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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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yes, and 23% say. no don't forget to vote on twitter every night. don't forget to check for facebook edition of off-the-record go. to facebook page to search greta van susteren on twitter and check it out. hike my page on facebook. see you tomorrow at 7:00. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. we have got a number of developing stories we are covering for you tonight. before we get to our top story, a very quick election alert, the clash between the establishment and antiestablishment republicans. in just about an hour, polls will be closing in wisconsin where populist insurgent paul knee alan is trying to score upset for the ages against speaker paul ryan in his house primary campaign. we have update on that race live from wisconsin a bit later in the show. but now let's get right to our top story. the media's newest on slot against donald trump. the republican nominee set
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off a frenzy left today after saying this about hillary clinton and the second amendment. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way. [crowd booing] if she gets to pick her judges, no,, you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. clinton critics claiming it was a vale of violence against clinton. ocean some anti-trump republicans are still joining the pile on against them. >> if someone else had have said that outside the hall, he would be in the police wagon now with the secret service questioning him. >> but trump says his words are being twisted. here is what he told sean hannity a short time ago. >> this is a political movement, this is a strong, powerful movement, the second amendment. hillary wants to take your guns away. she wants to leave you unprotected in your home.
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this is a tremendous political movement. the nra endorsed me. wayne and chris and all of the people over there by the way they have already they we did thed out basically 100 percent of what i said there can be no interpretation. even reporters have told me give me a break. see that full interview 10:00 p.m. on hannity. chris citizen, what did you hear violence or call to vote sn. >> it sounded to me like it was supposed to be some sort of joke, maybe, but it was one that involved sort of suggesting that you could kill hillary clinton. yeah. i don't -- i don't think that -- i looked at his statement that the trump campaign put out. and it didn't really make sense to me the idea that somehow about unification they said because these people turn out to vote. i mean, lots of people turn out to vote. it just -- if you look at the entire statement, it
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doesn't sound like he is saying anything but sort of if he is making a joke, which i think would be the most generous interpretation of it, that you could kill hillary. >> well, i'm not sure -- it wasn't even a joke. listen, they clarified and they said, hook, we're trying to get the second amendment supporters out so that they can rally behind the candidate that won't take your guns away you yourself said that that's a potential interpretation. >> talking about if she is president and what you can possibly do about it and then next thing. >> you can vote against her and vote for donald trump. >> why people with guns though? why wouldn't you just say people who, you know, can you say evangelizes, lots of groups of people who can vote. it certainly could be interpreted way suggestion, even if it was a jazz to kill her. donald trump was calling for
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violence. soms to me sort of making an off-the-cuff sort of rye statement. different people. i would say look, i shouldn't have said it. it can be misinterpreted and obviously i don't think anybody should be using violence. every time a republican mentions the a second amendment, cat nip to liberals. oh my god, guns, see is he calling for violence against the candidate. >> i don't think so. the other thing is he keeps saying that she is going to take away your guns and get rid of the second amendment. there is nothing in hillary's that she has ever said or done that suggests that she is interested in taking away people's guns. >> of course she has. she has called for substantial gun regulation increase in gun regulation. >> having gun regulation is not taking away everyone's guns. >> what do you think it is? >> his claim about the second amendment though?
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calling for ban any semiautomatic weapons. seem my automatic. >> power to overturny amendment how is she going to get rid of the second amendment. >> we have now banned automatic guns in america and now taking it a step forward ar 15 a glorified hunting rifling. >> she would like to take away some guns. >> therefore take away guns. >> you are not going have any guns and get rid of the second amendment. >> i don't think he said she is going to take away all your guns. >> okay, but, eric, he does say that she wants to get rid of the second amendment. i mean, you agree with that? maybe the full cop text. taken away part of the second amendment right by banning automatic weapons. >> a president can't take away any amendment. it's not possible. >> agreed. absolutely agreed. >> i feel like is he fomenting this anger against her. >> you can put laws in place
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that inhibits the second amendment. your second amendment rights. >> he doesn't say inhibit. he says she wants to get rid of the second amendment which is a total falsehood. >> call him out for misrepresentation -- miss representing what a president can do with gun control. i will tell you this is why the supreme court is so important because you can go to the supreme court and put in and ask for laws that will inhibit the second amendment. do me a favor can we change the topic a little bit the other controversial thing that happened today with donald trump was when 50 -- let's call them d.c. elites -- republican dc elites say they can't vote for donald trump. here is how he responded. >> okay, i'm sorry, we don't have that bite. i thought we had that ready to go. anyway, so donald trump says i don't need them anyway, good riddance, now, he is playing to his base which would say you might agree with this neocons who love to get into wars.
