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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 9, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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brad paisley reveals the gender of a couple's baby. they were planning on naming the son bradley after bradley paisley. >> that is cool. >> that's great. >> congratulations. >> pete, thanks so much for help us. >> see you tomorrow. bill: donald trump rebooting his campaign, promising to make america's economy grow again. welcome to the tuesday edition of "america's newsroom." abby: i'm abby huntsman. donald trump is promising to cut taxes and renegotiate our trade agreements. he says he can get the economy, in his words, humming again.
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>> she is the candidate of the past. ours is the campaign of the future. this is a city controlled by democrats at every level. unless we change policies, we'll not change results. this is what i want to do for america, i want to jump-start our economy. bill: that was late morning, early afternoon. hillary clinton plan is chock-full of old ideas. >> he wants to basically just repackage trickle down economics. now, that old saying fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? trickle down economics does not help our economy grow, it does not help the vast majority of
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americans. bill: that from yesterday afternoon. the cover of the "new york post" with a simple headline, "the t party." abby: john, good morning to you. reporter: it's a steamy case at the university of north carolina in wilmington. in north carolina real clear politics average of polls he leads hillary clinton by half a percentage point. but one poll has him up by 4 points. donald trump will be talking about the economy after that big speech in detroit where he laid out his plan for job growth, decreasing regulations saying a few of the big ticket items he wants to employ would be lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% and creating two
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new tax brackets from 12% to 33%. he would also eliminate the death tax. comparing and contrasting his economic plans with those promised by hillary clinton when she was a new york senator. >> if you look at hillary clinton, when she was a senator, she was going to rebuild new york. it was a big thing and there was a big ceremony and it never happened. we lost 47% of our manufacturing jobs when she was a senator. reporter: businesses large and small are applauding donald trump's tax plan. but some republicans said he should have stuck with his relationship mall 10, 20, 25 tax
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brackets. abby: this letter signed by national security advisers warning people not to vote for donald trump. reporter: this is a tough one. a lot of people signing on this letter are household names by former members of the bush administration. the united nations ambassador for the united states. robert zoellick and tom ring, michael chertoff and michael hayden say trump lacks the experience needed. >> i haven't spoken to any of these people. take a look at the middle east, take a look at the problems we
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have and the last people i want to use are the people who have been doing it for the last long period of time. reporter: donald trump dismissing those people as the failed washington elite. maine senator susan collins who was seen as a moderate says she is not going to vote for donald trump in november. abby: donald trump continues to say it's a compliment to him. bill: the late yer -- the latesh university poll has trump down by 12 points. trump says he's the change maker. >> i think his speech yesterday does three things. it changes the subject from all the troubles he has had in the
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past week or two. and it solidifies some of his ties with republicans because he did adopt some income tax rates that are preferred by the house republicans, and it gives hillary clinton a definite tarring tote shoot at. so i think we'll see the debate intensify on the economy because of the speech. >> this morning on fox and friends he said this. maybe an 80's comparison. >> a lot of people have been saying that. maybe it does. it wasn't necessarily supposed to be that way. but it's a similar concept. we substantially lower taxes and it will make our country hum. bill: hillary clinton jumped all over that. she pretty much went back to an argument of 30 years ago. >> we are about to hear literally the say debate we have
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heard for decade, which is trump proposed lowering income tax rates and democrats argued doing so will disproportionately benefit those in the upper income brackets. you heard hillary clinton revive the term from the 80s. trickle down economics. but what was interesting is trump did a couple things trump has not done in previous speeches. the carried interest has allowed hedge fund guys to pay a lower rate on the income they make. and the last three republican presidents or candidates, mccain, romney and bush, all went to the detroit economic club and advocated reform or cuts to social security or medicare. throughout the campaign remember he often said to audiences. i'm not going to touch your
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social the security. that's a real change from republicans in the past, and we should note from paul ryan who has been a big advocate of entitlement reform. bill: we are road in fiscal policy and blue collar appeal. abby: an independent candidate throwing his hat into the presidential race. former cia officer everett mcmullen is throwing his hat in the ring and is backed by never trumpers. >> donald trump keeps saying terrible things that alienate a large swath of the population. he's wholly unfit. i think he's dangerous to the country. and he's not a conservative. the idea that conservative is a conservative is a complete
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farce. he's a conman who pretends to be a conservative. abby: there is a big chunk of the. layinthe -- chunk of the populan that feels they have nowhere to go. bill: the deadline for the 5 states is coming up soon. two families of the men killed in benghazi suing hillary clinton in part on her use of a private server. patricia smith gave an emotional speech at the republican national convention last month. >> for all the grief the tragedy has brought on america, i blame hillary clinton.
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i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. personally. bill: clinton's campaign has responded to the lawsuit saying while they cannot imagine the family's pain, 9 different investigations into the attack have found no wrongdoing by then secretary clinton. we'll speak with kris tonto paronto. abby: a letter written too the u.s. saying it needs to pay $2 billion to iran. bill: two children plummet from a moving ferris wheel.
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families of bombing victims. the u.s. paid $400 million in cash to tehran back in january. at the same time four americans were freed from prison. bill: the parents of two benghazi victims suing hillary clinton. charles woods and pat smith both lost sons in 2012. in court papers they claim hillary clinton's actions contributed attack. >> this is verbatim soon after she spoke it. here it is. i gave hillary a hug and shook her hands and she said, "we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who is responsible for the death of my son." that has nothing do with my memory. this is a contemporaneous writing.
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bill: here is a man who survived by repelling the terrorists. chris tonto paronto. what's if the case? >> i think it's a good thing. they are standing up. system failed them, the system that was supposed to keep people accountable has not. the a.g. on the runway there, i think there was some things going on. by them taking upon themselves, they are showing they are still strong and pushing back. i agree with it. i think they should. right now hillary is above the law. we are continuing to see that. the only way we'll bring her back down is by doing it ourselves. bill: there is a couple things i want to play for you and i want you to react. hillary clinton speaking with
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chris wall has 9 days ago. >> as other members of families who lost loved ones said that's not what they heard. i don't hold' ill feelings for someone who in that moment may not fully recall what was or wasn't said. bill: what do you make of that, they did not hear correctly. what she basically said is they heard her incorrectly. what do you think of that? >> you know, of course she is going to say it politically. she is not going to go out there and say i told them one thing and did another. she is very much a politician. donald trump says what's on his minds. she is crafted. she is going to say things that is politically correct, and that's what she is doing.
