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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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where it goes in the future and what you can see not just a couple blocks away on the westside highway at the intrepid sea, air, space museum. >> i'm looking forward to that. because the shuttles are grounded doesn't mean the space program is over. >> we're still flying. >> "outnumbered" the starts right now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. also from fbn, co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis is here. former national security councilmember and veteran of the bush and obama administration, gillian turner. today's #oneluckyguy. host of geraldo rivera reports, veteran correspondent geraldo rivera. he is outnumbered. >> i am. delighted to be so. sandra: you have anchors on your socks. kennedy: "anchors aweigh". big navy conversation at end of the show.
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sandra: let's get started donald trump facing a backlash over his years, when the gop nominee how hillary clinton is given the chance to name picks to the supreme cut could undermined gun owners rights. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. [applause] but i will tell you what, that will be a horrible day. sandra: democrats have been quick to pounce on those words. connecticut senator chris murphy, a staunch gun control advocate from a state where emotions remain raw over sandy hook school massacre tweeting this. don't treat this as political misstep this. is assassination threat, seriously upping possibility of a national tragedy and crisis. on "hannity," trump was saying it was obvious to everyone he was referringring to the power f the ballot box and not violence.
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>> this is political movement this is a strong, powerful movement, the second amendment. you know, hillary wants to take your guns away. she wants to leave you unprotected in your home. this is tremendous political movement. the in. are a as you know endorsed me. they're terrific people, wayne, chris, all of the people over there. by the way, they tweeted out, basically they agree 100% with what i said. and there can be no other interpretation. sandra: at later rally trump supporter rudy giuliani blaming the media for stirring up the controversy. >> it proves that most of the press is in the tank for hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] they will buy, they will buy any lie, any distortion, any spin that the clintons put out and they have been doing it since he was governor of arkansas. sandra: meantime, this sharp rebuke from hillary clinton's campaign manager. quote, this is a simple, this is simple. what trump is saying is
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dangerous. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. geraldo, what did you see his words as? >> first let me just say, as you know, i am very close to rudy giuliani and donald trump. i love them both as men this war donald trump. for him to utter those words. sandra: were his words misconstrue or did he mean some sharp al tax? >> if he meant it potentially guilty after federal crime of threatening a federal officer or presidential candidate. sandra: he clearly went on "hannity" -- >> in my heart i do not believe he meant to say, to suggest that if you care about the second amendment, you will do something awful to hillary clinton but the mere fact that this grown-up man, who is the nominee of the major party, who could be the president of the united states, has, is so sloppy in his
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verbiage that he allows others to construe or misconstrue as he said as threat of violence against a candidate is shameful. he should apologize. it is not enough to say i didn't mean it. it is obvious i didn't mean it. for rudy to raise his voice, they have been the in tank for the clintons for -- that is a bunch of bs. sandra: senator susan collins, republican from maine essentially says same thing here. listen. >> i've been very critical of donald trump but i actually don't think that is what he was saying but it is an example of donald trump's looseness with language that can lead to interpretations that such as the one put out by secretary clinton's camp. sandra: hmmm. fair point, melissa. melissa: i would never imply that this could ever be a net positive but what is really interesting about, as everybody covers it talks about again and again, keep playing the clip where he says if she gets to pick her judges and all over for second amendment.