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>> look, one of the things i probably agree with crump on is the idea that we knowed to be getting -- having less involvement in some of these wars overseas. but, i think what they were talking about was more about his temperament and that there is a concern that they feel that he doesn't have the temperament for the job. look, it could work both ways for him. on the one hand you are right, if the base likes him because he is an outsider. and so, of course, the inside elites are not going to like him. the flip side of it is he is going to have to win people who aren't part of his base. those are going to be people who do care about what this sort of expert believe. >> the people who are on that list are likely more like a hillary clinton than they are a donald trump. >> yeah. well, i think that's right. i think that's true. i think this is an interesting situation that we have where we have the democratic nominee being more of a neocon like, you know, if she is out and out neocon person, as compared to donald trump who is more
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of an isolationist, frankly. is he probably more of an isolationist than i am. at least he does criticize the iraq war and doesn't want to have a lot of -- >> -- iraq war. hillary got us into him i can't. hillary got us involved in syria. hillary got us involved in iraq, iran, yemen. she got us involved in all of those. she has pushed back on those. therefore, these 50 names would likely be on the list of hillary clinton supporters with all these wars. >> yeah, i don't know about that. well, might be alioned with her. yeah, in that sense. i don't know that they're hillary clinton supporters. they are republicans. so, for the most part people sorkded with the republican establishment. they haven't been as different as i think they should have been when it comes to foreign policy. so, yeah, i mean that's a fair point. oh my god we just agreed on something. >> kirsten powers, eric bolling and donald trump agree on something. i will leave it there. next on the rundown, the parents two of beangz
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victims are suing hillary clinton as donald trump links her email scandal to the execution of an iranian nuclear scientist. senator tom cotton will be here with reaction. and, later, what's the father of the orlando nightclub shooter doing right behind hillary clinton at a rally? stay tuned. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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nuclear scientist allegedly spying for the united states. joining us from little rock, arkansas with reaction republican senator tom cotton. senator, thank you for staying with us tonight. you address the iranian scientist exexecutionenned at fact that hillary clinton referenced him in some of her emails. can we tie those two together? >> well, woe may never know if there is a direct connection but we do know this that her email server contained emails about this gentleman and it's possible as the director of the fbi jim comey said that foreign governments intelligence services may have hacked into that email server. that's why the original sin of setting up the server in the first place is so bad. the secretary of state simply cannot conduct his or her business without trafficking in the nation's most sensitive secrets. that should have been on a classified network. not a server sitting in hillary clinton's bathroom. >> we all agree and we have heard a lot about this. this is important. what were her original motives for setting up her
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own private server? >> i assume it's because hillary clinton has spent a lifetime trying to avoid public execute any and trying to mislead the public. and then when you add in the fact that bill clinton was traveling around the world giving speeches to foreign governments and major companies for hundreds of thousands of dollars, many of whom had business in front of the state department, i suspect she didn't want to have public records of those emails. that's why she destroyed 33,000 of them. she told the american people that those were all personal emails. yoga routines or recipes and director comey said that was a lie as well. that they found work-related materials in the few emails they could recover. we have no idea that were in the other 33,000 emails. >> important to know, if there is a clinton foundation stuff in there if there is any pay-to-play quid pro quo stuff in there. that could be a motive for setting up your own server. we can't accuse her of it without knowing. every email has a sender or receiver, right? these emails technically can be found. >> and in the law, you know, one is allow to do draw an
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adverse inference when a witness or a party destroys evidence. and given some of the corruption we have seen in both the clinton foundation and in the government under hillary clinton, i think it's reasonable for americans to draw adverse inference that she set up serve tore specifically avoid public scrutiny and controversy between email on one hand and the clinton foundation on the other are not two distinct controversies those are the same controversies. julian assange of wikileaks says there is a lot more is he going to release that he knows of. what do you think he has? >> >> i don't know. i know the intelligence community and law enforcement is investigating it it's a very serious matter any time anyone in the united states is hacked either by criminal gang or by foreign intelligence the investigation is ongoing. the director of national intelligence has said that we can't attribute that yet to any particular actor. but we should take it seriously as to a threat to our electoral process and cyber security for all americans. but, all that said, that doesn't change the fact that hillary clinton set up the
5:16 pm
private email server to begin with and put all that information at risk. >> now, if we were, if she was hacked, in fact, by say iran on russia, are more operatives at risk? >> well, it's possible that lots of things could be at risk, eric. again, she deleted 33,000 emails that we don't know the contents. we do know that what little the fbi recovered did, in fact, include work-related materials. they weren't just yoga routines, it could be many people at risk it could be special programs that are at risk. we just don't know and that's why director comey said it was extremely careless for secretary clinton to have set up that server and for she and her senior advisors to be using it to traffic in that kind of information. >> all right, senator. we're going to leaf it right there. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you, eric. >> directly ahead the latest on speaker paul ryan's dramatic primary race. we're going to go live to wisconsin when the factor returns.
