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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  August 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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at to see you! none of this works. come on in. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. >> "america's election headquarters" starts now. hillary clinton is in the battleground state of iowa at this hour with the e-mail scandal hounding her campaign to take the potentially dangerous new turn. hello, i'm heather naurt. thank you for joining us today. new e-mails have been released showing a possible link between the clinton state department and the clinton foundation. they are about to hold a briefing. we are going to watch that live. the e-mails between houma
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almedin. and donald trump is spending the day in virginia today meeting with coal miner executives before holding a rally this afternoon. but let's begin with those e-mails that just came out. we are joined live from the state department. rich, tell us about these documents. they are the result of a freedom of information act request. what is in them? >> reporter: good afternoon. and heather, what we're looking at is a couple different releases from judicial watch. they are the ones who sued to try to get these e-mails made public. what it essentially shows is that clinton political donors, clinton foundation former officials were pushing the state department for certain favors, whether that be a job offer or a meeting with an ambassador. this one comes from doug van, a long-time adviser to former president bill clinton. and in an e-mail dated april 22, 2009, at the time working with the clinton global initiative he forwards to hillary clinton from huma abedin an e-mail entitled
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quote, a favor, and doug band instructs abedin that the matter was important to take care of. abedin responds, quote, we have all had him on our radar. personnel has been sending him options. there's another clinton donation donor, a billionaire, seeking a meeting with the u.s. ambassador. this just out from judicial watch, this is a request from the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington filing a freedom of information act request. they were looking from the state department for the number of e-mail addresses hillary clinton had. that request was forwarded all the way to top aide cheryl mills. they said this was part of a certain failure to meet criteria with the freedom act here at the state's department. >> how is the clinton camp now
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responding? >>reporter: they say at the time doug band was acting at the time to former aide bill clinton. neither of the e-mails involved the secretary or the foundation's work. they are the communications between her aides and indeed the recommendation was for one of the secretary's former staffers who was not employed by the foundation. >> we'll bring in chris wallace with more on this. chris, what do you make of the clinton campaign explanation? >> well, look, they have had trouble all along between the connections between the clinton foundation and also bill clinton's personal speeches in what went on at the state department. one of the statistics that i have always found most interesting and telling is the fact that bill clinton made 13
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speeches for which he was paid $500,000 or more. individual speeches between 2000 -- when he left the white house in 2012. 11 of the 13 were during the four years hillary clinton was secretary of state and all 11 were paid for by foreign interests and foreign countries with businesses that had ties to foreign governments and interests in front of the state department now as has since been pointed out by the clinton campaign and by hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. there is no smoking gun. there's no indication, you know, of an e-mail that shows well in return for this fee to the foundation or this fee to bill clinton for his speaking fee we took this action, but it does seem to be a curious pattern there was so much money going into the foundation and going into bill clinton's personal cough coffers while secretary of state. >> recall last month when the
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fbi director james comey was on capitol hill asked that question about whether or not the fbi, the department of justice were investigating the clinton foundation in connections with the state department. so do we know anything more about that, whether or not they are investigating or will investigate? >> no. we don't. but it was very interesting because the fbi director comey was very forth-coming on a lot of issues. he was asked a lot of questions that were specially for hillary clinton, for instance, her statement to the american people, that there was no classified material. he said, no, there was classified material e-mail in her personal server and a variety of other statements. but when it came to the question as to whether the fbi is investigating any connection between her role at the state department and money that went to the clintons to speaking fees or the foundation, he very pointedly refused to talk about that. >> all right. chris, while we have you here, i want to ask you about this as we have new election data that just came in from the fox news decision desk.
