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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 9, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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come in to "on the record" right now. with l. donald donald trump's economic plan help you? there are the numbers on the screen. wow, 14% say no. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, should we tax the u.s.olympians on their medals? for the rest of us watching nbc's coverage is taxing enough. am i right? plus the former cia officer announces he will run for president. is this the candidate trump has been dreaming of? short answer no. long answer, no. and finally oliver stone explains why you should turn off your phone while in the theater. strangely the reason is not because one of these days andy will snap and hurt you badly.
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back to you, tom. >> thank you. let's welcome our guest. she knows more about the law that judge dread. fox news contributor ebony k williams. he has co authored books with the king of comedy, but that's on the dl. michael malice. she has seen more stars, jill dobson and every time i see him i can't stop thinking of michael jordan's underwear. next to me from "orange in the new black" michael torpey. let's start the show. >> the only thing more exciting than the olympics is chuck schumer talking about the olympics. the democratic senator has proposed our olympic medal winners not have to pay taxes on the cash prizes awarded by the medals. his comments weren't on camera.
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>> most sub -- subsidize their athletes. the rest of team usa paid out of their own pockets to train and represent us at the olympics. the least we can do is stop taxing their winnings. >> schumer believes america's olympic heros should be exempt because hard work and excellence shouldn't be punished. typical democrat. i wasn't convinced until i read his press release. our athletes should be about breaking world records and not breaking the bank. someone give that press release release-bot a raise. >> it's classic chuck schumer. >> i would rather someone be lazy and fix my computer than working eight hours and not have a consequence. winning the lottery gives us as much right as working 20 years and building a business. it is irrelevant if it is hard work. no one should be taxed on their incomes. these athletes are amateurs.
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i didn't even think of this. no one should be taxed. that was an opportunity for me to throw that in there. what do you think about this? i didn't even know they got to keep money with the medals. they got a little cash. >> i am not as bold as to say it is a bold stance and i will follow you for it. >> i don't think the winners should be given money. anyone who qualifies for the u.s. team should be given a stipend if my goal -- gold medal is russians popping steroids like mike-n-ikes, that's not fair to me. we don't need the folks from the ussr. >> if you are gonna cut tacks
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i would imagine you go in a different direction. here is a gymnast who will get a medal and maybe a nike deal her way. why wouldn't he give the tax break to a hard working janitor or a hard working anyone out there doing those jobs that are not glamorous. they have the glamor and now they are getting gold. and now we want to give them something extra. >> jill thinks the athletes are too pampered. i see the calluses on their hand. >> this is the ultimate loophole. if we will have a system, i don't think income should be taxed across the across the board. tax usage and ways and infrastructure, but income i agree feels punative. deciding 0 if you make a higher income you are taxed in an inappropriate kind of way. if we are gonna do that it has to be flat across the board.
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i don't think havingerrings coming from -- having earnings from your olympic success is in there. >> the bottom 40% don't pay anything in taxes. >> that didn't go well for him. >> i think it is time for. >> after the swimmer brock the world record for the 400 meter individual immediately on saturday, the camera picked up a shot of her husband and coach celebrating to which the sportscaster said, and there is the man responsible for turning his wife into a whole different swimmer. the reaction was swift. he says women are not responsible for their own gold medals. >> nbc's broadcaster gives the credit to her husband and coach wtf6ism. it is terrible.
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except you know who credits her husband and coach? she does. the idea that this comment would not have been made about a male athlete is wrong. do you remember the endless profiles of michael phelps' mom with headlines like this. and she was not even his coach. that was bob bowman. he was the subject of many adoring profiles. they say with live tv oftentimes you look back and wish you said things differently. he shouldn't have said things differently. athletes need support to achieve greatness. acknowledging that support for women doesn't diminish their achievement unless you are sexist. >> are you a woman. >> yes. so proud to be one. >> didn't i present some good evidence there? i think it is much a do about -- >> about nothing. i think you presented a very
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good and compelling case. factually, you are right. coach first, husband second and in social media that point was lost. a lot of people are looking at it and it is her husband getting the credit. you are right. it is not true and coaches should be acknowledged for transitioning and this woman is a complete and total rock star many women we feel marginal liesed around our success. so anything that sounds like an attempt to marginal lies it we take personally. >> they went and they wanted to jump on 6ism -- se xism when this is part of the olympics. it is about the people who helped them to the top, right? >> the broadcaster was correct. he didn't word it perfectly and that happens on live tv. he meant to say this man is somewhat responsible for her success and obviously everyone watching knows she did the
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training and she went in the pool and it is ridiculous to freak out. to think she meant the man was solely responsible. the man was partly responsible. we know that. let's not freak out. >> i think both these women agreed with me 100%. >> it does sound that way. it is getting some attention now and it is a goodbye product of people being more aware of sexist commentary that is all over the place. you have women receiving comments about their looks even though they just won some of the olympic events. >> nothing wrong with that though. that is very important, michael. >> what if they look great? i can't say it. >> it is not that you cannot say it. >> did you see the beach volleyball? it is fantastic. >> it is fantastic. it is not the main thing. >> if you can look good and win at the same time we call it a win-win.
