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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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"fox & friends" we're going to be on facebook live. we'll talk to peter switzer, the author of "clinton cash" for ten minutes. you like to watch, go to our facebook page, bill: thank you, everybody. newly released hillary clinton emails showing the top donors to the clinton foundation were possibly seeking favors from the state department when clinton was at the helm. how are you doing? abby: i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. 44 new emails released to the pun as part of a conservative group's lawsuit to the state department. the "new york times" is calling a close and sometimes overlapping interests between the state department and donors
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to theoundation while she was secretary of state. >> people can say that but i'm proud of our philanthropic work. our personal family philanthropic work. the clinton foundation. abby: what are these new emails revealing? >> a long-time clinton advisor asked those working in the clinton state department to help foundation donors. in one email huma abedin and cheryl mills were asked to set up a meeting between the state department and a clinton foundation donor. and noted that person was important to take care of. huma abedin respond we have had
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him on our radar. personnel has been sending him options. abby: the clinton wanted this story to die a long time ago. what are they saying? reporter: that this is more evidence that the business of the clinton foundation and the state department were unethically intertwined. her campaign said then secretary of state hillary clinton is not involved in any of these conversations. the official making these requests was acting as an aide to former president bill clinton. they tell fox news they are communications between her aide and the president's personal aide and one of the recommendations was for one of the former staffers not employed
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by the foundation. abby: rich, thank you. bill: we'll talk about larry claman, founter of judicial watch. more with him coming up with him. abby: new comments by wikileaks founder julian assange. he spoke about his sources and then brought up a dnc staffer who was murdered in washington. listen to what assange had to say. >> they went to significant risk to get us information. 2/a 27-year-old shot in the back, murdered for unknown reasons as he was walking down
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the street in washington. >> that was a robbery. >> there is no finding. >> what are you suggesting? >> i'm suggesting that our sources take risks. >> was he one of your sources then? >> we don't comment on our sources. abby: police made no arrests in the case. temperature i just have a feeling this won't end well. that story. bill: critics of donald trump, they are up in arms over a comment he made by hillary clinton. this all started at a rally when trump talked about how hillary clinton if he give canadian the
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opportunity to' choose the supreme court justices. >> hill are you wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets the pick, her judges -- nothing you can do, folks -- although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will abhorrible day. bill: this thing caught on fire from both sides. many tv pundits saying trump was inciting violence. some even using the word assassination. trump respond with sean hannity and said it begins with the letter "b," then said give me a break on fox news last night. byron york, you heard it. what did you think or interpret.
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you go with your opinion first. >> here we are again. another trump controversy, opponents jumping on it. him defending it. and a lot of clinton news receiving relatively less attention because of it. i think a reasonable listener could conclude trump in some sort of off-handed way that a gun supporter could shoot hillary clinton. if you go back to yesterday afternoon and imagine trump saying i misspoke. i didn't mean how it sounded. i meant we should all unite to defeat hillary clinton. i think if he said that it would have knocked the legs out of it. >> nobody in that room thought anything other than what you just said. this is a political movement. there can be in other interpretation. even reporters have told me, give me a break.
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bill: he says he's held to a different standard. in some respects he is. >> there is no doubt. the press has been very negative towards donald trump. a harvard study of showed he received the neutral to favorable coverage early in the primaries, then it turned sharply negative once he secured the nomination. but a lot of this stems from trump's refusal to alter his style to fit the general election. he still to this day talks a lot about how he defeated 16 other republican candidates. which he did. and he often said as late as northeast yesterday that there is no reason to change his style, it has been working. remember how he used to talk about the polls all the time? the polls were telling him what he was doing is working.
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now the polls are telling him what he's doing is not working. bill: did you their giuliani? he said he was with trump and he was stunned by the reaction. >> there is a bubble you are in. trump says this from the stage. people say great speech and giuliani and trump were going to their next event. trump doesn't know there is a controversy until his staff looking at social media realized what people are saying and they realize there is another way people read this. a number of people who got agitated about this were his critics and opponents in the democratic party. i think a reasonable person can conclude he misspoke here. bill: back to your point about the polls. you started to say if you are winning, you brag about it. you keep doing what you are doing. but if you are behind and you are losing, perhaps you change
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your style. i don't think that happens with trump. are you suggesting it will? >> i'm not suggesting it will. i'm suggesting every candidate who has run for president has run a different campaign in the general election if they were contested primaries as they were with trump. trump has been saying over and over again, what i did is working. i beat 16 other candidates. and that is true up until the moment he won the republican nomination. after that he only had one opponent, hillary clinton, a democrat in a different political and media environment. so far he has not altered his style to fit that. bill: he loves to bang on the media and he's calling it dishonest. we'll see what is said on it
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today. clinton team calls it dangerous. >> there will be a lot. bill: i think giuliani said there are 50 more chapters in this election. paul ryan easily won his election. there was a challenge there. abby: on to the general. a peaceful march quickly turns into chaos. you can see there a wild night. gunshots ring out in ferguson, missouri after a protester gets hit by a car. bill: the father of the orlando terrorist killer at hillary clinton's campaign. >> could your campaign have
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while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator isn't just different, it's deliciously different. abby: chaos erupting in a demonstration in ferguson, missouri overnight.
