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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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bill: the ground stop has been lifted. but there could be a major mess at airports around the world. delta airlines is resuming departures after it grounded flights due to a massive computer failure that stretched to every corner of the globe. abby: it's a story everyone is talking about. outage left thousands of passengers stranded around the globe'. jonathan serrie is live for ups
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in atlanta. it's going to being a long day for a lot of people. >> it will indied. delta is lifting the ground stop and allowing a limited number of flights. monday morning delta opening additional kiosks to deal with the special needs of these customers. but take a look at this airport with it was jammed with travelers. delta blames the problem on a power outage that occurred around 2:30. a passenger in chicago describes his experience. listen. >> i asked what time do the flight start boarding.
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and he said there was some problem with the system. they couldn't tell what time. people tell me i'm going to be departuring to, but i don't know yet. >> this morning delta air lines tweeted its flight data systems and airport screens were incorrectly showing flights on time. teams are working to resolve. anecdotally looking at the boards, i can see things are slowly returning to normal. an hour agive was looking at them and it was listing most of the flights on time. things here are slowly returning to normal. delta is issuing travel waivers to folks whose flights have been canceled or significantly delayed. they can reschedule their
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flights without penalty over the next few days. >> it will be a nightmare for people today. jonathan serrie live for us from the atlanta hartsfield airport. bill: done very trying to turn the page on a bad week in the the campaign against hillary clinton. trump going on the attack, hitting hillary clinton for comments that she quote short-circuited during an interview with our own chris wall has 8 days ago. >> she used the term ask short-circuited." she had a short-circuit in the rain. she has problems. if we had real people this would be a problem for her. i think the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short-circuit up
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here. bill: byron york, we are going to debate this whole thing in a moment. but back to the point of the day. this should be trump's strongest card, the economy. >> it should be. trump was always going to roll out a more detailed economic plan. sow city the was always going to happen. but it's particularly important now. it's the most important issue to voters. and paul manafort, trump's campaign chief said this economic speech would hit the campaign back where it belongs. and trump had a bad week last week and needs to get back on issues. bill: manafort was with us and he previewed what we should hear in part. >> when you look at the taxes
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hillary clinton will increase as a result of the programs she announced two weeks ago in philadelphia. we are talking about record tax increases on the american middle class and american businesses. so the point of it all is the economy is not in good shape. this campaign is going to be about the jobs and the economy. >> there you have the contrast. that's the starting point for today. >> trump wants to roll out a huge decrease in the corporate tax, the corporate tax in the united states, one of the highest in the world at 35%. he wants to take it down to 15%. and they want parents to be able to fully deduct childcare experiences. and see. >> tax cut targeted toward the middle class. this is the way trump wants to
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get ahead on this issue of the economy. in the polls when they were asked which candidate will be better handling the economy, trump has had the lead. but hillary clinton cut into that. bill: freeze the federal regulations and freeze the death tax. barring unforeseen events, does the economy decide this election? >> we have had a lot of unforeseen events already. yes, it does. since the economic meltdown in 2008, this is the voters temperature concern. what sufficient seen the past several months, you have seen national security rise to a level almost as high as the economy. i think there is no doubt if the past is any guide, voters will have their own economic
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condition and the larger economy in mind. byron york in washington. abby: isio governor john kasich inching closer to vote for donald trump. while he says he will not vote for hillary clinton, it might take him a while to line up behind trump. he says trump's divisive style could lose him the buckeye state. >> when you are dividing it's difficult to win in ohio. >> what could donald trump do to get to you vote for him. >> there is so much water over the indictment would be difficult, but i want unifying. you can operate on the dark side of the street or in the light. i think america wants people who operate in the light. plain and simple. abby: he confirmed he was
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offered the vp spot. but the ohio governor says he never spoke to trump or even considered it. bill: he may get his endorsement after all. rob portmoon seems to be doing very well in his race for the senate. abby: iran executed a nuclear scientist found guilty of spying for the united states. hillary clinton discussed the scientist in emails found on her private server. those emails may have put his life at risk. >> in the emails on hillary clinton's private server, there were considerations among were seniored a advisers about this gentleman. that shows you how reckless she
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was to put that kind of information on that private server. her judge the is not suited to keep this country safe. abby: mike, this is a story a lot of people are talking about. what is the clinton campaign saying about all this? >> i have been in touch with the clinton campaign. but we have gotten no official response. iran announced they executed the scientist, convicted of spying for the united states. amiri came to this country in 1979 but went back to his country saying he had done no across it against his homeland. the gentleman said he has gone to his country's intersection that could lead to problematic
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news stories. senator tom cotton calling the existence of these emails reckless. abby: they spent the majority of the weekend defending this whole email information. reporter: she had a new explanation friday at a journalism conference. she said she short-circuited when responding to questions to chris wallace. and yesterday her running mate was asked about this issue. >> i heard hillary clinton say over and over again that with respect to the emails, i made a mistake and i wouldn't do it again. and i heard her apologize. i did hear that back and forth, and i think chris wallace and hillary clinton were talking past each other. reporter: that short-circuit comment led to a weekend of commentary and articles about an
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issue they were trying to get past last week. bill: an american kidnapped at gunpoint in the capital city of kabul. abby: terrorists set their sights on the most vulnerable victims. a bomb going off in a hospital. >> i may have short-circuited dan for that i will try to clarify. i think chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. bill: more on the trump team seizing on those comments and newt gingrich saying hillary clinton may have come up with a whole new play to explain things. >> it's one thing to lie. then friday she gave it perfect explanation. her brain short-circuited.
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abby: a bomb exploded in a hospital in pakistan. most of the victims were lawyers who were crowd into the emergency room after a colleague
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was shot. no claim of who is responsible. >> very tricky if you have never run for public office to jump from being a businessman to being one of the two leaders running for the presidency. the biggest mistake last week was made on your show. it's one thing to lie about lying. friday she gave us the perfect eggs explanation. she managed to trump trump in terms of mistake. bill: gingrich with chris wallace sunday about the short-circuited answer. that has lived for 8 days believed or not. gingrich said clinton found a new way to lie about lying. mary anne march and katie pavlich, good morning to you. let's not talk past each other. mary anne you be direct.