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>> michael, what think you? >> if i am as interested what the shrieking women have to say about twitter, it is nothing else at all. they should go home and quit their yapping and leave the sports to the grown-ups. >> and go and cook something. >> quit your yappin was in my monologue because i thought it was too provocative. >> let's look at this tweet. >> a bears' lines man wins a gold medal. that may be a little more offensive. >> it is not a well written headline. most of these people have intern s writing the tweets. i doubt the newspaper's actual headline it printed was as backward as that. they are trying to catch local attention. they said hey, chicago people. one of our guys has a wife that won a gold. >> i had zero problems for
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that reason. this is the chicago tribune. of course they will connect with their reader ship by saying one of the chicago bears line men -- that's all it was doing. that was not sexist. >> that was a local story and do we agree on that? >> if she lives in chicago she automatically makes it a local story. i don't know where they live. >> maybe they had notoriety. >> nobody knows her so they can't just say some lady. >> they couldn't even say his name. >> i don't know who that guy is. >> on the one hand will we care about annoying women and their feelings? the choice is clear. >> a great endorsement of donald trump. >> not all summer olympic sports are equal. gymnastics and track and field and bad mitton get all of the
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attention of the sports rel law gated to daytime coverage on the usa network and some question whether they are even sports. gawker did a sport post with the headline i'll tell you what is not a real sport, riding a horse is not a real sport. maybe for the horse it is. i expect cynicism and snark on other websites. not gawker, the paper of evidence. riding a horse it is a sport. >> no that's not a sport. you know what else is not a sport? trampoline. that is in the olympics. you can meddle -- i guess jumping on a trampoline and that's ridiculous. >> it is as lovely to look at as beach volleyball. jay it is like three's company all over again. >> how many beers can you drink before you pick up your phone and call your last ex-girlfriend? that would be a good competition. >> i think i would be great at that because i am not good
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with numbers. i can't remember what their number is. what do you think? >> there saw lot of shade thrown at different events. i want to highlight one that we are not paying attention to. >> it it sounds like a weird combination. we have fencing, swimming, running, shooting and show jumping which is another horse event. put those together and maybe you saw a movie called "the revenant" those are the things he did to avenge his son's death. jay you should get more than one medal for that. >> it is a collection of amazing badass skills. you can use a knife and run and swim and take a horse and go across the country. >> who cares about the decathlon? it will not save your son. >> that's what my son would say.
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>> what do you think? did you bring some media with you? >> i have facts and i have statements. i feel like the people covering the olympics are unsure how to agree on what is a real sport or not. no one apparently covered air rifle shooting and after the first day of the olympics we had one goal and all they have is a picture of her on the podium. there is no video and there is nothing. i can't find anything. no one covered it. they said this is not a real sport. bob costas was on at the end of the night saying usa god one gold medal today. they should throw to her on the podium. can you imagine if men's basketball got the gold and all we saw was bob talking about it and a picture on the podium. >> i can't believe it. >> she said air rifle? she shoots a bb gun, is that her thing? jay i don't know. -- >> i don't know. i watched the coverage. that's all i saw. i am proud of you and i would
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love to see you shoot the air rifle. >> she has a great name. >> college student, teenager. >> what else is dumb that they keep adding? >> ping-pong should not be an olympic sport. >> have you seen them? they are crazy. >> oh my gosh, are you serious? >> have you played ping-pong with a good pipg pong player? >> i played ping-pong and i don't think it is an olympic sport. >> table tennis makes it more legitimate. >> now are you blowing the line. >> it is table tennis and it got in there early. >> i like ping-pong. >> i think ping-pong is a brand name. >> they are trying to find some little sport like ping-pong as a trampoline as opposed to gymnastics and get their way in. it is genius.
