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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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live twitter voting results come in to "on the record" right now. with l. donald donald trump's economic plan help you? there are the numbers on the screen. wow, 14% say no. anyway. 86% say yes. see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. today's big economic address by donald trump. republican nominee spoke at the detroit economic club where he not only delivered a refreshed plan to jump start the nation's economy with a focus on reducing taxes. he imagined to hammer hillary clinton's focus on proposals. >> all hillary clinton has to offer is more of the same, more taxes, more regulations, more bureaucrats, more restrictions on american energy and on american production. more of that.
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if you were a foreign power looking to weaken america, you couldn't do better than hillary clinton's economic agenda. my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from 7 to 3 and dramatically streamline the process. for many american workers, their tax rate will be zero. >> joining us now with reaction from south hampton new york, trump's senior advisor david -- important day. a lot of us have been waiting for specifics. i have got to tell you i'm a conservative and i heard a lot of specifics today. let me just start -- with what i think is the most refreshing of the four. he had four areas. the tax reform you talk about corporate tax down. deduct child care expenses from taxes. 10% repatiotration.
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>> they do cause growth. i was really happy with the results of the speech. the room was warm. people were receptive. there was a lot of clapping. that's because i think there were a lot of specific policies that people could really relate to. the big question is how do you create more prosperity? and you do that by unleashing the economy and so trump laid out ways to do that and i think it was really well received. >> let me dig in to these if you don't mind, david. i have a economics background. you go 35% to 15% corporate tax. you're going to lose a lot of tax revenue if things were to stay the same. everyone talks about growth bailing them out. what kind of number are we talking? we're talking, i'm guessing, close to a trillion dollars in lost revenue if everything stayed the same, right? >> well, i don't know that that's -- what the scoring would be, but the economy is going to change a lot. one of the things that
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happens now is corporations avoid taxes by either moving offshore or they don't earn as much. they don't report the profit. so if you have a lower rate, you're going to -- you're going to create more investment within the u.s. economy. that's the goal. you want to bring people in to the labor force. and it's not just on corporations, but the -- there is also going to be a reduction in unincorporated business tax rates. you know, hillary clinton has hers going up. and it's very mysterious how you could ever run an economy if you are taxing businesses more. >> i have a lot to get to so i'm sorry i'm going to pepper you. taxes apply to all levels? everyone who is has a child doesn't matter if you are rich or poor? >> that's whether you itemize or don't. you might call it before the line. it's a -- there is also a cap at $13,000. so it's going to play very
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well with middle income people. >> 10% rerepate ration tax. they were subject to do 35% tax bracket here. you are going to bring it down to 10. how did you come up with 10? >> that's exactly right. you know, we have had some of those in the past and they work quite well. 10%, i think, is a number that will allow companies to bring it in and induce them to bring it in. it also brings in revenue to the u.s. government. it's a win-win kind of a situation. >> all right. death tax goes away, estate tax goes away. personally i love. this i don't think enough americans realize how much money the government takes from us for the second time. >> that's right. and also, it causes lots of people to have to hire a lawyer to do estate planning even if they don't in the end up using it. that should go away. >> mr. trump spends a lot of
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time on trade, quite a bit of time on trade. the one he really went after is trade enforcement with china. you talked about maybe a trillion dollars in, i don't know, net revenues or net money coming back to the united states. is it really that big? >> well, we don't know how big it will be until the economy grows faster. the idea is to create more manufacturing jobs to have a real economy that creates entry-level jobs for a lot of workers. we have been losing a lot of those jobs to china because it's cheating on its trade agreements. china does a lot of stealing of intellectual property. >> see, that's a good one, david. that's a great one. we know it's rampant. china is stealing our intellectual property costing hundreds of millions of dollars. i would agree with that i'm just trying to figure out, he says he wants to apply tariffs against china cheating. how so? how do you apply a tariff? as a free trader, i hate