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[yelling] >> oh, my god! abby: witnesses say gunfire started after a car sped through demonstrators in the street. luckily no one was hurt in that gunfire, but people were gathering to mark two years since the death of michael brown who was shot and killed by a police officer. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked on her emails classified is that true? >> it's not true. >> she said there was no classified material emailed, is that true? >> there was classified material. bill: judicial watch revealing 44 previously unreleased emails
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that appear to blur the line between hillary clinton and the state department. hillary clinton defending her actions on fox news sunday 10 years ago saying she trusted the people around her to make the right decisions. >> i rehired on the judgment of the professionals with whom i worked. in retrospect maybe some people are saying, among those 300 people, they made the wrong call. at the time there was no reason in my view to doubt the professionalism and the determination by the people who worked every single day on behalf of our country. bill: here is larry klayman of judicial watch. he's representing the family of tyrone woods. i want to make some direct questions. did the clinton foundation on
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behalf of bill clinton use connections to the state department under hillary clinton to gain favor? yes or no. >> absolutely. this is a modus operandi of mr. and mrs. clinton. i uncovered at judicial watch they were selling campaign contributions for access to the administration. this is nothing new. this is a pattern of practice. after i left judicial watch i started freedom watch. we have a rico complaint about her pattern of selling access to government. bill: it's a strong charge. you sued the clintons many times in the past. what is the proof? give me a case where a fave was returned. >> we have been seeking documentation. peter schweizer was on earlier in "fox and friends." he documented the sale of access
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by the clinton to the state department for donations. that's bribery. also the sale of waivers. to do business with iran who wants to wipe out israel and the united states in exchange to contribution to the clinton foundation. an obama judge didn't force them to turn anything over. the company doing business with iran, and peter schweizer put that in his book. bill: give us a down the line interpretation of this. if this is true, what's the danger? >> the danger is our government is for sale. the danger is these individuals who made large contribution to the clinton foundation own the clintons. they will call in the faves if she is president of the youth as they did in the 90s when the chinese were involved with the clintons to help finance their campaign.
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the clintons are perhaps the most corrupt couple. i call them the bonnie and clyde of american politics. the united states is at great risk. bill: james comey declined to answer when he was asked if the clinton foundation is investigated. is it or not? >> i don't know. james comey is a nice man, but i believe he didn't do what he had to do. if he had recommends prosecution against mrs. clinton, the democrats would have blocked him from any future appointments. i their he was looking at his own interests and not the united states. i regret to say that. bill: that that's what you are saying about james comey. >> correct. bill: the clinton team says neither of these emails relate to the secretary and the
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foundation's work. they are communications between the aides and the president's personal aide. >> huma abedin is very close with hillary clinton. she is probably one of her top aides along with cheryl mills. she is her facilitator. when you hear her say the professionals did the right thing in classifying information and i didn't know about it. these are her cronies. there is no crime that's beneath hillary clinton. in the late 90s when they had to turn over the administration of george w. bush. mrs. clinton even tried to steal white house furniture. bill: we reported on that. >> and she had to bring it back.
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bill: how many more emails will be made public. >> we are seeking many at freedom watch that hasn't been produced. i suspect there are literally tens of thousands of emails that have not been produced. if this agency does not have the sophistication to get them off her private server, frankly, we are in trouble when it comes to terrorism. bill: thank you for your time today. abby: a young woman murdered and a killer on the loose. now police probing connection to other similar incidents. bill: the father of an orlando nightclub terrorist. how did she responds? we'll show that to you. but first donald trump on what he says is a clear double standard in america today. >> i saw the picture of him with
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the red hat has didn't have "make america great." and she did not disavow. if that were me it would be a headline all around the world about trump. on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
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bill: house speaker paul ryan won his primary in a landslide. he acknowledged the voters frustration in washington and pushed for change come november. >> i'm committed to do everything i can to make sure the status quo which isn't good enough is not continued and let it be known we cannot afford another four years like the obama years. let's be very, very clear, that's exactly what hillary clinton and her party are offering.
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bill: this was ryan is' first election since he became house speaker. he easily beat his challenger. abby: police are searching for a killer after a body of a woman was found in the woods of princeton, massachusetts. she was out jogging when she was attacked. and her murder comes less than a week when a woman was murdered while jogging in new york. we have mark fuhrman with us. thank you for being with us. abby: the 30-year-old who was killed less than a week ago in queens. as a detective, what is going through your mind in terms could have possibly happened here? you think there might be a connection, and who are they looking into? is anybody on the table including family. >> you look at the closest
6:27 am
people to the victim first. anything going none their personal life, love life, family life, business life. then you circle away from that as you clear people and account for people. now when you have another case that is very similar, you need to either connect that up forensically or connect that up because both victims have a commonality, a common denominator that they might have crossed paths and the suspect might have observed both victims at the same place or there is a location of where that suspect is picking up victims. >> is it possible we have a potential serial killer on our hands. i heard people say what if this is the case. how frightening would that be? >> a serial killer, they are
6:28 am
very clear in their m.o., and sometimes they don't realized what they leave for evidence that connects all these cases together. but in this case the police will look at the cause and method of death, if they are the same, they will look at the forensics. they can connect knowing one suspect, even a blood type or m.o. or cause of death. then they will go on that premise as well as looking at the individual lives of each victim. it's a large geographic area for a suspect to be working. abby: we pulled up those two photos of the women who have been murdered and you can't dispute the similarity. in queens, these young brunette women. my mother has been texting me saying don't go outside and run. what advice do you have for folks who might be second
6:29 am
guessing running during the summer? >> it's pretty simple. just as your daughter goes out with friends. the buddy system. if you are going to go running, go running with a friend. if you are going to go running as a female by yourself, you are putting yourself at a little risk. if there is a suspect there, you are the one they pick. >> maybe take out your headphones. bill: developing now, anti-terror police storming several homes making arrests oversea. i'll tell you about the search for isis supporters. abby: a firestorm over donald trump and his remarks about the second amendment. >> hillary wants to take your guns away. she wants to leave you unprotected in your home. this is a tremendous political movement.
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bill: police in germany carrying out a series of raids against three suspected isis supporters allegedly trying to recruit more supporters to the group. what do we know about the raids? reporter: it was a big crackdown in germany. homes and offices in five different cities in northwestern germany were raided by police. an asylum seeker said to be ranked to an isis supporter. they are going after the recruiters, funders and supporters, as well as those willing to get their hands dirty. germany saw at least two suspects tied to isis and a
6:34 am
dozen people killed. bill: how is germany dealing, be it the people other government now with this islamic threat? >> it's a huge issue. there is word the german government tomorrow will release -- introduce new sweeping joan my terror measures. there are concerns about the million refugees coming from syria and elsewhere which were allowed to come into the country last year. there are concerns. there is proof some terrorists were mixed in with those. the number of refugees this year has been cut severely, but there is blowback along with toughening laws and extending laws and wanting to deport
6:35 am
rejected asylum seekers sooner. there was a growing feeling among the german people that the government is not protecting them and security is a major issue. bill: thanks, gregg. >> a come support hillary chain email or personal indication? >> i'm a member. as a member i did. there is nothing political about it it's the democratic party so everybody can join. abby: that man is the father of the orlando terrorist ask malik mateen. the hillary clinton campaign said he was not personally invited and disavowed his support. watch what happened when they asked clinton about mateen's appearance.
