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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 10, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> "special report" is next. donald trump continues to have republican support suggesting blood letting may be in order against the general election component. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm doug in for bret baier. >> donald trump's ravage supporters may be shaking their head in bewilderment tonight. gop support at an overwhelming rate. he seemed to suggest that hillary clinton should be dealt with harshly, should she defeat him in november. chief political correspondent is traveling with the trump campaign and reports from
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fayetteville, north carolina. >> donald trump stormed in where he veered off message and suggests voters -- >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. but i tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> reporter: the clinton campaign said this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. a trump campaign statement said, quote, it's called the power of unification. second amendment people have amazing spirit and are unified. it gives them great power. this year, they will be voting in record numbers not for hillary clinton, for donald trump. trump hit clinton for being more of the same. >> hillary clinton is going to be four more years of obama but
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maybe worse. four more years of isis. four more years of high taxes. >> reporter: trump's gop support continues to fray. susan collins of maine became the sixth republican senator to declare trump unworthy of being president. after the open letter from gop security experts panned the presidency, trump kissed them off as jobinfected by zika,
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transmitted locally by mosquitos. that as hillary clinton is trying to make political points over the virus. she is blaming republicans for failing to pay for an adequate response. mike emanuel has that story from miami. >> reporter: hillary clinton went to a miami neighborhood clinic handling zika cases to press congress to get back to washington to pass emergency money to fight the virus. >> in fact, i would very much urge the leadership of congress to call people back for a special session and get a bill
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passed. >> the house passed a $1.1 billion compromise package before leaving town. it got stuck over restrictions of planned parenthood funding. paul ryan said we agree with hillary clinton, but it's time to end the political gamesmanship and lift their hold on the house and the $1.1 billion zika bill. mitch mcconnell took a swipe at the running mate saying if they want to pass a bill now, they can end their filibuster. the father of the gunman who killed 49 people at the pulse club showed up at her event and got prime seating as he paid tribute. >> i know how many people, family members, loved ones and friends are still grieving and i want them to know that we will be with you. we will be with you as you
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rebuild your lives. >> reporter: adding insult to injury, mateen told reporters he was a guest. >> i was invited by democratic party. i'm a member. as a member, i get the invitation. it's nothing particular about it. >> reporter: the cam pan and the democratic party denied the claim. there are concerns about the money raise zed. in a memo, clinton campaign manager sounded the alarm after trump raised $80 million in july writing this was far more than anyone expected and should be a wake up call to all hillary supporters. the clinton campaign is spending heavily, $13.6 million on advertising to reach a large audience watching the olympics. >> they are great ties. >> the ties are made where? in china? >> last night, the clinton campaign fell short failing to
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meet the fund raising goal this past weekend. clearly, the clinton campaign leadership does not want that to become a trend. doug? >> we are hearing the candidates are already in a war of words about the general election debate or debates. what's going on with that. >> reporter: late last night, they said hillary clinton looks forwards to all three presidential debates. they signaled they are not interested in having a debate about debates or bargaining about them. this afternoon, trump said he looks forward to participating but expressed he hasconcerns, potentially concerns about moderators and he also was told two would be against nfl football games. the businessman may be trying to cut a better deal. doug? a long time aid to hillary clinton pressured her ian jor aides to provide a job for an unidentified associate according to a report in the hill. an e-mail exchange through the freedom of information act.
