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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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visa, and the lourve every year. t 223 years ago today, it was a paris landmark. and breaking news changes everything in for fox news. we have to protect our second amendment, which is under siege. remember that. it's under siege. >> donald trump not backing down, just saying the second amendment is under siege at a rally right now in virginia. hillary clinton just responding slamming trump for insighting violence in comments he made yesterday. what does former presidential candidate ben carson think? he's here with us. welcome, everyone, good to see you, i'm maria bartumut oh, here for neil cavuto. mike, good afternoon, on how the
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clinton campaign is responding. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. hillary clinton reacted to the second amendment comment, which her allies say crossed the line. clinton spoke out a few minutes ago. >> yesterday, we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. every single one of these incidents shows us donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. >> reporter: donald trump's comments came about 24 hours ago when he was talking to an audience about the consequences if hillary clinton is elected president. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day.
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>> reporter: trump has since tried to explain what he was trying to say there. he did an interview today with greg a van susstren and that will be on the record later. >> this political power to save the second amendment, tremendous, and you look at the power they have in terms of votes and that's what i was referring to obvious, that's what i was referring to, and everybody knows it. >> reporter: certainly those passionate about the second amendment, and gun rights are a political force in this country. we will see if that explanation calms down the controversy or whether it continues to linger. >> mike, thank you. the clinton campaign labeling trump's remarks dangerous. we'll go to former presidential candidate, dr. ben carson. good to see you. >> you, too maria. >> how do you see this? >> i see it as usual, the media
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trying to make a gigantic deal out of this because they have one goal, and that is to keep donald trump in the middle of the bull's eye and if they can continue to talk about him, they don't have to talk about hillary. they don't have to talk about the fact that the father of the terrorists, who slayed 49 people was sitting in a prominent position right behind her as she was giving her speech, and that a person like that would be attracted to her, a person who has expressed admiration for al-qaeda. so, i mean, to me, that's a much bigger story than this, but the media and their usual way, just kind of sweep that under the rug and let's find something to talk about, about donald trump. now if you want to know what donald trump meant when he said something, there's very easy way to find out. ask him. why don't they know that. >> he keeps setting himself up, dr. carson. >> well, the way the media has
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decided that they want to play this, it really doesn't matter what he says. they're going to find something wrong with it and they're going to find some way to demonize him and i think a lot of people on the republican side have to stop buying into it. you know, it's fine to let the people on the other side buy into it because they want to, but don't be manipulated into believing somehow all of the crap they're putting out there. that's all it is and it's for a specific purpose. >> it was outrageous, to see is a sadeek mateen behind her. but donald trump seems to be running away with the narrative, dr. carson, and you know, the media is doing what they want to do but at the same time, is there a way that his advisors canress nate with him f
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can resonate to him and stop saying things that inflame people. >> when you looked at that segment, where he made those comments, you know, it was -- no one got upset, and no one seemed to think that he was indicating that somebody should go out and assassinate someone. that is a far, far stretch and a clear attempt to dentonimonize and i think it's ridiculous and tomorrow it will be something else and they will dissect every word. here's what we need to be thinking about, what is destroying america? what is the debt doing to the generations coming behind us? >> right. >> and you know, why is it that we've not even touched 3% during the obama years? it's because of these policies. i don't think that's ever happened in the history of our country before, and it will continue to happen if we continue this.