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in the election 2016 segment tonight, the patel between the establishment gop and the renegade republicans. house speaker paul ryan and g.o.p. stall wart is squaring off against paul knee alan. mike tobin is standing by. mike? >> eric, we will know in that few hours here if this is much to do about nothing. the nehlen people are excited about the attention it has drawn to this race. they are hoping they can pull off an upset. it would be quite an upset. up against paul ryan in this part of the state marquette numbers enjoys 84% approval rating. trump couldn't pull off a win for himself in this part of the state.
5:21 pm
he lost to ted cruz by 18%. paul ryan is enjoying the support of the political machine solidified itself with three elections of governor scott walker. constituency pretty unified. we saw little old ladies going into the polling station today saying they were here emphatically stating that they were there to support paul ryan. eric? >> these numbers were very skewed going into this. people expected paul rain to win by 50 or 06 points. right? >> yeah. you might be able to seat numbers move because there is some new money pouring out here. we do see the nehlen people working the ground. we saw some of them with their shirts ringed with sweat yesterday after doing the door knocking. street corners and polling locations. they may be able to move the numbers to. have an impact they have to move the numbers quite a bit. >> if you are not paying attention to, this donald trump said he couldn't support paul ryan yet. he wasn't there yet. it was a veiled shot at when paul ryan said he couldn't support donald trump yet back a couple months ago.
5:22 pm
he came around last friday night and said he was going to support paul ryan. and then paul nehlen -- i'm sorry, nehlen, tell us about the situation where he went to endorsement campaign rally and was removed from the trump event. >> he said he ultimately quote pushed into a couple different locations and pushed him across the street where the anti-trump demonstrators were and he didn't want any part of that he said the endorsement of paul ryan was never a full throated endorsement. he believes that ultimately donald trump is on his side again donald trump doesn't carry a whole lot of water out here because he couldn't beat cruz in this part of the state. >> tell us why this is the establishment obviously paul ryan known as the establishment candidate. paul nehlen, why is he antiestablishment? he is antiestablishment skeptical of the tpp deal.
5:23 pm
very outspoken as it relates to immigration. therefore he has attracted that kind of element that he is very loud, very bombastic. he has ads show him on his harley with his arms hanging out and tattoos hanging out. makes a statement he challenges paul ryan to arm wrestling match. he attracts the kind of people who really are antiestablishment, wouldn't have been part of the machine anyway. and therefore, you have got a lot of the people who wouldn't have been necessarily in trump's -- or i should say in paul ryan's corner because is he viewed to be very much part of the machine particularly here in wisconsin. >> all right. tobin, we will leave it right there. polls close in about 36 and a half minutes or so, mike. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. more establishment republicans refusing to support donald trump but does it even matter? dr. ben carson is here to analyze. plus, the father of the orlando terrorist who killed 49 people popped up behind hillary clinton at a florida rally. what on earth is going on? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. constipated?
