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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning to you. the sun will be out soon. thank you so much for joining us. this is "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am alley hunmal -- abby hu. >> a lawsuit filed the parents of two americans killed in the terror attack. they say the democratic nominee is directly to blame for the death of their sons. >> kelly wright joins us with the breaking details. >> good morning to you both. on monday freedom watch usa filed a lawsuit in district court for the district of columbia on behalf of the parents. patricia smith is suing secretary of state hillary clinton for the wrongful death of their sons plus emotional
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distress and defamation. the two men were killed along with glen doherty and ambassador tore christopher stevens during an attack at the consulate in 2012. hillary clinton was extremely careless with the handling of classified information by using a private e-mail server which they say contributed to the death of their sons. the suit further ladies and gentlemens it enabled benghazi to find the americans. smith spoke about her son's death during the national convention. >> we lost four brave americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country they choose to serve and the american people lost the truth. for all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the citizens, the tragedy of
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benghazi has brought on america, i blame hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton attended the funeral of the four men. she told them the deaths were sparked by an anti islamic video. clinton denied that. >> as other members of families who lost loved ones have said that's not what they heard. i don't hold any ill feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said. >> there are two options. one is either mrs. clinton is lying or she has a bad memory of her age or her head injury that she suffered. >> at the present time clinton's campaign is not commenting about the lawsuit. kelly wright live for us. thank you.
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>> the killer of this young woman vanessa a google employee went out for a job while visiting her mother but never came home. her body found hours later in the woods. her feet, head and hands were all burned. this just one week after an easterly similar case. a 30-year-old murdered while jogging in queens, new york. they are looking for possible links. >> the terrifying moment playing out in a county fair in tennessee overnight. we have had a major incident at the fair grounds at the ferris wheel. there have been at least three fall out of the ferris wheel. three unresponsive. >> i have three kids that fell out of the farris wheir ferris . >> the basket got caught on the
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wheel before tipping over throwing them out like water. all three rushed to the hospital all alert and talking. the fair is reopened today but all rides will remain closed. >> now to the water park tragedy in kansas. it was a neck injury that killed 10-year-old caleb schwab on the world's tallest water slide. water slides only need to meet local building codes. it is still unclear what happened. but a witness said they saw caleb's body washed down the 17 foot slide after the raft. the slide was riddled with safety concerns before it even opened causing three different delays. >> so sad. >> delta warning of more delays and cancellations today as it recovers from a global glitch, a power outage triggering a system wide melt down. more than 1,000 flights canceled
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stranding 10's of thousands of passengers for more than 6 hours. handwritten boarding passes. they are now offering passengers refunds and waivers. >> amazing what one glitch can do. >> turning to the race for the white house, donald trump seemed unqualified to be president by dozens of former national security officials. >> kristin, good morning. >> donald trump is in another fight with members of his own party. this time it is 50 former prominent national security officials who released a letter saying they will not vote for trump. we were convinced he would be a dangerous president and put at risk our country's national security and well-being. trump responded by saying quote the names on this letter are the ones american people should look to for answers of why the world is a mess and thank them for coming forward so everyone deserves to know who is to blame
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for this taking place. all of this took place the same day as trump's economic speech in detroit. we promise to cut taxes and simplify the tax code. >> in the days ahead we will provide more details on this plan and how it will help you and most importantly your family. it will present the tax raiding, poverty inducing obama clinton agenda. >> during that speech trump was interrupted by protestors more than a dozen times. no one was more vocal in their opposition than democratic rival speaking from florida. >> he wants to roll back regulations on wall street. he wants to eliminate the consumer financial protection bureau which has saved milliobi of dollars for americans.