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i'll be giving it the benefit of the doubt. what did she mean when she said short-circuited. >> any fair-minded person knew that she short-circuited the answer. and trump has used this to launch attacks against her. i expect not only will trump increase these attacks, they will become even more reckless and personal. bill: i'm just trying to keep this straight in my head. what's your interpretation again? >> had everything to do with her answer. she didn't fully answer what chris wallace was asking her, period. bill: meaning she was refer together interview she gave to the f.b.i. and not everything else that had been spoken, correct? >> yes.
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hillary clinton hurt her sell by not saying the following. she could say i made a mistake it will never happen again, period. that's where the confusion comes in. bill: thick as mud. katie, go. >> we don't have time to go through all the times clinton has lied about her use of a private email server. from the beginning of that first press conference she held, she lied and said there was never any classified information sent over received. f.b.i. director comey thoroughly debunked that. fact checkers over the country are saying just stop lying. hillary clinton can't admit she sent classified information because that would be admitting to a crime. the problem with lying is you have to continually remember your lies. in an interview with chris
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wallace when she said am i lying to the american people, that's where she gets her stories crossed. bill: here is the friday afternoon. >> i have said during the interview and many other occasions over the past month that what i told the f.b.i. which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short-circuited and for that i, you know, will try to clarify. i think chris wallace and i western probably talking past each -- chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. bill: 250 days since she held a press conference and i think that's the evidence why it's been so long. >> i think the big difference here is between what katie is saying and what donald trump and newt gingrich and others are
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saying. katie is going after hillary clinton on substance. but what t gingrich and others are doing is going after hillary clinton personally. these are personal attacks that will increasingly become personal. trump is giving an economic speech but going after her personally. bill: katie is saying you have to remember what you said so you won't get caught again. what i just played for you is an example of why there has not been a press conference in 250 days. >> the last press conference she held, she had that horrible moment saying "what did i wipe my server with? a cloth or something?" her lies are catching up with her. hillary clinton said the fbi
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director is claiming everything she said to the f.b.i. is honest and truthful be we have no proof of that because the f.b.i. didn't record the interview. i'm not so sure i agree or believe her that she was truthful with the f.b.i. bill: i think we have done a pretty good job of not talking past one another. katie, mary anne, thank you, appreciate it. abby: the largest water slide named for the german word insane. but now the fun has turned tragic when a 10-year-old boy died. >> so shocked. tears. i ran full speed towards the slide and i was stopped and told i wasn't allowed to go there.
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abby: tragedy on the world's largest water slide. he died after being on a water slide in kansas city. it stands 150 feet in the air. it left park officials totally stunned and scrambling to find answers. >> we don't know what happened. that's why a full investigation is necessary. we have to understand what happened. this just heartbreak. what is the latest here? reporter: the park is closed today and the ride is closed indefinitely it's called the
6:26 am
loop. 3 or 4 people get in a raft and they are secured in the raft by seat belts. some witnesses say the staff was having problems with the straps in some of the rafts before the accident. 10-year-old caleb schwab apparently came out of the raft during the ride and hit his head on the netting. witnesses say they saw blood before the ride closed down. >> our lifeguards are critical. it would be very difficult for them to focus after something like that. for that reason we thought it was wise to close the park. reporter: caleb is the son of state representative scott schwab.
6:27 am
abby: were there any other incidents that happened before this? reporter: thousands of people go to the park every day without incident. there is a height and age limit of 14. caleb was 10. the weight has to be 400-500 pounds so the raft doesn't go airborne. and they are told to stay seated and hold on the handles. the ride's designer said it's nice to know nobody is going come out of the ride because of the netting. but that this is not a family ride, it's for thrill seekers. the family released a statement saying caleb was everything to them. back to you.
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abby: william lajeunesse, thank you. bill: we had jeff henry on our air, the co-owner of this water park. bill: the way you drop there you feel weightless for a period of several seconds. abby: you think about the other parks out there. should we take another look and make sure they are all safe. bill: an american kidnapped at gunpoint. latest details on what we are learning. abby: isis claiming it seized a treasure trove of americans weapons including advanced communications equipment including a rocket launcher. bill: an iranian executed in
6:29 am
tehran. questions about whether hillary clinton's emails played a role in his fate. >> $400 million of the payment for the four hostages was in our owes and swiss francs. this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to.
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6:33 am
they were from australia and american. there is no identity of those who have been kidnapped and no claims of responsibility or demand for ransom yet. kidnapping is becoming more common in afghanistan, even in kabul, an indian woman was taken and released. both the taliban and isis are active in afghanistan in security, crime crime just adding to the bad mix. bill: isis is claiming it captured what they call a treasure trove of u.s. military gear pap what do we know about that? reporter: in the past couple days posted on the isis website according to sources, pictures of sophisticated military gear and pictures of a u.s. soldier. the pictures show a variety of weapons.