6:36 am
>> should your team have known omar mateen's father was at your campaign rally yesterday? abby: good morning, gentlemen, the clinton campaign, they responded to this. they say this individual was not invited as a guest and the campaign was not aware of his attendance until after the event ended. in addition i'll add on the record that she disagrees with his views and disavows his support. you think about the logistics of a campaign event. a very calculated campaign. the people behind with cameras are on them, don't you know who those people are? >> sure you do. the secret service has no know who they are because they are
6:37 am
close to the candidate. obviously this is a screw-up. i don't him, i don't blame him. i blame the advance man. they should know who is behind them. you don't want a controversy with the characters behind you. sometimes it's cops, sometimes it's military, sometimes it's young people. but the stable is set and you need to know month who those people are. >> i think what ed rollins said. who set the stage. but hillary clinton has been clear in condemning the violence in or land dean offering sympathy to those who suffered such great loss. abby: she was in florida and mentioned the terror attacks in orlando with the father sitting right there. donald trump was on hannity last night. he spoke about what he says is a double standard in media when
6:38 am
covering this today. >> if this were me it would be a headline all over the world about trump. but she did not as i understand it, disavow this man. it's a whole double standard. but we are punching through it. and i think the people understand. abby: if this were reversed and this were a trump rally would we be talking differently about this? >> the story about the rally is all about this. but whatever she said is totally relevant. trump cannot make any mistakes because he made a series of mistakes. modern day campaigns need to be scripted and you have to be careful of what you say. the consequences are far beyond just the audience in front of you. when you go to big rallies, you have to make sure they are set right. abby: you understand how the media works.
6:39 am
when you look at donald trump versus the media, do you think a double standard is going on? >> i don't know if it's a double standard. one is heavily scripted. it's so scripted, does not want to meet with the media for 8 months now. and the other candidate is totally unscripted. with that comes circumstances such as the errant remark that has been interpreted by some as calling down violence on a potential president. we have to be careful when running for president and when we are in the media, we have to be careful about what we say. we must respect the nuances of what we say so people won't misinterpret it. bill: 20 minute before the hour. is russian president vladimir putin getting too cozy with one
6:40 am
of our allies? and what this might mean for an entire region. should the u.s. be concerned? we'll talk t -- talk to ralph peters about that. abby: delta travelers having headaches around the world. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. hair color wants to to help you keep on being you.. nice'n easy. natural-looking color... ...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color... it just looks like you. nice'n easy: color as real as you are.
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like that has so much of an impact. print out your boarding passes. that helps. bill: putin met with the turkish president erdogan for the first time since turkey shot down a russian fighter jet and it's also the first time since that attempted coup in -- that attempts coups in turkey. what does this mean for the u.s. >> this was a meeting of reconciliation between erdogan and putin. while it was almost lost in the white noise about the election, it may prove to have bent most important meeting between two head of state in this decade.
6:45 am
if turkey continues to move away from nato and eventually separates them. if turkey's reconciliation with erdogan presents an alliance. you have a strategic shift. you would have a great wall of dictatorships from the arctic circle all the way south through russia across the black sea, turkey, syria and israel's go land height. if they can bring them together, turkey, iran and russia. it would be the magnitude of that shift would be inca incalculatable. bill: this looms as a huge test for the united states.
6:46 am
>> it certainly is vital. our presidents from jfk forward, republican or democrat. they come to office with a strong domestic agenda that they want to accomplish. and it's foreign policy concerns largely ignored during the election cycles that eat them alive. it's always the foreign policy stuff that catches presidents unaware and blind sides them and leads to diversion and tragedy. we are not there yet. but erdogan is increasingly anti-western. putin is certainly anti-western. iran is anti-western. you can see this developing
6:47 am
further between putin and erdogan. bill: erdogan is doing that for local consumption, as well. but you make the point that we see things in terms of weeks or months and the other side sees it in terms of years. >> we play checkers, they play chess. erdogan's vision is parallel to putin's. putin drea,s not of reoring the soviet union and his empire, but the czarist empire. erdogan's dream is the ottoman empire. old conflicts in the balkans are gone. we might see something that changes history in front of our eyes. a massive wall of dictatorships.
6:48 am
we overestimated the transfer of democracy. and new authoritarian regimes and budding dictatorships. it's the gravest threat we faced easily since the fall -- bill: you said something interesting. even in the internet age, geography is still fate. >> turkey is a bridge between east and west. russia was a barrier against invasions from the east. if you have this totally new center developing that's east and west as rivals, it changes the mass. if you look at a map of the eastern mediterranean, the black sea. there are treaties guaranteeing
6:49 am
freedom of navigation through the black sea. but there are big loopholes. in a time of crisis our allies will be shut out as will ukraine. where you are matters. bill: understood. we'll keep an eye on that story. turkey and russia often reach back to their own history to try to redefine themselves. abby: hillary clinton edging donald trump in a number of polls and key battleground states. what is the electoral map looking like now? bill: who wears the red, white and blue better than this guy? michael phelps has done it again but he has added gold to those colors. he's going to stop them. she spent summer binge-watching.
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or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. abby: another good night in rio. last night was michael phelps doing well what michael phelps does. we were all going crazy for gold medal number 20 for the olympian. he went on to earn his 21st medal. he has two more opportunities to win gold this week.