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they keep reinforcing that point, to extent a dog whistle and vote on that issue and care that is getting replayed again and again. and it is true. i mean that is one thing that really rallies people to the voting box, the idea that she will get the opportunity to pick probably three supreme court judges and your life will be changed by that. and that keeps getting repeated. sandra: kennedy, i'm dying to know where you're going with this? kennedy: looks like when he says stuff like this, missteps that completely eclipse the news cycle for all the wrong reasons, seems like he is trying to turf his own campaign. >> exactly. kennedy: i wonder what is going on here? what is going on in his brain. it wasn't particularly funny. it wasn't particularly well-stated. if he was talking about the galvanizing the base, that base is already galvanized. they are angry and they will vote. there is a way of saying you guys are so powerful and upset you need to get out there and check my name at the ballot box. he didn't say that the fact
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we're having this conversation means there are several other layers here. rudy giuliani is right, the mainstream media is in the tank for hillary clinton. why you're not hearing about omar mateen's dad being at rally right behind hillary clinton. why you're not hearing about dr. jill stein. there are some things, they are on her side. but here, he should not be saying the things that allow to us have this conversation for days and days and days. sandra: gillian, the left is using this as opportunity to sharply attack donald trump. elizabeth warren tweeted this out. she said, quote, donald trump makes death threats because he is a pathetic coward who can't handle the fact he is losing to a girl. >> i enjoyed that tweet. i thought it was funny. she is trying to dish it back to him, talking in sort of trump speak right to him. what i will say about this, i don't know what he meant. i'm not inside his head. give him the benefit of the doubt for sake of argument now. he didn't mean to incite violence. in when our collective memory have we ever had this ongoing
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national dialogue whether a potential president of the united states, the party's front-runner in the general election, may be potentially poses a danger to the republic? this kind of a conversation we're having is totally unprecedented. kennedy: why -- melissa: she said he is upset losing to a girl. if he said i would lose to a girl, everyone would go nuts? why would he -- >> potentially threatening assassinate the a presidential candidate of united states. melissa: why is she allowed to say? sandra: get the man's perspective back in here, geraldo. >> this is not a close call. it was stupid thing to say. melissa: it was a stupid thing to say. why is she allowed to say. i. >> trump saying to assassinate her if she wins. melissa: it is interesting, for sure not a net positive. sandra: go back to gillian's
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point though -- >> mr. and mrs. america, i'm so sorry i even allowed this to be construed in that way. that is not what i meant. kennedy: shouldn't have to qualify or apologize. shouldn't have to have surrogates going out there. he shouldn't say the stuff in the first place. sandra: we all agree on that. kennedy: shouldn't have doubled down on the khan family. sandra: we all agree. who is responsible for where this is now? some suggested it is media run away -- hold on. representative eric you swallow, democrat, california, he actually said that he said that the secret service should investigate donald trump after this -- >> secret service tweeted out last night, as you may be aware, i'm sure you are, that they are aware of his statements. so the secret service, charged with protecting candidates and officeholders is aware of the statement made by the damn candidate for the republican party! not like it was made by david
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duke or some skinhead or some neo-nazi or vladmir putin. it was made by donald trump. came out of his mouth, and it allows, you talk about mateen, in in the second row. what a great story. here, this campaign of hillary clinton, run with this clock work precision, and they allowed the total nutjob, falls faux president of afghanistan, who embraces the taliban to sit three rose behind hillary clinton in the shot. that is a great story. lasted for ten minutes, why? because donald trump blew it all away with absolute foot in his mouth. kennedy: took clinton campaign to disavow that story. >> also not to defend it, it is pretty atrocious, that is optics problem. when we talk about these optics problems all candidates have, that is the kind of thing we're talking about. not going on national television and making threats against the other candidate, whether he meant it that way or not. kennedy: secret service is with him 24 hours a day.
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he is with the secret service. they're guarding him. >> this is meghan blood from her eyes and ears squared. it is 10 times worse but that kind of thing where so obvious to everybody he made this statement and what is in his mind. you wonder and scratch your head. doesn't do a very good job. sandra: kennedy, sum this up for me, what is political fallout? where does this go next? kennedy: political fallout he has to be careful. he doesn't have a lot of time. that it doesn't meet critical mass with independent voters the way with establishment republicans. the fact we're having this conversation about the chaunce, about russian hackers, and now about this second amendment slip it just, that leads people to believe, and -- melissa: no discipline. sandra: is this different, melissa, than other controversial moats in the trump many campaign? melissa: other than fact closer to the day as voting. at least as stupid everything happened before this keeps happening, frustrating and
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really frustrating to people out there who want to support him for sure, what makes it worse or bigger, the fact we're getting closer, closer, and you should have learned the lesson by now and clearly hasn't. >> with a investment banker, polo, great restaurant -- melissa: hanging out with wall street, geraldo. >> i announced to all of you that i was voting for donald trump. now, how can i vote for him? now, to vote for donald trump you got to do it on thedown low, on the qt it is embarrassing because of all of this. kennedy: she is beatable candidate. totally beatable candidate. >> totally. sandra: my last check on twitter this, is top conversation. everybody deciding what exactly he meant. thank you. new allegations that the hillary clinton used state department for her own financial gain possibly trading favors for cash the all this coming out in a batch of just-released emails. could this be the bombshell that shakes up the presidential race for real?