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and changing the team's electoral college ratings as all the folks crunch the number, it shows hillary clinton now expanding her lead over donald trump 273 delegates to 164. those are the projections. but there are other significant changes that could be a lot for the campaigns. new hampshire, pennsylvania and virginia were considered to be toss-up states and now we have changed that designation, they are now leaning democrat. and then on the other side, arizona and georgia, you know, they typically go republican, they were leaning republican and now they are considered to be toss-up states. one more thing to add to that, georgia is being added as one of our battleground states. chris, let me first get the reaction to that top grouping of states when we're talking at pennsylvania, new hampshire and virginia. >> look, the whole map is shifting towards hillary clinton and away from donald trump. as you say, toss-up states are now leaning democratic, reliably republican states are now toss-up states.
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so whether it's red to toss-up or toss-up to blue, it's all moving in hillary clinton's direction and away from donald trump. you see it in the national polls and see it in the swing state polls, you see it in the fox news electoral map. >> chris, do you see this more about changing demographics, because the states have changed a lot in recent years, or is it more about the candidates themselves? >> yes. the answer is both. well, yeah, and let me just point out something which i think is one of the really most interesting and under reported statistics, if you look back in the history over the last six elections, every election since bill clinton in 1992. there are 18 states that voted democratic all six times, six elections straight with 242 electoral votes, that's 28 short of the 270 you need to be elected president. all 18 of those states vote democratic, six elections in a row, 13 states have voted republican six elections in a row with 102 electoral votes.
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if you go back six elections, it's 242 to 102. so that gives you a sense of just the institutional advantage the democrats have in the electoral map from the last six elections. having said that, there's no question that donald trump's very shaky couple of weeks on the campaign trail and hillary clinton's pretty strong weeks relatively speaking have the map turned more in her favor. doesn't mean it will stay that way, but as we sit here august 10th, it is advantage clinton. >> and forcing donald trump and republicans to have to defend those states that they previously didn't have to work that hard for. fox news sunday's host chris wallace is here. we love the politics. see you again soon. >> thank you, heather. there's a new investigation underway about a fatal police shooting, a tragedy here happening in punta corda, florida. a 73-year-old librarian was shot and kill in a horrible accident that occurred during a police
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training exercise with civilians. trace gallagher is live with more on that. trace, tell us about this event. >> reporter: well, the police chief is speak right now, heather, he's trying to explain what happened. he can't really give a lot of details but you have to understand this is all part of a citizen police academy in punta gorda, florida where, the residents come in to meet the officers and learn about law enforcement and improve community relations, especially in the wake of the national conversation about how police deal with citizens. so the officers chose two students to play in a role play situation, a lethal force simulation intended to demonstrate how and when officers decide to pull the trigger. 73-year-old mary nolton was one of the students chosen. and usually the scenarios are enacted with fake weapons or bullets. but the police chief just said he thought the bullets were fake. he said the weapon itself was real. listen to him. >> there are certain details that i can't release, but i can
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tell you that we were unaware that any live ammunition for this particular weapon existed. we believe that the particular caliber of the weapon used, that there were only blank rounds available to the officer. >> but keep in mind, when the officer fired, mary nolton was hit with live fire, right? and the reports say the officer fired several times, so it remains unclear if maybe some of the bullets were fake and maybe one of them was real and got mixed in somehow. police have not given the explanation because the florida department of law enforcement is actually investigating this. we also do not know where exactly she was shot. only that she was pronounced dead at the hospital. mary nolton, the career librarian in minnesota, she came down to florida and continued working as an. she was killed in front of 34 people, heather. so a lot of people for law enforcement to talk to in this
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case. >> so traumatic for all the people and her family and for law enforcement as well all the way around. trace gallagher, thank you so much. check in with you later. donald trump may will slipping in the polls but there is a bright spot for the campaign. his running mate mike pence is getting a big boost in the polls ahead of clinton's running mate tim kaine. so can pence turn around the trump campaign? we'll have a fair and balanced debate coming up next. now you can't spell nutrition without nut, am i right? i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut. at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america!