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>> why isn't he talking about that? i think there are a lot of people out there. >> not enough, though. not enough. >> there are people out there who are disappointed, who are -- you know,ip igz initially they t on the trump train and they got on the trump train and they were supportive of him, but he keeps doing things like this and you wonder what he's thinking. does he not want to win? >> well, i would say to those people who have doubts, consider the alternative. and consider what happens when we have say supreme court and a federal court system that is loaded with progressive judges. don't think about yourself. think about kwur children ayour your grandchildren. think about all of this stuff down the drain. is that what you want to think because you're a little put off by what he did? don't buy it. >> tell me what the next 90 days
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until election day, from your standpoint, what is donald trump's path to victory and does he understand what that path is? >> i think he does, and i think you're seeing more and more of it. first of all, don't take the bait. that is critical, because the bait's going to continue to be thrown out there. >> and you told him this? -- >> secondly -- second. >> secondly, the issues are huge, and i don't think hillary has an answer for these things. he needs to pound on the differences between them two, and he needs to talk about history, talk about the fact that this country went from nowhere to the pinnacle of the world economically in less than 100 years and what were the factors that allowed that to happen while things were going on in much more developed countries in europe. those things need to be duplicated once again. >> right. >> those principles must be
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brought back and will american people will resonate with that. i know it because when i was campaigning they went crazy over this stuff. we need to talk about those issues. >> i think that's right, but even prominent republicans right now are saying we can't stay here supporting donald trump. this is what actor will smith obviously a democrat, said while addressing what he calls an increasingly anti-muslim climate surrounding the presidential race, he said quote as painful as it is to hear donald trump talk and as embarrassing as it is as an american to hear him talk, i think it's good. we get to know who people are and now we get to cleanse it out of our country. so will smith, hollywood obviously getting involved. no surprise, that's been the case, in terms of hollywood backing the democrats, but you see a whole other group of people on the republican side saying, i can't put up with this anymore, now i don't want to vote for hillary clinton, but i will. >> can they truly put up with somebody who is engaged then,
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pay for play? play for pay? i mean using the state department in that way? can they truly put up with somebody who lies about benghazi? somebody who has such poor judgment that they don't even know what a classified document is, and then they put things on a private server and subject the united states and its agents to danger? and then you want to say, it's okay, promote them to president. whatever happened to common sense? did it disappear from the face of the earth? >> well, i mean the pay to pay story is an important one. the state department and the relationships, the letters that we just saw in those e-mails, they are significant but it seems to bounce off hillary clinton but at this point given donald trump's statements that is overshadowing. certainly in the mainstream media, you know that. >> it is, no question, and it
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will continue to be because they have been coopted unfortunately and their message is not one that people kbl anymore. and i think the people are understanding that this election is about the people versus the establishment and the establishment's power. the people be able to see through it? will they be able to understand how they've been manipulated and will they be able to breakthrough? if they are, america will be saved, and if they're not, we will turn into something very different and something not very pleasant. >> i think it's a great analogy, the people versus the elites really and the establishment. dr. carson it doesn't sound like you are worried, you think he can take this back. he's losing in the polls now even swing states are turning, we know that. do you think in this next 90 days he can get on message? >> well, see, i have faith in the american people, and the
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wisdom of the american people and i do not believe that they're going to be completely fooled for a very long period of time. i think as more and more revelations come out, eventually, it reaches such a load when you're looking at the things that are going to come out about hillary clinton, that even the mosta arden supporters will have to say, gosh, do i have any vualues, principles, o am i will will i fall off the cliff. and i think what thomas jefferson said will happen when we reached this happen. >> thank you very much, dr. ben carson. >> you, too. oil prices continuing to slip. the market closed a few minutes ago, dow industrial is down, and
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crude is down more than 18% from the recent high, and that was back in june on crude oil. first, a terrorist attacks now the anti-terror raids, what's going down in germany? has colonel alel west better listen up, and something could make hillary clinton lose the white house, back in a minute. >.
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after the attacks, the raids. german police raiding homes and workplaces of several suspected isis supporters today and it's all going down as terror attacks and ploots are picking up with some ties to refugees. former republican congressman, and retired colonel, allenest, thank you for being here.