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meantime, new polling showing it could be anyone's game in three key battle ground states. so what does it say about the state of the race? should clinton be worried? and right after the show, catch more from the couch. join our live chat, it will be feisty for sure, clicking on overtime tab at also find "overtime live" on facebook. facebook outnumberedfnc. you see me with three devices. we're looking for all you have to ask. join in. plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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melissa: newly-released emails raising questions, about a disturbing pay for play scheme during hillary clinton's time at state department. disclosures coming in a batch of nearly 300 state department documents released by conservative watchdog group and obtained through a freedom of information request. the documents suggesting arrangements where fat cat donors to the clinton foundation, were given special treatment by the state department, apparently facilitated by top aides like huma abedin and cheryl mills. a top aide emailed abedine
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trying to secure a meeting for a big donor with a u.s. government official. abedine replied she would reach out to the right people, dismissing all allegations, saying neither of the emails involved the secretary or relate to the foundation's work. they are communication between her aides and the president's personal aides, and indeed the recommendation was for one of the secretary's former staffers, who was not employed by the foundation. boy, that is a lot. when you look at the emails, kennedy i have to tell you, so i did not believe it would be this blatant the pay for play. i didn't think they would be dumb enough to put it in email. he needs to speak to the substance person, re, lebanon, he is a key guy to us. he donated one to five million dollars to the foundation a billion to the global initiative. same person they're talking about was convicted of money laundering in switzerland. paid $66 million fine. he needs to be put in touch with somebody through state about lebanon. they say, yes, we'll get on the
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phone right away. it is more straightforward than i ever thought it was going to be in the emails. kennedy: that is what pay to play is. someone donating a lot of money. they want access, and that is exactly what they're getting. huma abedin although her boss promised to distance herself from the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state, she didn't do that she didn't disclose foreign donations. huma abedin is working on behalf of hillary clinton this is not happening independently in the a vacuum. she is facilitating the relationship because of access she had at the statant do and later if you remember, there was a conflict of interest with huma abedin working at state and clinton foundation with that special dispensation. and all of this, it require as much bigger investigation. james comey, when he went before congress, sort of waffled on whether or not they were investigating the clinton foundation. he absolutely has to. they have thousanded of emails they were able to recover and they're going to turn those over to the state department,
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hopefully, we will see the rest from further relations. melissa: david goodfriend was on fox news channel with bill hemmer. he was supposed to come on to answer this. he did a big damages. he asked him other questions about the news. very much off his game. listen to his response by the end. >> no, we got debates coming up, if donald trump is man enough to come to the debates we'll see how each of them handle it. i hope he doesn't chicken out and donald trump failed to be there. melissa: at last check he will be there. >> let's hope so. let's hope so. melissa: this is asking about this and omar mateen's background, this idea of is he man enough. he is woman's surrogate on tv asking donald trump if he is man enough to show up. they seem like they're dancing on all of these topics. what is your take on all of it? >> for my this issue goes back to the original sin, right? as a former person who worked at the state department for six months, then worked with state
9:20 am
department officials for the next 10 years, it is the decision to use a personal email instead of the government email. and i say this now, because, what grieves me most about this story, as much as content of the emails, is the fact that it is another trickle out of emails should have been handed over to the state department along with 55,000 other emails, and this could have been avoided and it wasn't. so what worries me here, as an american voter, we're supposed to have access to her entire record as secretary of state. instead we have only access to what she has chosen to share with us. that is very dangerous. melissa: pay play, geraldo? >> unlike benghazi, 99% which i think is bogus the controversy, unlike the private email server which everyone said she would be wearing an orange jumpsuit, i said there is no possible way she would be indicted because there is no crime there, i think the connection between the clinton foundation an state department is legit grounds for
9:21 am
real, deep, probing and if you can indeed show that there was a quid pro quo, there was a you know, pay for play, i think that is much more serious, much more father till ground for investigators and i wish -- fertile ground for investigators and instead of republicans seeking to damage her throwing mud at her with no real substance behind it, had done real homework and probed the relationship between the state department and -- melissa: i agree with you entirely. i always thought that was the biggest deal. sandra: see ment roach in these documents, chairman of morgan stanley this clearly painted a picture of her and the foundation's close ties to wall street. apparently before a clinton trip to asia in 2009. the chairman of morgan stanley sent hillary a copy of his upcoming testimony before congress. it said he planned to condemn any u.s. efforts to criticize chinese monetary policy or enact trade barriers. just, it is another example, right?