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and, you know, to tell you that i am still in shock -- i am. as director, this is a call you never want to give. >> indeed. well, officials identified the tennessee bureau of investigation agent who was shot and killed yesterday. specialist agent degraun frazier was an officer that goes undercover to buy drugs. the 23-year-old suspect was arrested who now faces murder charges. the trump campaign may be struggling in the national polls against hillary clinton, but one area where numbers seem to be improving is with the bottom half of the ticket. the new gallop poll reveals that the favorability rating for mike pence has doubled since the convention. and voters have a higher favorable view of him than tim
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kaine. leslie, we'll start with you. what is going on here? >> well, 3% are within the margin of era in the snapshot of the poll. but i'm not shocked. mike pence is more charismatic than tim kaine. two, mike pence represents what the gop feels their values are more so than their candidate, donald trump. and it is almost like the more trump goes down, the more pence goes up. in addition to that, it would seem that pence sometimes has to be almost an apologist for donald trump. >> he has taken a softer stance on the kahn issue and he endorsed paul ryan before donald trump did. maybe voters are responding to that. >> let's take a look at each of the candidates. tim kaine is somebody who has been a life-long sellout to special interests. he's taken clothes, trips and gifts just like the clintons. so he plays into the crooked narrative perfectly that we are
11:17 am
talking about. also tim kaine when he came in, he doubled unemployment in virginia. pence, when he came in, it was over 8% indiana. now just three years later it's under 5%. >> those are little detail issues that voters across the country have no knowledge about whatsoever. >> i would say those are things, just to compare candidates on the merritt. if you look at tim kaine who is a job killer and mike pence who is job grower. >> you say tim kaine, i saw m harmonica. leslie, what do you think it's about? >> i do think it's about the likability, the chemistry. and i think honestly with regard to pence that pence just seems to be more presidential, if you will, than their candidate donald trump. so i think -- >> come on, let's be honest -- you're comparing the two -- >> people are not voting for a v.p. >> that's right. they are -- >> leslie, finish the thought.
11:18 am
>> i feel that mike pence is saying what republicans want to hear more because he's more of a republican even though donald trump claims to be, he is not win he opens his mouth. he is not espousing the vision of the gop. >> you go out to a dinner party with your wife and somebody likes your wife more than you. i'm not saying -- of course, i wonder if that's the kind of thing, and then they are more likable because you have your better half with you. >> it is usually because of my wife. now, back to this, if you compare the two v.p. nominees, the two v.p. candidates, tim kaine is not likable. tim kaine is not a leader. he's someone who has already said that being a v.p. nominee is like being kidnapped. so he doesn't enjoy the job, doesn't enjoy being a candidate. where mike pence is a preliminary leader that comes off. now back to the issues, the clinton camp is in huge trouble today. of course they are going to be suspending the whole pence versus trump being on the same
11:19 am
page. >> in fairness, both campaigns have had bad news to talk about this week, that's for sure. leslie, can mike pence turn around the trump campaign? >> it is possible. we saw john mccain get a bump with sarah palin, but how long will that bump last? honestly, i think donald trump does more damage only to him in this campaign than to his party. and i don't think mike pence can make up for that. as you notice, mike pence will say some things after donald trump has spoken. and then what happens? donald trump will tweet, no, i meant what i said. >> all right. we'll have to leave it there. we have to break. boris and less lee, thank you so much. growing questions about the unsolved murder of the democratic national committee staff staffer. what the founder of wikileaks say may have happened to the staffer. and two officers fighting for their lives after being shot near this road. how the hunt for the alleged gunman went down when we come back. i'm terrible at golf.
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welcome back. 23 minutes after the hour. police in western arkansas capturing a suspected gunman after two police officers were shot near a highway intersection in sebastian county. both are hospitaled. one officer is in critical condition. police say the gunman was barricaded inside a home and officers were able to talk him out peacefully. the arkansas governor said the shooting underscores the dangers that our officers face statewide. and they certainly do around the country. in the meantime, a new twist in the unsolved murder of a democratic national committee
11:24 am
staffer. 27-year-old seth rich seen right here was fatally shot in a washington, d.c. neighborhood last month. well now, this is the unusual twist, the founder of wikileaks is fueling speculation that rich may have been a source in the dnc e-mail hacking scandal. garrett tinney is live in washington for us. how does this come up in the first place? >> reporter: it was a month ago that seth rich was killed and a few weeks after that wikileaks published 20,000 of the dnc e-mails. ever since, there's been conspiracy theories connecting those two events. and yesterday the founder of wikileaks, julian assange, added fuel to that fire. when he announced that wikileaks is now offering a $20,000 reward for any information that leads to a conviction in rich's death. and he then went on a dutch news station to talk about the significant risk that whistleblowers take when they come to wikileaks.
