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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 7, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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twitter. a lot of you let me know what you think. we got through it. we will be back next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. donald trump trying to get his campaign back on track after a really rough week. now he's taking aim at hillary clinton over her e-mail claims and her continuing efforts to try and explain it after all this time. hello, everyone, welcome to america's election headquarters. >> donald trump stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton this weekend, suggesting she's not mentally fit to be president. it comes as a third house republican announcing he is not planning to vote for the party's nominee. all of this as a new poll showing mr. trump trailing mrs.
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clinton by eight points. kristin fisher is sliefsh with more. >> reporter: trump's new nicknames make crook eed hillar almost seem nice. he says she's unstable and unhinged. the evidence he is using to make such a claim comes from hillary clinton herself. you may remember two days ago clinton said she short-circuited while trying to clarify comments she made aboutler private e-mail server. now trump is using those words against her. >> unstable, hillary clinton. and you saw that. you saw that where she basically short-circuited. but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short-circuit up here. >> that kind of attack is exactly what many republicans have been waiting for. they want trump to stay on target, attacking clinton, not
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members of his own party. here is newt gingrich. >> if you look at the last few days, i think he has gotten the messages. he came out and endorsed paul ryan, which he should have done. he endorsed john mccain, which he should have done. these are steps back into -- >> a growing number of republican lawmakers are speaking out against their pear's nominee. yesterday, congressman scott ridgel became the third house republican this week to say he would not vote for trump. then there's the polls. a new one out today from abc news and "the washington post" has clinton ahead by eight points. the real clear politics average of polls has clinton ahead by about the same amount. they have her aheadily seven points. the trump campaign is hoping tomorrow's economic policy speech in detroit will begin to turn those numbers around and put that very bad week behind him. >> i know you will be watching it for us. thanks.
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>> mrs. clinton getting ready to unveil her economic proposals. she will lay out the plans in detroit, a troubled economic city. earlier today, her running mate tim kaine speaking out about mrs. clinton's e-mail scandal following the interview with chris walace last week. you know the one in which she said she short-circuited on our answer about the e-mails. he tried to clarify her answers. >> she was saying what director comey acknowledged to be true, that when she spoke to the fbi, when she was talking to the fbi, the fbi thought her answers in that setting were truthful. chris might have been asking her a different question. >> senator kaine promising he and mrs. clinton will be more transparent. there's new fallout this morning over allegations that a $400 million payment to iran was ransom for the release of four
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american hostages. president obama denying that it was ransom, even as the controversy shows no signs of going away. kevin cork is live from martha's vineyard where the first family is on vacation. kevin? >> reporter: good day to you. it is a controversy that won't go away, in part because of the optics of this thing. people say, no matter what you say, it doesn't look good. i think that's really what's behind the controversy, because there are a number of people who say, you have to ackno at a minimum the optics were tes g terrible. the president was talking about this at his end of the summer news conference that he gave at the pentagon right before heading here to martha's v vineyard. tom cotton for one isn't buying. >> it matters what the iranians think and what dictators and
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terrorists and gangsters all around the world think. they clearly think that this was ape ransom payment and that if they take an american hostage, maybe they, too, will get a $400 million windfall and 500 euro marks. that's why it's so dangerous. >> paid a portion of the claim and we got hostages home. both of those things are appropriate. i understand why trump is trying to make something out of it. there's just no there there. >> you don't believe it looks like a ransom? >> no. absolutely not. >> there you have it right there. tim kaine is saying, it doesn't look like a ransom. i guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. but keep this in mind. the fact that he is unwilling to acknowledge the optics are terrible and that seems to be the administration wants to handle this is part of the reason why this story simply won't go away. >> kevin, thanks. it turns out the iranian nuclear deal may have cost a
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life. tehran announcing it execute aid nuclear scientist who defected to the united states in 2009 only to return home run year later. he was hanged. they say he provided the enemy, that's us, with vital information on the program. he was 40 years old. u.s. officials told the ap he was paid $5 million for information on the nuclear program. he returned home claiming he was kidnapped by the u.s. government. the opposition says he went home because the iranian regime threatened his family. why was he put to death? what does that mean? the ambassador joins us. a fox news contributor, ambassador, why is the hanging so troubling and so significant? >> well, there's obviously a lot we don't know here. it's the kind of episode that makes counterintelligence officials crazy, because the possibilities are nearly infini
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infinite. the story that appears to be most accurate is that amiri was an agent in place for us at the iranian nuclear weapons program over time, giving us information that eventually for reasons still unclear he decided to defect to the united states. but then for reasons which are also not clear, he defected back to iran, perhaps he got home sick, we shouldn't laugh at that. that can happen to defectors. perhaps the ayatollah threatened or blackmailed family members and colleagues. when he returned to iran, he was hailed as a hero, a double agent, the iranians said they planted to get information about us. killing him a short time thereafter is some indication their story was put up. i think it demonstrates just how deadly serious the iranian nuke yack weapons program is just how high the stakes are. >> deadly is the correct point. i mean, there are e-mails the associated press has to mrs.