9:22 am
kennedy: another layer. melissa: clinton campaign hoping to add a couple more battlegrounds to the map, sending staffers to two key states that usually go republican. why she could have a shot at them. what trump can do to keep them in gop camp. trump himself not planning on changing anytime soon, saying his temperment has helped him in the race so far. not sure about that. could it come back to haunt him as the general election heats up? ♪ you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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9:27 am
ahead, 49-45. just outside of the margin of error. it is neck-and-neck in florida. clinton up by just one point, 46-45. since 1960, no presidential candidate has won the white house without winning two of those three states. these polls come as clinton beefs up staff in georgia and arizona, two states that usually vote republican but where the polls are also tightening. they could be key to how things play out in november. georgia has 16 electoral votes, arizona has 11. fair to say things are tightening up. >> well, i think donald trump's missteps are having an impact, particularly, and you all, far more expert than i at this, among educated women. i think that what you're seeing, i know many republican women living on upper east side, they are all embarrassed about trump. they are fleeing from trump and if hillary clinton really makes inroads in the south, in a place
9:28 am
like georgia, sigh nor i can't, that is all she wrote. >> should trump be worried is the natural question? >> i think so, if he loses those states on no one except him and campaign. cohave easily hung on to them. clinton campaign is going after the states with full throttle and s.e. well-coordinated with folks on the ground. it will come down to money, coordination and messaging. sandra: kennedy what does it tell you that hillary is beefing up her staff in georgia and arizona. kennedy: she is getting confident. she really is. still holds on the national lead postconvention. his missteps that we talked about help her, which is shocking, considering the news that is coming out today, about the clinton foundation which we just talked about. that should be so ominous for her. she is almost giddy having this opponent in places like georgia, especially in arizona where there is a very tight senate
9:29 am
race happening. those down ticket elections, those campaigns are delighted to have the infusion of democratic dollars, where they wouldn't have seen them in other election year. melissa: ad buy situation also blows my mind. clinton campaign is blasting the airwaves, blasting digital, everywhere with these negative ads. i mean i don't understand why the trump campaign isn't spending more on that where they don't have someone dedicated to everything she is saying, repackaging her remarks and sending it out. more exposure get to hillary clinton, the more turned off they get in general. saw that in the primary. i don't know what is going on with ad buys. sandra: you look like you have something to say. >> i read it in "washington post" first and in drudge today. talking about a potential game-changer. everybody remembers the dnc email leak, the dump that happened before the democratic convention and it was so big of a deal, debbie wasserman schultz had to resign as the chairman of the dnc?