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it is part of the organizations lawsuit, which is seeking to demonstrate conflicts of interest between the state department duties, the charitable foundation and the firm that employed one of her senior aides. following up on a story last night, hillary clinton's two biggest problems, e-mail and benghazi. the parents of two men killed in the latter are blaming clinton for how she handled the former. >> reporter: patricia smith is taking the claims she made to court. >> i blame hillary clinton, personally, for the death of my son. personally. >> reporter: smith and charles woods, the father of tyrone woods are suing clinton on two fronts, wrongful death and defamation. they claim it was a direct result of clinton's extreme carelessness in handling
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confidential and classified information. it compromised the location of ambassador chris stevens. chris was there in benghazi and is praising the parents for pushing back. >> i think it's a good thing. they are standing up. the system failed them, the system that was supposed to protect them and keep people accountable is not. >> reporter: the senior judicial says it likely will not stand-up in court. >> it might be logical, but it going to fail because of immunity. >> reporter: both parents calling them lifers or implying they are liars to protect and enhance her public image. for evidence, court documents point to an interview which clinton disputed both claims she told them the attack was caused by a youtube video, not terrorism. >> i don't hold ill feelings for someone who, no that moment, may
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not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is responding with a statement, no one can imagine the pain of the families there have been nine investigations and none found evidence of wrong doing on the part of hillary clinton. they are going to claim this is more of the same, especially since the parent's attorney has a long history of being critical of the clinton's and filed multiple lawsuits against them. doug? >> kristin fisher, thank you. coming up next, are turkey and russia getting too close for comfort for the u.s.? first, here are what fox affiliates are covering. fox 11 in los angeles has a massive wildfire in the mountains east of l.a., forcing people from their homes in san bernardino county and sending smoke plumes to las vegas. the flames erupted sunday. it's spread across ten square
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miles and consumed 7500 acres. fox 32 in chicago, a judge upholds it 14-year prison sentence for rob blagojevich. he was eligible for resentencing after an appeals court threw out convictions related to the attempt to sell or trade an appointment to president obama's old appointment seat. this is a live look from houston fox 26. the story there is the first confirmed death in harris county from the zika virus. an infant who suffered from zika related birth defects died soon after being born. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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iran's former president wants president obama to fix a u.s. supreme court ruling allowing families of people killed in attacks linked to iraq to collect damages. they sent a letter to president obama. it is not clear exactly how he expects the president to fix the ruling since last april. some $2 billion in frozen iranian assets could be at stake. the white house has not
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commented. it appears turkey and russia is about to reconcile. their relationship may be getting closer. that may not be close for the united states. greg tells us why. >> reporter: a love fest in st. petersburg. they met for the first time since turkey shot down a russian fighter jet along the syrian/turkish border severing ties between the countries. today it was like it never broke up. >> translator: relations are important for bilateral relations and cooperation is important for regional and global peace, stability and wealth. >> reporter: it marked the first time he left turkey since the failed july 13th coup against the government. it was the criticism of the post-coup crackdown and the accusations that the u.s. is harboring an alleged lead that
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helped lead to the turkey/russia make up. putin's desire to throw a wedge between turkey, the u.s. and west including fearing the european union. at a rally, in the wake of the coup, he declared support for the death penalty, hurting turkey's chances to join the eu. >> despite the political situation in turkey, we all want our relations to be restored. >> reporter: announced today, the relations between the two countries. putin said they could resolve the syrian crisis. putin backed al assad. a major member in nato and important partner in the u.s. and isis. kozying up to moscow is unsettling. >> a chance to make friends with turkey at a time --
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>> reporter: a diplomatic balancing act. the human rights abuse, keeping the ally in its orbit. >> we believe our relations and our partnership and friendship with turkey is strong. we have said this publicly. we stand with the government of turkey on this. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry will meet with the president later this month. it will be a month of the coup attempt. it could be too little too late. doug? >> greg from london tonight. thank you. more tensions between the u.s., pacific allies and china. new concerns over china's expansion to claims of islands in the south china sea. lucas has it has latest. >> reporter: new satellite imagery shows china's military build up in the south china sea continues despite assurances from china's president last year.