6:54 am
always good to have you here. another good night. it looks like that epic stare-down that went viral really worked. >> he beat the man on the other end of that viral death stare. he beat him in the 200-meter death stare. all of these athletes make it look so easy. 70 minutes later he's back in the water again for the 400-mile freestyle. his swimming cap ripped a few minutes before he entered the pool. the u.s. team dominated the entire race. michael phelps was the last one to go in the water and he brought that victory home for the u.s.a.
6:55 am
and he still has a few more races to go. abby: katie ledecky had a good night, too. and gymnastics last night. >> they are doing so well, they have a nickname, the final five. >> they were dominant in every single events yesterday. they are really celebrating a huge margin of victory. >> there were huge expectations for both of them and they nailed it. >> you did bring their nickname. a lot of people are wondering why they call themselves the final five. they are cutting count number of gymnasts that can perform in teams in the 2020 tokyo games to four. so they will be the final five. also the legendary coach will be
6:56 am
retiring. abby: tonight we are talking about the men's gymnastics. i like watching men's sports. but in this case i prefer women's gymnastics. >> every single olympics they ends up becoming america's sweethearts. the u.s. basketball team is performing. abby: no le bron, carly. it will be another good night. bill is so excited for this. bill: that was absolute domination. thank you, ladies. wikileaks founder julian assange with interesting comments on the dnc email leaks. is there a connection to a staffer in washington, d.c.? we'll tell you what he's saying about that. donald trump agrees to all three
6:57 am
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bill: shots break out in ferguson, missouri, marking the death of michael brown. >> oh! oh! somebody's shooting! somebody's shooting! oh, my bod. bill: it is clear multiple shots fired after a car struck a man standing in the road. the man appeared to be badly injured. he was taken to the hospital. several bullets reporting hitting the car. nobody inside of the vehicle was injured. the driver said to be cooperating with police. it is certainly an alarming piece of video. spokesman for the city appears the collision was not intentional. we'll have more on that as we go inside of "america's newsroom."
7:01 am
meantime the founder of wikileaks adding new fuel to conspiracies theories surrounding mysterious killing after dc staffer in washington. julian as you sang hinting that seth rich may have been gunned down because he may have been the source of 19,000 emails of the dnc which led the resignation of chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. this add as new layer. new hour here, imr i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha, with time with the family. abby: i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. police offering 20,000-dollar rewar appears seth rich was killed during a botched robbery. but julian as you sang hints there is something more to the case. >> the 27-year-old works for the dnc of the shot in the backed
7:02 am
murdered just two weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in washington. >> that was just a robbery, i believe, wasn't isn't. >> no, there is no finding. >> what are you suggesting? what are you suggesting? >> i'm suggesting that our sources take risks and they become concerned to see things occurring like that. >> was he one of your sources then? >> we don't mention our sources. bill: in time perhaps we know. garrett tenney live in washington, d.c. garrett, what do we know at this point? reporter: good mornings investigates initially believed that the 27-year-old staffer was killed in attempted robbery. a month later they're not so sure what happened. early sunday morning on july 11, seth rich was walking home a few blacks away from his apartment
7:03 am
when he was shot several times. when police found him, he had his wallet, cell phone, all his valuables were still there. apparently there were no witnesses. investigators still don't have any suspects. a few weeks later when wikileaks published more than 19,000 emails from the dnc, that led to all sorts of conspiracy theories online and his murder and julian assange's comments will likely add fuel to many of those. however this morning the d.c. metro police department sent us this statement, quote, at this time there is no indication that seth rich death is connected to his employment at dnc we welcome information that could potentially lead to identification of the individual or individuals responsible for his death and are pleased when any outside contributors help us generate new leads. bill, they did tell us, that includes both wikileaks and julian assange. bill: more to come on this at some point we don't know. what about reward money, garrett, any word on that?
7:04 am
reporter: wikileaks offered $25,000 lars in addition to the money metro police were offering. wikileak is not saying much about the case particularly after comments by assange. wikileaks told "washington times" would not confirm seth rich was a source for email leak. the reward should not be taken to imply the murder was somehow related to the group. bill: garrett tenney, in washington, d.c. thank you, garrett. abby. abby: thanks, bill. donald trump tentatively agrees to meet hillary clinton in three televised debates this fall in spite of his criticism that two of them will to up against nfl games. he tells fox news he wants to see conditions of the debates. clinton campaign said she is going to be there. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in abington, virginia where trump speaks later this afternoon. john, sounds like we might get
7:05 am
these three debates after all? reporter: it is looking that way, abby. i think final tale has yet to be told but i was told yesterday donald trump agreed in principle to meet hillary clinton for the debates. likely he will do all three debates. as you mentioned at the top he wants to see conditions associated with the debates. some of those conditions who the moderators will be of three presidential debates. at every rally, he will do it again her in be a binge done, virginia, donald trump laments to the group, part to fire up the base how unfair he thinks the press is towards him. how biased he believes they are. he wants to make sure whoever moderates these debates will absolutely treat him fairly because there is still some lingering issues from one of the debates back in 2012. the other thing there will be negotiation here, there always is, every four years with commission on presidential debates. donald trump campaign has not yet had conversations with commission. likely they will have them in
7:06 am
the next two or three days. looks like hillary clinton campaign got way out in front of the whole process simply an attempt to get out there hey we're all for the debates and put donald trump on the defensive, abby. abby: donald trump trying to get back on track, focusing on his economic message. already today, john, on the defense over what he said yesterday. reporter: oh, yeah. he has been the defensive ever since his rally yesterday at university university of south carolina in wilmington, where he was as he does virtually every rally talk about you who he believes hillary clinton is going to be a danger to the second amendment. that if she becomes president she will have opportunity to appoint supreme court justices and donald trump warns at every event those supreme court justices will be chosen from a field of people who would uphold laws to restrict firearms ownership in this country. a lot of people saw that as donald trump was condoning idea of gun owners going out there taking matters in their own hands. no. i was talking about the
7:07 am