9:30 am
and it was wikileaks, or, we think or was responsible. they blamed russians, this, that, other thing. that was on the weekend before july 25th, when it started. on july 8th, in washington, d.c., a 27-year-old by the name of seth rich was shot in the back and murdered. he was a dnc staffer. sandra: right. >> at first it looked like a robbery. sandra: accept except they didn't take his wallet or his phone. >> took nothing from seth rich, 27-year-old, who died there. tuesday, yesterday, wikileaks of all things offers a $20,000 rewarded for any information leading to the capture of the person who murdered seth rich, the dnc staffer. now, why is that so fascinating? wikileaks, putting up the rewarded, $20,000 to find out who killed the kid at dnc, says we treat threats towards any
9:31 am
wikileaks sources with extreme gravity. was this kid the wikileaks source? julian assange went on dutch tv yesterday, i'm quoting julian assange, whistle-blowers go to significant effort to get us material, often very significant risks of the as a 27-year-old works for dnc was shot in the back murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in washington, reporter asked assange, that was robbery, wasn't it? assange answers. no, there is no finding. i'm suggesting that our sources take risks so, i don't believe in conspiracy theories. 99.9% of them are bunk but the kid's killed, shot in the back. apparent robbery. nothing taken. was the wikileaks source, not him, not the russians. i mean, what stayinger is, i wonder why this isn't the lead in the news. you know, 27-year-old, who
9:32 am
murdered seth rich, the 27-year-old? if it was a robbery, why was nothing taken in the bloomingdale's section. kennedy: law enforcement is reversing course not just looking at this as robbery. >> i hope not. is this splitcan connection, not just a crime. sandra: we'll leave the audience. >> while we talk about the next topic, as we get closer to election day don't expect a new donald trump to emerge. the gop nominee says he won't be changing his temperment because it serves him so well so far. he made the comments on fox business just hours before his second amendment remark, sparked controversy. take a listen. >> i think that you know, my temperment has gotten me here. i always had a good temperment. gotten me here. beaten a lot of people in the primaries. we have one person left. we're actually doing pretty well there. we'll see how it all comes out. i certainly don't think it is appropriate to changing all of sudden when you have been winning. >> this comes as trump adds a
9:33 am
new adjective for hillary clinton, wacky, watch. >> she said the other day she short-circuited. hey, could you imagine if i said that i short-circuited? [laughter] they would be calling for my execution. electric chair. bring back the electric chair. one thing to make bad decisions. it is another thing to be wacky and make bad decisions. >> trump didn't mince words a few days earlier talking about clinton. >> in one way, she's a monster. okay? [cheering] look at what happened. look at her history. in another way, she is a weak person. >> wacky, crazy, a monster. i don't know about you guys, but really makes me yearn for the olden days when we could have a presidential election without
9:34 am
the sort of third grade-level name-calling. at an american voter it really just offends me. politics aside, coming from either end, i don't like it. i want to get rid of it. kennedy: gillian, why millenial voters are much more interested in independent candidate. why these two nominees of major parties have such high unfavorables. and you know, i hope that millenials go out there and vote for independent party candidates. i hope this entire election turns so chaotic, that we have to rethink the system because these two parties are so static and they don't serve the needs of voters. they serve themselves. the candidates serve themselves, and in some ways and fine, he doesn't have to change. he is addicted to the success he had in the primaries. if he wants to win the general election he has to change. problem changing is not natural for him. on monday we saw him read the speech from teleprompter. it was boring and it was slow and it is not the donald trump people have come to know. the problem is, donald trump, who you know, is prone to so
9:35 am
many missteps, he his own worst enemy. >> also makes him interesting, right? melissa: it made him interesting. i don't know if it has worn thin at this point. i wish he would talk about the economy. i do think he has good ideas for how to grow the economy. i like a lot of the things he did in new york. i mean i think we have been stagnant. if you want more of the economy way it is and great divide between rich and poor, should vote for hillary clinton, definitely more of the same. sadly i don't think we can afford that in this country. we need engine of growth firing again. we need to get people good jobs, good middle class jobs back to work. we're talking about minimum wage all the time. way too many people are stuck in jobs with minimum wage with only short period of time to move you have up the ladder. we lost our way economically. he can get us back on track. he is not talking about that. kennedy: not talking about it now because we're talking about the second amendment nonsense. >> his economy speech should be lead story of the day for the
9:36 am
rest of the week. melissa: i won't argue with that for a second but i would love to know, you know his family well, geraldo, i would love to know what his children are advising him to do as far as temperment? >> i can't say that i have spoken to them and asked them recently. sandra: well ivanka answered that question many times recently. she tells him just to be himself. clearly what -- >> she shade her role in the campaign is to be his daughter. seems to me she is pulling back a little bit herself. i thought melissa stated it beautifully, i really do believe the issue, has this act worn thin? i do believe that this act has worn thin. sandra: all right. we've leave it at that. >> i say that as person who loves the guy. sandra: trump gets criticized for his rhetoric, you won't believe what an a-list actor said about trump supporters. amid new allegations republicans are being blacklisted in showbiz. is tolerance a one-way street in hollywood? we'll have that discussion next.