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>> china does not plan to ensue it. >> reporter: they say otherwise. experts say they show aircraft hangars capable of housing bombers and fighter jets visible on reefs. according to the pentagon, china built more than 3,000 acres of artificial islands in two years. that's about the size of los angeles international airport. the runway is 10,000 feet long, one of three china built recently. >> a smoking gun. you do not build nearly 80 hangars on these tiny spits of land. they are meant for forward deployment of chinese air force assets. they have pulled the gun and not put the bullet in yet. >> reporter: it's part of the islands, disputed territory between china, philippines, vietnam and others in the region. $5 trillion of goods transit
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each year. last month, claims had no legal basis. china responded by launching armed bombers and fighter jets to fly over the area. the head of military forces in the pacific says china is building a great wall of sand. >> in my opinion, china clearly militarized in the south china sea. you have to believe -- to think otherwise. >> reporter: the u.s. navy sailed warships close to the islan islands, what the pentagon calls freedom. china calls it provocative. it's raised the concerns of an american ally. japan warned china it is relations between the two countries, laying claim to islands in the east china sea. the state department says the photos calling to question the president's actions. they are expected to come up when president obama visits china early next month for the
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start of the g-20 summit. doug? >> lucas at the pentagon tonight. how much are you paying for the hundreds of regulations ordered by president barack obama? we'll tell you next. you may not like it.
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a new report from a conservative group seeks to add dollar values to the massive amount of regulation from the obama administration. kevin corke is traveling with them and what they mean to martha's vineyard. >> reporter: it's a familiar site to americans, president obama signing major legislation into law. what you don't often see are hundreds of regulations his administration puts into effect each and every year. it's a regulation tsunami. according to the forum, since the president took office in 2009, they have issued hundreds of major regulations impacting
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the economy to the tune of $743 billion. while president bush issued 426, president obama will reach 641 major regulations before he leaves the office boosting the regulatory bill to $800 billion. >> 600 regulations is an abstract. when you think about it, there are so many places the costs can go. they regulate like taxes. >> reporter: the effects of the taxes are widespread rksz coming in the form of higher medical cost because of regulations associated with obamacare, forexample, higher energy rates. excessive regulations restrict access to consumer credit under dodd frank. food prices are on the rise because of production rules. critics argue the president used his authority in effect to end run a hostile congress like the sweeping rule that extended
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overtime pay to more than 4 million people without any input from lawmakers on capitol hill. >> if you are a conservative, figures 30% higher than president bush, then you do think it's regulatory overreach. >> as you might imagine, we have a pushback from the administration tonight hearing from officials in the office of management and budget. doug, i want to share part of what they are saying to us tonight. they are saying, at least in part, the administration's regulation strategy is aimed at protecting the safety and health of americans fostering economic growth, job creation and competitiveness. they site methods including job growth, low unemployment as proof their strategy, at least for now, is working. doug? >> kevin corke traveling with the president on martha's vineyard tonight. delta airlines is still experiencing delays from monday's crash.
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1900 delays. yesterday, a power outage led to 1,000 cancellations and 3,000 delays. delta is apologizing and offering refunds as well as travel vouchers. police in kansas city, kansas say a boy killed on a water ride died of an unspecified neck injury. he was the son of a kansas state legislature. today, police reversed course saying they are conducting a criminal investigation because a death was involved. a spokesman said yesterday it would not be considered criminal. residents of seattle want to know exactly when and where big brother is watching them. they are demandsing to know the locations of surveillance cameras, many of which rely on concealment to be affected. dan springer has the story of privacy, versus security. >> reporter: no matter where grow in public, there's likely to be a camera. they catch red light runners, shoplifters and interactions with local police. federal law enforcement is on on
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the action, too, mounting surveillance cameras on utility polls. privacy advocates in seattle are fighting back seeking location and investigation details for all of the federal cameras in the city. >> you and i have the right to privacy and a quiet conversation we have while walking down the street. we don't assume there's something with a microphone on the rooftop listening, even though we are in public. >> reporter: he was about the get the records but they sued to get the release. in a court filing in western washington, the fbi's use of pole camera technique is a powerful tool in fbi investigations and national security threats. >> reality is, they are the best witnesses we have. a lot of witnesses, i mean, i have been in the business a long time. you talk to a victim or a witness and a lot of times they are traumatized. when you get a picture and a camera, that doesn't lie. >> reporter: the u.s. district
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judge seems to agree. a temporary injunction to block it, he thought the fbi would be injured. >> criminals, the terrorist element we have now, our era has changed. i think, they are using better technology and we need to keep up with the times to combat them. >> reporter: seattle politicians are more wary of big brother, rejecting drones and passing an ordinance requiring still council approval before installing surveillance cameras. the law does not apply to federal law enforcement. the fbi, bureau of alcohol and firearms mount poll cams in undisclosed locations. they refuse to blink and will make their court case in october. doug? the people overseeing washington d.c.'s troubled subway say metro must change the procedures.