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call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. in the personal story segment tonight, the brawl over battle ground states, the "wall street journal" releasing fresh polling of registered voters a short time ago in ohio. hillary clinton leads donald trump 43 to 38%. in pennsylvania, clinton has an 11 point advantage 420837%. and in iowa, clinton is narrowly ahead 41% to 37%. joining us now with reaction
5:28 pm
from palm beach, florida ben carson, advisor to the trump campaign. welcome, dr. carson. hit trump campaign senior economic advisor on the factor last night. by the way i love your economic policy layout but somehow today we end up talking about the second amendment comment that mr. trump made aren't we trying to go in a new direction? >> you know, the left and donald trump's opposition can only win if they can constantly make him the issue. of course, this is just the beginning, they are going to pick apart every possible thing that he says and try to get off the topic. they don't have a reasonable plan for dealing with radical islamic terrorism or failing schools or whole host of other things. so, why wouldn't they want to talk about donald trump? believe me, they will continue to do this we talk about polls and polling
5:29 pm
numbers. they have flipped over the last couple of weeks. polls are a snapshot in time. they tell you where we are now. they don't tell us where we will be next week, next month. 12 days ago he was winning. the point is this economic plan, the "wall street journal" liked it. a lot of conservatives liked that economic plan. why -- how do we get -- how does he get off. how do you get off message today? >> well, you know, it's incredibly difficult when people are peppering you with these questions. you know, yesterday in detroit, you have 14 episodes of disrupters, hoping that he would say something about them. so that that could be the story for the next week or two. he didn't bite on that. so, today they seize on this which is completely ridiculous. if you want to know what he meant by the comment. ask him. why everybody sells expert on what he means but he can't have a say on it. it doesn't make any sense.
5:30 pm
it smacks of people who are desperately looking for a way to divert attention away from the important areas. >> speaking of people who are desperately,maybe not. maybe trying to divert attention away from the trump campaign and maybe that economic rollout that you guys put out yesterday were these 50 republicans, 50 republicans said that they couldn't vote for donald trump mr. trump responded to them this morning. >> these are 50 people that have been running our country forever. and they said we can't support donald trump. the reason they can't? you know why? because i'm not going to hire these people. these are sort of like the people that have been involved with washington, making decisions, militarily on defense, on other things, take a look what's happened to our country. our military is depleted. our vets aren't taken care of. we can't beat isis. >> so, dr. carson, your response to that?
5:31 pm
frankly i kind of agree with him. >> well, they are the established political class. they see him as an insurgent. someone who is going to threat their positions and their prestige they are going to fight it with everything they have. as time goes on some of them will actually begin to think beyond their little bruised feelings and actually begin to think about their children and grandchildren and what the implications are of having a federal court system and supreme court system that is extremely progressive. it will have a terrible impact on their children. i think some of them will come around to that. but, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of people coming to donald trump who are not traditional republicans or traditional voters because they understand what's going on this is what was predicted by jefferson. he said we would get to this point, before we turn to something else the people would awaken. i think the people are starting to wake up.
5:32 pm
pretty rave views amongst conservatives. rye leased their comments the next morning. you can't put 50 signatures overnight. they had to time the release of this. you agree? >> i lost -- yeah. i lost the audio for a minute there. >> so i asked about the timing of the release of these 50 signatures. you can't put that together overnight. it takes time to get these people to sign on board. is there any coincidence that they released it the morning after this economic plan was rolled out that was getting positive feedback from conservative circles? >> hard to say but i think they did seize upon the opportunity to once again try to thwart the momentum that was starting to build. i just don't understand them. what i do understand is this election is about the
5:33 pm
established political class versus the people it's not about democrats or republicans so much. you might be surprised when all kinds of people begin to realize what's going on and start getting on the trump bandwagon and the attacks will be relentless and they will be ridiculous. but i think the people are starting to recognize that the media is part of the problem. and, you know, they are protected by the constitution. >> do you think? point your finger to the media but you can ever hardly be wrong. dr. carson leave it right there. thank you very much. up next, was it ransom? we will tell what you iran is saying about the 400-million-dollar payment it received from the obama administration on the day, the very day four americans were released? colonel ralph peters will join us with reaction right after this.