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clinton, between her and jake sullivan, one of her aides. they quote one of the e-mails as follows saying -- this is in 2010 saying, the gentlemen, meaning amiri has gone to his country's interests section because he is unhappen pip how much time it has taken to facilitate his departure. do you think they were concerned about news stories the way this would appear in the public when letting him go is sending him to certain death? >> i have to consider myself a pretty hard veteran of washington. even i was shocked by that. it's so typical of the hillary clinton operation. it's all about optics. it's all about politics. how this was handled and the consequences for the united states, the possibility that other u.s. or friendly agents inside iran may have been rolled
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up when this person went back to iran, the consequences for our ability not through intere international observers but through intelligence capabilities to know what's going on in the iranian program could have been compromised. there's more at stake whether hillary clinton would get a bad news story. >> did we give up an asset? >> i think if somebody voluntarily says i want to go back home, we're not in the business of keeping them. by the way, just for the record, the notion that we somehow kidnapped this fellow and brought him to the united states, which they are claiming, that's fanciful, too. on the other hand, the idea that we allowed him to be put in this position is very troubling. it mirrors other mistakes that mrs. clinton made with the chinese bare foot lawyer who
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defected to the udz .s. embassy beijing, was sent back out and brought back in to american protection later after being put in jeopardy. i'm afraid par for the course with her. >> what should we have done? what do you fear? what does this mean? >> well, if, in fact, amiri was a legitimate defector to the united states, we should have been doing things to protect his family in iran or get them out. all of that should have been considered before he was released. this business of how we handle defectors largely an intelligence question but security implications. very interesting to see what her explanation is. >> talk about his family. the iranian opposition has a stunning statement out. they say --
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i mean, that actually says this could be a message to other nuclear scientists in the regime, you know, leave, help the enemy, that's us, and you will end up like he did. >> yeah. the mek has long known a lot about the inside of the nuclear weapons program in iran. they have been right in every material respect in the public statements they have made. i think their concern here should be taken very seriously. certainly by our intelligence services, by israel, by the saudis and by others. so much for the nuclear deal one year ago changing the behavior of the ayatollahs. not a bit of it. >> this is such a sad simpymbol. thank you. >> thank you. >> of course.
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a show of unity in turkey following last month's failed coup attempt. they united for a pro-democracy rally in istanbul. it is bringing lawmakers together on the same platform for the first time in years and follows western criticism of a massive government crackdown. the president urging attendees to bring only the turkish flag instead of party banners. overseas, thailand voted to accept a military-backed constitution. it paves the way for a again election there next year. it does require future governments to rule on the military's terms. critics have said the constitution is undemocratic and cements the military's hold on that country. results are expected on wednesday. a tandem skydiving jump ends
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in tragedy. their bodies were found about four miles away. here is the latest from the west coast bureau. >> this happened in the northern part of california's central valley. it's a rural area perfect for skydiving. in fact, the parachute center involved here claims to be one of the largest and one of the oldest in the united states. it's up to federal investigators to figure out exactly what caused this crash. we do know both victims were men. according to friends, one was skydiving for his first time. he was evidently there celebrating a friend's birthday when something went wrong. >> deputies responded out to the scene and located a tandem jumping pair that did impact the ground without the chute deploying. coroner's investigation of that. the faa will handle what the contributing factors were to that.