11:25 am
>> the 27-year-old works for the dnc. he was shot in the back, murdered just two weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in washington. >> that was just a robbery, wasn't it? >> no, it's another finding. >> what are you suggesting? >> i am suggesting that our sources take risks. >> now assange would not say if rich was the source of the dnc leaks and said wikileaks does not comment on its sources. heather? >> that's so interesting. so what are d.c. police saying about this? >> reporter: well, initially investigators believed that the 27-year-old dnc staffer was killed in an attempted robbery. but now they are not so sure about that. because when police found rich, he still had his wallet, cell phone, his watch, nothing was missing. investigators have said there were no witnesses and they still don't have any suspects. as for the conspiracy theories that rich's death is linked to the dnc e-mail hacking, today
11:26 am
the d.c. metro police department sent us this statement in part saying, at this time there is no indication that seth rich's death is connected to his employment at the dnc. they went on to tell us that they welcome any information that could help them in their investigation, including from wikileaks and assange himself. and rich's family just a little bit ago issued a statement through an attorney saying how some are attempting to politicize this tragedy and asking people to lay off of doing that and allow law enforcement to properly do their job. >> julian assange then inserted himself into that. i wonder if he's trying to get publicity or if there is something more there. i know you'll stay on it, thank you. chicago police are on alert amid new reports that gangs are teaming up to make officers their top target. and for the first time ever, the pentagon releasing a comprehensive detailed report detailing the suspected terror background of more than 100 detainees currently at or were recently released from gitmo.
11:27 am
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11:31 am
knocking out power for tens of thousands of folks in northern ohio. and as those folks are cleaning up, more thunderstorms are set to hit the midwest later today. heavy rain and flooding parts of tucson, arizona, closing roads across the area. the fire department reporting eight water rescues so far and assisting dozens of stranded motorists in a two-hour period. wow. well, there is a new report out that is giving us a first good look at who was being held and who has been held at guantanamo bay, cuba. the unclassified report details the suspected terror background of more than 100 gitmo detainees. so certainly not all of them. the new hampshire senator kelly ayotte who requested the documents from the pentagon saying, quote, the report still provides americans with a consolidated unclassified source of information regarding the danger of terrorists at guantanamo who the administration has recently released or plans to release soon. judge andrew napolitano is here
11:32 am
to discuss this. we know people who just recently moved out are the worst of the worst, toughest cases. we have it here for you, what do you see? >> well, the records substantiate the people posed before we arrested them and the danger they would pose against again once released. but the bush administration and the obama administration have created this legal co nondrum. they want to be able to hold people without charging them. and each team it has gone to the supreme court five times, the supreme court said you can't do that. charge them, try them or let them go. senator ayotte is saying if we let them go, they will harm more people, what are we supposed to do? >> we do know that about 30% according to our government's own statistics have returned or believe to have returned to the battlefield killing some americans. >> so it's really a political judgment. do you move them to the united states and put them in a secure prison here and try them? well, the president is not going
11:33 am
to find a system or prison in the united states where the state or locality wants them. so you send them to another country and let another country worry about them? or do you put them on military tribunals in cuba? doing nothing is not complying with the supreme court order. >> judge, there is a precedent here and the precedent is world war ii. some places in which people were held for years until the battle is over and this battle won't be over any time soon. >> yes. a lawfulfully declared war against other governments where the troops wore uniforms and you can tell good from bad. and the supreme court -- >> we didn't have that, at least not in afghanistan. >> right. and these are great points. when the geneva conventions were written in 1949, the idea of asymmetrical from non-state actors without government and without uniforms was not contemplated. >> so could congress, had they had the forsyth, which would be hard to do. we are talking post-9/11, could that have declared this that
11:34 am
