. people forget that you were the one asking donald trump questions more than a year ago when he ripped john mccain saying he liked people that weren't captured. is the con elect-- controversy khan different? >> john mccain is a politician today and this family has nothing to with politics. this is something trump understood. when trump says, i'm the only one who can make the change, it doesn't work. you talk about political correctness. it works. you talk about changing in washington, that's how trump survives the media. >> this doesn't mean hillary clinton is getting good press, does it? >> she's getting horrible press. he's getting worse press. >> and more of it.
8:51 am
>> it's why more americans dislike these candidates more than any other time. >> this past week, worst presidential campaign i have ever seen. how much does that hurt him given that most people think we are biased and unfair and the playing field is tilted? >> 45% of americans have an unfavorable opinion of him. we have never elected someone that high. hillary clinton is about one-third. trump has to lower that. it's going to come in the debates. it's very simple here. if donald trump, if he ties her in the debates, he loses, because of the negativity. he has to beat her. >> he has to beat her in the estimation of the people who control the microphones who are going to say, he won, he lost, he blew it, she did well. >> actually, because of social media and talk radio, he doesn't. he has three key things. make a change, washington is broken, i will be your voice.
8:52 am
if those are his themes, he wins. if they're not, he will lose. >> frank, great to see you. still to come, we will talk to cigaretsg r gretta in a mome. , that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. how should television anchors go about interviewing donald trump? i sat down with fox's on the record. welcome. >> nice to see you. >> how do we cover this campaign in a hyperpartisan atmosphere where donald trump is depicted not just as unprepared or bigoted but crazy and a threat. >> we can take a breath. we can step back. there are two way dozen s to do. we can hammer him or we can ask the hard, tough question. we can do it politely and get the same information. let the viewer/voters decide. >> you have interviewed trump many times. you ask him what his critics say, let him respond. how much of a challenge is it to interview this guy known for
8:56 am
barrelling his way through interviews? >> i let him talk. people don't tune in to hear me talk. they tune in to hear him talk. >> you have big ratings. >> no, no, no. if i ask a question, i let him go. if he's going to say something wild and outlandish, that's his problem. not mine. i'm not going to be part of it. i will not provoke it. then i will ask a follow-up question. one of the big questions was about his taxes. he says that i advised him not to release his taxes that were in audit. if you read the whole thing, if i'm your lawyer, i say don't release the ones in audit. there are a lot not in audit. release those and i'm not your lawyer. release them all. that doesn't get talked about. >> megyn kelly said the media loved trump during the primaries, big box office attraction. now the mainstream media hate donald trump. do you think that's going too far? >> the media takes sides. i think the media sees which way the wind is blowing. a lot of people don't go beyond the beltway or new york city. i think they talk to each other and party with each other.
8:57 am
when you hear the media use the same words to describe something, for instance, trump's speech the other night that the convention was dark. they all used dark. when mitt romney chose paul ryan to be his vp, it's a bold choice. just listen to each other. they are watching too much cable tv. >> following each other on twitter. >> they need to get out more and actually talk to the people instead of listening to each other. >> what you are suggesting it's not a level playing field. this is what donald trump says, dishonest press. >> he knows how to come back. he takes to twitter -- i have no sympathy for donald trump and hillary clinton. they can have as much air time as they want. no boo-huoo that -- if he wante to explain something, he is welcome to come on my show. >> hillary clinton has done fewer interviews. >> i did -- eight times traveled with her overseas. >> is she being, especially in the last couple weeks, is she
8:58 am
being overshadowed because there's so much about trump, trump did this, did that, down in the polls? >> she is playing media game. she's smart. a lot of democrats won't come on fox news, because they use it as a fund-raising tool. money comes in when they complain about fox news and send out e-mails looking for funds. she knows what she's doing. she could have as much air time as she wants. if she's overshadowed, that's her decision. >> to the extent to which trump is getting hammered for just about everything, do you think this reflects the fact that many journalists -- >> some is -- when people get hammered -- okay. >> he made mistakes. those should be covered. sometimes he keeps negative stories alive. at the same time, do you think that some journalists -- you talk about new york, washington, everybody they know doesn't like trump and therefore there's a certain kind of group think that sets in. >> no. i think that what happens is that i don't think anyone is
8:59 am
willing to step back and look what he says and analyze it. i think once you are on that roller coaster ride going in one direction, you can't reverse it. whether or not it's -- whether or not trump says anything that perhaps should get a different type of reporting i think people are set in their ways on trump in the media. >> you see a lack of context? >> he deserves a lot of it. lack of context, but he deserves a lot of it. he's fiery, he is -- people put the cameras on him and he talks. i'm not saying he doesn't deserve a lot of this or even all of this. i'm just saying that the med media -- sometimes the media doesn't have independent thinking, bold, dark, are my examples. >> good to see you. i'm howard kertz. check out our facebook page. e-mail us. we post a lot of content there. continue the conversation on
9:00 am
twitter. a lot of you let me know what you think. we got through it. we will be back next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. donald trump trying to get his campaign back on track after a really rough week. now he's taking aim at hillary clinton over her e-mail claims and her continuing efforts to try and explain it after all this time. hello, everyone, welcome to america's election headquarters. >> donald trump stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton this weekend, suggesting she's not mentally fit to be president. it comes as a third house republican announcing he is not planning to vote for the party's nominee. all of this as a new poll showing mr. trump trailing


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