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tariffs. >> right. and so here's the key. you have to find a way to negotiate with somebody that doesn't want to negotiate with you. china has been entering into agreements and then not following through. arguably, they might say, look, it's very hard for us to do that. but, that's tough. you've got to have a way that you can -- that the u.s. can negotiate and get a better deal than what we're getting right now from china. that's going to create a lot of jobs, and i think it still is in the context of free trade and more commerce. we want to have more fair trade going between the two countries. >> do you -- did you put a number -- in other words, what's your growth rate have to be to break even on this in the tax revenues perspective? >> i'm skeptical of economic models. you will hear people. >> you need to come up with a growth number whether it's 3%, 4%, or 5% to say hey, this plan is really good for
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america. but we also have a lot of expenses. >> so i think this plan will cause 4% growth, and i think we need that because, otherwise, what's happening is the middle of the economy is getting left out. a lot of people are dropping out of the labor force. millions and millions of people dropping out. and they have to be brought back. in so, 4%, i think, is achievable. we know when reagan did. >> for how long? listen, i agree with you 4%, reagan had 4% coming out of the last depression but it didn't last that long. >> that's right. the goal here is to lift the average growth rate over the last seven years it's only been 2%. i think we can get 3.5, 4% average growth going forward. >> it's not unreasonable. >> i agree it's not unreasonable and given we have had such under performing growth for the better part of 10 years now it's not that farfetched to
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continuing now with top story. donald trump's big economic address today, how is the left reacting to the speech? joining us now is shownburg, a member of the operate i can millionaire's group advocates for higher taxes on the wealthy. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me here. >> you didn't like the tax plan? >> i would certainly like to see a lot more details. the one question that comes immediately to mind in his speech donald trump talks about, you know, fairness and we're a group that's concerned about inequality. the growing inequality in america and its impact on our economics and our politics. in the speech he talks about you know, what is in this for you and your family? and the question is i have is what is in it for donald trump and his family?
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i would be interested. >> you are worried about one guy? you have 318 million people and you are worried about how this effects donald trump? >> it's very representative of the overall impact. >> you like this idea deduct child care expenses from your taxes? do you like that. >> i prefer it to be a credit because when you deduct you are giving larger amounts of money to richer people. this is to know benefit to people who pay substantial amounts of income taxes. >> it applies to every level. i just asked david mallpass it provides to every level up and down the food chainment? you are not liking deduct child care expenses from taxes. i'm not sure why you wouldn't like that. do you like this 15% tax rate down from 35%? >> our perspective is that at a minimum the government should be increasing the overall level of inequality in the system. and the problem with all of these proposals is that's exactly what the impact is going to be. we don't know what the impact of this will be on the income taxes donald trump because he hasn't released his income taxes. >> why are you focusing on donald trump.
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how about the other 3 9 million. >> let's talk about item that has impact you said in last segment elimination with estate tax. >> one thing say certainty based on donald trump's estimate that he has $10 trillion this is going to save him $4 billion. >> you are suggesting that donald trump put together this tax -- which this economic plan, wide sweeping, wide ranging economic plan so he can save money on his own taxes so he could leave his kids? >> $4 billion. and my question for donald trump is why. >> why am i taxed for the second time when i leave my -- whatever i have earned to my son? why is that a good idea? >> your prior guest said there are lots of time people spend worrying about estate taxes. it effects 2 out of every 1,000 americans. the very richest .2% of the population. these are not people that i thought donald trump was expressing great concerns about. >> i'm not sure that's
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accurate. >> it's absolutely accurate. 2 out of 1,000 people. >> anyone who leaves money to an heir. >> only if they have an estate more than $10 million. >> i think it's $5 million. >> it's $5 million as an individual. again, my question is, i would love to see donald trump and explain why it is in the interest of the average american worker for his family to save $4 billion. >> why are the clintons allow to do use the clinton foundation to cover their travel, a lot of their expenses, some of their housing? you don't think they are dodging taxes with the clinton foundation? >> well, whether they are dodging taxes or not. >> just yes or no. >> one thing that's open is the information about that. you know this information. >> just yes or no, eric. it's a yes or no. >> i do not believe they are dodging taxes. >> they are north dodging taxes by using that organization to travel to destinations. they spent $7.8 million on the clinton foundation and a lot of that is their own travel. how is that not hiding behind the tax code? >> it's not hiding.