9:37 am
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craso come dive into disheser like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. sandra: hollywood may be hitting new low in 2016 race. will smith calling for the country to purge itself of donald trump supporters. or at least of their ideas. listen to what "suicide squad" star told reporters during a press conference overseas. >> as it is to hear donald trump talk and it is embarrassing its as an american to hear him talk, i think it is good. we get to hear it. we get to know who people are. now we get to cleanse it out of our country. sandra: this comes as fellow actor "outnumbered" alum,
9:42 am
antonio sabato, jr. [whistling] >> that wasn't geraldo. sandra: he has been attacked viciously and blacklisted in hollywood for his speech at the republican convention. listen. >> when i got back from the rnc in cleveland, i had some jobs lined up. i investigated why those jobs weren't there anymore. apparently it was because my support for mr. trump. sandra: i feel like i want gillian to go to you first on this one. going back to will smith's comment first. we'll get to antonio sabato, jr., in a second. will smith embarrassed to be american because of things that donald trump has been saying. >> here's the thing. not to defend what will smith said, that is not my job. he can say whatever he wants. he is a hollywood actor. he is not accountable to the american people. he doesn't have to be politically correct. he doesn't have to, as somebody like donald trump says, have to mind what he says. there is absolutely no
9:43 am
responsibility whatsoever. so the idea that kind of actors mouth off about political candidates is not a new story. i don't really know why we're giving it time to be honest. sandra: but painful and embarrassing. did he go to far with that, geraldo? >> i agree with gillian on this i don't take it as being a very weighty pronounciation. cleanse is interesting word. why use that word? is this -- sandra: going back the country needs to cleanse itself of donald trump supporters. >> i spent two weeks in europe, two, three weeks ago. i got to tell you, when people talk about u.s. politics, they talk about in a way that they roll their eyes, what the hell is going on over there. sandra: kennedy, someone who has been in hollywood yourself. you know these people the way they are. antonio sabato, jr., he made a speech at rnc. now he says he is blacklisted. >> that doesn't surprise me. he knows full well, if he puts his neck out there not only for conservative causes but for the most her curl republican to run
9:44 am
for presidency arguably. there will be professional consequences for him. it take as good deal of bravery for someone like that to put themselves out there. i don't think he should necessarily be surprised. i'm not surprised. i seen it happen over and over again. why republicans in hollywood have secret meetings. they don't advertise them. they meet among themselves and discuss -- sandra: some of them sit here on the couch. >> they will deny -- >> they have secret handshakes? >> elizabeth used to talk about that, even in television, which is different from hollywood. working here in new york she had the experience. melissa: there is a lot of that going on. people are trashing trump, they're trashing trump. saying i'm embarrassed that i will not tell anyone i'm voting for him. what? >> that definitely happens. melissa: they will still vote for him. kennedy: here is difference with will smith. if whoopi goldberg says she will leave, samuel jackson, miley cyrus says that she is
9:45 am
going to move to canada or new zealand, go ahead. don't say that you're going to purge or cleanse the country. you know, for people who have left other places on earth where certain ethnicities have been purged and cleansed? or people who disagree with those in power, have been purged and cleansed. it is dangerous thing to say. sandra: melissa, you have been in hollywood, you know the way system works. will smith is embarassed in america about the things he says and his industry won't give a job to conservative. melissa: trump is not tolerant and being intolerant of people that support him. there is ton of irony. absolutely true, if you're in hollywood, not, not, raise your hand for anything right of far left or, you're definitely going
9:46 am
to get retribution. without question, people say that all the time. i have friend who are producers, directors, they would never, never speak up, not just trump. anyone. >> that is their right. there is no constitutional right to get a job in hollywood if you're a conservative or liberal or that. kennedy: what if you're a woman? >> if there is gender discrimination or sexual harrassment all that kind of stuff, there, actionable. but it is not actionable to say i'm a conservative and liberals won't hire me. they are not legally required to hire you. it is not government agency. it is industry. people are able to -- >> i think we give too much clout what hollywood actors say. >> who cares. >> when russell crowe speaks, i will write that down. ken back to dixie as far as i'm concerned. sandra: we'll leave it there. secretary of the navy sparking controversy passing over decorated war heroes.