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thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the factor follow-up segment tonight. america's 400-million-dollar payment to iran. an top iranian security official said yesterday that the payment was not related to its nuclear deal and not ransom for americans that had been held there but,
5:38 pm
instead, was cash the u.s. had owed iran since before 1979 revolution. joining us with reaction fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters the author of the new novel the damned petersburg. good news, iranians say nothing to see here. do you agree. >> the iranians had previously said it was ransom. it as ransom. it's pretty straightforward, eric. we have heard a lot of blather about it very simply, the obama administration did not want the four hostages that issue clouding the glory his iran nuke deal. we paid a ransom of $400 million. 100 million a head plus a battalion of iranian was we had imprisoned, convicted or at least charged and gave them all to iran to make the issue go away. it was ransom. it's not a one off. the rumors were never fully investigated when we gotberg
5:39 pm
dal back from the taliban. we had not only gotten six hard core terrorists but we paid a ransom for him as well the administration is profoundly dishonest. do whatever it needs to do for its own political ends, period. >> if americans are worth $100 million a head, what do you think iran is going to do? >> well, it's not just a question of what iran is going to do. they have already got at least two more americans they are holding. it's a question of what everybody else is going to do. because the obama administration just put a price tag on american. kidnap american, get $100 million and we will throw in some thugs. straightforward, it's sad. the reason people have always opposed ransom is because it leads to more kidnapping, period. >> sure. all right. the next topic i want to talk about iran executing this nuclear scientist would had senator cotton on
5:40 pm
earlier said maybe this gentleman was referencing some of hillary clinton's emails. he wouldn't put the two together. he won't ty them together. i don't know, would you do that? >> no you can't ty the two together. it's not always about us. this was about a defector who was fell into one of the categories defectors fall into. emotionally unstable. they didn't have a lot of information as a matter of fact when he came out. and he -- his family apparently was threatened. nostalgic for the homeland. the iranians told him oh sure come back. we love you, open arms. he came back. got a hero's welcome. they questioned him to find out not only what he had given us but they want to do know what questions we asked them. what we want to do know because that's told the iranians what we didn't know about those programs. milked them dry and put them in prison. he was never going to see the light of day. iranians have been worried about about more defections and more spies, hanged him, publicized it to make a
5:41 pm
point. don't spy for america or anybody else. don't betray us. now, hillary clinton should not have had any of this information on her email -- in her emails are on her server, shouldn't have done it you can't make the connection that he was hanged because of her emails. the time lines -- nothing works. >> you know what connection you can make? the obama administration including hillary clinton's time as secretary of state has dealt with the iranians and has given them a lot of money and a lot of leeway and basically, i don't know, beat us in these negotiations. especially with the iran nuclear deal. >> well, the iranians have been beating us in negotiations for a long time. they are much better negotiators than we are. and they put us, the obama administration in position where the only foreign policy legacy obama that he can claim without shame is this disastrous nuke deal and he is clinging to it as a result of which the iranians have known and know still that they could get
5:42 pm
away with anything during the obama presidency. so, they are running wild throughout the middle east. supporting terror. and frustrating our interests and we could nothing. >> colonel, let me take you one step further then. donald trump wrote the book the art of the deal. donald trump, if anything, he knows how to cut a deal. he is building upon building in probably the toughest rae market in the world he can make a deal. would you say the iranians are better dealmakers than donald trump? >> donald trump is little league compared to the iranians. the notion that somehow donald trump four bankruptcies to his credit, relies on lawyers to get him through is going to be able to deal with the iranians or vladimir putin or the chinese? that is wishful thinking from the trumpeths out there. i'm sorry, i'm not trying to take sides in this, but you asked a question. trump is not remotely equipped.