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that's the point. it's out in the open. we don't know what donald trump is doing. >> donald trump isn't doing anything illegal either. >> how do you know is he. >> he is under audit. i don't necessarily disagree. i'm saying at the elite level, donald trump, the clintons the same thing going on. you are calling trump out. you are not saying she is doing anything wrong. >> this is the important point. he is arguing that this plan is in the broader interest of the american worker. >> i can see it is. >> but if you actually look at these proposals, the bebb fiduciaries are going to be the wealthy people. let's go back to the question you asked about lower tax rates on corporations. now, i happen to have -- i'm the chairman of the board of corporation which is an s corporation. as i understand it, although the details aren't very clear, he also intends to lower my tax rate to 15% on that income. i'm asking a simple question. why should i pay such a lower rate on my income than the average american worker who pays on their own income.
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>> stimulate you and other people to start businesses to start to create jobs. this is an economic, conservative economic plan. laster prices for energy. you're against that? >> again, in the abstract i don't have a problem with lower prices for energy. >> plan's lifting restrictions on all forms of american energy. you like that part of the plan then? because lifting restricts would create more energy. >> you know, i'm not an energy expert. my area of expertise. >> you're an economic guys, right? the more of the products the price goes down. >> lower energy prices are good. >> i will give you maybe on that one. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> donald trump steps up attacks on hillary clinton now questioning her mental health. we will debate that tactic when we come right back.
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in the impact segment tonight, brutal personal attacks in the presidential campaign. over the weekend, donald trump used one of hillary hillay clinton's own expressions against her as he escalated his attacks. >> she took a little short circuit in the brain and show has got problems. if we had real people, this would be a real problem for her. but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. okay? not as your president. not as your president. so, she is a dangerous liar who is disregarded the least of americans and who has put all of us at great, great risk with what she has done. while supporting economic policies that have destroyed
5:21 pm
our economy. she is a totally unhinged person. she is unbalanced. all you have to do is watch her. >> tough rhetoric to be sure. what impact do these increasingly personal assaults by both sides have on voters? joining us now from boston with reaction democratic strategist mary anne marsh and town hall editor katie pavlich. mary ann, he was just using her words. she said she short circuited with chris wallace. >> he is using them out of context. i think the real point here is, eric is trump has decide to do react to plummeting poll numbers by launching personal attacks against hillary clinton. the more negative he can make this campaign the less likely it is for women that they will vote. historically that has been true. the problem for trump right now is, as you see in the polls, he is now viewed less favorably than hillary clinton. viewed he's less honest than hillary clinton.
5:22 pm
less trustworthy as hillary clinton. therefore voters are unlikely to believe these personal attacks. biggest shift has come white women with college degrees hat has hurt donald trump in the latest polls. >> hillary clinton does the same thing shy -- she uses attacks. >> sure there are double standard with democrats and republicans and what they can get away with especially in this case whether you have negative campaigning women are not going to turn out. they are going to turn out in favor of hillary clinton to defend her because they feel like trump is attacking her. on this issue we have been talking for two weeks now about how trump needs to focus on the economy. did he that today in his speech. i think he had some really good points. he talked about eliminating the death tax. get personal what you mentioned in the previous segment. talking about the clinton foundation. how hillary clinton was very selfish to use the state department to essentially
5:23 pm
