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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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is winning. >> richard, thanks for coming here instead of the baseball game. thank you very much, you guys. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the polls are closed, and we are waiting for the results. in what has become a highly watched race for a congressional seat in wisconsin after donald trump surprised everyone by shining a spotlight on the contest between one of america's most powerful republicans and a little-known opponent. good evening, everyone, and welcome to "the kelly file." i'm trish regan in for megyn kelly tonight. we are waiting right now for the announcement of the winner there in wisconsin. this is a republican primary contest between house speaker paul ryan and businessman paul nehl nehlen. we're going to bring you those results just as soon as we get them. first let's go to mike tobin live at the wisconsin campaign
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headquarters of speaker paul ryan. mike? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned, the polls are closing right now, and about ten minutes after we get some numbers -- there's going to be exit pollin polling. about ten minutes after we get some numbers, we expect speaker ryan to approach the podium. ryan's people have been pretty relaxed and confident. the latest numbers show he enjoys about an 84% approval rating among conservatives in this part of the state. he also enjoys the support of a machine that got scott walker elected three times. you got a lot of unified people out there. little old ladies at the poll saying they're here to support paul ryan. on nehlen's side, they're excited about all this new attention that's been drawn tot race because of the things that donald trump has said and the things that he has done. so you've got new volunteers. you've got new money. the people are out working the ground. they're anti-establishment people. they're hoping to shake up the machinery, and they're hoping to do that by trying to impact the top republican in the house directly.
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but it's a tall order. in order to pull off an upset here, it would have to be a megaupset, and you wouldn't want to bet the family cow on that one, trish. also breaking tonight, everyone, two new campaign controversies are exploding. one involved donald trump and what democrats perceive as a veiled threat to hillary clinton. we're going to get to that in just a minute. the other concerns mrs. clinton and a story that many in the media seem to be ignoring. the trouble started late yesterday at a campaign rally. not far from the scene of the devastating terror attack on the pulse nightclub in florida, an attack that left 49 people dead. as she spoke, an eagle-eyed reporter noticed someone very odd in the crowd. the gunman's own father. you see him here. he's sitting directly behind mrs. clinton. there's still no real explanation as to how he ended up in such a prominent seat. and when questioned directly about it today, hillary clinton
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was not interested in answering. watch. >> secretary clinton, should your campaign have known that omar mateen's father was at your campaign rally yesterday? secretary clinton? do you have time for a question? >> thank you all very much. >> it's like she didn't even hear them. she ignored the question altogether. trace gallagher picks up the story tonight. >> reporter: trish, the campaign rally was held in kissimmee, florida, 20 miles from the pulse nightclub. clinton began her speech by remembering the victims, and while she spoke, just steps away in the camera frame sat the killer's father, seddique mateen, cheering her on. mateen was spotted by a west palm beach television station who later interviewed him as a held up a yellow banner stating that clinton was good for national security and gun control laws. watch. >> clinton is good for united
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states versus donald trump. i was invited by democratic party. >> just like come support hillary, just a regular chain e-mail or a personal invitation? >> so it came out -- i'm a member. so as a member, i get the invitation. so it's nothing particular about it. >> well, the clinton campaign quickly tried to distance itself from the issue saying, quote, the rally was a 3,000-person open door event for the public. this individual wasn't invited as a guest, and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event. today mrs. clinton was asked about mateen's attendance, and she ignored the question. watch it again. >> secretary clinton, should your campaign have known that omar mateen's father was at your campaign rally yesterday? secretary clinton, do you have time for a question? >> thank you all very much. >> the florida democratic party also denied inviting him, but political analysts say for the
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clinton campaign, the optics are bad because seddique mateen supports her and is also on record supporting the taliban, spouting anti-u.s. rhetoric, declaring his intent to run for president of afghanistan. and though he condemned his son's action, he also stated that god will punish those involved in homosexuality. today conservatives encouraged donald trump to capitalize on this. with the national review writing, quote, if he can't make some noise over this and make up five points quick, he should just close up shop and let pence/cruz handle it from here. so far, donald trump has said nothing about seddique mateen's appearance at last night's clinton rally though v.p. candidate mike pence did mention it today. >> wow. >> trish. >> thank you so much, trace. joining us right now with more, brigitte gabriel, founder of act for america. mark thiessen, an american enterprise institute fellow, and nomiki konst, founder of the accountability project. brigitte, what the heck is going