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they have experienced massive problems in recent years and under going a maintenance program in shutdowns and delays. stocks were up. the dow finished ahead four. the s&p 500 gained a traction. nasdaq gained 12. the republican defections continue for donald trump. will they make a difference with the voters? we'll ask the panel when we come back. p?p?h
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she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. i tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> donald trump speaking off the cuff in wilmington, delaware. you heard what you thought you heard. different people are interpreting it differently. his staff tried to clear it up.
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it's the power of unification. second amendment people have an amazing spirit and they are unified. this year, they will be voting in record numbers. it won't be for hillary clinton, it will be for donald trump. the clinton campaign responded very differently, as you can imagine. this is simple, what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. in a devastating tweet, elizabeth warren said, donald trump makes death threats because he's a coward and cant accept the fact he's losing to a girl. senior politics writer for u.s. news and world report, monica crowley and charles krauthammer. i'll ask you what charles asked me when he came in a moment ago. what was your first reaction? david? >> you know, i don't know what donald trump's intentions were. this is the problem. because every day we have a
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statement that he leaves hanging out there. basically, open for interpretation. he just gave a follow up interview to a north carolina television station where he didn't renounce what he's being attacked for. what he's doing is easy. of course i didn't mean to insight or suggest violence, but he hasn't done that. the other thing i would say is that word ds do matter. presidents, they have to talk when there's national tragedy. they have to talk when there's mourning. when bad things happen. he's too careless with his rhetoric on this stuff and al w allows himself to be open for these multiple interpretation. the worst meaning. >> monica? >> when i first heard it, i thought he was referring to the political influence of gun rights advocates. clearly, i think that's what he meant but he's operating in an environment where mrs. clinton, her campaign is going to twist
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every single thing he says. he's got to understand and be more precise with his language. it's clear, mrs. clinton, her campaign and the democrats do not want to talk about the issues. we just got gdp number that is are atrocious for the american worker. second quarter, 1.2% gdp growth. first quarter, .8%. we got a report today that said productivity is the lowest. it eegs the lowest since the 1970s. the average american worker is suffering. they don't want to talk about that. then she'd have to be in a position of defending the last eight years and democratic policies. she has been in the press and will do her dirty work for her. donald trump has to understand, that's what he's up against here. >> charles? >> well, when i first heard it, i thought he's talking nra folks lobbying against these judges. the alternative is too nuts,
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even for trump, even in his offhanded remarks, even in his wise guy mode. i still think that's true. i can't quite believe he would have implied otherwise. how many times have we heard on this set or heard from every politician, every analyst, every democrat, every republican, of course, advising trump and saying you have to be responsible, watch your words. they say he turned the corner. he read a speech yesterday. it was coherent. that's not turning the corner. there's a matter of character. i don't think a man that age, a year and a few months into a campaign is going to become responsible. you don't say stuff like that. it can be seen otherwise. it's not the press. it's not the democrats. this is a self-inflicted wound. >> i think a lot of people thought after the economic club speech, he would go back into a precision of language or discipline. >> he said that a million times.