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he wants to basically repackage trickle down economics. >> today's closing will be in miami to talk about the zika virus while trump will be in north carolina. it is a must win state for trump this november. >> abby and heather. >> the race goes on. donald trump mocking hillary clinton as a malfunctioning robot in a new tv ad. a reference to her recent remarks about the fbi investigation of her e-mail server. charles krauthammer saying it's a cheap shot but one that is warranted. >> there are so many lies now she lies about her lying. when you have to say, my testimony to the fbi director says was truthful. when somebody has to site somebody else as an authority on the truthfulness of their
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speech, they are in trouble. trump i thought handled today reasonably well. he gave the classic republican agenda on economics, cut taxes. what is really notable is how anti trade he is, he remains. he is to the left of her on trade. that leaves us with an election where there's nobody to defend trade. this is new in modern american u.s. history. >> polls show hillary clinton double digits a i head of trump in the general election match up. 50 percent to trump's 37 percent. in the meantime a new twist in the race as a new candidate adds his name to the ballot. edwin mcmullen is running as an independent. he said he had to get into the race because both of the candidates according to him are
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unfit. >> for months i as many americans have hoped someone with national name id would step up and do what i am doing. i believe this is the last moment when somebody can offer an alternative to these two unfit candidates. donald trump keeps saying terrible things that alienates large swaths of the population. he's holy unfit. i think he's dangerous to the country. >> mcmullin has an uphill battle as most have passed in most states to put the name on the ballot. the u.s. swimming team adding to the gold column. ryan murphy setting an olympic record swimming to victory in the 100 meter back stroke. >> lilly king snatched up another gold in the 100 meter breast stroke.
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>> serena williams is moving on after a victory over elise conyay of france. >> the men's basketball team dominating 1 # 16 to 209. they are facing australia tomorrow. >> wasn't all wins for the usa. a heartbreaking loss for gymnast donnell leva who fell off the high bar during a critical routine falling to a 5th place finish. >> team usa ends with 19 medals. >> did a good job. >> many more to go. >> 10 minutes after the top of the hour. motorcycle mayhem the terrifying moment when a stunt goes all wrong. a motorcycle crash lands in a crowd of people. >> home sick boys come back to the united states and immediately shows his krad tude by filing a lawsuit. >> trump tackling taxes how much money the gop's nominee economic
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plan could put back in your wallet. our next guest with a complete break down.
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it's been a wild ride to jordan & chelsea's wedding. but thanks to everything turned out perfect.
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[crying] weird, but perfect. [flute] >> no american company will pay more than 15 percent of their business income in taxes. we will work with house republicans on this plan using the same brackets they have proposed, 12 percent, 25 percent and 33 percent. these reforms will offer the biggest tax revolution since the reagan tax reform. >> a major speech on one of the key issues that analysts believe could help him defeat hillary clinton, donald trump zeroing in on what we could do to keep america growing again.
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>> the economy is a top concern for voters. the plan with kings college. brian, always good to see you. >> great to be here. >> let's go through the top three. he mentioned three tax brackets 12 percent, 25 percent 33 percent. also renegotiating the tax cuts. >> tax cuts are big. this isn't the first tax plan he has put together. he revised the plan for house republicans. a top rate of 33 percent. that could be a big boost for the economy the tax foundation talked about increasing jobs by 1.7 million. increasing wages by 7.7 percent. the tax plan certainly offers that. >> one of the other things he talked about is the trade
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issues. >> the donors will make sure, a vote for hillary clinton is a vote for tpp. it's also a vote for nafta. hillary clinton will never withdraw from tpp. she has bought, controlled and paid for by her donors and special interests 100 percent. she has been a disaster. obama has been a disaster. >> we took a fox news poll and apparently some people degragreo do you think will do a better job on the economy trump 50 percent clinton 45 percent. comparing her two policies i know she has yet to give details on hers. >> i think he's over stating his case a little bit. tpp isn't going to solve our problems in the country.