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>> the risk is obvious with extreme sports like skydiving. the numbers show that deaths aren't as common as you might think. we took a look and found out over the past six years, an average of 22 people died skydiving in the united states every year. that's out of 3.2 million jumping. the fatality rate is low. obviously, throughout the years we have seen people of all ages sky dive. you may remember that a couple years ago george h.w. bush sky dived on his 90th birthday. that was his eighth time skydiving, proving you can be fearless at any age. especially even when you are 90 years young. >> that was amazing. thank you so much. man, oh man on this sunday, it's not the sunshine state. florida bracing for a huge downpour today. forecasters predicting 10 to 15
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inches of rain along the gulf coast. the system expected to last for the next five days. some isolated areas could get 18 inches of rain say the forecasters. officials are urging folks from tampa down to pensacola to prepare for the possibility of lots of flooding. five days, that's a lot. >> that's a long time. overseas, 20 people are confirmed dead following heavy flooding in macedonia. six people are missing and nearly two dozen others are in the hospital. this after powerful storms swept through capital and surrounding villages. high water destroying homes and vehicles making roads impassable. emergency crews are still assessing the damage. back here at home, a swarm of bees were on the loose. tens of thousands. can you imagine if you saw that? >> i would freak out. >> tens of thousands of bees outside that walmart. three people went to the hospital. we will tell you what happened. new polling shows hillary clinton increasing her lead over
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three people were taken to the hospital when tens of thousands of bees got loose and started stinging people outside a walmart in oklahoma city. someone was selling bee hives in the parking lot of the walmart. one of the hives fell over. that released as many as 60,000. yes, 60,000 bees. three people had to go to the hospital for being treated for repeated bee stings. a firefighter was stung but did not require any medical attention. wow. donald trump falling behind in new polls against hillary clinton. a washington post poll shows clinton opening up an eight point lead over trump among registered voters. while a real clear politics average has clinton ahead by seven points. among polls taken in the past week. let's talk about this now with the chief congressional
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correspondent for the washington examiner. good to see you. >> hi. >> do these new poll numbers mean that hillary clinton can put her campaign on cruise control? >> no. and i can guarantee you the clinton campaign is not going to do that. i think what it spells out for donald trump is that he has three months to get his act together and try to close the gap. and i think he has time on his side. it's only august. and in addition to that, there are a lot of people who will decide this election in november who are not paying attention right now to what donald trump is saying. so he has a real opportunity to change the dynamic here and get people on his side, close the gap and become a real competitor in this race. >> as trump maps out his course to make it into the white house garage, if you will, what states does he put a pin on that map as the key states where he needs to
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pick up speed? >> right. we call these the swing states where there are a lot of undecided voters, people who go back and forth between democrat and republican over the years. we are talking about pennsylvania, ohio, florida, michigan, even north carolina. there are plenty of opportunities for trump there. his message, of course, is make america great again. it's sort of denouncing the obama agenda and talking about a jobs economy. this is a message that can really resonate in these states where the economy has struggled to recover and people aren't feeling the improvements that the obama administration has been taughting. he can make real headway in these battleground states. i expect we will see him campaigning there very frequently, if not exclusively in the months ahead, in the next three months. you know, it's tr game to win or lose here. if he decides to really show discipline with his message and stick to these really key elements that the voters care about, he can start closing that
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gap even in the month of august. i think what's happening is he's getting caught in these side shows that are dominating the media cycle over and over again. it wouldn't be hard forimage ifa message that the voters care about. he hasn't been able to do that. >> of course, as you say that, trump can make leeway, he can gain momentum, but what would you say are the best political roadblocks that hillary clinton can put in trump's path? >> very easily, i think that she -- the democrats have been pretty good at baiting trump along the way and getting him caught up in things like bringing o bringing out the khan family. he fell into their trape easily. it dominated the media for a long time. it had voters saying in both parties that they disapproved what trump did in response, where he was fighting with the khans and denouncing them online
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and on his campaign events. it's not hard for hillary clinton and the clinton team to kind of lure trump into these traps. i expect they will do that. they know one easy way for clinton to win -- she doesn't have to run on her record. keep denouncing donald trump and it helps feed into the narrative that he is not equipped and capable of being president. if you look at poll numbers, voters are saying that about him. it's a troubling aspect of his poll numbers. so many people saying, i don't think is the guy that can run the country. he needs to combat that narrative and stay away from being lured into these side shows with hillary clinton. again, it's all about discipline for donald trump. it's something that he has had a real hard time doing from the get go as a candidate. going forward, we're all going to be watching to see, can he finally learn to do it? can he learn to stay on message? >> i'm sure those in the trump camp and other republicans are hoping that will be the case.
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has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. it's time for sunday housecall. >> welcome to everyone. joining us is dr. david somadi, chairman and professor of urology at lenox hill hospital and chief of robotic surgery.
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>> and dr. mark segel, professor and the author of the inner pulse. >> thank you. >> check it out. good to see you both. we start here. a new study fines that omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil may help heart attack patients recover by improving heart function and reducing scarring in the heart muscle. you are up on this, because i take fish oil. you take -- eric takes fish oil. i eat salmon all the time for that very reason. but is there a down side to taking too much fish oil? what is it? >> we have spoken about omega-3 fatty acid forever. everyone knows that on microscopic level what it does, it's for healthy cell membrane. our body consists of cell membranes. they need to communicate. it keeps your


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