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on that the hillary campaign somehow missed that this guy was seated there. do you believe that? >> no, i don't believe it one bit because her advance team knows exactly who is sitting behind her. these people are hand picked, and there is no way they did not know that he was sitting there. as a matter of fact, i don't doubt it that they even positioned him there because they wanted to appeal to the islamic vote. so the fact that she is denying that she knew he was there is total bologna. and own though if she did not know -- if she's saying i really did not know, what does that say about her carelessness? she is running for president. so she is endangering her position and the presidency of the united states by having the father of a terrorist who killed 49 americans sitting just feet from her. that speaks volumes about the lack of attention to security details surrounding her and her los angeles das cal operations. hosting state department e-mails on her personal server. >> let me get back to the
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conversation here because you bring up an important point. that's the campaigns usually vet who is seated there behind the candidate because after all the television cameras are rolling and you never know what someone is going to do. mark, one would have to think that they did some vetting, right? >> you would think they could. look, hillary clinton is the one who said she's promised us she can vet syrian refugees for terrorist ties, but she can't vet the people coming into her own rally. how is she going to vet syrian refugees? this is the father of a terrorist who killed 49 people in orlando just an hour away from that rally. 9 clinton campaign says he wasn't invited. mr. mateen disagrees. he said in that interview with a local reporter, quote, i was invited by the democratic party. i'm a member. he's on their e-mail invite list. so, you know, and he wasn't just one guy in the crowd. he was sitting there right behind hillary clinton. i mean he was a prop used by the democratic party for this event. so apparently it's not just the e-mails that she's extremely careless with. it's also her rallies.
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>> nomiki, what amazes me is that the campaign is complete li silent on this. i mean you saw hillary clinton there. she got the question from a reporter. she acted like the reporter didn't even exist in the room and just walked right on by. can they really just ignore this one away? >> this is the issue that i think a lot of democrats are facing right now is we are trying so hard to unify. but when you can't step up like paul begala did today and say fire the advance person. i mean, yes, this person had to be vetted through secret service, and he wasn't, or he was, or he got through somehow, and there's a broken piece of the secret service puzzle there. but it is the campaign's duty to come forward and say, we messed up. we've got to fix the cracks we have in our system and be better. but the problem with the clinton campaign is they've had since the '90s is they can't say, we were wrong. that makes the burden on us democrats who go out there and want to unify and talk about the issues very difficult because i can't defend that.
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i can't defend that as a democrat. that was a bad advance person. the secret service should do their job, and quite frankly the job they did at the dnc in regulating every single thing that was happening in front of the cameras, they should do onstage at their own events. >> i can remember at that convention in philadelphia, every time someone would start shouting "no tpp" all of a sudden, you'd hear, go, hillary. so they had scripted that effectively to try and mute some of those bernie sanders supporters there. brigitte, the campaign still has not come out and denounced this endorsement. she has not denounced this endorsement from this man who believed in the taliban. doesn't she need to do that kind of soon? >> she should come out and disavow him if she really cares about this country and she is against terrorism. she should come out and say, i disavow his endorsement. i disavow anybody connected to the taliban. these are our enemies. and i disavow anybody who
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basically calls for the killing of gays because obviously this man stands for all these top three issues. and she has not done that, and that speaks volumes about where -- >> mark, what's taking her so long? >> i don't know. i mean, well, first of all, where is the media on this? you know, when donald trump was endorsed by david duke and the kkk and he didn't immediately renounce it, which he should have, but he re was a media feeding frenzy. where is the media feeding frenzy when it comes to this? she was endorsed by the father of a terrorist who killed 49 americans in our midst and who proudly supports the taliban. and he said that his son shouldn't have killed those people because god will punish the people who will involved in homosexual activity. why hasn't she repudiated that endorsement? >> think about it. if donald trump had been on stage at a rally and you saw the father of the charleston shooter behind him -- >> exactly. >> i mean can you imagine the uproar that you would see in the media community over that one?