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it is not the biggest issue. he's right to focus on tax. regulation is a much bigger issue. we have seen much more regulation so he should keep his focus there. he should keep his focus more on regulation and taxes. the reality is more complicated than he is talking about. >> hillary clinton did double down on raising taxes on the wealthy. i was happy to start hearing about the issues from both candidates. both providing a different view of how to move forward here. >> no question there is a contrast. donald trump is making the contrast free stark. this is the area he has most success. >> he also left out specifics as to how you are going to pay for all of this. those are the details we were looking for on hillary clinton on thursday. how are we going to pay for his plan? >> they need the economy to grow
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really fast. that is where the cuts come in. you are talking 2 and a half trillion dollar deficit as a result of the tax cut. >> he is making the fact that americans care more about economic growth and jobs. we will see if that's the case. >> 20 minutes after the hour. segregating classes by race. one college's attempt to make them more comfortable, is it doing more harm than good? >> the tsa stepping out the surgeon who operates in unlikely places. we will tell you where.
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>> the family filed a federal lawsuit claiming a boy's civil rights were violated and he was discriminated against because he was a muslim. he was raised last year, you remember the story after he brought a homemade clock to school. his teacher thought it was a bomb and he was suspended for that. ahmed said the whole thing destroyed his life. >> i lost my creativity because i loved building things but now i can't. >> mohammed's family moved to qatar but he moved back for the summer to visit hismily. >> dozens of americans now heading to the middle east to join anti isis fighters. new statistics show that more than 1 shun americans mostly veterans make up volunteer
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militia groups in iraq and syria. that's a third of all fires. military experts say many finished the job before a sense of belonging. >> mandatory introductory class is under fire because it is segregateed by race. the class in illinois has two sections limited to african american students only. the school defending the idea saying a segregated culture helps them feel comfortable making them more likely to open up. even going as far as veterans talking about war time experiences together. we want to keep talking about racial segregation in classes a good approach or doing more harm than good? log on to our facebook page with the hashtag keep talking. we talk about the budget trump va's spend on art. the people behind the decor could be talking more. a daily call he inveer investig
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saying the va has more than 167 full-time interior designers that's on the payroll at virtually every hospital. they do everything from picking window blind colors to buying millions of dollars ch art each year. >> to a fox business alert, 900 million yell phones and tablet users are at risk of getting hacked. >> cheryl casone is here with what we need to know. >> good morning, ladies. this is a little scary especially if you are a droid user. checkpoint software did a full report. they found vulnerabilities that open up android devices to hackers, basically. google is responding saying we are aware of this. we have been issuing warning to consumers. the edge, the nexus, the blackberry, make sure you have
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your phone up to date. they are putting out patches right now. they have been for several months to make it so your phone is safe. but you have to make sure your phone is up to date. you should be okay. but a little bit concerning if you are doing everything on your phone in particular banking. >> i am always afraid to do the updates because 9 times out of 10 they have issues with the phone. >> i remember back in the day not too long ago when you could watch for free. not any longer. >> they have gotten on board with you are going to have to pay for it. you can't blame them they are the last hold outs when it comes for free streaming services. hulu owns many major ones if you have two tears. you are paying 7.99 a month. no ads you can have 11.99 a month. for those of you thinking i want that free screaming check out yahoo view. they have a gig with them, a
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deal. for now you can watch some of the major network shows up to five past episodes for free. >> for how long. >> how long is the question? >> speaking of how long, those long lines at the airport, you can actually get precheck done in different places. >> the dmz in virginia. the tsa said they want 25 million flying passengers signed up toy 2019. at hnr block you can pay for free checkers. in virginia they are doing it at the dmz. hotels are offering this. they are the marketer. they need new marketing people on their side. coming up, we are going to be talking about trump's child care
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plan for moms. we are going to go through what this means for moms. >> thank you so much, cheryl. >> 26 minutes to the top of the hour. we can relate to this. did you not get enough sleep last night? beware before you drive to work. the alarming number of drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. too many americans are not getting enough sleep. keeping it in the family. trump is likely to hear the words you are hired if your father is elected president. the answer coming up. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. stage four cancer. and i was shocked. the plan at that point was to start chemo. every three weeks i would get my chemo infusion. it would work for a few months then would quit working again.