6:34 am
there is no confirmation of when these were take, where they were taken, or even the validity of the picture. but there have been clashes in the past couple weeks between afghan military soldiers alongside u.s. soldiers and isis fighters in the eastern part of afghanistan. there have been injuries in that. probably most disturbing, identity documents from a u.s. soldier. the u.s. denied that soldier was captured. analysts say at position was captured tore overrun. bill: gregg palkot, thank you on all that out of london today. >> you bargain it down to a fraction and pay a portion of the claim. and we got hostages home. both of those things are appropriate. i understand why trump is trying
6:35 am
to make something out of it. but there is just no there there. >> $400 million of that payment was in euros and swiss francs, the kind of money favored by drug cartels and terrorists. they think if she kidnap an american they, too, will get a $400 million payment. abby: two different perspectives on a $400 million payment to iran. senator tom cotton says it serves as ransom in exchange for four american whose takens and he send a terrible message. kt mcfarland, always good to see you. you will hear from both of these men. tim kaine saying it's an appropriate payment and tim
6:36 am
kaine saying it's anything but appropriate. >> mortem cane was sent to do a full clinton talking about technicalities and obscure the facts making it sounds like it wasn't a national security issue or moral issue, it was a legal technicality. the problem with it is we paid ransom for whose tables. there are three good reasons why you don't do that. but the other reason is because what have they done with that money. they put it back into their defense budget. they are using that to build up their weapons system to then threaten america and our allies. then the final reason is iran is using this for a full-blown propaganda war. just like we took those american sailors hostage with them on
6:37 am
their knees and hand behind hair heads. abby: how is iran going to take advantage of this? what is stopping them from saying if we want more stuff, more money, let's just get ahold of more hostages. >> that's what they have done. after they got the $400 million, they nabbed the two more dual citizen american-iran citizens. america pays to get its people back like america traded five taliban prisoners in exchange for bowe bergdahl. if you want to make money, you want to get your prisoners back. grab an american. it only increases risk to americans around the world. >> an iranian nuclear scientist who was a secret spy for the u.s. was executed yesterday in iran.
6:38 am
he was brought up in some of hillary clinton's emails. i don't want to suggest that's to blame for any of this. but it does beg the question, the concern people have of leaks, people getting into emails where secret spies are being talked about.ason we have secrets and a reason we keep the identities of our spies away from the countries they are spying on. that's because it endangers their lives. during world war ii there was an expression, "loose lips sing ships." -- sink ships." i think hillary clinton was so irresponsible to use that server because it put people's lives at risk. people who were actually helping
6:39 am
u.s. national security. abby: we are just getting response from the clinton camp saying the trump campaign never met a conspiracy theory it did not like. he and his supporters use desperate rhetoric to attack hillary clinton and make another accusation to claim hillary clinton is responsible for this tragic death. story is already becoming totally political. >> any time any national security issue, everybody runs to their battle stations and pulls the guns up and start firing at each other. there is a reason to secure classified information and keep the secret identity of spies secret. we have just seen what happens when it's not. bill: we'll see donald trump on the economy. his address coming up later this morning.
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hillary clinton made the economy a center piece her campaign. but a new investigation showing her job creation as a senator. we'll have details on an exhaustive report. abby: a highway patrol officer gets the shock his life while standing on the side of the road. why are drivers 50 and over
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or go to today. abby: this is dash cam video from july. it's near cleveland. watch as an suv plows right into a state highway patrol officer. it also hit the patrol car and the other car that had been
6:44 am
pulled over. no word on whether that driver will face any charges. bill: a family at home and you have to face that. 17 minute before the hour. >> in my first 100 days we'll work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in good paying jobs since world war ii. jobs and manufacturing, clean energy, technology and innovation. small business and infrastructure. bill: there are big pledges from philadelphia about what hillary clinton would do in the oval office. there is this "washington post" investigative piece. she promised major grob growth when she was a senator. but all that growth never happened. governor, good day to you.
6:45 am
i know you have seen it it's a long piece. she promised 200,000 jobs in upstate new york. >> that clip clearly shows she doesn't understand what create long-term jobs. she thinks government spending creates long-term jobs. it doesn't. what you have to do is deregulate and cut taxes to stimulate private investment to create those jobs. but let's go to the post article. it's interesting it showed up in the "washington post." it's not taken anti-clinton paper. so on first blush you have to wonder why the post did it. they may be trying to do her a favor. she may be more comfortable arguing back and forth with donald trump about job creation and she is with trump and the republicans talk about the issues associated with her lack
6:46 am
of character and dishonesty and lie together american public. so i don't know if this is a clever sign -- bill: 8 years after a clinton senate exit there is little evidence her economic development program made a substantial impact on upstate employment. despite her efforts job growth stagnated with manufacturing plunging nearly -- nearly 25%. >> those votes may go republican where they have traditionally gone democrat. that underscores the point i was trying to make at the opening. she thinks getting federal money into an area creates long-term good jobs. it isn't.
6:47 am
it's stimulating private investment that makes the difference. that comes from tax policy. you have to cut taxes on the producing industries of these countries and undo the regulations that tied their hands including unwinding obamacare. >> this story appears on a day when trump makes his economic pitch. what do you think he sees as the contrast with her ideas. >> what he's going to be talking about is you have got to cut taxes on manufacturing and other industries. i think he's going to suggest we ought to cut the corporate tax from 35% to 15%. then he's going to talk about the fact that we probably have to do a better job in helping our workforce deal with the requirements of modern technology and modernize the capacity of our workforce. other than that's i'm just
6:48 am
getting on both of those, we talk about deregulation. bill: it sounds like mitt romney from four years ago. is it a different message that works? >> what i think trump has done is taken the romney message and put it in a package of hot rhetoric and it seems to appeal to the blue collar workers who feel they have been hurt badly over the last 8 years. last 8 years has been disasterrous for the mayor -- as against disastrous for american workers. he's reaching people who always thought they had to vote democrat. bill: 6 in 10 americans say they are dissatisfied with their options here.
6:49 am
who do you believe at this stage in the election campaign has the great capacity to grow? either one? >> i think mrs. clinton is stuck in the mire of character. that's hard to change. i think trump with a little discipline can improve his campaign tremendously. i hope from what he i am hearing the last half a dozen days that they are trying to do that, starting with this speech in detroit. bill: good to have you back on. abby: former new york city mayor rudy giuliani calling out the media saying many don't play fair when it comes to hillary clinton and donald trump. is there a double standard? bill: michael phelps bringing home another gold medal at the olympics.
6:50 am
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>> michael phelps wins gold! and require was another incredit. abby: it was another incredible win helping team usa win and winning a record 19 gold medals. i just love watching these olympics.