9:47 am
to name a navy ship after a liberal activist. was that the right decision or is this more pc craziness? ♪
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott what is coming up with second hour of "happening now." have you groomed moustache? >> looks good on you, jon. >> thank you. show you some old pictures sometime. in the next hour clinton and trump hit the campaign trail this afternoon after a series of controversies weighing on both campaigns. fox news has new battle ground and toss-up state maps to share with you. we'll tell you how the race is changing, get analysis of some interesting new numbers. flash flood warnings in effect for tucson and surrounding areas in arizona through thursday as remains of a tropical storm bring flooding rain. already many water rescues and a whole lot of damage. we'll also have part two of our look back at 40 years of the space shuttle program and request's request for space. what is on and just over the horizon for space travel. ahead, "happening now."
9:52 am
sandra: look forward to those pictures. maybe tweet them out, jon. thank you. >> we'll do that. as you requested, thanks. kennedy: hashtag, why wouldn't you. all right, navy secretary ray maybe business under fire after his decision to name another navy ship for liberal activist instead after war hero. he would name a navy fleet oiler after slain gay rights icon harvey milk. yet ticks blasting milk that he misled people about his naval service. this isn't the first controversy pick by the secretary. in 2011 he name ad lewis and clark cargo ship after caesar chavez and named another ship apjohn lewis, georgia democrat, outspoken antiwar advocate. critics say secretary passed over several war heroes, clifton
9:53 am
b. most dedicated marine war officer of world are word war one. and a 22-year-old u.s. marine kill during action in the marine war. he prevented his entire battalion's position collapsing machining a machine gun alone until he was killed. geraldo, go to you first. >> thank you. i absolutely believe that those war heroes should be pry eminent in the naming of warships. i have to add though, with the possible exception of laurie hernandez of the final five gymnast team last night, most famous latino ever, caesar chavez, my martin luther king, so important to the lives of some of us, and whole cause of equal justice for migrants and others, i think that he is in the pantheon of great americans and i totally support --
9:54 am
kennedy: harvey milk in that pantheon? >> harvey milk also. i think harvey milk is very historical figure. with all deference to the war heroes, and they should be preeminent, but harvey milk, i don't know about this controversy, that is the first time i haven't paid much attention to it, a great american. kennedy: melissa, put something like this up to public vote. then i think, i would be honored as an american if we had a cargo ship named. boaty mcboatface, they named overwhelmingly in the uk. boris johnson's brother backed off to allow the decision. harvey milk is second place choice. melissa: we're thinking about voting for these things? is that what we're getting out of here? you like the idea? you like the idea of voting gillian? >> no, i hate it. we would end up the with miley cyrus. that would be terrible. sandra: why don't we go -- kennedy: what is the smell?
9:55 am
that is the open ocean? sandra: choices that have no controversy. how about a wounded or fallen soldier, marine? >> he is a civil rights hero. >> john lewis is a hero. he is certifiable hero also. >> he doesn't have any controversy. kennedy: i said, part of the claim he said he was kicked out of the navy for being gay. maybe that wasn't true. but a lot of his friend were. what about people who say day people have been treated so horribly by the military over the years. melissa: making amends. sandra: we're talking about this because it is seen as controversial choice, correct? are there choices out there, geraldo, that could not be controversial at all, war heroes for example? >> yes. always go with the gis. review, john lewis, harvey milk, caesar chavez. these are great american historical figures, who have had influence on many generations of
9:56 am
americans. these are fine choices. of course it is the navy, want mavy heroes and this and that i get that but to honor knows three is a fine, fine, noble -- sandra: got last word in again. kennedy: more nobility and more "outnumbered" in a moment. dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold! or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment,
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sandra: any last thoughts, sir? >> my last thought -- sandra: five seconds. >> donald trump can turn it around. sandra: we'll keep it right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web and find us on facebook at"outnumbered" fnc. we'll continue the conversation back on tv tomorrow. "happening now." we start with a fox news alert. u.s. backed troops have secured a coastal city. >> it is the terror group's bastion in the war- torn country. >> nearly a year after the disaster, investigators recover the dat recorder from a doomed cargo ship. the ntsb hopes to solve the mystery of why the el faro ran into a hurricane and sank and killed all 33 on board. a summer heatwave


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