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>> thank you for having me. >> what needs to be done? >> time magazine named angela merkel their person of the year for 2015. she would probably get the stuck on stupid award because she opened up the borders into her country for individuals that could not be vetted and when you have an enemy that tells you exactly what they're going to do and they're going to in fill straight these refugees and we've seen the attacks in brussels and paris. we know about the sexual assaults and rapes in germany and across sweden, which are now the rape capital of europe. so when you're enemy is telling you exactly what they want to do, you should pay attention, you should listen to them. but unfortunately in the united states of america, we have president obama and hillary clinton admitting tens of thousands of these syrian refugees, and hillary clinton wants to take that up into the hundreds of thousands and they don't have the right processes and procedures in place and that was evidenced by of that sheen
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malik, and a number of americans lost their lives because of it. >> and we have seen violence in the u.s. and we have taken in some refugees already. has isis been unable to in fu infiltrate the flow of refugees in america or do we have effective back stops? >> when we listen to investigator comey, we have about 1,000 investigates in every state in the united states of america and thankfully, we have been able to thwart those efforts but you see the inspired attacks of what you saw in san bernardino, what you saw in orlando, and also in chattanooga, tennessee, where four marines and a sailor lost their lives because they were unarmed on a naval reserve support facility. we have individuals leaving this country to go fight along isis in syria and how do we pro
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cludethclud procludethem from coming back in? it's been a lot of luck and vigilance, but they have to get it right one time. >> you're absolutely right. it is a scary situation knowing this is what they're planning. do you think that there are sleeper cells right now? jim comey was pretty clear in terms of the hundreds of investigations going on right now. but are there sleeper cells here waiting for direction? how woulde the effectiveness of hour back stops and our security in place? >> well, of course there are sleeper cells in the united states of america, that's one of the issues that you have when you don't have a secure border, and this is an issue of people understanding we're supposed to be a sovereign country. not everyone is coming to the united states of america from mexico or central america to find jobs and opportunities. you have people that are classified as otms, other than mexicans. you can see that on the border patrol web site and they're coming from some of these countries harboring terrorist
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activities. so we have to boost or border patr patrol, and on a scale of 1 to 10, we're probably about a 7 to 8 and it only takes that one opportunity they can take advantage of and with their use of social media, lots of times they can create cells and radicalize people without having to do too much as far as effort. >> kocolonel, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. gunshots during a demonstration marks the second anniversary of michael brown's death, with the department of justice slamming the baltimore police department in the wake of the freddie gray case. reaction to all of this from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani next ons set, back in minute. she spent summer binge-watching.
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. we conclude that there is reasonable cause to believe bpd engages in a pattern of practice they violates the stugconstitut and federal law. bpd engages in a practice of making unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests. >> the department of justice issuing a critical report of the baltimore police department. its investigation started after the death of freddie gray, remember the six officers indicted in the case were either cleared or had the charges dropped completely. reaction from former new york city mayor judi giuliani. >> this is a political arm of the obama administration. after the decision in the clinton case in which anybody else would have been indicted from the very bottom, assistant u.s. attorney, almost to the top, the third-ranking official under ronald reagan. i loved department of justice. i love what it stands for. i admire robert kennedy, and rob morgan, they were both democrats. >> yep. >> and when i was u.s. attorney, i had to ask for a special prosecutor against my own attorney general. and i had to bring a case against the teams that cost george bush 41, the teamsters
1:25 pm
endorsement. i had to make anti-republican sentiments. >> these people take their oath to hillary clinton, barack obama. it is disgraceful what the justice department has become. >> it's so disheartening it's so laced with toll picpolitics. >> we've got a state department hillary clinton turned into sort of a funneling operation for the clinton foundation and the two of them together would make an excellent rico case, racketeering case, like i used to bring not only against the mafia, and also, bolski. and by the way, we won them all. >> and then there's the fbi, where you have jim comey stopping short of recommending charges. >> so why -- why wasn't he investigating the clinton foundation? >> he was very coy about that. it seems like he is
1:26 pm
investigating the clinton foundation. >> how long is it going to take? are we going to wait until she's president for a year? >> what do you think about that, that whole idea of pay for play, these e-mails? >> these e-mails prove that the foundation was getting its money by granting access to the state department. that's the way it was raising its money. and not a few bucks. >> right. >> hundreds of thousands, millions, in some cases even more than that. >> and how many of that money goes to charity? is it at the clinton -- >> a disgracingly small amount. >> right. >> every single one of the organizations that rates charities, races this charity as pretty close to a fraud. one has it down to about 10% goes to charity. so what is it going for, plane rides for bill and hillary, and taking care of their people. this is placing your political people -- the clinton foundation was a slush fund for the clinton
1:27 pm