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i know pat smith, i would believe her over any politician. specifically hillary clinton. bill: here what else we got from her team. while no one can imagine the pain of the families of the brave americans we lost at benghazi, there have been nine different investigations into this attack and none found any evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on the part of hillary clinton. does that make any deference to you? >> no, it doesn't. the people appointed to investigate were her peers. people she appointed. the committee we went through with the house intel house committee, mike rogers wife had some interests going on with her company and they were bidding on contracts for the state department. bill: there is a suggestion that if her server was hacked, they
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knew the movements of the u.s. government. but there was no direct evidence. >> it's possible it may have happened. the last two years they didn't do anything with the server. they let it sit and let it get scrubbed. i'm hoping it was hacked. i'm hoping and it's sad to say, just to vindicate those and vindicate us that the russians or somebody did hack into it and has that information. bill: you are hoping her server was hacked. >> if it doesn't show she wasn't truthful. for national security reasons, no.ed and shows she did violate national security after all the investigation and everything that went on, that she was lying to us. bill: i are understand entirely where you are coming from and i feel for you personally and the others. in your first answer you said
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you are trying to bring her down. >> down to our level, down to being human not above the law. i'm trying to show she is not above the law. we put her up there. she has gone through multiple investigations and she has come out squeaky clean. i think the people know and the population knows she is not above the law and she has broken it and we need to hold her accountable. bill: thanks again. abby: it should have been a walk in the park form paul ryan. but the house speaker paul ryan facing a heated primary vote. is donald trump's shadow looming large in the badger state? it's been a wild ride to jordan & chelsea's wedding.
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bill: we have another incident involving an amusement park right in tennessee. three kids fell out of a ferris wheel cart. >> we had a major incident at the fairgrounds at the ferris wheel. there has been at least three fall out of the ferris wheel. one unresponsive. >> apparently the car they were in caught something as the ferris wheel kept moving.
6:25 am
bill: this comes a day after a 10-year-old boy was killed on a water slide in kansas. he apparently hit some metal grading -- grating and died of a broken neck. >> if you don't like the direction the country is going, and you don't think the country is not hitting its potential. don't just complain by the. do something about it. show what you are for. show you have solutions. abby: it's decision day for house speaker paul ryan. he's in a heated battle for his seat against republican paul nehlen. mike tobin is live in janesville, wisconsin. no one is really talking about
6:26 am
this race until donald trump praised paul ryan's opponent. reporter: the sitting speaker of the house has never been dethroned. but then donald trump refused to endorse ryan and praised nehlen. the endorsement was read off a piece of paper. some say as much attention as trump attracts, he does not carry a lot of weight. >> the southeast district where paul ryan is did not vote for trump, it voted for cruz. wisconsin was overwhelming for cruz. reporter: paul nehlen is called the speaker of soulless globalists. he has done ads showing off his tattoos.
6:27 am
he challenges ryan to an arm wrestling match. nehlen was thrown out of a trump event with people saying he didn't have a ticket. abby: there is talk of wisconsin going red for the first time since ronald reagan. >> it doesn't help trump in the southern part of wisconsin because paul ryan is terribly popular here polling 80% of conservatives. >> trump is an underdog in wisconsin. you think it might be a decent state for trump because it's whiter than the national and. there are a lot of non-college educated whites in wisconsin who would be inclined to support trump. reporter: everyone remembers
6:28 am
what happened to eric cantor. we saw him working the campaign trail at a couple manufacturing facilities. we saw him on talk radio. we saw how influential talk radio is in wisconsin during the primary. bill: a group of come meant republicans come -- a group of prominent republicans come out against donald trump. abby: trump calls his economic plan revolutionary. clinton says it's more of the same tired ideas. >> these reforms will offer the biggest tax revolution since the reagan tax reform. we'll make america grow again. e. ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show.
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bill: dominic di-natale unveiling what he calls an economic revolution. >> i'm proposing an across the board income tax deductions specially for the middle income americans. and we'll eliminate the loopholes for wall street investors and people like me. it will reduce the brackets from 7 to 3 and dr. massically mass d dramatically streamline the process. it will reverse the poverty producing obama-clinton agenda. bill: maria bartiromo is here.
6:33 am
you were earlier. maria: the crux of the plan is the corporate tax rate. it takes u.s. from one of the highest tax rate countries in the world to one of the lowest. corporate tax of 35%, you have to take it down to 15%. it will inventivize people to invest in their business. bill: i guess you just mentioned the good and the average. is anything in what he said yesterday unbelievable? maria: he says he wants to eliminate most deductions like this carried interest. but he's adding a deduction for childcare. he's taking the level and the brackets to three brackets down
6:34 am
from 7 brackets. he wants to go to three. but the addition of this child credit might have some people say you want to simply fight and you are including this. he's saying i am costly to care for your child. bill: that's targeted for the middle class. you spoke to him this morning and he said what about that? maria: this morning he said this is a plan that will appeal to american families because you are paying a lot less in taxes. number two you are getting a deduction for childcare, and we are going to help untangle, unstrangle small businesses who have been strangled by regulation. that's a major point of his economic plan. where hillary clinton says she wants to build on obamacare and dodd-frank. trump says i want to walk these back. the question is how easy will that be.