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mark. >> of course. there would be -- go ahead, nomiki. >> well, you know, i think the bottom line is you have to take responsibility for these situations. it doesn't mean you have to disavow a terrorist when it's obvious that hillary clinton is not dancing with terrorists. i think she just needs to say, you know what, we made a mistake. we have to assume that this person is quite frankly unhinged, i think -- >> don't you think that, you know, the media should be covering this more so? >> i think they are. when you google it, it's everywhere. >> they're not really. i mean we're one of the few right now that are covering this story. and it seems to me that it's a big enough story that she needs to come out with a mea culpa as you have said. brigitte, last word to you. do you think we're going to get it? >> i don't think we're going to get it. she doesn't have a pattern of coming out and fessing up for her mistakes. but this is a wake up moment for the country to realize that we have somebody running for office who doesn't care about national
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security, doesn't care about protecting the country, neither who she associates with. that's not what we want for a president. >> thanks so much. the other controversy tonight involves a trump remark that his campaign is calling a joke. the clinton team is calling it a threat, and we have breaking news on the fallout with trump spokesperson katrina pierson and democratic strategist michael mee han. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. that's personally. picking up for kyle.
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breaking tonight, donald trump finding himself in hot water following a remark linking gun rights to hillary clinton. the gop nominee was addressing clinton's stance on the second amendment at a rally in north carolina when he made what the trump campaign is now calling a joke. and the clinton campaign is now calling a threat. listen. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is.
6:17 pm
i don't know. but i'll tell you what. that will be a horrible day. >> carl cameron is tracking this story from the campaign trail for us, and he joins us right now. carl. >> reporter: hi, trish. as you say, democrats say this is trump inciting violence, and trump is basically arguing that people should exercise their first amendment rights to speak and assemble and specifically folks who are second amendment activists and could put him over the top. democrats aren't buying it, and the clinton campaign put out a statement that said, quote, this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states should not success violence in any way. the trump campaign first issued a statement a few minutes after the remark trying to explain it, and they wrote, quote, it's called the power of unification. second amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power. and this year they'll be voting in record numbers, and it won't
6:18 pm
be for hillary clinton. it will be for donald trump. and earlier this evening, trump recorded an interview with sean hannity that will air in the next hour. and in it, trump makes the case yet again. listen. >> nobody in that room thought anything other than what you just said. this is a political movement. this is a strong, powerful movement, the second amendment. you know, hillary wants to take your guns away. she wants to leave you unprotected in your home. this is a tremendous political movement. the n.r.a., as you know, endorsed me. they're terrific people. wayne and chris and all of the people over there. by the way, i just saw they tweeted out basically they agree 100% with what i said. and there can be no other interpretation. even reporters have told me, i mean give me a break. >> well, democrats certainly are not giving him a break. already they're using this as a fund-raising tool. web pages being set up. cue the tv attack ads. >> thanks so much, carl. joining me with reaction, kat
6:19 pm
pierson, national spokesperson for the trump campaign, and michael meehan, a senior communications advisor on john kerry's 2004 presidential bid. katrina, starting with you. >> if you go back to the wikileaks release of the dnc e-mails, this is on the powerpoint play book on the messaging slide number six with the messaging theme number one, violence. they were looking for an opportunity to pick up somewhere to continue this narrative that somehow donald trump is violent. look, he was talking about the nra. this is something that he's talked about all along the campaign trail as well as the activism. this is one of the oldest continuously operating civil rights groups in the country, active for 145 years. this is a bipartisan group which seems to be left out in the left's narrative, and some of these democrats won't even touch gun legislation because they know how powerful the nra can be. >> michael, i know you don't see
6:20 pm
it that why, and why not? >> well, it's clear that he made a joke. it's reckless and careless. that's the first defense. here's another defense that kat just had here. if kat or i said that on tv, federal officials would meet us before we hit the curb. that is not calling people to vote. this is the problem. the dog days of summer, he's still whistling the dog whistle, and that's the problem with the trump campaign. they're losing in the polls and these are getting to be desperate times. >> katrina, is that what it was? a dog whistle. >> no, it wasn't a dog whistle. it was the truth. the nra has 5 million members. they want to keep their rights to bear arms. hillary clinton wants to limit people's access to guns. this is a known situation. >> so when he said -- >> there are documentaries on how powerful the nra is, particularly in election cycles, and that's exactly what mr. trump was talking about. >> in other words when he said they can do something about it,
6:21 pm
