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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card hi, i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly. geraldo and dana perino. "the five" in case this campaign season isn't nuttier than a snicker factory, let's go to kissimmee, florida. there, hillary spoke mentioning the victims of the pulse nightclub attack. >> i have to tell you how grateful i am for the leadership and the people of orlando and central florida for your love and compassion. i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friends are still grieving and i want
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them to know that we will be with you. >> this is strange. right behind her, in a red hat and not a trump one, stood mate mateen, the terrorist dad. i thought this was fake. how could he get that close to a candidate. he has more screws loose than after an earthquake. there he is. why? he likes hillary. maybe he remembers her husband pardoned terrorists that set up 120 bombs in the united states. anyway, her camp says they didn't know this pro-taliban extremist was a stone's throw from her. in the words of the taliban, you don't want to be a stone's throw from anyone, especially if you are a woman. seriously, this is who shows up at a hillary rally, a pro-taliban, gay-hater. the media does this all the
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time. they find one freak to smear the bunch. anyway, it's the lax security disorder hillary suffers from whether it's e-mails, benghazi or relatives of terrorists. everything but her own privacy is an open door. it's as skilled as a bark. i never get tired of that. it proves a point. the one thing trump has going for him is hillary. the one thing hillary has going for her is trump. today -- >> hillary wanlts to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> there you go. may the worst person lose. >> what the hell? >> what do you think? >> what the hell?
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second amendment is he talking about? >> is he talking about what i think he is? >> go for round ten to make sure she's not elected. >> that was a clarification from the trump campaign. >> there are clarifications. you can't do it with a straight face. >> one more time, rinse and repeat. >> the second amendment people will rally behind the candidate to ensure hillary clinton won't be elected, therefore take their guns away. >> yeah. >> i don't think that's how it came out, but i admire your gumption. i've decided, it is whacky and sounds to me like he is making a threat, a gun oriented threat. leave it to donald trump in terms of self-inflicted injuries to allow hillary putting, you know, to deep mateen and the
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third world behind her or whoever should be fired immediately that campaign that runs like clock work and this nut job behind the candidate. that was a great moment for donald trump. then he say this is thing about the second amendment. >> now that photo-op lives forever with him in the background. she makes bad decisions, the campaign makes bad decisions. they say it's an open event. >> aren't you concern snd. >> they should have known. they must know who is behind her if they are that close, right? >> listen, i would hope they would make sure and do a thorough security check. the family is still under investigation. this is the problem. >> yeah, we don't know -- >> that is a serious security breach. you should not have somebody who is a pro-taliban individual like mateen who is under investigation by the fbi, oh, shucks, behind hillary. >> he's the intern president of
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afghanistan. >> that video, too. >> a photo fruitcake. >> literally crazy. don't you stack behind the podium with the people you want to put forward? >> i don't know how her campaign does it. obviously, this is a lack of something, whether it's judgment or they didn't do a check. they said this is an event of 3,000 people, open ticketed event. as i recall, for whoever is going to be in the shot behind the president, you would do a name check, at least. i would think maybe this name would ring a bell. >> i could not get that close. we were talking about -- trump possibly had a good morning. it's this thing we are going to have for 100 days, a ping-pong. >> it's only 90. >> 90 now. he screws up, she screws up. who screws up more. >> it never goes up. >> really? >> oh, yeah.