6:54 am
going to bed at night, i felt so inspired. it's something everybody can rally around. michael phelps, 19 medals. when he entered the water team u.s.a. was in second place. but he made up for that and then some. his coach said that it was one of his fastest finishes of all time. a lot of people painted the picture of this four-man team being the underdog. but i love the fact that he's still going strong. >> he's even beating his own record. phenomenal win there. his adorable son was wears a onesie with a gold medal on it. he sent a picture saying when
6:55 am
daddy retires, we have another phelps who will enter the water. abby: everybody is talking about katie le derks cky. he was an entire body length ahead of everybody. she said michael phelps is her inspiration and role model. abby: i love the response when they get out of the water. they don't really know until they take their goggles off. the williams sisters. everyone is shocked by this. the williams sisters entered as the number one seed. there was a lot of pressure on them.
6:56 am
serena williams just coming off her 14th grand slam. her reaction to losing, she said we played terrible. as of last night the u.s. has a total of 12 medals. three of them gold. we are number one right now. abby: and many more to go. thanks for being here. bill: no pressure on phelps' kid. he's in diapers. a big day for donald trump.his e economy. will it mark a new chapter in his campaign? mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed.
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spying for the united states. now republican senator raising new questions whether or not his name showed up on hillary clinton's private email server. we say good morning, 10:00 here in new york. brand new hour here. i'm bill hemmer. big welcome back to abby. get you all week. abby: all week. i'm a lucky lady. i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. iran revealing it execute ad prominent scientist giving information to u.s. on their nuclear program. secretary of state discussed the man's case in state department emails that may have not been secure. >> in the emails that were on hillary clinton's private server there were conversations among her senior advisors about this gentleman. that goes to show you who reckless and careless her decisions was to put that kind of highly classified information on a private server. i think her judgment is not suited to keep this country safe. bill: chief washington correspondent james rosen on the
7:01 am
story in d.c. james, good morning. who watts scientist and what do we know about him and perhaps what he did along with the u.s. reporter: guard morning. we're talking about the execution confirmed yesterday and family reportedly said he was hanged. he disappeared all together during a pilgrimage to mecca in 2009. i turned up a year later posting internet videos he alternately claimed to be act ducked by the cia and taken to arizona and tortured and he was safe. didn't go on to explain how he made videos if in captivity. here is what secretary clinton said at time. >> mr. a miri is in the smites united states of his own free will. owe is free to go. he was free to come. these decisions are his alone to make. reporter: he turned up at the pakistani embassy in washington and stated his desire to return to iran. at first iranians claimed he was
7:02 am
double agent. then they charged him with giving the u.s. vital information on the nuclear program. one email discussed the case. one by] sullivan and another energy specialist alluding he had psychological problems and suggesting that the affair would be a misunderstanding with no malevolent intent. fbi director comey said her carelessness with her private server may have may have had it possible for hostile actors to gain access. bill: thank you, james. two minutes past the hour. abby: donald trump defining a new course for america's financial future. outlining plans to unleash the u.s. economy. trump delivering a major policy speech in detroit as he tries to reboot his campaign. some of his supporters offering a preview over the weekend. listen. >> i think trump's speech
7:03 am
tomorrow will lay out a program for economic growth that will bring a lot of jobs back to america. this country should be growing, not at half a percent. >> donald trump has different policies in terms of the economy. this economy could be humming and absolutely no time if you got rid of the unnecessary regulations and you made a tax policy that incentivized, rather than disincentivized people. this is not rocket science. abby: that is where we find peter doocy is live in detroit where donald trump is about to unleash his economic plan in two hours now, peter. reporter: right, abby. we've seen an outline the speech now, and trump in two hours will list number of places he thinks the government should get out of the way of business owners. so a campaign source tells us that trump will pitch a moratorium on new agency regulations and new corporate tax of 15%. a lot lower than the current rate of 35%. now among some other reforms
7:04 am
that the campaign says will lead to the most streamlined tax structure since reagan was president, there would be just three tax brackets instead of the seven there are right now. and taxes on child care costs would be eliminated. there is also going to be today a big folk -- focus on two trade deals he signaled many times on the stump. he wants to renegotiate nafta and withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership. he will have a energy policy that is coal friendly and ask transcanada to renew the application to build the keystone xl pipeline which stalled under the current administration. abby. abby: he picked the city of detroit. what do we know about the crowd behind you? how are they different than a normal trump crowd? reporter: this will be different. first of all the event is sold out which is normal for donald trump. it's a luncheon which is not so common for donald trump. detroit economic club over the years has heard from candidates
7:05 am
in the democratic party and the republican party but trump is the first nominee to appear here since john kerry 12 years ago. the people filling seats paid for tickets. they will not have waited hours in line for the event. they won't be holding signs or chanting. there is no guarranty that the people in this crowd are even here because they like donald trump. they are just part of the detroit economic club. they want to hear what his vision is. so with that said, donald trump is going to have a good idea of how his economic vision is being received by a potentially skeptical audience in real time in this room. abby. abby: yeah, the trump campaign hoping this can get him back on track. peter doocy live for us. peter, thanks. bill: certainly job growth a major focus of this plan. trump's campaign manager telling me on friday the official jobless numbers in the u.s. today are worse than they look. listen to this. >> the real unemployment rate of those who left the job force no longer looking pushes the unemployment number close to 10%.