political machine. it was where to place the clinton politicos while they were getting ready to run for president. >> what will become of it, should she become president? >> i guess she'll appoint an attorney general and have a justice department just like obama's, expecept maybe it wille worse because obama is a more honest person than hillary clinton. >> what do you think about the father of the shooter, sadeek mateen was sitting in such a prominent place the other day at a clinton rally? i found that so stunning because you know nothing happens like that by accident. it's not like this guy just got in. that's not the way the clintons or anybody works at this high level. >> i look at it from the point of view of the 49 families that lost loved ones and the 53 families who have people that were wounded, what do they think? they remember his face because he was all over the media. when they saw his face and him cheering and clapping, i also
1:28 pm
would question what brings him to hillary clinton? what is it about hillary clinton he finds so attractive? what does he find some wonderful about it he's supporting? >> we know he's a spoiupporter the taliban. >> extremely anti-american, believes that god should punish homosexuals. >> so the was there a strategy on the clinton camp? let's put him really prominent and leave him right there and did they say after, wait, maybe this is a bad idea? i don't understand how this happened. >> i also don't understand why that's a little story and donald trump saying words that the plane meaning of which, is perfectly innocent, you've got to contort them to be around. do people really think he was joking around or he was suggesting they were going to kill somebody? that's ridiculous. >> what was he trying to say, come out and vote? >> that's exactly what he was saying. i was with him when he got the call. >> you were with him when he made the comment? >> i was with him when he got
1:29 pm
the call as to the misinterpretation of the comment i saw the expression on his face and i heard him say bull, you. i didn't hear him say it. we had on search through the speech to find it. >> obviously it wasn't part of his speech. do you think he will stop ad libbing or not? he keeps getting himself in these problems. >> no, he doesn't. he isn't treated fairly. >> okay. >> the fact is they are making it impossible for him to carry on a campaign. the liberal media is making it impossible for him to carry on a campaign because they are twisting his words around and then they're allowing her to do things that are completely outrageous. we have, if the liberal media gets its way, we've got a criminal headed to the white house, who has committed numerous crimes for which i have put people in jail for far less than the things that hillary clinton has done. >> why do you think they don't see it that way, the liberty al
1:30 pm
media? >> because they stand for what she wants to become, which is a european social democracy. you know that. read the editorials, read crugman. read all these other people. they want us to become a european democracy. and the party has gone so far to say they're programmed they us to be socialists. she has embraced bernie sanders. she's embraced elizabeth warren. she's gone left completely. they want a socialist country like all of those european countries, they do not believe in the exceptionalism of america and don't believe in the work ethic of america. >> this president has, what, doubled or tripled food stamps? let's make more people dependent. >> and also hundreds of millions of dollars in the obama administration and planning more during the end of the year.
1:31 pm
donald trump has lost ground in the polls even in some very important swing states. can he get it back? >> he can get it all back. george bush was behind the caucus by 18 points and he won the election. number one, i think donald trump's message will get through to the american people. i think the american people can smell unfairness, they can see the unfairness of the media. number two what they're going to see in hillary clinton is more and more of the evidence that this woman is basically committing illegal act, after illegal act, distorting the purpose of the state department and using the clinton foundation as a sludge fund and has imperilled our national security. she couldn't pass an fbi background check to be an assistant u.s. attorney. >> wow. >> she would fail based on comey's finding she was extremely careless with national security information. >> we will leave it there. we'll be watching the
1:32 pm
developments. >> thank you. up next a new warning over hillary clinton's wall street ties, now this coming from democrats and in the mainstream media is worked up over trump's second amendment comments. not so worked up over this, stay with us. gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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the mainstream media paying a lot of attention to donald trump's comments on supporters of the second amendment. stay with us, we're back in 60 seconds. energy is a complex challenge.
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welcome back. keep wall street away from the white house, according to a new report, 15 liberal groups sent a letter urging clinton to stay clear of any wall street veterans in her potential administration. let's go to democratic strategist, and gop strategist, let me start with you, what do you think about this new push from the left, can she do that, keep wall street out of her administration? what about he secretary of treasury idea? >> it is further understandable, those further to the left of when you have so many republicans and so many independents come are coming out to endorse secretary clinton. but there's only one candidate in the race who has put forward a comprehensive reform package for wall street, there's only one candidate in the race who went to wall street and called them out on putting our economy at risk before the crash,
1:37 pm
there's only one candidate in the race who tried to reign in ceo pay, who called for an end to the interest loophole for hedge fund managers and those on the left, i personally wish that, you know, maybe they could keep their eye on the ball defeating donald trump and how hi wa he wants to roll back reforms. this is how democracy looks like. >> when it comes to hillary clinton's speeches, and getting paid all that money from goldman sachs. the word on the street is a while back she would choose larry fink, the head of black rock, to be her secretary of treasury. how would that go down if she chose a wall street guy for treasury second? >> maria, look, you have to understand with this letter, these groups they wouldn't agree with the words about what she just said. she's far-left groups represent the engine of the democrat party, of the vote machine.