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>> he's the most qualified person in the a block. >> this morning, you wake up to, let's say that a tough critic for all conservatives when it comes to the economy is the wall street journal editorial page. they write favorably about trump's speech in detroit. if i were those guys, i would have driven that home all week, economy, economy, economy. he was giving scripted remarks when he made the second amendment comments. it was his careless decision to go off script and try to make a funny, which was not funny at all. the carelessness adds to how hillary clinton is trying to define him, as reckless and careless. now, instead of talking about the economic plan, we'll talk about her mistake on the campaign trail with mateen behind her and his mistake. nobody has any idea what their
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economics are going to be. >> can we show what happens and the response behind trump, which was rich. this is a trump supporter, his reaction. >> you know this is a guy dressed in red, make america great again. everything is good, then he hears that last part. whoa! even that is a bit much for me. this is a federal crime, if he mean what is he said. >> that's why they said it is. >> if donald trump is suggesting that someone who is a gun person -- >> remember he said shoot somebody. >> something about hillary clinton. you know, i am telling you, this slip of the tongue, this joke, this is a joke like a mother joke. this is a lead balloon joke. >> a bad joke. >> this is really -- >> there's no -- >> it is so profoundly careless it falls into the area -- >> imagine if she had said or
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somebody said that about donald trump, like maybe somebody will assassinate him. we would all go crazy and make the point like geraldo did, say thag was a crime. >> he has done this before. there are a lot of people who like him that have to explain it. >> again, 15 months now -- for 15 months now, he's done the same thing. people said, you have to get serious about your campaign or you are not going to be the nominee. you have to get serious about the campaign or you are not going to beat hillary clinton. you are right, he had two opportunities today. not only did he have mateen behind hillary clinton in orr danilo or kissimmee speech, but 15 people -- >> security staffers. >> he has an opportunity with that one. >> yes. yeah, yeah, yeah. this beats national security. what did he say, mid level
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staffers who were quiet for a while. >> they are not -- >> i was mid to high. >> i would say extra. >> gary johnson. >> expert. >> they claim they are not voting for trump because he is unsafe. >> he feeds that impression with stupid statements like this. >> he could have won with this by saying here we go, the neocon -- the people of iraq. they screwed up the world. now they are saying they are not going to vote for me. good. instead, what do you have and what are we talking about? donald trump suggesting he unleashed the second amendment people on hillary clinton. >> you want to hear his response on mornings with maria? thank you. >> these are the people that have been there a long time, washington establishment people that have been there a long time. look at the terrible job they have done. i hadn't planned on using these
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people. i like to speak to a new group. the old group was not doing it. take a look at the middle east. look at the problems we have and the last people i want to use are the people that have been doing it for the last long period of time. >> that was my point. that was a great response. it will resinate with his base. the people who may be independent and anti-war, hey, i like that stance. everywhere we go in the middle east, we nation build. it was an opportunity to take something that may have looked bad at first and made it good. lemonade from lemons, now we are talking about this other thing instead. >> now we discuss completely the counter attack from counter attack. now go back to the event itself. the republicans, high ranking republican who is will not vote for donald trump, yet another defection from the gop rank. however you belittle it, how you
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condition it, however you explain it or alibi it, it still happened. adding with susan collins and the other things happening on the kay sick playing in ohio. >> you nailed it. we are never going to vote for trump anyway or be involved in d.c. politics, if he were the president going forward. they were going to be ushered out. >> people at the heart of the problem identified themselves. let's move forward with the future and more secure future. this is how i'm planning on doing it. >> they are the people that know how to stop work. experience. >> right. i don't think this matters for trump. i agree, if i were on his campaign, i think his response is deep. also, he never takes an opportunity to be gracious and say, appreciate their public service but they are not needed anymore. but, instead, belittle them saying they want jobs. the former ambassador is not