6:35 am
a lot of times these regulations that have taken years to write will take years to unwrite unless he directs the agencies to stop enforcing these rules. bill: so she speaks on thursday. they will bring you back friday and we'll untangle the two. maria: it sounds more complicated than it is. it's for a private equity manager to be able to manipulate its earnings. earnings are earnings and capital gains are capital gains. you can't call earnings capital gains. abby: hillary clinton wasting no time firing back at donald trump
6:36 am
dismissing his economic plan as a rehashing of old republican ideas. >> the hedge funds guys, six guys named steve. they wrote the speech and he delivered it in detroit. they tried to make his old tired ideas sound new. but here is what we all know because we heard it again. his tax plan will give super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy. abby: kirsten powers and rich lowry. good morning. trump is saying the opposite. he says this is about the future, they are fresh and bold and he's saying clinton's ideas are old and tired. >> he's right about that. clinton's ideas are a continuation of the status
6:37 am
question, a continuation of the obama policies except more so that has delivered an inadequate recovery. you listen to bernie sanders, he critiqued this economy in the starkest terms over and over again. the interesting question for trump, this is a traditional economic agenda on taxes and regulations. and he's sort of affecting the shotgun marriage with that traditional american agenda on trade, immigration, entitlements and several other things. so is that really what he needs to appeal to non-traditional republican voters in the midwest? those are the big political questions, i think. abby: it was refreshing to move away from the personal attacks and hear ideas a that's so important for the voters. but they are both want to go
6:38 am
represent the future. they are both wanting their ideas to be about the next generation. >> i actually don't think trump -- trump did have an olive branch to conservatives as rich was saying. some of it is standard orthodox conservative views. lowering the corporate tax rate, lowering taxes on wealthy people and getting rid of regulations. but other things weren't orthodox conservative views such as trade and renegotiating trade deals. and in terms of going after the carried interest loophole with hedge funds and offering deductions for childcare. those things are a little different. i don't think it's a correct criticism. you can criticize it in terms of the trickle down economics. but i wouldn't say this is a standard conservative approach to economics.
6:39 am
abby: an effort to get some of hillary supporters and some of bernie sanders supporters. rich, a big part of this plan is deregulating the banks, it's something we heard from the vice presidential nominee on the left side from tim kaine just three, four weeks ago. >> we have gone too far in that direction and we heard community lenders and others, and trump came out with a tax and regulatory policy that wants to roll a lot of this back, cut taxes on corporations as maria was explaining. we have an absurd corporate tax system where we have the highest rate in the world. and we have loopholes that make no sense. a lot of this is sensible and traditional. the question is whether trump, kinds of populist how he will withstand the same attacks
6:40 am
democrats have made on other republicans offering these plans that you are cutting taxes for the rich. abby: we might hear more of that thursday when she unveiled her economic plan. bill: the state department facing new questions on hillary clinton's server after the excusing an iranian scientist. >> the human cost wee may have just seen in the hanging death of this iranian nuclear scientist who returned to iran and was publicly exposed in email traffic is just stunning. bill: we'll tell you what the state department is saying about that or not. and we'll tell you about this. watch. that was a transformer.
6:41 am
spectacular scene, exploding. stand on by, abby.
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abby: welcome back. the turkish president meeting with russian president vladimir putin this morning. the mood was reportedly very positive. it was the first face-to-face meeting since a russian airplane was blasted out of the sky. it will be his first visit to the country after its coups attempt. bill there are emails found on clinton's server. shahram amiri was referred to by the state department as our friend. the state department says it
6:45 am
cannot speak to iran's case against him. but senator jeff sessions suggested the emails played a role. >> you have a situation where it's absolutely clear they could have gotten this information and had they gone the it, it could have led to his death. this is the kinds of statement, our friend, is the kind of statement you use to convict somebody of a crime. bill: john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. how are you? good morning. does "our friends" give up much? >> i don't think the email had anything to do with what the ayatollah did by execute amiri. i don't think there is any question this should not have been discussioned in unclassified email channels. but there are only two possibilities. at the outset he was a
6:46 am
legitimate defector or he was always an iranian double agent. i don't think the emails will tell them anything. if he was a defector, i'm sure they were threatening his son and family with death if he didn't come back. bill: take these disparate pieces and tie them together. ways your conclusion? >> i don't think we know if he was a double agent from the outset or a defector. the iranians say he was a double agent and his family was threatened. he was given a hero's welcome when he returned to iran. they determined he was a spy in
6:47 am
place and they hanged him. that's how it goes in iran. bill: iran said he had been linked to our hostile, number one enemy america the great satan. he provided secret and vital information of our country. >> i can't speak to the specific case. when this individual chose to return to iran, we spoke about it then. as i said. we made our concerns known at large around iranian due process and iranian respect for human rights. >> this is a classic case of mirror imaging. iranian due process, human rights. judicious process. it doesn't exist in iran for
6:48 am
people thought to have betrayed the revolution. the only due process he got was not being killed immediately upon his return. the issue is an intelligence and counter-intelligence issue. if we were getting information from this guy, i certainly hope it's true. every once in a while you lose one. bill: you are suggesting our intel is not where it needs to be. >> absolutely not where it needs to be. bill: in 2010 secretary clinton said the gentleman has gone to his country's intersection because it's unhappy with how long it has taken to facilitate his departure. this could lead to problematic news stories in the next 24 hours. why did this even come up six years ago? >> i think the defection was botched.
6:49 am
the fact is if the ayatollahs were threatening the physical safety of his son whom he apparently missed have much and his family, this is something that should have been taken into account. we just don't know a lot here. it happens defectors can redefect. it's not a wise policy as his hanging has proven. we need to be honest with our assets if they leave that their families are going to be left behind and they are in jeopardy. i don't think there is any excuse for hillary clinton and her staff to be writing about this in unclassified channels. but whether it had any impact on iran is questionable. abby: you will want to stick around for this. michael phelps making waves in rio. but it's his stare that has everyone talking today.
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bill: in arizona, a transformer bursting into flames. that's a lightning strike on a transformer that brought down live wires. workers said electricity charged a fence and set a tree on fire. no one was injured. good thing. abby: type for the olympics. it cape down to the wire on the woman's 100-meter breast stroke. that was lily king winning the
6:54 am
gold and defeating her russian opponent. king bested her where it counts. >> the amazing night at the olympics. >> how exciting. thi -- this rivalry some are sag stirs up old cold war imagery. lilly king set this up to be a total showdown from russia and the united states. she was wagging her finger saying she was caught cheating and shouldn't even be here. then she talks by the afterward saying this just proves you can compete clean and come out on top. abby: russia has had a rough
6:55 am
time in terms of the response. >> they will face off again? >> no, that's the final for them for the 100-meter breast stroke. michael phelps, look at this. a lot of people saying the michael phelps death stare is the most entertaining moment of the olympics. check him out in the corner of the weight room as stares down one of his top rivals. chat kind of shadow boxes around him. it look like they are trying to intimidate each other. social media going wild after this. people turned his face into a meme.