5:43 pm
this is big league stuff. and you know, when i hear people condemning. >> however, if you have already beaten obama and hillary clinton and beaten john kerry, you know you have got a win under your belt. maybe i don't, maybe it's the enemy you know versus the one you don't. i can see the iranians rather have hillary clinton as the next president than donald trump because they don't know. and the russians didn't get the re-set note from donald trump either. maybe they are looking for hillary clinton as well. i think the russians would love donald trump. if you look donald trump surrounded himself with advisors with really murky, hurricaney, dirty ties to rushing sexual harassment to the former ukrainian president. when it comes to foreign policy, i'm just not hopeful across the board. but, when i hear people say well, we need an outsider. or condemning out of hand the 50 g.o.p. security experts who wrote a letter saying trump's not ready look, if you think an outsider is going to come in and run a more successful
5:44 pm
foreign policy than people who really have done it for a long time, good luck. would you want a doctor to perform a serious operation on you who has never touched a scalpel? eric, i will tell you. >> i wouldn't want a race car driver to either. that's the left's argument against donald trump. but, the other one is experience isn't a dirty word and experience matters in foreign policy and security now i'm on a roll. >> you took issue with me calling the 50 developers knee on cons, you didn't like that. i didn't give you a chance to talk to you about that. give you 50 seconds to yell at me. go for it? >> those guys are sincere. they are not neocons. you have to have a trust fund, go to a prep school. be an ivy league graduate. have avoided military service and can't do military pushups. knows guys aren't neocons. >> vital wave of violence in chicago. where is the outrage in the
5:45 pm
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight. out-of-control chicago violence. yesterday 9 people were killed and another 13 injured including a 10-year-old boy in shootings across the city. chicago's deadliest day in 13 years so far in 2016 homicides in chicago are up about 50% compared to last year. yet, the brutality is still largely ignored by the national media oothers. joining us from chicago amy williams a gang intervention specialist. amy, is this weekend
5:49 pm
abnormal? >> you know, eric, unfortunately it's not. it's t. seems to have become the norm in our city we mourn and grieve and the violence is out of control. we as a city and community are really hurting by this. >> what are you doing to help it? i mean, you are one person. you are one small group. how do you help this? it's expanding violence. it's rapidly expanding? >> i think one of the main things that we have to understand is that violence is just a symptom of all of the real under lying issues. and violence is one of the ways that it's being played out and it's being seen. there are a lot of systemic things in place that if we could really just kind of fix those. >> like what? >> different things such as poor school system, mass incarceration, disproportionate. we have poverty in our communities. the list just goes on and on and on and on. you are cutting after school
5:50 pm
programs. mental health budget is being cut. we don't even have a state budget that has been passed yet. no employment. it just goes on and on. >> who are the victims and who are the who are the victims are the perps? >> i think we're all victims, and honestly, eric, i think that we are all the perpetrators. i think those that sit back and don't do anything -- >> i get you. i understand. it's a problem. it's a growing problem. but i want to get specific on this. >> sure. >> is this minority violence on minority violence? is this black on white? is it white on black? police violence on the african-american community? who is killing whom? >> yeah. you know, i think that it definitely goes much deeper than just black on black crime. it's not just a race issue. it is a community issue. it is underresourced communities. unfortunately, that's where most of our black and brown citizens
5:51 pm
live. >> what would you do with more resources? more cops on the street? >> that's not the only solution. we have a lot of problems that are going on, which means there are many solutions. >> give me one. amy, i'm trying to give you a platform here. give me a solution. i'm hearing a lot of, you know, theory. you said more resources. all right. here's more resources. what will you doing with it? >> here we go. we need money for afterschool programming. we need more jobs for those that are coming out of the prison system that have a non-violent crime and has a felony record, given a second chance. we need more people on the street. we need our community to take our community back. we can't just blame it on one thing. i, myself, have personally moved into a gang neighborhood. i hit the street. i have opened up my house for young people to stay with me in transition while they want to get out of the gang. i mean there are many different ways that we can do this, and we have to do it together, eric. >> i hope and pray you are safe because you're a hero for doing it. i think it goes way deeper than
5:52 pm
afterschool programs, amy, but i really appreciate it -- >> absolutely. absolutely. thank you, eric. up ahead, the father of the orlando terrorist scoring a seat right behind hillary clinton at a florida rally. did this happe? that report straight ahead. sthm. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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in the back of the book segment tonight, my very, very, very favorite story of the day. a very controversial figure showing up at a hillary clinton rally in florida yesterday. she was there to talk about jobs and the economy but began by honoring the 49 victims of the june terror attack in orlando. listen. >> notice the man right behind secretary clinton with the mustache and wearing a red hat. that's the father of the orlando shooter. hours later, by chance we ran into him at a rest stop on the way back to west palm beach. >> clinton is good for united states versus donald trump. it's very important for united states of america, especially