i don't know, maybe the second amendment people can do something about that, he meant- >> absolutely. >> he meant organize? >> meant keeping hillary clinton from -- keeping hillary clinton from having the congress put more limitation on gun restrictions. like i said, there are democrats that won't even touch gun legislation in an election year because they know the nra is very powerful. that's what mr. trump was talking about. if, god willing, hillary clinton becomes president and gives us supreme court justices, we have to fight that. and the only way to do that is through the election cycle. >> you know, michael, for the most part, he was, you know, pretty much on the money in terms of not going into any kind of -- or down, i should say, a path that he shouldn't go down until, of course, this came along. but a lot of people feel like those on the left were just itching for something. they were just looking for something, effectively trying to trap him in his own words. what do you say to that? >> look, 50 republican national
6:22 pm
security people came out today and said that he lacks the character to be president. and clearly every day -- there's 90 days left to go. he keeps talking about things that show he doesn't have the disposition to be president. and this statement, the word he said at the end of this was, it would be horrible. it's not horrible that you don't vote. it would be horrible if the second amendment people did this. he did it on purpose, and he's done it four times since he said it six hours ago. so we're not looking for it. he's just giving it. he's not suited to be president. >> we're going to leave it there. thanks so much. >> it would be horrible if hillary clinton were to strip -- >> thank you very much. we have a fox news exclusive with the attorney behind the controversial lawsuit filed by the parents of the benghazi terror attack victims against hillary clinton. attorney larry klayman and dreamt strategist robert zimmerman are here next. then after a fatal shooting by police in the president's hometown, street gangs start talking about organizing an effort to kill cops.
6:23 pm
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still awaiting results in the closely watched gop primary contest in wisconsin between house speaker paul ryan and businessman paul nehlen. here's a live look at speaker ryan's campaign headquarters in jamesville, wisconsin. he's expected to speak tonight when a winner is declared. we will bring that to you live. developing tonight, a controversial new lawsuit pitting parents of the benghazi terror attacks against hillary clinton. the father of cia contractor tyrone woods and the mother of state department officer sean smith suing the former secretary of state for allegedly causing the deaths of their sons and then defaming the victims' families in the aftermath. fox news correspondent kristin fisher joins us right now -- or reports, i should say, from washington. >> reporter: patricia smith, the mother of sean smith, is taking the claims that she made at the republican national convention to court. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. that's personally. >> reporter: smith and charles
6:28 pm
woods, the father of tyrone woods, are now suing clinton on two fronts, wrongful death and defamation. they claim their sons' death was a direct result of clinton's extreme carelessness in handling confidential and classified information. they argue clinton's use of a private e-mail server compromised the location of ambassador chris stevens and led islamic terrorists to their sons. chris per ran ta who was there that night in benghazi is now praising both parents for pushing back. >> i think it's a good thing. they are standing up. the system failed them. the system that was supposed to protect them, supposed to keep people accountablenot. >> reporter: but fox news senior judicial analyst says the lawsuit likely won't stand up in court. >> that might be a logical argument, but it's probably going to fall legally because of immunity. >> reporter: the lawsuit also accuses clinton of defaming both parents by either directly calling them liars or by strongly implying that they're liars in order to protect and enhance her public image. for evidence, court documents
6:29 pm
point to a recent interview on fox news sunday in which clinton disputed both parents' claims that she had initially told them the attack was caused by a youtube video, not terrorism. >> i don't hold any ill feeling for someone who, in that moment, may not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is responding with a statement. it reads, quote, while no one can imagine the pain of the families, there have been nine different investigations into this attack, and none found any evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on the part of hillary clinton. so they're going to claim this is just more of the same, especially since the parents' attorney, larry klayman, has a long history of being critical of the clintons and has filed multiple lawsuits against them. >> so the big question is do the families have a case? joining us right now, larry klayman. he's the founder of judicial watch and the attorney representing patricia smith and charles woods in the lawsuit against hillary clinton. along with robert zimmerman, a
6:30 pm
democratic strategist and democratic national committee member. good to see both of you. larry -- >> thank you, trish. >> i know how hard this is on the families. i've spoken to mrs. smith, and i know she needs answers and wants some answers. but hillary clinton, as you heard judge napolitano just say, is effectively indemnified. how do you get a judge to take this case? >> trish, thank you for having me on, and i respect andrew napolitano, but he's wrong here. as the fbi director said and as mr. giuliani said, the former mayor of new york, rudy giuliani, mrs. clinton committed about 17 criminal violations in misusing her private e-mail server. it's textbook law. in fact, supreme court law that when you do that, you lose your immunity. so judge napolitano is just mistaken in this instance. he's wrong. secondly, what we're doing here is trying to bring about justice, and that's the reason that i'm representing these clients, because mrs. clinton has skated for so many years.