6:56 am
a lot of people having fun with that. abby: tonight another big one for michael phelps. pre-game heh the stare-down did help. abby: so far 19 medals for the u.s.a. bill: if we started earlier we could watch the whole thing. trump shifting gears in detroit. what will his plan do for you. that's next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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7:00 am
hillary clinton holding on to lead in the polls as donald trump faces growing resistance from within his own party. and what does trump say about that? brand new hour, "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. abby huntsman is back. abby: 90 days, that is unbelievable. i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. according to just released monmouth university poll, hillary is ahead nationally, 46-34. that is 12-point spread. he is not buying it. the crowds at his rally tell a different story. >> the crowds we're getting are tremendous. i don't know what that indicates but it has to indicate something. every arena is sold out. we're having, fifteen, 18, -- 20,000 "people." something is going on out there. we'll find out november 8th. bill: that is not even big. fox news digital politics editor, chris stirewalt. >> living the dream. bill: your halftime average reports what, today?
7:01 am
>> for the first time today, don't tell anybody, but, for the first time today, when the "halftime report" comes out will be first double-digit lead we've seen so far. it will be just over 10 points with hillary clinton. with the monmouth poll pushing it out into that space. now that sounds like a lot. it sounds enormous. i know what the press narrative is. i know what the political press has been saying. donald trump in free fall, or it is imploding, whatever it is it is ploding. the reality, it is not that different. the race has not changed in some dramatic way as much as hyperventilating crew wants to say it. the rates have not changed that much. bill: trump has never led. >> no. in average of real polls, if you throw out the garbage polls that politicians of both parties, it would be like this, if you eat "pop rocks" for a steady diet,
7:02 am
when somebody feeds you nutritious dinner, it will taste like ashes in your mouth. if somebody gives you a apple in your mouth it won't taste good if you live on junk food. same way with polls. internet polls, robo dial phones, a bunch junk and ignores the nutritious polling tells state of the race. the state of the race donald trump trailed by four points here at outside just above 10 points. that has been his bandwidth. he can still win this race because his highest end is higher than her lowest ebb. her range drops deeper, lower than his highest end. it is possible. he is in this race. he can win it. because he and other politicians pick up polls bad for them, look good for them, structurally unsound they're not ready for the moment as they are now when the real stuff comes out. bill: teacher said the pop beings make your stomach explode. that was in west virginia.
7:03 am
40 or 50 republicans in washington don't want to donald trump. here is what trump said. washington insiders think they're entitled to use their favorite trading to land taxpayer-funded government contracts and speaking fees. time we put our foot down, declare that their gravy train is over. no longer will "crooked hillary" clinton and other disasters in washington get rich at our expense. go. >> well, it is the seed of his argument. these are big names that come out defense him. michael chertoff, former secretary of homeland security, tom ridge, former governor of pennsylvania, first head of homeland security. former ambassador john negroponte, big names in the security apparatus that hurts, that stonings. trump is effectively using it to his advantage. his argument america is as he calls it crippled. the country is really dangling at the precipice of disaster and doom. anybody who had anything to do
7:04 am
with the past he says should be held accountable for it. middle east is disaster. everything is a disaster. country is falling apart. don't allow anybody involved in it in the past to be involved anymore. he is making it a positive. bill: i shall be reading your "halftime report," when it is in my in box today at 11:40 a.m. chris stirewalt. 11:40, right? >> uh -- bill: get back to work. you have a deadline, brother. >> exactly. abby: hillary clinton meanwhile turning the tables on trump on the economy. the democratic nominee calling out his business skills. listen. >> i have met businesses that had to go bankrupt because donald trump would not pay his bills. rather than putting people out of business, would you rather have a president who says you're fired! or you're hired? [cheering] abby: that is where we find senior political correspondent mike emanuel in miami, florida.
7:05 am
good morning to you. we heard trump's plans. what is the hillary camp saying right now? reporter: good morning to you, abby, hillary clinton is saying essentially donald trump's plan is return to trickle-down economics, essentially old ideas that will benefit him and his wealthy friends. hillary clinton is expected to roll out her own economic plan in detroit as well on thursday. her idea is to raise taxes on upper income americans, folks on wall street, what her advisors say will be essentially making the tax code more patriotic. >> the plan that she has been talking about, which is focused on one goal, which is raising jobs and wages for middle income families, because that is really where our economy has not been performing as well the last 15 years. she will show a singular focus by having a major infrastructure plan that would leverage over a half trillion dollars. reporter: you heard gene sperling make reference to the middle class not doing as well
7:06 am
over last 15 years or so. tricky thing for hillary clinton last seven 1/2 years has been under her ally president obama. she has a fine line to walk. abby: we'll hear more in two days. mike emanuel live. bill: reportedly in attendance at one of hillary clinton's rallies in florida is the father of the orlando nightclub terrorist, in the shadow here, you see sadik mateen, spotted by local television crew, in campaign rally in kissimmee, florida. he is sitting behind clinton on stage. his son omar mateen is the one who killed 49 and killedded dozens of others in the worst mass shooting in recent history. florida democratic party, reports that mateen was invited are all wrong. they say, quote he just showed up after covering that in orlando. he has been involved in american politics for some degree -- abby: some controversy there, bill.