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>> i felt a little dumb there. i thought it was a movie reference. >> air bud? >> yes, like karate kid with an eagle. >> it is a movie, but based on a true story. >> it is time to take a break. when we come back, we will answer the question on everybody's mind. who is this guy?
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for 72 months across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs, during the ford freedom sales event. live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. presidential hopeful donald trump is aiming new political arsenal at his democratic rival. the republican candidate tweets that, quote, many people are saying hillary clinton's hacked e-mails were responsible for the death of
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an iranian nuclear scientist executed for spying for the u.s. but trump does not specify which people. a spokesman says trump's phrase "many people" are saying means that he made it up. delta officials say it could be wednesday before the flight schedule is back on track. a power outage knocked out the airline's computer systems early yesterday causing major headaches for travelers around the world. some 700 flights remain canceled this morning and another 2400 are delayed. delta is hoping to apiece frustrated customers by offering them refunds and $200 travel vouchers. in california a major forest fire that broke out on sunday is no where close to being con intad. to being contained. hundreds of firefighters are on the scene east of l.a. the fire forced hundreds of families out of their homes and the smoke so dense it can be seen in las vegas 270 miles
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away. remember the muslim boy who was arrested for inventing a clock which his teachers mistook for a hoax bomb? the 14-year-old's family is now suing school officials. they said the incident violated the boy's civil rights and triggered death threats and forced them to leave the u.s. >> finally we unveil the first pizza atm feeding students at xavier university. it dispenses a hot pie for a mere $9. it ka be good. back to "red eye." >> anti-trump republicans have as much glamour and charisma as david french. do you remember when he ran? those were the days. even mcmullen, evan
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mcmullen -- even mcmullen, a chief officer for the house republican con prens is reportedly launching a run for president as an independent. before his announcement he wasn't well known. he had 135 twitter followers and zero snap chat presence. he opposes trump. he is republican and -- okay that's it. mcmullen is mormon so he could take votes in utah from trump. but can he command an audience like trump? >> on my first day there as a student i had an experience that had a deep impression on me. i was shopping shopping and i stopped to talk to a spice vender. >> i need to know the end of this story. a spice vendor? this is exciting. he seems a little low energy. that's nothing a good media strategist can't correct. look at this video.
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>> we are more empowered now than we have ever been. and no issue is too big. and yes this is my real hair. >> you were covering your eyes there. >> wait a minute. that wasn't his video. >> that was a trump video. >> that was our own team. that was our own team of political experts. you don't think that is going to -- look, he has to sell himself outside of utah. that's what he needs, right? >> he doesn't have a chance. it is america and you want to run for president and you can. trump is not worried about this guy and i don't think any trumpers should be either. this is much to do about nothing. >> what about utah though?
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could you imagine if trump won the rust belt he is looking for, michael, and then they flip utah and he loses? wouldn't that be ironic? >> it would be because utah is the only place clinton came in. one of the big trump selling points is that against trump is the republican establishment and there is an international global conspiracy to keep the american worker down. thankfully we have a former cia operative to run against him to prove him completely wrong. this guy a tear tab and he is a joke. there is no possibility he will go anywhere. it will just show how weak his enemies are. >> what do you think? he is handsome. >> i don't want to just comment on his looks. it would be sexist. he has a profile where if his twitter handle stayed the egg or if he put his hand up you would tell a difference.
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he joked about his hair in that speech. we didn't show it all. what do you think of this guy? michael is right. per row -- perot did well. >> it seems there are a lot of people looking for an alternative and you have to be able to debate in september and there is no way they can get the ground flow of support. maybe gary johnson has a chance and maybe it is too little, too late. and i am not talking about your hair. >> ebony, thinking of the third party candidate, he is being a spoiler for gary johnson. >> thank you! that's what is important here, tom. gary johnson actually was in five points of qualifying and it could make a real difference. this guy is being a complete
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loser. it is actually very desperate. we are 90 days in this election. i want him to go to his talks. >> these people are starting to annoy me. i liked romney. i thought he was great. i voted for him. >> are you saying that on live tv? >> i am saying it. a lot of people did. >> what happened? what is he so angry about? >> this guy? >> yeah. >> he is the only one left to take bill crystal's calls. he went through the rolodex and he cooperate find a janitor who found a pay cut. he is one step away from the red skull. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> as the country goes, so goes the nation. although most have never seen or heard trump speak they know he is the right choice for the country. no one wants a woman president.