political power of second amendment supporters. here is what he said yesterday in wilmington and then how he clarified that last night on the hannity program. watch. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way if she gets to pick -- [booing] if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there ills queen. >> nobody in that room another it anything other than what you said. this is political movement, strong powerful movement the second amendment. hillary wants to take your guns away. there could be no misinterpretation. reporter: donald trump will try to hit open the economic message today. he will do that. higher than national average unemployment, 7.6% here on average. a lot attributed to collapse of the coal industry. prior to his rally here he will
7:08 am
meet with executives of the coal industry. we'll bring all of that to you throughout the day. abby: john roberts live in virginia. bill: chris stirewalt. digital politics. i'm hearing liberals say, oh, man he meant assassination. i'm hearing republicans say chill out. and you say? >> i think the chill lax side of this is probably righter side. did donald trump in any way intimate assassination of hillary clinton what press went bonkers with first four hours. he clearly didn't do that did he suggest there might be armed insurrection in the united states if there were gun control measures. he may have done that that is possible. either way he didn't call for hillary clinton to be assassinated. he went to clean it up shouldn't be a big deal. of course it's a big deal when you're republican. you know why? because the press is biased. that is just true. mitt romney talked about binders
7:09 am
of women. didn't mean he was pressing woman into pages keeping them on a shelf like hannibal lecter. bill: he had paperwork and resume's. >> that is what he meant. bill: that is pretty obvious. what is with all the hubbub, bubs. giuliani picked up on this point this morning. watch. >> clinton's opinion machine put it out immediately. they know 10, 12 reporters to go to. the 10, 12 reporters were on top of the trump campaign within half hour with this interpretation. >> every newscast. >> donald trump's original reaction is what? this is what i meant. i just gave you the explanation. i meant vote against her. bill: if you're trump, you go back to your phrase, dishonest media, which is what he loves to talk about. >> sure. he loves, in his demonology of the people who he says are conspiring to hurt america, the press is right up there. he puts the press right in the same troika with hillary clinton, and multinational
7:10 am
corporations, and in addition to them, immigrant, illegal immigrants and muslim immigrants but the press is front and center for donald trump when he talks about what is wrong with the country. the question, when will he start preparing for it, not complaining about it, not raising money off of it, not rallying the base off of it, at what point if he is possible, if it is possible for him, will he start preparing for it and not giving them free business. what they would have been talking about, would have been a very bad day for hillary clinton otherwise. bill: debate calendar, 36 days away. we'll talk about that really soon. "halftime report," sign up for later. thank you, chris. >> thank you, brother. bill: watching my in box. abby. abby: something new in a crystal ball for donald trump. >> i want 14 million votes, more than ever gotten, almost 14 million, more than ever gotten in the history of the republican primaries and i know there are hard feelings but you know you have to beat hillary clinton. abby: some changes to the electoral map making trump's
7:11 am
path to 1600 pennsylvania a bit tougher? larry sabato will break it all down. bill: we have a fresh batch of clinton emails that might shed more light on connections between donations to the clinton foundation and the state department and favors that were granted while hillary clinton was in charge. we'll go through all of that in a moment here. abby: never ending. a training exercise turns deadly when shots are fired at a police academy. >> our entire police department and all of our city leaders are absolutely devastated in this unimaginable event. i am asking if you pray, you pray for mary's husband and family, and for all officers and witnesses. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. bill: brand new batch of hillary clinton emails shining a spotlight on the close ties between the clinton foundation and favors at the state department when she was in charge. now these documents, they suggest public corruption released in a freedom of information lawsuit filed by "judicial watch." i spoke to the group's founder last hour in "america's newsroom." he argues this fit as pattern for the clintons for decades. >> this is a moat does moat does operandi, that they were at "judicial watch" selling campaign contributions for access to the administration this is a nothing new. this is pattern of practice.
7:16 am
bill: david goodfriend, hillary clinton sure roy gaat and welcome back to america as newsroom. how do you explain this. >> first, before we start i want your audience to know how hard you work. you and i were at the democratic convention, bill hemmer was walking through the aisles making sure he got a scoop where you went. bill: kind of you to say. we all work hard. what is up with that? >> the subject of this is interesting both for its timing and substance. on timing front, conservative group, "judicial watch" is trying to change asubject from donald trump's thinly-veiled death threats and gold star mothers. he had a couple of weeks. the timing is to change the subject. that is the political undertow, but the substance is interesting to me because the tried who sent this email, doug band, somebody i know and worked with in the clinton white house was working for president clinton and a friend of clintons they known before the clinton foundation was even started who is of lebanese descent, wanted to way
7:17 am
in something going on with lebanon elections. he wanted to pass on information. bill: just so -- >> hold on. bill: just a little too close, right? you mentioned this email. huma abedin, we have him on our radar. personal has been sending him options. that is just one incident, david. "new york times," one email exchange, clinton foundation, sought to put a billionairedonor in touch with the united states ambassador in lebanon because of donor's interest there. there is more on here. these are -- >> talking points. bill: these are 44 newly-released emails. how many more are out there, david? >> oh, there are tons and tons, that will fail every time just -- bill: fail? >> failed on benghazi. totally failses. tell you why, bill. polls speak for themselves. donald trump is in death spiral. he is going down in the polls every day. wikileaks and you have "judicial watch" trying to change that trajectory but we got new email. the problem you have is, there is never any there there. the minute you peel that back,
7:18 am
yeah, this is how it works in journalism. this is how it works in business. this is how it works in government. i have a source. somebody wants to get in touch. how do i get the message through. i go to somebody who knows the person. i pass the information on. there is it no there there other than donald trump's big problems. bill: listen i appreciate the fact you're trying to deflect every question. there is a lot of smoke here. >> i answered question. bill: i expected that answer to you. what i don't know how you answer the next query. this is from hillary clinton trying to explain how the father of the orlando terrorist showed up at a rally in kissimmee, florida, this week. just watch here. >> secretary clinton, should your campaign have known omar mateen's father was at the campaign rally yesterday. >> thanks, folks. do you have time for questions? >> thank you all very much. bill: you know, being at these rallies for years, that the people who sit behind the candidate are most often, if not always selected. how did he get there, david?