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causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> it is tuesday august 9th. this is a fox news alert. the parents suing hillary clinton. why they say the democratic
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presidential nominee is directly responsible for their son's death. >> to a fox news alert. american beauty tag gents targeted by terrorists. the brand new threat just uncovered. >> if looks could kill, the rematch in rio. michael phelps, what caused it to break the internet. "f "fox & friends first continues right now. >> no death stairs from us. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." all smiles. >> it is half past the top of the hour. we have a fox news alert for you. holding hillary clinton responsible for benghazi. >> a bombshell lawsuit filed the parents of two americans killed in the terror attack. the democratic nominee is directly to blame for the
2:32 am
deather their son. patricia smith the mother of shawn smith and charles woods the father of tyrone woods are suing former secretary of state hillary clinton for the wrongful death of their sons. plus financial distress and defamation. the two men were killed during an attack on the consulate in benghazi on december 11th, 2012. the suit claims they were extremely careless with handling the classified information by using a private e-mail server which they say contributed to the deaths of their sons. clinton's use of a private server enabled the terrorists in benghazi to find the four americans. smith spoke about her son's death during the republican national convention.
2:33 am
>> we lost four great americans who made the alternate sacrifice and the american people lost the truth. for all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the citizens the tragedy benghazi has brought upon america i blame hillary clinton. >> president obama and secretary clinton attended the funeral of the four men. the parents say it was sparked by anti islamic video. >> family members said that's not what they heard. i don't hold ill feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall anything that was or wasn't said. >> there are two options.
2:34 am
one is either mrs. clinton is lying or if she has a bad memory because of her age or her head injury she suffered. >> clinton's campaign has not yet responded to requests for any comment at all about the lawsuit. abby, heather? >> kelly wright live for us. thank you, kelly. >> to another fox news alert for you. the miss universe pageant targeted by isis. in the social media page a terrorist encourages quote everyone who can to launch attacks at the january in the philippines. also offering a downloadable video on how to make a homicide belt an explosive. >> american families impacted by terror to collect money. the ex president is asking obama to fix the $2 billion ruling. part of that money would go to
2:35 am
the families of the 1983 bombing in lebanon and all of this coming days after iran executed a nuclear scientist accused of spying for the u.s. >> turning to the race for the white house donald trump on the defensive as dozens of former security officers deem him unfit to be president, this has he rolls out a new tax plan hillary clinton is already attacking. imagine that. >> good morning, heather. 50 former prominent national security officials, many from the bush administration released a letter saying they will not vote for trump quote we are convinced in the oval office he would be the most reckless president in american history. none of us will vote for donald trump.
2:36 am
this comes after the big economic policy speech. we promise to cut taxes and simplify the tax code. my plan will bring the brackets from 7 to 3. all policies should be geared towards keeping jobs and wealth inside of the united states. >> during that speech trump was interrupted by protestors more than a dozen times but no one ma was more vocal of the speech than his democratic rival. clinton mocked the all male team of economic advisors including five who are named either steve or steven. >> he has six men named steve. they all care about the same things he does about i voiding
2:37 am
paying their fair share. trump will be holding two rallies. >> kristin, thanks. >> investigators say it was a neck injury that killed the boy on the water slide. the slight waad never inspected by the state. it is not required by law. but they saw his lifeless body come down the slide after the raft. the ride will remain closed. wildfires ravaging california overnight. this pilot fire in the san bernardino area tripling in size burning 5,000 acres threatening thousands of homes. image driving through this
2:38 am
inferno. these flames bringing traffic totally to a halt. they are bracing for flooding in this neighborhood. we have a look at what's ahead. maria, good morning. >> it is forecast to continue raining heavily out there across portions of northern florida and west coast and the concern about thissi area of low pressure it will keep lingering out there with the heavy rain and moisture from the gulf of mexico into parts of florida's coast. the heaviest offshore. it is forecast to move on in. because of the heavy rain threat over the next couple days we have a concern for flash flooding. local lay more than 8 or 12 inches of rain will be possible. extending up to the city of tallahassee along interstate 10.