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he can only imagine. they even started a pact to increase the typically low amish turnout to the polls. it makes sense. the amish and trump have a lot in common. they are excellent builders and they have a great love of hats and they refuse to drive cars. it takes a private plane. what do you think? they have to get out and vote this year. >> you mean they are not voting for hillary? >> they are a simple people who don't like women, apparently. >> i think they like their women and they just like him in the -- in there baking bread or something. >> i hate to break it to you, but i don't noah lot of women who like to be pigeon holed into bread baking. >> they seem to love their life. i will stop defending them if they are not watching our show. >> i am from the land of mini
12:27 am
amish. where i am from there are road signs everywhere. beware of the horse-and-buggy. be careful. >> you have to beware of them? >> yes. as we are approaching at night it might be a bit cold only going five miles an hour. but, but, but, here is the thing. >> there are five people interviewed and none said they planned to vote. they were painting them and they would vote for trump. they interviewed five people. >> well, that's two more sources than we usually use on this show. >> they have a sense in their community to be fair. >> i will tell you something else the amish have in common. they know how to build walls and there are no muslims in their community so of course they will support him. >> they like walls.
12:28 am
they like building. >> so i am not surprised that they are supporting trump. we are talking about five people. they don't really believe in voting either. that's what i found interesting. they put it in the hands of the higher power and so under their mantra it doesn't matter if it is trump or hillary. all will turn out exactly as it should. they live in their own world. it is part of america, but they don't care. to them it doesn't matter who is in the white house. >> and that's a privilege to feal like have you nothing at stake in the election. well it doesn't matter. just because you are protected. >> i don't know if it is wrong -- that's their faith and i give them credit to follow that. i do agree that it must be nice. >> i would say if one of the
12:29 am
candidates was coming out and challenging their right to practice their faith they would feel motivated. nobody is coming out and saying anything against their faith and it is easy for them to be like, we can hang back and not vote. >> many do not vote. >> i wish they would vote -- have a tv so they can see it. half time with andy is next. and the "red eye" pod cast is next. subscribe on itune and fox news news --
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>> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> sugar schumer doesn't want to tax the money olympians win. is he right about this? of course. is he an unbelievable hipocrite? of course. i think that's pretty easy. you said you would rather somebody be lazy and fix your computer than work eight hours and do nothing of consequence. jay yes. >> that's a slap in the face to those 2 fix your computer of the . >> hands right here. >> i don't know what that means. >> i just don't think those who fix computers are lazy. >> you think anyone who
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qualifies for the olympic team should be given a stypened. this is trump's america and we do not pay losers. >> it is not his america yet. holding out hope. >> he is not going to win. jill you said why wouldn't he give the tax -- why wouldn't we give the tax break to people who don't have the glamour of the olympic athletes. most of the athletes don't get the glamour. you don't see a lot of archery champions on the cereal boxes. >> i think it is still pretty glamorous to be competing in the olympics. i think we should give them a tax break if we are giving it to someone. >> not arguing with you on that one. >> you don't like garbage collectors. >> i love garbage collectors. >> just wait until they strike. >> i shred my garbage and put it in the furnace. >> you mean you compost it. that's what you meant to say. you compost it, correct?