6:31 pm
and this time she's done something which has caused the death of our clients, as we allege in the complaint. you can find it at freedom watch that's the group i founded after judicial watch. you'll see from that complaint, it's a very simple complaint. and in fact we have a tremendous chance of success. we've also sued on grounds of defamation because mrs. clinton told our clients and charles woods, the father of tyrone woods recorded this in his diary -- you know, he was an administrative law judge, so he n knows how to record evidence, that this was an attack caused by a video of the prophet mohammed. mrs. clinton told the prime minister of egypt the opposite. she told her daughter the opposite and then calls our clients liars. you can't do that. it's defamation. >> robert zimmerman, again, she was secretary of state, and as challenging as this all is and as difficult as it is for the families, is it not the government that needs to investigate this as opposed to a
6:32 pm
lawsuit here? >> trish, can i just make a point before we have a political discussion? our prayers have to be offered to the families of the benghazi victims. we have to honor the heroic efforts of all those who passed in benghazi, and we have to remember that first and foremost. let me point out in terms of addressing this lawsuit, it wasn't just judge napolitano who dismissed this lawsuit, but greg jarrett also dismissed the merits of this lawsuit. and let's also remember in this discussion that other members of the family, and it's been well documented, other family members who were present with mrs. clinton remember that emotional and difficult meeting very differently. many of them have acknowledged that the video -- the concept of a video was never discussed at these meetings. so it's very important to have all the facts on the table. and the most important fact to remember is the reason this lawsuit has no merit at all and the reason this lawsuit is nothing more than a political exploitation of a tragedy is because of the character of the
6:33 pm
person who is bringing it, mr. klayman. let's be very clear about this. he has accused the clintons of engaging in plots to hurd his associates. he accused president obama of bringing ebola into the united states so that it would further his -- >> you think this is a personal thing. >> excuse me, trish. if i can finish my point, [ overlapping voices ] >> let me finish my point. >> show the viewers your -- >> hang on. >> let's remember that you were temporarily disbarred in new york for your bigoted comments about an asian-american judge, and you are on record with bigots comments against jewish-americans as well. >> all of that aside, robert is saying that basically you have a vendetta against the clintons that motivated this lawsuit. your response. >> this is typical of hillary clinton. she's just a shill for hillary clinton. i happen to be of jewish origin myself, robert. robert, let me finish, okay? this is as, hillary used to call it, the politics of personal destruction.
6:34 pm
the fact is i'm the only lawyer ever to have a court rule that bill clinton committed a crime when he really -- [ overlapping voices ] >> let me finish. i made no bigoted comments on the -- >> were you disbarred in new york? >> let him finish. >> watch your language here because you've just defamed me. i was never disbarred in new york. >> let me finish. >> robert -- larry, you go ahead. this is the question i have. in other words, robert is saying that you are motivated for personal reasons, that you have made a career of going after the clintons. i'd like you to respond to that. >> well, i might add with the clintons, corruption is a growth industry, so somebody had to do it. this government will not address it because the washington establishment scratches its own back. you have people like robert come out to try to diversity tt the . >> thank you for being with me tonight, larry and robert.
6:35 pm
breaking news. fox news now projects the speaker of the house, paul ryan, will easily beat challenger paul nehlen in the republican primary of wisconsin's first congressional district. ryan's victory is a blow to the gop's populous wing, some of whom have criticized the speaker as insufficiently conservative. nehlen spent much of his campaign trying to tie himself to donald trump, but the republican presidential nominee ended up endorsing ryan, albeit a little grudgingly. we are expecting to hear from congressman ryan shortly, and we will bring that to you just as soon as he begins speaking. coming up, everyone, a respected football coach is fired for getting down on bended knee to pray after games. and he's talking exclusively to the kelly file about the fight to get his job back. plus after a police-involved shooting in chicago inspires threats against the entire police department, detective
6:36 pm
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eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. growing concerns for law enforcement in the president's hometown after an 18-year-old is killed in a police chase. police in chicago are reportedly being warned about an alliance between local gangs who are not only threatening to target police, but also apparently supplying each other with guns. it's all in response to the fatal shooting of paul o'neill by chicago police nearly two weeks ago. o'neill nearly ran over at least one officer with an allegedly stolen car, but it's the video of that incident that's pushing people over the edge.