7:19 am
and why? >> well, i have to tell you in this respect i wish that we democrats were a little bit more like the trump campaign or these other campaigns where every single individual has to pass some sort of background check before being invited. i wish we were more like that. we're not this was open rally. and i don't like this guy's father being able to get in there anymore than you do. but, it was an open rally. he went through security magnetometer. he pass ad test. wormed his way in behind the dais. can't say in the same breath, therefore there is some sort of endorsement of the shooting that would be craziness and insanity. bill: i did not say that. >> i'm glad. bill: there are obvious reporters at that rally who recognized him immediately. you wonder why others did not as well. do wonder. >> i wish we would do police state background check trump campaign does. they make sure people go in the doors are supporters. bill: that not the question. she did not answer the question. she has not had a press
7:20 am
conference in more than eight months. does that bother you? >> no, we got debates coming up if donald trump is man enough to face hillary at debates we'll get all questions you want. we'll see how each of them handles it. i hope he doesn't chicken out. i hope donald trump doesn't chicken out and fail -- bill: at last check he will be there. >> let's hope so. bill: why not face reporters on the beat every day. do you not have a problem with that? >> look, i don't run the campaign, bill. i mean, she has had interviews. she has done interviews in the press. she certainly made herself accessible to fox news and other outlets. in this case the next big event in the campaign is the debate. man noahman know and trump and clinton. answer all the questions. we'll see how each candidate to respond if donald trump is man should have to show on gameday. bill: if you get your request, 10 months since a full-blown press conference. david goodfriend out of
7:21 am
washington. abby. abby: that will wake you up. donald trump lighting up the internet with his suggestion that the second amendment reporters do something about hillary clinton. trump supporter florida governor rick scott, he will join us with his take. bill: arsonist caught on camera, while his plan backfires. quite literally. ♪
7:22 am
7:24 am
bill: awful accident in florida. an officer accidentally shot and killed a civilian during a roll-playing exercise. happened at a citizens police academy. this was near fort myers. they were acting out scenario where the 73-year-old was
7:25 am
playing a victim. the officer is supposed to fire a blank round at her. police chief says a live round hit mary nowlton by mistake and killed her. the florida department of law enforcement in florida investigating that, and officer who fire fired the loaded gun to be on leave. abby: donald trump clarified his remarks about the second amendment people doing something about hillary clinton, the comment left a firestorm of criticism. trump says he was not calling for violence and he blames the media for the uproar. i'm joined by florida's republican governor and donald trump supporter, rick scott. good morning to you, governor, thanks for being here. >> good morning. abby. i got to watch you this morning while i worked out. abby: that's early. 5:00 a.m. >> absolutely. i get up early. abby: i love that. abby: i want to start with this, with the second amendment comment. some people are saying that he was suggesting if you believe in the second amendment that you should take this into your own hands if you're not getting what you want.
7:26 am
when you first heard those comments, what went through your mind? >> well, you know, i didn't hear them until donald trump clarify what he meant. the second amendment, a lot of second amendment supporters all around the country, have a lot in florida and the second amendment is very important to them. now i still believe, election will be about jobs. as you know i'm the chair of super-pac, rebuilding america now. and we have our latest ad up talking about how the clintons came out of the white house said they were broke, started a foundation worth $100 million. it doesn't pass the smell test. abby: i have to ask this though. some people say whatever it meant to say, that is dangerous language. do you consider that is considered dangerous? >> look every candidate is different what they talk about. when i ran i talked about jobs. i still think it is the biggest issue. he clarified what he said. i mean, he is let people know what he says. abby: he certainly does. >> i'm supporting him because it is about jobs. abby: there is a lot going on
7:27 am
this week as you know. a rally in florida on monday for hillary clinton, omar mateen's father was seen sitting behind her. she was asked about it yesterday. she refused to comment. what do you think was going on here? are you surprised they didn't know about that? >> well, you know, abby, i talked to most of the victims families and i visited, many victims in the hospital, i can't imagine what they're thinking right now, how a, how the shooter's father can be standing next to a presidential candidate for, for the next president of the united states. so, my heart goes out to those families. can't imagine why hillary wouldn't immediately, get up this morning and apologize to them. abby: well i want to get your takeaway while we have you on the zika virus. 17 cases in miami alone. we had a segment on yesterday. we talked to elizabeth harrington. she asked about the nih and what they need to do. let's play that.
7:28 am
>> we need money for the outbreaks. the same thing happened for ebola outbreak, nih complained they didn't have enough money. when you have a billion dollar budget you will have millions of dollars wasted. they don't get shut off. they don't get looked at. they don't get examined. maybe the money should go to worthy causes about fighting zika. abby: what we didn't play, 50 million-dollars or more helping truck drivers getting in shape and study on freshmen 15. are you surprised we don't have money to attack the zika virus. >> we have small one less than square mile radius where we believe there is likely transfers. we have reduced that area as of last friday. we're hoping to reduce it more. the federal government has not been a partner. i allocated state resources $26.2 million. we'll allocate more if we need to.