kind of war and said it will encompass people not in the nation's uniform? >> this is interesting, senator tim kaine running for president with secretary clinton has been the chief proponent for declaring war. once war is declared the laws are different and the supreme court has recognized that. but the congress has yet, 9/11 not withstanding, to declare war against anybody. >> and that is in and of itself so outrageous that republicans and democrats don't have the courage to bring this before congress and say, let's hold a vote on something pretty simple. what's the problem? >> it's a political problem and i can't put my finger on it. but when they wrote the constitution, they insisted congress declare war so when war is declared the people are invested in it. there's a national consensus for it, not the president doing a pinprick here and a pinprick here, which is what we have today. >> now we are in a conundrum with bad guys who want to kill
11:35 am
us and we'll release them in a different country where they do art therapy and are back out there again. >> this is what happens when you avoid the constitution. follow the constitution in the first place, declare war in the first place, the government would have a lot more authority which today it lacks. >> let's hope they can be more proactive. we've got you here so i want to ask you about the e-mail scandal. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, newly-released e-mails between clinton aides and clinton foundation officials suggest that the clinton charity worked to reward donors with influence within the state department. one top clinton official doug band writing to huma abedin in april 2009 about a billionaire and his interest he had in lebanon. band writing this, quote, we need gilbert chagoury to speak to the substance person releb northern. he's key guy there and to us and is loved in lebanon.
11:36 am
very important person. abedn says, it's jeff feltman. better if you call him. now preferable, you call him. >> well, the e-mails you just read, does that sound like somebody running the state department? or does that sound like somebody doing favors for the clinton foundation? because what follows those e-mails is an enormous multimillion contribution to the clinton foundation and hiring bill clinton for a half a million dollars to give a 35-minute speech. >> and some of these people and some of the businesses who gave money to the clinton foundation had business before the u.s. state department. rep mind our viewers that foreign nationals are not allowed to give political contributions. but some could argue this is a different way in. >> here's what they did, asked mrs. clinton to exercise her official authority as secretary of state to relieve them of the obligation to comply with certain laws. she said yes. and they made multimillion contributions to her husband's
11:37 am
foundation is the fbi investigating this? yes. >> remember james comey said whether or not they were. >> he's doing the right thing because he's not supposed to say. the clinton e-mail thing was different. we all know they were investigating because too much leaked out. the fbi has a policy it will not say if they are investigating someone. >> do you believe they are or know they are? >> i believe they are and this is a clearer case of corruption on the part of mrs. clinton for a jury to understand. and for the public to understand than was the e-mail scandal. >> rudy giuliani said if we were still serving, that he would bring a rico investigation. >> a rico investigation would bankrupt the clinton foundation because it would require them to pay to the government three times the money they unlawfully acquired. >> yeah, that's what they do to get the monsters on, right? >> yes. >> judge napolitano, nice talking to you. new concerns this morning --
11:38 am
this afternoon, sorry about that. new concerns today about the safety of our nation's police officers. and it is a serious story. chicago is now on alert after reports that gangs there are teaming up to target our police officers in the wake of a fatal shooting of a black teenager. we are live in the windy city with the latest. matt, tell us about the new threat. >> reporter: hi, heather. this afternoon the chicago police department is warning its officers that up to three chicago gangs have alleged a plot to murder police in retaliation for the fatal shooting of a black teen by chicago police. one officer's body camera captured the moment surrounding that shooting last month. police say 18-year-old paul o'neal was speeding directly towards police in a stolen car. officers fired shots. the video does not show exactly when or how the teen was fatally shot. the officers involved were quickly placed on desk duty. and an investigation is
11:39 am
underway. still, chicago mayor rahm emanuel says it does not warrant a plot to kill police. >> it is totally unacceptable that gangs are meeting and talking about targeting police officers on the city of chicago as victims of violence given they have spent their lives protecting the rest of us from any crime and/or violence. >> reporter: officers here in chicago are on edge since the dallas shooting. chicago police have been ordered to be paired with their partner at all times, heather? >> tell us how that may be related to the skyrocketing crime rates in chicago. >> reporter: well, it's hard to really wrap your mind around the bloodshed and the violent crime here in chicago. the month of july, the month i just wrapped up was the deadliest in a decade. 65 people murdered. this past monday was the deadliest day so far this year. nine people killed in one day. 2016 is shaping up to be the deadliest in a decade with 430 people killed so far.