7:07 am
i wonder who spotted him though, you know? bill: my guess the folks in orlando, in miami, florida. abby: could be local affiliate. bill: they have been watching this for some time. abby: very interesting. bill: seven minutes past the hour. this from iran's former president telling president obama, if they are handing out money, another $2 billion they want back. he is back. conor powell in jerusalem. what money is the former president talking about now, connor? reporter: bill, this past april, supreme court said families of the marine barracks bombing are able to collect money from the republic of iran. ahmadinejad is asking that president obama ignore this supreme court ruling. these bombs were purchased by iran, about $2 billion or so worth, while ahmadinejad was in
7:08 am
fact president and he sent this letter via swiss embassy in tehran. they act as go between between all communications between the united states and tehran since the 1979 islamic revolution. ahmadinejad has sent this letter asking president obama to quickly fix this problem. he wants all of this money to be released. he wants president obama to essentially ignore the u.s. supreme court. no comment, bill, from the white house, although seems very unlikely that is expected to happen. bill: why is he talking, why is he doing this now, connor? reporter: bill, in about a year, mex may, iran will hold another presidential election. ahmadinejad's name has been floated as a possible contender to take on the current president hassan rouhani. rouhani is considered a moderate by iranian standards. ahmadinejad comes from the hard-liner camp. ahmadinejad's hard-liners are very upset with hassanrouhani international agreements, the
7:09 am
agreement he did with the united states and international community. this is seen as way to float his name out there, get his name back out. try to raise the prospects of a potential presidential run next may. bill. bill: conor powell, thanks, out of jerusalem today. abby, what is next? abby: donald trump going after hillary clinton on the economy. >> data shows that up state actually lost jobs, a lot of them, during clinton's first term. in other words, she was all talk, no action, upstate new york, disaster. abby: as he promises a tax revolution, will jump-starting the economy be as easy as donald trump says? we're going to talk with the man that helped craft his speech coming up here. bill: trump taking heat from top national security experts but is he better without their support, and they are republicans too? we'll explain what is happening there. abby: ripple effects across the country, after that dealt at
7:10 am
that airlines meltdown. how long before air travel is back to normal? >> there is a recording saying that i couldn't even talk to an agent, i could get the status, call back or wait for three hours. >> how frustrate trading is that for you? >> it is pretty frustrating. plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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7:13 am
abby: 13 minutes now after the hour. delta air lines feeling a hangover from yesterday's computer meltdown that grounded much of its fleet. delta canceling nearly 250 additional flights this morning
7:14 am
even as it works to accommodate the tens of thousands of passengers already stranded of the airline canceled more than a thousand flights after a power outage at the company's headquarters in atlanta yesterday. that sparked a global shutdown of the airline's booking and communication system which lasted for hours. ♪ >> every policy that has this city and so many others is a policy supported by hillary clinton. she supports the high taxes and radical regulation that forced jobs out of your community, and the crime policies have made you far, far less safe. bill: there is donald trump now making his case against hillary clinton laying out his vision to jump-start the economy. clinton quickly hit back, calling his ideas old and tired. curtis ellis is mr. trump's tax advisor, helped write that speech. good morning to you.
7:15 am
>> a great pleasure to be here, bill. bill: what was the big point he was trying to make and emphasize? >> the big point he was trying to make right now we punish companies making products in america but let them shift products in tax-free when they move overseas. we have to reverse that we'll lower the taxes, lower the regulatory burden, reform our trade policies and reform our energy policies. bill: what is interesting, some of this was more traditional talk about finances. some of it was not when it comes to like it. pp and also reworking nafta. but the quote that stuck out to me, kind of what you just referred to, the one common feature of every hillary clinton idea, it punishes you for working and for doing business in the united states. did you come up with that? >> i would like to credit that myself with that, but actually i will credit donald trump with that. he is on this case. he understands what it takes to do business in america and he understands how the clinton policies, the clinton-obama
7:16 am
policies have punished companies that actually make things here and hire americans. they opened the door with nafta. they opened the door with china for this mass exodus of jobs and industries from this country to china and mexico. and that's why we have the weak growth, that's why we have high unemployment. that's why we have all the problems we have now. add to that, the regulatory burdens of a president who doesn't go to congress to pass a law but uses his pen and his phone to rule by degree, and impose things on business. bill: when it comes to regulations do you think voters understand what that does or not? >> i'm not sure they really do. unless you're a farmer -- bill: a lot of people are making a big deal out of it. continue. >> if you're a farmer you understand when the epa comes to you and says you can't use this water, you have got to do that, you have got to do this, if you're a business owner, you understand if you're now being
7:17 am
told what you have to do with your parking lot, with your this and your that. the average american that works for a living, they don't get hit with regulations as much as they get hit with taxes and they experience, they experience the loss of jobs and the loss of opportunity because business can't do what it needs to do. bill: a big part of that address yesterday. you know the response was going to come quickly and it did. hillary clinton in florida. watch. >> he wants to basically just repackage trickle-down economics. [booing] now, you know that old saying fool me once, shame on you, feel me twice, shame on me? bill: feel like it is 1986. >> exactly right. hillary clinton is one to talk about fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. it was bill clinton and hillary when they were in the white house last time that opened the door and greased the skids for all jobs and
7:18 am
industries to leave america. real funny, after she left philadelphia, she visited a toy factory in pennsylvania, said, these are the jobs future i will create. hillary, let me remind you. it was your policies that moved the toy industry from america to china, and now you say you're going to fix it? as donald trump said, you don't hire the people that created the problem to fix the problem. bill: two more things here. three tax brackets, down from seven. >> that's right. >> what does that do for american productivity? >> it puts more money in your pocket. that way you can buy things that we make and when donald trump's regulatory and trade reform go into practice, we're going to be making those products here in america. this is old-fashioned, prime the pump economics. we're going to have more money in our pockets to buy the things that we make. bill: but what he would say and others would argue, a simpler system is a better system. >> that's right. bill: how does that compute to productivity.
7:19 am
>> wee, we're spending billions of dollars just preparing our tax forms, filling out paperwork, hiring all kinds of people to figure out what we have to give the government. make it simple, so we spend our time making things instead of filling out forms. bill: one more point. he made this speech on a day where "the washington post" had this rather extensive article about hillary clinton promising 200,000 jobs for upstate new york while she was u.s. senator. >> that's right. bill: those jobs did not happen. how much more will we hear about that? >> probably, that is about it. the washington, from "the washington post." donald trump is going to be talking about that all the time. she is responsible for destroying jobs. she has never created any jobs. bill: how would you rate yesterday's performance? >> i think it was great. it was right on the money. talking about what the american people want to hear about. he wasn't letting any of those organized hecklers distract him. bill: did you see a measure of discipline in there, that even people like you have wanted to see? >> absolutely. he is on message.