benefit the clinton foundation immature by using the same words against her. >> go to you on this mary anne, this is such an wide open area of vulnerability on clinton's part because, i don't know, everyone keeps saying well, when she lies, it's clintonian unless you exploit that and say it's not clintonian to lie it's lying. i think the difference here is the foundation, her record, other things, that's substance and fair game. what isn't, is when you go after her personally about her mental health and other things. that phrase was totally taken out of context. here's the problem for donald trump. he risks overplaying his hand because he will lash out because his poll numbers have gone down or it's because they start to rise. he will become more personal. that's what happened in first senate race. rick lazio. women came out in droves and she won by 12 points. that's exactly what their
5:24 pm
race is right now. i don't think donald trump can help himself. 91 days to go he is trying to cut into the difference in the polls before labor day. overplay his hand being far too personal and reckless and the attack the likes of which we haven't heard will end up hurting him more than hillary clinton. >> i think you are agreeing agrg with mary anne on their. donald trump's poll numbers start to do go down when he got involved with satellite attacks with mr. khan and some the other satellite things. when he focuses his attack whether it's personal or not his pole -- poll numbers have risen. >> i vehemently disagree with that. donald trump is down by 10 points at this point. >> he is all over the map. he has been talking about other things instead -- >> -- not after the convention. >> he was after paul ryan and john mccain. and now it looks like he may have turned the corner and focused on what people have said. what he should do hillary clinton the opponent. >> the only direction his poll numbers are going now
5:25 pm
are down. we're not turning a corner in any sense of the word in terms of donald trump. >> he started turning yesterday toward hillary clinton. >> now people believe that hillary clinton is actually better at managing the economy than donald trump because he has got son distracted with the personal attacks not just on hillary clinton but on other as you mentioned satellite figures. and that's a problem because he could win on that issue. he can win and he is not focusing on it the right way. >> at love questions about her ethics, her trustworthiness and honesty. we know her numbers are under water on all of those i think his numbers will turn around. you tonight think his numbers will go up again when he stops focusing on one person? >> when he goes after her record, the things she has done in her life
5:26 pm
professionally, fair game, go after it what he did though was go after her personally and very personal way and i suspect is he going to make even more personal attacks. he lost in one fell swoop white women with college degrees. hardest group for him to win back. she wins this race period, end of sentence. go after her senate record and go after her as secretary of state. those are fair game. when you start talking about mental health when a it's not even accurate and a phrase way out of context. that's when women are going to rally to her side. >> he may be a master at picking up a grain of opportunity and exploiting it and it feels like that's what she did i short circuited what is short circuiting in the brain think about this for a second. >> short circuited it. >> didn't sound like it. sounded like she short circuited her answer because she couldn't answer properly. >> my question to you, eric, how does that comment affect
5:27 pm
every day americans. >> here is how. >> let me just finish my point, eric. >> before she makes a decision nuclear weapon somewhere. >> that is why she is vice president tim kaine. >> you make the same argue. as donald trump. >> eric, let me finish my point. how does continuing to attack hillary clinton by using the short circuited line effect families sitting at home listening to his economic speech today you t. sounds great that he wants to allow me to keep more of my own money so i can provide for my family that's what he should focus on. he sounded presidential in that speech. he doesn't sound presidential when he attacks like he did last week and continuing into this week. >> i have got to go; great debate. mary anne and katie, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a big surprise within a g.o.p. dine miss dine city. you won't believe who is saying it's time to vote for donald trump. moments away.