6:41 pm
[ sirens ] >> get the [ bleep ] out. >> go, go, go! >> [ bleep ]. >> hands behind your back! >> all right. trace gallagher joins us right now from our west coast newsroom with more. trace. >> reporter: trish, not only are three gangs in west chicago reportedly planning to get revenge on police, the chicago p.d. is now warning officers that both weapons and a sniper are in place. they just don't know where.
6:42 pm
chicago police are also being advised to limit their interactions and visibility to keep a low profile. the local police union says the anti-police sentiment is being stirred up by the outside investigator looking into the shooting, who called it shocking and disturbing before the facts were even gathered. and the attorney for paul o'neill's family, who claims the family saw video of their 18-year-old son being executed, except there is no video of the fatal gunshot because the body camera of the officer who fired the shot was not recording. some believe that's evidence of a cover-up. but nine other body cams and car cameras did capture a large portion of what happened, including paul o'neill trying to use a stolen car as a weapon against police, then fleeing the vehicle and leading police on a foot chase. officers could also be heard on tape asking if the suspect is shooting at them. turns out paul o'neill did not have a gun. and now three officers are being investigated for possibly violating department procedures. police apparently are not allowed to fire at a moving
6:43 pm
vehicle if the vehicle represents the only threat. after paul o'neill was shot and killed, one officer can be heard on tape complaining about having to be on desk duty for 30 days. trish. >> thanks so much, trace. joining me right now, mark fuhrman, a fox news contributor and former lapd detective. and andell brown, a defense and civil rights attorney. mark, starting with you, how seriously should chicago police be taking this threat right now? >> well, when you look at a threat like this, it came from information somewhere, i suspect, from inside one of those meetings where these gangs met. there's too much information that is very specific to the gangs and what they're going to do. this is a solicitation for murder. this is a conspiracy to commit murder, and i think the leadership in chicago and the police department should actually take this opportunity to actually swoop down on these gangs and actually initiate
6:44 pm
search warrants, probation/parole violation searches. they should try to get these weapons and engage before officers and suspects are killed. >> andell, what do you say about that? >> i mean it's terrible that we have these gangs that would even try to target policemen and women who are just doing their job. this is a very shocking case. when i saw those videos, some of the things that stood out to me were the fact that that officer was firing at a vehicle in a residential neighborhood, and then seeing officers high five after he's shot in the back. >> what happened was definitely tragic, but what i'm getting at now is the threat that the police now face, mr. brown. i mean the police are being targeted allegedly by these gangs. what do you recommend they do? >> well, i think that, number one, from what i've seen the
6:45 pm
chicago police department has done an excellent job in being transparent about the investigation as well as making sure they're doing everything they can to protect their officers. i think that the community as a whole should be standing up to thugs who want to overrun their communities with gang violence and say that's unacceptable, and we won't stand for it. >> well, the community as a whole, and that includes the police. mark, i look at these numbers, and the murder rate in chicago this year has soared. last year there were 490 murders total for the whole year. this year, they already have 400, and we're not even -- you know, we're four months away from the end of the year. i mean it is seemingly pretty lawless there on the streets of chicago. so what is a police officer to do? >> well, i would say it's staggering if it wasn't for the leadership in chicago pulling the police back and not making them proactive but reactive. and if you're a reactive police officer, you're waiting for somebody to do something right
6:46 pm
in front of you or assault you or shoot at you. so i mean there's a -- it isn't even a fine line. you have to have a police presence. you have to interact with the community to be there to actually get the community that are the good people to trust you as well as putting down the gang members. but you can't -- you can't do that by telling the officers to remain in a low visibility kind of an attitude and make less contact. that just actually empowers the gangs and says that they're in charge, and the police department isn't. >> okay. andell, final word to you. do you think that mark has a point here? you need to be more proactive at a time like this? >> i think one of the things that he touched on was the trust between the community and the po think that's what we're working to repair because if the bad guys are going to be brought in and brought to justice, then the community and the police
6:47 pm
department are going to have to work together. after the laquan mcdonald case that happened last year, it was a tough time. i think we're seeing different things. the police department, the civilian review board, and the community are handling this case differently, and i think they're moving in the right direction. as long as we build that bridge between the community and the police department, we're doing the right thing. >> there's a lot of work to be done, and i got to tell you, it's got to be a tough time to be a police officer right now. thank you so much to both of you. coming up next, our exclusive interview with a former high school football coach fired for praying on the field. joe kennedy is here, and he's going to tell us why he's taking his fight for religious freedom to the court. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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now to a kelly file exclusive. last year, coach and practicing christian joe kennedy set off a national debate about religious rights when he was fired from the bremerton school district for engaging in a prayer of thanks at the conclusion of his high school football games. well, now mr. kennedy is taking legal action against the washington state school in hopes of getting back on the sidelines. joe kennedy joins me right now along with his attorney, michael berry, of the first liberty institute.