7:20 am
he is on fire. bill: curtis ellis, thank you for your time today, here in new york city. >> you bet. bill: come on back, okay. >> okay. bill: 20 past. here is abby. abby: thank you, bill. fox news alert. new reports that isis and the taliban are joining forces. is that a game-changer in the u.s.-led war on the terror army? general jack keane is with us next. bill: almost football, tim tebow looking for a new ballgame. will he trade the gridiron for a "field of dreams." some clues out there. ♪
7:21 am
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bill: about that time. football season around the corner. tim tebow chasing "field of dreams."
7:24 am
former professional quarterback will take a crack at baseball. hasn't played since high school. hit .494. inviting reps from all major league teams to attend his baseball workout at end of the month. abby: there is hope for you after all this time. bill: not so much now. tim tebow. abby: good for him. fox news alert. two terror groups joining forces in afghanistan. isis and taliban, they have been fighting each other more than a year now, but afghan officials say they have worked out a cease-fire. agreed to turn their focus on the u.s.-led coalition. tired four-star army general jack keane, chairman of institute of study of war. fox news military analyst. thanks for being with us this morning. >> good to be here, abby. abby: now you have isis, taliban coming together. this seems to be the classic case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. is this a sign of weakness? >> well, reality is, most of the isis fighting in afghanistan are
7:25 am
former taliban anyway. they just disagreed with the direction and focus the taliban were taking. they're much smaller. they are a few thousand, that may be even generous compared to the tens of thousands that the taliban represent. combined isis and the taliban, in of themselves do not have sufficient combat power to change the regime out, to defeat the afghan national army, and to change that government. conversely, the afghan national army supported by the united states also can not defeat the taliban. that is kind of where we are. we're in protracted war situation. it is regrettable because much of this could have been prevented. abby: these two groups, you can explain it better than i can, they have different ways of fighting war. how are they going to work together? >> they work together, they're not going to work side by side. they're in eastern, isis is in the eastern part of afghanistan and now they're moving into the
7:26 am
northern province of kunar, which will put more pressure on the afghan national army in a place where there has not been a lot of military pressure on them. that is one advantage that they're going to get out of this. we don't think of them as fighters that are dealing inside by side military operations. they operate in different areas. abby: this cops as we're now looking at two years that have gone by since we initially launched airstrikes against isis. the question now is, what do we have to show for it? where are we? i want to pull up graphics to give people a sense of resources being put forward here. spending on airstrikes, 8.4 billion in the past two years. that is average daily cost of nearly $12 million. back in june a state department special on very, said they lost about 50% of the territory in iraq. he said number of isis fighters is 19,000 to 25,000. in june that is down from 31,000 back in 2014.
7:27 am
do you see this as success? >> well there has been some success. we have to give credit to that. the air campaign was criticized right from the beginning for not being robust enough. i think there is some fair criticism there. however, there is a difference from fighting organization like isis which is really not a nation-state with all the infrastructure that a nation-state would have and facilities. so it is very unfair to compare the air campaign against isis to a campaign against saddam hussein's government or the taliban government that had all of the infrastructure in afghanistan. all that said, the air campaign could have been considerably more effective from the outset, giving fact most of the fighting is in urban centers, what we refer to close combat, with air controllers on the ground, spotting for the airplanes and make the air campaign considerably more effective. where are we? yes, we have taken back territory lost to isis, but the
7:28 am
safe haven, abby, still exists in syria. it is from syria that everything isis is directing is being executed. they have expanded from last year, with nine countries and 12 affiliates to 24 countries and 30 affiliates this year. and they have conducted over 100 attacks outside of iraq and syria in the last year. abby: all right. we'll have to leave it there. general jack keane, always good to have you here with your analysis. thank you. bill: thank you, general, thank you, abby. who's who of republican national security advisors teaming up against donald trump. so why is that? and the republican nominee has a strong message for them in return. karl rove analyzes that. stand by, karl, in a moment next live. abby: imagine a dinner party with martha stewart and snoop dogg. why it is coming to a living room near you. ♪ you do all this research on a perfect car,
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♪ bill: cracks in divide between donald trump and republican base. senator susan collins out of maine joining list of lawmakers saying she will not vote for him. general michael hayden, former homeland security secretaries ridge and chertoff, among 54 policy experts signing a letter deeming trump unqualified to be president. wait until you hear what trump says about that karl rove, former white house chief of staff, president george w. bush, fox news contributor. how are you, doing, karl, good morning to you. let me read you part of what trump's statement was. we'll talk about, okay. the names on this letter are the ones the american people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves to the blame making world such a dangerous place. they are nothing more than the failed washington elite looking
7:33 am
to hold on to their power and time they are held accountable for their actions, end quote. what do you think of that? >> i think it would be better to have not issued a statement and simply ignored it and moved on. yesterday he had a good speech on the economy. he could build on that, get it in an argument with hillary clinton. best for him not to continue to get into arguments with fellow republicans. the, his opposition to the iraq war, which began in a year-and-a-half after the war began, is not a strong point with republicans. most republicans supported the war in iraq and still believe, despite all the mistakes and despite all the treasure expended in it, they still believe it was the right thing to do, they stand by the president, who prosecuted that war. bill: but when you're the republican nominee, i get it, but -- >> if i were trump, i would move on. bill: i get the point you're making, if you're republican nominee, you have 50 sign the letter, you have to say something bit, right?
7:34 am
>> no he doesn't. move on. here is the deal, do you want to stay stuck in argument with fellow republicans or have argument with a democrat you can win. give you one example. yesterday in hillary clinton in her response to donald trump, said, oh look, john mccain's advisor wrote a report on trump's economic plan that said it would cost 3 1/2 million jobs. he is obviously not a partisan. well, it is mark zandi, who supports hillary clinton, has given her campaign contribution. more important than that, wrote a glowing report saying that barack obama's stimulus bill would solve all of our problems immediately. he could have gone straight back at her, rather than talking about the 50 republicans, he could have gone back at her, she quotes approvingly a guy critical of me, who said barack obama's stimulus spending program would solve all of our programs and obviously didn't. that is the argument he want to be making -- bill: he would say, i'm filling up rooms across the country from people who are tired of those ways.