7:06 am
unemployment in the cities among blacks and hispanics is up. wages are stagnant. productivity is lessening. businesses are not investing. why is that? because there is an economic policy of this administration that is not pro-growth on jobs. bill: let's talk about that with peter navarro, senior trade advisor on trump's economic council. how are you and good morning to you. >> doing just fine. looking for a big day in detroit. second economic revolution since the ronald reagan revolution. bill: ask you a question about that now. july unemployment 4.9% as of last friday. the underemployment, real unemployment that manafort was referring to is 9.7%. includes a lot of people that dropped out of the work place. give me in simple terms, what is the contrast economically between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> sure. the goal first is to double our economic growth rate in terms of
7:07 am
gdp to 3 1/2 and 4 points. he hits four points of compass, energy, regulations, taxes and trade. if you contrast clinton trump on that, let's start with energy. hillary clinton wants to kill the coal industry. she said so. donald trump wants to unleash what is the greatest resource in this country many ways, our energy potential. he will do that look at regulation the obama administration passed 400 major new regulations costing over $100 million each. donald trump is going to roll back those regular layings. he will have moratorium on regulations. by unleashing the business sector, not regulating them so much, that is all to the good. taxes and trade he is in detroit this is great. like lowering the corporate tax actually helps bring car companies back to michigan. how does it do that? we've seen gm and ford right now sending billions of dollars in the last couple of years to
7:08 am
mexico instead of in michigan. why did they do that? partly because of the high corporate tax rate in america that pushes them there. secondly, unequal treatment between that taxes and income taxes and world trade organization. donald trump will not put up with that. so there is a lot of clinton versus, versus trump. it is all good when it comes to clinton -- trump. bill: she is going to be there on thursday in detroit. she will pitch her message then. we have heard about tax reform in countless presidential elections in the past. but how does he make that message clear and heard that will be distinguishable in this campaign? >> because, tax policy is an intricate of all the other three element. what donald trump's vision is, starts with the idea we got to double our economic growth rate. that all of these pieces which are often viewed as independent silos, actually fit together. so the tax plan, when you lower
7:09 am
that corporate tax rate, what you're doing, you're bringing our company back here on domestic soil to create jobs for american people. when you deal with the tax inversion issue, when you get the half a trillion dollars that is parked offshore right now back into america, that is good for the american people. let's face it. businesses are just slammed with all sorts of taxes and regulations, particularly small businesses. that has to go away so we can grow again. it is question of emphasize sir, my friend. clinton wants to regulate and tax. donald trump wants to grow. bill: we'll see him hour 20 minutes in detroit. that is peter navarro out of laguna beach, in california. abby: a travel nightmare, delta air lines lifting a worldwide ground stop, lifting, a power outage cause ad computer system to crash, stalling all flights and stranding passengers
7:10 am
around the world. the computer breakdown lasted six hours. but some flights are taking off. customers should expect delays and cancellations with long wait lines, which is code for get a mimosa, stay for a while. people have babies, dogs, that is a nightmare. bill: a long, long day for a lot of folks. ten minutes past the hour, iran execute ad nuclear scientist which helped the united states. he was mentioned in emails found on hillary clinton's private server. more on that in a moment. steve hayes. abby: critics hammering clinton's response about the email investigation. why one top republican said she simply found a new way to lie. bill: is the media giving both sides a fair shake in the white house? a major newspaper saying it is impossible to work without bias. details on that. first though, here is the mayor, rudy giuliani. >> i know the media always discounts this because you don't like to get criticized but you
7:11 am
don't treat us the sail way thaw treat democrats. hillary, bill, obama, they get the benefit of the doubt.
7:12 am
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. bill: nuclear scientist that hillary clinton mentioned in state department emails is now dead, executed in iran for sharing information about its nuclear program with the u.s. that revelation sparking allegations that clinton may have put his life at risk with the use of a private email server.
7:15 am
steve hayes, senior writer, "weekly standard," fox news contributor. steve, good morning to you. we're piecing this together. tom cotton, senator from arkansas mentioned it on sunday. this man's name was sharam amiri, he gave information to the u.s. according to cotton. what else do we know about him, start there? >> we believe he defected to the united states on a trip to medina. providing u.s. government about details of iran's nuclear program. he seemed later to regret this decision. he was missing his son. he filmed a couple of youtube videos, one case, accusing the u.s. government capturing him in a effort with the saudis to get him to provide information. in another he said for the u.s. government he said he was free to stay here in the united states. a lot of intrigue, a lot of mystery but the bottom line is, this is somebody who was providing information to the
7:16 am
u.s. government, who went back to iran and was executed. as you mentioned, had been mentioned, referred to in emails found on hillary clinton's private server. bill: here is one of them. an e-mail forwarded by clinton to senior advisor jake sullivan. quote, our friend has to be given a way out. we should recognize his concerns and frame it in terms of a misunderstanding and no malevolent intent. we'll make sure there is no recurrence. is that a closed case there on that? does that tell us much? >> not exactly clear what it means, if you're reading it as a layperson but of course if you know the ins and outs of the details of his travails, no doubt it would have meant something pretty significant to you and we now know given the fact he was having these miss giving having provided this information and missing his son in a way he repeatedly told his u.s. government handlers he was, that may have well been the reference. the key point here, if hillary clinton's private server was
7:17 am
hacked, and hacked by the iranians or somebody who could provide information to the iranians, they would have known about his staying and would have known about the u.s. government deliberations about his state. that's information that should never be available to enemies of the united states. bill: spokesman iranian judiciary on screen. this person who had access to the country's secret and classified information had been linked to our hostile and number one enemy, the great satan. he provided the information with vital and secret information of the country. wow. this shows, steve, the potential for danger, when you have hackers out there of every stripe. >> i think it shows two things in particular. one shows exactly that, the potential for danger. the ability of our enemies to get their hands on our communications that should have been kept secret, should have been kept from them in a secure fashion. it also shows i think the broader failure of the what the obama administration has tried
7:18 am
to affect with iran. trying to treat iran as potential friend, rather than the enemy they very clearly see us as, and potential hostile power. that included things like downplaying iran ties to terrorism. downplaying what they would do with the money coming from the iran deal, et cetera, et cetera. bill: on that note, tim kaine was asked about it over the weekend and he described that $400 million payment in cash as appropriate. is this story over for now, or what, what should we understand about it next? >> well, look, tim kaine is long history of being rather dovish on foreign policy and national security affairs but that is a pretty striking comment. it not only seeks to justify what the obama administration did which you can understand from a political perspective tim kaine wants to do to keep the obama coalition together through november but it also in my view gives tacit approval to doing something similar in the future. if you think it is appropriate to send pallets of cash to the
7:19 am
leading state sponsor of terror in the world, when you're acknowledging that cash could well be used for financing terror in the future, saying that is appropriate is basically a green light to do that in the future. i think voters will consider that as they think about who they cast ballots for into the november, if that is the kind of foreign policy the kaine-clinton team is going to be advocating. bill: you're still number one satan after $1.7 billion in back payments. steve hayes. thank you. we'll see where the story goes next. whether or not it dies now. abby. abby: disturbing development with isis. did the terror army get its hands on u.s. weapons? bill: media bias in the race for the white house, can you find it today? how reallies it? howard kurtz with rather eye-opening story. >> i did it so nicely. she was happy. even the baby was happy, starts crying. whole place is cracking up.