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looking for a job. a lot of these are senior people not looking for another opportunity to go into government, they had that opportunity. >> on that note, i'm going eat my unicorn cookie. >> emily from texas. they brought us a candy bar for juan. but it's geraldo. sorry. >> off camera we share. >> folks who trust hillary clinton is because she doesn't always tell the truth. david axelrod, on the right, noticed and has advice for her, next. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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hillary clinton keeps making excuses about her e-mails and she's not doing a convincing job. the latest she short circuits when she claimed the fbi's director she's been truthful to the public. american voters aren't buying what she's selling. they say she short circuits the truth. >> she can't escape her lies on e-mail. there are so many lies she lies about her lying. when you have to say my testimony to the fbi was the fbi director says was truthful. when somebody has to cite somebody else as an authority on the truthfulness of their speech, they are in trouble. >> it's bewildering. that eesz why i said 90 days, a lot of twists and turns in the road, things can happen. it's very confusing as to why she can't simply say what seems obvious, which is i did not knowingly transmit any classified information. that seems like the obvious
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explanation. why she can't get there, i don't know. >> okay, dana, axelrod you wouldn't expect to criticize. >> this is silent screaming because they know she is a terrible campaigner. they are trying to be helpful, but they are frustrated with this aspect of it. we have been saying, the untrust worthy numbers have under 60%. that is baked into the decision making. i think they are trying to help her. i don't think she's going to change her answers. they will continue to dog her. she will be asked in the debate. a story line she will have probably through election day. >> what do you think? this is bad for her? we come to expect it at this point? >> two parts to this. the fact that america has accepted that politicians lie,
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it's part of the requirement of being a politician. they lie with the frequency that we blink. it could have been an easy way out for her, to be honest. we are guilty of her same bis makes, technologically illiterate. she's missing the software for honesty. they didn't put that in her. >> it's a glitch. >> she has glitch. when they ask her about it, the steam comes out of the back. she starts moving her arms like robbie from "lost in space." >> robot again. robot again. >> i think her biggest problem is she can't say she's sorry. why doesn't she just apologize. >> never let her up. >> doing something that is so, you know, thoughtless in many ways. and risky. i did it, i'm sorry, i never knowingly transmitted classified information. nothing was marked classified. trust me, i apologize from the
11:19 pm
bottom of my heart. >> she did not touch that e-mail. >> that is, in fact, a lie. >> that she's sorry? >> no, that she never knowingly -- >> that is the problem. that's her story. it is a lie. here is the other part of the problem, she has to apologize for more when they dig into the clinton foundation. i think, if they are smart, they are going to hold it off a couple more weeks. >> i have no problem. >> that's a legit inquiry. >> it's either fair or unfair. >> sorry -- i perform quick proquo. >> if it's fair, do it. i have to say this -- >> core competency of qualification. sorry isn't good enough. >> more sorries than a spa in indonesia. >> that was really weird. still making excuses for clinton's excuses, a chief -- we are sorry for that bad joke.
11:20 pm
howard dean. >> why is she struggling to answer these questions about her e-mail? >> i don't think she is struggling. she's 9,000 times. >> there hasn't been a simple answer. with all due respect. >> of course -- it's not a simple answer. how can it be a simple answer? it's a complicated problem. the director of the fbi says she is truthful. there's no classified e-mails. what more do you want? >> he's not sorry. brad? >> i love it when they do interviews in front of books. i'm smart. >> is that going to help at all? >> he hasn't touched the books. >> is that going to help him at all? >> he's trying to be a good surroga surrogate. >> she didn't tell the truth in the chris wallace interview. chris wallace follows up. we spent an entire week on that. howard dean repeated that and we
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ran right by it. he is repeating what she said. it's going to be tough. the other thing is, both campaigns go through a transition period. there will be many people that will be up for top secret clearance. they are going to have to go through classified things and sign the document that says don't ever do what hillary clinton just did or you will go to jail. that will come up again. >> do you think she knowingly transmitted classified information? >> she thood know it was classified, of course. it doesn't matter. >> yes, you think she knowingly sent -- >> of course. when president obama came in office, as an executive order, he said it is deemed classified. if it's national security, government-to-government, it is classified. that was the rule under his administrati administration. >> she was not indicted because under the law, it was absolutely unprovable. >> whether it was or not, i
11:22 pm
agree she knowingly transmitted classified information. how much of that is political as opposed to legal? >> i know i would have lost my job. >> it eventually became classified after she sent it. however, more importantly there's a reason she had a private server. there's a reason. go back to that. you know what the reason is, right? >> yeah. >> there were a lot of dealings she didn't want anyone in the state department -- >> there is a reason her opponent had grasped this issue like a dog with a bone and won't let it go. it is evidence by the unpopularity numbers. both of them at 31%. she's a liar often enough that people think she's a liar. i think it stuck. mccarthy the house majority leader was right. >> liar, liar, pants on fire. first, american doctors who can't see themselves voting for trump or clinton.