7:29 am
if anybody pregnant in our state, if you want a test, go to the health departments and do it but the federal government has not been a good partner. abby: such a frightening disease. thanks for getting up so early to watch us. >> you do a great job in the morning along with heather. bill: right on with that thank k you, governor. we're tee months before the general election, states that were a sure thing for trump and clinton appear not to be so much today. a brand new map we're looking at. we'll show you that in a few minutes. abby: space travel like you have never seen before. video showing the moments of the liftoff. ♪ at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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7:33 am
following death of freddie gray while in police custody. it says baltimore police officers routinely discriminate against blacks and not disciplined for. we'll bring you any developments as they come in. bill: meantime looking a lot like a new map for donald trump it is shifting in hillary clinton's favor. our own fox news election team moving a state leans democratic to likely democratic. here to explain, dr. larry sabato, director of center of politics, university of virginia. how are you doing, doc. nice to see you down in philly. now we're reunited. here's what we did, yesterday we moved new hampshire, pennsylvania and virginia from a toss upstate to lean democratic. do you, sir, mr. crystal ball, agree with that? >> yes. we've actually had them there
7:34 am
since march 31st. so i absolutely agree with those decisions, and look, you represent a network. you have to be more careful than a little website like the crystal ball. i agree with all three decisions. i think very clearly both demographics and polling results support the three decisions that your team made. bill: now, we'll let that go where it is. new hampshire she such seven. pennsylvania eight, virginia seven as well. arizona and georgia have moved as well, from lean republican to toss-up. georgia has gone republican twice, democratic twice, maybe over the last 50 years. take the peach state first. what appears to be changing if this is true? >> georgia, bill, is undergoing many of the same transformations that affected virginia and are affecting north carolina. i think you're going to he see over time more democratic voting at the presidential level as the
7:35 am
hispanic population increases, and is registered to vote, and shows up to vote, and, with the increasing concentration around a metropolis like atlanta. is a bush dan, college educated voters, more inclined for variety of reasons to vote democratic than republican. bill: arizona i think john mccain. arizona i think barry goldwater. i think deep red, republican. is that truly changing in that state or not? >> it is changing. let's remember in three-way race, bill clinton carried arizona in one of his races. it is not unheard of a democrat would win there. a much larger hispanic vote. it is interesting to see that population change. both attracting younger people in arizona and many more senior citizens, retired individuals who want, to spend their golden years in that beautiful state. and, again, combination of issues and demographics are
7:36 am
producing a change in the vote. and i think it is also fair to say that some of what donald trump has said about immigrants have energized the hispanic vote there the. bill: did you see the bloomberg poll this morning that came out? >> yeah. bill: it was released this morning. they have the national race now at six points. sound about right? >> about right. if you take the polling average, it's between seven and eight points for clinton. bill, you will have some receding of the double bounce that hillary clinton got. half the bounce from her convention, the other half from a series of mistakes and gaffes that trump made right after his convention. some of that recedes, all right? we'll get the labor day, we'll see the real point spread. but i think it is pretty obvious clinton is still going to be ahead on labor day, just not by quite as much. bill: give me a sense based how you look at historical presidential elections when you are three month away, how often
7:37 am
do they have these seismic shifts? what would you point to? >> well, it is rare but it does happen. people keep saying, i keep hearing, 1988, bush versus dukakis. that actually isn't true. bush led from the convention, his convention in august onwards. so i've got to be honest with you, it doesn't happen very often but the question that i pose to people this year is, what has gone according to the historical plan? not much. so we always keep our eyes open, our ears open, and our minds open to new things. bill: what has gone according to plan. fill in the blank. thank you, doc. larry sabato with the crystal ball in virginia. talk to you real soon. thank you. abby: not just the presidential race, plenty of senate races to watch this fall including one in the battleground state of new hampshire. after trailing for months, democratic governor maggie hassan, closed the gap against
7:38 am
republican governor kelly ayote. latest rcp average shows them in a dead-heat. this race could have major implications for november. rick leventhal is in beautiful manchester, new hampshire, this morning, rick. good to see you. reporter: good to see you too, abby. you have two high-profile women familiar to voters. they have been in the public eye. new hampshire typically leans democrat in presidential years. so the governor gets a boost from that. the senator is the incumbent, she gets a similar bounce. hassan embraces hillary clinton, ayote is trying to keep her distance from donald trump. >> i support hillary clinton because she and i have been working for the same thing, expanding middle class opportunity, helping our small businesses, keeping our country safe. >> i have said clearly i'm going to be voting for him. i'm not endorsing him. i have disagreements with him. which i have been quite vocal about, and i will continue to do that. reporter: it's a difficult dance for the senator after trump
7:39 am
endorsed her last week, abby. abby: all right. rick leventhal, live for us in manchester. thank you. bill: mayor of baltimore reacting to the department ever justice findings in their investigation of the baltimore police department. >> the report identifies specific problems in the department, but the transparency of the report offers crucial, crucial foundation if we are going to move forward. because i believe transparency is the only true foundation upon which, we can rebuild community trust. policing issues have taken on a new urgency in the national discussion in light of the tragic shootings in recent weeks as well as developments in our own city. it's so very important that we get this right. the report's assessment and follow-up to it will help us to heal the relationship between the police and our communities.
7:40 am
i also want to be clear that we have not been standing still while this inquiry was underway. indeed, some of these reforms began before i asked the department of justice to investigate the department. the city has taken first steps in a long path to reform and, we have begun to see real benefit. our police department is already making significant changes. the community is providing valuable insight and officers and citizens are working together to improve our communities and the policing that is happening within them. we have a very long journey ahead of us and i'm grateful that we could begin this process of meaningful change while i'm mayor. i would like to turn it over now to principal deputy assistant attorney general, vonita, gupta. >> good morning. i would like to start by thanking mayor stephanie
7:41 am
rawlings-blake and commissioner davis for their cooperation and leadership throughout the justice department investigation. i also want to thank my outstanding team from the civil rights division for their tireless and focused efforts. 15 months ago in the aftermath of freddie gray's tragic death we talked to community members, police officers, union leaders and city officials about challenging of policing in the city of baltimore. the mayor, members of the city council, members of congress and residents asked us to open up a pattern of practice investigation into the baltimore police department which we launched last may of 2015. since then we talked to residents in every corner of baltimore from roland park to sand town. we interviewed command staff and rank-and-file officers. we participated in ride alongs in each police district. we met with leaders of police unions, religious organization, at very can sy groups, neighborhood associations and reviewed their reports and publications.
7:42 am
with the law enforcement and statistical experts we refused thousands of pages documents covering 2010 to 2016 including policy and training materials, internal affairs data, data on stop, searches an arrests and use of force reports. bill: this is now the findings, department of justice, federal investigation now, that found a pattern of unconstitutional conduct, racial disparities in number of stops and arrests on behalf of baltimore police, unconstitutional searches, stops, arrests and excessive force. that is what the federal government has now found. this after all the officers that have gone up for trial, not one conviction has been found as a result of the case as it relates directly to the freddie gray matter. so the department of justice in washington now weighing with its findings and conclusions along with the mayor there in the city of baltimore. in a moment here, back to new debate over donald trump and comments about the second
7:43 am
amendment. were they taken out of context? we'll play them for you and debate it fair and balanced. >> there can be no other interpretation. even reporters told me, give me a break. but they're dishonest people.