1:38 pm
move, and the communication workers of america, these are the people who turnout to vote on election day. in this very public letter it's unprecedented. they are threatening hillary clinton. they're basically saying to her, look, we don't trust you, we know you are in the pocket of wa wall street and if you don't name a progressive, we will not turnout to vote for you. hillary clinton is no bernie sanders, and these groups don't trust her, maria dw. >> and if she does hire a progressive to take that secretary of treasury spot, that takes her all the way to the left and the policies already the party has moved to the left due to things like bernie sanders and barack obama, and elizabeth warren. >> well, secretary clinton is certainly running on the most progressive platform in democratic party history, but let's just look at her track record of leadership. she takes advice from a broad range of perspectives from union leaders. >> okay. >> union leaders, from business
1:39 pm
leaders, from civil rights organizations. >> yep. >> we've got to jump -- >> and she's decisive. >> real quick. >> she will name to been members of the transiti tok t token numbers. we've got to jump. we have breaking news. shepherd smith, shep. this is trump tower in new york city, midtown manhattan and would you look at that. there is a man climbing the outside of trump tower. he is using suction cups. he's above the fifth floor. there's tari there's terrace outdoors on what is a muggy, new york city day, and he's doing the cupping thing up the side. a man is climbing trump tower. this is on fifth avenue. just above the fifth floor.
1:40 pm
he's been doing this we're now led to believe for some 45 minutes. what is his function? i do not know. but this is the -- the trump towers between 56th street and 57th street, which is just south of the -- of the park there in midtown manhattan and that's a big tower that everybody's come to know in recent months. the new york post has been reporting on this for a while, using this suction cups. a person came through the lobby, just to tell the building people that someone was in there. we have some video, some amateur video from a few minutes ago, as well, that the team tells me we should probably put up as some of this live picture business is not going so well. this is fox 5 new york, our local station, and i don't know if you get any better look, but go back to the live picture. you can see the guy methodically working his way up. he appears to be clad in shorts
1:41 pm
and some sort of cut offs there and he's suction cupping, suction cupping up and down the building. does he have a message? is he just out for a stroll and hopefully this doesn't end horribly. we'll take you back there live should events warrant. shepard smith at the fox news deck. your world with maria bartoromo continues in just a moment.
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. . .
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mainstream media wrapping up coverage of donald trump's second amendment comments. take a listen. >> donald trump and a potential new controversy simmering tonight. >> it's a new controversy in the race for president. donald trump late today talking about hillary clinton and the selection of supreme court justices. >> big story dominating the presidential race this morning. donald trump accused of openly encouraging violence against hillary clinton. >> donald trump, faces a new barrage of criticism for something he said. this time, it was an apparent
1:45 pm
off-hand comment during a campaign rally in north carolina. >> critics are arguing they are tuning out coverage of the orlando shooter's father, attending a hillary clinton rally in florida. this is a head scratcher. media research centers brent brozel have been crunching the numbers. what you have found? >> this is incredible. first, to donald trump. what is he saying? either you believe what he said, which is that a political movement, gun rights movement, could stop the election of hillary clinton or you believe her supporters, which is that he's openly advocating killing her. now, it's obvious. however, it becomes a huge controversy. why? because the press are looking for the controversy of the day. the barrage, the kind of criticism is coming from the press today. it's not coming from the public,
1:46 pm
so that's donald trump, and that's just a creditation of controversies, every single day, and it's going to go on from now until election. now switch over to hillary clinton, and the controversy around her. now, here you've got a man sitting in the stands behind her speech who the father of the assassin, who killed all of those people and this man is not just the father of an assassin, this man is a pro-taliban sympathizer, pro-terrorist sympathizer and the media yawning. i put it together and i asked this question, what if it were donald trump who were speaking with that man behind him? >> absolutely right. you're absolutely right and we would never hear the end of it. do you know what really strikes me is the fact that the clinton camp and the democratic really machine is able to change the conversation very quickly. just take you back to two weeks ago when debbie wasserman schultz was pushed out because
1:47 pm
of those e-mails in black and white showing the whole thing was rigged and working against bern bernie sanders, we only talked about that for an hour and the conversation turned quickly to russia. we don't know it was russia at all, but the conversation was changed very effectively, and donald trump is not a politician. he can't change the conversation, but the clinton machine is very effective at doing it. >> yeah, maria, you're right. here's the play book. the best defense is a good offense, where the clinton machine is concerned. where there is the threat of a focus on a scandal involving her, they turnaround to make an accusation against trump or in the media, do it themselves and all eyes turn on trump and they forget it. you could throw a half dozen of these. what about the $400 million cash pay off? that disappeared. >> ear tor the meeting with bil clinton and loretta listen on
1:48 pm
the plane or the fact that is a deek mateen was behind hillary clinton, and now we're not talking about that. but trump is setting himself up. he keeps saying things that'll test people, so he makes it easy for them. >> yeah, you know, it's not easy. this is a guy who lives on the ad-lib remark. they're going to look for an opportunity to say, ah-hah, this is what we think he may have meant. >> thank you so much, sir. a new poll shows a tight race between clinton and trump, but who takes a bigger hit when it becomes a four histo-person . details back in a moment. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. ssoon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great.