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hillary clinton agreed to three debates with donald trump. could a third person be joining them? gary johnson would like to get
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on that stage as well. the rules say you have to have 15% to earn a spot on the podium. the libertarian is inching closer. he's at 8.6% according to the polls. he and bill wells are kalt g categorizing themselves to trump. >> we represent most of america. consider us as a very viable alternative to the two-party system that is so polarized they are not able to do anything. >> here is more on what they are about. >> one day, government will be on the side of the people. one day, we won't be at war. one day, taxes will be fair. one day, our social and economic challenges will be conquered. one day, life in america will be hopeful again. instead of hateful. to the independent majority of
11:28 pm
americans who feel as i do, i say why wait one more day? >> all right. we have kimberly's quick comment, if you didn't catch it. we'll let you guess what it was. greg, tell us a little about the libertarians. >> governor of new mexico. when he left office, he left a fairly large budget surplus. he vetoed 40% of legislation, a record. he reduced the size and scope of government. everything he promised, he has done. he spent his own money and ran for governor. as a republican, he won handedly. he beat a hispanic candidate in a 40% hispanic state. why? because he's all substance. he is for school of choice, school vouchers. he's anti-tax. he's free trade. he's just -- and he climbed mt.
11:29 pm
everest. talk about getting high. >> wow! >> he has an incredible pedigree. the most capable of all the candidates. you are not getting just one govern, you are get twting two william wells. >> that's a good point. somebody's got a candidate man crush. >> gee whiz. if only other people at fox endorsed candidates. >> eww. >> i like to think of myself -- >> what i'm saying is you can be complimentary of other candidates besides trump. >> i think of -- gary looks the part. he does. >> go ahead. >> like perot in '92 and nader in 2000, it will give the race to the person that that are most aligned with in real life. nader killed gore. perot killed h.w. bush. >> those percentages were different.
11:30 pm
nader got 3%. bauds it's so close. perot got 18%. we were talking, we think there's somebody that had this one candidate stayed in as a libertarian. >> at this point, rand paul wanted to be president. he stayed in the gop. if he had gone independent or libertarian, i think he would be doing good. he would be on the main stage. >> he's got followers and his followers. >> jill stine, she was very popular. in philadelphia, bernie sanders were divided between sanders and jill stein. the libertarians will take from -- >> a nice interview. >> a number of questions. you know, 8.6% is not 15%. i mean, you have to do so much better between now and the third week of september. >> you only have three weeks
11:31 pm
left. i agree there. >> i hate to be superficial, but he looks -- personal, you know, you have to be sharp, decisive. you have to be cool. >> like the two candidates we have? >> he's a decent man. he doesn't have -- he doesn't power bash. there's a reason for that. >> you interviewed him. >> evan mcmullin, what happened to him? he blew himself up today. did you hear what he did? >> who did? >> evan mcmullin. he was on megan's show last night. >> he said i was in the iraq war and i'm against it. we should not have been there. at that moment, i went, that was it. that was it. >> why? >> the only support was going to be from the pro-war -- >> not necessarily. >> that's where the money was coming from. i could be wrong. i don't know. >> if you are not against the iraq war now --
11:32 pm
>> greg, gary johnson on red eye. funny guy? >> yeah. smart, too. >> was he stoned? >> no. i was. >> i don't think he smokes. >> not anymore. he gave it up. >> if he took as much pot as winston churchill drank -- >> you are preaching to the choir. >> not getting more than 15%. >> stay there. the fastest seven is next between will smith, trump, michael phelps and martha's joint dinner party. it's all ahead when "the five" returns.
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welcome back. time for -- it's been a long time, but fastest seven minutes on television. one host. first up, another hollywood
11:37 pm
celeb spending time and money on foreign soil trashing americans on u.s. soil. will smith taking shots at donald trump about his movie in dubai. >> in terms of this phobia in america, you know, for me, it's -- that's why it's important to show up. i'm in dubai and having fun. i'm shown a picture, hay, doesn't look like it. as feipainful as it is to hear donald trump talk and embarrassing as an american to hear him talk, i think it's good. we get to hear him and know who he is. >> cleanse it, really? say we cleanse our movie screen of actors who think we care what they have to say about politics. no legend, no longer. >> he was in dubai? does he have any understanding
11:38 pm
what the laws are abtd gays and women? look that up. dubai bye bye is not doing well. imagine if you use the word cleanse to muslims or jews or socialists. if you apply that word to anything, you would be drummed out of hollywood. instead, he chose trump, trump supporters, just cleanse it's . it was thoughtless and reckless. i don't know if he would take it back, though. i think hollywood has decided that you can demonize people who support trump with impunity and never have to pay a price for it. the unfortunate thing is, i think for people that support trump, there is, there's lots of different reasons. say you are talking about americans who feel like the economy in america passed them by. they deserve better from everybody from hollywood to the political spectrum to their local communities and from
11:39 pm
themselves. i think it's a little bit over the top. >> little rich. >> geraldo, you hang out with celebrity types, why do they weigh in on politics? >> dubai isn't the heart of it. it's a shopping mall with a great big airport. you are totally isolated. >> what lies beneath. >> capitalism. >> big buildings. >> old religion. >> in terms of will smith and hollywood, i don't know why there is an obvious liberal tendency. the republicans struggle to get any big name act. i mean, scott baio and -- again -- he's not a big box office draw. >> fantastic. how about this? i think will smith shouldn't have said that. i'm disappointed. i thought he was a good actor. >> he wasn't acting there. >> nobody wrote that line for
11:40 pm
him. michael phelps -- he's been a bad sport. shadow boxing, thumbing his nose at the most prolific athlete of all times. phelps stared him down. when it was time to swim, destroyed the south african. >> i am obsessed with that stare. i think it's so good. dana, at the white house, what did you do? >> gave the look. >> right. >> i think it would be epic. >> there's nothing cooler in life than wanting to kick someone's butt, say you are going to kick their butt, then actually kick their butt. i salute. >> the american swim team has been awesome. you had lilly last night beat the russians.