7:35 am
so in effect plays to his advantage. go on that. >> you know what? i'm not certain that it does. you know, they are for him. they're not against other people. if you said to people, do you oppose the people who stood with bush on the iraq war, i best most of those people would say, no, no. i like donald trump what he says he is going to do, not criticism of what republicans have done in the past. maybe i'm wrong on this true, have an argument with 50 republican foreign policy leaders. they're not on the ballot. hillary clinton is. i would rather if i were him have the argument with hillary clinton than fellow republicans. bill: haven't talked to you about her in couple days now. i want to show, first short-circuit comment, to refresh everybody's memories from last friday. >> what i told the fbi which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i said publicly. so i may have short-circuited it. so for that i will, try to clarify. bill: well, okay.
7:36 am
so, then we have this from michael gersten, "washington post." it is amazing how many problems are caused in politics and in life by the inability to sincerely apologize. clinton seems to have drawn all the wrong lessons from a lifetime of scandal management. end quote. where is she on this now? how vulnerable? >> she is vulnerable, look, depends on whether or not this issue gets prosecuted by, by trump and what the public commentary is on this. i thought it was interesting, mike put an arrow at that short-circuited comment. she didn't short-circuit. chris wallace asked her a question and she decided she didn't want to answer that question. she wanted to answer a different question. wallace said, you know, comey was critical of you, isn't that true? and she said, no, he wasn't critical of me, because she was thinking of her comments in the fbi.
7:37 am
so look, mike made a great point there, which is that political leaders, do themselves a great advantage if they step forward and assume responsibility. and she is not accepting responsibility. the only thing she said she made a mistake on having two email accounts which sounds like i made a mistake because i got caught at this. even in her exchange with, with the black and latino journalists, she said, i relied on professionals. you know, i was just following what the professionals. she through some unnamed people under the bus. yeah, this will continue to be a problem. i will write write about it this week in my "wall street journal" might be a little provocative. won't tell you what i want to say but there is way for the issue brought to conclusion one way or the other. i will suggest it in my thursday "wall street journal" column. bill: see it on thursday. online wednesday night. karl, look forward what you have to say then. we'll bring you back. karl rove live in austin, thank you. abby: fox news alert.
7:38 am
authorities ordering residents to evacuate near so-called pilot fire. this is california, san bernardino national forest. hundreds of firefighters are working the lines trying to contain this. this man's whole family, they live in three homes right near each other, all of them right now in danger. >> i don't get real emotional about this stuff. i kind of try to do what i need to do to help, you know what i mean? help something getting them out of their way letting them do what they need to do. they're hammering it. abby: jonathan hunt is live in silver lake, in san bernanadino fashion forest. jonathan, what is the situation there right now? reporter: abby, we're standing right now in the middle of some of the 7,000-acres that have been scorched by this fire. if you can't picture 7,000-acres, picture 7,000 football fields. that is the extent of the area that is so far been burned. the problem here, is that firefighters don't really have a hold on this.
7:39 am
it is 6% containment, is what they have got to right now. so this is still a very active and very dangerous fire. you look up on the hills here. you can see the scorched areas there. these homes, are trapped on both sides by the burn area. 900 firefighters on duty here right now, fighting this. they're being aided by a fleet of aircraft, tankers dropping flame retardant and a couple of helicopters also involved. they're picking up water from silver wood lake, which is just to my right here. they will be back in the area within the next couple hours, because this fire is still spreading, still very dangerous indeed, abby. abby: you can see, such beautiful land there. jonathan people are being asked to evacuate their homes. this is a tough call. are they listening? >> yeah. we're on a stretch here of homes that have been under mandatory evacuation orders. the bottom line is, some people do get out, some don't.
7:40 am
as you look down the driveway of this particular home, you can see that this driveway is turned basically pink. you may be able to picture those huge dc tens that drop the flame retardant material. that is what is sitting on the ground here. it doesn't stop the flames from burning from anything. it slows them down. that gives firefighters time to get into the driveways of these homes and try to protect them. now some of the resident choose to stay. some get out. those who stay, often want to protect their homes themselves and do what they can but that is not the recommendation now for some 5000 homes have been warned to be ready to get out. 300 or so of those are under mandatory evacuation orders. we've also seen some interesting time-lapse video of this fire and it gives you a sense of the strength of it, how quickly it moves, and that's why firefighters say to resident, when we tell you to get out, get out. abby, back to you.
7:41 am
abby: hoping for the best there, jonathan hunt live for us, thank you. bill: brand new case of zika reported in another american town. what you need to know in a moment. why is your government spending more than a million dollars to study the freshman 15 in college? abby: got to stick around. bill: that is one item, abby, on this list. it will blow your mind. stay tuned. ♪ when this busy family...