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include them because they are going to be on the ballot think ae head to the first debate. that's going to have a huge affect on the race. they will probably not be on that stage. and i think they will begin to disappear from the national stage after that. >> so at this point, shelby, do these two candidates take more
1:53 pm
votes and interest away from donald trump or hillary clinton? >> according to this poll, clinton, it hurts her a little more. it hurt them both equally and clinton still had a lead. we'll see as the polls continue to come out what really happens, but what's interesting is clinton is ahead in all these battleground states and her lead doesn't drop when added to the mix. she doesn't lose her lead. people going to vote for bernie sanders are not voting for donald trump. they are looking at jill stein and it was really interesting to be at the democratic national convention. she's the one all of the bernie or bust people are excited about. >> i agree. what's interesting about gary johnson is when you talk to the never trumpers, they are looking for this perfect candidate. they can't endorse johnson. so they don't have a perfect
1:54 pm
candidate. but i think when you look at millennial voters and the number of young people and people who are looking for an alternative candidate, trump is actually fourth with millennial voters. it's hillary clinton and then gary johnson and trump. >> so byron, it sounds like they take the momentum away from donald trump. i know you said they are not going to be on the stage so this becomes really nonvoid. >> if you talk to political professionals, they will say at this stage in the race libertarian or some other third party candidate often polls a little better than they do when election day comes around. when they get 1% or less than 1%. i u think you could argue it might be a little different because so many people who do not like donald trump might be looking for an alternative. but they are probably right saying that these two vote totals will be lower today than -- lower on election day
1:55 pm
than they are in any poll today. >> you said that jill stein is a good alternative for bernie sanders. >> but i don't think clinton should be too worried about stein because we saw this it 11th hour candidate enter the race as an independent. there are a lot of people who just can't bring themselves to vote for trump. they can't swallow that pill and they are looking for somebody who knows these candidates won't win. they want to cast ballots in good conscious. it comes down to the debates. donald trump has pretty low expectations. if he hit a home run, that would be excellent for him. that could change the state of the race. this is why gary johnson and jill stein want. to be on that stage, because that can change the entire tone of the race for all of them. as crazy as this election has been, i'm not counting them out. >> can he hit a home run at the debate? >> it's still possible. one of the things you hear now
1:56 pm
as trump gets into deeper trouble in the polls and it's not just the national polls, it's those polls in florida and pennsylvania that we have seen today. absolute must-win states that are not looking good now. we are seeing trump advocates saying things like it looks bad now, but he has a really good debate and could turn things around. you have to try to get out of this hole. >> that's what rudy giuliani told us. thank you so much team. we appreciate it. he's still climbing. take a look at this live picture. there's a sky scaling trump tower. he's using suction cups to climb the building. the police are there. they are trying to stop him. he's going up and continuing. more on this it breaking story, next.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
the man is still scaling trump tower. there's a crowd that's developed
2:00 pm
below hand. we'll keep watching this. that will do it for today. thank you for joining us. i'll see you tomorrow morning on the fox business network. thank you for joining us. have a great night. "the five" begins now. >> hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." newly released e e-mails show top donors of the clinton foundation were seeking special favors from the state department when clinton was at the helm. they released 44 new e-mail exchanges that say were not in the original 30,000 handed over to the state department. in one e e-mail exchange, for example, an executive at the clinton foundation in 2009 tried to put a billionaire donor in touch with the u.s. ambassador to lebanon because of the donor's interest there. clinton h


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