11:41 pm
>> greg, is there a face that we give each other sometimes? >> we do this in the green room. we wait in silence. >> in your hoody? >> i think it's too much cupping. little things on his back. >> remember what i do to you. >> next one. take one serving of martha stewart, add an ounce or two of snoop dogg, place in a kitchen and roll cameras. >> you won't believe what we are cooking on vh1. >> how did we get together to do this show? glass of wine, herbs, tea, atmosphere. >> i can't wait to get snoop in the kitchen. >> martha, oh, yeah, she's smoking in the kitchen. she can cook, too. >> our new show is -- >> what? >> i like them both. i think it's great pairing. it's an odd couple. snoop is racy.
11:42 pm
she's mainstream. they have both had their various jams. >> you are talking about the real story here. this is a novelty act because they are not supposed to be together. one is a black rapper and one is a white socialist. put them together. they are basically playing on the idea of racial and cultural differences. it's no run dmc aerosmith "walk this way," which was fantastic. >> gender tv. >> race tv. identity. >> they are both capitalists, i think, actually. martha stewart is killing it. have you seen her section in k-mart, all the paint colors and sheets. >> did both of them do time? >> only she did time. he was accused of killing somebody. he was accused of murder. >> he's had a bunch of minor -- >> she did time for lying. >> she did time because -- >> it was a cover up. cover up will always give you the time. >> why they let her speak to the
11:43 pm
feds at all. >> don't forget to set your dvrs. >> i have a hunch there will be a fast seven clip from that. returns to america to file a civil rights lawsuit after the arrest last year. that's coming up next on "the five." ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here.
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welcome back to "the five." remember the muslim teenager in texas arrested after taking a suspicious looking homemade clock to his school last year? no charges were filed against the kid, but he was suspended from school for three days in a hail of controversy. you remember it. the family, ultimately moved to
11:48 pm
the persian gulf after the incident. they have come back to texas, at least temporarily, to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of irving. along with the school district and the principal of the former school. they allege the boy was discriminated against based on race and religion. the 14-year-old says his life has not been the same since and he does not feel safe. >> aww. >> i lost a lot of things. i lost my home. i lost my creaigativitcreativit. i loved building things. now i can't. there's nothing i can do. i have lost my security. i can't walk on the streets anywhere without having to be covered up because i don't want to get shot because of what happened here. >> he's scared. irving, texas, the defendant in the case is prepared to defend the justifiable actions.