7:20 am
next day in the newspaper, says trump throws baby out of arena! [booing] ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here.
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bill: fire crews struggling to contain a fast-moving blaze around california's san bernardino mountains. evacuation orders are in place as multiple air tankers take to the sky to put out the flames. the fire scorched at least 1500-acres so far. strong winds fanning the flames, you don't want that, making it more difficult to contain. abby: donald trump supporters crying foul as what they see
7:24 am
biased coverage highlighting trump's failings ignoring hillary clinton. here is former new york city mayor rudely joule. >> you really don't treat us the same way. hillary's situation fbi ins extraordinary memo found her to be extremely careless in handling top security information. my goodness, i wouldn't hire a person as an assistant u.s. attorney if that was in their fbi background. we're going to make a president of the united states? nobody raises that? abby: howard kurtz is host of "media buzz." always good to see you. >> hi, abby. abby: we heard that from mayor giuliani. not the first we heard that. even yesterday a show i won't mention had a panel full of trump supporters basically venting about the media bias. what is going on here? have you ever seen anything quite like this? >> i have never seen anything remotely like this. i have been saying this for months. you have to discount a little bit what rudy said. he is a trump partisan. he got pretty good coverage as republican mayor of new york city.
7:25 am
he knows how to work the press but the obvious distaste bordering on disgust that many journalists as well as commentators have for donald trump, he was able to defeat that in the primaries but, it has been going on for quite a while. in the last 10 days almost like the press put out a mob hit on donald trump. the imbalance is so overwhelming on many every media site and outlet it can no longer be denied. abby: so interesting. even "the new york times" had a piece about exactly that. they were basically saying, if you're working journalist today and you think donald trump is crazy, how the heck are you supposed to cover this guy? how do you answer that? >> well you know, this column by jim route 10 berg, the media reporter admitted what a lot of journalists are saying privately. a lot of journalists who talk to other friend who also think that donald trump is a bit unhinged, feel that trump is so dangerous, and such a threat to our western
7:26 am
civilization and such unimaginable president in their view, that they feel that it is almost their patriotic duty to take him down. and if you want to do that, fine but then you can't say you're a journalist. you're a partisan. abby: right. >> i'm not, i certainly would agree, i'm not here to defend donald trump. i don't favor any party or candidate. i certainly would agree if trump makes misstatements, gets involved in self-destructive fights, if he appears to be ignorant on certain issues, you go after that aggressively. we have not seen a candidate like donald trump in the modern era, once you adopt the view that the guy has to be stopped for good of the country, you have shed any pretense of objectivity. abby: we heard it from a lot of people way you said it. we heard from a lot of folks that say i don't of love everything donald trump says but a part of me wants to give it to the middle finger and establishment wings of the party?
7:27 am
does this feed into the what he feels all along? >> his base despises media and every example of, you know, he threw a baby out of the rally, if it's a small story or a big story, confirms their view that the press is just not being fair to trump, in particular maybe republicans in general. not that we haven't been aggressive at times with hillary clinton, i think the fbi investigation and all the came out of it was aggressively covered by the press but she is so overshadowed by the trump coverage, you look at any newspaper, any day, any website, of course she speaks to the media so much more frequently than does donald trump and i give him great credit, he is willing to take the heat. that adds up to picture of great imbalance. finally some people are talking about it out in the open, if it is okay. it is not okay if you believe in straight journalism. commentators are another matter. i still cling to the notion we need to be fair in presidential campaign. our credibility is the a stake. abby: i like that, well-said. howie kurtz, always good to see
7:28 am
you. >> thanks, abby. bill: let the viewer decide. in this case the voter. thank you, abby. hillary clinton taking heat for this. >> what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short-circuited it and for that i, you know, will try to clarify. bill: that comment is something donald trump jumped all over, trying to use words against clinton to prove she is not fit to be president. let you know what we think about it at the moment. abby: a including athlete gunned down while playing popular mobile game, "pokemon go." his team and family in shock as people search for answer. >> very well-respected by all of his teammates, teachers, a good student. just the kind of a kid you hope your kid grows up to be.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
bill: hillary clinton under fire for comments she made talking about being short-circuited
7:32 am
trying to ask questions about her private server. donald trump using those words against her to suggest she is not stable among other things. >> she took a little short-circuit in the brain. and she got problems. i mean, if we had real people, this would be a real problem for her. but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short-circuit. honestly, i don't think she is all there. bill: judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. how are you doing, judge, good monday to you. friday afternoon, in front after group of journalists african-americans and hispanics. >> yes. bill: you believe that the reason she dropped this phrase is because the reporters were on to her story? >> yes. bill: explain that. >> yes. when she told chris wallace that fbi director jim comey told the world that she was telling the truth, she didn't finish her statement.
7:33 am
fbi director jim comey told the world she was telling the truth to the fbi in a secret, unrecorded, unreported interrogation she had from the fbi. he never told the world that she was telling the truth to everybody else. so when she was caught in this, by journalists all across the board, from people that like her to people that don't like her, she was in front of this friendly group of journalists, she decided to walk back the statement she made to chris. that is when she used the phrase donald trump nicely referenced, short-circuited. unclear what she meant by that i will give her benefit of the doubt. she may have meant that chris wallace were speaking over each other. i watched that tape half a dozen times. they weren't speaking oaf each other. her answer was clear. her answer was untrue. in effort to correct the untrue answer she told two more lies. bill: you believe that. give me one.