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we have so many things it could be a ballet. >> speaking moments ago, he pretaped an interview with sean handy. here is a clip of it. >> nobody thought other than what you said. this is a political movement. this is a strong, powerful movement. hillary wanlts to take your guns away and leave you unprotected in your home. this is a tremendous, political movement. the nra endorsed me. they are terrific people. they tweeted, they agree 100% with what i said. there can be no other interpretation. reporters told me. give me a break. >> so many moderate republicans have been rearranging chairs on this ocean liner. a few of them dove off the ship. here is mark kirk in a political advertisement and senator susan collins of maine. >> mark kirk bucked his party to say donald trump is not fit to
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be commander in chief. >> the republican party believes in the dignity and worth of the individual. based on what i have seen donald trump say over and over and over again. that is not his style. >> last night, 50 former national security advisers, high level people announced they will not vote for donald trump. they have worked in republican administrations. david, we are 90 days out. at least a month or more before the first debate. a lot can happen. >> yes, but the problem is, i mean, susan collins, no one knows her outside of maine. she's not going to have an effect on this election. the problem is, republicans are feeling emboldened to cut loose. national security officials, congressmen, senators. i was told by a republican consultant today, mitch mcconnell basically said, privately, to all the senators, you do what you need to do.
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i'm not going to call you or press you to get on trump's band waggen. we are cutting you loose. that is a problem. he had a chance at the national convention to unite the party and make it hard for people to break loose. you are seeing a trickle. what were we talking last week? a jeb bush adviser. a chris christie adviser. this could own the news cycle week after week. >> loyalty is tentative for trump. >> democrats never do this. they always come together or at the very least, shut up and hold their lips. sanders team doing exactly this. republicans always engage in the circular firing squad, without a doubt, every single time. look, donald trump can leverage this to his advantage if he is smart. he can take a look at this group of 50 national security people, most of whom are gorge w. bush people. hold up the letter, you know
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what, you were the experts of 9/11, kept the borders open. by the way, where were you in four years when mrs. clinton was secretary of state? where were you on her disasters in benghazi, libya, iraq, iran. where were any of you during that. you want to criticize my words as a threat. no, her actions caused death and destruction including the lives of four americans. that's the kind of argument he should make. it's a very powerful one if he can sustain it. >> a damaging event is not national security people like susan collins. what she does is gives psychological cover to republicans. she is not nationally known. she is a moderate republican who is respected and very well liked in maine. what she does is tells republicans all over, remember, republicans are supporting trump and 78% where romney has in the 90s. she is saying to resist him.
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psychologically okay. people say, oh, you want to elect hillary? what you are saying is a matter of conscious. i can't support him because of x, y and z. when she does it, it allows other people without her position or statue to do the same. next up, hillary clinton talks zika and does not talk benghazi.
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i'm asking the republican leaders in the house and the senate to call congress back in to session immediately and to pass the bipartisan funding bill that the senate passed. unfortunately, different bill was passed in the house and no agreement could be reached before they went out on recess. >> we recently saw a report that the money that had already been appropriated about $600 million had already been appropriated to combating zika only sun-sixth of that money has been spent already. there is still available money in the pipeline for zika. the democrats for purely political reasons have been trying to block it. >> even zika highly political in this day and age. secretary clinton calling for congress to come back to
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washington and pass a zika funding bill. speaker of the house postoperative ryan saying the money is already there not with this bill bottled up in the senate h. but with the money for ebowlla. only 1/6th has been spent by the administration. back with the panel. monica, back with you. >> hillary clinton has seen herself as a champion of women and children and this particular virus does -- is very aggressive with pregnant women and newborn babies if the women are affected. from a political standpoint i understand why she is doing it the republicans are absolutely right there. is legislation on the table passed in the house. senate democrats blocked it because they disapproved of language in there that restricted some of the planned parenthood funding, also funding for environmental regulations. they are the ones who blocked this. if mrs. clinton were to be honest, which would be a first, she would say, look, that legislation could be passed. r. if senate democrats just went ahead with unanimous