11:40 am
and the department of justice also just leased information that a high-ranking gang member here in chicago has expressed a sincere desire to kill a federal officer saying that that death would resonate much louder than killing a local police officer. >> that is awful. matt finn live in chicago. we hope somebody can take leadership there in chicago. thank you. three of new york's bravest in critical condition today after being injured while responding to a fast-moving house fire in the bronx. take a look at that right there. a fourth firefighter was also hurt. that fire was reportedly caused by children who are playing with matches. we are told that all four firefighters are expected to survive. about 175 firefighters responding to that scene there. we'll be praying for them. well, a stay-at-home mom discovering a new sex scandal at the secret service. she'll tell us how and why she uncovered this. plus, the justice department slamming police practices in one
11:41 am
major city amid recent racial tensions. what they found, that's coming up ahead. using excessive force and retaliating against people engaging in constitutionally protected expression. these violences have deeply eroded the mutual trust between the p.d. and top community.
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shepard smith here with what's on deck. we'll see what donald trump says with only guns rights supporters c can. and we'll have more coming up on "shepard smith reporting." security is now being beefed up at the rio olympics after authorities say a bus carrying journalists was hit by projectiles while heading to the main olympic park last night. well, some on board that bus,
11:45 am
look at that right there, the shattered window suffered minor injuries, but it is not immediately clear what struck that bus. one american passenger says that she was certain it was gunfire. but we don't have confirmation on that. we'll keep an eye on it. well, this is an incredible story coming out of texas. a stay-at-home mom with the instincts of a seasoned investigative journalist spending time and nearly $100,000 of her own money to sue the federal government as she uncovered a new series that you haven't heard about before, of sex scandals inside the u.s. secret service. the freedom of information act request discovered a culture of, quote, wheels up, rings off. that meant that agents could party, if you will, on foreign trips. secret service canine units brought their dogs into hotel rooms. the dogs then trashed them on occasion. the agents were told they made payoffs so the industry wouldn't be reported.
11:46 am
later an agent who missed a flight later showed up with prostitutes. and agents engaged with prostitutes during an advanced team trip to amsterdam. and a supervisor choked a subordinate because she rejected his sexual advances. what have you learned about the secret service that we did not know already. some of this has been reported in the press, but give us the new stuff. >> the first thing i learned was that the corruption has gone on in the secret service for years. there was a document produced that has 135 specific examples of misconduct or corruption that related to the period of 2004 to 2010. then the documents that related to the more recent corruption
11:47 am
include the things that you mentioned but also include things like an agent was referred to my little bitch. one was giving date rape drugs through the mail to a young boy. >> and you learned this as the freedom of information act requests that you put this in a number of years ago. you say the secret service was covering up this kind of behavior how? >> they covered it up in a variety of ways including the worst is they required all the agents in columbia to sign a non-disclosure agreement in which they agreed not to tell dhs. they specifically identified dhs, which is the agency of government that investigates corruption. >> the department of homeland
11:48 am
security. >> so when the officer of inspector general came to investigate, they were not allowed to talk about what happened or answer the questions truthfully for fear of bottling the nondisclosure agreement. so the secret service has a history of corruption. another agent, for example, kept alcohol in his desk and he would make agents drink the alcohol on the job so that he could later blackmail them and make them do what he wanted. >> wow. you say that the agency, the secret service, tried to intimidate you. how so? >> yes. the deputy director second in charge behind mark sullivan lied to me in a britain document sent to me in response to my request for the document on the freedom of information act. he said there was an ongoing enforcement proceeding that would prevent me from getting the document. so i thought, okay, well that
11:49 am