12:35 am
>> no. ebony, you think if other people have to pay taxes on earningsolympians do too. let's apply schumer's point to doctors who work really hard and so i guess we shouldn't tax doctors either? >> no, that's what i didn't understand the incon -- the inconsistency, i totally agree. >> nbc announcer gets crap to say the coach is the man behind the woman. you said there is nothing wrong with what the announcer said. >> yes. >> would it surprise you to learn i agree with you? >> it does surprise me. >> and yet i do. ebony you said it was because of the fastness of social media. >> i greaty with you. i said factually what he said is correct and it is tempting to narrow in on the husband part and forget the coach
12:36 am
aspect. >> jill, you said everyone knows she did the training. yes, she is the one who did all of the steroids. of course it is a joke. i make jokes here. i agree it makes people more sensitive to se xist comments. she hasn't won medals since she was training, but imagine clear has become a stronger swimmer. >> sure. i am not talking about that comment. it is more the commentators in general. i think people are noticing more now that these old dudes happen to really talk about women's looks a lot. >> i completely agree. first of all, i thought your commentary was brilliant. >> i appreciate that. >> then you talked about the decathlon and you said throwing a heavy ball will not
12:37 am
affect your son. what if all have you is a heavy ball to throw at the attacker? >> that's a fair point and i am glad you brought it up. i would rather have the skill set to lasso a local horse. >> you don't have time for that. all have you is a heavy ball. >> i will throw in the heavy ball. >> jill this was a big one. you talked about the air rifle competition not being tell advised. >> it was on nbcsn. >> why didn't he show it to me? he just talked about it. >> he is not doing a damn, nbc-csn. >> spent 35 seconds googling it. >> you should have googled olympic air rifle.
12:38 am
>> i should have. >> well, congratulations to you. not just on your gold medal but also getting andy levey. >> you said it is not a sport and then you dised table tennis. it is the olympic games and not the olympic sports. >> that's fair enough. i also think there is a reason more people are watching the gymnastic competitions and the basketball stuff. >> why. >> why start? >> why would you say that? >> anything that involves where judges have to make the decision is not a sport. >> boxing. >> not a sport. boxing is a sweet science. >> i rest my case.
12:39 am
>> it does not mean they are not great athletes. it is just not sports. and girls gymnastics, which is what it is, not women's gymnastics. >> i am pretty sure the team captain is 22. >> she is the only one. >> she is a grown woman. >> generally it is like whereby 17 you wash out if you have not been good. >> i think she won two gold medals 18 and above. >> she is the exception. >> i love putting in the exception. >> mcmullen running for president. you said before running he had 125 twitter followers? >> yes. >> as of this taping 27,000. >> the "red eye" bump. a big "red eye" bump. >> strong a block. >> i can confirm what tom said that video of mcmullen was not real. >> thank you. >> just want to make sure you knew. >> i was really troubled by it.
12:40 am
>> you brought up utah and the possibility of being a spoiler there. gary johnson is polling at 30%. we don't need another spoiler. they said they don't have tv and so they haven't seen or heard trump at all. if i had never seen or heard trump and you told me the choice was between hillary clinton and some other guy, yeah, i would vote for the other guy too. >> i mean how have they seen her? >> she is everywhere. >> how do you see hillary and you don't see trump? >> in your dreams. you wake up. >> you noticed it is based on interviews with five people and it shows nothing. 80% of america disagrees with you. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> coming up, a director known for his intense films is taking on a horrifying
12:41 am
subject. >> hi there, "red eye" ring dings. the green party presidential nominee reacts to a court ruling against the third party candidate. chris baron is all on the party panel.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm skelly wright. i'm kelly wright. good morning. a former cia operative wants
12:45 am
to be president. evan mcmullen is against donald trump, but feels most americans are against the two major nominees from the two-party system. he appeared on the kelly file explaining his bid. >> yes, it is not ideal. in fact, for months i as well as many americans have hoped that somebody with a national name id step up and do what i am doing. i believe this is the last moment when somebody can offer an alternative to these candidates. >> you are a life long republican? >> i am a life-long conservative before that. >> donald trump is laying out his economic plan. the highlights include an across the board tax cut wiping out the death tax and a full reduction of child care expenses. trump is also saying a focus on u.s. infrastructure is key to growth. hillary clinton is to layout her plan in the same city on thursday.
12:46 am
and clinton is being sued by the parents of two of the four americans killed in the 2012 benghazi attacks. the use of a private e-mail server helped terrorists find the four. clinton has not responded to the suit. lawyers for drug king pen el chapo says he can't go through the stress of prison. they are keeping a watch from him across the border with texas. the u.s. tried to extradite him. if you are expecting or thinking of having a baby, try vermont. the state was named the best place to have kids because of the lower cost of child care and family friendly policies. now back to "red eye." i'm kelly wright. >> oliver stone thinks smartphones are good and very bad.