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5:32 pm
>> donald trump better swallow get back up and help -- >> wasn't quite the endorsement, considering the source it is a big deal. joining us now foreign minister washington a writer with the "weekly standard" michael gravel start with that if you don't mind. george p. bush emphasis on bush says vote for trump. >> shows a real divide among sincere honest people about what to do about donald trump. obviously the bush family didn't even show up for the convention and now you have a rising star you could argue in the bush universe who is out supporting shall we say trump. what bothers me most, eric, about the entire conversation insist that the other side total dirt bags for not supporting trump or supporting trump. no, people of goodwill trying to do the right thing can come to very different conclusions as is in the bush family. >> how is it the right conclusion if hillary
5:33 pm
clinton is elected president if you are a conservative or how is that the right conclusion? >> how is voting for big government liberal from new york who supports planned parenthood and gave money to democrats? >> that's hillary you are talking about. >> i'm talking about donald trump, obviously. >> i'm talking about donald trump. >> i understand. i heard all the arguments. known him for 15 years. this is all the killer never destroys that never trump argument. hillary clinton will fill the supreme court with liberals. also appoint federal judges with a liberal bent to them. if you want your kids and george p. bush kids if you want a liberal judicial branch of government forever, then vote for hillary. >> and that's a very powerful argument. for some republicans it's enough to get past their. >> it should be for everyone. it's a bilateral decision. it's not -- there is not three choices here. it's vote for her. and if you don't you're going to end up -- vote for
5:34 pm
him if you don't vote him him it's a vote for her. >> an interesting piece election and no one shows up. the power of the unchecked box. it is possible for democracy to offer people choices that are simply unacceptable. and that happens. and the only way the only choice fhillary clinton. edward mcmullen really? how many states is he going to get on? he can't be your president? >> in utah given how bad trump's numbers are utah, arizona and georgia as swing states, then maybe he can going to do well in swing states. >> i don't think he has any sort of traction and i'm guessing i know where that came from, too, given his mormon background. you used to work for pat buchanan. >> absolutely. i'm a long time jesse jackson republican. stay out the bushes. >> wwpbd. what would pat buchanon do? >> pat buchanon would do
5:35 pm
what he thought was right rather than what he thought was expedient. >> i have had him on is show. go ahead. >> if he thinks it's right to support a guy like donald trump i get that there is nothing. >> support the g.o.p. nominee. >> the no political party is entitled to your viewer's votes. they are entitled as american citizens with precious gift of a vote. if i gave hillary -- i think of it like a bring. if i give hillary my vote, she will use it to bailed wall of secrecy like she will rule umperteen. if i give it to trump he will use it to beat a baby seal on television. college educated white voters are so awful. >> not voting for donald trump is -- has to, by definition hand this election to hillary clinton. there is no way around. you can't sit it out and hope he somehow pulls it out. if he does, then what are you going to do. >> i'm not voting for hillary clinton. that means by your logic i'm
5:36 pm
voting for donald trump. i foiled you there. i have a simple argument. >> no. you are a republican, right? you are a registered republican, right? >> does virginia have registration by party? i'm from the south. no one ever registers boy party. let me ask you say this. people say voting against x is the same as voting. >> i have got to go. supreme court will hear cases on the first amendment, the second amendment, immigration. they're -- it's going to be so important for the next 10 years of the court. you are going to make that a liberal court you never trumpers. we will be talking about it live on how left the country has gone. >> you had 15 guys and gals you could have put up. you take the one guy takes away 10 million voters. up next, iran executes a top nuclear scientist who was the subject of emails on hillary clinton's private server right back with that.
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i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow up signaturement tonight, dealing with iran. over the weekend the regime announced it executed a nuclear scientist who was convicted of spying for the united states.
5:41 pm
ameri defected to the united states and returned to iran in 2010 under murky circumstances. another twist in this case he was subject of some of the emails made public during the hillary clinton private server scandal. >> you mentioned the iranian scientist recently executed. i am not going to comment on what he may or may not have done for the united states government. but in the emails that were on hillary clinton's private server there were conversations among her senior advisors about this gentleman. that goes to show just how reckless and careless her decisions was to put that kind of highly classified information on a private server. i think her judgment is not suit to do keep this country safe. joining us with reaction defense of democracies and from houston aremesh national security policy.