7:34 am
>> she said, by the way, my, we returned all of my work-related emails to the fbi. director comey, there were thousands of work-related emails that were unreturned that we had to extract from the server. by the way, i told the fbi the same thing i've been telling the public. she couldn't have told the fbi same thing she has been telling the public because she has been telling public she neither sent or ereceived anything that contain ad state secret. director comey said we found 110 emails in 52 email streams containing state secrets. five that are so secret they can not be received, open or sent without a special code that changes every two or three minutes. bill: to put a fine point this was not testimony before congress. this was not during an interview with the media. this was interview with team of investigators from the fbi that to this point has been private, that lasted three hours. >> which lasted about three hours. which her lawyers and lawyers
7:35 am
for the justice department negotiated would not be report -- recorded. somebody must have made notes. we were told there is no recording device or stenographer. it is unheard off in that context neither to have recording device or stenographer. if she lied in that, lying to the fbi, that is what snared martha stewart, lying to fbi what she said she didn't do. bill: in a legal sense, you were advising her and looking at calendar and not done a press conference in 250, is this danger of holding a press conference with seasoned reporters who have not had the opportunity to talk to her about specific things? >> it is a danger when she hides the truth and she gets caught and continues to lie, lying about lying, and lying on top of lies. look, if she were to tell the truth today, which i did send state secrets and those state
7:36 am
secrets were probably hacked, i would think the uproar would be so tumultuous that the democratic national committee would remove her from the fick e ticket. bill: whoa. >> that is the truth as we know it who have examined her emails, that are available online, and as the fbi director knows it, from the ones he has seen. bill: there is legal side of it. thank you, judge andrew napolitano. back for more with abby on this. abby: thank you, joining us lisa booth, "washington examiner," and julie roginsky, democratic strategist and fox news contributor. welcome, ladies. julie, i will start with you. we played the clip a few moments ago. donald trump trying to get back on track, focusing on hillary clinton getting quite personal that she is short-circuited in the brain. she has problems. i don't think she is all there. those are tough words. >> well they are tough words. if i were advising donald trump which obviously i'm not, if i were, i would tell him get back on message, talk about issues and substance as his campaign
7:37 am
people have been begging him to do and donors and republicans who know how to win elections asking him to do. getting in gutter, how he got personal with gold star mom and reporter he made fun of being disabled, accused john mccain essentially not all there because he got caught as prisoner of war. it reminds people that donald trump goes for the gutter as opposed to going for substance. at the end of the day i think people are looking for something more substantive from the commander-in-chief than what donald trump has been showing them. abby: one thing, hillary clinton, lisa, for the whole email controversy to bo away. it is not goaling away. there is another story about the iranian nuclear u.s. spy ander emails talking about this man this is last thing they want. >> it shouldn't go away. hillary clinton boxed herself into such degree, she is no
7:38 am
lying to save political face. this is about not committing perjury before congress and lying before the fbi. there are legal ramifications for her lies. she boxed herself in she has to be careful what she says on the campaign trail moving forward. big thing is the negligence on the behalf mainstream media to call her question ability to serve as commander-in-chief as evidence about the fact she emailed about the iranian scientist who was executed. i think that calls into question what kind of information was on her server and kind of information that she put at national security risk. abby: all right. so there are a lot of people saying that donald trump had a rough week, even newt gingrich who has been a strong supporter of trump. here he was yesterday on "fox news sunday" saying that he can turn things around. take a listen. >> look at the last few days i think he has gotten messages. he came out and endorsed paul ryan which he should have done in the first place. he endorsed john mccain which he should have done.
7:39 am
endorsed kelly ayote. it is very tricky if you have never run for public office, jumped from a businessman to being one of two leaders fighting for presidency and he made some mistakes. abby: julie, how much more does he have to do? bill and i were talking about during the break. there are 90 days left. that is long time in politics. >> of course they can. lisa laid out what donald trump should have said about hillary clinton over last few days, but that is not where he went. he went to her mental capacity and went into the gutter launching personal attacks people don't want to see. this is not my opinion. i have done a lot of campaigns. i know what people are looking for. they're looking for substance. lisa laid out substance in the emails. if i had a dollar every time newt gingrich or one of donald trump's surrogates, came out and said, this is it, he turned corner, he will be different donald trump. he will be substantive and stay on message. lo and behold, donald trump 48 hours later he says something
7:40 am
dumb to sit around backtrack. i'm not sure he turned corner. we all don't have amnesia. doesn't mean the american public don't know their impression of donald trump what they consider to be his instability. that is the direction his campaign has to worry about. abby: it is unpredictable cycle. that is one thing we can all agree on. julie, lisa booth. >> thank you, abby. bill: 20 minutes before the hour. isis terrorists claiming they took control of sensitive u.s. weapons and military gear. a bold enemy now possibly stronger on the field of battle today. abby: plus a tarnished new york yankee calling it quits. is this really the end for a-rod? is it? your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back
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including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:43 am
bill: new york yankees slugger alex rodriguez now retiring. the club announcing his unconditional release after this coming friday's game against
7:44 am
tampa bay. he will remain with the team aspects instructor and advisor. three-time mvp. did his best to fight back tears over the weekend. >> i never thought i would play for 22 years. at 18 i just wanted to make the team. we all want to keep playing forever, but it doesn't work that way. bill: he has had quite a career, not without controversy too. speaking of careers, one future hall-of-famer joining elite company yesterday watch. >> ichiro deep and it is off the wall. 3,000 is in right field! ichiro is racing for third. he has done it! bill: this is hard to do. suzuki -- abby: take your word for it. bill: 3,000 hit club. only 30 guys in the history of
7:45 am
the baseball have done it. only fourth player born outside of the u.s. to do as well. you know what pete rose said about that? abby: what. bill: the first 3,000 are easy. abby: amazingly talented people out there. we want to move on this now. isis fighters claiming they captured sensitive u.s. commitment, communications gear, rocket launcher and i.d. card of an american soldier. the terrorist group posting photos online. it is unclear how the items came into their possession. retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst. >> nice to see you, abby. abby: talk to us about the military weapons. what are these, where do they come from and is isis telling the truth here? >> i think what happened was, general mcnicholson, commanding general of u.s. forces in afghanistan, back in late july, july 24th and july
7:46 am
25th, a special operations was going on with afghan security forces in south kandahar province. on the 24th, one of our special operator was wounded. on the 25th, four others were wounded. so i'm starting to get a couple dots here to maybe connect them, to say what happened, possibly, during a firefight earnings and these guys were wounded, maybe they have to skedaddle out there have and some of the stuff was left behind. what is left behind, doesn't appear to be that significant. maybe the radio, there are work arounds for that, especially if it is coded radio of the coded radios, that encryption code changes daily. abby: right. >> we don't know the circumstances but to me, they're just making a big deal out of nothing quite frankly. abby: what we have learned about isis, whatever they can get their hands on they will try to hurt and kill innocent civilians. how concerned should we be if in fact they have gotten their hands on these?