12:47 am
stone filmed a new psa getting people to turn off their devices in movie theaters. the director would rather scare the hell out of you. >> this amazing device allows us to talk to someone across the globe and express our views on sights visible by millions. like this one. adorable. that's not all it does. >> it allows certain parties to track your move every time you make a call or send a text. we are giving them access. the information you have put out into the world voluntarily is enough to burn your life to the ground. this will be our undoing. think i am being dramatic? then take my word for it. do the rest of the people in the audience a big favor. turn off your phone during the movie. >> wow. >> you love snowden.
12:48 am
>> i do. >> what do you think? >> intimidating psa. >> i don't know if this means oliver stone has gotten sane or i have gotten crazy. being from the ussr, my parents grew up in a world where they had some know where they were listening to their calls. thanks to snowden we know all of the calls are recorded and stored by the government to use as they will. and the phones are tracking devices. we have gps installed. so people should be more paranoid and they should though they are being used by the government against us to do as they will. it is a joke with regards to privacy. >> i don't want to talk about meta data. but oliver stone, he looks the same as he did in neerch -- in 1983. >> 1983 was a cool year. he looks great.
12:49 am
i agree with everything about the fourth amendment and our privacy rights constitutionally. we pretty much sacrifice them voluntarily in a lot of these cases. >> this is getting to be a heavy subject. >> then turn to jill because here is what i will add. that cutting uh what to cute animal videos it is right out of the "red eye" playbook. >> will the film make money you think? >> sure. >> i mean, it seems like a loser to me. there is not a lot of people. he will see it, but he is in the minority. >> there is a lot of weight. my take is though he looks great, this is an over reaction to him accidentally butt dialing scorsese. he says all phones are bad.
12:50 am
he got a little embarrassed. >> shut them off. when we come back we will close things out with a bedtime story about the biggest pizza invention since stuffed crust.
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coming up to, remi spencer sam morrell and joe mackey. >> it is an atm. the t stands for tomato sauce. ohio's xavier university introduced the nation's first pizza atm. the magical machine serves you will 12-inch pies for nine bucks a pop. it gets one personal day a year. it should. pizza lovers pick their topping and outcomes a president bush baked pie. a short 45 minutes later. i'm kidding. it only takes three minutes. here is what it looks like. ya. it look like pizza made in an atm. still major chains feel threatened. and they are coming up with their own gimmicks.
12:55 am
i don't think dominoes thought it through although pizza hut is on to something here. look at that. that's cute. what do you think of this pizza atm? >> it made me think of you. what we had back in the day. >> it, woulded. it worked. it worked like a charm. >> if you make it expensive to hire people they will be replaced by machines and we are seeing it with touch screens being replaced and robots making pizza in your hamburgers. >> did you ever see a domino's? it is like a big assembly line. >> there is more than one way to gain the freshman 15. that's what this story proved. >> now it is easier than ever. >> how many times were you in college and you needed a pizza and the pizza place was closed? >> from what i know about late night pizza consumption, it is only a matter of time before
12:56 am
some young man gets his wiener caught in the atm. it is gonna happen. >> why? >> it is gonna happen. >> it is gonna happen, but because he wants the pizza or wants to do something else? >> you have to ask him. >> you can't have me follow that. >> you don't have to show concern for the guy. >> okay. i don't think this is a threat to current pizza chains in the same way. when i lived in los angeles, sprinkles has an atm. and it is the national sprinkles facility. so it can be a companion business. it will drive the appetite for more pizza. >> i don't even know what sprinkles is. >> they have an atm and you can get one and it will drop out in a cute pink box. >> i have heard of that. i think we need these machines and it will be like the old-fashioned auto-mat there is nothing like reaching in and pulling out a piece of key
12:57 am
lime pie. that does it for me. tom shillue, i'll see you next time. at
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make america great. >> "special report" is next. he was an iranian nuclear scientist. he might have have been a spy. he might have worked for america. and he did show up in hillary clinton's private e-mails. tonight, he's dead. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. there's new fallout from hillary clinton's seemingly never-ending e-mail scandal. the case of an iranian scientist executed for treason in iran was the subject of e-mails that passed through clinton's unsecured private server. clinton critics are drawing their


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