5:42 pm
do you think that mentioning or referencing this nuclear scientist in iran on hillary clinton's emails or partly was partly responsible for her death -- his death, i'm sorry. >> no. completely irrelevant. they arrested this guy in late 2010 when he returned to iran. on july 12th, 2010, this is when he was still in the united states when he was still here quote, unquote, cooperating with us. hillary clinton and the state department announced that this guy is here on his own free will. he can leave. what was his story? his story was that he was kidnapped in saudi arabia by the u.s. intelligence and sad did i intelligence and brought here and coerced for information. when the iranian regime arrested his wife and put a lot of pressure on his family and this guy got a little home sick and saw this sort of extreme pressure and violence coming from the iranian regime well known and well documented for human rights abuses, he just left and went back. as soon as he returned to iran, he was arrested and he
5:43 pm
was imprisoned until just a week ago and then he was executed. >> right. but, cliff, if he had kept that story alive and if we hadn't kind of refuted that story in certain emails then maybe he would still be alive. >> well, that's hard to say. look, i think there are few things you can conclude objectively was it wrong for hillary clinton to have a personal server? i think objectively we have to agree it was. was it reckless for her to have a personal server that's more subjective. i would agree with tom cotton it was a reckless thing to do. did any emails she had over this server contribute in any way to the fact that shahram amiri was hanged that's speculative. >> do you think there is more? clearly over 33,000 or the 30,000 she hasn't turned over, there were a lot of names mentioned. if i'm one of those people mentioned and i'm a spy, boy, i'm a little nervous now. >> you know, i have a lot more faith, at least in the
5:44 pm
abilities of the state department and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies to go through these emails and redact names. what i do have a problem with and unfortunately doesn't get a lot of coverage is people like julian assange of wikileaks or a traitor named snowden who goes out and publishes thousands. especially wikileaks and julian assange who is not for hillary clinton, they publish names. >> that is inherent risk of having your own server that some outside hacker can hack in and read what you are writing. >> as clifford said that's a different point. the question at hand here is whether this sort of action and this sort of maneuvering puts americans at risk. what really put americans at risk was after wikileaks when names of thousands of people who come to the u.s. embassies around the world to do sort of deep cover or behind the scenes, sort of dialogue with american diplomats and american political officers there were published. and this sort of irresponsible behavior by, you know, wikileaks and -- a
5:45 pm
treasonous act. >> one last point. this sort of conspiracy thinking linking everything to hillary clinton, i mean, some people would pretty soon have you believe that she was behind the kennedy assassination. >> this is not a conspiracy link, arash. >> it has to stop at some point. >> cliff, i will let you take. this that is one of the major risks of having your own private email server if it's not as secure as a state department server, you risk outside hackers getting information, period, right? >> no question this was a bad idea for her to have this server. i think people recognize that. i think that shows up in the polls in terms of her ratings on honesty and on trust. all of that is true. i don't think this particular occurrence is going to change the polls at all or change perceptions at all. but i want to make sure that we don't miss the major point here. this guy was hanged because it is believed by the iranians that he gave information to the americans on a iran's nuclear program. if that nuclear program is peaceful as the iranians
5:46 pm
insist, then why in the world would they hang him for having provided information on it. that is a key point and it shows that the agreement made with iran is fundamentally flawed. and i don't believe the iranians are abiding by it they have a justice system that you know has no justice in it. >> when this was announced that he was being hanged, what is the iranian spokesman say that america is their enemy number one and the great satan. >> they have never said anything else. they have never said anything else other than we are in the enemy and the ones they would love to see eradicated along with israel. >> that's the most important point. >> iran had a dangerous nuclear program. clifford is right. iran had a dangerous nuclear program about a year away from breakout capacity and capability. we should thank president obama and hillary clinton at the state department putting together a deal that has put a stop to this dangerous iranian nuclear program. >> why because you think now arash you think they are going to abide by the
5:47 pm
sanctions of the deal? >> we know they are not abiding by many of their obligations the missile launch. >> that is not true. >> the missile launches as you know. look, let me get to this point. let me get to this point and you can answer it, arash. >> true. >> we know this agreement gives iran a patient pathway to nuclear weapons in about a dozen years. that is a mistake because we cannot believe that this regime will be different in 10 years. still consider us the great satan and still want to irratify. >> the regime in iran is terrible regime. sanctions brought them back to the negotiating table on their knees. guess what? according to most observers and nuclear watchdogs including the iaea international atomic energy agency iran, those bad guys have lived up to their commitment. >> all right. we have to leave it right. >> there cooking this without a war. >> a lot of this stuff is up for debate. i will tell that you debate is not over. gentlemen, thank you very much. when we come right back, a survivor the iran hostage crisis has a chilling
5:48 pm
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but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. go long™. in the back of the book segment tonight, we continue our reporting on how to deal with the iranian regime. you may remember the iranian hostage crisis of 1979. barry rosen was one of the 52 americans held captive for 444 days by supporters of the ayatollah. today the iranian regime sometimes tries to put on a more moderate face compared to back then. but rosen says no american voter should be fooled. i spoke to him last week. mr. rosen, so you say the iranians always win when we negotiate, when the united states negotiates with iran.