11:49 pm
i know you are in a funny -- even you would be outraged if that happened to your kid. >> i would never -- if my kid went to school with something that looked like a bomb, i would take the kid and ground him for a among. he's suing. he's an american, goods for you. >> he's a native born american. >> he's truly an american. >> a texan born american. >> he showed how gullible the president was. >> if he was jewish and brought that in would he be discriminated against? >> absolutely. >>itis not about race. he brought an object that does not look like a clock. >> what about that -- >> and you and your sophistication believe this was not -- they would have arrested and handcuffed him? >> this is a stunt. this was a test. it triggered what he thought,
11:50 pm
the response he thought it was going to get. maybe they took it further -- >> the president and the white house. gullible. politically correct. they were trying to clean it up. they were trying to turn it to make it a political argument saying look what we do. >> let me go to a reasonable person. dana, what do you think? >> this is what i think. i have a question for her, too. will this be considered frivolous. one point i appreciated, the school district is saying and said from the beginning, it backs the teacher and will continue to do so. i think that's really important. the teachers are the ones on the front line to deal with this. if the school district does not back the teacher, no other teacher is going to feel like they should enforce the rules. >> what if it was a bomb and they did nothing? >> we would have another drastic problem on our hands. >> long before the arrest, they knew it was not a bomb.
11:51 pm
the arrest was based on a fake bomb. they knew it wasn't a bomb. it was made of cell phone parts. >> you can't say bomb on an airplane. >> he didn't say bomb, he said clock. >> the question is frivolous. >> i don't think he should prevail or will. will it be thrown out, probably not. the truth of the matter is, the family is having a hard time finding work and needs money. so they came back here to the land of good and plenty to file a suit and see if they can get it. >> they are american. >> fine! the point is, really, you have to dissect this down for what it was. >> correct me on this -- >> this is a disassembled clock. >> geraldo said, it never would have happened if he was not muslim. >> not true. not true. >> never would have happened. >> he got the response he thought he was going to get. >> columbine was white kids ,
11:52 pm
okay. my point is, there is a heightened sense of security given what has been going on, including, especially in schools. i applaud the teacher for being courageous. >> totally overreacting. >> we'd like to see what you
11:53 pm
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test test.
11:56 pm
omg, fyi. >> kg.fine. you are going to like this one. it's country music. monica and kyle fair, a lovely couple went to see brad paisley perform in st. louis. yes! if you see the picture below, they are having a baby. they have the sonogram. they asked him the gender of the baby and he so obliged.
11:57 pm
take a look. >> it's a boy. >> sexist. what if it's a girl? >> they are cheering because it's a boy. oh, my gosh. >> they have two girls already. this just in. >> it was a good story. >> hello, the chimpanzees went crazy. >> dana? >> i love babies and i have two to talk about. two of my friends, their daughters-in-law had babies today. this is my sister friend. they welcomed this little one, mila ingrid. she has two older brothers, charlie and drew. caroline elizabeth was born at 10:44, 6 pounds 1 ounce.
11:58 pm
that's two little girls joined the world today. welcome. >> yeah, girls. >> so, alex rodriguez, a-rod -- >> had a baby. >> had a baby. >> yeah! >> no. >> little rod. >> doesn't like that. >> here is the interesting part. prior to his announcement, the average ticket price for that friday game was $76, $75.92. as soon as he announced that, it shot up. it's $456 for a ticket. that's 600% increase to watch him play his final game. there's a $17,000 ticket. >> it's a big deal. >> no ticket is worth that. >> i don't care. >> so mean. >> i am mean. it is time for, i love these people. >> that's hard for you to say. >> i know. late at night, you are kind of
11:59 pm
drunk, you have a taste for fast food and should i have a burger or bu burrito -- >> you eat both. >> you are right. burger king. they put one like that. they made it. it wauz beautiful thing. >> how many calories? >> 17 million. i didn't get that far. >> are you going to eat it? >> it's my turn. >> his turn. he's going to cut me off. >> rob blagojevich, the former governor that went to jail is going sell president obama's senate seat, he got 14 years. he got sentenced to more federal prison time than many violent thugs in chicago. 14 years. but, five of his 18 convictions were overturned. show the picture. five of the 18 convictions overturned. >> there you are. >> his hair is gray. his hair is gray now. the judge had a chance to resentence him.
12:00 am
this draconian sentence, that was far too harsh, the judge refused. sitting in a prison, the taxpayers keep paying for welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, should election day be a national holiday? if so what would i use for my excuse for not voting? right, the electoral college. that was close. and michael phelps demands a pound of pasta after his 19th gold medal win. i know the feeling, buddy. and a chancellor has an escape hatch in his office to evade potential protesters. there is no truth to the rumor i was asked to consult on this project because of the way i have my apartment set up if anybody stops by. >>


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