7:47 am
>> well they got, i think they got a grenade launcher or rocket launcher, radio, backpack. one of the special operators i.d. cards which none of that is really going to make a significant difference. other thing to keep in mind, that prove strips, the reason why you're special operators were there on the combined mission with the afghan forces was isis, which are a bunch of former pakistani taliban who have been kicked out of pakistan, they have set up shop as the local isis branch but they started out last year with about 3,000 guys. now they are down to 1000 or 1500. so the afghan forces are getting stronger. our guys are working with them. they're clearing that up. whether they can sustain that is another story. but right now in the province they're looking like more of a success story than a news story. abby: this is different war we're fighting.
7:48 am
every day it seems to go up and down. >> oh, yeah. abby: is this a wake-up call how we should be aiding allies helping us in that region knowing isis will take advantage of whatever they can? this is new reality. >> isis is going to do it the thing is people are responding to press reports and tweets and things like that and the military briefings, quite frankly when you hear them are very, very boring. there is no real -- i'm not saying that we should razzmatazz these things up. i think we should always deal in facts. we should never spin military information, nor should we politicize the intelligence and quite frankly the american people have tuned out to a lot of this, partially because it's a world away, and the other thing is there are so few people anymore in the u.s. population that have any skin in the game, i.e., a loved one serving in the military, much less than one of the 10,000 troops that remain in afghanistan.
7:49 am
abby: two brothers of my own serving in the navy, it hits so close to home. you're right. we become numb. every day there seems to be another incident. every day, even in pakistan, the hospital with the explosion. a sad, sad reality we face. chuck nash, nice to see you. bill: jon scott on "happening now." quick preview on a monday. >> good morning to you, bill. we're awaiting a major address by donald trump how to boost the u.s. economy and he names his economic advises and lays out his plan. we'll cover it live with the clinton campaign and key polling in nationally and key battleground states to tell you about. the mother of that baby who caused such a fuss at donald trump rally, she said the media to the the story all wrong. she joins us live. "happening now." bill: looking forward to hearing from her and the baby. >> that's right. no crying though. bill: see you in ten minutes indeed. a college athlete with dreams of going professional, shot and killed while playing
7:50 am
the online game, "pokemon go." what his team and family are saying about his death today. >> it's super-alarming, because when you log into "pokemon go," it tells you to be super aware. always watch where you're going. so it is scary that something can still happen. ic playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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abby: are back with a mysterious killing that happened in california. police say calvin riley was playing "pokemon go" when he was gunned down. he and a friend were leaving san francisco's a caughtic park 10:00 at night, someone approached them and shot riley in the chest. the 20-year-old was a college baseball player with dreams of making it to the major leagues. >> tremendous shock. i mean, been coaching for, i don't know, 25 years and never had anything like this happen.
7:54 am
it is your worst nightmare. abby: that is just tough. so heartbreaking. riley says the attack appears to be random. police are investigating. so far no arrests have been made there. ♪ >> michael phelps wins gold in the four by 100 relay again. france with a silver medal and phelps with olympic gold medal number 19. bill: still awesome, right? abby: unreal. this guy. bill: gold for a reason. abby: 19 golds. bill: michael phelps got 19. helped by couple teammates. phelps helped propel them. has at least three more races? three more chainses maybe? abby: where you would put them in your house? bill: i was watching interviews over the weekend. he had a tough go for couple years. has a kid and fiance. seems like everything is in a better place than it was before.
7:55 am
he matured so. you can hear him talk the way he managed his light. abby: some critics. people will say as you get older, they will not be what you once were. nice to see them come back. i don't know if you watch olympics like i have. pretty incredible stuff. bill: more gold to come, we do believe. so the man behind a vicious machete attack was identified. he was in belgium illegally. was known to police but had no known ties to terrorism. benjamin hall live from london on the story. what is the latest on this now? reporter: bill, people over here calling the relentless summer of terror, attack after attack, claimed by isis, carried out in their name across europe. latest one in a belgium city when a man wandered up to the city's main police station, pulled out a machete and began slashing at faces and necks of two female police officers. one remains seriously injured. both are said to be stable.
7:56 am
isis claimed responsible by the news agency. stating the attack was caried out by quote, soldier of islamic state. he is only identified by the initials kb, he shouted out "allahu akbar!" during the attack. isis has been telling followers to launch lone wolf attacks across the continent. they are a lot harder to stop. belgium prime minister said this is new reality on the continent. back to you. bill: more to come. benjamin hall, thank you, live in london. abby: coming up donald trump unveiling his plan to get the u.s. economy back on track. what he has in mind for jobs, taxes and america's financial future.
7:57 am
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diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. martha: welcome back. lucille ball getting a makeover, or county new york unveiling a statue at her memorial park.
8:00 am
the old one, fans done it scary lucy look at that. moving it to another spot, that is a scary statue. i don't want that of myself . there's the new one. bill: looks like a bad halloween outfit. great to be with you, i will na. "happening now" starts now. jon: of fox news alert and donald trump prepares to layer out his economic planning a major address just one hour from now. good morning on this monday, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee and the presidential nomineespeaking at the detroit economic , advisors working for months on a new tax plan for mister trump and he's expected to focus on lowering the tax rate for individuals and corporations as well as unveiling a new domestic energy plan. live in detroit to tell us what else we can expect to see here. reporter: good morning from


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