5:55 pm
the election. i was invited by democratic party. >> just like come support hillary, just a regular chain e-mail or a personal invitation? >> so, it came -- i'm a member, so as a member, i get the invitation. so it's nothing particular about it. >> did hillary clinton's campaign know that you were going to that event and sitting right directly behind her? >> it's a democratic party, so everybody can join. >> today the clinton campaign responded claiming seddique mateen was not an invited guest, and they were unaware he was in the audience until after the rally. joining us now with reaction from washington, lisa boothe and richard goodstein. stay on richard for a second. can you imagine that man whose son killed 49 people, killed himself or the cops killed him, and then this man has also claimed to be the interim president of afghanistan. the guy is certifiably crazy, somehow sits within feet of the candidate. >> well, i mean, people are screened. i think the most interesting thing he said is it's a
5:56 pm
democratic rally. it's open to the public. it's open to the public. and although they're screened for guns, but the fact is at a trump rally, they screen everybody. they let the white supremacists in but they don't let bernie people in and so forth. >> you make a good point, richard. lisa, when david duke mentioned something about donald trump and he didn't immediately shut it down, it took him a day or so, the left went crazy. that's an endorsement of trump by david duke of the kkk whatever any were saying. but here is the killer of 49 people in orlando, his father sitting right there, i haven't heard the campaign saying, we wish he wouldn't come to any more of our events. >> it's not good optics for the hillary clinton campaign. it does represent the bias we've seen in the media consistently because hillary clinton wants this guy's endorsement. the media kept trying to tie donald trump to david duke. the reality is if the shoe was on the other foot and this guy
5:57 pm
was at the donald trump rally, we would all be reading headlines, terrorist father endorses donald trump. those are the headlines we're not going to see for hillary clinton. journalists in this election cycle have committed journalistic malpractice in that they have focused more on a fictitious stories about a baby being ejected have a rally than they have about the real issues, the fact that hillary clinton has put national security at risk. >> should we, per lisa, have the headline read in "the new york times" tomorrow, terrorist's father endorses hillary clinton? >> no. listen, david duke ran for statewide office as a republican. he's got millions of followers who are white supremacists, okay? that is the absolute epicenter of donald trump's support. this guy doesn't have any followers. and the fact that -- >> he's not attending a donald trump rally. >> hold on, lisa. when he was interviewed after the shooting, remember he was extraordinarily homophobic. they wouldn't put him behind hillary. trump has the homophobic vote locked up. really i think this is being
5:58 pm
made a controversy only by people who are -- >> you can look these people out here, all 5 million of them who are watching tonight, you're going to tell them there's nothing to see here? >> i'm saying this is a guy who obviously dissociated himself to the sense that he could from his son and, again, is extraordinarily homophobic. and hillary basically called out everybody who was -- his son, who was responsible for that shooting, not knowing, of course, that the dad was right there. so, yeah, i can look at all your viewers in the eye and say this was totally innocent, that he is there because he signed up on some e-mail site and got notified about the rally. >> he had a right to be there. i get that. it's an open thing, and he walked in. he probably got frisked and all that. i get that. but where's the campaign, lisa? where is the hillary campaign saying, we don't need this endorsement. we're doing fine on our own without that type of endorsement. >> they should disavow it. i would say to richard, welcome to the day in the life of a republican running for
5:59 pm
presidential office and the fact that you're linked to things that are utterly ridiculous. of course hillary clinton doesn't want this guy's endorsement. what's crazy here, eric, donald trump unveiled an economic program that is pro-growth, something this country desperately needs, and all the media wanted to focus on was the protesters that were at his rally, not on the actual issues on the facts of the case. you look at someone like hillary clinton that they continue to protect, the revelations that she had information about the iranian scientist on her server raised the question of what other kind of information was on her server that put people or national security at risk? but they're not talking about, eric. >> a lot of these times, the campaigns take the name of the people sitting behind the candidate. >> look, the fact of the matter is, you know, all these issues that lisa just ticked off, i hope donald trump runs with them because they have nothing to do with the future for american voters. and so long as -- >> our national security? >> no, no, no. so long as he is -- >> economic growth? >> e-mails or anything, hillary
6:00 pm
is winning. >> richard, thanks for coming here instead of the baseball game. thank you very much, you guys. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the polls are closed, and we are waiting for the results. in what has become a highly watched race for a congressional seat in wisconsin after donald trump surprised everyone by shining a spotlight on the contest between one of america's most powerful republicans and a little-known opponent. good evening, everyone, and welcome to "the kelly file." i'm trish regan in for megyn kelly tonight. we are waiting right now for the announcement of the winner there in wisconsin. this is a republican primary contest between house speaker paul ryan and businessman paul nehl nehlen. we're going to bring you those results just as soon as we get them. first let's go to mike tobin live at


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