2:39 am
we have isolated severe weather and the threat will continue tomorrow slightly off toward the east as the massive storm system continues moving eastward damaging winds and large hail isolated tornadoes possible. temperatures are going to be hot. high temperature forecast to reach 94 degrees in rapid city, also in denver. triple dig get heat in texas and oklahoma. take a look at what happens when you factor in the temperatures and the humidity. it will feel very hot forecast to reach triple digits. heat index values coming up later this afternoon in oklahoma, louisiana and also in texas. >> the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a braised arsonist got a taste of his own medicine. >> trump's tax plan what it means for working moms or moms that want to go back to work.
2:40 am
>> what martha stewart and snoop dogg have coming up.
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>> a promise to parents to allow them to deduct the cost of child care. >> what does it mean for working moms who want to go back to work. the come back. how they reenter the workplace successfully. >> i understand 54 percent of american families they say they spend more than>> many parents struggle with this whether or not both parents can go back to work and afford it. i right that in the book.
2:44 am
the cost of child care has gotten so so expensive many parents don't want to work. trump says the cost of child care will be fully deductible. the average cost of a daycare center in 2015 was $196 a week. that comes out to 10,192 dollars a year. so that -- i am assuming you would have to itemize this on your tax return. don't know. he didn't tell us. that would be a savings of more than $10,000. that's for the average american family paying for kdaycare. that would encourage more moms to go back to work. >> it could have an impact as well. >> 20 percent of american families they said they spend about 25 or even more than that of their income on child care. clearly this impacts so many families. we are hearing from hillary clinton and donald trump on this
2:45 am
issue. >> hillary clinton, her plan basically is she wants to cap the cost of child care at 10 percent. i think that's the wrong way to go. she talks about federal subsidies. to simplify it, yes, keep paying taxes to the government and they will subsidize your child care. that never works. take out the middleman is what donald trump is saying you pay for it you get the tax deduction next year. hillary's plan also i worry about what it would do to the economy and job growth. a lot of times you have the government come in and say they are going to deal with the industry it leads to job losses and lowered economic growth. that's what concerns me about hillary's side of this. neither candidate being that specific of course they are running for the president of the united states. they are not being specific. >> we did hear 34 percent of families worry about job security. >> they do. also, too, many people talk about this in the book. many women when they go back to
2:46 am
work they worry they are going to be penalized at work or they are not going to be promoted because they are dealing with the issue of child care, whether or not they have good child care. if you know you can pay for it if you know it is budgeted you know you are going to get a tax reduction next year it would encourage a lot of women to go back to work. that would grow the economy to trump's point. >> always good to see you. thank you for breaking this down. >> evan kau trump in the white house? speaking of women in the workplace. the 34-year-old revealing if her b dad becomes president she will also get a new bigig. the mother said quote there are things i am passionate about like child care. she is promoting her book, women who work initiative, actually. she doesn't have an official title in her dad's campaign. >> from the baseball field to the white house former major
2:47 am
league baseball player curt schilling planning to run for office. he wants to win a seat in the state house first and run for president in 2024 or even sooner if hillary clinton wins in november. he's backing donald trump's selection. >> it is time to check in with steve doocy. >> one of my favorite times of the show. >> to see what's coming up on in fox & friends first. you have donald trump on. >> yes. we do. donald trump with echos of ronald reagan calling for tax rehall. i am sure you love the way taxes are set up right now where you have to hire somebody to do a million different things. >> it is so fun. >> we have donald trump with us for two segments. first we will ask him about the plan he unveiled yesterday at the detroit economic club. second we will hear questions from our audience. what questions do you have for
2:48 am
donald trump. what would you like to ask him about his plan? >> we have been wondering this all morning. how is he going to pay for it? >> especially the child care portion of it. >> a lot of families want to know the specifics on that. >> he's coming up in the 7:00 hour right here on "fox & friends" kicking off right now on the channel you watch for your morning news. >> let us know what you would like to know. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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welcome back to fox and friends first. fair nightmare. three children falling nearly 50 feet right out of a ferris wheel.