6:52 pm
welcome to you both. good to have you here, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> so, joe, explain to me, explain to the viewers, why did they fire you? >> it really came down to me having to choose between my faith and, you know, doing what is against -- really my faith. it's amazing that it's come to this, that they fired me for just giving thanks. >> so you basically just were going and saying a prayer at the end of a game, and they said you can't do it? >> yes. >> you know, look, this wasn't something that you were asking students to get involved in. it was just something that you were doing on your own? >> right. i've been doing it since 2008 where it started out just myself, and a couple kids wanted to join, and it's a free country. so i couldn't tell them yes or no. they could do what they want. >> it looks like the school did allow -- and i'll ask your attorney this.
6:53 pm
michael, it looks like the school did allow somebody else to pray, someone who was buddhist, an assistant coach was allowed to pray, but your client wasn't? >> that's right. yeah. they singled out coach kennedy for some reason, and they told him -- they said, look, you can talk to other coaches. you can talk to players. you can talk to the fans. but if you talk to god, you're going to be fired. and that's just not right in this country. >> michael, i mean don't schools like this, places that people work in, companies, have some responsibility to accommodate someone's religion? i come from a business background, and we recently did a story on the fox business network about cargill, a meat processing plant and they had muslims that wanted and needed to pray five times a day. so they had to make accommodations for these employees because you couldn't inhibit them from expressing themselves religiously. is there some kind of application that should have been applied as well to the school system there in
6:54 pm
washington? michael? >> that's exactly right. i sure hope that bremerton school district was paying attention to the cargill case because in coach kennedy's case, we asked for that accommodation, for him to be able to give a brief personal prayer at the end of the game, and the school district said no. so they've put him in an untenable position where he has to choose between his job and his faith. that violations the constitution and federal law. >> i don't know why they did this to you. what do you think? >> i -- i really don't know. i think, you know, once their lawyer got involved, things kind of went south, and this is where we're at today because of it. >> you know, there's been a lot of concern about the political correctness police out there. you're a christian who is trying to pray. a buddhist was allowed to pray. you're not allowed to spray. do you have any suspicion that it was people being overly politically correct, not wanting you to pray because you were
6:55 pm
christian? >> well, i definitely know that we have so much diversity, you know, on our team and within our coaching staff. and, you know, being in america, we are taught to embrace it, not, you know, try to hide it or be ashamed of it. so i don't know why me. >> joe, you're suing to get your job back? >> yes, ma'am. >> is that all you want? >> yeah, my job and to have the freedom that everybody else in america is supposed to have. >> you really want to go back to work at that school after everything that's happened? >> oh, absolutely. the kids there are incredible, and that's the whole reason is because of those young men. >> wow. well, we wish you lots of luck. joe and michael, thank you so much. good to have you guys here tonight. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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program, the intelligence report, at 2:00 p.m. eastern every day. in fact, patricia smith, the mother of sean smith, is going to be on the program. she's got a lot to say. make sure you tune in. have a terrific night. "hannity" is next. trish, thank you. this is a fox news alert. fox news is now projecting that speaker of the house paul ryan will win the primary race for his congressional seat in wisconsin's first district. speaker ryan is scheduled to hold a press conference or at least give a speech. we're going to take some of that live when he steps to the podium. but first the race for the white house rages on, and the mainstream media is hammering donald trump over a remark he made about the second amendment and second amendment supporters. earlier we spoke with the republican presidential nominee, donald trump, about that and a whole lot more. take a look. >> all right. joining us now is donald trump on the campaign trail. big


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