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7:44 am
bill: another case of zika virus found in florida, this time palm beach county. officials say it was likely contracted in the u.s. 17th case in the state. governor rick scott said they're working hard fighting the mosquitoes. they believe the virus is concentrated in miami in a one square mile. abby: department of health and human services, they are warning, they are running out of money to fight the zika virus by
7:45 am
september. but they have got plenty to spend on all kinds of questionable studies. listen to this. a "washington free beacon" uncovering nearly $50 million were conducted by the national institutes of health, like 1.7 million on a refugee exercise program. 2.7 million on a truck driver weight loss program, or 3.5 million on a gay and lesbian obesity study. elizabeth harrington, staff writer to the "washington free beacon" and joins us now. i have got to say, you read this report, you're stunned and you're speechless. how did nobody know about this? >> well, i mean if you've been reading the free beacon you're well aware of the spending an so when nih comes out and says we got $47 million for zika and it is not enough, i just felt like it was another opportunity to recap all of the questionable nih studies i've been reporting on for the past two years. the ones you mentioned, i mean
7:46 am
there is 400 grand to give gender affirmation to incarcerated transwomen in san francisco. they get as specific as that. they throw this money around and so really i don't have a lot of sympathy for the nih when they say they need more money, if they're spending so much looking at gay hookup apps and how babies think about food. $3 million on a soap opera about hiv. abby: list goes on and on as you were saying. a study, on the college freshman 15, that is pretty easy one, beer and pizza. anti-obesity rap songs for kids. elizabeth, the next question, what do we have to show for all of these programs? >> there is not much. when you look at this behavioral research, a lot of the times the researchers come in, they have a hypothesis. they spend the money doing god knows what. then they come out, they publish their results which basically is self-explanatory, like the 3 1/2
7:47 am
million dollars for lesbian obesity. one of the published results they found that gay men have a greater desire for toned muscles than trait men. okay, that is really helpful in this battle over obesity. another published result found, it was a study on children and how they think about food. if the kids were told that someone had sneezed on their food they were less likely to eat it. these are the findings we're getting for millions and millions of dollars of our money. abby: the reason we bring it up, because there are real concerns about the zika virus growing here in the united states. you think about the olympics in rio. how many people are going to come back and does that just add more fuel to the fire there. what is the nih asking for? we talk about funding for zika, what do we need? they're asking for more money from us, right? >> absolutely. you know, that is a worthy thing. we need money for the outbreaks. same thing happened with the
7:48 am
ebola outbreak and nih was complaining they didn't have enough money. you see time and time again, when you have a billion dollars budget, you will have millions of dollars wasted. they have been pumping this out. a lot of these stories i reported on, the funding just grows every year. and they don't get shut off. they don't get looked at. they don't get examined. maybe this money should go to other worthy causes like fighting zika. abby: who approves programs and is sent the list that we've been talking about, you know what, that sounds reasonable, that put money there? >> bureaucrats. congress allocates funding for nih. it goes through the huge agency and you don't really have any oversight from congress. it is really just bureaucrats an scientists approving this funding. almost seems like on autopilot. abby: head scratcher. elizabeth, thank you for. bill: need coburn back in office for that huh? he was on it.
7:49 am
jenna lee is on it "happening now" next. >> i hope so. anyone's guess. bill, good to see you. donald trump and hillary clinton battling it out in dueling campaign appearances, talking about policy, substance, who is winning economic arguments. disaster for delta air lines, what they are getting for the trouble. cyborg stingray. yes it is a real thing, machine powered by living cells. we'll explain because it needs a explanation. bill: do you have picture or video? >> i think we do. get back to you. bill: otherwise just a claim. see you, jenna, ten minutes away. snoop dogg and martha stewart walk into a bar -- not exactly a bar. abby: how does that end? bill: they will walk into a restaurant. we'll tell you how that ends. abby: can't wait for that. ♪ you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride.
7:50 am
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abby: ready for this one. two people joining for new cookerring show. >> me and martha getting ready to a cooking show. glass of wine, tea, herbs. >> i can't wait to get snoop in the kitchen. >> martha is smoking in the kitchen. she can cook too. abby: snoop dogg and martha stewart, they're teaming up, "martha and snoop's dinner party," bill, are you ready for this. we're told the pair will invite celebrity friends on to the program for cooking and conversation. martha and snoop made headlines years ago when the rapper was a guest on the martha stewart show. the series, bill, you're waiting for this, launching in the fall. bill: smoking in the kitchen. abby: smoking in the kitchen. bill: he said a lot of herb in that kitchen. abby: oh, my. ♪
7:54 am
bill: former illinois governor rod blagojevich getting a new prison sentence. appeals court overturning 18 political corruption convictions put him behind bars five years ago. this might end in a shorter sentence. matt finn on it live in chicago. what is expected today, matt? hello, there. reporter: saga continues in this infamous political corruption scandal. in a short while, disgraced, flamboyant illinois governor rod blagojevich will appear in tv screen from the chicago prison where he is locked up. blagojevich is expected to ask the judge for a reduced sentence. disgraced governor was originally sentenced in 2014 or 2012, to 14 years on series of charges. the most notable, looking to sell form president obama's former senate seat. he a had something golden he just wasn't going to give up. since then blagojevich's
7:55 am
attorneys had five of his 14 original charges reduced. now they are going to ask that the governor be sentenced to a total of five years behind bars, arguing that he is already served four years in prison and that he should be released as soon as possible. bill, the judge in this case threw the book at blagojevich in 2012, saying he served as an example to any political corruption here in chicago. people are waiting to see whether or not he will be just as stern today. bill? bill: we shall see. any family support for him, matt? reporter: yes, actually. his wife wrote a letter to the judge, pleading for mercy saying their daughters have grown up without a father. blagojevich's brother robert walked in a short while ago. he said he is here for moral support. we'll he see whether or not both are able to appear before the judge today. expected to begin any moment. we understand it will be a rather quick proceeding, bill? bill: matt finn live in chicago. we'll see how it guys. thank you, matt. abby: coming up donald trump and
7:56 am
hillary clinton battling for the swing states in the campaign trail. ahead strong words for mr. trump as he slams clinton's economic record during her time in the senate.
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to learn more about the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford and get a quote. that's welcome back, where is the bq asked? here it is. a team pulling in nearly 400-year-old schoolhouse in vermont. thestructure moved once after the civil war, now a museum , it's bringing it home , moving the schoolhouse with the same techniques used back then, 44 boxes to be exact. the project is about $300,000. that's a good way to ride bill: i prefer that. martha: i kind of like the ox idea. somewhat more expensive. bill: have a great tuesday. na. martha: let's do it again tomorrow, have a goodtuesday. "happening now" .
8:00 am
jon: battling for the battlegrounds with donald trump and hillary clinton campaigning today into states that will play a beleaguered role in deciding which one of them wins the white house. the polls are close in both. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. a clinton keeping her focus on florida today, continuing her swing through that swing state and now turning her attention to the zika outbreak which is big news in florida and elsewhere. this has donald trump campaigns in north carolina, his visit on the heels of his major economic speech where he not only unveiled his tax plan but blasted hillary clinton for what he calls her past economic failures and he's dead on that message when he spoke to fox and friends this morning. >> you look at hillary clinton, when she was a senator she was going to


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