makes sense. >> by the way, let me just mention to our viewer that is we are looking at the documents you filed. and some of the reams of the file folders you have. go right ahead. >> yes. so he said there was an ongoing enforcement proceeding. and i believed him. later it was proved that there was no ongoing proceeding. but i had to reassert a new freedom of information act request related to that ongoing enforcement proceeding. and the letter, in particular, and guess what? not a single document was produced. >> it sounds like they were slow to respond to the freedom of information act request. join the club because they do that to the news media all the time. but, you know, you're a stay-at-home mom with your background as an attorney. you spent $100,000 on it. you're in the fortunate position that your family does well. why did you do this? why do you care? >> because i'm a patriot. because i care about our government. and i feel like if i don't do
11:50 am
it, who will? so it's really important to me that we bring corruption to the forefront. jason chavez who forefront. jason chavez, the chairman of the house oversight committee, has asked for this information. they issued a report in december of '15 called an "agency in crisis kws k crisis," which brought forth all of this information -- there was a finding by congress that mark sullivan lied. >> all right, maria litman, we're up against a hard break right now. thank you for joining us to talk about what you've been up to. thank you. >> thank you. the justice department coming down hard on the city of baltimore calling out their police department for systematic racism. that's what they're calling it. and we're waiting for donald trump to hold a campaign event in virginia with some coal miners. he's been talking about energy this week as part of his economic plan. we'll be right back. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb
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welcome back. the justice department releasing a scathing report on the baltimore police department finding widespread systematic racial discrimination along with the use of excessive force. we're live in baltimore, doug, what are some of the key findings in this report? >> reporter: heather, taking it at sum, is a truly damning indictment of the baltimore police departments behavior during the last six years. it found the force engaged in a pattern of discrimination and denial of constitutional rights subjecting african-americans to quote disproportionate rates of stops, searches and arrests. upon also found officers used routine excessive force and retaliated against people using
11:55 am
their constitutionally protected free speech and free assembly. one of the most damning things here is that african-americans were arrested for drug possession at five times the rate of other ethnicities despite near similar rates of drug use. here's banita gufta of the civil rights division. >> many of these resulting stops lacked constitutional justification justification. many of the discretionary arrests were rejected by 11,000 charges made by officers because they lacked proximate cause or otherwise did not lack merit constitution. >> reporter: the city and particularly mayor stephanie rawlings-blake asked for this investigation by the doj in the aftermath of the funeral of freddie gray and the rioting that ensued. it blames no one in particular, but it does blake zero tolerance policing, which was instituted
11:56 am
back in 1999 of then-mayor martin o'malley. o'malley had some great successes with zero tolerance. he reduced homicide, but it came at a tremendous cost. arrests in 2005 soared to 100,008, the equivalent of 1/6th of this city's population. 1/6 th of the population arrested in 2005. >> all right, doug mckelway, thank you. watch this dolphin snatch this ipad. how upset would you be? we'll try to answer that riddle when we come back after the break. to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children across the globe by getting your vitamins at walgreens.
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work. maybe couldn't get an appointment at the genius bar, the woman said she didn't mind losing it because she has a new porpos in life, get it? she'll get a new one, right? have a great day. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in virginia where donald trump is scheduled to speak one day after his controversial comments about how second amendment supporters may be who were able to stop hillary clinton's supreme court pick. so what's he going to say today? and hillary clinton with an event of her own this hour, as her team launches a new push to win over republicans. hillary clinton's also sending off criticism about newly leaked e-mails between the state departme department. think she'll have anything to say about that, also, the wikileaks founder, making some strange hints about a murdered dnc staffer. was this democratic national


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