2:52 am
that one right there. the terrifying moment playing out at a county fair in tennessee overnight. >> we've had a major incident at the fairgrounds at the ferris wheel. there's been at least three fall out of the ferris wheel, one unresponsive. >> i've got three kids that fell from the ferris wheel, three kids. >> witnesses say that the basket somehow got caught on the wheel before tipping over and spilling the girls out, quote, like water. all three rushed to the hospital by helicopter, but they are said to be alert and talking, that's the good news. the fair set to reopen today, but all the rides will remain closed. and motorcycle mayhem. check out what happened here. a stunt going terribly wrong sending a bike flying off the stage into a packed crowd. >> the bike has no front brakes. oh! >> well, famed motorcycle racer roland sands lost control during a burnout, went right off the
2:53 am
stage. you see that happen at the annual sturgis motorcycle rally. four people rushed to the hospital. all expected to be okay. heather, something we can relate to. a wake-up call for drowsy drivers. one in four people are at risk of falling asleep at the wheel. the reason millions of americans aren't getting enough sleep leading to thousands of crashes every year. to stay away experts say keep the radio on, open a window to get some air and finally make sure to stop during long drives. get more sleep. parenthood isn't easy, but according to a new study, having a new baby is simpler in some states. vermont, maine, connecticut, minnesota and new hampshire. the worst states, mississippi, louisiana, alabama, right here in new york and georgia. now for a look at what is going viral. we always love this. if looks could kill, michael phelps caught on camera in rio
2:54 am
giving his south african rival class le clos a death stare before the 200 meter butterfly. le clos beat phelps to the gold in the 2012 games. >> look at it. he sits there for 20 seconds. all right. think snoop dogg and martha stewart have nothing in common? joint project, martha stewart, snoop dogg. >> it will be interesting to see what they cook up. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. look out below. ♪ ♪ >> yup, they don't call them jumpy for nothing.
2:55 am
the moment the disney character takes a tumble and brakes his fall. it's true. ♪ ♪ >> and what happens when a country loving couple once revealed the gender of their baby in a huge way. ♪ she's everything to me soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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would suffice for jordan's bachelor party. i don't need a sword, i'm a firemaid. ding dong! i'm going to give this place a killer review. i don't know, i just always thought maybe my bachelor party would be a little less g-rated. wench! ahhh! ahhh hahaha... oooh! party time! party boy! ok, ok. mm hm, party time.
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hmm, mmm, mmm... the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. delta warning travelers of more
2:59 am
delays and cancellations as it recovers from a global computer glitch in its atlanta headquarter. rob blagojevich could get his 14 year sentence cut. and wisconsin voters head to the polls as paul ryan tries to keep his seat. he's running against trump supporter paul kneeland. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. he or she brad, will you tell me? country star brad paisley reveals the gender of the couple's baby live on stage. >> it's a boy! >> lots of people excited about that, apparently. the couple plans on naming their new son bradley after paisley. up next, the bad. an arsonist setting himself on
3:00 am
fire while trying to burn out a building. watch out below. goofy breaking his fall. >> it looks like they were doing it on purpose. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us today. have a great tuesday. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, august 9th. donald trump outlines his economic plans to make america work again. >> these reforms will offer the biggest tax revolution since the reagan tax reform. we will make america grow again. >> what does it mean for you and your family? we're going to analyze this? >> yes. the families of benghazi victims now suing hillary clinton saying she was directly responsible for their deaths, but will it hold up in


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