1:52 am
consent and approved it. >> david, who is right about this. >> i think there is blame on both sides. hillary clinton made a brilliant local play. she is in florida we all know florida is important state in the presidential election. zika is in the press there. tomorrow all the headlines in southern florida is she wants to be above it all, bo congress, call them back to recess. what is she doing? looking presidential. looking like she is showing leadership. she is playing politics. of course she is. she is talking about zika funding which is imperative importance down there. and donald trump is explaining some comment that's being either misinterpreted or not. so she is winning that battle. >> look, this is clearly a political stunt. whenever the particularly there is an outbreak, natural outbreak, infection or something, the command is do something, whatever it is. now, ryan is right, the money is already there. there is half a billion
1:53 am
dollars. if you are in medicine, it's hard to spend all of that money in the weeks between now and when congress reconvenes. there is no need to reconvene congress. the money is available. the reason you want to do it is because it creates a stunt. the idea i want to do something i will call them back, it's an emergency, it highlights it but as a matter of reality, it makes no difference if the bill ultimately is passed. today or in a month. now, whether it's called ebola men or whether it's called zika money. when you do a clip call trial nobody cares what the money is called. it's how much there is. >> something else very strange happened on the campaign trailed in orlando early morning visit today. look who showed up behind her in the crowd. the father of the orlando shooter. i don't know if woe have video of it we showed it a little bit earlier. he was noticed by some miami reporters who confronted him after the rally. he had this to say.
1:54 am
>> i was invited by democratic party. i'm a member. so as a member, i get the invitation. it's nothing particular about it. >> i stand corrected that happened yesterday. first came to light, however later in the day. florida democratic party had this to say, quote. that claim which he just said is hundred percent false. the clinton campaign didn't invite him. the florida democratic party didn't invite him. he just showed up. could you imagine the coverage, monica if he showed up at donald trump party. >> that would be the enof the donald trump candidacy. they would be running that out on a rail which is what they wanted it anyway. look, the media hypocrisy is obvious. and transparent and everyone can see it the problem here for mrs. clinton is mr. mateen has openly supported the taliban. he has said that allah will punish guys. and so the question is here will mrs. clinton disavow him and his obvious support. he was beaming and cheering her on yesterday at this
1:55 am
rally. david duke who is the former grand wizard of the kk endorsed donald trump. when that happened, donald trump disavowed, disassociated himself and still the media went wild for weeks on end hounding donald trump. the question here is will mrs. clinton do the same? >> her campaign had no comments today on this. and when she was asked by reporters, she ignored the question. >> you forgot one point there, is he a democrat as well. charles 5 seconds, 10 seconds. >> this is somebody on the advance team who screwed up and should be now peddling fruit in lower miami. nothing to do with her. obviously she would disavow him. she should say yes, i disavow him. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for another sea world controversy. this one cuter than
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finally tonight, rude to take a picture without asking. one woman took lesson the
1:58 am
hardway. watch which a sea world visitor gets too close. >> oh my god. it's gone. >> oh my gosh. [ laughter ] oh my god. [ laughter ] >> that was an ipad by the way. maybe he mistook it for a flounder or mackerel or something. thanks for watching "special report." good night from washington. "on the record" coming up next. >> it is wednesday august 10th. this is a fox news alert. gunfire erupting overnight in ferguson at a march for michael
1:59 am
brown. >> oh my god. >> police facing a terrifying new threat where gangs are promising retaliation with a sniper hunting down. >> nightclub killer's father sits right hientd hillary at a rally. donald trump verifying his remarks about the second amendment after the mainstream media has a field day. are they distorting what she he said. we report. you decide. >> michael phelps adds another medal to his count. why is that pool green? "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ >> little rascal flatts to get your wednesday morning started. the sun is not quite up yet. we are ready to go. >> adds always. >> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday. >> i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. chaos turns to gunfire in ferguson overnight. (screaming) somebody is shooting. oh my god. >> that after a man run over by a car during protests on the 2nd anniversary of the death of michael brown. >> now deputies are on a high alert after direct threats from bangs.


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