5:52 pm
explain that, please. >> well, almost 40 years ago, i was taken hostage with 51 of my colleagues, and at that time we were victims of iran and the iranian revolution. and the carter administration, of course, lost out on that one. again and over the years, it seems even during the reagan administration, iran-contra, and now also this juncture in iranian-american history, we saw that there is a quid pro quo for hostages and payments. >> wasn't yours a quid pro quo as well, though, 52 hostages released ime $8 billion was turned over? >> yes. >> released to the iranians? >> absolutely. it was a quid pro quo. but the iranians were singing the song most of the time, and they had -- they had, i would say, control over the situation and the international situation for 14 1/2 months. >> do you think they have the same control here? do you think this was a quid pro quo? by the way, what's the difference if it's quid pro quo and it coincides directly with a
5:53 pm
hostage release. that's a ransom, no? >> yes t , it is. it just sounds better. that's all. >> you think they said we'll release your we'll. we want the $400 million. >> look at the situation. an airplane full of money comes into iran, stacks of euros and so forth. and at the same time, maybe minutes later or whatever, four americans are returned to the united states. it sounds like a quid pro quo to me. >> well, i was just saying it sounds like ransom and -- >> and a ransom. >> your 44 days in captivity, were you involved -- did you hear about any of the negotiations that were going back and forth, or were you just kept completely separate? >> for 99% of the 444 days, i was incommune ca doe. i was in prison like many of the american hostages are now. that prison was what i would say the maximum security prison.
5:54 pm
we were subjected to terror all the time, attempts at forcing us to say things that we did not want to say using automatic weapons against our heads. those were -- we were terrorized, and those were terrifying moments in my life. >> were you tortured? >> if you consider being -- sitting in a cell with the feeling that this could be your last day in your life, yes. >> did they never give you hope? did they never say, we're negotiating and -- >> never. they were absolutely great -- even when the attempted rescue occurred in april, we didn't know a thing. >> tell us about that. >> that night, i was taken down from my cell, put into a van. the van was repainted. i was tied up, hand and foot. transported to the south of iran, and there i ended up in
5:55 pm
what i call the black hole, a place i lived in for 60 days without any light. that's terror to me. >> did they do that when they realized the rescue attempt was being made, or were they tipped off? did they know it prior to the attack? >> when they -- when the terror -- when the rescue attempt occurred, they then activated this event. so there was -- they didn't know anything about it at all. the rescue attempt might have succeeded if we didn't have that accident in tabas. >> now, why do you think -- and i only have about 30 seconds. why do you think some people would say that because ronald reagan was being sworn in and the iranians were fearful of a ronald reagan presidency is the reason why this deal went together at that moment? >> i think at that point the reason why it took place that way is because they wanted carter to suffer. they wanted that to take place until the ultimate moment of his presidency. he would never get a victory from iran.
5:56 pm
>> even if carter offered the $8 billion, they wouldn't take it from him? >> no. >> thank you very much. remember to check out our podcast, the contributing factor. there's a new episode up today with invied information on the controversial $400 million in cash the u.s. sent to the iranians. you can find that on or itunes. still to come, a special appearance by bill o'reilly. back in a moment. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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6:00 pm
phelps and ledecky can pull off in rio. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, republican nominee donald trump revving up a potential campaign reset in the motor city with a big speech on one of the two key issues that analysts believe could help him defeat hillary clinton. welcome, everyone, to "the kelly file." i'm trish regan in for megyn kelly tonight. today mr. trump gave a major speech on the economy, a speech that's raising expectations and exciting his base while also raising eyebrows from his opponents. trump's 60-minute-long speech zeroed in on what we need to do to get our economy growing again in the way of lower taxes for individuals and corporations. less regulation, better trade agreements, and child care tax credits for working


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