7:44 am
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you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. bill: more on department of justice, they continue to list their findings in this exhaustive report to the baltimore police department. this is result of freddie gray case and investigation that followed. as we mentioned not one of the indicted officers has been convicted but this case continues now and washington is weighing in on their findings today. keep an eye on it. more headlines in a moment out of baltimore. ♪ >> i think it's a good thing for me because it is going to tell people more about me with respect to the second amendment because hillary clinton wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. and if she puts supreme court
7:47 am
justices on, she will decimate your second amendment. abby: that was donald trump on "hannity" last night trying to explain his remark about the second amendment after it ignited outrage across the media verse. he insisted it was not a call to violence. with more, brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush. alan colmes, host of "alan colmes radio show." gent gentlemen, good morning. brad, you heard it there from harry s. donald trump. he is noll apologizing. he says it is good for me. >> it is no good when you have to explain yourself. no doubt the remarks were off-the-cuff. stream of consciousness that didn't work out too well. trump has to realize next 80 plus days he has to stay on message. the more he is explaining himself he is not advancing his message. he didn't mean what he left
7:48 am
intends by the remarks but open to interpretation. my advice to donald trump, please, please, stay on message. you have so much fodder against hillary clinton, don't waste it. abby: staying on message, alan, two days ago he rolled out economic plan for the country. this is what his campaign and supporters wanting him to stick to, two days later this is dominating the headlines. >> i guess he needs a teleprompter. hillary clinton has never said anything about repealing the second amendment. he continues to lie about that saying she wants to do away with the second amendment. number one, she couldn't do it if she wanted to. requires act by congress and states or constitutional convention. can't be done by president or supreme court justices. so the very premise of what he is saying is totally wrong. abby: so the hillary campaign is speaking out about this as you can imagine, blake. campaign manager says, this is simply what trump is saying is dangerous, a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in i anyway -- in any
7:49 am
way. regardless how you interpret it, is it dangerous language? >> look, donald trump is known for his bombastic language. the question is, is he able to sustain that and move ahead in the polls? the answer is no. he is not. he is certainly didn't mean a call to violence. that is certain. the fact though that it is open for interpretation is the problem. alan, with regard to the second amendment, there is a lot a president can do. we've seen it from this president, picking up the pen and phone and using executive orders an regulations to curtail second amendment as right. >> he never did anything of the kind. how did this president curtail anybody's second amendment rights. explain how has done that. >> i will explain it in his rhetoric and his actions. >> no actions have done that. not happened. >> yes. he has. >> has not happened. explain. >> it has happened. >> how? abby: brad, go ahead.
7:50 am
>> he hasn't curtailed second amendment rights. >> go back look at his rhetoric. look what he said how he wants to amend gun control laws, advance gun control laws. >> it hasn't happened. >> thank god he hasn't. >> a president can't do it by himself. >> house and senate who is prevents him and a court prevented him. >> you. >> you claim he took away people's gun rights. he hasn't done anything of the kind. abby: guys, you know what?tly te problem. we're not talking about any policy with trump or hillary clinton. we're talking about another controversy. we'll have to leave it there unfortunately. thank you both, brad blakeman, alan colmes. always good to see you. bill: we can decide on this though. the most spectacular view of the entire day. it is all right here, next. the ♪ ♪
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♪ bill: donald trump is talking about the economy the other day in his long-awaited tax plan. my next guest observed something very different in the media. howard kurtz, fox news media analyst, hose of "mediabuzz." how are you howard, good morning. >> good morning, bill. bill: what did you notice? >> there was serious and substantive coverage but by the next morning it was crowded, overshadowed by another very legitimate story line, that collided, 50 former republican national security officials saying donald trump is not fit to be president. senator susan collins saying she won't for donald trump. as the day went on, that became the story and the economic speech kind of got buried. bill: does that mean there are more interested in personality and not policy? because this is important stuff here.
7:55 am
probably issue number one in the election. >> it is most important issue. journalists are not dying to delve into the intricate details how many income tax rates and what deductions there are, but if you have part of the republican party revolting against donald trump, not only a sexier story, but appeals to those, who are not enamored with trump's candidacy. now the story about trump's remarks about hillary clinton and second amendment people, i predict that will go on for days. that will completely obliterate in my view anything else he says. bill: you wrote about this you singled out a few headlines in the "new york times." here they are. key republican senator won't vote for trump. gop donors in primary turning to clinton. mormons distaste for trump puts utah up for grabs. not a normal year. when you have members of a political party saying they will not endorse a nominee, it is kind of a news but what do you find from the headlines? >> absolutely news. i'm not arguing otherwise. but what i'm saying is there is
7:56 am
just a piling on effect where those kinds of headlines then take precedence over, you know, talking about jobs and economy and what they also take precedence over, bill, is controversies involving hillary clinton. latest emails. you led the program with it this morning. other things where it were not for trump being a news-making machine, and also sometimes stepping in it, there would be a lot more focus on the democratic nominee. that led to some imbalance. bill: always interesting. thanks for coming in, howie. howard kurtz in washington, d.c. see you on sunday for media buzz. bill: abby. abby: raids in europe as they try to take down isis supporters. latest on the manhunt next.
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. >> we have seen rocket footage but this is cool and new, high resolution, private space company space x providing falcon 9 launches and landings and you
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see tiny details that typically get washed out with other low-resolution footage. more to come, stand by for more. >> have a good wednesday, "happening now" starts now. bill: the debate over presidential debates, what donald trump is saying about future face-offs with hillary clinton. jenna: the republican presidential nominee, all three general election debates, is saying he may object to the commission's choice of moderator. trump telling time magazine he wants to debate linton, quote, very badly but explained he may have to renegotiate the conditions in much the same way he did for the primary debates.


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